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Full text of "Who's who in Illinois, a biographical dictionary of leading men and women of the commonwealth. (Vol. one)"

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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2012 with funding from 

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign 


This biographical dictionary is a state-wide compilation. 

As such it would be but typical of many of its kind, had not marked compilative distinc' 
tiveness been brought to it by an augmentation, accomplished through integration of selected 
biographees, sufficient to provide an encompassment of areas contiguous to the designated 
state, or otherwise appropriate under contemporary and accepted concepts of American 

Therefore, while it remains a state-wide compilation, the consultant will not find it entirely 
restricted to such drastic limitations as one locality's arbitrary boundary must inevitably impose. 
In short, to the user it takes on the added effectiveness of exceptional scope, while to its 
biographees it completely retains identification with the specific state. 

This distinctive betterment, which has been accomplished without placing any addi- 
tional charge upon subscribers, is responsive to the all but obvious reasons involving ref- 
erence usefulness, and as well to the gratifying interest evidenced in the compilation 
throughout the course of its preparation. This interest has in many instances reflected 
definite indications that enquiries reaching our community libraries and specialized ref- 
erence centers today consistently call for biographical data about a larger proportion of 
the outstanding men and women outstanding regionally, if not also nationally, in their 
localities than could be included in a work national in scope yet useable in size. 

This concern of consultants of biographical compilations with localized and regional 
coverage is, as a matter of fact, entirely logical. The national work necessarily limits itself 
to individuals happening to be of actual or probable reference interest throughout the 
country. There are, however, within a nation as extended geographically, and as developed 
in all the phases of modern life, as ours, actually the equivalents of at least five important 
"countries" — indeed, some capable authorities would consider six, seven, or even eight, 
the more accurate denominator for making such a subdivision. However, none would 
dispute that the areas encompassed herein lie in these great "lands 11 within a greater 

It follows that within each of these great subdivisions there are men and women so 
outstanding in respect to the life and times of these countries-within-a-nation as to be 
subject to a degree of reference enquiry more marked than the corresponding nation-wide 
interest of but a few short decades ago, when appropriate allowance is made for the tre- 
mendous growth of America. "The Northwest", "The Pacific Coast", "The South and 
the Southwest", "The Central States", and "The East" are each today the equivalent 
of the entire country when the standard national biographical directory first appeared — 
not alone in point of biographical reference interest, but in many other respects as well. 

Thus there arises the clearly defined reference need for, and the useful reference field 
of, the logically delimited regional biographical work. The need for, and field of, the 
standard national reference work is not in the slightest measure lessened thereby. In rec- 
ognition of this obvious fact, some among those primarily of national interest, although 
resident in the areas covered by this work, have not been listed, as data regarding them 
are available in the standard national work to be found in all libraries and reference 

It is worth also noting that the marked advantages inherent in the augmentation of 
scope mentioned above, have been obtained without reducing the facility with which the 
consultant can use the amplified compilation. This has been accomplished by means of a 
variation from what is still the arrangement usually applied to biographical dictionaries, 
and one selected as peculiarly fitted to the requirements of this compilation. 

It has become habitual to arrange biographical compilations alphabetically — in other 
words, to make them "self indexing". This is undoubtedly accounted for by the fact that 
the early compilations consisted of a very limited number of biographies, or were merely 
lists of names not accompanied by biographies. 

The "self indexing 11 arrangement, while convenient for such compilations, is actually 
cumbersome when applied to a grouping of any size and consisting of biographies. The 
biographies, even when laboriously condensed, are of sufficient length to result in so few 
names coming "under the eye" when a search is being made for a particular biographee's 
name — which is practically without exception the objective when such a compilation is 
put to use — that this quest consumes considerable unnecessary time. Page after page must 
often be turned before the desired name is located. 

Furthermore, the close alphabetization necessary in a self-indexing arrangement that 
is completely effective is exceedingly difficult to achieve in practice. Any name that is not 
exactly in sequence under the more or less arbitrary usages which the compilers elect to 
follow, is probably entirely "lost" to some consulting the compilation, for so few names 
are "under the eye" simultaneously that a name not found at once is not readily noticed 
elsewhere. Even a name correctly placed under the compilers 1 preferences in arrangment 
— for example, is "St." for "Saint", treated as "Sa" or "St."? — may be quite lost to the 
hurried consultant of the compilation. 

If, however, the biographees 1 names alone are separately arranged alphabetically — a^ 
a distinct index, in other words — a greatly increased number of names come "under the 
eye" simultaneously, and the quest for the desired name is markedly shortened, while the 
unfamiharly placed name will very probably be seen as a result of "being under the eye" 
at the critical moment. 

Then the particular page containing the desired biography can be turned to directly — 
since it will be specified directly opposite the name sought — without a number of pages 
having to be searched through until the correct one is finally found, "Dictionary style" 
repetitions — ■ in the top corners of pages — of the first and last names appearing on a 
page, may improve the "self-indexing" arrangement, but comparatively few consultants 
of biographical compilations utilize them, it has been found, and the fact that there are 
normally only a limited number of biographies on a page make them far less useful than 
in the case of a word dictionary. 

Therefore on both the above scores a separate alphabetical index of biographees 1 names 
facilitates. Additionally, it makes possible overcoming one of the principal compilative 
problems encountered under the "self-indexing" arrangement — the addendum required 

to care for biographies accumulating after the "self-indexing" compilation has been as' 
sembled. All the biographies to be compiled cannot be in hand at the moment the com' 
pilation is put into a "self-indexing" sequence — unless of course the compilation is to be 
non-current at publication — for many time-making production steps necessarily follow 
before the completed work can be distributed in book form. 

An addendum is therefore resorted to, and biographies coming to hand following the 
completion of the "self-indexing" arrangement of the compilation are relegated to it. 
But — and here is the difficulty — the addendum is usually entirely overlooked by those 
consulting the completed book. As a result biographees listed in the addendum are fre- 
quently to all intents and purposes practically not in the compilation at all — and to that 
important extent the compilation becomes ineffective. 

With all these factors in mind, this compilation carries a separate index of biographees' 
names alone, with the pages involved indicated in each instance. This procedure has made 
possible including in the basic compilation all biographies in hand up to the time of actually 
going to press, since under it there is no necessity to arrange the biographies in alphabetical 
sequence. An addendum was not required, furthermore — and as well the other important 
advantages mentioned above have been gained. It is the confident expectation of the edi- 
tors that this constructive change from what has been the habitual practice will be found 
most satisfactory in actual use, and as well that it will increase the serviceability of the 
compilation markedly. 

For the building of this new volume every proper source of available names has been 
drawn upon, and every reasonable effort has been made to procure the requisite data from 
persons deemed eligible for inclusion in keeping with the discriminating standard fixed 
for admission. Nevertheless, names which should have been included are missing; but in 
a\most every instance the omission is not due to inadvertence or lack of effort on the part 
of those responsible for the preparation of material for the book. 

As a rule, such omissions are the result of failure on the part of the persons invited 
to provide the necessary facts. However, the great majority of such invitations were 
promptly accepted, and other helpful cooperative courtesies were freely extended. For 
these grateful thanks are hereby extended. 

Notwithstanding the impediments and handicaps encountered during its production, 
many of them accentuated by war-brought difficulties which could not be escaped, this 
volume may lay just claim to providing a useful record of outstanding living men and 
women of an exceedingly important section of the country — a section whose economic, 
civic, social and other interests, if not identical, are nevertheless closely related. 

To make dependable a compilation such as this it is necessary that it should be im- 
partial, and inclusion in it unpurchasable. Space in this book has in no instance been pur- 
chased — with either a monetary remuneration or any other consideration of whatsoever 
nature — and every effort has been made to realize impartiality. 

For obvious reasons, the publishers here, in as prominent a manner as they have at their 
disposal, publicize that the title of this volume — used, as its typographical arrangement 
indicates, to specify sectional geographic range of content — is to be construed in its en- 
tirety, and no portion as, separately, connoting either national scope or the standard 
American biographical reference work. 

With a view to revisions, as time and necessity make them advisable, suggestions for 
improvement, changes in biographical data, notices of deaths, and change of address as 
they occur, are invited. 


A copy of a Limited First Edition, restricted to 
forty-seven hundred copies, the type for which was 
distributed upon completion of the initial printing. 











Copyright 1947 



The title of this volume — used, as its 
typographical arrangement indicates, 
to specify a geographic range of con' 
tent — is to be construed in its en' 
tirety, and no portion as, separately, 
connoting either national scope or 
the standard American biographical 
reference work. 



This method of indexing the biographical data of each biographee appearing 
in the following compilation has been utilized because of the resultant facili- 
tation of reference use of the work, as detailed in the preceding preface. Inclu- 
sion in the compilation has solely and entirely resulted from the editors' application 
of selective standards intended to reflect distinction in meritorious attainment suffi- 
ciently distinguished to subject the biographee to more than localized reference 
interest. No other consideration of any nature whatsoever was determinative. 

This index repeats biographees' 

Algren, Axel B. 


names as in the first lines of 

Alig, Cornelius O. 


their sketches, the manuscripts 

Allen, Arthur Francis 


for which were sent to them for 

Allen, Bonnell H. 


personal checking during 


Allen, Earl Henry 


pilation — thus marital status 

Allen, Florence Ellinwood 


and/or titles are not listed un- 

Allen, Horace Edward 


less so appearing. 

Allen, Jessie Petrie 


Allen, John Denby 


Allen, Lennox Lindsay 


Allen, Leo Elwood 


Aaron, Charles 


Allen, Thomas Stinson 


Abbell, Maxwell 


Allen, Wyeth 


Abbett, Merle J. 


Allman, George Dudley 


Abbott, Walter Dayton 


Allstrom, Henry Willard 


Abegg, Eugene 


Allured, Prudence M. Walker 


Abel, Charles 


Allyn, Arthur Cecil 


Abel, Donald Frederick 


Allyn, Stanley Charles 


Abells, Harry Delmont 


Almond, James Edward 


Abram, Ernest 


Alongi, Michael 


Abrams, Allen 


Alsager, C(hristen) Martin 


Ackerburg, Harry Albert 


Alsdorf, Anthony James 


Ackerman, Johann S. 


Altholz, Leo S. 


Ackers, Deane E. 


Alton, John Taylor 


Ackert, James Edward 


Alvarez, Walter Clement 


Adamkiewicz, Joseph Julian 


Amberg, Mary Agnes 


Adams, Albyn Lincoln 


Ames, Edward Carder 


Adams, Arthur Frank 


Ames, Marie Benson 


Adams, Catherine Marie 


Amtman, Leo 


Adams, Charles F. 


Anagnost, Themis John 


Adams, Edward R. 


Andersen, H. Carl 


Adams, John D. 


Anderson, A. W. Mackenzie 


Adams, Ralph 


Anderson, Alexander Pierce 


Adams, Walter Anderson 


Anderson, Benjamin H. 


Adams, Walter Burt 


Anderson, Bruce E. 


Addenbrooke, Ed. Francis 


Anderson, George Harold 


Adkins, Homer Martin 


Anderson, Gustaf Bernhard 


Adler, Fred. Henry Herbert 


Anderson, Herbert Russell 


Adler, Philip Abrams 


Anderson, Jacob Nelson 


Adsit, Harold Carlyle 


Anderson, Lee 


Agee, John Hercules 


Anderson, Leslie Lutz 


Agnew, Elizabeth Jane 


Anderson, Norval Eugene 


Agrelius, Frank Ulysses Grant 77 

Anderson, Oscar J. 


Agthe, Frederick Thomas 


Anderson, Russell Howard 


Ahem, John Joseph 


Anderson, Sydney 


Aicher, Louis Cornelius 


Anderson, Walter Thomas 


Aiken, George Alfred 


Anderson, Wendell W. 


Airey, John 


Anderson, William David 


Aitken, William I. 


Anderson, William Ernest 


Alberding, Charles Howard 


Andersson, E(rik) Einar 


Albert, Allen Diehl 


Andresen, Marie O. 


Albert, Will Monroe 


Andrew, Lucius Archibald, Jr 

. 642 

Albright, Charles Dorwart 


Andrews, E. Belle Turrentine 


Albright, Penrose S. 


Andrews, Fletcher R. 


Alburn, Cary Rudolph 


Andrews, Fred 


Alder, Eugene Charles 


Angell, William Robert 


Aldis, Graham 


Anneke, Marie Seville Paulus 


Alexander, Edward Franklin 


Anspach, Charles Leroy 


Alexander, John E 


Anthony, Abel Cornelius 


Alexander, Mary Dunham 


Anthony, Charles Ross 


Alto id. Thomas H. 


Apple, Carl 


Applegate, Gertrude Lanius 1103 

Appleman, John Alan 468 

Arado, Charles C. 426 

Arber, Frederick Verne 799 

Arbuckle, John William 116 

Arends, Leslie Cornelius 700 

Arens, Charles Anthony 1080 

Arey, Gordon 674 

Arlington, Rex 182 

Armbruster, John Henry 1132 

Armfield, Lucian Clay 916 

Armitage, Elton Clyde 768 

Armstrong, Paul G. 145 

Armstrong, Winfred G. 701 

Arnheim, Ralph L. 807 

Arnold, Esther Friend 209 

Arnold, Gladys Naomi 118 

Arnold, Newell Hillis 763 

Arnold, Walter Raleigh 95 

Amos, Edward Martin 200 

Aronin, Ben 651 

Aronson, David 93 

Aronsson, Maurice 926 

Arp, A. Henry 593 

Arrington, William Russell 877 

Arthur, John Burwell 865 
Arutunoff, Armais Sergeevich 563 

Arvin, Mother Agnes 39 

Aschenbrenner, Walter C. 1170 
Ashbrook, Ernest Shepardson 509 
Ashby, George Franklin* 

Ashcraft, Raymond Moore 684 

Ashley, Clifford Alexander 573 
Ashton, Edward (Ned) Lowell 544 

Ashton, Frederic William 1051 

Atkinson, Frederick C. 209 

Atkinson, Harry Grant 763 

Atlass, H. Leslie 1171 

Atlee, Zed Jarvis 577 

Atwater, Harry Arthur 94 

Auburn, Norman Paul 125 

Auchiah, James 39 

Augur, Margaret Avery 1038 

Augustine, Lee 836 

Aumann, Francis Robert 1105 

Austin, C(harles) Henry 600 

Austin, Grace Jewett 840 

Autrey, Myrtle Lee 980 

Avery, Allen Steinwehr 927 

Avery, Clarence Willard 828 

Avery, Sewell Lee 787 

Ayers, William Leslie 996 

Baber, Erl Armitage 933 

Bache, Joseph Lloyd 473 

Bachman, Walter Eugene 131 

Backus, August Charles 939 

Bader, Clarence Wagner 1112 

Bader, George Thomas 1099 

Badgerow, Harve Gordon 278 

Baer. David, Jr. 1132 

Bahr, Carl W. 
Bahr, Frederick Charles 
Bailey, Atwell Franklin 
Bailhe, Gaston Frederick 
Baima, John S. 
Baird, J(ames) Arthur 
Baker, Clarence Mulford 
Baker, Earle Alonzo 
Baker, Ellis Crain 
Baker, Elmer Jerome 
Baker, Helen Cody 
Baker, John Merrill 
Baker, Joseph McLean 
Baker, Murray Morrison 
Balas, Clarice F. 
Balboa, Mabel Whitesell 
Baldes, Edward James 
Baldridge, Charles William 
Baldwin, Arthur Douglas 
Ball, John Rice 
Ball, Joseph Hurst 
Ballard, Byron L. 
Ballard, Edward McClure 
Ballard, Lloyd Wernor 
Ballenger, A.G. 
Ballenger, Howard Charles 
Ballinger, LeRoy 
Ballis, Samuel Robert 
Balsam, Alva Leonard 
Balthaser, Hermann K. 
Baltzly, Oliver Daniel 
Bangs, Janet Norris 
Bangs, Neil Kendrick 
Banister, Percival R. 
Banks, Robert Lenox 
Banning, Margaret Culkin 
Barancik, Maurice Albert 
Barber, Henry Hubbard* 
Barborka, Clifford Joseph 
Barboro, Alfred John 
Barbour, Florence Newell 

(Mrs. Clarence A. Barbour) 
Bard, A. T. 

Barding, Lewis Daniel 
Barker, F. Marion 
Barker, Frances Julia 
Barker, M. Herbert 
Barlow, Reuel Richard 
Barnard, Hayden E.E. 
Barnes, Cecil 
Barnes, Earl Elmer 
Barnes, Ernest Harrison 
Barnes, George Elton 
Barnes, George Spencer 
Barnes, Gladys Aspasia 
Barnes, Helen Florence 
Barnes, Herbert Trumbull 
Barnes, John Bryson 
Barnes, Ruth Anna 
Barnes, William H. 
Barolo, Frank Edmund 
Barr, George Andrew 
Barr, James Worrell 
Barr, Roy Rassmann 
Barrett, Carl Allen 
Barrett, George Francis 
Barrett, Wilbert H. 
Barriger, John Walker, III 
Barrows, Marjorie 
Bartell, Floyd Earl 
Bartels, Herman William 
Barth, Jacob Wesley 
Barth, Oris 

Bartholomew, Charles L. 
Bartlett, Edward Randolph 
Bartlett, Florence Dibell 
Bartlett, Frederic Clay 
Barton, Arthur Willis 
Barton, Thomas Harry 
Basile, William Basil 
Bass, Ray Spurgeon 
Bass, Sterling Hicks, Jr. 
Bast, Orval Dorman 
Batchelder, William Osgood 


Batchelor, Harold Winthrop 204 


Batchelor, Horace 



Bateman, Alice C. 



Bateman, J. Fremont 



Bates, Alva Lillistone 



Battey, Raymond Bennett 



Bauder, Carl Burnett 



Bauer, William 



Baumann, Harry P. 



Baumgarten, Walter 



Baumgartner, William Jacot 



Baxter, Albert Crum 



Bayly, Milton Dawson 



Bays, Alfred William 



Beach, Julius Eugene 



Beach, Lyle L. 



Beach, Paul Mell 



Beach, Watson 



Beake, Harold C. 



Beals, Frank Lee 



Beaman, Roy F. 



Beamsley, Foster Gilman 



Bean, Donald Pritchett 



Bear, Mata Virginia 



Beard, Archibald H. 



Beardslee, Louis Bridge 



Beardsley, Charles Summer 



Beardsley, Grenville 



Beardsley, Walter Raper 



Beasley, Titus Walker 



Beatty, Sinclair Frank 



Bebie, Jules 



Beccherini, Francis 



Bechtner, Paul 



Becker, Benjamin V. 



Becker, Edwin G. 



Becker, Elery Ronald 


Becker, H. Kirke 



Becker, Harry Walter 



Becker, Rene Louis 
Becker, Samuel William* 



Beckman, Bernard C. 



Beckman, Francis Joseph 



Beckman, Theodore N. 



Beckman, Vincent Henry 



Beecher, George Allen 



Beem, Vilda Prescott 



Beers, Amy 



Behncke, Nile Jurgen 



Behner, Frederick G. 



Behr, Fred A. 



Behrens, Harry Robert 



Beidler, Herbert Bishop 



Bell, James Marshall 



Bell, Viola Maria 



Bell, Wesley Glenn 



Bellas, Joseph Edward 



Bender, Riley Alvin 



Benham, John DeMent 



Benham, Webster Lance 



Benjamin, Arthur E. 



Benn, Alonzo Newton 



Benn, Harriett Condee 



Benner, Harry 



Bennett, Harry Herbert 



Bennett, Henry Garland* 


Bennett, James Paul, (Dr.) 



Bennett, John William 



Bennett, Robert C. 



Benscoe, Edward Barton 



Bensley, John Russell 



Benson, Ikel C. 



Benson, John G. 



Berdahl, Clarence Arthur 



Berge, Olaf A. 



Bergen, John Tallmadge 



Berger, John Milton 



Berger, Samuel Sylvester 



Berghoff, Robert S. 



Berglund, Emma Amanda 



Bergquist, Stanard Gustaf 



Bering, Augustus L. 



Bering, Frank West 



Bernard, Frank Basil 


Bernick, Francis J. 


Bernstein, Aaron D. 


Berry, Frederick Aymond 


Berry, James Brewton 


Berry, Lester 


Berry, Raymond Dingee 


Berryman, Jerome Charles 


Berve, Ben L. 


Besse, Robert Wells 


Bethea, Dennis Anderson 


Bettan, Israel 


Bettman, Alfred 


Beukema, John C. 


Bevis, Howard Landis 


Bezazian, Paul D. 


Bicek, Frank H(enry) 


Bickley, Beulah Vick 

(Mrs. W. H.) 


Biddle, Ward Gray 


Bieber, Ralph Paul 


Biederman, Dr. Edward A. 


Bielecky, Stanley 


Biemiller, Andrew J.* 

Bierer, A. G. C. 


Bierer, A. G. C, Jr. 


Biermann, Fred 


Biester, Fred L. 


Bigalli, Dino 


Bihler, Walter Charles 


Bills, Benjamin Franklin 


Bingaman, Ira Wellington 


Bingham, Albert Y(oung) 


Binney, Ralph Loring 


Bippus, Rupert Frederick 


Birch, Leland Watts 


Bird, Philip Smead 


Birge, Edward Bailey 


Birk, William Jacob 


Birkenstein, George 


Birren, Murrell Henry James 


Bishop, Arthur Giles 


Bishop, Cecil William (Runt 


Bishop, David Rand 


Bishop, William Smallwood 


Bisson, Louis Alfred 


Bitter, Milton Edward 


Bitting, William C, Jr. 


Bixby, Frank Hight 


Black, Ernest Bateman 


Black, Florence Fox* 

Black, Robert 


Blackett, Hill 


Blackman, Lee Rush 


Blackney, William Wallace 


Blackwood, Cecil Iburn 


Blain, Alexander William 


Blair, Anna Lou 


Blair, George Archibald 


Blair, Henry Allan 


Blair, James Thomas 


Blair, James T., Jr. 


Blair, Joseph Cullen 


Blair, Sam C. 


Blaisdell, Leonard Tibbetts 


Blake, Donald P. 


Blake, Emmet Reid 


Blakeman, Edward William 


Blakeslee, Clyde W. 


Blanchard, Albert* 

Blanchard, Clarence J. 


Blanchard, Julia Eleanor W. 


Blanke, H. Bertram 


Blatchford, Carter 


Blayney, James Roy 


Blecker, Michael 


Bleyer, Adrien 


Blinn, Thomas W. 


Bliss, Ralph Kenneth 


Blix, Einar Thomas 


Blizzard, Warren Lale 


Blomquist, Edwin Oscar 


Bloom, Allan 


Blossom, Philip Moss 


Blower, James Girard 
Bloxsome, John Leland 
Blue, Robert Donald 
Blum, Henry S. 
Blum, Leon Leib 
Bly, John Marius 
Boal, Ayres 
Boardman, W. Wade 
Boatman, Thelma Elvira H. 
Bobb, Dwight St. John 
Bockstahler, Lester Irving 
Boder, Bartlett 
Bodfish, Morton 
Bodmer, Eugene, Jr. 
Boemer, Irving H. 
Boeschenstein, Charles* 
Boesel, Marion Waterman 
Bogert, W. Thornton 
Bohannon, James Alvin 
Bohn, W(illiam) Frederick 
Boland, Lee 
Boldyreff, Tatiana W. 
Bole, Benjamin Patterson, Jr 
Bolinger, George Noel 
Bollensen, George Steninger 
Bolmar, Charles Pierce 
Bolton, Frances Payne 
Bond, Ethel 
Bond, Fred Chester 
Bond, Lee 

Bond, Thomas Emerson 
Bondo, Henry W. 
Bondurant, Flint 
Bonisteel, Roscoe Osmond 
Boos, Everel Adam 
Booth, Harold Simmons 
Booth, John Nicholls 
Booth, Ralph Ira 
Boothby, Walter Meredith 
Booz, Edwin George 
Borchers, Gladys Louise 
Borden, Charles H. 
Borden, Gail 
Boroughf , Arthur Everett 
Borst, Harold Lamont 
Boss, William 
Bost, William Dale 
Bothman, Louis 
Bott, Earle Wayne 
Bott, Mabel Siegelin 
Boucher, Chauncey Samuel 
Boucher, Howard E. 
Boulger, Earl Patrick 
Bousfield, M. O. (Dr.) 
Bousfield, Maudelle Brown 
Boutell, Francis Lawrence 
Bowden, George Kenney 
Bowen, Charles Clark 
Bowen, Joseph Tilton, Jr. 
Bowen, Louise de Koven 
Bowers, Charles Albert 
Bowes, Arthur S. 
Bowlby, Henry Lee 
Boyd, Anna Tomlinson 
Boyd, George Eugene 
Boyd, James Ellsworth 
Boyd, John Orville 
Boyd, Mame Alexander 
Boyden, Edward Allen 
Boyer, Frederick G. L. 
Boyer, Mildred Stallings 
Boyle, Leo Martin 
Boyle, Magdelen* 
Boysen, Louis Koch 
Brace, William James 
Bracken, Ellis Freeman 
Bracy, Floyd P. 
Bracy, Hazel I. 
Bradbury, Clifford Clarence 
Bradley, Frederick Van Ness 
Bradley, H.C. 
Bradley, Henry D. 
Bradley, Omar Nelson 

166 Bradley, Preston 

957 Bradley, Ralph Robinson 

699 Bradley, Richard Smith 

139 Bradley, Thomas E. D. 

1139 Bradner, Donald Byal 

267 Bradshaw, Harry William 

208 Bradshaw, Robert York 

957 Bradshaw, William Leonard 

262 Brady, Thomas Allan 

1163 Bragg, Edward Milton 
56 Bragno, Francesco 

511 Brailsford, Walter R. 

1164 Brand, George E. 
558 Brand, Walter John 

625 Brandhorst, Otto William 

Brandon, Rodney Howe 

912 Brandt, John 

927 Brase, Hagbard 

491 Brashear, Minnie M. 

1036 Braude, J(acob) M(orton) 

581 Braun, John J. 

124 Brauns, Friedrich Emil 

35 Breckinridge, Frank Prevost 

582 Breece, Charles Albert 
287 Breech, Ernest Robert 
854 Breen, Arthur James 
746 Breer, Carl 

115 Breeze, George Almond 

1183 Breidenthal, Willard J. 

286 Breig, Augustine Charles 

594 Breitung, Charles Adelbert 

342 Brenton, Woodward Harold 

115 Brett, John Anderson 

534 Brewster, Ray Quincy 

200 Bricken, Carl Ernest 

1030 Bricker, Mead L. 

1077 Briggs, Elizabeth D. 

672 Briggs, Elizabeth V. 

456 Briggs, Eugene Stephen 

203 Briggs, Frank P. 

814 Brill, Emil E. 

102 Brill, Josiah E. 

760 Brings, Lawrence M. 

574 Brinkmeier, Ina Hill 

730 Brisbin, John Francis 

1039 Britigan, William Henry 

928 Britten, John R. 

59 Broaddus, Lynn Spangler 

234 Brockie, John Meikle 

416 Brockman, William Everett 

693 Broders, Albert Compton 

459 Brodie, Renton Kirkwood 

207 Brody, Clark Louis 

547 Broer, William Frederick 

820 Brokamp, Frank W. 

59 Brokenburr, Robert Lee 

327 Brondos, Stephen Edward 

957 Brooke, William Ellsworth 
1153 Brooker, Rosalie A.* 

333 Brooks, C(harles) Wayland 

958 Brooks, Fannie Maria 
282 Brooks, Peter Anthony 

1142 Brooks, Stratton Duluth 

540 Broughton, Charles Elmer 

447 Brouse, Don 

176 Browder, Clifford Harrison 

732 Brown, Andrew Wilson 

546 Brown, Clarence Frank G. 

139 Brown, Clarence J. 

199 Brown, Dorothy Woodbridge 

139 Brown, Edwara Eagle 

1152 Brown, Frank Emerson 
Brown, Glenn Orrin 

882 Brown, Hilton U.* 

706 Brown, Howard Donald 

960 Brown, J. E. 

566 Brown, Jesse Richard 

765 Brown, John A. 

1047 Brown, John Elward 

366 Brown, Kenneth Cotton 

1073 Brown, Loren Elden 

496 Brown, Marianna* 

751 Brown, Merliss 


Brown, Milton U. 



Brown, Nathan Worth 



Brown, Oliver Leonard Inman 523 


Brown, Oliver W. 



Brown, Raymond Dwight 



Brown, Robert C, Jr. 



Brown, Robert Kennard 



Brown, Robert Sater 



Brown, Roy Wilcox 



Brown, Sue M. 



Brown, Thomas Baldwin 



Brown, Victor Lawrence 



Brown, Virginius Elholm 



Brown, William George 



Brown, William Henry 



Browne, Burton 



Browne, Edward Everts 



Brownell, Herbert Simpson 



Brownlow, Louis 



Bruce, William George 



Bruckner, Edith Alexander 



Brugaletta, John 



Brumley, Daniel Joseph 



Brumley, Oscar Victor 



Bruner, Henry Lane 



Bruner, William Evans 



Brunk, Gregory 



Brush, Edward Lewis 



Brush, Louis Herbert 



Brusky, John Thomas 



Brust, Edmund George 



Bryan, Frederick Ernest 



Bryan, George Smith 



Bubb, Henry A. 



Buchen, Walther 



Bucholtz, Alexander F. 



Buckley, Patrick Francis 



Bucy, Paul C. 



Budd, Ralph 



Buder, Gustavus Adolphus 



Buehler, Albert Carl 



Buehler, Elizabeth 



Buettner, Walter J. 



Buffett, Howard 



Bullis, H. A. 



Bumby, Horace Abrum 



Bunge, Frederick Martin 



Bunge, George Christian 



Bunker, Charles Cyrus 



Bunyan, Estella Oakes 



Burch, Alvan Vernon, Sr. 



Burch, Rousseau Angelus 



Burchmore, John S. 



Burchwood, Katharine A. T. 



Burford, Charlotte B. S. 



Burgess, Harold Dempster 



Burgess, Kenneth Farwell 



Burget, Eugene O. 


Burke, Edmund Webster 



Burke, Richard Michael 



Burke, Thomas A. 



Burket, Walter Cleveland 



Burks, Edward David 



Burks, Marion Edgar 



Burlingame, Leroy J. 



Burlison, W. L. 



Burnell, Edward John 



Burnett, Guy 



Burnette.William A. 



Burns, Cyril Agard 



Burns, Dean Carl 



Burns, John Arthur 



Burrell, Robin Charles 


Burroughs, Asa Morris 



Burrowes, A. (Lon.) Moore 



Burrowes, Arthur Victor 



Burrows, Milford Denton 


Burt, Martha Ann 



Burt, William Henry 



Burton, Harold Hitz 



Burton, Samuel Chatwood 



Busch, Frank Valentine 


Bush, Benjamin Jay 



Bush, Charles T. 


Bushncll, Herbert M. 138 

Bussing, Wilfred Charles 498 

Butcher, Gertrude Wiser 480 

Butler, Albert Edwin 138 

Butler, Frank Osgood 278 

Butler, Hugh Alfred 810 

Butler, Joe Beaty 120 

Butterworth, Kath. Deere 583 

Button, William Russell 471 

Buttram, Frank 137 
Byfield, Herbert Anthony 

Byington, Josephine 317 

Byron, Charles Loomis 59 

Cady, George Johnson 675 

Caffrey, John Martin 881 

Cahill, Isaac Jasper 875 

Cahill, James Christopher 536 

Cain, Joseph Edward 535 

Calder, Ralph Russel 751 
Calderwood, Willis Greenleaf 1045 

Caldwell, Howard Clay 602 

Calhoon, Floyd Newton 750 

Call, Lloyd Leonard 291 

Callner, Milton Henry 798 

Calvert, Maude Richman 512 

Cameron, Don Franklin 352 

Cameron, Viola Jennings 314 

Camp, Annie Orphant 394 

Camp, J fay) Beidler 102 

Campbell, Arthur William 43 

Campbell, Charles Sherman 272 

Campbell, Colin Alfred 495 

Campbell, Coyne Herbert 115 

Campbell, Donald Francis 1176 

Campbell, Gilbert Lewis 289 

Campbell, Harvey J. 1000 

Campbell, Paul Andrew 1096 

Campbell, Robert K. 227 

Campbell, Rowland 474 

Campbell, Tom W. 50 

Campbell, William J. 538 

Candler, Clarence Leslie 295 

Canine, Mrs. Edwin N. 853 

Canmann, Lillian Porges 792 
Cannady, Edward Wyatt, Jr. 569 

Cannon, Clarence 720 

Cannon, Ralph Hardin 207 

Cantrell, John Howard 98 

Cantwell, Robert E., Jr. 617 

Cantwell, Robert Murray 719 
Canxne, Edwin N. (Mrs.) 

Capehart, Homer Earl 441 

Caples, Byron McBride 961 

Capper, Arthur 983 

Carey, Archibald 445 

Carey, Archibald J., Jr. 1000 

Carey, Eben James 323 

Carey, James Patrick, Jr. 448 

Cargill, Otto Arthur 137 

Carhartt, John Ernest 382 

Carleton, Hubert 133 

Carlson, Anna Arvida 617 

Carlson, Anton Julius 711 

Carlson, Frank 698 

Carlson, Victor E. 270 

Carlton, Clarence Clay 494 

Carlton, Frank A. 100 

Carmichael, Geoffrey Loren 44 
Carmichael, Hugh Thompson 798 

Carmichael, John Hugh 117 

Carnahan, A. S. J. 739 

Carnahan, Charles Calvin 147 

Carney, William Roy 656 

Carpenter, Arthur Whiting 962 

Carr, George Russell 509 

Carr, Ralph Howard 442 

Carruth, Arthur Jay, Jr. 538 

Carson, William James 1044 

Carstens, Henry Rohnert 844 

Carter, Henry Holland 1088 

Carter, Leyton E(lwin) 602 

Carter, Milton Eli 652 

Carter, Thomas Albert 
Carter, Thomas Chauncey 
Carter, Thomas M. 
Cartwright, Charles Merritt 
Carver, Harry Clyde 
Carver, Roy J. 
Casady, Thomas 
Case, Charles Center 
Case, James Thomas 
Case, Leland Davidson 
Cashman, Robert 
Cass, William Riley 
Cassidy, George Washington 
Cassler, James A. 
Castle, Spencer Warren 
Caswell, Irving A. 
Cation, Donald 
Caulfield, John Francis 
Cawood, Richard Lawrence 
Cayton, Horace Roscoe 
Cellarius, Herman F. 
Cerecedo, Javier Higinio 
Chaco-Dangley, N. C. Victor 
Chaddick, Harry Francis 
Chaffe, William Hamilton 
Chaffee, Edmund Walter 
Chamberlain, Glenn R. 
Chamberlin, Harry O. 
Chamberlin, Joseph Frederick 7S 
Chambers, Walter Harmon 
Champion, William Matthew 
Chance, Albert Bishop 
Chance, Francis Gano 
Chancellor, John M.* 
Chandeysson, Pierre Ismael 
Chandler, Charles Quarles 
Chandler, Stephen S. 
Chandler, Thomas Alberter 
Channon, Vesta Miller W. 
Chapin, Merle Everett 
Chapler, Elinor 
Chapler, Robert Frederick 
Chapman, Ethel Althea 
Chapman, James Blaine 
Chapp, Petronella H. Urasky 

(Mrs. John Peter Chapp) 
Char, Peter* 

Charnock, Leonard W. H. 
Chase, Ethel W. Bennett 
Chase, Guy 
Chase, Mary Louise 
Chase, Paul W. 
Chaveriat, Harry F. 
Cheadle, John Begg 
Chedsey, William Reuel 
Cheeks, Eugene Francis 
Cheff , Paul Theodore 
Chen, Chang-Lok 
Chen, Ko Kuei 
Cheney, Luke H. 
Chenik, Ferdinand 
Cherrington, Homer Virgil 
Chesham, Albert Endersby 
Chester, Alden Parker 
Chester, William Ernest 
Cheydleur, Frederic D. 
Childs, Geoffrey Stafford 
Childs, Leonard Chapin 
Chiles, Clarence William 
Chiperfield, Robert Bruce 
Chisholm, Reginald Hey wood 
Chittenden, Charles Edwin 
Chitwood, William H. 
Chowen, Roy J. 
Christensen, Bernhard 
Christenson, Carroll L. 
Christian, William Tilford 
Christlieb, Isaac Clark 
Christofferson, Halbert Carl 
Christopher, Frederick 
Chritton, George Alvah 
Chubb, Percival 
Church, Benjamin Butler 


Church, Ralph Edwin 



Church, Ruth Rowlett 



Churchill, Irving Lester 



Cirese, Helen Mathilde 



Claar, Elmer Allen 



Clabaugh, Hinton Graves 



Clack, Robert W. 



Clancy, James Franklin 



Clancy, John D. 



Clancy, Rockwell Franklin 



Clapp, Paul S. 



Clapp, Philip Greeley 



Clapsaddle, Reita Margaret 



Clark, Ainsworth Whitney 



Clark, Albert Montgomery 



Clark, Cecil Pratt 



Clark, Charles Estill 



Clark, David Seeger 



Clark, Dwight Freeman 



Clark, Frank Rinker 



Clark, George Lindenberg 



Clark, Harold Johnson 



Clark, Harold Terry 



Clark, Ida Alberta 



Clark, Iris Moore 



Clark, John S. 



Clark, Kenneth Raymond 



Clark, Lee Hinchman 


i 799 

Clark, Malcolm Stewart 



Clark, Sheldon 



Clark, Stanley William 



Clark, Victor R. 



Clark, Wilber Dale 


Clark, William Thaw 



Clarke, David Roland 



Clarke, Edward E. 



Clarke, Marianne 



Clarkson, John Leeds 



Clausen, Donald Neath 



Clausen, Elmer Laurence 



Claycombe, Lloyd D. 



Claypool, Blaine Wilson 



Clayton, Benjamin Wilbur 



Clayton, Gilbert Merton 


Cleary, Mansfield Ralph 



Cleary, P(atrick) Roger 


Cleaver, Joseph Benjamin 



Clemens, Albert Harrison 



Clendenin, Robert James 



Clevenger, Arthur Wilbur 



Clifton, John L. 



Clinton, Fred Severs 



Clopton, Malvern Bryan 



Closz, Harold Francis 



Cloud, Charles H. 



Clymer, Cyril Ebert 



Cobb, Robert S. 



Coburn, Richmond C. 



Cochran, Almond D. 



Codere, Charles Francis 



Coffey, Frederic D. 



Cogley, John Philip 



Cogswell, Harry J. 



Cohen, George Bernard 



Cohen, Theodore Anton 



Colbach, Edward Michael 



Colby, Eva 



Cole, A. Elliston 



Cole, Addison Lewis 



Cole, Frank 



Cole, Harry Xeter 



Cole, Redmond Selecman 



Cole, Walter Corydon 



Coleman, Everett Porter 



Coleman, George Howell 



Coleman, Jewell Organ 



Coleman, William Coffin 



Coller, Frederick Amasa 



Coller, Julius A., II 



Collett, George Richard 



Collin, Frederic C. 



Collin, Harry E. 



Collings, M. Raymond 


Collins, Charles William 111 

Collins, George William 886 

Collins, Harry E. 787 

Collins, Leicester Crowell 453 

Collins, Mary Love 476 

Collins, Mary Susan 853 

Collyer, John Lyon 879 

Colnik, Cyril 333 

Colwell, Clyde C. 557 

Combs, Charles Nathan 1027 
Comfort, Mildred Houghton 857 

Compton, Arthur H (oily) 748 

Compton, Frank Elbert 292 

Comstock, Elizabeth 791 
Comstock, Elting Houghtaling 476 

Condo, Gus S. 172 

Conkey, Elizabeth A. 602 

Conkey, Harry Dunrith 102 

Conley, Dudley Steele 969 

Conley, Henry H. 338 

Conn, Alfred Jesse 1168 

Connole, Martha L. 1051 

Connor, Edward Hanson 975 

Connors, Edward Joseph 1051 

Connors, William J. 666 
Conover, (George) Courtney 153 

Conroy, Thomas Michael 871 

Conwell, Hermon Henry 400 

Cook, Edmond Maurel 679 

Cook, Paul West 657 

Cooke, Flora Juliette 1004 

Coombs, Arthur Jethro 895 

Coon, Owen L. 799 

Cooney, James Grattan 621 

Cooper, Benjamin H. 289 

Cooper, Frederick Allen 57 

Cooper, Margaret Frances 426 

Cooper, Richard, Jr. 679 

Cooper, William Tweed 1146 

Copley, Ira Clifton 357 

Coquillette, St. Elmo 964 

Corbett, Henry Richmond 657 

Corbly, Vivian Davis 206 

Corbus, Budd Clarke 1145 

Corcoran, Alfred Manning 349 

Corey, Fred Brainard 382 

Corkell, Paul 198 

Corlett, William Thomas 1108 

Corper, Franklin Joseph 129 

Corrigan, Walter D., Sr. 705 

Corscot, Catherine May 1108 

Corson, Harold Hawley 1108 

Cort, Abe 490 

Corwin, Walling 458 

Cory, Abram Edward 414 

Cosson, George 428 
Costigan, Sherwood Lawrence 630 

Coston, James E. 1098 

Cothran, John Cleveland 435 

Cottingham, Kenneth^Chas. 1109 

Cotton, Richard Thomas 973 

Coulter, Charles Melvin 764 

Coulter, John Stanley 238 

Counseller, Virgil Sheetz 133 
Counselman, Theodore Benton 78 

Court, Frank Willard 408 

Cousineau, Emile Joseph 1147 

Couzens, Frank 512 

Covington, Annette 1044 

Cowen, Morton Herbert 603 

Cowles, Alfred 102 

Cowles, Gardner, Jr. 1050 

Cowles, John 1019 

Cowles, Robert Lewis 283 

Cox, Arthur Malcolm 657 

Cox, Clifford B. 435 

Cox, Erma 168 

Cox, James E. 493 

Cox, William Thomas 514 

Coyle, Charles Horace 617 

Craft, William Arthur 288 

Cragoe, E. J. 621 

Craig, Edward Chilton 470 

Craigmile, Esther Ann 752 

Crain, Paul 660 

Cram, Ralph Warren 342 

Cramer, Dorris Elnora 408 

Crane, Lloyd T. 203 

Cranmer, Richard Raymond 1119 

Cravens, Fadjo 738 

Crawford, Alfred Cookman- 1148 

Crawford, Fred Lewis 737 

Crawford, James Louis 52 

Crawford, Philo Laverne 617 

Crawford, Wiley William 768 

Crawford, William Elon 333 

Crawford, Woodruff Lyndon 886 

Crellin, Lillian N. 1119 

Criminger, Frederick O. 837 

Crist, Russell Arthur 830 

Crites, Aure Brian 344 
Critton, George Alva* 

Croft, William H. 556 

Crosby, Stephen A. 603 
Cross, George Lynn* 

Cross, Roy 426 

Cross, Stephen Anthony 291 

Crosser, Robert 735 

Crossett, Edward Clark 129 

Crotti, Andre 488 

Crowe, Marie 182 

Crowe, Robert Emmet 129 

Crowell, Lucius Alfred 584 

Crowley, Clyde Aubrey 757 

Crowley, Leo T. 737 

Crowley, Mary A. Roberts 1109 

Crown, Henry 1149 

Crownhart, Charles Henry 784 

Crownhart, J. George 485 

Crowson, Eugene Nesbitt 603 

Cuchna, Rose 1151 

Culbertson, James Gordon 617 

Culver, Alvin Howard 575 

Cummings, Edmund S., Jr. 1176 
Cummings, Howard Hastings 956 

Cummings, Walter J. 736 

Cummins, Ralph 623 

Cummins, Wesley Erett 212 

Cuneo, John F. 60 

Cunningham, Arthur Allan 956 

Cunningham, Fern Frances 708 

Cunningham, Harrison Ed. 570 

Cuppia, Jerome Chester 412 

Curran, Con. P., Jr. 509 

Curtis, Carl Thomas 706 

Curtis, Floyd Edward 227 

Curtis, George Morris 254 

Curtner, David Linder 353 

Cusack, Lawrence A. 731 

Cushing, Royal Barrows 577 

Cushman, Moe Andrew 1159 

Cushman, Paul Allerton 168 

Cushman, Ralph Spaulding 1044 

Cutlip, Ame Butts 1140 

Cuttle, Harold Edwin 239 

Cuttone, Vito B. 240 

Czamanske, William Martin 132 

Dabbs, LeRoy 151 

Dahlby, Albert John 936 

Dahlin, Eskil (Carl) 603 

Dailey, Ulysses Grant 621 

Daily, Alphabelle 1119 

Daily, Francis Leo 327 

Daines, Harvey C. 603 

Dalaker, Hans H. 478 

Dale, Edward Everett 125 

Dale, Etta Dorothea 129 

Daley, William Raymond 1024 

Dallenbach, John Christian 257 

Dallman, Vincent Y. 765 

Dallstream, Andrew John 870 

Dalmar, Alma M. Pedersen 581 

Dalrymple, Lucile Stevenson 782 

Dalstrom, Oscar Frederick 1150 

Dalton, Sidna Poage 108 

Damon, Robert Hosken 155 

Dana, Lynn B., Sr. 219 

Dancer, Ruth Scott 923 
D'Anchise, Gennaro Gustavo 175 
Danforth, George Lewis, Jr. 295 

Danforth, William Clark 311 

Dangel, Merlin William 586 

Danhof, John James 1098 

Daniels, Albert L. 458 

Daniels, Farrington 483 

Daniels, Francis Potter 412 

Daniels, Harry Anthony 246 

Daniels, Lee Earl 662 

Dannenfeldt, Paul L. 347 

Danton, Charles 800 

Daoust, Edward C. 936 

Darby, Golden Barzotra 592 

Darby, Harry 821 

Darfler, Walter Leroy 657 

Darger, Harry Clyde 996 

Darker, Grant Dooks 751 

Darling, Ulysses Grant 435 
Darlington, Henry Townsend 408 

Darnell, Joseph Roy 603 

Davidson, Harry Carter 473 

Davidson, James Edward 897 

Davidson, Ralph Howard 259 

Davies, Edwin Gibbs 587 

Davies, Ernest Coulter 604 

Davies, Isaiah 1043 

Davin, John Wysor 706 

Davis, A. Porter 296 

Davis, Benjamin Bernard 604 

Davis, Charles Strout 537 

Davis, Chester R. 509 

Davis, Emerson 89 
Davis, Flossie Fuller* 

Davis, Herbert Perry 974 

Davis, John Calvin 113 

Davis, John Eustace 50 

Davis, John F. 1151 

Davis, M. Edward 272 

Davis, Mary Robenia 1131 

Davis, Mildred Lou 549 

Davis, Ralph Currier 1025 

Davis, Thomas Jefferson 534 

Davis, W. J. Nixon 179 

Davison, James Edward 539 

Davisson, Homer Gordon 1049 

Dawes, Charles Gates 1153 

Dawes, Henry May 274 

Dawes, William Ruggles 206 

Dawson, Dave 576 

Dawson, Homer C. 847 

Dawson, Horace 581 

Dawson, John S. 340 

Dawson, Mitchell 371 

Dawson, William 462 

Day, Clifford Louis 434 

Day, James William 443 

Day, John Lewis 38 

Day, Leo Percy 604 

Day, Louise Ebersole 923 

Day, Luther 175 

Day, Mary Bostwick 466 

Day, Rufus Spalding 382 

Deahl, Orlo R. 348 

Deakins, Clarence Earl 870 

Deam, Charles C. 441 

Dean, Edwin Blanchard 476 
Dean, Elizabeth Ingram 

Harrison Fetridge 49*5 
Dean, Jerome H.* 

Deatherage, Charles Floyd 1000 

De Cleene, Louis Antoine V. 796 

de Cousser, Kurt H. 936 

Deeb, Joseph Francis 512 

Deem, Arden Garrell 604 
Deere, Alfred* 

Deere, Emil Olof 319 

Deffenbaugh, James W. 937 

Deffenbaugh, Walter Irvin 91 

DeFoe, Ona Kenneth 966 

De Fosset, Theressa M. 898 

Defrees, Donald 617 

De Garls, Charles Francis 469 

Degering, Edward Franklin 
DeGroat, Francis 
Deibel, Harry Lewis 
Deicke, Edwin Frederick 
Deinard, Amos Spencer 
De Kay, Henry George 
DeLacy, John H. 
DeLamatre, Harry Clayton 
De Lapp, Albert A. 
Dellers, Walter 
DeLong, James Edwin 
Delwiche, Edmund Joseph 
deMar Shimun, Sadook Yok 
Dement, Merritt Henry 
Dempsey, John P. 
Dempsey, Joseph E. 
Dempster, James Herbert 
Denham, Emma P. 
Denious, Jess C. 
Denison, Robert Fuller 
Denison, Sidney Alexander 
Denney, Charles Eugene 
Denniston, Brackett Badger 
Denson, Chester R. 
Dent, Louis Linton 
de Port, Theophile 
De Ramus, Joseph Sherrard 
De Sellem, Elaine 
Des Rochers, Chester Hall 
de Takats, Geza 
Deuble, George H. 
Deuel, Thorne 
Deutsch, Alcuin Henry 
Deutsch, Frederick M. 
Deutsch, Jack Burton 
Devin, Henry Curtis 
Devoe, Robert W. 
DeVore, Harry S. 
De Waters, Enos Anson 
DeWeese, Arville Ottis 
De Weese, L. Lorine 
Dewey, Roy Franklin 
Dewey, Suzette de M. Hall 
De Wolf, George Elwin 
De Young, Richard B. 
Dickens, Burt John 
Dickens-Lewis, W. F. 
Dickerson, Earl B. 
Dickerson, Grace Leslie 
Dickerson, Spencer C. 
Dickinson, Agnes Bryant 
Dickinson, Marjorie May 
Dickinson, William Dewoody 
Dickson, James G. 
Dickson, M. Ball (Jenson)* 
Dickson, Robert Baker 
Diebold, Marshall John 
Diefenbach, Josephine C. 
Dienner, John Astor 
Dietz, David (Henry) 
Dietz, Gould 
Dietz, Nicholas, Jr. 
Dille, Glen Scott 
Dilling, Albert Wallwick 
Dillinger, James Arthur 
Dillinger, James William 
Dillman, Grover Cleveland 
Dingell, John David 
Dinsmore, Frank Forbus 
Dinsmore, Ray Putnam 
Dirksen, Everett McKinley 
Diserens, Charles Murdoch 
Dittmar, Clifford William 
Dixon, Arthur 
Dixon, George Conard 
Dixon, Homer Laing 
Dixon, Wesley Moon 
Doane, Gilbert Harry 
Dobbins, Donald C. 
Do Bos, Andrew 
Dobson, Mason Henry 
Dobson, Roy Calvin 
Dodd, John Morris 
Dodge, Russell A. 


Dold, Charles Norman 


Dyer, Clifton G. 



Dollear, Albert Henry 


Dyer, Nora Ellen 



Dombrowski, Edward F. 


Dykes, John Lucian Grigsby 



Domogalla, Bernard Paul 



Donahey, Vic. 


Earl, George Arthur 



Donahoe, Edward 


Earl, Robert 



Donaldson, Elvin F. 


Earle, George Lewis 



Donnel, Charles Apple 


Easterberg, Carl J. 



Donnell, Forrest C. 


Eastman, Linda Anne 



Donnell, Otto Dewey 


Eastwood, George Anderson 



Donnelley, Robert B. 


Eberle, Alphonse George 



Donnelley, Thomas Elliott 


Eckel, Edward Henry, Jr. 



Donnelley, Thorne 


Ecker, Enrique Eduardo 



Donnelly, James L(eonard) 


Eckert, Robert P., Jr. 



Donnelly, Phil M. 


Eckert, Walter Henry 



Donnelly, Timothy Charles 


Eckhart, Percy Bernard 



Donohue, Jerry II 


Economos, James Peter 



Donovan, Joseph Patrick 


Eddy, Corbin Theodore 



Doolen, Paul Dwight 


Edlund, Eskill Walter 



Dooley, Marion Culhane 


Edmunds, Palmer D. 



Dorfman, Florence Ann 


Edson, John T. 



Doroshaw, Jennis Milford 


Edwards, Allan Ralph 



Dorris, William Robert 


Edwards, Chester E. 



Dorsey, John Morris 


Edwards, Edward William 



Dorsey, LeRoy Howard 


Edwards, Elsie M. 



Dorsey, Thomas Andrew 


Egdahl, Anfin 



Dorzweiler, Edwin James 


Egloff, Gustav 



Dotson, Charles William 


Ehler, Annette Blackburn 



Doty, Hiram Smoots 


Eich, Justina Margaretha 



Doty, Margaret MacGregor 


Eichelberger, James William 



Doub, Howard Philip 


Eichenauer, Charles Fred. 



Dougan, Vera Wardner 


Eichenbusch, Joseph William 670 


Dougherty, Clifford Lester 


Eide, Randolph 



Dougherty, Ray E. 


Eigsti, Orie Jacob 



Dougherty, William B. 


Eisendrath, Joseph Louis 



Dow, Walter Orville 


Eisenhower, Dwight David 



Dow, Willard Henry 


Eisenman, William Hunt 



Dowell, Osgood Harrison 


Eisenschiml, Otto 



Down, Eldon Eugene 


Eiserer, Adolph F. 



Downey, Nettie Arvilla Geiger 938 

Elder, Bowman 



Downing, Paul Earl 


Elder, Lucius Walter 



Downs, Walter Bishop 


Elghammer, H. William 



Dows, Chester Lawrence 


Eliot, Thomas Dawes 



Doyle, Edward John 


Eller, Lola Stuart 



Drake, Eugene Tolman 


Ellinwood, Marvin Edward 



Drake, John Carlton 


Elliott, Edison Charles 



Drake, Noah Fields 


Elliott, Floyd Edward 



Draper, Alfred Pearman 


Elliott, Owen N. 



Drefs, Arthur George 


Elliott, William Anderson 



Driver, Leeotis Lincoln 


Ellis, Clyde Taylor 



Drumm, Stella Madeleine 


Ellis, Elmer 



Dubbs, Carbon P. 


Ellis, Georgia Jones 



DuBourdieu, William James 


Ellis, Jessie Croft 



Dudley, Mrs. Dessalee Ryan 


Ellis, Leonard Richard 


Duer, Guy Robert* 

Ellis, William Marshall 



Dueweke, Jerome V. 


Ellsworth, Elmer Williams 



Dufford, Mamie Ericson 


Ellyson, J. Clinn 



Dufford, Ray Theodore 


Elsom, James Claude 



Duffy, F. Ryan 


Elson, William Boris 



Duffy, Herbert Smith 


Elston, Charles Henry 



Dulany, William Henry 


Elvehjem, Conrad Arnold 



Dumler, Martin George 


Ely, Margaret E. 



DuMont, Neva 


Emerman, Louis Ely 



Dunbar, David Owen 


Emerson, Henry Truxtun 



Dunbar, Louise Burnham 


Emerson, Herbert William 



Duncan, Hazel 


Emerson, William Russell 



Duncan, Joseph S. 


Emery, William Marshall 



Duner, Clarence Swan 


Enders, Gordon B. 



Duner, Joseph Addison 


Enders, Howard Edwin 



Dunham, Clayton A. 


Engel, Albert Joseph 



Dunham, Robert James 


Engel, Rudolph Carl 



Dunjee, Roscoe 


Engelhart, Max Dissette 



Dunkel, Otto 


Ensign, Charles Francis 



Dunlap, Roy Wilton 


Eppensteiner, John J. 



Dunlap, Walter Frederick 


Epperson, Fay Etna 



Dunn, Irene May 


Epstein, Albert Falk 



Dunn, Richard J. 


Epstein, Albert K. 



Dunning, John W. 


Epstein, Alfred 



Durand, Scott Sloan 


Erdmann, Arthur G. 



Durst, Charles Elmer 


Eresch, Josie 



DuShane, Donald McLelland 


Erf, Oscar 



Dwyer, Margaret A. 


Erich, John Bernhardt 



Dwyer, Paul Sumner 


Ericsson, Emily Alice 



Dye, Fred 


Eriksen, Edward Leerdrup 


Erikson, Gustav Leonard 


Erlanger, Joseph 


Erman, Jacob Martin 


Erminger, Lila Willingham 

(Mrs. H. B. Erminger, Jr.) 


Ernst, Alwin Charles 


Ernst, Edwin Charles 


Eskridge, James B., Jr. 


Essex, Hiram Eli 


Estey, F(rank) Clifford 


Ettelson, Leonard Bert 


Eva, Sidney Davey 


Evans, Edward Steptoe 


Evans, Edward Steptoe, Jr. 


Evans, Evan Alfred 


Evans, Franklin B. 


Evans, Jane* 

Evans, Joseph Meakin 


Evans, Melvin James 


Evans, William Thomas 


Evatt, Harriet Torrey 


Evens, Alfred 


Evensen, Walter 


Everest, David Clark 


Everett, Emmit E. 


Everett, Florence A.* 

Everhard, Edgar Phillip 


Eversull, Harry Kelso 


Ewald, Henry Theodore 


Ewing, Charles Hull 


Faast, B. F. 


Fagerburg, Dewey Frank 


Fair, Rex Elton 


Fairbanks, Avard (Tennyson) 792 

Fairclough, George Herbert 


Fairfield, Almond C. 


Fall, Clifford Pervines 


Faragher, Helen M. 


Farbman, Aaron Abraham 


Farmer, Alfred Gibson 


Farrand, Roy Felton 


Farrar, Benjamin David 


Farrar, Holden Knapp 


Farrar, John F. P. 


Farrell, Edward J. 


Farrell, John B. Stewart 


Farrell, William W. 


Farrow, William Macknight 


Farwell, Oliver Atkins 


Faulkner, Charles James 


Favill, John 


Fay, Olive Rusk 


Fay, William Edward 


Fazen, Louis Edward, Sr. 


Federighi, Henry 


Feighan, Michael A. 


Feild, W. Terry 


Felgar, James Huston 


Felix, Benjamin Bates 


Fell, Harold Bertels 


Felsenthal, Edward George 


Fenerty, Agnes Lawson* 

Fenley, William Herschel 


Fenton, Elsie M. 


Fergus, Robert Collyer 


Ferguson, Edward F. 


Ferguson, Harold Kingsley 


Ferguson, Harry Kenneth 


Ferguson, Homer 


Fernandes, Grace Clara 


Ferrari, Charles G. 


Ferrell, Wendell B.* 

Fesler, Bert 


Fetridge, William Harrison 


Feuer, Bertram 


Feuerlicht, Morris Marcus 


Fiedler, Edward Henry 


Fiedler, George 


Field, Albert Martin 


Field, Howard A. 


Field, Marshall, III 


Field, Oliver Peter 


Fife, Ray 


Fihe, Albert J. 

Filinger, George Albert 

Finan, Mary Blake 

Finch, Frank Richard 

Findlay, Merlin Chamberlin 

Fink, Gail J. 

Finkbeiner, Carleton See 

Finley, Joseph W. 

Finneran, Martin H. 

Finnerud, Clark Wylie 

Firestone, Harvey Sam., Jr. 

Fischer, Carl Hahn 

Fischer, Clarence 

Fischer, Louis Engelmann 

Fisher, Charles Asbury 

Fisher, Charles Thomas, Jr. 

Fisher, Douglas Roy 

Fisher, Frederick 

Fisher, G. A.* 

Fisher, George Harold 

Fisher, Goldina Mabel 

Fisher, H. Noland 

Fisher, Ira I. 

Fisher, Stephen Elias 

Fiske, Kenneth Morton 

Fiterman, Harry 

Fithian, Charles D. 

Fitz, Ervin Moul 

Fitzgerald, Clifford Llewelyn 

Fitzgerald, Harold Alvin 

Fitzgerald, Roy G. 

Fitzhugh, Laura Davis 

Fitzpatrick, James Courtney 

Fitzpatrick, Leo 

Fitzsimmons, John Thomas 

Flad, Edward 

Flagler, Lyla D. 

Flandrau, Grace Hodgson 

Fleck, William 

Fleming, Harvey Brown 

Fleming, Milo Joseph 

Fleming, Theodora L. 

Fleming, Thomas James 

Fletcher, Alma 

Flint, Wesley Pillsbury 

Flood, Walter H. 

Floreen, Walter J. 

Florsheim, Irving S. 

Foley, Marie Agnes 
Folonie, Hendrik 

Foltz, Leroy Stewart 
Fonner, Susannah Canada 
Foote, James Harold 
Forbes, Walter M. 
Ford, Charles 
Ford, Ella White 
Ford, Frank Robert 
Ford, Henry 
Ford, Henry II 
Ford, H. Stanley 
Ford, Jesse Ray 
Ford, Joseph B. 
Ford, Kenneth Arthur 
Ford, Shirley Samuel 
Ford, Thomas C. 
Ford, Walter Burton 
Foreman, Carolyn Thomas 
Foreman, Edwin G., Jr. 
Forgan, James Berwick 
Forgrave, Leon Paul 
Forney, Claudius L. 
Fornof, John Renchin 
Fossenkemper, Marius Emig 
Foster, Charles 
Foster, Dean Edward 
Foster, Dorothy Juanita 
Foster, Louis Fernald 
Foster, Sparkman Deats 
Foster, Thomas Henry 
Foust, Harry Lewis 
Foutts, James C. 
Fowler, Edgar Crayton 
Fowler, Julian Sabin 
Fowler, Robert L.* 


Fox, Harry S. 



Fox, Jacob Logan 



Foy, John Joseph 



Frame, Floyd Hill 



Frame, Walter R. 



Francis, Parker B(rowne) 



Frank, Bernhardt 



Frank, Milton Henry 



Frankel, Joseph Julius 



Franken, William A. 



Frasch, Miriam Rowena 



Fraser, Harry Wilson 



Fred, Edwin Broun 



Fredericks, Marshall 



Freedlander, A. L. 



Freeman, Benjamin W. 



Freeman, Michael W. 



Freiberg, George William 


Freiberg, Harry A. 



Freiberg, Joseph Albert 



French, Esther Louise 



French, Thomas Ewing 



Frentz, Theodore Rudolph 



Freuler, John Rudolph 



Freund, Arthur J. 



Freund, Edmund Joseph 



Frey, Abraham B. 



Frey, Charles Daniel 



Frey, Frederick Ernest 



Frey, Frederick H. Ward 



Frick, Anders 



Friedman, William 



Friel, Thomas F. 



Frields, Eva Christine 



Friend, Albert* 


Friend, Robert Elias 



Frierson, Charles D. 



Friley, Charles Edwin 



Frisbee, Fred E. 



Frisbee, Bertram* 


Frisch, Leonard H. 



Frisch, Sidney 



Frith, Eugene Thomas 



Fritsch, Ludwig Adolph 



Fritsche, Carl B. 



Fritz, Wilfred Edward 



Frohman, Charles E. 



Frohman, Sidney 



Frommelt, Horace A. 



Fry, George Arthur 



Fulbright, James William 



Fullerton, Charles Alexander 965 


Fullington, John Marshall 



Fulton, C. Robert 



Fulton, Edward Arthur 



Fuqua, Blanche E. 



Furlong, William Edward 



Fussenegger, August Robert 




Gade, Lou Wallace 



Gage, Albert Henry 



Gage, Daniel Shaw 



Gage, John Bailey 



Gailey, Watson 



Gale, John Milo 



Gallagher, Michael 



Gallaher, Ruth Augusta 



Galloway, Charles Edwin 



Galloway, Jesse James 



Galloway, W. Marshall 



Gait, Charles E. 



Gamble, Bertin C. 



Gamble, David Edwin 



Gamble, Wm. Gadsden, Jr. 



Gamble, William Wallace 



Gammel, John Anthony S. 



Gamrath, Harry Randolph 



Gangel, Marlin William* 


Gann, David B. 



Gannon, John M. 



Ganter, Leo Sanford, Jr. 



Garber, Joseph E. 



Garber, Milton Cline 


Gard, Erold Ernest 


Garden, Hugh Mackie G. 1175 
Gardner, Addison Leman, Jr. 527 

Gardner, Evelyn 279 

Gardner, Robert Haarstick 1060 

Gardner, Walter Peter 230 

Garfield, Clement W. 508 

Gariepy, Louis J. 293 

Garland, Claude Mallory 531 

Garman, Harry Otto 1033 
Garretson, William Van Nest 274 

Garrett, Ray 607 

Garrett, Ruby Dwight 340 

Garrett, Uarda Rosamond 1128 

Garst, John Newton 281 

Gartley, Russell 607 

Garvin, Herbert Charles 270 

Gassmann, Remi 804 

Gasul, Benjamin M. 645 

Gatenby, John William, Jr. 608 

Gates, Ralph Fesler 691 

Gauer, Joseph A. 608 

Gauerke, Chester Gustave 312 

Gault, Perrett Franklin 893 

Gauntlett, Basil D. 968 

Gavin, Francis James 722 

Gavin, James H. 608 

Gaw, George D. 608 

Gay, Thomas Benjamin 974 

Geeks, Mathilde C. 924 

Gee, Clarence Stafford 891 

Geer, Everett Kinne 320 

Gehr, James Ledwith 736 

Geib, Frank Julius 954 

Geidel, Carl D. 131 

Geiger, Arthur Henry 59 

Geissendoerfer, John Theo. 1060 

Gentry, Veit 110 

George, Edwin Francis 556 

George, Joseph Anton 62 

Gerald, Herbert F. 1017 

Gerber, Arthur Uranus 608 

Gerhauser, William Henry 527 

Germann, Albert F. O. 43 

Gerrish, Harry Eldon 42 

Gerry, Eloise 830 

Gerstenberger, Henry John 710 

Gertz, Elmer 790 

Getchell, Robert Ward 966 

Getz, George Fulmer, Jr. 579 

Geupel, Carl Martin 86 

Geuther, Otto Robert 1060 

Geyer, Charles Oscar 347 

Giachini, Peter D. 981 

Gibbs, Carl C. 954 

Giberson, Dudley F. 770 

Gibson, George Harry 656 

Gibson, Robert Banks 880 

Gibson, Truman Kella 656 
Gibson, Virginia Woltersdorf 1060 

Giese, Henry 219 

Gieseking, John Eldon 663 

Gieser, Paul Kenneth 1043 

Gifford, Sanford R. 292 

Gifford, William Allen 1179 

Gilbert, Albert Clark 218 

Gilbert, Norris Tell 493 

Gilby, Joseph Henry 545 

Giles, Roscoe Conkling 996 

Gilkey, Herbert James 1034 

Gill, Murray Francis 339 

Gillarde, Lorenzo Pat 291 

Gillen, Mae O. 270 

Gillentine, Flora Myers 985 

Gillespie, Harvey Marshall 646 

Gillespie, James Bennett 336 

Gillette, Edward Scranton 650 

Gillette, George Lewis 924 

Gillfillan, Solon John 57 

Gillin, John J., Jr. 186 

Gillis, J. John 1136 

Gillis, Joseph A. 954 
Gilman, Albert Franklin, Jr. 958 

Gilruth, Irwin Thoburn 664 

Ginn, Curtiss 386 

Gittinger, Roy 964 

Glasier, Gilson Gardner 467 

Glasner, Rudolph William 1061 

Glasser, Otto 495 

Glenn, Fred Lee 62 

Glennon, Gertrude 41 

Glessner, Arthur Brown 758 

Goddard, Karl Blake 954 

Godfrey, Alfred Laurance 1030 

Godfrey, Joseph Charles, Jr. 96 

Goetsch, Gustav Frederick 925 

Goff, Thomas Theodore 1030 

Goldberg, Max 818 

Goldman, Robert Philip 497 

Goldner, Jacob Henry 708 

Goldrick, James Campbell 1150 

Goldsmith, Samuel Abraham 609 
Goldstein, Benjamin Frank'n 560 

Goldstine, Mark Twain 864 

Golschmann, Vladimir 344 

Goltra, Mabel Hall 397 

Gomon, Josephine 708 

Gonser, Thomas Adams 1178 

Good, Charles Winfred 1061 

Good, Paul Francis 362 

Goodell, Carrol John 894 
Goodkind, Maurice Lewis, Jr. 96 

Goodland, Walter Samuel 816 

Goodman, Israel Ralph 152 

Goodman, Ralph Lee 219 

Goodrich, Frederic Samuel 294 

Goodrich, Joseph Albert 131 

Goodrich, Wallace Jefferson 958 

Goodspeed, Charles Barnett 1179 
Goodspeed, Mrs. Chas. B.* 

Goodspeed, Eliz. B. Fuller 609 

Goossens, John 140 

Gorby, John W. 1088 

Gordon, Albert Isaac 41 

Gordon, Bergin Philip 609 

Gordon, Claud S. 97 

Gordon, Jessie B. 474 

Gordon, Thomas Sylvy 738 

Gordon, William Henry 955 

Goreham, Wilfred John 633 

Gorman, Michael A. 403 

Gorman, Wilbur Arthur 575 

Gorski, Martin 771 

Goss, Leonard Whittlesey 955 

Gott, Philip Porter 58 

Gottlober, Abraham Ber 243 

Gould, Charles Newton 632 

Gould, Harold Vogt 424 

Gould, Howard Woodham 99 

Gouldner, Bertha Stackman 301 

Gouwens, Cornelius 130 

Gow, Alexander Murdoch 523 

Gower, Benjamin Gray 578 

Graber, Myron Earle 122 

Grabill, Harvey Allen 161 

Grabo, Carl Henry 422 
Graham, Bess* 

Graham, Christopher 359 

Graham, Gerald James 526 

Graham, Guy G. 490 

Graham, Hugh C. 180 

Graham, Richey Vivian 803 

Graham, Robert 365 

Graham, Stephen Alexander 446 

Graham, Verne Ovid 328 

Graham, Willard J. 104 

Grajewski, Leo Edward 1182 

Granata, Peter C. 59 

Granovsky, Alexander A. 856 

Grant, Eva 618 

Grant, Robert Allen 752 

Graves, Flossie Jane 656 

Graves, Frederick Oliver 618 

Graves, Ludwick 53 

Gray, Bartlett Stephen 423 

Gray, Earle 1178 

Gray, George Herbert 180 

Gray, George Morris 491 

Gray, Horace Montgomery 771 

Gray, Otto Earle 566 

Green, Dwight Herbert 78 

Green, Henry Irvin 260 

Green, Howard Ruggles 117 
Green, Lula M.* 

Greenacre, Alice 266 

Greenberg, Charles 461 

Greene, Charles Franklin 955 

Greene, Earle Ira 480 

Greene, Katharine B. 856 

Greene, Laurenz 178 

Greene, William Bertram 985 

Greenebaum, Jacob Victor 955 

Greenlee, William Brooks 556 

Greenman, Jesse More 209 
Greer, Agnes Fulton Philpot 

(Mrs. James J. Johnston) 553 
Greer, Carlotta Cherryholmes 524 

Greeson, Joe Calvin 609 

Gregg, Clifford Cilley 180 

Gregory, Clifford Verne 475 

Gregory, Marion Francis 1167 

Gregory, Ruth Wilhelmene 674 

Gregory, Tappan 609 

Greider, Clarence Edwin 955 

Greis, Henry N. 356 
Gremelspacher, Mrs. (Wm.) 

Jessie 739 
Grey, Dorothy* 

Griem, Breta Luther 903 

Gries, John Matthew 172 

Griffenhagen, Edwin O. 140 

Griffin, James Aloysius 432 

Griffin, John J. 1154 

Griffith, Marion 773 

Griffith, Nellie 956 

Griffiths, Henry H. 925 

Grigsby, Bertram James 141 

Grill, George Walter 722 

Grimes, J. Frank 98 

Grimm, George Louis 179 

Griswold, Dwight Palmer 689 

Griswold, Harold Thomas 261 

Griswold, James Harlen 164 

Groner, Powell Campbell 358 

Groom, Lester W. 1042 

Gross, Henry Rew 58 

Gross, Mabel Koons 841 
Grossman, Edward Benjamin 610 

Grossman, Marc J. 1103 

Grote, Caroline 273 

Grove, John L. 274 

Grubb, George A. 902 
Gruen, Mathilde S.* 

Gruen, William Henry ' 534 

Gruendel, George Harold 1058 

Gruener, James Cole 501 

Grumbine, E. Evalyn 767 

Gueffroy, Edna Mae 1042 

Guenzel, Louis 58 

Guernsey, Guy 1059 

Gulbankian, Vartak 710 

Gullen, George E. 970 

Gullum, Frank Barnhart 164 

Gund, Fred M. 618 

Gurley, Fred G. 701 

Gurley, William F. E. 900 

Gustafson, Olga Frideborg 1160 

Gutgsell, Emil John 141 

Guthrie, Ned 44 

Guthrie, S. Ashley " 452 

Guysi, Jeannette 973 

Haag, Vernon William 


Haake, Alfred P. 


Haas, Cora Lavina 


Habbegger, Frederick Louis 


Hackett, Malcolm Edouarde 


Hadden, Florence English 


Hadley, Lawrence 


Haffa, Titus 


Hagar, Donald 


Hagen, Henry H. 


Hagerty, James Edward 


Hagstrom, Joseph Gordon 
Hague, Frank L. 
Haight, George Ives 
Haiman, Miecislaus A. F. J. 
Haines, Edmund Thomas 
Hair, C(harles) Edwin 
Hale, William Browne 
Hale, William Jay 
Hall, Arthur Fletcher 
Hall, Arthur R. 
Hall, C. Mitchel 
Hall, Charles P. 
Hall, Dollie Radler 
Hall, Ford Poulton 
Hall, John Randolph 
Hall, Lloyd A. 
Hall, Marguerite Franklyn 
Hall, Oakel Fowler 
Hall, Wallace C. 
Hallagan, Arthur Delouest 
Halleck, Charles A. 
Halliday, Evelyn Gertrude 
Halmhuber, Paul G. 
Halos, Stephen Grover 
Halstead, Ward Campbell 
Ham, Lloyd Blinn 
Hamill, Herald Floyd 
Hamilton, Elisha Bentley 
Hamilton, Frank Errett 
Hamilton, Herbert Clifton 
Hamilton, Warner Floyd 
Hamlin, Howard Elroy 
Hammel, Seth A. 
Hammer, Marion R. 
Hammond, Basil Calvin 
Hammond, Hala Jean 
Hammond, Robert Stevens 
Hanan, Ernest B. 
Hancher, Virgil Melvin 
Hancock, Walter Scott 
Hand, George Washington 
Hanke, Milton Theodore 
Hanke, Oscar August 
Hanks, Ralf 
Hanley, Herbert Russell 
Hanley, Thomas F., Jr. 
Hanmer, Henry Williams 
Hannah, James Andrew 
Hannah, John Alfred 
Hannegan, Robert E. 
Hanning, Maurice F. 
Hansmann, Elwood 
Hansmann, William H. 
Hanson, Adolph Melanchton 
Hanz, Joseph E. 
Hardell, Waldo E. 
Hardenbergh, John Gerard 
Harder, Erwin Emil 
Hardesty, John F. 
Hardin, Hord 

Harding, Arthur McCracken 
Hares, Charles Joseph 
Harger, John Ross 
Hargrave, Homer Pearson 
Harkrider, Raymond 
Harlan, Marion Scribner 
Harmon, Benjamin Goddard 
Harmon, Carlyle 
Harmon, Henry Gadd 
Harms, John W. 
Harness, Forest Arthur 
Harper, Claude 
Harper, Fowler Vincent 
Harper, Robert Brinton 
Harrah, William Ferguson 
Harrell, Voss 
Harrington, Leon W. 
Harris, LaMar Waldron 
Harris, N. W(adsworth) 
Harris, Oren 
Harris, Rowland H. 
Harris, Samuel David 
Harris, Stanley* 
Harris, Walter David 


Harrison, Eugene Myers 



Harrison, George McGregor 



Harrison, Perry G. 



Harrold, Gordon Coleson 



Harsha, William Thomas 



Harshaw, William Jacob 



Hart, Alden Leonard 



Hart, Irving Harlow 



Hart, Sara Liebenstein 



Hart, William Lincoln 



Hart, William Moseley 



Hartley, Miles C. 



Hartsell, Stanley Eugene 



Hartsfield, Loy William, Jr. 



Hartsing, Ralph N. 



Hartzell, Lawrence Wesley 



Harvey, Alwilda 



Harvey, Ellery Hale 



Harvey, Harold Brown 



Harvey, Rodney Beecher 



Harvey, William S., Jr. 



Haserot, Francis H. 



Haskell, Henry Joseph 



Haskell, Robert H. 



Haskins, Raymond Glessner 



Hasley, Clyde Knapp 



Hasselbacher, Harold Hardy 



Hastings, Harold Merwin 



Hastings, Minnetta A. 



Hastings, Otis Lowell 



Hater, Harry John 



Hathaway, Stewart S. 



Hattery, Wilber 



Hattstrom, Hilding Andrew 



Haugh, Edmund J. 



Haven, Seth Edson 



Havenhill, L. D. 



Haverfield, Ralph Frazier 



Haverstick, Edward Everett 



Havner, Horace Moore 



Hawkinson, Oscar 



lawks, Joseph Knowlton P. 



.lawley, John Blackstock, Jr 



Haxmeier, G. L.* 


Hay, Charles Martin 



Hay, Logan 



Hay, Regina Deem 



Hayden, Jerome William 



Hayes, Archer Ellis 



Hayes, David John Arthur 



Haylett, Hart Howard 



Haynes, Eli Stuart 



Hays, Brooks 



Hazen, Elisha Brewster 



Hazlehurst, Jack Harris 



Hazlett, William Henry 



H'Doubler, Francis Todd 



H'Doubler, Margaret Newell 





Head, Cecil Franklin 



Head, Walter William 



Headley, Leal Aubrey 



Healy, Daniel Milton 



Heaps, Porter Warrington 



Heath, Lawrence Seymour 



Hebbard, George Miller 



Hebenstreit, Frank A. 



Hecht, Louis C. W. 



Hedge, Harry Malcome 



Hedges, Walter Vincent 



Hedke, Richard C. 



Heermann, Emil 



Hefner, Robert Alexander 



Heide, Bernard H. 



Heil, Julius Peter 



Heindel, Roy Lyman, Jr. 



Heineck, Aime Paul 



Heinemeyer, Floyd LaVerne 



Heinke, Llewellyn Hubert 



Heino, Albert Frederic 



Heisey, Paul Harold 



Heitsch, Robert Dawson 


Hejda, Charles Joseph 



Heldt, Thomas J. 


Helgason, Ami 1038 

Heller, Samuel 239 
Hellmuth, Gustavus Theodore 262 
Hellwig, Christian Alexander 335 

Hellyer, Arthur Lawrence 585 

Helm, Wilbur 1023 

Helt, Daniel W. 67 

Hemingway, Grace Hall 1175 

Henderson, Byrd Everett 1175 

Henderson, Edward Earle 245 

Henderson, Euell Blaine 804 

Henderson, Hervy Andrew 555 

Hendricks, James Owen 773 

Henes, Edwin, Jr. 113 

Henke, Frederick Goodrich 367 

Henkel, Milford Franklin 661 

Henkle, Charles Zane 585 
Henney, Charles Wm. Francis 124 

Henning, Edwin C. 170 

Henning, Maude Ella 815 

Henrichs, Henry Frederick 646 

Henry, David Dodds 691 

Henry, Huntington B. 68 

Henske, Andrew Clemens 256 

Henszey, Roy O. 128 

Henwood, Berryman 155 

Hepburn, Henry 130 

Hepburn, William Murray 1106 

Hepler, Ruth M. 96 

Herdic, John Franklin 644 

Herman, Raymond E. 575 

Hermann, Grover Martin 80 

Herrick, George Vernon 629 

Herriott, Irving 664 

Herrmann, Joseph Mark 527 

Herrmann, Louis George 424 
Herrmann, Raymond Russell 228 

Herron, James Hervey 
Hersch, Thomas Franklin 
Hershman, Joseph Bernard 
Herzog, Anna Edes 
Hess, Edward F. 
Hess, William Emil 
Heverly, Earl L. 
Hewitt, Earl Albon 
Heyl, Clarence Walter 
Heyworth, Lawrence 
Hibbard, Carlisle V. 
Hickenlooper, Bourke B. 
Hickey, Matthew J., Jr. 
Hickey, Philip J. 
Hickman, Thomas Sylvester 
Hickok, Charles Nelson 
Hickok, Ralph Kiddoo 
Hicks, Edw. Livingston, Jr. 
Hicks, Harold Newton 
Hicks, Joseph Winstead 
Hienton, Truman Edward 
Higgins, Charles Clare 
Higgins, John Joseph 
Higginson, Glenn D. 
Hildebrandt, Martha 
Hildebrandt, Theophil Henry 
Hildreth, Louis R. 
Hilger, William Peter 
Hill, Barre 
Hill, Carlton 
Hill, Caroline Miles 
Hill, Grant L. 
Hill, James Jerome* 
Hill, Julius Caesar 
Hill, Roger 
Hill, Walter Matthew 
Hill, William Herbert 
Hille, (Ernst) (Karkl) H. 
Hillenbrand, Harold 
Hills, Charles Wilford 
Hilton, David Clark 
Himmelberger, Harry I. 
Hinesley, Ruth E. 
Hinkle, Ross Oel 
Hinman, Harriett Leone 
Hinman, Lt. Col. Jack J., Jr. 
Hinn, George Jacob 







Hinshaw, Joseph Howard G18 

Hinshaw, Marvin Victor, Jr. 933 

Hinson, Marcus William 863 
Hirschfeld, John Charles* 

Hirschler, Daniel A. 563 

Hirshberg, Herbert Simon 35 

Hirshfield, Albert Clifford 38 

Hitchcock, Floyd Gillis 186 

Hite, Robert David 753 

Hoad, William Christian 404 

Hoadley, Arthur George 577 

Hoadley, Walter Evans, Jr. 107 

Hoadley, William B. 211 

Hoan, Daniel Webster 540 

Hochwalt, Carroll A. 933 

Hodges, Ella 933 

Hodgman, Charles David 154 

Hoeffel, Adelaide Doolittle 1044 

Hoehler, Fred Kenneth 1052 

Hofert, William F. 240 

Hoff, Charlotte Mina 730 

Hoffman, Clare E. 719 

Hoffman, Ernst Herman 1059 

Hoffman, George Edward 575 

Hoffman, John William, Jr. 854 

Hoffman, Louis George 72 

Hoffman, Paul Gray 764 

Hoffman, Sol A. 258 

Hoffmann, Briggs A. 508 
Hoffmann, George (Clarence) 619 

Hoffmann, Ines Catron 619 

Hoffmann, Phil 258 

Hoflfstrom, Piercy J. 119 

Hogan, Harding Roland 220 

Hogan, Harry Gratton 934 

Hogan, Henry Michael 740 

Hogan, John Francis 248 

Hogan, Leo La Brune 471 

Hogan, William Jenkins 1150 

Hoisington, Louis Benjamin 180 

Hoke, George P. 864 

Holbert, James Ranson 429 

Holden, Eugene Davenport 341 

Holden, Perry Greeley 224 

Holiman, Lois Hope 611 

Holland, Ray Kingsbury 934 

Holland, Robert Allen 925 

Hollender, Samuel Sylvan 759 

Holley, Horace 278 
Holloway, Harriet B.* 

Holloway, Wiley Ray 595 

Holm, Benton August 829 

Holman, Charles Thomas 430 

Holmberg, Lawrence Oscar 662 

Holmblad, Edward Charles 396 

Holmes, Laura A. 201 

Holmquest, Harold John 393 

Hoist, Bertram P. 154 

Holt, Harold Wright 611 

Holt, Harry W. 1094 

Holt, Maud S. 265 

Holt, Wm. Arthur 286 

Honeywell, Mark C. 1004 

Honor, Leo L. 1062 

Honora, Sister M. 335 

Hoobler, Icie Macy 82 

Hood, Edna Eliza 447 

Hood, Elizabeth Alice 1053 
Hooper, William F.* 

Hoover, Blaine 595 

Hoover, Earl Reese 816 

Hoover, Edwin Vincent 296 

Hoover, Guy Israel 935 

Hoover, Howard Earl 1061 

Hoover, Lloyd Fred 595 

Hope, Harry Leroy 133 

Hopkins, Andrew Winkle 104 

Hopkins, Edwin Mortimer 410 

Hopkins, Elmer Woodson 410 

Hopkins, Fred Mead 377 

Hopkins, James R. 34 
Hopkins, Mona Anne Willcox 482 

Hopkins, Percy Earl 619 

Hopkins, Robert Sherman 935 

Hopley, Russell James 889 

Hopps, Howard 38 

Horace, James LaFayette 1061 

Horan, Albert James 196 

Hord, Stephen Young 580 

Horine, Harriet M. 98 

Horlick, Alexander James 196 

Horn, Ernest 447 

Horn, William C. 365 

Horton, Bayard Taylor 787 

Horton, Warren Campbell 634 

Horwitz, Edward Stanton 419 

Horwitz, Sandor 1012 

Hosford, Hemphill Moffett 49 

Hoskins, Eliza Farris 396 

Hostetter, Gordon Leslie 244 

Hosty, Thomas Edward 1053 

Hott, Maxwell R. 612 

Hottinger, William H., Jr. 612 

Hough, Charles F. 240 

Houghton, Marshall George 190 

Housel, William Stuart 935 

Houser,, Allan Capron 755 

Hovde, Frederick Lawson 741 

Hovey, Almon Guion 936 

Hovgard, Christopher L. 196 

Hovorka, Frank 186 

Howard, Einar C. 64 

Howard, Guy 634 

Howard, Harvey James 153 

Howard, Lee James 561 

Howard, William J. 244 

Howard, William Lapkoff 786 

Howe, Beverly Winslow 936 

Howe, Eleanor 186 

Howe, James A. 1156 

Howell, (George) Evan 745 

Howes, Byron C. 65 

Howland, Charles Roscoe 363 

Howser, John William 628 

Hoyler, Clement 1184 

Hoyt, Loretto Rosemary 594 

Hoyt, Vivian Church 595 

Hubachek, Frank Brookes 467 

Hubbard, John Clarence 257 

Hudelson, Clyde Whittaker 627 

Hudson, Thomas Bevin 1132 

Hudson, William Andrew 483 

Hueber, Stephen Paul 470 

Huesing, Albert Diedrich 249 

Huettmann, Fred 670 

Huff, Robert E. 250 

Huffer, Earl W. 34 

Huffman, James Wylie 991 
Huggett, William Wellington 627 

Huggins, Estelle Huntington 712 

Hughes, Adella Prentiss 179 

Hughes, Harold DeMott 852 

Hughes, Richard Chester 154 
Hughes, Roy* 

Huhn, Natalie T. 705 

Hulbert, Lucius Gaylord 974 

Hull, Arthur Mattoon 670 

Hull, Merlin 993 

Hull, Thomas Gordon 468 

Hulman, Anton, Jr. 578 

Humphrey, Robert Ingersoll 133 

Humphrey, Robert Richards 669 

Humphreys, James Marion 404 
Hunscher, Helen A. 

(Wilkinson) 463 

Hunt, Graham Putnam 377 

Hunt, Mabel Leigh 57 

Hunt, Rollo Frederic 41 

Hunter, Charles Frederick 95 

Hunter, Croil 743 

Hunter, Robert Lee 72 
Huntington, Charles Clifford 848 

Huntington, Homer I. 773 

Hunziker, Otto Frederick 107 

Hurd, Archer Willis 229 

Hurd, Muriel Jeffries 797 

Hurja, Arthur Oliver 1182 

Hurley, Neil C. 364 

Hurley, Stephen E(dward) 195 

Hurtz, Leonard E. 634 

Hurwitz, Abraham 1020 

Hutcheson, William L. 45 

Hutchins, Robert Maynard 743 

Hutchinson, Albert Cass 410 

Hutchinson, B. Edwin 372 

Hutchinson, Octavus Nelson 1144 

Hutchison, William Easton 328 

Huttig, Charles Musser 508 

Huxley, Henry Minor 447 

Huxman, Walter A. 744 

Hyde, Herbert K. 431 

Icely, Lawrence Blaine 818 

Ikeda, Kano 276 

Imbs, Thomas Francis 824 

Ingalls, David S. 377 

Ingersoll, Roy C. 65 

Inghram, Lillian Brown 755 

Ingraham, Mark Hoyt 914 

Insana, Silvio 72 

Ironside, Henry Allan 317 
Irvin, Melita* 

Irwin, Charles E. 543 

Irwin, Royal Wentworth 442 

Irwin, William Glanton 379 

Isbell, Marion William 903 

Isgrig, Frederick Arthur 1018 

Isham, Robert Melyne 92 

Isherwood, Paul Alonzo 322 

Itkin, David Boris 187 

Ivy, Andrew Conway 748 

Izant, Robert James 877 

Izsak, Ignacio 410 

Jachimowski, Eugene Charles 669 

Jack, Charles E. 628 

Jackson, Arnold Stevens 740 

Jackson, Elizabeth 635 

Jackson, Fanny Rebecca 1145 

Jackson, George L. 310 

Jackson, John Luther 196 

Jackson, Raymond Thomas 377 

Jacobs, J. Louis 879 
Jacobsen, Clarence Ethelbirt 1075 

Jacobson, Richard Herman 612 

Jacobsson, Sten W. J. 729 

Jaeck, Emma Gertrude 824 

Jaflfe, Lester A. 463 

James, William M. 548 

Jameson, Donald Cleve 550 

Jameson, Hugh ■ 778 

Jamieson, Clarence Eugene 939 

Jamieson, William D. 217 

Janata, Louis Joseph 668 

Janson, Frederick W. 68 

Jarrett, Delta I. 128 

Jarrow, Harry Walter 1053 

Jarvis, Lewis A. 510 

Jasper, Thomas McLean 1053 

Jeanmene, Leo F. 634 

Jeffery, Joseph A. 89 

Jeflfery, William O., Jr. 1053 

Jeffries, Edward J. 753 

Jenkins, Charles J. 1167 

Jenkins, Frederick Edwards 282 

Jenkins, Lewis Vallette 1100 

Jenkins, Thomas Albert 1001 

Jenkins, William J. 508 

Jenkins, William Sylvanus 1121 

Jenkisson, Alvan Willard 63 

Jenner, Austin 239 

Jennings, Harry Garfield 793 

Jensen, Ben Franklin 811 

Jensen, Kai 363 

Jensen, Lloyd B. 1054 

Jensen, Peter L. 818 

Jepson, Florence Brawthen 1130 

Jersild, Marvin A. 264 

Jessup, Wilfred 1111 

Jewell, K. Austin 805 

Jewett, Charles Webster 498 

Jochum, William A. 1111 

Jocrns, Arnold 231 
Johannes, Herman W(illiam) 1004 

Johns, William Franklin 627 

Johnsen, Harvey M. 811 
Johnson, Anna Dolores* 

Johnson, Arthur Charles 165 

Johnson, Elbe Herbert 425 

Johnson, Frank Ludwig 462 

Johnson, Herbert Fisk 247 

Johnson, Hildah Alden 1062 

Johnson, Jed Joseph 811 

Johnson, Julius 1135 

Johnson, Justus L. 662 

Johnson, Miriam Pyle 48 

Johnson, Noble J. 1027 

Johnson, Paul Rodgers 364 

Johnson, Preston King 588 

Johnson, Ray Prescott 995 

Johnson, Samuel Lawrence 994 

Johnson, Sveinbjorn 73 

Johnson, Thomas Arthur 862 

Johnson, William H. 123 

Johnston, Bernard F. 64 

Johnston, David Ira 357 

Johnston, Ella Bond 347 
Johnston, Mary H. Stoddard 966 

Johnston, William Baxter 338 

Johnston, William Ealing 83 

Joice, Clyde Morton 627 

Jolly, Wesley Parvin 1111 

Jones, Eli Sherman 842 

Jones, Franklin Turner 497 

Jones, George Maceo 600 

Jones, Harold Clyde 979 

Jones, Hilton Ira 1054 

Jones, Ira Milton 109 

Jones, James F. 979 

Jones, Jay Allen 1081 

Jones, Lynds 926 

Jones, Melvin 334 

Jones, Oscar Bernard 332 

Jones, Paul F. 462 

Jones, Robert Franklin 811 

Jones, Stella V. 741 

Jones, T. Embury 767 

Jones, Thomas Clive, Jr. 775 

Jones, Walter Clyde, Jr. 1062 

Jones, William Adrian 64 

Jones, William Don 775 
Jones, Wilmer* 

Jonkman, Bartel John 993 

Jordan, Elmer John 673 

Jordon, Joseph Henry, Jr. 496 

Joseph, Jesse M. 165 

Josselyn, Livingston Eli III 1054 

Josselyn, Lloyd Wadleigh 501 

Joyce, John Michael 742 

Juchhoff, Frederick 1145 

Judson, Clay 713 

Judy, Will 596 

Junker, William Henry 378 

Jurica, Hilary Stanislaus 1145 

Kacin, Walburga L. 395 

Kackley, Olive 1111 

Kadyk, David James 573 

Kahl, Elmer 965 

Kahl, Marjorie Edith 45 

Kaiser, Grace E. 1054 

Kalbfleisch, Ernest L. 407 

Kanaley, Byron Vincent 465 

Kane, Robert Emmet 1135 

Karcher, William Leonard 619 

Karlson, Karl Johan 1135 

Karlowicz, Jadwiga 577 
Karstaedt, Clinton Frederick 112 

Kasper, Walter Francis 496 
Kauffman, Benjamin Frank. 154 

Kaufman, Oscar A. 1112 

Kaufmann, Aloys P. 810 

Kaufmann, David 52 

Kearns, John Edward, Jr. 555 

Kearns, John W. 125 

Keefe, Frank B(ateman) 994 

Kecgan, Thomas C. 472 

Keehn, Roy Dee 1161 

Keeler, Edwin R. 821 

Keeler, Leonarde 65 

Keeler, Stephen Edwards 128 

Keeley, John Lemuel 555 

Keenan, Harry Anthony 1112 

Keeney, Albert F. 140 
Keenleyside, Marjorie Culver 596 

Kegan, Esther Oswianza 1170 

Keith, Marie Morrisey 914 

Keith, Stanley 400 

Keller, Kaufman Thuma 810 

Keller, Paul E. 471 

Kelley, Francis Beverly 825 

Kelley, Spencer D. 297 

Kelley, Will Ghost 554 

Kellogg, Elizabeth Rockey 165 

Kellum, L. B. 1054 

Kelly, Edward Austin 771 

Kelly, Edward Joseph 809 

Kelly, Frank Brazzil 139 

Kelly, Glenn Kuns 596 

Kelly, Harry Francis .770 

Kelly, Walter Frederic 1113 

Kelly, Will Abbott 240 
Kelsey, Elizabeth* 

Kelsey, Fenton 676 

Kelsey, Ray Thomas 746 

Kemp, John Edward 550 

Kemper, James Scott 915 

Kemper, John Willard 971 

Kempf, Joseph George 37 

Kendall, James Logan 1088 

Kendall, John Lee . 196 

Kendall, Orville Daniel 612 
Kenderdine, Mary Bell 

(Mrs. G. A. Kenderdine) 849 

Kendrie, Frank Estes 870 

Kenevel, LeRoy J. 296 

Kennedy, Myrna E. 612 

Kennedy, Robert E. 862 

Kenner, Sumner 195 

Kenney, Frances Maureen 858 

Kent, Margaret Louise 529 

Kent, Robert Homer 1024 

Kent, Sadie Trezevant 730 

Kenyon, Marjorie B. 951 

Kenyon, Reid Lodowick 722 

Kepford, Upton Brooks 776 

Keplinger, W. Ayers 123 

Kern, Carl Wilhelm 53 

Kerner, Otto 809 

Kerr, Robert Samuel 694 

Ketcham, Victor Alvin 364 

Kettell, Walter Franklin 597 

Key, William Shaffer 390 

Kice, Murray Stancliffe, Jr. 315 

Kidd, Elizabeth Ayres 66 

Kiefer, George H. 195 

Kienberger, Vincent Ferrer 1113 

Kildare, Albert Alexander 713 

Kildee, Henry Herbert 53 

Kileen, Edward Frances 297 

Kiley, Moses E. 977 

Kimble, Ralph Archibald 597 

Kimmel, Robert Ray 597 

Kindig, James William 358 

Kineon, George Goodhue 1114 

King, Arthur Charles 244 

King, Arthur Woodruff, Jr. 1052 

King, Julia Ricketts 776 
King, T. (Thomas Raymond) 372 

Kingsbury, Edna 593 

Kingsbury, Forrest Alva 88 

Kinnare, Robert E. 646 

Kinne, Harry Clark 643 

Kinney, Edward Everett 90 

Kinyon, Sidney William 119 

Kirby, Robert Emmett 918 

Kircher, Carl Edward 91 

Kirkbride, Walter George 776 

Kirklin, Byrl Raymond 272 

Kirkpatrick, Glade R. 510 

Kirwan, Michael Joseph 816 

Kishlar, Lamar Morey 968 

Kitchen, Annie Louise 165 

Klaveness, Eivind 765 

Kleckner, Clarence Wilbur 312 

Klein, Arthur A. 667 

Klein, Arthur Frederick 918 

Klein, Bernard 874 

Klein, Ernest Leopold 565 

Kleinman, Fred 776 

Kleinschmidt, Earl Edwin 918 

Kleinschmidt, Edward Ernst 619 

Kleinschmidt, Oliver Henry 586 

Klenk, Charles L. 1141 

Klingmann, Theophil 918 

Kloeffier, Royce Gerald 47 

Klopsteg, Paul Ernest 550 

Knapp, Fred S. 640 

Knecht, Karl Kae 225 

Knepper, Russell M. 919 

Kniazzeh, Alfredo 626 

Knickerbocker, Hubert R. 524 
Knight, Carl* 

Knight, George A. 52 

Knight, Harry Hazelton 357 

Knight, John Shively 719 

Knight, Robert Palmer 484 

Knight, William D. 70 

Knowlson, James S. 717 

Knudson, Bennett O. 41 

Knudtzon, Kermit Frederick 1055 

Knutson, Harold 740 

Koch, Raymond Joseph 821 

Koch, Vincent William 915 

Koch, William August 641 

Koenig, Michael Theodore 1065 

Koenig, Paul F. 68 

Koerper, Karl 1129 

Kohler, Ruth De Young 648 

Kohlmetz, Lilian M. 222 

Koller, Charles William 312 

Komaiko, Solomon Baruch 435 
Konenkamp, Sylvester Joseph 68 

Koontz, Frederick Bowers 492 

Kornder, Louis Henry 846 

Kraft, Frederick 612 

Kraft, Jessie Lofgren 776 

Kraft, Oscar H. 1161 

Kraines, Samuel H. 1161 

Kramer, Adolph F. 473 

Kratsch, Charles 411 

Krause, Anna Jirak 1055 

Kraut, Hans B. 248 

Krebs, William Samuel 153 

Kreidler, Deo Clair 851 

Kretzmann, Adalbert R. A. 237 

Kretzmann, Paul Edward 344 

Kriebel, Warren Walter, Jr. 663 

Kroeger, Frederick Charles 498 

Kroeger, Laura Clark 151 

Krollmann, Gustav W. 924 

Krug, Henry, Jr. 151 

Kruger, Charles Francis 358 

Kryl, Bohumir 190 

Kryter, Charles Conrad 529 

Kubec, August 821 

Kuebler, Clark George 1055 

Kuenzli, Irvin R. 983 

Kuever, Rudolph Andrew 1024 

Kuhle, Orlando Augustus 613 

Kuhlman, Arthur Henry 919 

Kuhn, Frederick Tobias 566 

Kuhn, Hedwig Stieglitz 450 

Kummer, Erwin George 1065 

Kunkel, William Albert, Jr. 224 

Kunze, William Frederick 1024 

Kuring, Adolph 613 

Kurland, Aaron 753 

Kurtzon, Morris 670 

Kusworm, Sidney G. 920 

Lachenmeyer, Otto Hugo 221 

La Coss, Louis 501 

Lacy, Arthur Jay 1029 

Lacy, Thomas Norman 
La Follette, Robt. Marion, Jr. 
Lagergren, Carl Gustaf 
La Grow, Asa Joseph 
Lainson, Harry Ackley, Jr. 
Lakela, Olga 
Lakey, Roland Treiber 
Lamb, Edmund Emmett 
Lambert, Byron James 
Lamkin, Uel W. 
Lampe, Matthew Willard 
Land, Frank Sherman 
Landau, George 
Landes, Ralph H. 
Landis, Gerald Wayne 
Landis, Harry DeWitt 
Lane, Josephine M. 
Lane, Leonora Carrington 
Lane, Wallace Rutherford 
Laney, Ben T. 
Lang, Gordon 
Lang, John Michael 
Lange, Eugene W. 
Langland, Harold Severin 
Langworthy, Herman Moore 
Langworthy, Mary Lewis 
Lanier, Powless William 
Laning, George Michie 
Lansing, Charles Bridgen 
Lapine, Milton Joseph 
Lapp, John A. 
Larimore, Joseph William 
Larkin, John Day 
Larkin, Robert E. 
Larrabee, Walter Scott 
Larsen, Mae Sybil 
Larsen, Margareth E. S. 
Larson, Earl Spencer 
Larson, Emanuel Edward 
Lasby, William Frederick 
Lash, Abraham Fae 
Lathrop, Amy L. (Stiers) 
Latta, John Stephen 
Laughton, Katherine Stiles 
Lauren, J. Alton 
Laurie, Alex 
Lausche, Frank John 
Lawrence, E. George 
Lawrence, Mrs. Harvey 
Lawrie, James Wright 
Lawson, Lowell Anthony 
Lawson, Martin E. 
Lawther, Anna Bell 
Lay, Frank Morrill 
Layden, Michael Joseph 
Leach, Donald Allen 
Leach, George Emerson 
Leach, George Thatcher 
Leaman, Amos Hershey 
Leanza, Victor S. 
LeBlanc, Florimond 
Ledyard, Caroline S. 
Lee, Chester Daniel 
Lee, Rose Hum 
Lee, Wallace Orison 
Leeman, Stephen Edgar 
Leeming, John 
LeFevre, William Mathias 
Leffler, Harold Gordon 
LeifTer, Murray Howard 
Leigh, Maurice Chaffee 
Leighninger, Jesse Harrison 
Leighton, Morris Morgan 
Leinbach, Earl G. 
Leithauser, D. J. 
Leland, Leland F. 
Leland, Rosco Genung 
Lemon, Willis Storrs 
Lemstra, Enid Frist 
Lentz, Eli Gilbert 
Leonard, Arthur George, Jr. 
Leonard, Clifford Milton 
Leonard, Doris Gaston M. 
Leonard, George Edward 


Lermit, Geraldine 



Lescher, Henry George G. 



Lesemann, Ralph Frederick 



Lesinski, John 



Leslie, Mrs. J. E.* 


Leszynski, Joseph Stanley 



Leuder, Arthur Charles 



Leven, Aaron Samuel* 


Leverone, Louis Edward 



Leverone, Nathaniel 



Levin, Samuel 



Levin, W. Biggie 



Levine, Moses Naphtalison 



Levisohn, Arthur Aaron 



Leviton, Charles 



Lewis, Mrs. Charles W.* 


Lewis, Earl Ramage 



Lewis, Edwin Colby 



Lewis, Elizabeth H.* 


Lewis, Fletcher 



Lewis, Samuel J. 



Lewis, W(illiam) F. Dickens 



Ley, Mary Helen 



L'Hommedieu, Arthur W. 



Lichtenberg, Chester 



Lick, Karl William 



Ligman, Thaddeus S. 



Ligon, Louis Lucian 



Likeley, Fred A. 



Lillie, Frank Rattray 



Lilly, Eli 



Lilly, Josiah Kirby 



Limbaugh, Rush Hudson 



Limpert, Frank Alvin 



Linck, Lawrence J. 



Lincoln, Azariah Thomas 



Lincoln, Bert Hartzell 



Lind, Frederick Albertis 



Lindeman, John Henry 



Lindheimer, Benjamin F. 



Lindley, Harlow 



Lindley, Walter C. 



Lindner, Charles Terry 



Lindquist, Gustavus E. E. 



Lindsay, Edward E. 



Lindsley, Herbert Kitchel 



Linehan, John Francis 



Link, George Matthew 



Linscheid, Adolph 



Linville, Guy Pittman 



Lippincott,. Isaac 



Lippman, Ida 



Lisle, Howard C. 



Littell, Frederick John 



Little, Merritt Johnson 



Livezey, Bennett Moorhead 



Livingston, Frank Alexandei 



Livingstone, Huberta M. 



Livingstone, Seabourn Rome 



Llewellyn, John Thomas 



Loague, Walter C. 



Lobdell, Effie Leola 



Lobdell, Henry Harrison 



Lockhart, Albert Victor 



Lodge, William Ralph 



Loeb, Hamilton Moritz 



Loeppert, Henry V. 



Loewen, Solomon Leppke 



Loewenberg, Max Lippy 



Lofgren, Oscar Austin 



Loftsgaarden, Beldin H. 



Lof tus, Clarence James 



Logan, Blanche Gray 



Logan, Josephine Hancock 



Logan, Marjorie S. 



Logan, Richard Dougherty 



Logan, Simon Rae 



Lohman, Marion Lee 



Long, Albert Stoneman 



Long, Dean 



Long, Harry 



Long, Jennings Harold 



Long, LeRoy Downing 



Longley, Clifford Boles 


Longyear, Edmund Joseph 331 

Longyear, Robert Davis 121 

Loomis, Daniel Pittinger 861 

Loomis, Frank D. 699 

Loomis, Oliver Mullins 88 

Loop, Leota Williams 106 

Lorber, Herbert James 281 

Lord, John Solon 70 

Lorenzen, Anton Frederick 526 

Loring, Arthur A. 328 

Lorish, Fred McKibben 979 

Loth, Herbert C. 1166 

Lothers, John Edmond 1084 

Loucks, Charles Olney 1056 

Loud, Marian V. 589 

Lounsbury, George Fenner 231 

Lounsbury, William Cotton 268 

Love, John Willis 378 
Love, Malcolm Andrews* 

Lovelace, Walter Sharp 599 

Lovett, James Albert Baker 760 

Lowe, Arnold Hilmar 497 

Lowe, Edmund Waring 187 

Lowe, William Baird 1030 

Lowell, Frances Erma 111 

Lowenstein, Henry Polk 1004 

Lowery, Percy C. 316 

Lowman, Arthur Ames 968 

Lowrie, John M. 143 

Lucas, Scott Wike 756 

Luckey, Bertha Musson 956 

Ludlow, Alfred Irving 852 

Ludlow, Louis Leon 728 

Lueck, Roger Hawks 778 

Lueder, Arthur Charles 577 

Luedinghaus, Henry 150 

Luellen, John Lasa 566 

Lueth, Harold Charles 421 

Lufkin, Fred Richards 71 

Lufkin, Mabel Rogers 71 

Lugg, Thomas Bransford 805 

Luginbill, Philip, Sr. 597 

Luhan, Joseph A. 80 

Luidens, Joy M. 619 

Luke, James Lindsay 664 

Lundholm, Joseph S. 393 

Lundquist, Paul Eugene 574 

Lundy, Edward H. 194 

Lundy, John Silas 448 

Lunken, Edn. H. 432 

Lunt, Gordon R. 265 

Lurie, Arnold N. 890 

Luse, D(aniel) Claude 597 

Lussky, Herbert O. 1056 

Lutgen, Grace Welsh 1057 

Lutz, Hobart Fred 361 

Lutz, Robert Arnold 842 

Lux, Joseph Bernard 571 

Luxon, Norval Neil 163 

Lyles, Mortimer Lee 662 

Lyman, Cecile V. R. 711 

Lynch, William O. 36 

Lyness, Anna Ramspacher 193 

Lyon, Carl E. 62 

Lyon, Eric Ross 297 

Lyon, Leverett Samuel 397 

Lyon, Marguerite Orrena 1066 

Lyons, John Frederick 793 

Lytle, Hal McLeod 514 

Maag, William Frederick, Jr. 1019 

Maass, J. Edward 1162 

Mabbs, John Williams 64 

Mabee, Alexander C. 225 

MacCallum, Charles Lome 714 

Macauley, Alvan 87 

MacDonald, Ian Philip 66 

MacDonald, James A. 378 

Macelwane, James Bernard 61 
MacFadden, Samuel Poole* 

MacFarland, Hays 472 

MacGowan, Clara 778 

MacKeever, John C. 885 

Mackellar, John Douglas 135 

MacKenzie, Luella Wood* 

Mackenzie, Wallace S. 739 

Macklin, Justin Wilford 487 
MacLean, William Carpenter 671 

MacMahon, John 667 

MacNeille, Clarence Theo. 668 

MacWhorter, Gardner A. 1077 

Madden, Ray John 727 

Maddy, Joseph Edgar 297 

Madeleva, Sister M. 43 

Madigan, George P. 598 

Madlener, Albert Fridolin 668 

Maentz, Donald T. 541 

Magee, Elmer E. 971 

Magee, J(unius) Ralph 878 

Maggart, Maynard E. 312 

Magner, James Joseph 613 

Magnuson, Paul Budd 904 

Magoun, James Albert H. 187 

Mahoney, Charles H. 921 

Mahony, Joseph Kirby 154 

Main, Charles O. 593 

Majerus, Theodore 111 

Major, J(ames) Earl 727 

Maland, Oswald 1081 

Malek, Leona A. 942 

Malott, Clyde Arnett 354 

Malott, Deane Waldo 734 

Mammon, Constantine 614 

Manchester, Earl Northup 108 

Mangan, Maurice D. 661 

Manion, Clarence E. 354 

Manion, Leo Eugene 501 
Manker, Lucille* 
Manley, Thomas F., Jr.* 

Mann, Arthur R. 452 

Mann, Charles August 256 

Mann, Clair Victor 235 
Mann, Rowena Morse* 

Mann, William Alfred, Jr. 1084 

March-Mount, Margaret 193 

Marcley, Walter J. 142 

Margeson, James P., Jr. 680 

Mariette, Ernest Sidney 972 

Marioni, John D. 165 

Mark, Louis 379 

Markham, William H. 155 

Markson, David Edmund 902 

Markus, Joseph E. 242 

Marovitz, Abraham L. 918 

Marquardt, John Walter 655 

Marquette, Bleecker 369 

Marselli, Carlo 1138 

Marshall, Alfred Cookman 950 

Marshall, Elton Lewis 357 

Marshall, Henry Wright 357 

Marshall, Thomas L. 76 

Marshall, Verne 1138 

Martin, Charles Irving 510 

Martin, Edward Gillette 856 

Martin, Edward H. S. 217 

Martin, Ethyl Edna 54 
Martin, Prank (Francis) 

Thomas Beckett 489 

Martin, George A. 930 
Martin, John H.* 

Martin, Joseph Thomas 1134 

Martin, Paul Alexander 339 

Martin, Robert Earl 239 

Martin, Sue Pettey 753 

Martin, Thomas Ellsworth 721 
Martin, William* 

Marting, Henry A. 946 

Marts, Ralph O. 187 

Marty, Carl 291 

Marvin, Henry Howard 971 

Marx, Frederick Z. 915 

Marzall, John Adams 231 

Marzolo, Leo Aurelio 111 

Mashburn, Cleophas Bowen 733 

Mason, Edward Glenn 379 

Mason, James Stephen 904 

Mason, Michael Livingood 1074 

Massena, Roy 123 

Mateer, Florence 989 

Matheny, Willard Reynolds 280 

Mather, Gordon Macdonald 493 

Mather, William John 240 

Mather-Smith, Charles Fred. 838 

Matheson, William Angus 543 

Mathews, Harry B., Jr. 509 

Mathis, Eugene 885 

Matthews, Ben H. 621 

Matthews, Francis Ernest 228 

Matthews, Thomas A. 627 

Mau, William Raymond 217 

Mauck, Willfred Otto 397 

Mauk, Ralph Herschel 997 

May, Earl Wilfred 946 

Mayer, Charles H. 150 

Mayer, Frederick 193 

Mayer, Gottfried O. 997 

Mayer, Isaac Henry 1162 

Mayers, Laurence Hampson 290 

Mayher, Beulah Christian 786 

Maynard, J. Earle 946 

Maytag, Frederick Louis II 518 

McAdams, Joseph Edward 493 

McAllister, Thomas Francis 720 

McAninch, Geo. Daniel E. 649 

McArthur, Lewis Linn, Jr. 492 

McArthur, Selim Walker 1057 

McBain, Hughston Maynard 70 

McBride, Walter C. 404 

McBroom, David Edward 1121 

McCabe, Louis C(ordell) 916 

McCabe, William Hugh 1031 

McCahey, James B. 673 

McCain, Elsie Screeton 156 
McCall, Thomas Montgomery 193 

McCampbell, Charles W. 476 

McCarrell, William Robert 118 

McCarty, C(harles) Walter 413 

McCarty, Julia Kerr 276 

McCaughey, William John 430 

McClellan, John Little 720 

McClelland, Clarence Paul 516 

McClelland, Silas Edward 519 

McCloy, Charles Harold 858 

McCluer, Franc Lewis 528 

McCluer, Paul 1158 

McClure, Mabel Byron 1133 

McClure, Roy Donaldson 83 

McCollough, Ethel Farquhar 380 

McCollum, Earl 720 

McConachie, John 1167 

McConnell, John L. 242 

McCord, Mose S. 1177 

McCorkle, Graham K. 123 

McCormick, Edward James 823 

McCormick, Ferdinand C. 669 

McCormick, John Ambrose 956 

McCormick, R. Rutherford 712 

McCormick, Ross Clinton 973 

McCowen, Edward Oscar 388 

McCrary, Jasper Herndon 86 
McCraw, Harrison Beecher* 

McCrea, Archie E. 405 
McCulloch, Charles Alexander 374 
McCulloch, John Irvin Beggs 1141 

McCullough, Lee Russell 646 

McCune, George Shannon 934 

McCune, Thornton Calvert 895 

McCurdy, John Weldon 910 

McDaniel, Wallace Harold 646 

McDermott, John Joseph 313 

McDermott, William Fee 911 

McDonald, Eugene F., Jr. 711 

McDonald, Sterling Bryan 648 

McDonald, Thomas 1158 

McDonald, Thomas Francis 1057 
McDonnell, Everett Nicholas 562 

McDonnell, Robert E. 150 

McDonnell, William Henry 907 

McDonough, Frank 76 

McDonough, John J. 737 

McDonough, Philip L. 764 

McDougal, Robert 522 
McDougal, Wheeler* 

McElhiney, Blanche 165 

McElligott, Maurice Francis 874 

McElroy, Charles F. 451 

McFarland, Wilma K. 1046 

McFarlane, Walter Daniel 82 

McGah, William J. Ill 

McGaughey, Dean Smith 671 

McGaughey, Guy E. 1066 

McGee, James Patton 471 

McGeorge, Alice Sutton 98 

McGill, Ernest Charles 332 

McGill, Nathan Kellogg 548 

McGinnis, Frederick A. 188 

McGlasson, Howard 529 

McGlynn, Joseph Bernard 451 

McGoorty, John P(atrick) 368 

McGraw, Harrison Beecher 1112 

McGraw, Max 389 

McGreevy, Francis J. 126 
McGregor, Elizabeth* 

McHale, Frank Martin 1029 

Mcllraith, Evan J. 143 

Mcllvaine, Hubert Allen 614 

Mclnerney, James L. 950 

Mcintosh, Daniel Cobb 503 

McKay, George C. 1063 

McKean, Harry James 614 

McKenna, Daniel J. 699 

McKenna, James Joseph 668 

McKenney, Rosanna N. 863 

McKenzie, Walter Ingles 797 

McKey, Frank Michael 193 

McKinney, William Alonzo 1134 

McKinnis, George E., Sr. 413 

McKown, Harry Charles 22g 

McLarty, Alfred Dewey 823 
McLaughlin, Dean Benjamin 683 

McLaughlin, Laura Hill 83 

McLean, Cecil John 988 

McLendon, Martha 963 

McLennan, William Caddell 591 

McLeod, Clarence J. 853 

McLucas, Walter Scott 823 

McMahan, Adah M. 1112 

McMahan, Willis C. 921 

McMahon, Cormick C. 921 

McMartin, Charles 192 

McMillen, Wayne 421 

McMurray, Robert L. 529 

McNally, Andrew 650 

McNamara, Mark J. 241 

McNaughton, Malcolm N. 1132 

McNeely, Harry G. 860 

McNeil, Howard Crichton 332 

McNeill, Edwin Ruthven 92 

McNicholas, John T. 736 

McNulty, Joseph Davis 66 

McNutt, Grace 88 
McPhee, Marguerite Cameron 783 

McPheeters, Chester A. 58 

McPherren, Charles Elmo 373 

McPherson, Donald Fraser 265 

McQuate, Maude 1064 

McQueen, Frederick Emil 49 

McReynolds, Douglas 253 

McReynolds, Ralph 773 

McRoberts, Earl Samuel 143 

McSweeney, John 812 

McVey, William Estus 309 

McWilliams, Henry Edgar 669 

Mead, George Wilson 188 

Mead, Sumner Adelbert 188 

Meek, Charles Roscoe 716 

Meekison, Vadae G. 460 

Meers, Walter 853 

Mees, Oscar Charles 460 

Meier, Nellie Simmons 497 

Meighen, John Felix D. 184 

Meilicke, Carl A. 570 

Meine, Franklin Julius 650 

Meisner, James Frederick :U5 

Meiter, Edward George 51 1 

Mekler, Lev A. 794 

Melaniphy, John Cyril 1144 

Melhorn, Donald P. 946 

Mellin, Winifred Holmes 806 

Mellinger, Aubrey Hugo 576 

Meloche.Villiers Willson 779 

Melton, Monroe Joel 619 

Melzer, Fred Herman 362 
Menefee, Ferdinand Northrup 255 

Menger, Clara 439 
Menzimer, Lisle William* 

Mercer, Clifford David 267 

Merchant, Iza White 117 

Meredith, Edna Elliott 759 

Meredith, Oscar Franklin 576 

Merkle, Frank Peter 574 

Merrell, Martha Brooks 269 

Merriam, Charles Edward 1091 

Merriam, Charles Wolcott 390 

Merriam, Edmund Sawyer 379 

Merriam, Harold Guy 263 

Merrill, Barzille Winfred 749 

Merrill, Frank Winthrop 928 

Merrill, Karl G. 221 

Merrill, Maurice Hitchcock 1021 

Merrill, Philip Peirson 898 

Merrill, William Wesley 1144 
Merrills, Frederick Emerson 859 

Merrion, Joseph E. 580 

Mertens, Charles John 768 

Mess, Gordon Benjamin 252 

Messmore, Fred W(ilber) 1029 

Metcalf, Clell Lee 373 

Meyer, August C. 734 

Meyer, Charles Zachary 594 

Meyer, Erwin E. 247 

Meyer, Henry Harold 212 

Meyer, James 71 

Meyer, Walter W. L. 192 
Meyerding, Henry W(illiam) 127 

Meyers, Alfred Moyer 1141 

Meyers, Erwin A. 127 

Meyne, Gerhardt Franz 24'7 

Michael, John H. 242 

Michelon, Leno Ceno 843 

Michener, Earl Cory 687 

Middlebush, Frederick A. 694 

Middleton, Wallace Ray 194 

Midelfart, Peter A. H. 1071 

Mies, John S. 946 

Mikesell, W. H. 1120 

Miley, George Walter 947 

Milivojevich, Dionisije 614 

Millard, Eugene Samuel 723 

Millard, Paul Adsworth 1007 

Miller, Addie T. 482 

Miller, Benjamin Frank 1088 

Miller, Bina West 303 

Miller, Dalton Giles 986 

Miller, Edward Thomson 247 

Miller, Edwin Cyrus 1019 

Miller, Frank Theodore 571 

Miller, Franklin Mason 1094 

Miller, Fred Raney 865 

Miller, Frederick A. 1092 

Miller, George J. 437 

Miller, Helen Janet 725 

Miller, John Edward 530 

Miller, Messenger 548 

Miller, Sarah E. 376 

Miller, Sayers John 427 

Miller, Sidney S. 170 

Miller, Thomas William 174 

Miller, W. Leslie 1012 

Miller, Wyllys Taylor T. 761 

Milles, Carl Wilhelm E. 1012 

Millett, George Van 351 

Millette, John W. 376 

Milliken, William M. 452 

Millington, Ernest John O. 389 

Millmann, Anna Marie 305 

Millor, William J. 688 

Mills, Charles Bright 947 

Mills, Lawrence C. 988 

Mills, Thomas Henry 530 

Mills, Wilbur D(aigh) 751 

Mills, William Thomas 99 

Miltenberger, Alex 1132 

Minahan, Victor Ivan 1070 

Miner, Nellie Palmer 39 

Minrow, Maude Elizabeth 311 

Minton, Sherman 811 

Mints, Thomas Martin 843 

Miquelle, Georges 341 

Misner, Paul James 576 

Mitchell, A(lexander) B. 373 

Mitchell, Clement Clinton 1066 

Mitchell, Constance Mines 264 

Mitchell, Dora Otis 305 

Mitchell, Elizabeth Arabelle 947 

Mitchell, Elmer Dayton 1019 

Mitchell, Frank Adams 614 

Mitchell, Leon Albert 635 

Mitchell, Morris Bockee 305 

Mitchell, Samuel Alfred 116 
Mitchell, William* 

Mitten, George Russell 677 

Mobley, Henry E. 470 

Moffet, Hugh Robb 469 

Mohn, Edith Wheeler 39 

Mohns, Arthur William 624 
Moholy-Nagy, Laszlo Gyorgy 814 

Moinet, Edward Julien 367 

Molloy, Patrick Joseph 642 

Molthop, Duane Truman 911 

Mongold, Wm. Christopher 339 

Monnett, Francis Sylvester 503 

Monnett, Osborn 406 

Monroe, Walter D. 725 

Monroney, A(lmer) S. Mike 801 
Montgomery, Dewey Howard 621 

Montgomery, Edmand B. 143 

Montgomery, L. A. M. Reid 338 

Moody, Katharine Twining 149 

Moody, Lloyd Cowley 342 

Mooney, Edward 703 

Moore, Allen, II 167 

Moore, Annette 990 

Moore, Edward H. 734 

Moore, Fred Holmsley 632 

Moore, George Elkington 234 

Moore, Harry E. 395 

Moore, Hortense 1037 

Moore, James N. 896 

Moore, Josiah John 514 

Moore, Louis Daniel 49 

Moore, Maurice Malcolm 288 

Moore, Paul McNary, Jr. 380 

Moore, Raymond 615 

Moore, Vivian Lyon 1001 

Moore, Walter M. 460 

Moore, William Belton 446 

Moreland, James C. 246 

Morey, Bertha Graves 156 

Morgan, Barton 124 

Morgan, Carrie E. 1183 

Morgan, Charles Leonard 985 

Morgan, William Thomas 360 

Morison, George Abbot 824 

Morland, John Wallace 542 
Morrell, Jacque C(yrus)* 

Morrill, James Lewis 689 
Morrill, Mabel* 

Morris, Clyde Calhoun 194 

Morris, Constance Lily 372 

Morris, Donald S. 171 

Morris, John 949 

Morrissey, Daniel Edward 661 

Morrow, Frederick E. 73 

Morrow, Thomas Henry 1092 

Morss, Foster Gilbert 135 

Mosby, William Eugene 66 

Mosby, William Harry 998 

Moscrip, William Smith 1017 

Moseley, George Clark 887 

Moseley, Joseph Edward 885 

Moss, Joseph Lincoln 1067 

Moss, Walter E. 65 

Moulinier, Edward P. 174 

Moulton, Elton James 66 

Moulton, Margaret Van B. 241 

Mount, Oliver Erskine 70 

Mowry, Floyd Samuel 949 
Mucklestone, Ada 

(Mrs. Melville Mucklestone) * 

Mudd, Joseph A., Jr. 216 

Mueller, Frederick Wm., Jr. 1169 
Mueller, Hazel Mercer DuCles 992 

Mueller, Milton (Mink) 904 

Mueller, Paul Helmuth 622 

Mueller, Ulrich F. 442 

Muerman, John Charles 192 

Muhleman, George W. 898 

Mulally, James H. 93 

Muldoon, Edmond Norman 648 

Mulholland, William J. 87 

Mullen, Januarius Arthur 522 

Muller, Emma Fleer 1144 

Mullins, Thomas Clinton 986 

Mulroy, Thomas Robert 636 

Mumm, William M. 460 

Mumma, Marjory E. 666 

Munn, Lottie E. 174 

Munsert, Helen W. 1076 

Munson, Grace Esther 220 

Munsterman, Alvin John 615 

Murch, James DeForest 481 

Murio, Jay 623 

Murison, Chas. Edward 292 

Murphy, C. F. 1132 

Murphy, Flay Louis 62 

Murphy, Francis Daniel 449 

Murphy, Frank 690 

Murphy, Joseph A. 310 

Murphy, Ray V. 1162 

Murphy, Robert Brady L. 1182 

Murphy, William Patrick 997 

Murphy, William Thomas 1058 

Murrah, Alfred Paul 738 

Murray, Alfred Nicholas 216 

Murray, John Gregory 731 

Murray, Warren Garfield 1163 

Muscari, Pietro John Carmel 1062 

Musgrave, Charles Robert 558 

Musselman, John Rogers 56 

Muyskens, John Henry 304 

Myers, Edward Morrison 373 
Myers, Hiram Earl* 

Myers, Jay Arthur 725 

Myers, Lewis A. 506 

Mylonas, George Emmanuel 880 

Myren, Bernard J. 949 

Nacey, Harry Manning 


Nadeau, Oscar Eugene 


Nagel, Charles, Jr. 


Nagge, Joseph William 


Naghten, John A. 


Nahser, Frank C. 


Nakshian, Helen du Guerre 


Narey, Esther B.* 

Narowetz, Louis Ludwig 


Nash, Archie Lyman 


Nash, Bert Allen 


Nason, Harold E. 


Nauert, Robert W. 


Naujoks, Herbert Hugh 


Nedzel, Alexander John 


Needles, William Bray 


Neel, Ellison Adger 


Neff, Grover Cleveland 


NefT, Ward Andrew 


Neill, Alma Jessie 


Neiman, Benjamin Harold 


Neiman, Irwin Samuel 


Neiman, Simon (S.I.) 


Nellis, Leo 


Nelson, Arthur Emmanuel 


Nelson, Byron* 

Nelson, C(arl) Ferdinand 


Nelson, Daniel Hans 


Nelson, Elsa M. Haase 806 

Nelson, Gerald Farrington 615 

Nelson, Harry Monroe 191 

Nelson, John Leonard 622 

Nelson, Lewis Francis 156 

Nelson, Ole C. 980 

Nelson, P. Mabel 48 

Nelson, Stella Pike 951 

Ness, Zenobia Ernestine 271 

Nester, Henry George 171 
Nethercut, Glenway Warren 1049 

Netting, Conrad J. 308 

Newcomb, Ralph Vernon 1125 

Newcomer, Chauncey Lee 100 

Newey, Paul S. 874 

Newman, Cecil Earl 116 

Newman, John Richard 331 

Newnan, Henry Loring 521 

Newton, Carl Elbridge 370 

Nicholas, Elmer Henry 336 

Nichols, James Calvin 281 

Nicholson, Fredric Max 475 

Nicholson, Hugh P. 615 

Nicholson, John Charles 898 

Nicholson, John R. 652 
Nicholson, Kathleen Monica* 

Nickell, Vernon Lewis 372 

Nickerson, Winfield Scott 142 

Niehoff, Conrad E. 912 

Nielsen, J. Rud 1071 

Nisen, Charles Michael 838 

Nissen, Bryn H. 344 

Noland, Stephen Croan 369 

Nold, Harry Ellsworth 945 

Nollen.John Scholte 3'74 

Nolte, Lola Evison 348 

Nordberg, Bruno V. E. 275 

Nordberg, William Sigurd 233 

Norden, Elaine Cleveland 589 

Nordland, Martin 184 

Nordstrand, Norman Wm. 119 

Norlie, Olaf Morgan 1063 

Normann, Carl M. 73 

Norrell, William F (rank) 371 

Norris, Clifford Mortimer 588 

Norris, Ferris Waldo 53 

Norris, George William 374 

Norris, Julia Anna 309 

North, Gerald C. 63 

North, William E. 814 
Northam, Estelle McChesney 

(Mrs. M. Kent Northam) 859 

Northcross, Daisy L. Hill 304 

Northcutt, Robert Lee 912 

Northrup, Lorry Robbins 640 

Norton, Mother Mary A. 282 

Norton, Samuel Wilber 932 

Norton, William John 1003 

Norton, William Wellington 304 
Noyes, Frank E. 
Noyes, Helen Miller 
Noyes, Linwood Irving 
Noyes, Marshall Paul 
Nugent, Oscar B. 
Nungester, Walter James 
Nuquist, Maud Edgerton 
Nusbaum, Christian 
Nutt, Joseph Randolph 
Nyka, Leon C. 

Oakes, David Sidney 
Oates, James Franklin, Jr. 
Oberly, John Leidy 
Obermann, Charles F. 
Oberwortmann, Nugent R. 
Oboukhoff, Nicholas M. 
O'Brien, Cornelius 
O'Brien, Francis Thomas 
O'Brien, Frank Jerome 
O'Brien, Matthew John 
O'Brien, Patrick H. 
O'Brien, Thomas J. 
O'Brien, William Claire 
Ockerblad, Nelse Frederick 

O'Connor, Charles Andrew 672 

O'Connor, John R. 242 

O'Donnell, J(ohn) Hugh 697 

O'Donnell, William Stephen 724 

O'Ferrall, Kirk Bassett 489 
Ogden, Jean* 

Ogden, Mahlon Dickerson 268 

Ogren, John William 677 

O'Hara, Joseph Patrick 698 

Ohlrich, Fredrick 904 

O'Keefe, James L. 1080 

O'Konski, A. E. 431 

Olander, Oscar G. 85 

Oleson, Wrisley Bartlett 984 

Olin, Franklin Walter 400 

Olin, Spencer Truman 536 

Olive, Frank C. 164 

Olmsted, Everett Ward 1126 

Olmsted, Orvil Ransom 678 

Olpin, Albert Ray 289 

Olson, Roy Howard 913 

Olson, Willard Clifford 881 

O'Malley, Comerford J. 698 

O'Neel, Edwin V. 164 

Opp, Carl Joseph 34 
Oppenheimer, Harry Lederer 216 

Orcutt, Dwight Chapman 134 

O'Reilly, R. Patrick 833 

O'Riley, James E. 71 

Orlikoski, Walter John 191 

Ormond, John Kelso 84 

Ormsby, Oliver Samuel 433 

Orr, Grover Lewis 989 

Orr, Hiram Winnett 1063 

Orr, Paul Frederick 505 

Orr, Pence Billings 1071 

Osborn, Merritt J. 641 

Osborn, Stellanova 868 

Osborn, Wesley Ware 655 

Osborne, Hattie 211 

Osterberg T Arnold Erwin 117 

Ostrom, Susan McWhirter 440 

Oswalt, Edna Rickey Lotz 461 

Otis, Daniel Henry 285 

Otis, Joseph Edward, Jr. 367 

Ott, John Nash, Jr. 469 

Outlaw, Ellis Simmons 211 

Outzen, Andrew Newton 494 

Overman, James Robert 34 

Overmyer, Arthur Warren 1020 

Overn, Oswald Benjamin 40 

Owen, Ray Sprague 304 

Owen, Warren David 932 

Owens, Grover Thomas 369 

Owens, James Whitfield 1092 

Oxley, Howard W. 367 

Oxnam, William Clarence 913 

Oyler, Merton Dale 1034 


Pace, Anderson 



Paddock, Stuart R. 



Pair, Paul Milton 



Paist, Benjamin Franklin 



Palmer, Grace 



Palmer, Hazel 



Palmer, John William 



Palmer, Margaret Longyear 



Paper, Joseph 



Park, Alexander 


Parker, Ellanor Norrell 



Parker, Elliott F(rancis) 



Parker, Howard Stuart 



Parker, Ross Isaac 



Parker, Walter Huntington 



Parkhill, Homer Lewey 



Parks, John Shields 



Parks, Kenneth* 


Parks, Oliver Lafayette 



Parks, William Benjamin 



Parmenter, Clarence E. 



Parry, John J (ay) 



Parry, Mary Cousins 



Partlow, Harry Charles 



Partridge, Lloyd Case 


Paterson, Robert G. 1010 

Paterson, William Tait 1093 
Patrick, Catharine* 

Patrick, Fae W. 969 

Patten, Andrew Jarvis 339 

Patterson, Austin McDowell 427 

Patterson, Clair Brandon 932 

Patterson, Grove Hiram 1020 

Patterson, James Clarence 930 
Patterson, Lawrence Thomas 982 

Patterson, Nell Coweta 1093 

Patterson, William Allan 733 

Paulette, Robert Justice 529 

Paulick, Herman Rudolf 63 

Pauling, George Richard 301 

Payne, Loyal Frederick 46 
Payne, Thomas William* 

Paz, Pedro 302 

Pearce, Charles Sumner 63 

Pearl, Allen Sexton 1149 

Pearson, Arthur Godfrey 584 

Pearson, Stella Rowena 328 

Peat, Fern Bisel 34 
Peck, David Franklin* 

Peck, Philip F. W. 629 

Peck, Thomas Butler 698 

Peck, William C. 630 

Peet, Louise Jenison 395 

Peet, Max Minor 489 

Peete, Don Carlos 168 

Pellowe, William C. S. 315 

Pelnar, Laddie T. 984 

Pendleton, Emmet 1184 

Penick, Mark Albert 1037 
Penquite, Maynard Ellsworth 267 
Penrod, Estel Burdett* 

Perham, Deane Ellsworth 63 

Perkins, Rollin Morris 545 

Pernot, Dora Mielke 184 

Perona, Paul D. 1058 

Perrine, George Robert 913 

Perrine, Irving 37 

Perry, Emory C. 887 

Perry, Ralph Woodford 475 

Perry, Stuart Hoffman 321 
Pershing, Benjamin Harrison 380 

Person, Seymour Howe 724 

Peska, Frank 1091 

Pessin, Samuel Benjamin 417 

Peter, Martin Luther 940 

Peters, Bernard E. 231 

Peters, Elmer Theodore 762 

Peters, Guy M. 67 

Peters, Harry Alfred 349 

Peters, Mary Babcock 564 

Petersen, Alma Schmidt 979 

Petersen, Jurgen 871 
Petersen, P. Whiteside Wilier 594 

Peterson, Arnold Richard 184 

Peterson, Arthur Perry 506 

Peterson, Frank Raymond 488 

Peterson, Gladys Hanson 594 

Peterson, Mildred Othmer 901 

Pettengill, Samuel Barrett 1021 

Petterson, John P. 898 

Pettibone, Holman Dean 390 
Pettingell, Clarence De Alton 615 

Pettit, Harvey P. 1183 

Pettitt, Herbert Leroy 682 

Petzold, William A. 940 

Pfeiffenberger, James M. 1149 

Phelps, Mason 1169 

Philip, William Booth 659 

Philipp, Cyrus L. 615 

Philipson, David 518 

Phillips, Charles Henry 788 

Phillips, Cyrus Eastman 797 

Phillips, Enos Leslie 569 

Phillips, George Augustus 427 

Phillips, Josephine Dirion 381 
Phillips, Milton* 

Phillips, Waite 389 

Piatkiewicz, K. 572 

Pichler, J. Henry 406 

Pickell, Mark Weisner 859 
Pickering, Wilbur Lawrence 572 

Pierce, Bessie Louise 215 

Pierce, Dante Melville 391 

Pierce, Hyman A. 446 

Pierce, J (oseph) Norman 1169 

Pierrot, George Francis 1140 

Pierson, Arthur P. C. 420 

Pieters, Charles Elijah 99 

Pike, Sharley Kathleen 457 

Pilling, Neville 872 

Pillsbury, Charles Lucien 1126 

Pillsbury, John Sargent 290 

Pilot, Isadore 401 

Pinkerton, Paul Price 431 

Pinkerton, Ralph Roy 67 

Piper, Monte Charles 269 

Placak, Joseph Charles 899 

Plain, Eleanor 466 

Plamondon, Marie 654 

Plantz, Alden Charles 156 

Plimpton, Russell Arthur 489 

Ploeser, Walter Christian 981 

Plummer, Daniel Clarence 245 

Plunkett, James Patrick 1127 

Plunkett, William Joseph 109 

Poindexter, Harry Kellar 654 

Polack, William Gustave 724 

Pole, Gordon R. 1073 

Poley, Gerald Murdock 999 

Polk, Wesley Williajn 766 
Polkinghorne, Wilfrid Carlos 651 

Pollard, Wayne Ethelbert 520 

Polley, Frederick 385 

Pollock, Milton DeWitt 744 

Pond, Darwin Brayton 568 

Pond, Gilbert Palmer 1026 

Pool, Raymond John 430 

Poorman, Alfred Peter 399 

Pope, Herman George 670 

Pope, Mardell Yates 553 

Poppenhusen, Conrad H. 429 

Poppens, Peter Heije 642 

Porges, Otto 567 

Porter, Edward Clark 652 

Porter, Francis Marion 653 

Porter, Joseph Franklin, Jr. 51 

Posegate, Mabel 1022 

Postle, Wendell Dean 391 

Potter, Milton Chase 109 

Potter, Paul Adams 67 

Potterf, Rex Miles 354 

Potts, John Beekman 985 

Potts, Joshua R. H. 1046 

Potzger, John Ernest 724 

Pougialis, Constantine 568 

Powell, Clifford 1093 

Powell, E. Harrison 565 

Powell, John Walker 1094 

Powell, Lyle Stephenson 975 

Powell, Velura E. 1127 

Powers, Leon Walter 449 

Powers, Robert Bruna 511 

Prather, John Perry 851 

Pratt, John Morgan 616 

Preisler, Paul S. 1129 

Prendergast, Joseph 787 

Prentice, John Rockefeller 553 

Prescott, John* Adams 659 

Pressey, Sidney Leavitt 288 

Preston, Francis Jordan 422 

Preston, Frederick Augustus 909 

Preus, Jacob Aall Ottesen 287 

Price, Charles Melvin 690 

Price, Charles Morgan 631 

Price, Donald Douglas 531 

Price, Griffith Baley 1048 

Price, Paul E. 65 

Price, William Ellsworth 1110 

Priebe, Frank A. 142 

Prince, Clara Catherine 723 

Pringle, Ralph W. 73 

Prior, John Clinton 990 

Pritchard, Harry Turnbull 1022 

Pritchard, Norman Hathaway 269 

Propst, Duane Willard 1058 

Prosser, Charles Allen 1094 

Provine, Walter Murray 1095 

Provis, Bradley Mark 545 

Proxmire, Theodore Stanley 298 

Pruitt, Otto Earl, Sr. 1110 

Pruitt, Raymond S. 486 

Pryor, John Carlisle 120 

Puckett, Erastus Paul 47 

Puckett, Henry Frank 67 

Puffer, Noble Judson 71 

Pugh, Achilles Henry 513 

Pugh, John Jones 542 

Pulitzer, Joseph 693 

Pullen, Paul Pike 546 

Pulliam, Eugene Collins 374 

Pulver, Harry E. 293 

Purcell, Robb J. 631 

Purcell, William Henry 387 

Purchas, R. Whittlesey T. 672 

Purdy, James Edwin 428 

Purdy.William Carey 1089 

Purvin, Jennie Franklin 105 

Pyle, Dan 440 

Pyrtle, Ralph Nolan 243 

Quail, Frank Adgate 381 

Quarles, James Thomas 418 

Quigley, Daniel Thomas 222 

Quilici, George L. 1023 

Quindry, Silvester Eugene 631 

Quinn, G(overnor) Vernon 984 

Quinn, James R. 184 

Quisenberry, Thomas Edwin 632 

Rabaut, Louis Charles 


Raff, Pauline Meyers 


Railsback, Howard Marion 


Ralston, Anderson Wheeler 


Ralston, Lucile Reynolds 


Rambo, William W., Jr. 


Ramel, Herbert M. 


Ramier, Mary Elizabeth H. 


Ramsay, John Davis 


Ramsey, James Francis 


Ramsey, John James 


Ramsey, Walter Reeve 


Ramseyer, Roy Arthur 


Ranck, Samuel Haverstick 


Rand, Charles Claflin 


Randau, Clem J. 


Randell, Murray Ellsworth 


Randlett, Fred Morse 


Rankin, John Owen 


Ranney, George Alfred 


Ranney, Glen Allison 


Rapp, Samuel W., Jr. 


Rappaport, Earle Samuel 


Raskin, Max 


Rassieur, T. Edward 


Ratti, Gino Arturo 


Rause, Richard F. 


Rawleigh, William Thomas 


Ray, E. Lansing 


Ray, Kenneth Wilbert 


Ray, Ruth 


Raymond, Flora Andersen 


Raymond, Mabel Kenworthy 


Read, Horace Emerson 


Read, John Threlkeld 


Read, Lessie Stringfellow 


Read, Merle A. 


Reavis, William Claude 


Records, Ralph LaFayette 


Redding, George Hyde 


Reddish, George Fults 


Reece, Jane 


Reed, Albert* 

Reed, Bessie Price 


Reed, Charles Dana 


Reed, Chauncey William 


Reed, Clyde Martin 


Reed, Gail 


Reed, Homer Blosser 94 

Reed, Samuel Irving 1170 

Rees, Forest Ray 482 

Rees, James Warren 718 

Rees, John Embree 452 

Reese, Clarence 400 

Reeve, Bryce Byrum 191 

Reeve, Harold Leslie 860 

Reeves, Courtney Harold 633 

Regan, Ben 633 

Regensteiner, Theodore 337 

Regnet, Henry H. 321 

Rehwinkel, Alfred M(artin) 748 

Reiber, Albert H. 1177 

Reich, Walter J. 671 

Reichert, Victor Emanuel 79 

Reid, Barney Ford, Jr. 183 
Reid, Donald* 

Reid, Robert H. 1090 

Reid, Thomas James 762 

Reiff , George Ernst 340 
Reilley, Marguerite Campbell 252 

Reilly, Vincent Peter 1066 

Reily, Solon Llewellyn 913 

Reinhardt, Emma 905 

Reinhardt, Marie Nelson 642 

Reinhart, M. J. 518 

Reinmann, Frank Leo 965 

Reis, Otto Frank 473 

Reisenhus, Peter P. 595 
Reiter, Arthur P.* 

Remmel, Arthur K. 346 

Renaud, George L. 929 

Renfrew, Carolyn 769 

Renner, Marion John 779 

Reque, Earl George 902 

Resa, Alexander John 726 
Retter, Arthur Frederick 

Reveal, Ernest Ira 171 

Reycraft, James Leonard 1100 

Reymert, Dorothy Dix 246 

Reymert, Martin Luther 229 

Reynolds, John Hugh 251 

Reynolds, Margaret 289 

Reynolds, Thomas Aquinas 627 
Reynolds, William* 

Rhamy, Bonnelle William 250 

Rhenisch, Arthur Rudolph 418 

Rhodes, Herbert Barrett 807- 

Rice, Ada 299 

Rice, Allen Buckner 718 

Rice, Arthur Henry 794 

Rice, Edgar Clarence 1077 

Rice, Frank Elmore 1069 

Rice, Joseph J. 878 

Rice, Maegeane 1134 

Rice, Thurman Brooks 440 

Rice, Zelotus Sylvester 157 

Rice-Meyrowitz, J. Delony 105 

Rich, Daniel Catton 516 

Richards, Aute 237 

Richards, Benjamin 335 

Richards, Claude E. 1073 

Richards, G. A. 518 

Richards, Harold L. 594 

Richardson, Charles Potter 1074 

Richardson, Clement 803 

Richardson, George Adams 1150 

Richardson, Harold Edward 157 

Richardson, Jeffers Foster 930 

Richardson, Willoughby P. 854 

Rickbeil, Raymond Earl 883 

Ricketts, Paul F. 512 

Riddick, Walter Garrett 750 

Riddle, Frank Harwood 834 

Riddle, Roderick E. 149 

Rideout, John Gordon 351 

Riefling, Geneve G. 1129 

Rieser, Robert Mathew 737 

Riess, Alfred D. 880 

Riggs, Margaret Seasholes 210 

Riggs, Raymond H. 306 

Rikli, Arthur Richard 876 

Riley, Jesse Dean 50 

Riley, John H. 
Riley, Walter James 
Rinehart, Roy James 
Ring, Otto Frank 
Ringstad, Aagot 
Rinker, Edward William 
Riordan, Hugh Leo 
Riordan, John A. 
Ripley, Allen Bradford 
Ritchey, James Oscar 
Ritter, Deckard 
Ritter, Joseph Elmer 
Rittman, Walter Frank 
Roark, Leroy Edward 
Robbins, Charles Burton 
Roberg, O(scar) Theodore 
Roberts, Charles Hull 
Roberts, Una Lee 
Robertson, Fred 
Robillard, Amos Horace 
Robin, Sidney L. 
Robinson, Adah Matilda 
Robinson, Byron Lewis 
Robinson, Daniel Sommer 
Robinson, Florence Bell 
Robinson, George Wilford 
Robinson, George Wilse 
Robinson, James Hathaway 
Robinson, Luther Riley 
Robinson, Sanger 
Robison, Lee Jennings 
Rockwell, James Evan 
Rockwell, Louis 
Rockwood, Flozari 
Roddis, Hamilton 
Rodeheaver, Homer A. 
Roden, Albert Andrews 
Roderick, Solomon Phillip 
Rodkey, Frederick Stanley 
Rodkey, Robert Gordon 
Rodman, Benedict J., S. J. 
Rodman, Clarence James 
Roessler, Ernest C. 
Roeth, Albert Carl 
Rogers, Cleo Pauline 
Rogers, Don Clifford 
Rogers, Edward Sidney 
Rogers, Edwin William 
Rogers, George T. 
Rogers, John 
Rogers, John Edward 
Rogers, Lester Cushing 
Rogers, Lewis Chubb 
Rogers, Thomas Wesley 
Rohr, John Turner 
Rolfs, Robert H. 
Rolph, Thomas Willett 
Romig, Walter 
Ronken, Oscar Christian 
Ronheberg, Earl F. 
Ronning, Adolph 
Rony, Hugo R. 
Rooks, Irvin 
Rooney, Francis James 
Roos, Carles M. 
Root, Clarence J. 
Root, Jesse L. 
Ropa, Joseph 

Ropiequet, Wilfred Crouch 
Rorick, Isabel Scott 
Rose, Emily Florence 
Rose, George B. 
Rose, Milton Edward 
Rosenberg, Harry O. 
Rosenblate, Adolph J. 
Rosenblum, Philip 
Rosendahl, Carl Otto 
Rosenfeld, Joseph Ehrlich 
Rosenthal, George W. 
Rosenthal, Henry Samuel* 
Rosenthal, Lessing 
Rosinia, Michael L. 
Ross, David Edward 
Ross, George William 

541 Ross, Herbert Ocsterle 

441 Ross, Margaret G. Goodhart 

899 Ross, Maurice O'Rear 

113 Ross, Thompson 

716 Rossetti, Louis 

234 Rossiter, Will 

1109 Rost, Carl Louis 

638 Rothenburger, William F. 

523 Rothrock, John Lincoln 

487 Rothschild, Louis Samuel 

230 Rothschild, Melville Nelson 

810 Rowe, Edna B. 

1144 Rowe, Lewis William 

976 Rubloff, Arthur 

1109 Rudin, John 
593 Rufi, John 
881 Rufinia, Sister 
469 Rummler, Eugene A. 
306 Rumold, Christian Ferdinand 3' 
591 Rumsey, Louys A. 
146 Running, Theodore Rudolph 

1013 Rupp, Robert 

157 Rusk, Henry Perly 

346 Russell, Buford B. 

893 Russell, David Wesley 

406 Russell, Horace 

94 Russell, John Albert 
371 Russell, Leona Marie 
320 Russell, Lillis L. 
630 Russell, Thomas Charles 

1137 Russmann, Felix 

775 Russo, Nunzio 

629 Rust, Lucile Osborn 

715 Rutherford, Cyrus Wilson 

564 Ruthven, Alexander G (rant) 

399 Rutledge, Wiley Blount 

543 Ryan, Bessie 

1146 Ryan, Very Rev. Msgr. Carl J. 349 

274 Ryan, Clement D. 

306 Ryan, Dennis J. 

444 Ryan, Edwin Groves 

386 Ryan, James Hugh 
76 Ryan, Joseph Dennis 

905 Ryerson, Edwin W. 

45 Rygel, John 

481 Ryle, Walter Harrington 

318 Rynda, Joseph 


680 Sabath, Adolph Joachim 

513 Sabbagh, Elias M. 

269 Sabin, Ellen Clara 
245 Sackett, Samuel Jefferson 

1110 Sadler, Herbert Charles 
913 Sadony, Joseph 

387 Sadowski, George G(regory) 
502 Saeks, Abraham Benjamin 
387 Safford, Virginia Wetherby 
398 Sahyun, Melville 

95 Sailor, Lewis John 
76 Salit, Peter Waldemar 

1013 Salla, Salvatore 

75 Salomon, Irving 

629 Salter, Lawrence Cecil 

656 Salzman, Abraham L. 

189 Sammis, John Langley 

1110 Sample, John Dwight 
1129 Sampson, Henry Ellis 

682 Samuel, Mother Mary 

652 Samuel, Owen S. 
486 Sanborn, John B. 
468 Sande, Ole Robert 

270 Sandelius, Walter Edward 
146 Sanderlin, Joseph Herman 
183 Sanders, Walter Frederick 

653 Sanderson, Susanne Muro 
1046 Sandzen, Sven Birger 

370 Sanford, William Silas 

1111 Sapp, Arthur Henry 
1035 Sapp, Fred Arthur 

Sardeson, Edna Mitchell 

515 Sargent, Albert Marden 

145 Sargent, Alfred* 

531 Sargent, Amor Hartley 

586 Sargent, Chester Frederick 


Sargent, Ralph 



Satterthwait, Alfred 



Sauer, Henry Charles 



Saul, Leon Joseph 



Saunders, Carl Maxon 



Saunders, Hubbard Prather 



Savage, D. A.* 


Savage, Feme Fleming 


(Mrs. Edward James) 



Savage, Guy H(ulon), Jr. 



Savage, Joseph Patrick 



Savit, Julius 



Sawin, Ottis James 



Sawyer, Charles Francis 



Sawyer, Ralph Alanson 



Sawyier, Robert Lee 



Sayre, Paul 



Scanlan, Chester J. 


i 376 

Scarney, Herman David 



Scarseth, George Dewey 



Schad, Clara 



Schaddelee, Richard 



Schaeffer, Charlotte C. L. 



Schafer, Stanley Nicholas 



Schaffner, Robert C. 



Schanfeld, Joseph H. 



Scharlemann, Ernst Karl 



Scharlemann, Martin 



Schein, Ernest 



Schenk, Hans 



Schepman, Henry Frederick 



Schermerhorn, W. I. 



Scherwat, Wm. Christopher 



Schieber, Clara Eve 



Schilplin, Maude Colgrove 



Schindel, John Randolph 



Schipfer, Lloyd Albert 


. 349 

Schirrman, Harry Arthur 



Schlatter, David Myron 



Schlenz, Harry Edward 



Schlossberg, Victor E. 



Schlotthauer, Carl Frank 



Schmidt, Erwin Rudolph 



Schnack, Andrew Christian 



Schnacke, Francis Dean 



Schnering, Otto Young 



Schnoor, Elmer Wellpott 


Schoeppel, Andrew F. 



Scholl, William M. 



Schollenberger, M.G. 



Scholz, Roy Philip 



Schorer, Edwin Henry 



Schott, George M. 



Schrader, Fred Leon 



Schrage, Jennie Thayer 



Schramm, Wilbur 



Schrammel, Henry E. 



Schreckengost, Viktor 



Schreiber, Frederic 



Schreiber, Norman B. 



Schriever, William 



Schriver, Lester Osborne 



Schroeder, Mary Gritzner 



Schroeder, Walter 



Schrup, Charles Joseph 



Schrup, Joseph Henry 



Schubring, Edward John B. 



Schuchat, W. Louis 



Schuck, Evermont Henry 



Schuette, Sybil Clara 



Schulte, Lillian Louise B. 



Schulte, Walter B. . 



Schulte, William Henry 



Schultz, Louis W. 



Schultz, William Fredrick A. 



Schulz, John Adolph 



Schulz, William Frederick 



Schulze, Paul, Jr. 



Schumacher, Bowen E. 



Schumann, Clara Helm 



Schunk, Arthur John 


Schunk, Russell Jacob 



Schupp, Robert William 



Schuyler, Daniel J., Jr. 


Schwab, John George 
Schwabe, George Blaine 
Schwander, Jacob John 
Schwartz, Charles K. 
Schwartz, John P. 
Schwartz, Samuel 
Schwartz, Ulysses S. 
Schwartz, Virgil Joseph 
Schwartz, William Samuel 
Schweitzer, Arthur Richard 
Schweitzer, Edmund Oscar 
Schwer, Wilbert George 
Schwerin, Charles L. 
Schye, Mildred Ruth 
Seism, Don 

Scofield, Charles Josiah 
Scolnik, Avern Boris 
Scott, Chester Curtis 
Scott, George Alexander H. 
Scott, George Clytus 
Scott, Kenneth Loyal 
Scott, Rose Moss 
Scott, V(irgil) Brown 
Scott, William Edouard 
Scripps, William Edmund 
Scrivner, Willard Calvin 
Scroggs, Schiller 
Scull, Ralph Horace 
Scully, Francis Joseph 
Scully, Richard Edward 
Seachrest, Effle 
Seaman, Wyllys A. 
Searcy, Anna Mickey 
Searles, John N. 
Searls, Edward Marlborough 
Seasholes, Charles Lyon 
Seashore, Carl Emil 
Seaton, John Lawrence 
Seaver, Jay John 
Seaverns, George Alfred, Jr. 
Seeber, Rex Robert 
Seeger, Stanley Joseph 
Seely, Charles S. 
Seese, Edward Rohn 
Segur, Asa Bertrand 
Seiler, Paul Waldo 
Sellman, Henry G. 
Sempliner, Abram William 
Sengstacke, John Herman H. 
Seniff, Russell Wade 
Senteff, Louis H. 
Senter, Herbert Almon 
Sepeshy, Zoltan L. 
Sered, Harry 
Seubert, Edward George 
Severns, Roger La Fayette 
Sexton, Sherman J. 
Seyfried, Lloyd Alvin 
Seymour, Gideon (Deming) 
Seymour, Otto C. 
Shad, Clara* 

Shadid, Michael Abraham 
Shadmyer, Emma J.* 
Shafer, Claude 
Shafer, Harvey Arsdale 
Shafer, P. Frederick 
Shafer, Paul W. 
Shanafield, Harold Arthur 
Shane, Norman A. 
Shannon, John Raymond 
Sharp, Elwood Armstrong 
Sharpe, Dores R. 
Shartel, Stratton 
Shastid, Thomas Hall 
Shaver, Charles William 
Shaw, Alfred Phillips 
Shaw, Eva Epstein 
Shaw, Walter Adam 
Shaw, Wilfred Byron 
Sheard, Charles 
Sheatsley, Jacob 
Shedd, Howard Orton 
Sheehan, Bess May 
Sheffield, Vernon Russell 

1106 Shcil, Bernard J lames) 
698 Sheinin, John Jacobi 

571 Sheldrick, Merle Wagner 
1158 Shelly, E. Adah 

370 Shepard, George Milson 

1107 Shepard, Harriett Elma 
653 Shepherd, Arthur 
855 Sheppard, John Russell 

1036 Sheridan, Bernard Long 
104 Sheridan, Lawrence Vinnedge 963 
134 Sheridan, Leo J. 
848 Sherman, Bessie Williams 
522 Sherman, George W. 
297 Sherman, Philip Stone 

371 Sherman, William* 
299 Sherry, William J. 
799 Sherwood, Lyman Wetmore 
653 Sherwood, Reginald Carter 
630 Shick, Frederick Eshelman 
291 Shields, Edmund C. 
793 Shields, Frank Brown 

1107 Shillinglaw, David Lee 

1181 Shimer, Earl L. 

572 Shinner, Ernest G. 
390 Shipstead, Henrik 

1015 Shircliffe, Arnold 

843 Shoemaker, Harold Adam 

582 Shoop, Charles Franklin 

197 Shores, Earl M. 

205 Short, Dewey 

967 Short, Lloyd M. 

84 Shove, Raymond Howard 

77 Showalter, Clarence Ernest 

189 Shryock, Burnett Henry 

720 Shulman, Bernard 

101 Shuman, Albert Clayton 

370 Shumate, Ella Alice 

1140 Shurson, Henry O. 
499 Sidener, Herman Suker 

1149 Sidler, Hobart McKinley 

278 Siebel, August F. W. 

1007 Siegel, G. Reginald 

713 Siegers, Peter John 
1048 Siems, Allan Gleason 

1178 Sierocinski, John Aloysius 
530 Silsby, Don Harry 
978 Silver, Harold 
197 Simenstad, Lien Otis 
916 Simmons, Alfred* 
635 Simmons, Elizabeth Margret 
255 Simon, Arthur Charles 
827 Simon, Lester 
244 Simonds, William Adams 

1037 Simons, Corinne Miller 
1173 Simons, Charles Caspar 

859 Simons, Edwin J. 

802 Simpson, Laurens Luther 

635 Sims, Frank Smith 

40 Singletary, Charles Emory 

428 Sites, Henry Wise 

Sittler, Edwin Conrad 

158 Sivertsen, Ivar 

Skiles, Charles McClellan 

376 Skinner, Georgia 

866 Sladkey, Jerome J. 

1179 Slane, Carl Powell 
709 Slater, Russell C. 
637 Slaughter, Gertrude E. Taylor 394 

714 Slaughter, Roger Caldwell 
271 Slavik, Henry George 

1141 Slazinski, Walter Alojsius 

1180 Sleneau, Katharyne Griffith 
966 Slezak, Edward John 
883 Slezak, John 
972 Sloan, Charles H. 

1083 Sloan, Harry 

850 Slobe, Thelma* 

976 Slocum, George Mertz 

552 Slosson, Preston William 

307 Sluss, John William 

35 Smail, Edwin Joseph 

215 Small, Benjamin F. 

177 Smart, Jackson Wyman 

1127 Smay, Joseph Edgar 


Smeaton, William Gabb 



Smellie, Donald Gavin 



Smietanka, Julius F. 



Smiley, Ernest H. 



Smillie, Alexander Baxter 



Smith, Albert 



Smith, A (If red) Paul 



Smith, Allan Alexander 



Smith, Bryce Byram 


• 963 

Smith, Carl* 


Smith, Charles Adelbert 



Smith, Charles Herbert 



Smith, Chester C. 



Smith, Clifford Eben 


Smith, Clyde 



Smith, Cushing 



Smith, Dwight Leod 



Smith, Elizabeth Potter 



Smith, Elsdon C(oles) 



Smith, Ernest Clarence 



Smith, Estelle Tomlinson* 


Smith, Ferris 



Smith, Francis Marion 



Smith, Frank Leslie* 


Smith, Fred Webster 



Smith, Frederick C. 



Smith, George 



Smith, George E. 



Smith, Hal H. 



Smith, Harold A. 



Smith, Harry Pratt 



Smith, Helen Stark 



Smith, Henman B. 



Smith, Henry Lester 



Smith, Hughes Blake 



Smith, James Elmo 



Smith, James Harold 



Smith, James MacKinnon 



Smith, Jay Dickey 



Smith, Leathern Daley 



Smith, Lemuel David 



Smith, (Caleb) Lothrop 



Smith, Louis Daniel 



Smith, Margret Yelland 



Smith, Mary Virginia Miller 



Smith, Nile C. 



Smith, Otto M. 



Smith, Parke Gillespie 


Smith, Paul 



Smith, Ray DeVere 



Smith, Ray Williams 



Smith, Robert Leo 



Smith, Roger Cletus 



Smith, Roy Edward 



Smith, S. Maxwell 



Smith, Vincent A. 



Smith, Vivian Thomas 



Smith, William C. 



Smith, William Ernest 



Smith, William Jones 



Smith, William M. P. 



Smull, Cora Kemp 



Snideman, Richard L. 



Snively, Samuel Frisby 



Snodgrass, Thomas Jos. II 



Snook, Ward H. 



Snow, Lucille Hammel 


r 394 

Snyder, Erwin Paul 



Snyder, Franklyn Bliss 



Snyder, Fred B. 



Snyder, Gerald Curlee 



Snyder, Harold Vesey 



Snyder, Henry Burgess 



Snyder, John Wesley 



Snyder, Marshall L. 



Snyder, W(erner) Thadeus 


Soans, Cyril Arthur 



Soderlind, Nona Bymark 



Sohlberg, A. Theodore 



Sohn, Frank 



Sokol, John A. 



Solberg, Marshall 



Solomon, Irving J. 



Somervell, Howard 


Somsen, Henry Northrop 1131 
Sorber, Flora Adelaide 1097 

So reng, Edgar Martin 1139 

Sorensen, Charles E. 1097 

Sorensen, Christian Abraham 486 

Sorling, Carl Axel 
Sorrell, Lewis Carlyle 
Sossong, Andrew Charles 
Souers, Loren Edmunds 
Souers, Sidney W(illiam) 
Southard, Harry G. 
Southern, Allen Carriger 
Sowder, Charles Robert 
Sowers, Kathryn Thelma 
Sowers, Mary Alice 
Sowin, Edward William 
Spachner, Beatrice Teller 
Spachner, Jack Victor 
Spann, Hal Augustus 
Sparberg, George L. 
Sparks, Will M (orris) 
Sparks, William Ira 
Sparling, Edward J. 
Spatta, George 
Spatuzza, George John 
Spaulding, Forrest B. 
Spector, Hyman I. 
Speed, Kellogg 
Spence, T. H., Jr.* 
Spencer, Charles Carl 
Spencer, Frank Edwin 
Spencer, Herbert* 
Spencer, Richard Marshall 
Spencer, William Gear 
Spengler, Warren D. 
Spiegel, Modie Joseph, Jr. 
Spiesman, Manuel G. 
Spieth, Lawrence Caleb 
Spitz, George 
Spoerri, James Fuller 
Sprague, Albert Arnold 
Sprau, William Christ 
Spray, Charles Cranston 
Springer, Clement Francis 
Springer, George Perrcy 
Springer, Raymond Smiley 
Sprowl, James Allen 
Sprowls, George Milton 
Spuller, Lawrence William 
Stace, Arthur William 
Stacey, Dorothy Layman 
Stacey, Lynn Nelson 
Stacy, George Herbert 
Stair, Carlyle Baer 
Stakman, Elvin Charles 

















Stakman, Estelle Louise Jensen* 

Staley, William Converse 
Stallman, Evelyn Williams 
Stamm, Frederick Keller 
Stanisia, Sister Mary 
Stanley ; Claude Maxwell, Jr. 
Stansbury, Leslie 
Stansell, Robert Basil 
Staples, Thomas Starling 
Starkey, William Carleton 
Starr, Floyd 
Starr, Raynor Franklin 
Starret, Howard Andrew 
Staten, Hi Williamson 
Staud, Rudolf William 
Stauff er, Ezra Eugene 
Staunton, Henry Capen F. 
Stearns, Gustav 
Stecher, Joseph Day 
Stecher, Robert Morgan 
Steck, Alden Lawrence 
Steczynski, Myron Edward 
Steed, Mrs. James G. 
Steele, Otto Scott 
Steele, Westbrook 
Stefan, Karl* 
Steffen, Roy John 
Stegner, Clifford M. 
Stein, Hilda Anna 









Stein, Sydney, Jr. 
Steinbach, Leslie Irving 
Steinbach, Orma Weber 
Steinberg, George Solomon 
Steinberg, Nathaniel Philip 
Steindel, Max 
Steiner, Loren Franklin 
Steiner, Oscar H. 
Steiner, Thomas Edward 
Stempel, Guido Hermann 
Stepan, Alfred C, Jr. 
Stephens, Thos. Calderwood 
Stephenson, Joseph Maxwell 
Sterba, Gertrude Kosmoski 
Stern, David Becker 
Stern, Sigmund 
Sternberg, Walter Albert 
Stevens, George Theodore 
Stevens, Harry L. 
Stevens, Walter Judson 
Stevens, William Chase 
Stevenson, Brenton Wallace 
Stevenson, Walter Davis 
Stevenson, Walter Norman 
Stewart, Donald Leonidas 
Stewart, Edward Lovelle 
Stewart, George Walter 
Stewart, Gladys Berger 
Stewart, Janet Crouse 
Stewart, Lillian Victoria 
Stewart, Paul 
Stewart, Shirley 
Stewart, William Scott 
Stewart, Zella White 
Stibgen, Geary Vance 
Stiegelmeier, Walter H. 
Stier, Herman Joseph 
Stiles, Aaron Kay 
Stillson, William Charles 
Stimson, Horace Pottie 
Stinchfield, Frederick H. 
Stinson, Karl Willson 
Stitskin, Leon 
Stitt, LeMoine D. 
Stocking, Charles Howard 
Stoddard, Albert Dow 
Stoehr, Oscar 
Stoetzel, Ralph Edward 
Stoffels, Oscar A. 
Stoker, Dee Antoine 
Stone, Ferris Dickerman 
Stone, Fred Denton 
Stone, Goldie T. 
Stone, Howard H. 
Stone, Kimbrough 
Stone, Wilfred Schafer 
Stoner, Herbert Hubbard 
Stops, Harry Day 
Stormont, Daniel Lytle 
Stose, Harold F. 
Stout, Frederick Eugene 
Stover, Urban C. 
Stowe, Marion Franklin 
Stowell, Maude Swits 
Straehley, Erwin O. 
Strain, Russell Leon 
Straith, Claire LeRoy 
Stratton, William Timothy 
Straub, Lorenz George 
Straus, Martin L., II 
Strauss, Alfred A. 
Straw, Darien Austin 
Strawn, Estil Young 
Streeter, Floyd Benjamin 
Streicher, Michael Henry 
Streichert, Eric John 
Streissguth, Thomas Otto 
Streyckmans, Felix Joseph 
Strickland, Charles Edwin 
Stritch, Samuel Alphonsus 
Strohl, Everett Lee 
Strom, George A. 
Stromberg, Austin William 
Strong, George Franklin 


Strong, Leon Henri 



Strosacker, Charles J. 



Strouse, Dorothy Irene 



Stroy, Herbert E. 



Struckmann, George William 69 


Struckmann, William Franz 



Stuart, Allison E. 



Stuart, Beulah McWane 



Stuart, Helen Cheney K. 



Stuart, Luke 



Studer, Adolph Gustav 



Studt, Charles Wotring 



Stuntz, Ross Maxwell 



Sturrock, Walter 



Suhr, Lewis Delmar 



Sullivan, Charles Lee, Jr. 



Sullivan, John Berchmans 



Sullivan, John Joseph 



Summers, Cleon Aubrey 



Summers, John Howell 



Sumner, Florence G. 



Sumner, Jessie 



Sunday, Helen Amelia 



Sundheim, Anders M. 



Sundheim, George Melchoir 



Sundine, August 



Sundness, Odin Alfred 



Surratt, Andrew John 



Suter, Max 



Sutherland, David Lee 



Sutton, Arle Herbert 



Sutton, Richard Lightburn 



Suydam, Vernon Andrew 



Svoboda, John F. 



Swaim, John E. 



Swan, Mary Hannah 



Swanson, David I. 



Swanson, Hjalmar G. ' 



Swanson, Roy Edwin 



Swanson, William Walfred 



Swarthout, Donald Malcolm 



Swartzbaugh, Charles Edw. 



Swats, Robert Lee 



Swayne, Albert William 



Swenson, Birger 



Sweres, Mary Agnes White 



Swezey, William W. 



Swickard, Clinton Daniel 



Swift, Charles Henry 



Sykes, Aubrey Luse 



Symes, James Miller 



Symes, Russell William 



Symonds, Ernest William 



Symonds, Merrill Eugene 



Symonds, Nathaniel Gardner 962 


Symons, Arthur Henley 




Taaffe, Florence Irene 



Taber, David Fairman 



Taf t, Edgar Wendell 



Taf t, Hulbert 



Taf t, Robert Alphonso 



Taggart, Joseph H. 



Taggett, Vernon Newton 



Tainter, Frank Joseph 



Tait, Edgar Wendell* 


Talbert, Thomas Jesse 



Talbot, Fannie Sprague 



Talbot, Marion 



Talbot, Nora Amaryllis 



Talbot, Richard Colgate, Jr. 



Talbot, Sophia Davis 



Talbott, Hudson 



Talle, Henry O(scar) 



Talley, Dora Alexander 



Tallman, Percy L. 



Tandy, Sara Ellen 



Tappan, Anna Helen 



Tarbell, Harlan Eugene 



Tarr, Adele Jordan Miller 



Tarrant, Berrien 



Tasher, Lucy Lucile 



Tatgenhorst, Charles 



Taub, Samuel James 


Taubeneck, George Francis 1015 

Tauber, Elmore Bernard 1102 

Taussig, Frederick J. 415 

Tawney, Guy Alan 389 

Tawney, Marietta Busey 839 

Taylor, Alonzo Englebert 1013 

Taylor, Aravilla Meek 256 

Taylor, Britton Payne 1120 
Taylor, Charles* 

Taylor, Edward Harrison 1008 

Taylor, Estes P. 1016 

Taylor, Genevieve 239 

Taylor, George Frederick 784 

Taylor, Howard Prescott 159 

Taylor, Wilbur L. 421 

Taylor, William David, Jr. 759 

Teeter, Thomas Anderson H. 1009 

Teetor, Paul 273 

Teich, Frederick C. 880 

Teller, Morris 136 

Teninga, Cornelius 666 

Tenkacs, John 385 

Test, Frederick Cleveland 1087 

Testwuide, Edith Held 548 

Teuscher, George William 1068 

Thacher, George I. 1120 

Thacker, Florence K. 288 

Theilen, Myrtelle Goodwin 840 

Thieme, Theodore F. 1005 

Thill, Frank Augustine 1070 

Thoene, Christine Augusta 220 

Tholen, Herman J. 243 

Thorn, William Richard 707 

Thomas, Augusta Eleanor 1102 

Thomas, Avis Harriett 300 

Thomas, Benjamin Piatt 888 

Thomas, Charles Fillius 74 

Thomas, Earle Hartley 316 

Thomas, Elmer 692 

Thomas, Henry Bascom 490 

Thomas, John T. 197 

Thomas, Martha Fleeta 758 

Thomas, Maurice Miles 37 
Thomas, Ralph* 

Thomas, Robert Gordon 523 

Thomas, Seth 691 

Thomasson, Arnold Lee 635 

Thompson, Carl Dean 417 

Thompson, Charles N. 884 

Thompson, Clara Ann 172 

Thompson, Cyril Clowes 1016 

Thompson, David Orrin 1047 
Thompson, Edward Archibald 403 
Thompson, Edward Theodore 963 
Thompson, Frank* 

Thompson, Harry Frank 873 

Thompson, Hayward Stone 899 

Thompson, James Arthur 69 

Thompson, James Cotton 565 

Thompson, J (ohan) Jorgen 300 

Thompson, Dr. Joseph John 909 

Thompson, Lee Bennett 713 

Thompson, Paul Jennings 455 

Thompson, Paul W. 308 

Thompson, Richard Ryan 48 

Thompson, Robert Elmo 533 

Thompson, Thomas Barney 430 

Thompson, Willard Owen 789 

Thomsen, Arthur Christian 968 

Thomson, Adam Gentles 593 

Thomson, J (ohn) Cameron 209 

Thomson, Mehran K., Sr. 897 

Thomson, Metellus, Jr. 574 

Thorek, Max 106 

Thornton, Jesse Earl 300 

Thornton, R. S. 159 

Thorsness, Lionel George 1037 

Throckmorton, Edgerton A. 887 

Throckmorton, Jeannette 55 

Thurber, Alice Hagerman 950 

Thuringer, Joseph Mario 415 

Thurston, Ernest B. 172 

Thve, Edward John 697 

Tiebout, Charles Ralph 166 

Tiffany, (Lewis) Hanford 1049 

Tilden, Merrill William 669 

Timmons, Benjamin Finley 771 

Tindall, Glenn Means 892 

Tingley, Egbert Moore 213 

Tinley, Mathew Adrian 591 

Tirey, Ralph Noble 697 

Tissue, Kathryn Anne 92 

Titus, Harold H. 241 

Tobin, Daniel J. 488 

Todd, Charles Stewart 738 
Todd, Jessie* 

Todd, John Odell 570 

Todd, Joseph Clinton 168 

Toler, Grace Cabot Blood 321 

Tolonen, Emil O. 1102 

Toman, Andrew John 922 

Toman, John 70 

Tomhave, William Henry 1172 

Tomlinson, Charles Weldon 713 

Toops, Herbert Anderson 1009 

Topliff, Samuel 1157 

Topping, James 273 

Torbet, Albert William 637 

Toulouse, Julian Harrison 551 

Tourek, James Jacob 148 

Towne, George Lewis 1047 

Townsend, Joseph Winter 1067 

Townsend, Willard Saxby 756 

Toye, Earle William 151 

Tracy, Frank W. 922 

Trader, Georgia D. 1099 
Trainor, Mae Minita Westcott 922 

Trapp, Martin Edwin 499 

Trattner, Harry Robert 177 

Traut, Eugene Fagan 71 

Trax, David Lewis 56 

Traxler, Dean Lake 136 
Treadwell, George Ludington 786 

Tree, Russell Miller 331 

Treloar, Alan Edward 1121 

Tremain, Eloise Ruthven 1164 
Treshansky, Dorothy Foster 1177 

Tressell, Harry S. 412 

Trimble, James W. 817 

Trindl, Joseph H. 992 

Trobaugh, Frank Elmer 621 

Trost, John Francis 922 

Trovillion, Hal Weeden 866 

Trowbridge, Lydia Jones 135 

Troxell, Edwin Eldie 574 

Troy, Adrian 1183 

Truitt, Bess 418 
Truman, Bess Wallace 

(Mrs. Harry S. Truman) 691 

Truman, Harry S. 695 

Trump, Doren Eugene 860 

Truog, Emil 455 

Trusler, Harold Milton 1114 

Trussell, John Carey 568 

Tuchbreiter, Roy 567 

Tucker, Frank C. 415 

Tucker, Harold Herbert 266 
Tucker, Mrs. H. H.* 

Tucker,William Pierce 839 

Tuerk, Frederick R. 1016 

Tufte, Engebret T. 519 

Tulloss, Rees Edgar 738 

Tunks, Walter Fuller 33 

Tuohy, William Joseph 649 

Tupper, Charles Benson 1067 

Turley, Louis Alvin 147 

Turnbull, George Clarence 1068 

Turner, James 1070 

Turner, Robert Graham 1114 

Turner, Tracy Lay, Jr. 900 

Turnock, Lawrence Charles 385 

Twente, Asa DeWitt 845 

Twyman, Elmer F. 74 

Tyler, Albert Franklin 531 

Uhrbrock, Richard Stephen 1048 

Uihlein, Erwin Charles 147 

Ullmann, Herbert Satterlee 1165 

Ulrich, Ethel M. 124 

Umberger, Robert Bruner 280 
Umfleet, Kenneth Reynolds* 

Unthank, Alice Gertrude 225 

Upton, Louis Cassius 520 

Uretz, Daniel Albert 1001 

Urey, Harold Clayton 688 

Uriell, Francis Harold 244 

Urse, Vladimir George 300 

Utpatel, Frank Albert 105 

Vail, Malcolm D. 331 

Vale, Clair Fremont 507 

Valentine, Elma Powell 1114 

Vallancourt, Grace Shuster 302 

Van Antwerp, Eugene I. 431 

Van Auken, Claude L. 74 

Van Camp, Owen Victor 867 

Vance, Harold Sines 741 
Vandenberg, Arthur Hendrick 742 

Vanderpool, James Grote 987 
Van der Vries, Bernice Taber 909 

Vandeveer, Fred L. 950 

Van Epps, Clarence 490 

Van Natta, Vail Allen 845 

Vannest, Charles Garrett 1170 

Van Orman, F. Harold 225 

VanTassel, Clyde DeWitt 281 

Van Zile, Mary Pierce 405 
Vawter, Mary Howey Murray 44 

Veatch, Nathan Thomas 487 

Veeder, Henry 445 

Verbrugghen, Adrien 302 

Verson, David C. 118 

Victor, Joseph B. 416 

Vien, Alex S., Jr. 1152 
Viesselman, Percival William 483 

Vincent, Jesse Gurney 1018 

Vitullo, John Caesar 178 

Vitzthum, Karl Martin 1115 

Vlk, Jerome J. 549 

Voevodsky, George 622 

Vogel, Karl Eugen 827 

Vogel, Valentine 355 

Vogelgesang, Carl Edgar 1016 

Voigt, Edwin Edgar 433 

Voigt, John Frederick 1165 

Voita, Eugene 950 

Vollintine, James Louis 551 

Vollmar, Joseph Edward 1122 

von Gontard, Adalbert 647 

Voorhies, Paul Warren 431 

Vorys, John Martin 1047 

Vose, Frederic Perry 480 

Votava, Joseph Thomas 486 

Wade, Franklin Alton 


Wade, George Garretson 


Wade, Thomas G. 


Wadsworth, Charles 


Waggener, Roy Alfred 


Waggoner, Madeline Sadler 


Wagner, Elmer C. L. 


Wagner, Irvin James 


Wagner, James A. 


Wagner, Percy Evan 


Waite, Roy E. 


Wakeley, Arthur Weeks 


Walde, Arthur William 


Waldron, Carl William 


Walker, Claude A. 


Walker, Edson O. 


Walker, Edward A. 


Walker, Frederick Wiley 


Walker, Harold Leroy 


Walker, J. W.* 

Walker, Lewis M. 


Walker, Louise 


Walker, Roger V. 


Wall, Edward Everett 


Wallace, Silas Willard 


Wallace, Thomas Oliver 


Wallace, Warrack 


Wallace, William A. 

Walle, Michael Paul Joseph 

Walrath, Florence Dahl 

Walsh, Edward Nicholas 

Walsh, John Klaerr 

Walsh, Mark A. 

Walter, Otto Fasoldt 

Walters, Orville S. 

Walters, Raymond 

Walther, John Theodore 

Wantz, Ray 

Wanzer, Sidney, III 

Ward, Clarence 

Ward, Harold B. 

Ward, John William George 

Ward, Merle Scott 

Ward, Philip Henry 

Ward, William Bullock 

Warner, Addison Wheelock 

Warner, Emory Dean 

Warner, Frank 

Warner, Milo Joseph 

Warner, Rawleigh 

Warren, Theodore Edward 

Warren, William Kelly 

Warrick, Louis Frederick 

Warrick, Walter Dempsey 

Wascher, Herman L. 

Washburne, Annette Clark 

Washburne, George Adrian 

Wasielewski, Thaddeus F. 

Waterman, Cameron Beach 

Waters, Rex 

Watkins, Charles Hamilton 

Watson, Charles H. 

Watson, Cornelius B. 

Watson, James Smith 

Watson, John H., Jr. 

Watson, Martin Wallace 

Watterson, Walter Hobart 

Watts, Amos H. 

Watts, Cecil EdwiD 

Waugh, William Francis 

Waynne, Joseph X. 

Weatherly, Everett Pine 

Weaver, Harmon Jacob 

Weaver, Henry Grady 

Webb, John L. 

Webb, Joseph Lewis 

Webb, Leslie Richard 

Webbe, Richard S. 

Webber, Charles Christopher 

Webber, Charles Maddra 

Weber, Otto George 

Weber, Mrs. Pearl L. 

Webster, Augusta 

Wecker, Walter A. 

Weckler, Herman L. 

Wee, Mary Elizabeth Nelson 

Weese, Harry Ernest 

Wehmeier, Hugo A. 

Weideman, Carl May 

Weidman, Evan Sylvester 

Weigel, John C. 

Weiger, Joseph A. 

Weil, Harry Yates 

Weiler, Vernon S. 

Weiller, Rene 

Weimer, Claud R. 

Weinberg, Joseph L. 

Weinstein, Marion Liebschutz 839 

Weinstein, Morris L. 

Weir, Benjamin 

Weir, Paul 

Weisbrod, Benjamin Harry 

Weisbrod, Maxfleld 

Weisfeld, Israel Harold 

Weisman, Samuel A. 

Weiss, Charles R. 

Weiss, Emil 

Weissenborn, Leo Julius 

Welch, L. C. 

Welch, Ross Strickler 

Welch, Roy See 


Welch, Thomas J. 


Wildman, Clyde Everett 



Weldele, Albert Roy 


Wilds, John Law 



Weiler, Charles F(rederick) 


Wileden, Arthur F. 



Welles, Edward Kenneth 


Wilensky, Michael 



Wells, Agnes Ermina 


Wiles, Isaac Ray Little 



Wells, Herman B. 


Wiley, Alexander 



Wells, Rolla 


Wilhelmi, Paula 



Wells, Sidney D. 


Wilke, Otto John 



Weltmer, Tracy Carleton 


Wilkerson, James H. 



Wemp, Ernest Edgar 


Wilkie, Leighton A. 



Wendelin, Andrew, Jr. 


Wilkins, Ernest Hatch 



Wendell, Barrett 


Wilkins, Estella Harmel 



Wendt, Robert Henry 


Wilkins, George Thomas 



Wenger, Christian N. 


Wilkinson, Arthur Paul 



Wenner, Henry Lee 


Wilkinson, George Laurence 



Wenner, William Ervin 


Wilkinson, Michael Robert 



Wentworth, Edward Norris 


Willard, Arthur Cutts 



Wentz, Louis Haines 

Willard, Julius Terrass 



(Lew Wentz) 


Willard, Theodore Arthur 



Wentz, Peter Leland 


Williams, Alfred Clenard 



Werner, Anthony Matthias 


Williams, B. Y. 


Werth, Sister Magna 


(Mrs. Karl H.) 



Wertheim, Edgar 


Williams, Elmer Lynn 



Wertheimer, Miriam Ehrlich 


Williams, George Thomas 



Werum, Florence Ralston 


Williams, Helen Evelyn 



Wesley, Charles Harris 


Williams, J. Lester 



West, Clarence Jay 


Williams, Robert Lee 



West, Clyde McKinley 


Williams, Rowland L. 



West, Lawrence J. 


Williams, Roy Hughes 



Westbrooks, Richard E. 


Williams, Sara Lockwood 



Westenberger, Edward Joseph 258 

Williams, Thomas Frederick 



Westfall, Pearl Dutchess 


Williams, Whiting 



Westland, Edward Walter 


Williamson, Marshall Phifer 



Weston, Max Anscomb 


Williamson, Thomas 



Wettling, L. Eugene 


Williamson, William W, 



Wettstein, Thomas Forrester 

• 201 

Willien, Leon John 



Weyer, Frank Elmer 


Willis, Raymond Eugene 



Weyerhaeuser, Frederick E. 


Willis, Thomas Hite 



Wham, Benjamin 


Willits, Scott Allison 



Wheat, James H. 


Willits, Ward Winfield 



Wheeler, Frank Eugene 


Willius, Frederick Arthur 



Wheeler, Homer Henderson 


Willoughby, Harold Rideout 



Wheeler, Walter Hall 


Wilm, Netta Vane 



Whelan, Harry G. 


Wilson, Charles Erwin 



Wherry, Kenneth S. 


Wilson, Charles McCormick 



Whetstone, Lambert Frye 


Wilson, Clara Owsley 



Whitaker, F. Edythe Horney 


Wilson, Edward Harlan 



White, Ambrosia Chuse 


Wilson, George Allison 



White, Claire Terrill 


Wilson, Ira J. 



White, Cleveland J. 


Wilson, James E. 



White, Edward Sidney 


Wilson, Leonard Seltzer 



White, Hall Brewer 


Wilson, Lillian May 



White, John Culbertson 


Wilson, Morris Karl 



White, John Turner 


Wilson, Murray Alderson 



White, Kenneth Sidney 


Wilson, Russell Fletcher 



White, Lee A. 


Wilson, Samuel Bailey 



White, Oliver Wilson 


Wilson, Thomas Bayne 



White, Paul Amos 


Wilson, Thomas Edward 



White, Robert Culin 


Wilson, Walter Lewis 



White, Sanford Brownell 


Wilson, Wesley 



White, Thomas Justin 


Wilson, William 



Whitehill, Chester C. 


Wimberly, Lowry Charles 



Whiteside, Roy Allen 


Wimbish, Christopher C. 



Whiting, Albert Lemuel 


Wimmer, Robert Norris 



Whiting, Frank Brockway 


Windsor, Henry Haven, Jr. 



Whiting, Lawrence Harley 


Wing, Orion N. 



Whitman, John Harris A. 


Wingerd, Christian Russell 



Whitmore, Frank Hayden 


Wingfield, Marshall 



Whitnell, William Walter 


Winkler, Theo. 



Whitney, Emerson Calhoun 


Winslow, Robert Napier 


5 839 

Whitney, William Channing 


Winter, Lumen Martin 



Whittaker, Alfred Heacock 


Winter, Thomas Daniel 



Whitten, Jennie Alma 


Winter, Wallace Charles 



Whittier, Charles Comfort 


Winterbotham, Joseph 



Whitty, Elmer Joseph 


Winterkorn, Hans Friedrich 



Whyte, Malcolm K. 


Winters, Carl S. 



Wickens, Hugh D. 


Wintgens, Henry G. 



Wicker, Ireene 


Wirick, Harriet Proctor 



Widdifield, James Gillespie 


Wirt, Mildred Augustine 



Wieland, John Adam 


Wirth, Elmer Hauser 



Wilcox, Earl 


Wirth, Louis 



Wilcox, Edgar Boone 


Wishard, Wm. Niles, Jr. 



Wild, Charles W. 


Witmer, Samuel Wenger 



Wilde, Carl John 


Witsell, William Postell 


Wittc, Dexter H. 338 

Witzel, Earl Rodee 479 

Witzemann, Edgar John 643 

Woermann, Frederick C. 1126 

Wolcott, Jesse Paine 722 

Wolcott, Winifred 948 

Woldenberg, Maximilian 277 

Woldman, Albert Alexander 523 

Wolf, Paul Jacob 638 

Wolf, Sidney J. 681 

Wolf, Walter Bertram 131 

Wolfe, Edward 905 

Wolff, Frederick Laurence 53 

Wood, Erwin Elmer 791 

Wood, N. Ruth 531 

Wood, Pierpont Jonathan E. 479 

Wood, Robert E. 725 

Wood, Stella Louise 320 

Wood, Wilbur Stuart 1165 

Wood, Willard Leo 682 

Woodard, Oliver Wendell 943 

Woodrough, Joseph William 725 

Woodruff, George 213 

Woodruff, Jacob Lyon 917 

Woodruff, Maxine 241 

Woodruff, Robert Eastman 1003 

Woodruff, Roy Orchard 781 

Woods, Andrew Alfred 163 

Woods, Andrew Henry 261 

Woods, Charles Hiram 343 

Woods, Lebbeus 262 

Woods, Ralph Hueston 77 

Woods, Weightstill 237 

Woodson, William Thomas 905 

Woodward, Arthur H. 479 

Woofter, Margaret Louise E. 1133 

Woollen, Herbert M. 169 

Woolson, Harry Thurber 562 

Wooster, Lyman Dwight 855 

Wrangcll, Ludvig 1085 

Wray, Edward 590 

Wray, James Glendenning 1166 

Wrenn, C. Gilbert 126 

Wright, Alma Louise Kelly 393 

Wright, Andrew Hamilton 318 

Wright, Burrell 169 

Wright, Charles, Jr. 400 

Wright, Charles E. 285 

Wright, Charles P. 563 
Wright, Edward* 

Wright, Helen Elizabeth 100 
Wright, John Homing* 

Wright, John Shepard 344 

Wright, Joseph Alexander 210 

Wright, Luella M. 857 

Wright, Purd B. 1125 

Wright, Richard Robert, Jr. 873 

Wright, Sewall 487 

Wright, Theron 905 

Wright, Walter 992 

Wright, Wendell William 754 

Wright, William Ryer 747 

Wright, Zoe 1184 

Wulling, Frederick John 1085 

Wunder, Clinton 995 

Wurtzbaugh, Jewel 445 

Wyatt, Edith Franklin 1166 

Wylie, Clarence Ray, Sr. 1085 

Wyrick, Herbert McNultie 463 

Xelowski, Thaddeus Zigmund 77 

Yater, Clyde Ralph 764 

Yates, David Miller 128 

Yeager, R. G. 540 

Yeatter, Ralph Emerson 908 

Yntema, Theodore Otte 525 

Yochim, Maurice 76 

Yocum, Cyrus McNeely 352 

Yondorf, Milton Simon 311 

Young, Benjamin E. 540 
Young, Dorothy O. 

(Mrs. Jack J. Sophir) 1124 

Young, Francis Charles 643 

Young, Frank Herman 277 

Young, Fred Matthew 827 

Young, Howard Isaac 1086 

Young, James Byron 351 

Young, Thomas Fraser 750 

Youngberg, Arthur Carl 1171 

Younge, Jacob 1049 

Zabel, Hartie Emil 948 

Zabel, Max William 213 

Zahorsky, John 462 

Zander, Arnold S. 835 

Zant, James Howard 37 

Zapffe, Carl 40 

Zara, Louis 729 

Zavertnik, John Joseph 1166 

Zavertnik, Richard Joseph 631 

Zeigen, Frederick H. 949 

Zeleny, Anthony 393 

Zelezny, John G. 1068 

Zetterberg, Arvid P. 788 
Ziarko, Albert Allosious, Jr. 844 

Ziegenhagen, Marie 290 

Ziegler, Bernhard Carl 561 

Ziegler, Newell Richard 1086 

Zielonka, Samuel 177 

Zieman, Stephen Aloysius 686 

Ziemer, Gregor 984 

Zimmerman, P. B. 1080 

Zimmerman, Willard Paul 579 

Zink, Harold 1086 

Zoller, Harper Filer 1117 

Zork, David 590 

Zvetina, John Adam 894 


Preface 1 

Index to the Pagination of Biographees' Sketches 7 

Table of Abbreviations 30 

Biographies 3 5 


Observant users of this wor\, on referring to the table below in the course of utilizing biographies in the compilation, will doubtless hat 
noted with appreciation that the inner columns of pages either followed or preceded by a considerable portion of the book's buIJj. are unusuaJll 
convenient to consult. This is because exceptionally wide inner margins have been provided in order to reduce the inconvenient bending i 
the inner column on a page when overlaying a considerable portion of an opened boo\ the principal content of which is necessarili 

arranged in columns. 

In interpreting by means of this 
table the abbreviations appearing in 
biographee's sketches, it is necessary 
in some instances, because of simi- 
larities, to note carefully exact let- 
lter-sequence. For example, service 
in the army during the last war is 
designated by "A. U.S.", to indi- 
cate the legislative designation for 
that particular force, "The Army of 
the United States", while "N.A." 
records membership in the "National 
Army", which participated in the 
first World War under that official 
designation (the permanent ranks in 
the regular standing army being 
followed by "U.S. Army"). 

* Listings followed by this indicator 
are of biographees who failed to 
supply current data requested be- 
cause of editorial file inadequacies 
or errancies. 

A A AS., American Association for the 
Advancement of Science. 

A. and M., Agricultural and Mechan- 

A.A.O.N.M.S.", Ancient Arabic Order 
of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. 

A.A.S.R., Ancient Accepted Scott : sh 
Rite (Masonic). 

A.B.C.F.M., American Board 01 Com- 
missioners for Foreign Missions 

A.B. (also B.A.), Bachelor of Arts. 

A..B.& C. R.R., Atlanta, .Birmingham 
4 Coast R.R. 

A.C., Air Corps. 

acad., academy; academic. 

A.C.L. E.R., Atlantic Coa?t Line R.R. 

A.C.P., American College ol Physicians. 

ACS., American College ot Surgeons. 

a.d.c, aide-de-camp. 

adj., adjutant; adjunct. 

adj. gen., adjutant general. 

adm., admiral. 

admins tr., administrator. 

adminstrn., administration. 

adv., advocate; advisory. 

advt., advertising. 

A.E., Agricultural Engineer. 

A.E. and P., Ambassador Extraordi- 
nary and Plenipotentiary. 

A.E.F., American Expeditionary Forces. 

A.F.D., Doctor of Fine Arts. 

A.F. and A.M., Ancient Free and Ac- 
cepted Masons. 

A.F. of L., American Federation of 

agT., agriculture. 

agrl , agricultural. 

agt., agent. 

A.I. A. , American Institute of Architects. 

Ala., Alabama. 

A.L.A., American Library Association. 

Am., American, America. 

A.M. (also M.A.). Master of Arts. 

A.M. A., American Medical Association. 

A.M.E., African Methodist Episcopal. 

Am. Inst. E.E., American Institute of 
Electrical Engineers. 

Am. Soc. C.E., American Society of 
Civil Engineers. 

Am. Soc. M.E., American Society of 
Mechanical Engineers. 

A.N. A., Associate National Academi- 

anat., anatomical. 

aim., annual. 

anthrop., anthropological. 

A.O.H., Ancient Order of Hibernians. 

apptd., appointed. 

apt., apartment. 

A.R.C.. Am. Red Cross. 

arenas ol., archaeological. 

axcheol., archeological. 

sxchtl., architectural. 

Ariz., Arizona. 

Ark., Arkansas. 

arty., artillery. 

A.S., Air Service. 

assn., association. 

asso., associate; associated. 

asst., assistant. 

astron., astronomical. 

astrophys., astrophysical. 

A..T.& S.F. Ry., Atchison, Topeka & 

Santa Fe Ry. 
atty., attorney. 
Aug., August. 

A.U.S., Army of the United States. 
av., avenue. 

b., born. 

B.. Bachelor- 

B.A. (also A.B.), Bfcbelor ot Arts 

B Agr., Bachelor of Agriculture. 

Bapt., Baptist. 

B.Arch., Bachelor of Architecture. 

B.& A. R.R., Boston 4 Albany R. R. 

B.B.A., Bachelor of Business Admin- 

batn. or bn., battalion. 

B.C., British Columbia. 

B.C.E., Bachelor of Civil Engineering. 

B.Chir., Bachelor of Surgery. 

B.C.L., Bachelor of Civil Law. 

B.C.S., Bachelor of Commercial Science. 

bd., board. 

B.D., Bachelor of Divinity.. 

B. Di. , Bachelor of Didactics. 

B.E., Bachelor of Educatibn. 

B.E.F., British Expeditionary Force 

B.F.A., Bachelor of Fine Arts. 

blbl., biblical. 

bibliog . bibliographical. 

biog., biographical. 

biol., biological. 

B.J., Bachelor of Journalism. 

B.L. (or Lltt.B), Bachelor of Letters. 

bldgr., building. 

B.L.S., Bachelor of Library Science. 

blvd., boulevard. 

B.& M. R.R., Boston 4 Maine R.R. 

bn., battalion. 

B.O., Bachelor of Oratory. 

B.& O. R.R. , Baltimore 4 Ohio, R.R. 

bot., botanical. 

B.P., Bachelor ot Painting. 

B.P.E., Bach. lor of Physical Education. 

B.P.O.E., Benevolent and Protective 
Order of E'tks. 

B.Pd. (or Pd.B.). Bachelor of Pedagogy. 

B.Py., Bachelor of Pedagogy. 

br., branch. 

brig., brigadier. 

brig. gen., brigadier general. 

Brit., British; Britannica. 

bro., brother. 

B.3. (also S.B. or Sc.B .), Bachelor of 

B.S. inRy. M.E., Bachelor <n Railway 
Mechanical Engineering. 

B.S.A., Bachelor of Agricultural Science. 

B.S.D., Bachelor of Didactic Science. 

B.Th., Bachelor of Theology. 

bull., bulletin. 

bur., bureau. 

bus., business. 

B.W.I. , British West ladies. 

C.A., Central America. 

C.A.C., Coast Artillery Corps. 

Calif., California. 

Can., Canada. 

Cantab. , of or pertaining to Cambridge 

University, Eng. 
capt., captain. 

Cath., Catholic. 

cav., cavalry. 

C..B.& Q. R.R., Chicago. Burlington 
4 Quincy R.R. Co. 

C.B.S., Columbia Broadcasting System. 

C.,C..C.A St.L. Ry., Cleveland, Cin- 
cinnati, Chicago 4 St. Louis Ry 

C.E.. Civil Engineer. 

C.E.F.. Canadian Expeditionary Forces. 

C.& E.I. R.R., Chicago 4 Eastern Illi- 
nois R.R. 

C.O.W. R.R., Chicago Great Western 

ch., church. 

Ch.D., Doctor of Chemistry. 

chem., chemical. 

Chem.E., Chemical Engineer. 

Chirurg., Chirurgical. 

chinn., chairman. 

C..I.& L. Ry., Chicago, Indianapolis 4 
Louisville Ry, 

C.l O., Congress of Industrial Organiza- 

cllmatol., climatological. 

clin., clinical. 

elk . clerk. 

CM.*, Master in Surgery. 

C.,M.,St.P.&P.R.R., Chicago, Mil- 
waukee, St. Paul 4 Pacific R.R. Co. 

C.&N. -W.Ry. , Chicago 4 Northwestern 


CO., company; eounty. 
C. of C, Chamber of Commerce. 
C.O.F., Catholic Order of Foresters. 
C. of Oa. Ry., Central of Georgia Ry. 
col., colonel, 
"coll., college. 
Colo., Colorado. 
com., committee. 
comd.,. commanded. 
comdg., commanding. 
comdr., commander, 
comdt , commandant. 
commd., commissioned. 
comml., commercial. 
comma., commission. 
commr., commissioner. 
condr., conductor. 
conf., conference. 
Confed., Confederate. 
Congl., Congregational; Congressional. 
Conglist., Congregational ist. 
Conn., Connecticut. 
cons., consulting. 
consol., consolidated. 
constl., constitutional. 
constn., constitution, 
constrn,, construction 
contbd., contributed. 
contbg., contributing. 
contbris., contributions. 
contbr., contributor. 
conv., convention. 
coop. , co-op., cooperative. 
cor pi., corporal. 
Corp. , corporation, 
corr., correspondent; corresponding; 

C.& O. Ry . , Chesapeake 4 Ohio Ry. Co. 
cos., companies: counties. 
C.P.A., Certified Public Accountant. 
C.P.H., Certificate of Public Health. 
C.P. Ry., Canadian Pacific Ry. Co. 
C.S., Christian Science. 
C.S. Army, Confederate States Army. 
C.B.S., Bachelor of Christian Science. 
C .R.I.& P. Ry.. Chicago, Rock Island 

4 Pacific Ry. Co. 
C.R.R. of N.J., Central Railroad Co. 

of New Jersey. 
C.S.D , Doctor of Christian Science. 

C.ii S. Ry. Co., Colorado 4 South*™ 

Ry. Co. 
C.,St.P.,M&0. Ry., Chicago. St 

Paul, Minneapolis 4 Omaha Ry. C( 
ct., court. 

C.T., Candidate in Theology. 
C.Vt. Ry., Central Vermont Ry. 
C.& W.I. R.R., ChieaRo 4 Wester! 

Indiana R.R. Co. 
C.W.S., Chemical War Service, 
cyclo., cyclopedia. 

d., daughter. 

D.Agr., Doctor of Agriculture. 

D.A.R., Daugbcrs of 'he America^ 

dau., daughter. 
D.C., District of Columbia. 
D.C.L., Doctor of Civil Law. 
D.C.S., Doctor of Comtntriial Scieiur 
D.D., Doctor of Divinity. 
D.D.S., Doctor of Dental Surgery 
dec, deceased. 
Dec, December. 
deg., degree. 
Del., Delaware; delegate. 
Dem., Democratic. 
D.Eng. (also Dr. Engring , or 

ED.), Doctor of Engineering. 
denom.. denominational. 
dep., deputy. 
dept., department, 
dermatol., dermatologioal. 
desc, descendant. 

D.H.L., Doctor of Hebrew Literature. 
D & H. R.R., Delaware 4 Hudson R.- 

R. Co. 
dir., director. 
disch., discharged 
dist., district, 
distbg.. distributing, 
distbn., distribution. 
distbr., distributor. 
div., division, divinity. 
D.Litt. (also L.H.D.). Doctor of 

D.L.& W.R.R., Delaware, Lackawan*: 

na 4 Western R.R. Co. 
D.M. D., Doctor of Medical Dentistry. 
D.O., Doctor of Osteopathy. 
D.P.H. (also Dr. P.H.). Diploma in 

Public Health or Doctor of Public 

Health or Doctor of Public Hygiene. 
Dr., Doctor. 

D.R., Daughters of the Revolution. 
D.R.E., Doctor of Religious Education 
D.& ROW R.R. Co., Denver 4 

Rio Grande Western R.R. Co. 
D.Sc. (or Sc. D.), Doctor of Science. 
D.S.C., Distinguished Service Cross. 
D.S.M., Distinguished Service Medal. 
D.S.T., Doctor of Sacred Theology. 
D.T.M., Doctor of Tropical Medicine. 
D.V.M., Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. 
D.V.S., Doctor of Veterinary Surgery 

E., East. 

E. and P., Extraordinary and Pleni- 
ecclss., ecclesiastical, 
eco!., ecological. 
econ., economic. 
ed., educated. 
E.D. (also D Eng , or Dr. Eng- 

ring.), Doctor of Engineering. 
Ed.B., Bachelor of Education. 
Ed. D., Doctor of Education. 
edit., edition. 

Ed. M., Master of Education, 
edn., education. 
edrJ., educational 

E., Electrical Engineer. 

j E. And M. P., Envoy Extraordinary 

1 and Minister Plenipotentiary. 

ryptol., Egyptological. 

ic, electrical. 
iV(f)ctrochem., electrochemical. 
'^jctrophya., electrophysic3l. 
4 M., Engineer of Mines 
's cy., encyclpaccia. 

ig., England. 

.gr., engineer. 

gring., engineering. 
n^gTS., engineers. 

tomol., entomological. 1 
it, hnol. , ethnological. 
j ang., evangelical. 

am., examination; examining 

9C, executive. 

hbn., exhibition. 
id pdn., expedition. 

[pn., exposition , 

pt., experiment. 

ptl., experimental. 

, Fellow. 

A., Field Artillery. 

E., Forest Engineer. 

ib., February. 

d., federal. 

idn., Federaticn. 

rn., Foreign. 

a., Florida. 

it., fraternity. 

R.C.P., Fellow Royal College of Phy- 
sicians (England). 

R.C.S., Fellow Royal College of 
Surgeons (England). 


.-1 (or other number), General Staff 
Officer No. . . 

a., Georgia. 

.A.R., Grand Army of the Republic. 

., C.& S.F. Ry., Gulf. Colorado & 
Santa Fc Ry. Co. 
' .D., Graduate in Divinity. 
• Lin., general. 

iceal., genealogical. 

nod., geodetic. 

■iOg., geographical; geographic. 

•ol., geological. 

<ophys. , geophysical. 

i.H.Q., General Headquarters. 

..M.&N. R.R., Gulf, Mobile 4 
Northern R.R. Co. 
I ,M.& O. R.R., Gulf, Mobile 4 Ohio 

R.R. Co. 
' li.N. Ry., Great Northern Ry. Co. 

»▼., governor. 

>vt., government. 

ad., graduated; graduate. 
1 t., Great. 
c . .T. Ry., Grand Trunk Ry. System. 

.W. Ry. of Can. . Great Western Ry. 
of Canada. 

rnecol., gynecological. 

dqrs., headquarters. 
.1., Hawaiian Islands. 
.M., Master of Humanics. 
.Ty. (or H.T.), Hawaiian Territory. 
at., historical. 
>moo., homeopathic. 
>moe., homoeopathic. 
>n., honorary; honorable; honorably. 
0; of Reps., House of Representa- 
>rt., horticultural. 

>sp., hospital. 
rdrog., hydrographic. 

., Iowa. 

3. R.R.. Illinois Central R.R. System. 

3.N. R.R., International - Great 

Northern R.R. 
a., Idaho. 
'.., Illinois. 
Ul., illustrated. 
C, incorporated. 
d., Indiana, Independent. 
dal . industrial. 

Inf., infantry. 
ins., insurance. 
insp., inspector 
insp. gen., inspector general 
inst., institute. 
inntn., institution 
instr., instructor. 
inntrn., instruction. 
internat., international 
intro., introduction. 
I.D.O.F., Independent Order of Odd 

Jan.. January. 
J.B., Jurum Baccalaureus. 
J.C.R., Juris Canonici Bachelor. 
J.C.L., Juris Canonici Lector. 
J. D., Doctor of Jurisprudence. 
j.g., junior grade. 
jour., journal. 
jr., junior. 

J.S.D., Doctor of Juristic Science. 
jud., judicial. 

J.U.D., Juris Utriusque Doctor: Doc- 
tor of Both (Cancn and Civil) Laws. 

Kan., Kansas. 

K.C., Knight of Columbus. 

E.C.C.H., Knight Commander of 

Court of Honor. 
K.P., Knight of Pythias. 
K.C.S. Ry.. Kansas City Southern Ry. 
K.T., Knight Templar. 
Ky., Kentucky. 

La., Louisiana. 

lab., laboratory 

lang., language. 

laryngol., laryrigological. 

L.H. D. , Doctor of Letters of Humanity. 

L.I., Long Island. 

lieut., lieutenant. 

L.I. R.R., Long Island R.R. Co. 

lit., literary literature. 

Litt.B. (or R.L.), Bachelor of Letters. 

Litt. D., Doctor of Letters. 

LLC, Bachelor of Laws. 

LL.D., Doctor of Laws. 

LL.M. (or M.L.;, Master of Laws. 

L.& N. R.R., Louisville 4 Nashville 

L.O M. , Loyal Order of Moose. 

L.R.C.P., Licentiate Royal Coll. Phy- 

L.R.C.S., Licentiate Royal Coll. Sur- 

It., lieutenant. 

It. col., lieutenant colonel. 

It. gen., lieutenant general. 

It. gov. # , lieutenant govt: nor. 

ltd., limited. 

Luth., Lutheran. 

L.V. R.R., Lehifjh Valley R.R. Co. 

m. married. 

M.A. (or A.M.), Master of Arts. 

mag., magazine. 

M.Agr., Master of Agriculture. 

maj., major. 

maj. gen., major general. 

Mass., Massachusetts. 

math., mathematical. 

M.B., Bachelor of Medicine. 

M.B.A., Master of Business Adminis- 

M.C.S., Master of Commercial Science. 

mcht., merchant. 

M.C. R.R.. Michigan Central R.R. 

Md., Maryland. 

M. D., Doctor of Medicine. 

M. Dl. , Master of Didactics. 

M. Dip. , Master in Diplomacy. 

mdse.. merchandise. 

Me., Maine. 

M.E., Mechanical Engineer, Methodist 

mcch., mechanical. 

M.E. Ch.. Methodist Episcopal Church. 

mod., medical. 

Med. O.R.C . Medical Officers' Reserve 

Med. R-C. Medical Reserve Corps. 

M E8-. Master of Electrical Engineer- 

mem., member. 

mere, mercantile. 

met., metropolitan. 

detail., metallurgical. 

meteorol., meteorological 

Meth., Methodist. 

metrol., metrological. 

M.F., Master of Forestry. 

M.F.A., Master of Fine Arts (carries 
title of Dr.). 

mfg., manufacturing. 

rafr., manufacture; manufacturer. 

mfr3., manufacturers. 

mgr., manager. 

M.I., Military Intelligence. 

Mich., Michigan. 

micros., microscopical. 

mil., military. 

mineral., mineralogical. 

Minn., Minnesota. 

Miss., Mississippi. 

M.-K.-T. R.R., Missouri-Kansas- 
Texas R.R. Co. 

M.L. (or LL.M.), Master of Law3. 

M.Litt., Master of Literature. 

Mile., Mademoiselle (Miss). 

Mae,, Madame. 

M.M.E., Master of Mechanical En- 

mng. , managing. 

Mo., Missouri. 

Mont., Montana. 

M.P., Member of Parliament. 

M.P. R.R., Missouri Pacific R.R. 

M.Pd., Master of Pedagogy. 

M.P.E., Master of Physical Education. 

M.P.L., Master of Patent Law. 

M.R.E., Master of Religious Education. 

M.S. (or M.Sc), Master of Science. 

M.S.F., Master of Science of Forestry. 

M.S.T., Master of Sacred Theology. 

M.& St. L. R.R., Minneapolis 4 St. 
Louis R.R. Co. 

M., SLP.& S.S.M. Ry., Minneapolis, 
St. Paul 4 Sault Ste. Marie Ry. 

Mt., Mount. 

mus., museum, musical. 

Mus.B., Bachelor 0? Music. 

Mus.D. (or Mus. Doc), Doctor of 

Mus. M., Master of Music. 

rhut., mutual. 

M. W.A. , Modern Woodmen of America. 

mycol., inycological. 

N., North. 

N.A., National Academician, North 
America; National Army. 

N.A.D., National Academy of Design. 

nat., national. 

nav., navigation. 

N.B., New Bruuswick. 

N.B.C., National Broadcasting Co. 

N.C., North Carolina. 

N. ( C.& St.L. Ry., Nashville. Chat- 
tanooga 4 St. Louis Ry. 

N. D., North Dakota 

N.E., Northeast: New England. 

N.E.A., National Educal'on Associa- 

Keb., Nebraska. 

Nev., Nevada. 

M.O., National Guard. 

N.H., Nev; Hampshire, 

N.J., New Jersey. 

N.M., New Mexico. 

N.P. Ry., Northern Pacific Ry. . 

Nov., November. 

nr., near. 

N.R.A.j National Recovery Adminis- 

N.S., Nova Scotia 

N.T., New Testament. 

numis., numismatic 

N.W., Northwest. 

N.& W. R7., Norfolk 4 Western Ky 

N.Y.. New York. 

N.Y.C. R.R., New York Central R.R. 

N.Y., C&. St.L. R R , New York, 
Chicago 4 St. Louis R.R. Co. 

N.Y., N.H.& H. R.R.. New York. 

New Ha-. en 4 Hartford R.R. Co. 
N. Y..O.& W. Ry., New York, Ontario 

4 Western Ry. 


obs., observatory. 

obstet., obstetrical. 

Oct., October. 

O.E.S., Order of the Eastern Star. 

ofcl., official. 

Okla., Oklahoma. 

Ont., Ontario. 

O.P.A., Office of Price Administration. 

ophthal., ophthalmologics!. 

O.P.M., Office of Production Manage- 

O.Q.M.O., Office cf Quartermaster 

O.R.C, Officers' Reserve Corps 

Ore., Oregon. 

orgn., organization. 

ornithol., ornithological. 

O.S.L. R.R., Oregon Short Line R.R. 

O.T., Old Testament. 

O.T.C., Officers' Training Camp. 

otol., otological. 

O.T.S., Officers' Training School. 

O.U.A.M., Order United American 

O.W.I. , Office of War Information. 

O.-W.R.R.&K. Co., Oregon-Washing- 
ton R.R. 4 Navigation Co. 

Pa., Pennsylvania. 

Pa. R.R., Pennsylvania R.R. 

path., pathological. 

Pd.B. (or B.Pd.), Bachelor of Pcda- 

Pd.D., Doctor of Pedagogy. 
Pd.M.. Master of Pedagogy. 
P.E., Protestant Episcopal. 
Pe.B., Bachelor of Pediatrics. 
P.E.N. , Poets, Playwrights, Editor?, 

Essayists and Novelists (Internal. 

ponol., penological. 
pharm., pharmaceutical. 
Pharm. D. , Doctor of Pharmacy. 
Pharm. M.. Master of Pharmacy 
Ph.B., Bachelor of Philosophy. 
Ph.O, pharmaceutical Chemist. 
Ph.D., Doctor of Philosophy. 
Ph.G., Graduate in Pharmacy. 
Phila., Philadelphia. 
philol , philological. 
philos., philosophical. 
photog., photographic. 
phys., phyaical. 
phya. and surg., physicians and 

physiol., physiological. 
P.I., Philippine Islands. 
PL, Place. 
P.& L.E. RR, Pittsburgh 4 Uke 

Erie R.R. 
P.M. RR., Pcre Marquette R.R. <~V 
polit., political. 
poly., polytechnic. 
pomol., pomological. 
P.Q., Province of Quebec. 
P.R., Puerto Rico. 
prep., preparatory. 
pres., president. 
Prosbyn., Presbyterian 
presdl., presidential. 
prin., principal. 
proc, proceedings. 
prod., produced (for production of 

prodn., production. 
prof., professor. 
prog., progressive. 
propr., proprietor. 
pros atty , prosecuting attorney, 
pro torn , pro tempore (for the lime 

psychiat , psychiatrical; psychiatric. 
psychol., psychological, 
pub., public, publisher; publishing 

publ., publication. 
pvt., private 
Py.B., Bachelor of Pedagogy 

q.m., quartermaster. 
Q.M.C.. Quartermaster Corps. 
q.m. gen., quartermaster general. 
Q.M.O.R.C. Quartermaster Officers' 

Reserve Corps. 
quax., quarterly. 
Que.. Quebec (province). 

RAM, Royal Arch Mason. 

R.C-, Roman Catholic Reserve Corps. 

rd., road 

R.D., Rural Delivery. 

R.E., Reformed Episcopal. 

rec, recording. 

ref., reformed. 

R.P.D., Rural Free Delivery 

regt , regiment. 

regtl., regimental. 

Rep., Republican, representative. 

Res.. Reserve. 

ret., retired. 

rev., review; reverend; revised. 

R.F.C., Reconstruction Finance Corp. 

rhinol., rhinological. 

R.I., Rhode Island. 

R.N., Registered Nurse. 

rontgenol , rontgenological. 

R.O.S.C, Reserve Officers' Sanitary 

R.O.T.C., Reserve Officers' Training 

R.P., Reformed Presbyterian. 
r.r., railroad. 

R.T.C, Reserve Training Corps 
ry., railway 

a., son. 

S., South. 

S.A., South America. 

S.A.L. Ry., Seaboard Air Line Ry. 

san., sanitary. 

3. A R.. Sons of the Am. Revolution. 

S.A.T.C. Students - Army Training 

savs., savings. 
S.B. (also B.S. or Sc.B.\ Baehelor of 

S.C., South Carolina. 
Sc.D. (or D.Sc), Doctor of Science. 
S.C.D., Doctor of Commercial Science. 
sen., school. 
sci., science; scientific. 
S.C.V., Sons of Confederate Veterans. 
S.D., South Dakota. 
S.E., Southeast. 
sec. , secretary, 
sect., section. 
seismol., seismological. 
sem , seminary. 
Sept., September. < 
sergt., sergeant. 
S.I., Stated Island. 
S.J., Society of Jesus (Jesuit). 
S.J.D . , Doctor Juristic Science. 
S.M., Master of Science. 
soc, society, 
sociol , sociological. 
S.O.S., Service of Supply. 
S.P. Co., Southern Pacific Co. 
SpL, special, 
splty., specialty. 
sq., square. 
sr., senior. 

S.R., Sons of the Revolution 
S.S., Steamship. 
St., Saint, Street. 
sta., station, 
statis., statistical. 

S.T.B., Bachelor of Sacred Theology. 
S.T.D., Doctor of Sacred Theology. 
S.T.L. , Licentiate in Sacred Theology, 

Lector of Sacred Theology. 
St.L.-S.F. R.R., St. Uuis-San 

Francisco Ry. Co. 
supt., superintendent. 

surg., surgical. 
S.W., Southwest. 

tech., technical, technology 

technol , technological. 

temp. , temporary. 

Term., Tennessee. 

Ter. (orTy.), Territory. 

Tex., Texas. 

T.H. (or H.T.), Territory of Hawaii. 

Th.D., Doctor of Theology. 

Th.M., Master of Theology 

theol., theological 

topog., topographical. 

T.& P. Ry., Texas* Pacific Ry. Co. 

trans., transactions, transferred. 

transl., translation, translations. 

treas., treasurer. 

twp. , township. 

ty. (or ter.), territory. 

typog., typographical 

V., University. 

U.B., United Brethren in Christ. 

U.D.C., United Daughters of the Con- 

univ., university. 

U.P., United Presbyterian. 

U.P. R.R., Union Pacific R.R- 

urol., urological. 

U.S., United States. 

U.S.A., United States of America. 

U.S.M.C., United States Marine Corps. 

U.S.M.H.S., United States Ma.ine 
Hospital Service. 

U.S.N.A., United States National 

U.S.N.G., United States National 

U.S.N.R.P., United States Naval 
Reserve Force. 

U.S.P.H.S., United States Pub! 

Health Service. 
U.S.S., United States Ship. 
USSR, Union of Soviet Sociali 

U.S. V., United States Volunteers. 

v., vice. 

Va., Virginia. 

vet., veteran, veterinary. 

vice-pres. (or V. p.), vice-president. 

vis., visiting. 

vol., volunteer, volume. 

vs., versus (against). 

Vt., Vermont. 

W., West. 

Wash., Washington (state). 

W.C.T.U., Women's Christian Tempei 

ance Union. 
W.I., West Indies. 
Wis., Wisconsin. 
W.& L.E. Ry., Wheeling & Lake Eri 

Ry. Co. 
W.P.B., War Production Board. 
W.P. R.R. Co., Western Pacific R.fl 

W.Va., West Virginia. 
Wyo., Wyoming. 

Y.M C.A., Young Men's Christia, 


Y.M.H.A., Young Men's Hebrew Assn 
Y.M. and Y.W.H.A., Young Men' 

and Young Women's Hebrew Asso 

Y.& M.V. R.R., Yazoo & Mississipp 

Valley R.R. 
yrs., years. 
Y.W.C.A., Young Women's Christiai 


tool., zoological. 


The consultant's attention is directed to the notation above the first entry in 
the index to the pagination of hiographees' sketches which ends opposite this 
page. The method for referring to a specific biographee's data which the index 
implements has been utilized, as mentioned in that notation and detailed in the 
preface to this wor\, because of certain resultant advantages to both the user 
and the compiler of a biographic dictionary. Its principal physical differentia* 
tion from the still prevalent practice of self'indexing such compilations is that 
a compact, separate index, instead of the bul\y compilation itself, facilitates 
reference to individual biographies. Accordingly, the index mentioned is to be 
turned to when referring to a specific biography in the following compilation. 

WADE, Franklin Alton, geologist and 
south polar explorer; b. Akron, O., 5 
Feb. 1903; s. Mulford Wade and Mar- 
garet (Pope) W.; ed. Akron high sch.; 
Western Reserve Acad., B.S., Kenyon 
Coll., 1925, M.A., 1926; Ph.D. (Geol.), 
Johns Hopkins Univ., 1937; m. Jane 
Richards of Lakewood, O. Teacher, 
chemistry, Univ., Delaware, 1929-31; 
chief geologist, Byrd Antarctic Expdn. 
IL 1933-35; sr. sci. and comdr. snow 
cruiser, U.S. Antarctic Expdn., 1939-41; 
asst. prof, geology, Miami Univ., 1936; 
capt. Air Corps, Feb. 1943 — ; mem. 
Fellow Am. Geog. Soc, Am. Inst, of 
Mining and Metall, Engrs., Am. Min- 
eral. Soc., Assoc, for Study of Snow and 
Ice (British), Delta Tau Delta, Gamma 
Alpha, Sigma Gamma Epsilon (hon.). 
Author: several mag. arts, on Antarctic 
Expdns. Travel: South Polar Regions 
twice. Interest: dogs, photog. Protes- 
tant. Independent. Office: Dept. Geol- 
ogy, Miami Univ,. Oxford, O. Home: 
Oxford, O. 

TUNKS, Walter Fuller, clergyman; b. 
Adrian, Mich., 31 Oct. 1886; s. Charles 
Randolph Tunks, ry. supt., and Jane 
Petit (Fuller) T.; ed. Toledo high sch.; 
Ph.B., Kenyon Coll., 1910, D.D. (hon.), 
1933; m. Helen Roberts of Brooklyn, 
N.Y., 5 June 1920; 1 dau., Mary Anne. 
Curate, St. Paul's Ch., Cleveland, 1915- 
17; rector, St. Paul's Ch., Muskegan, 
Mich., 1917-30, St. Paul's Ch., Akron, O., 
1930—; mem. Phi Beta Kappa, Delta 
Tau Delta. Club: Rotary. Author: Smoke 
in the Temple. Interests: collecting ruby 
glass and dime novels. Recreation: fish- 
ing. Episcopalian. Republican. Office: 
354 East Market St., Akron, O. Home: 
137 Casterton Av., Akron, O. 

SUMMERS, John Howell, lawyer; b. 
Ballipolis, O., 21 June 1886; s. Charles 

H. D. Summers, lawyer, and Jennie 
(Selfridge) S.; ed. Gallia Acad., 1903; 
A.B., Ohio Wesleyan Univ., 1907; L.L.B., 
Cincinnati Law Sch., 1910; m. Louise 
Sanns of Gallipolis, O., 6 Oct. 1915; chil- 
dren — James Sanns, Thomas Sowers. 
Admitted to law practice, O., 1910; first 
asst. co. prosecuting atty., 1915-20, in 
charge civil bus.; specialist, corpora- 
tion, tax, insurance, probate law, 1921- 
44; dist. dir., Office of Price Adminstrn., 
Columbus, O., 1944 — ; mem., Am., Ohio 
State and Columbus Bar Assns., Kins- 
man Lodge F. & A.M., Scioto Consistory, 
Scottish Rite, Aladdin Temple, Shrine 
(officer), Beta Theta Pi; mem. Vestry 
St. Paul's Episcopal Church, since 1927; 
mem. Diocesan Standing Com., Com. on 
Canons, Strategy and Finance; tr., 
Diocesan Church Foundation. Clubs: 
University (dir.), Crichton, Players 
Episcopalian. Democrat. Address: 68 E. 
Gay St., Columbus, O. 

STINSON, Karl Willson, college pro- 
fessor; b. Hebron, O., 19 June 1893; s. 
George W. Stinson, farmer, and Mary 
(Swisher) S.; ed. Hebron (O.) high sch.; 
B.M.E., Ohio State Univ., 1916, M.E., 
1924; m. Stella Cunningham of Newark, 
O., 12 Sept. 1917; 1 dau., Jean Ann. 
Prof, of Automotive Engring., O. State 
Univ., Columbus, O.; served in Air Serv- 
ice, as It., U.S. Army, during World 
War I; mem. S.A.E., A.S.M.E., I.A.E., 
Sigma Xi. Office: Ohio State Univ., 
Columbus, O. 

SMELLIE, Donald Gavin, engineer; 
b. Cleveland, O., 23 Aug. 1892; s. Harry 
Bowen Smellie, educator, and Anna 
Sabrina Carrington (Frost) S.; ed. 
B.Pd., Mich. State Normal Coll., 1913; 
Univ. Mich.; m. Margaret Fay Riggs of 
Ypsilanti, Mich., 1918; children — Robert 
Gavin, Donald Gene. Instr. for short 


time; mech. engr., 1917 — , Hoover Co., 
1923—; mem. Soc. Automotive Engrs., 
A.S.M.E., Cleveland Engring. Soc. Au- 
thor: several short arts, in tech. jours. 
Travel: Eng., Scot., Fr., Ger., Belg., 
Holl., Can., Cuba. Interests: painting 
(oils), languages. Recreations: garden- 
ing, travel, fishing. Protestant. Repub- 
lican. Office: The Hoover Co., North 
Canton, O. Home: 357 23d St., N.W., 
Canton, O. 

PEAT, Fern Bisel, artist; b. Erie, Pa., 
6 Aug. 1893; d. Wilbur Bisel, electrical 
engr., and Grace (Cragin) B.; ed. 
Elyria high sch.; Ohio Wesleyan; m. 
Frank Edwin Peat of Chungking, China, 
10 July 1917; children— Frank, Joan, 
Phyllis. Interior decorating studio, with 
husband, spl., decorating children's 
rooms; murals, children's hosps., or- 
phanages; wallpapers, textiles, book- 
plates; illustrator, children's books; art 
ed., Children's Playmate mag. Inter- 
ests: antique furniture, old glass, 
china, jewelry. Recreations: trips, N.Y., 
entertaining. Methodist. Republican! 
Studio and home: Beech Hollow Farm 
Bellville, O. 

OVERMAN, James Robert, professor 
of mathematics, college dean; b. Bed- 
ford, Ind., 15 Apr., 1888; s. James 
Robert Overman, farmer, co. auditor, 
and Carrie Evans (Scantlin) O.; ed. 
Bloomington, (Ind.) high sch.; A.B., 
Ind. Univ., 1909; A.M., Columbia Univ., 
1914; Ph.D., Univ. Mich., 1930; m. 
Gretchen Fast of Napoleon, O., 29 Nov. 
1917. Teacher of math., Freelandville, 
Ind., Kokomo, Ind., Shortridge high 
sch., Indianapolis, Ind., Horace Mann 
sch., N.Y.C.; prof, math., Bowling 
Green State Univ., 1914—, dean, Coll. of 
Liberal Arts, 1930—; fellow A.A.A.S.; 
mem. A.A.U.P., Am. Math. Soc, Math. 
Assn. of Am., Nat. Council Teachers of 
Math., Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta 
Kappa, Kappa Sigma. Author: Prin- 
ciples and Methods of Teaching Arith- 
metic, 1920; Arithmetic for Teachers, 
1924; An Experimental Study of Certain 
Factors Affecting Transfer of Training 
in Arithmetic, 1931; Junior-Life Mathe- 
matics, Books, I, II, and III, 1938, 40; co- 
author: Child-Life Arithmetics, grades 
3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8, 1936; Algebra, The 
Language of Mathematics, 1940. Meth- 
odist. Republican. Office: Bowling 
Green State Univ., Bowling Green, O. 
Home: 211 Clay St., Bowling Green, O. 
Summer res. : St. Ignace, Mich. 

HUFFER, Earl W., physician; b. 
Waynesfield, O., 6 Aug. 1892; s. Andrew 
Jackson Huffer, mcht., and Louisa M. 

(Carnes) H.; ed. Lima high sch.; B.S., 
O. State Univ., 1916, M.D., 1918; m. 
Helen Burnham of Milford Center, O., 
19 Feb. 1921; children— Albert, Nicholas, 
John, William. Exec. Com. Staff Toledo 
Hosp.; Toledo Hosp. Service Assn., dir. 
Toledo chap. Am. Red Cross, Toledo 
Med. Service Assn.; pres. Acad, of Med. 
of Toledo and Lucas Co., 1941; 1st It., 
M.C., U.S.A., 1 yr. during World War I; 
mem. Acad, of Med. Toledo and Lucas 
Co., Ohio State Med. Assn., Detroit Br. 
Am. Urol. Assn., Am. Urol. Assn.; 
dilomate Am. Bd. of Urology. Inter- 
ests: fishing, old furniture. Recreations: 
badminton, fishing, skating. Independ- 
ent. Office: 225 Michigan St., Toledo, O. 
Home: 2824 Sagamore Rd., Toledo, O. 

OPP, Carl Joseph, chemist; b. Forest, 
O., 29 Aug. 1904; s. Joseph Opp, farmer, 
and Minnie (Heuberger) O. ; ed. Forest 
high sch.; A.B., Miami Univ. (Oxford), 
O., 1928; M.A., Univ. Cincinnati, 1930, 
Ph.D., 1932; fellowship in Biochemistry, 
Duke Univ., 1935; m. Flora Mae Jones 
of Oak Hill, W.Va., 18 Dec. 1937. Instr. 
chem., math., in Jr. Colleges, 1932-34; 
devoted 1 yr. to biochemistry; engaged 
in Indsl. Chem., relative to the develop- 
ment and use of synthetic resins, 1935 — ; 
instr., Spl. Analytical Chem. Methods, 
Evening Coll., Univ. Cincinnati, 1936—; 
mem. A.A.A.S., Am. Chem. Soc, Eve- 
ning Coll. Chem. Soc, Cent. Y.M.C.A, 
Ohio State Guard Unit Club: Paint Pro- 
duction. Author: numerous arts, on 
chemistry. Recreations : swimming, 
golf, amateur wrestling. Methodist. Re- 
publican. Office: Ault & Wiborg Div., 
Interchemical Corp., Dana & Mont- 
gomery Avs., Cincinnati, O. Home: 5102 
Laconia Av., Bond Hill, Cincinnati, O. 

HOPKINS, James R., artist, teacher; 
b. Irwin, O., 17 May 1877; s. Asa G. 
Hopkins, farmer, and Nettie (Miller) 
H. ; ed. Mechanicsburg high sch.; Art 
Acad. Cincinnati; Acad, de la Grande, 
Chaumiere, Paris; m. Edna Boies of 
Mich., 1904. Art stud., Paris; teacher, 
Art Acad., Cincinnati, 1914-19; in Paris, 
1919-23; dir., Sch. of Fine and Applied 
Arts, O. State Univ., 1923—; exhibited 
in important art centers here and 
abroad and reed, the following honors: 
Walter Lippincott Prize, Pa. Acad. Fine 
Arts; Norman Waite Harris Prize, Art 
Inst. Chicago; Bronze Medal, Buenos 
Aires Internat. Expdn. ; Thomas Clarke 
Prize, Nat. Acad. Design; Gold Medal, 
Panama Pacific Expdn.; with F.A., Cen- 
tral O.T.S., Camp Taylor, Ky., during 
World War I; assoc. mem. Societe 
National des Beaux Arts, Paris, Nat. 


Acad. Design. Clubs: Rotary, Faculty, 
University, Columbus. Travel: U.S., fgn. 
countries. Office: School of Fine and 
Applied Arts, Ohio State Univ., Colum- 
bus, O. Home: 367 West Eighth Av., 
Columbus, O. Summer res.: Mechanics- 
burg, O. 

HIRSHBERG, Herbert Simon, libra- 
rian, dean, professor; b. Boston, Mass., 
7 July 1879; s. Simon Hirshberg, mcht., 
and Eva (Warschauer) H.; ed. Brook- 
line (Mass.) high sch.; A.B., Harvard 
Coll., 1900; B.L.S., N.Y. State Library 
Sch., 1905; m. Blanche Lowe of Mead- 
ville, Pa., 16 June 1910; children— Rob- 
ert L., Richard L., Herbert S., Jr., 
Walter A. Cataloger, Boston Pub. Li- 
brary, 1902-03; asst. N.Y. State Library, 
1904-05; asst. Library of Congress, 1905- 
06; asst. and br. librarian, Carnegie 
Library of Pittsburgh, 1906-08; reference 
librarian, Cleveland Pub. Library, 1908- 
14; librarian, Toledo Pub. Library, 1914- 
22, O. State Library, 1922-27, Akron Pub. 
Library, 1927-29; dean, Sch. Library 
Sci., Western Res. Univ., 1929-43; dir. of 
Libraries, Western Res. Univ., 1929 — ; 
pres., Grandview Heights Pub. Library 
Bd., 1924-27; camp librarian, Great 
Lakes Naval Training Sta., June-Oct. 
1918; fellow, A.L.I. ; life mem., A.L.A. 
(mem. council, 2d v.p., 1937-38), Bd. 
Edn., for Librarianship, O. Library 
Assn. (p. pres.), Assn. Am. Library 
Schs., (p. v.p.). Clubs: Rowfant (Cleve- 
land), Faculty. Author: various arts, in 
prof, jours.; Elements of the Library 
Plan; Subject Guide to Reference Books. 
Recreations: music, golf. Republican. 
Offiice: Western Reserve Univ., Cleve- 
land, O. Home: 3341 E. Monmouth Rd., 
Cleveland Heights, O. Summer res.: 
Camp Onanole, Merrill, N.Y. 

HEERMANN, Emil, musician; b. 
Frankfort, 5 Dec. 1885; s. Huga Heer- 
mann, musician, and Isabella (Garcia) 
H.; ed. Music Acad., Berlin; m. Dorothy 
Kirkpatrick of New Paris, 28 Jan. 1915; 
children— Hugo, Emil. Concert work, 
concert master, Cincinnati Symphony, 
1910—. Recreation: fishing. Catholic. 
Republican. Home: 3632 Victoria Lane, 
Cincinnati, O. Summer res.: Omena, 

BOLE, Benjamin Patterson, Jr., re- 
search scientist, museum executive; b. 
Cleveland, O., 9 Sept. 1908; s. Benjamin 
Patterson Bole, executive, and Roberta 
(Holden) B.; ed. Hawken Sch.; Evans 
Sch., Tucson, Ariz.; Phillips Exeter 
Acad.; A.B., Harvard Coll., 1931; A.M., 
Western Reserve Univ., 1936; m. Nancy 
Adams of Boston, Mass., 22 Sept. 1934; 

children— Benjamin Patterson, in, Jon- 
athan Adams, Helen. Mem. staff, Mus. 
of Nat. Hist., Cleveland, O., 1931, mem. 
expdns., asst. in charge mammalogy, 
1931—; mem. bd. mgrs., 1939—; chmn. 
Holden Arboretum Bd., 1939—, sec, 
1937—; chief, Three-Corner-Round Pack 
outfit, 1940-41; asst. sec, asst. treas., 
Hollenden Hotel Co.; tr., Hawken Sch., 
Goodrich Social Settlement; former 
mem. Playground Bd., Neighborhood 
Rehabitation Com.; org. N.Y.A. outdoor 
ed. program, 1936; mem. City Forestry 
Bd., Am. Soc Mammalologists (life), 
Cleveland Mus. of Art (life), Audubon 
Soc, Am. Mus. of Nat. History (life), 
A.O.U., Ecol. Soc. of Am., Am. Geog. 
Soc, O. Acad, of Sci., Wild Life Soc. 
Clubs: Harvard, Cleveland, Racquet, 
Mayfield Country, Tavern. Author: 
papers on taxonomy, ecology of mam- 
mals, quadrat method of studying small 
mammal populations. Travel: Eur., 
U.S., Panama, Mex., Can., Cuba, Ice- 
land. Interests: music, astronomy, cos- 
mology, tropical fish, fgn. affairs. Rec- 
reations: tennis, swimming, hiking, 
mountaineering. Office: 2717 Euclid Av., 
Cleveland, O. Home: 1712 Sheridan Rd., 
South Euclid, O. 

SHEATSLEY, Jacob, minister, editor; 
b. Paris, O., 20 June 1859; s. John 
Frederick Sheatsley, farmer, and Doro- 
thea (Auwerter) S.; ed. State Normal 
(Terre Haute, Ind.); Capital Univ.; 
Columbus, O.; A.M., Theol. Sem. (Co- 
lumbus, O.), D.D.; m. Mannie Conrad 
of Paris, O., 1887; children— Paul Weid- 
ner, Mildred Annette. Taught pub. sch., 
2 yrs.; ordained minister, 1887; served 
in ministry at Canaan, Delaware, Co- 
lumbus, all of O.; ed. Lutheran Stand- 
ard, 1915-29; ed. in chief, Sunday Sch. 
Lit. of Am. Luth. Ch., 1929-40; mem. 
and sec, Bd. of Publication of Joint 
Synod of O., for many yrs. Author: 
Teachers Annual, 7 vols.; The Holy 
Service; To My Sunday School Teach- 
ers; Sermons on the Eisenach Gospels; 
Guide to the Study of the Bible; The 
Lord is Thy Healer; The Bible in Reli- 
gious Education; The Pope's Catechism; 
The Teacher Come from God. Travel: 
Eur. Lutheran. Independent. Address: 
960 Bryden Rd., Columbus 5, O. 

SHERMAN, Philip Stone, adviser of 
men, educational personnel; b. Akron, 
O., 3 Mar. 1915; s. G. W. Sherman, 
Akron Indsl. Salvage Co., and Josephine 
(Crumrine) S.; ed. Akron West high 
sch.; A.B., Univ. of Akron, 1936; Univ. 
of Chicago; unmarried. Asst. to dean of 
students, Univ. of Akron, 1936-37; ad- 


viser of men, instr. of econ., 1937 — 
v.p., O. State Jr. Chamber Commerce 
bd. of dir., Akron Jr. Chamber Com 
merce, pres. Akron Eagle Scout Coun 
cil; major, U.S.A.; mem. Phi Delta 
Theta, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Sigma 
Alpha. Interests: Boy Scouts, Y.M.C.A., 
Jr. Chamber Commerce. Recreations: 
golf, handball. Conglist. Republican. Of- 
fice: Univ. of Akron, Akron, O. Home: 
75 Edgerton Rd., Akron, O. 

FREY, Frederick Hamilton Ward, 

lawyer; b. Asheville, N.C., 6 June 1894; 
s. Frederick Hamilton Frey, mfr., and 
Jane (Ward) F.; ed. Bingham Sch., 
Asheville, N.C. ; O. Wesleyan Acad., 
Delaware, O. ; A.B., O. Wesleyan Univ., 
1915; LL.B., Harvard Lav/ Sch., 1920; 
Cert., Univ. Paris (Fr.) Law Sch., 1919; 
Cert., Harvard Grad. Sch. Bus. Admn., 
1921; m. Helen Gillette Simpson of 
Cleveland Heights, O., 28 May 1928; chil- 
dren — Frederick W., Janet A., Frances 
Jane. Practiced law, Cincinnati, O., 
1922-23, Cleveland, O., 1924—; p. dir. 
Polyclinic Hosp., Cleveland, O.; asst. 
law dir., City of Cleveland, 1933; asst. 
pros, atty., Cuyahoga Co. O., 1933 — ; 
mem. Cuyahoga Co. Dem. Exec. Com.; 
1st It., 55th Inf., 7th Div., A.E.F., 1917- 
18, now Lieut. Col., Inf. Off. Res. Corps, 
U.S.A.; mem. United Dem. Vets. Al- 
liance, Inc. (co. comdf.), Res. Off. 
Assn., Am. Legion, Cleveland Bar Assn., 
U.S. Inf. Assn., Masons. Clubs: Odorene 
(Cleveland), Democratic. Author: arts, 
of law in legal periodicals. Travel: U.S., 
Can., Eur., Afr. Interests: army, gar- 
dening, reading, writing, collecting 
(stamps, cactus), fishing. Recreation: 
golf. Protestant. Democrat. Office: 1560 
East 21st St., Cleveland, O. Home: 
South Euclid, O. 

BINNEY, Ralph Loring, metallurgist; 
b. Lima, O., 22 May 1887; s. George 
Loring Binney, oil producer, and Hen- 
rietta Welling (Disbrow) B.; ed. Toledo 
high sch.; B.E.E., Univ. Mich., 1912; 
Univ. Mich, advanced metallurgy, 1915; 
m. Eva Margaret Eklund of Norway, 
Mich., 16 July 1934; 1 dau., Nancy 
Loring. Apprentice, Consolidated Mfg. 
Co., 1912-14, metallurgist, 1914-19, Spen- 
cer Eng. Co., 1919-27; chief metallurgist, 
Bunting Brass & Bronze Co., v.p., Bin- 
ney Castings Co., 1927—, Great Lakes 
Air Conditioning Corp., 1936 — ; civilian 
metallurgist to Rus. govt, in U.S., later 
munitions plants, 1916-18; mem. A.F.A., 
A.I.M.E., A.S.T.M., A.A.A.S. Author: 
various tech. papers. Developed and 
patented nonferrous alloys and alloyed 
irons for glass industry, also heat and 
wear resisting alloys. Travel: U.S. In- 

terests: artistic, historical collections. 
Recreation: travel. Protestant. Repub- 
lican. Office: 2555 Dorr St., Toledo 7, O. 
Home: 2726 Talmadge Rd., Ottawa 
Hills, Toledo 6, O. Summer home: Cape 
May, N.J. 

BECKER, Edwin G., lawyer; b. Cin- 
cinnati, O., 18 Mar. 1893; s. Joseph 
Becker, mfr., and Anne (Wilmer) B.; 
ed. St. Mary's Prep. Sch., Dayton; A.B., 
Univ. Dayton, 1912, LL.D. (hon.), 1939; 
B.S., Xavier Univ., 1917; LL.B., McDon- 
ald Inst., 1920; m. Arnolda Helmig of 
Cincinnati, O., 19 July 1919; children — 
Arnolda, Edwin S., Flavian J. Dir., The 
Tri-State Savings & Loan Co.; v.p., Cin- 
cinnati Airport, Inc.; p. pres., Greater 
Cincinnati Savings & Loan Exchange, 
Queen Steel Treating Co.; judge, Ct. of 
Common Pleas, Hamilton Co., O., 1938- 
39; tr., Univ. Dayton, Dayton, O.; mem. 
Bd. Ed., Cincinnati, Bd. Pub. Recrea- 
tions, Cincinnati; mem. Cincinnati, O. 
State and Am. Bar Assns., Am. Judica- 
ture Soc. Interest: music. Catholic. 
Democrat. Office: 1308 American Bldg., 
Cincinnati, O. Home: S.E., cor. Victory 
Pkwy. and Dana, Cincinnati, O. Sum- 
mer res. : Lake Ripley, Wis. 

LYNCH, William O., teacher; b. 
Delphi, Ind., 10 Sept. 1870; s. Isaac 
Newton Lynch, farmer, and Frances 
Jane Bernice (Connelly) L.; ed. Delphi 
high sch., Ind.; Ind. State Normal Sch.; 
A.B., Ind. Univ., 1903; A.M., Univ. Wis., 
1908; Harvard Univ. (Austin Scholar, 
1911-12); m. Bertha Thomas of Delphi, 
27 June 1894; 1 dau., Mary Bernice 
(Lynch) Spurlock. Teacher, township 
schs., 1890-95, Carroll Co., Ind., Elkhart 
high sch., 1896-1901, 1903-07; teacher, 
hist., Ind. State Normal Sch. (now Ind. 
State Teachers Coll.), Terre Haute, 1908- 
18, head of dept., Am. Hist, and Govt., 
1913-18; prof., hist., Ball State Teachers 
Coll., 1918-20, Ind. Univ., 1920-41, emeri- 
tus, 1941 — ; visiting prof., Univ. of Ala., 
summers, 1925, 27, Univ. of Tenn., sum- 
mer, 1930; ed., Ind. Mag. of History, 
1928-41; mem. bd. of ed., Miss. Valley 
Hist. Rev., 1924-28, Jour, of So. Hist., 
1935-39; Lib. Guard, Terre Haute, Ind. 
(home company) during World War I; 
mem. Am. Hist. Assn. (life mem.), Miss. 
Valley Hist. Assn. (life mem., pres., 
1938-39), Ind. Hist. Soc. (v.p., 1940), Va. 
Hist. Soc. Club: Exchange. Author: 
Fifty Years of Party Warfare, 1931; His- 
tory Indiana State Teachers College, 
1945 (to be published) ; party history 
arts., historical rev., jour.; contbr. to 
Dictionary of Am. Biog., and Dictionary 
of Am. Hist. Travel: U.S. Recreations: 
walking, driving, gardening, reading, 


checkers. Presbyterian. Democrat. Of- 
fice: Indiana Univ., Bloomington, Ind. 
Home: 824 E. Cottage Grove Av., 
Bloomington, Ind. 

KEMPF, Joseph George, priest, col- 
lege teacher; b. Evansville, Ind., 27 
Sept. 1893; s. Joseph Kempf, carpenter 
and Catherine (Daum) K.; ed. St. Mein- 
rad Minor Sem., 1907-12; St. Meinrad 
Major Sem., 1912-18; Catholic Univ., 
1926; M.A., Fordham Univ., 1924, Ph.D., 
1927. Parish work, 1918-23, 1927-30; prof, 
sociology, St. Mary of the Woods Coll., 
1923-25, 1930—; dir. of adv. training of 
teachers religion, 1934 — , spl. lecturer 
on psychol. of spiritual life, Sisters of 
Providence, 1936-39; mem. Am. Acad, 
of Polit. and Soc. Sci., Nat. Cath. Conf. 
Family Life, Cath. Anthrop. Conf., Cath. 
Conf. on Industrial Problems, Am. Cath. 
Sociol. Soc. Author: The Questions of 
Youth, 1937, Helping Youth to Grow, 
1941; New Things and Old, 1942. Inter- 
ests: applied psychology, training of 
teachers, guidance of youth. Catholic. 
Independent. Office and home: St. 
Mary-of-the-Woods College, St. Mary- 
of-the-Woods, Ind. 

ZANT, James Howard, college profes- 
sor; b. Breckenridge, Tex., 17 Sept. 
1897; s. John S. Zant (dec), stock 
farmer, and Elizabeth (Loving) Z.; ed. 
Aspermont, Tex. high sch.; A.B., So. 
Meth. Univ., 1920; A.M., Columbia 
Univ., 1923, Ph.D., 1934; m. Ruth Skin- 
ner of Denison, Tex., 14 June 1923; chil- 
dren — Mary Elizabeth, Martha Nell. 
Teacher, math., high sch., jr. coll., 
Wichita Falls, Tex., 1922-23, Southeast- 
ern State Teachers Coll., Durant, Okla., 
1923-30; prof, math., Okla. A. & M. Coll., 
1930—; actg. head, Dept. Math., 1942—; 
pvt., Inf., 3 mos. during World War I; 
mem. math. Assn. of Am., A.A.U.P., 
Nat. Council Teachers of Math., 
S.P.E.E., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pi Mu 
Epsilon, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Delta 
Kappa. Author: The Teaching Plan for 
the Unit of Work; Elementary Mathe- 
matical Concepts (with A. H. Dia- 
mond.). Travel: U.S. Recreations: gar- 
dening, golf. Presbyterian. Democrat. 
Office: Okla. Agrl. and Mech. Coll., 
Stillwater, Okla. Home: 112 Admiral 
Rd., Stillwater, Okla. 

THOMAS, Maurice Miles, lawyer; b. 
Bala, Kan., 27 Mar 1882; s. Thomas 
Jefferson Thomas, teacher, farmer, and 
Mary Elizabeth (Ashman) T.; ed. Med- 
ford (Okla.) high sch.; grad., North- 
western Normal Sch., Alva, Okla., 1904; 
LL.B., Univ. Mich., 1910; m. Grace E. 
Warhurst of Fairview, Okla., 8 June 

1913. Supt. schs., Wakita, Okla., 1905-06; 
pvt. law practice, Fairview, Okla., 1910- 
18, Oklahoma City, Okla., 1918—; cb. 
atty., Major Co., Okla., 2 terms; atty., 
State Banking Dept., Okla., served 4% 
yrs. under two Govs, and 3 bank 
commrs.; successfully contested six 
questions of the first impression before 
S. C. of Okla.; mem. Okla. Co. Bar 
Assn., Okla. State Bar Assn., A.B.A., 
Fedn. of Ins. Council. Author: Okla- 
homa Banking Laws Compiled and An- 
notated, 1921. Travel: U.S., Can. Inter- 
est: law (ins. and banking). Recrea- 
tions: golf, hunting. Divine Scientist. 
Democrat. Office: 1720 Petroleum Bldg., 
Oklahoma City, Okla. Home: 406 North- 
west 22d St., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

PERRIME, Irving, geologist, oil oper- 
ator; b. Wallkill, N.Y., 5 Aug. 1884; s. 
Alfred Perrine, mcht., and Agnes Es- 
tella (Van Kleeck) P.; ed. New Paltz 
(N.Y.) Normal sch.; A.B., Cornell 
Univ., 1907, A.M., 1911, Ph.D., 1912; m. 
Hilda Aurelia Sweet of Ithaca, N.Y., 25 
Aug. 1910; 1 dau., Phyllis Sweet. Instr., 
prof, geol., Cornell Univ., 1907-12; prof, 
geol., Univ. Okla., 1912-15; chief geol., 
Marland Oil Co., 1913-15, Pierce Oil 
Corp., 1915-16; asst. state geol., La., 
1908-09; field asst., U.S. Geol. Survey, 
1908-09; spl. cons. Securities & Ex- 
change Commn., 1934-35; spl. cons. U.S. 
Engrs., 1941—; pres., Belle Isle Royalty 
Co., Unidos Royalty Co.; v.p., Kilpat- 
rick Bros. Lumber Co. ; mem. Am. Assn. 
Petroleum Geol. (v.p., 1919), Am. Inst. 
Mining Engrs., Okla. City Geol. Soc. 
(p. pres.), Okla. Prof. Engrs., Okla. 
Acad. Sci., Kan. Acad. Sci., N. Y. Acad. 
Sci., Sigma Xi, Phi Gamma Delta, Ma- 
sons, (York Rite, 32d deg.), Shrine. Au- 
thor: several pub. on oil, gas. Travel: 
U.S., Can., Mex., Cuba. Interests: gene- 
alogy, archeology. Unitarian. Repub- 
lican. Office: 1619-21 Petroleum Bldg., 
Oklahoma City, Okla. Home: 506 North 
West 14th St., Oklahoma City, Okla. 
Summer home: Ithaca, N.Y. 

LINSCHEID, Adolph, college presi- 
dent; b. near Mannheim, Ger., 24 Dec. 
1879; s. Phillip Linscheid, farmer, and 
Elizabeth (Ewy) L.; ed. pub. schs. 
Minn.; Breck Sch., Minn.; B.S., Fre- 
mont Coll., Neb.i 1912; A.M., Univ. 
Okla., 1920; Ph.D., Columbia Univ., 
1928; m. Hazel Thompson of Prague, 
Okla., 1906; children— Stewart, Bill. En- 
gaged in edn. all through life, teacher 
sch., Minn., 4 yrs., supt. sch., Prague, 
Okla., and Bristow; prof, of Eng., South- 
eastern State Normal Sch., Durant, 
Okla.; pres. East Central State Coll., 
1920 — ; mem. State Coordinating Bd., 


1940-41; mem. State Textbook Com., 
1925-31, chmn., 1931; pres. Okla. Edn. 
Assn., O.A., 1931-32; mem. O.E.A., Am. 
Assn. of Sch. Admins., Nat. Council of 
Edn., Masons. Clubs: Lions. Author: 
several bulls. Interests: history, lit. 
Christian. Democrat. Office: East Cen- 
tral State Coll., Ada, Okla. Home: 230 
So. Francis Av., Ada, Okla. 

HOPPS, Howard, lawyer; b. Neo- 
desha, Kan., 18 Feb. 1887; s. John 
Hopps, merchant, and Laura (Garrett) 
H.; ed. LL.B., B., Epworth Univ., Okla- 
homa City; m. Freda Andreen of Okla- 
homa City, Okla., 11 Aug. 1917; children 
—Dorothy, Howard. Winner Theodore 
Roosevelt medal, Panama Canal, 1905- 
07; U.S. Dept. Justice, 1909-10; pract 
law, 1910-45; capt. J.A.G.D.; asst. Co. 
Atty., Okla. Co.; v.p., dir., Banner Min- 
ing Co., Nev. Corp.; pvt., Inf., corpl., 
sergt., Inf., capt., J.A.G.D. Reserve, 
5 battle stripes during World War I; 
mem. Okla. and Am. Bar Assns. Clubs: 
Men's Dinner, Sequoyah, Country. 
Travel: Eur. Interests: golf, hunting, 
fishing. Baptist. Republican. Office: 
Suite 417 Perrine Bldg., Oklahoma City, 
Okla. Home: 423 N.W. 21st St., Okla- 
homa City, Okla. 

HIKSHFIELD, Albert Clifford, physi- 
cian, surgeon; b. Sherman, Tex.; s. 
Louis Hirshfield, merchant, and Mary 
(Snell) H.; ed. Shortridge high sch., 
Indianapolis; B.S., Okla. Univ., 1914; 
M.D., Ind. Univ., 1908; children— Albert, 
Mary Helen. House physician, Meth. 
Episcopal Hosp., Indianapolis; pract., 
teacher, Okla. Univ., 1910-14; grad. 
work, N.Y.; med. officer, Okla. Nat. 
Guard, 1916; Med. Officers Training 
Camp, Ft. Riley, Kan., 1918, ex-capt. 
Med. Res. Corps; mem. Okla. Wildlife 
Council (p. pres.), Okla. Game Assn. 
(p. pres.), Okla. Wildlife Assn. (v. 
chmn.), Okla. State Div. Izaac Walton 
League (p. v.p.), Okla. Co., State, Am. 
Med. Assns., Southern Med. Assn., 
Cleveland Co. Med. Soc. (p. sec, pres.), 
Phi Beta Pi, Phi Delta Chi, Am. Legion, 
Shrine. Club: Rotary. Author: med. sci. 
arts., Jour, of Okla. State Med. Assn. 
Travel: Eur. Interests: music; Nat. 
Com. of Music Appreciation. Recrea- 
tions: field trials, bird dogs, quail shoot- 
ing, fishing. Methodist. Democrat. Of- 
fice: 407 Medical Arts Bldg., Oklahoma 
City, Okla. Home: 808 E. 50th St., Okla- 
homa City, Okla. 

DUNLAP, Roy Wilton, physician; b. 
Nortonville, Kan., 27 June 1878; s. Addi- 
son Dunlap, merchant, and Julia (Blair) 
D.; ed. City schs., Fort Worth, Tex.; 

M.D., Baylor Univ., Dallas, Tex., 1901; 
m. Mary Bacon Moore of Harrodsburg, 
Ky., 5 June 1907; 1 son, Roy W., Jr. 
Practicing doctor; 1st It., Med. Corps, 
1 yr. during World War I; mem. A.M.A., 
Okla. State Med. Club: Co-Operative 
Internat. Travel: Eng., 1916-17. Interest: 
horticulture. Recreation: flower grow- 
ing. Democrat. Office: 807 Medical Arts 
Bldg., Tulsa, Okla. Home: 1429 Loretta 
Av., Tulsa, Okla. Died, 28 Jan. 1944. 

DILLE, . Glen Scott, manager Land 
and Experimental Dept., Deep Rock Oil 
Co., Tulsa, Okla.; b. Shannon, 111., 13 
July 1896; s. Charles I. Dille, farmer, 
and Delia M. (Barnes) D.; ed. Shannon 
(111.) high sch.; B.A., Coe Coll., Cedar 
Rapids, la., 1921; M.S., Univ. la., 1924, 
Ph.D., 1929; m. Leta M. Armstrong of 
Springville, la., 9 June 1923; children- 
Barbara, Glenn, Alan. Instr., geology, 
Coe Coll., 1921-24; asst. prof., 1924-27, 
student instr., Univ. la., 1927-29; geol., 
The Texas Co., Tulsa, Okla., 1929-36, 
cons, geol., 1936-44; pvt., battery E., 
147th F.A., 32d Div. A.E.F., 1917-19; 
mem. Assn. Pet. Geols., Tulsa Geol. 
Soc, Sigma Xi, A.I.M.M.E., A.P.I., 
I.P.A.A., Mid-Cont. O. & G. Assn., Tulsa 
Stratigraphic Soc Author: Geology and 
Stratigraphy of the Mississippian of the 
Black Hills, S. D. ; Minnelusa Formation 
of the Black Hills, S.D.; Meteorites in 
Coe Coll. Museum; Anticlines of Iowa; 
Morrow Formation in Oklahoma; nu- 
merous reviews and short papers of 
geol. interest. Interests: writing poetry, 
collecting geol. pubis. Recreations: fish- 
ing, geol. investigations. Presbyterian. 
Republican. Office: 808 Atlas Bldg., and 
1014 Atlas Bldg., Tulsa, Okla. Home: 
2202 E. 23d St., Tulsa, Okla. 

DAY, John Lewis, physician; b. Web- 
ster City, la., 8 Sept. 1877; s. Simon 
Day, farmer, and Catherine Augusta 
(Parker) D.; ed. Mt. Vernon (la.) high 
sch.; B.Ph., Cornell Coll., la., 1902; 
M.D., Coll. Physicians & Surgeons, 
Memphis, Tenn., 1910; m. Maxie Hart- 
ley of Eldora, la., 9 July 1902; children 
—Lewis H., Mrs. Mary Quisenberry. 
Physical dir., Y.M.C.A., Ft. Dodge, la., 
1902-06, Memphis, Tenn., 1906-10; physi- 
ciai., Okla., 1910—; med. supt., Western 
Okla. Hosp., 1934—; 1st It. Med. Corps, 
capt., maj., 15 mos. overseas, 3d div., 
during World War I, awarded Silver 
Star for services in Meuse Argonne, 
1918, now col., Med. Res.; fellow, 
A.M.A.; mem. Southern Med. Assn., 
Am. Psychiatric Assn., Co. and State 
Med. Assns., Chamber Commerce. Club: 
Lions. Interests : Army Res. Corps, read- 
ing. Recreation: golf. Methodist. Demo- 


crat. Office: Western Okla. Hosp. f Sup- 
ply, Okla. Home: Supply, Okla. 

BRETT, John Anderson, assistant 
U.S. attorney; b. Carthage, Tenn., 9 
Nov. 1897; s. Rutherford Brett and Ger- 
trude (Whitaker) B.; ed. Cordell and 
Norman (Okla.) high schs.; A.B., Okla. 
Baptist Univ., 1922; L.L.B., Okla. Univ., 
1928; m. Norma J. Dougherty of Mus- 
kogee, 10 Oct. 1928; children — John A., 
Jr., Thomas Rutherford. Winner of State 
Old Line Oratorical Contest, 1921, State 
Peace Contest, 1926, Avery and Josh 
Lee Prize, oratory, 1927; debated, both 
Oxford and Cambridge (Eng.) Univs.; 
debated, George Washington Univ., Am- 
herst Coll., Boston Univ., Chicago Kent 
Coll. of Law, Ariz. Univ., Baylor Univ. 
and others; prominent in politics in 
Okla., 12 yrs.; prof, law, Oklahoma City 
Sch. of Law; law partner, J.D. Lydick; 
formerly Justice, State Supreme Ct.; 
asst. U.S. atty. (apptd.), Senators Lee 
and Thomas; sergt., Co. P., 111th Am- 
munition Train, 36th Div., A.E.F., dur- 
ing World War I; mem. Masons, K.P., 
Am. Legion. Club: Sequoyah Knife and 
Pork. Travel: N.E., Rockies, Mex. Fa- 
ther was mem. Supreme Ct. Commn., 
judge of Criminal Ct. of Appeals and 
justice of State Supreme Ct. Interests: 
public speaking, Sunday Sch. teaching, 
and community affairs. Recreation: 
outings with sons. Methodist. Democrat. 
Office: 706 Federal Bldg., Oklahoma 
City, Okla. Home: 832 N.W. 41st, Okla- 
homa City, Okla. 

ARVIN, Mother Agnes, educator; b. 
Andover, Mo., 30 Aug. 1882; d. Henry 
Arvin, farmer, and Nancy (McCracken) 
A.; ed. St. Joseph Acad.; Catholic Coll., 
Guthrie; Cath. Univ., Washington, D.C.; 
Creighton, Omaha; Okla. Uinv., Nor- 
man; B.S., 1918, M.A., 1923. Pres., Cath. 
Coll. of Okla., Guthrie, Okla. Catholic. 
Democrat. Office and home: Catholic 
Coll. of Okla., Guthrie, Okla. 

AUCHIAH, James, instructor; b. nr. 
Lawton, Okla., 12 Dec. 1906; s. Mark 
Auchiah, farmer, and Lilly (Tah-get- 
saw) A.; ed. St. Patrick Sch.; Ft. Sill 
Indian Sch.; Univ. Okla. Sch. of Art; m. 
Happie Queton of Mt. View, 29 Dec. 
1931. Artist, art exhibitor, Okla. City, 
St. Louis, N.Y., Washington, D.C., Los 
Angeles, 1930, Tulsa, 1938, Dallas, 
abroad, 1928; mural painter, Muskogee 
Fed. Bldg., 1934, Northeastern Teachers 
Coll., Adminstrn. Bldg., 1934, Ft. Siil 
Indian Sch., Gym Bldg., 1938, St. Pat- 
rick Chapel Bldg., 1931, Dept. of Interior 
Bldg., Washington, D.C., 1939; art instr., 
Riverside Indian Sch., Anadarko, Okla.. 

1940-41. Interest: riding. Methodist. 
Democrat. Office: Riverside Indian 
School, Anadarko, Okla. Summer res.: 
Saddle Mountain, Okla. 

LELAND, Leland F„ editor, pub- 
lisher; b. Dollarville, Mich., 21 July 
1899; s. Lawrence Leland, and Karen 
Marie (Kjeldsen) L.; ed. Burt (la.) high 
sch.; B.A., Univ. Minn., 1923; m. Wilma 
Helen Smith of Sioux City, 12 Aug. 1925; 
children — Nancy Ann, Paula West. Ed., 
Farm Boy Cavalier News as boy, nat. 
mag., St. Paul, Ski-U. Mah, univ. humor 
mag., 2 yrs., Minn. Alumni Weekly 
(only undergrad. ed.), country news- 
papers, summers during sch. yrs., 
Minn. Alumni Weekly, 7 yrs., Banta'3 
Greek Exchange, typographical expert 
designer, Banta Pub. Co., Menasha, 
Wis., 1929-33; pres., treas., Leland Pub. 
Inc.; chmn., St. Louis Park Sch. Bd.; 
corpl., O.T.C., 3 mos., 1918; mem. St. 
Louis Park Charter Commn. and Plan- 
ning Commn., Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pi 
Delta Epsilon, Sigma Delta Chi, Iron 
Wedge. Club: Ampersand. Author: Fra- 
ternity Editors Handbook; ed., Teke of 
Tau Kappa Epsilon, 1924--, ed. and 
pub., The Fraternity Month, 1933—. In- 
terests: first editions, old dictionaries, 
U.S. stamps. Recreations: handicrafts, 
carpentry. Episcopalian. Republican. 
Office: 2828 University Av., St. Paul, 

MINER, Nellie Palmer, lawyer; b. 
Harris, Minn., 11 Mar. 1899; d. William 
Palmer, meat dealer, and Sophie (Jar- 
chow) P.; ed. Rush City high sch.; 
Winona State Teachers Coll., 2 yrs.; 
LL.B., Minneapolis Coll. of Law, 1929; 
m. Andrew M. Miner of Minneapolis, 12 
July 1930; children — Andrew Eugene, 
William Palmer, Richard Earl. School 
teacher, 3 yrs.; sec, law office, 9 yrs.; 
admitted to bar, 1930; with Patterson & 
Rorem, Minneapolis, 1 yr. ; partner, 
Miner & Miner, 1936 — ; mem. Athena 
Sorority (1st pres.), P.T.A. Clubs: Chi- 
cago Lake Women's, Minnehaha Chap. 
Izaak Walton League (sec). Great great 
granddau., John Wilkes of Re vol. War; 
granddau. two Civil War vets., both 
early settlers of Minn. Recreations: fish- 
ing, hunting, camping. Lutheran. Inde- 
pendent. Office: 806 E. Lake St., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. Home: 3435 Elliott Av., 
So., Minneapolis, Minn. 

MOHN, Edith Wheeler, lecturer; b. 
Aliens Grove, Wis., 12 Oct. 1872; d. 
Andrew W. Wheeler, lawyer, and Sarah 
Ann (Coon) M.; ed. Wadena (Minn.) 
high sch.; Carleton Coll.; m. Thomas 
Mohn of Kenyon, Minn., 5 July 1899; 
children— Mabel Joyce (Leuthold), Hor- 

ace Wheeler (dec), Lawrence Reid 
(dec). Teacher; del., many state Rep. 
convs., Nat. Rep. Conv. ; alternate, 
once; apptd. to Gt. Lakes St. Lawrence 
State Waterways Com., State Tax Com., 
State Crime Com., Crippled Children; 
Safety Com., Rep. State Cent. Com.; 
speaker, dir. Red Cross Unit during 
World War I; mem. Nat. League of Am. 
Pen Women, Gen. Fed. Womens Clubs, 
League of Women Voters, Minn. Fed. 
Womens Clubs (p. dist. and state pres. 
of Minn. Fed. of Womens Clubs). Clubs: 
Nat. Womens Rep., St. Paul Womens 
City. Author: many lectures on polit. 
subjs., home topics and club work. 
Travel: U.S., Can. Father, maj. in Civil 
War. Interests: lit., art, orgn. work. 
Recreations: bridge, reading, travel, 
Episcopalian. Republican. Home: 722 
Fifth St., Red Wing, Minn. 

SEYMOUR, Gideon (Deming), editor; 
b. Arlington, S.D., 17 Aug. 1901; s. 
Arthur H. Seymour, educator, and Flora 
(Wilson) S.; ed. Aberdeen high sen.; 
Northern State Teachers Coll., Aber- 
deen, S.D.; Drake Univ., Des Moines, 
la.; Litt.D., Yankton (S.D.) Coll., 1941; 
m. Agnes Peterson of Harrold, S.D., 15 
June 1926; 1 son, Peter. Newspaper 
work, reporter, The Des Moines Regis- 
ter, 1919; The Assoc. Press, 1923, 14 
yrs., editor, fgn. corr., news ex., U.S., 
So. Am., Afr., Australia, Eur.; mng. 
dir., The Assoc. Press of Gr. Brit., 
1937; editorial editor, dir., The Minne- 
apolis Star- Jour., 1940; v.p., exec, edi- 
tor, Minneapolis Star-Journal and Trib- 
une, 1944 — ; mem. Am. Acad. Polit. and 
Social Sci., Sigma Delta Chi, Theta Nu 
Epsilon. Clubs: Adventurers (N.Y.), 
Minneapolis, Minikahda, Skylight (Min- 
neapolis). Travel: So. Am., Afr., Aus- 
tralia, Eur. Conglist. Republican. Of- 
fice: Star Journal Bldg., Minneapolis, 
Minn. Home: 306 E. Minnehaha Pkwy., 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

SAFFORD, Virginia Wetherby, colum- 
nist; b. Minneapolis, Minn.; d. John 
Wetherby, lawyer, and Annie (Rock- 
well) W.; m. Orren Safford of Minne- 
apolis, Minn., Apr. 1914. Editor, gen. 
mgr., Golfer and Sportsman mag., 1927- 
35, owner, editor, 1935-38; columnist. 
Star Jour., 1939—. Author: Food of My 
Friends, 1944. Office: Minneapolis Star 
Journal, Minneapolis, Minn. Home: 
Bloomington, Minn. 

ZAPFFE, Carl, geologist and mining 
engineer; b. Milwaukee, Wis., 23 Apr. 
1880; s. August Zapffe, sheet metal 
supt., and Babette (Weiss) Z.; ed. Mil- 
waukee grade schs. ; East Side high 

sen.; B.S., Engr. Coll., Univ. Wis., 1907, 
M.S., 1908; m. Ethel Moberg of Mt. 
Vernon, Wash., 1 Dec. 1909; children- 
Carl Andrew, Barbara Ann. Was in rail- 
road constrn. and mine surveying prior 
to 1906; geologist asst., 1908; geologist, 
N.P. Ry. Co., 1908-24; mgr. iron ore 
properties, N.P. Ry. Co., 1924; special- 
ized in iron and manganese ores; min- 
eral technology and research; authority 
on manganese ores and minerals, iron 
ore treatment processes and Cuyuna 
iron ore dist. with which has been asso- 
ciated without interruption since 1905, 
one yr. after discovery; pres. (17 yrs.) 
Water and Lt. Bd.; mem. Charter 
Commn., City of Brainerd, Minn.; 
county chmn., 3d, 4th, and 5th Liberty 
Loan Orgns., during World War I; Com- 
munity chmn. C.E.D. in World War II; 
A.I.M.E., Soc Econ. GeoL, fellow 
A.A.A.S., A.W.W. Assn., Am. Chem. 
Soc, Lake Superior Mining Inst., Alpha 
Chi Sigma (prof, chem.), Masonic 
Lodges, incl. Shrine (32d deg.), p. dist. 
gov. and committeeman of Rotary In- 
ternal Club: Brainerd Rotary. Author: 
many tech. pubis, on ores, minerals, 
processes and geology; U.S. Pat. for 
Removal of Manganese from Municipal 
Water Supplies. Travel: Eur., 1931, 
Mex., 1935, Canada. Interest: work with 
youths. Recreations: civic service to 
community. Protestant. Republican. Of- 
fice: P.O. Box 93, Northern Pacific Ry. 
Depot Bldg., Brainerd, Minn. Home: 325 
Bluff Av., Brainerd, Minn. Summer 
res. : St. Colombo, Gull Lake, Crow Wing 
Co., Minn. 

SCHLOTTHAUER, Carl Frank, veteri- 
narian; b. Madison, Wis., 3 Dec. 1893; s. 
Frank George Schlotthauer, farmer, 
and Elizabeth (Schieke) S.; ed. Madi- 
son, Wis.; Univ. Wis.; St. Joseph Vet. 
Coll.; m. Emily Jensen of Oconomowoc, 
Wis., 7 June 1927; children— John, 
Charles. Mgr., hog cholera serum plant, 
Univ. Wis., 1914-17; vet., Pabst Corp., 
1923-24; vet, med. res., Mayo Founda- 
tion, 1924—; sergt., during World War I; 
mem. Am. Vet. Med. Assn., Minn. State 
Vet. Soc, Am. Animal Hosp. Assn., 
Sigma Xi, A.F. and A.M. Author: nu- 
merous sci. (med. res.) papers. Travel: 
U.S., Can. Interest: gardening (flowers). 
Recreations: fishing, hunting. Protes- 
tant. Republican. Office: Mayo Founda- 
tion, Rochester, Minn. Home: 508 15th 
Av., S.W., Rochester, Minn. 

OVEKN, Oswald Benjamin, professor 
of science; b. Mankato, Minn., 26 Jan. 
1891; s. Anton G. H. Overn, minister, 
and Severine Mathilde (Wieding) O.; 


ed. Salt Lake City (Utah) high sch., 2 
yrs.; Albert Lea (Minn.) high sch., 2 
yrs.; B.A., Univ. Minn., 1912; M.S., 
State Univ. la., 1918; stud. Univ. Chi- 
cago, 1919-20; m. Maybelle H. Jenson of 
Fenton, la., 1920; children— Vivian 
Marie, William Matthew, Robert An- 
thony, Dorothy Isabelle, Esther Ma- 
thilde. Instr., Luther Coll., Decorah, la., 
1912-15, prof, of physics, 1915-19; prof, 
sci., Concordia Coll., St. Paul, 1920 — ; 
mem. Am. Phys. Soc, A.A.A.S., Sigma 
Xi, Phi Delta Kappa. Author: scientific 
papers. Interests: music, art. Recrea- 
tion: music. Lutheran. Independent. Of- 
fice: Concordia Coll., St. Paul, Minn. 
Home: 1222 St. Anthony Av., St. Paul, 

LEACH, George Emerson; b. Cedar 
Rapids, la., 14 July 1876; s. William 
Benton Leach, atty., engr., and Mary 
(Hammond) L. ; ed. Central high sch., 
Minneapolis; Univ. Minn.; m. Anita 
Churcher of La Jolla, Calif., Jan. 1924; 
children — Joan, William. Supt., ins. 
agencies; mem. N.G.; mayor; chief, 
N.G. Bur., War Dept., Wash.; mayor, 
6th term, Minneapolis; col., 151st F.A., 
42d (Rainbow) Div., A.E.F.; Dist. Serv. 
Cross, Dist. Serv. Medal, Comdr., 
Crown of It., Belg. War Cross, Croix de 
Guerre (4 palms and star), Knight of 
St. Olaf (Norw.), numerous citations; 
maj. gen., Minn. N.G. (retired) ; mem. 
Masons, Am. Legion, Vets. Fgn. Wars, 
Disabled Am. Vets., Order of Purple 
Heart, Sigma Chi, Loyal Legion, N.G. 
Assn. Club: Army and Navy. Author: 
War Diary (experiences as col., 151st 
F.A.). Travel: world. Father, capt. and 
adj., 1st Minn., Civil War. Episcopalian. 
Republican. Office: 605 8th Av., S., Min- 
neapolis, Minn. Home: 2101 W. Franklin 
Av., Minneapolis, Minn. Summer res. : 
Lake Shamineau, Minn. 

KNUDSQN, Bennett O., lawyer; b. 
Canton, Minn., 29 May 1890; s. Ole 
Knudson and Serena (Christiansen) K.; 
ed. Lanesboro (Minn.) high sch.; Beloit 
Coll., 1908-10; Ph.B., Univ. Chicago, 
1912, J.D., 1914; m. Harriett Irvin of 
Albert Lea, Minn., 14 Oct. 1915; 1 dau., 
Charlotte Jane. Admitted to practice of 
law, 1914; mem. firm Meighen, Knudson 
& Sturtz, 1922—; dir., Olson Mfg. Co., 
Albert Lea; Johnson Laundry Co., Al- 
bert Lea, Queen Stove Works, Albert 
Lea, Super Structures, Inc.; Minnesota 
Trust Co.; mem. Tenth Judicial Dist., 
Minn. State and Am. Bar Assns., Inter- 
nal Assn. Ins. Counsel, Sigma Chi, Phi 
Alpha Delta, Masons (K.T. 32d deg., 
Shriner), Grand Commander K.T., 
Minn., 1933. Clubs: Kiwanis (p. gov., 

Minn. Dakotas dist.), Kiwanis Internat. 
(p. pres.), Elks, Sons of Norw., A.L. 
Country, Rotary (hon.). Author: contbr. 
to Kiwanis mag. Recreations: golf, 
bridge. Episcopalian (vestryman). Re- 
publican. Office: First Nat. Bank Bldg., 
Albert Lea, Minn. Home: 518 Harriet 
Lane, Albert Lea, Minn. 

HUNT, Rollo Frederic, lawyer; b. 
Fairmont, Minn., 30 Dec. 1884; s. Ferdi- 
nand N. Hunt, physician, and Ida 
Lenore (Cadwell) H.; ed. Blue Earth 
high sch., Blue Earth, Minn.; A.B., 
Carleton Coll., 1905; LL.B., Harvard 
Law Sch., 1908; m. Clarice C. Coult of 
Fairmont, 2 May 1917; children— Cad- 
well, Tom, Clarice. Lawyer, Mankato, 
Minn., 1909-12, Devils Lake, N.D., 1912- 
21, Duluth, Minn., 1921—; mem. firm, 
Hunt, Palmer and Hood; tr. Carleton 
Coll., 1930-36; elected Co. Atty., Ramsey 
Co., N.D., 1916, reelected 1918, served 
4 yrs.; apptd. mem. Great Lakes 
(chmn.), St. Lawrence Tidewater 
Commn. of Minn.; mem. Minn. State 
Bar Assn. (pres., 1935-36). Club: Kitchi 
Gammi, Northland Country Club, (Du- 
luth). Conglist. Republican. Office: 800 
Lonsdale Bldg., Duluth, Minn. Home: 
120 N. 34th Av., E., Duluth, Minn. 

GORDON, Albert Isaac, rabbi; b. 
Cleveland, O., 11 May 1903; s. Hyman 
S. Gordon, mcht., and Martha (Rosen- 
zweig) G.; ed. Glenville high sch., 
Cleveland, O.; B.A., N.Y. Univ., 1927; 
Jewish Theol. Sem. Am., 1929; M.A., 
Univ. Minn., 1938; m. Dorothy Davis of 
Minneapolis, Minn., 28 Nov. 1929; chil- 
dren — Judith Rachel, David Eliot. 
Rabbi, Temple Israel, Wash. Heights, 
N.Y., 1928-29, Adath Jeshurun Syna- 
gogue, Minneapolis, 1930—; mem. Min- 
neapolis Fed. for Jewish Ser. (pres.), 
Minn. Nat. Youth Admin, (ad. council), 
Minneapolis Fed. Housing Project (ad- 
visory council), Hennepin Co. Tubercu- 
losis Assn. (dir.), Nat. Conf. Christians 
and Jews, Zionist Orgn. Am., B'nai 
B'rith. Author: An Experiment in Ap- 
plied Religion; Reconstructionist, 1937; 
Debate Manual. Travel: Pal., Eur., 
1933. Jewish. Office: 34th St. and Dupont 
Av., S., Minneapolis, Minn. Home: 3520 
Humboldt Av., Minneapolis, Minn. 

GLENNON, Gertrude, librarian; b. 
Stillwater, Minn., 18 June 1888; d. John 
Stephen Glennon and Catherine (Harri- 
gan) G.; ed. Sitllwater (Minn.) high 
sch.; St. Cloud Teachers Coll.; Minn. 
Univ. Teacher, Red Wing State Sch., 
Stillwater, Farmington, Minn., Musko- 
gee, Okla., 1905-14; asst. librarian, 1916- 
19, librarian, 1919; sec. treas., Minn. 


Lib. Assn., 1929-37; mem. Minn. Lib. 
Assn. Club: Woman's Reading. Inter- 
ests: gardening, antique hunting, travel. 
Recreation: walking, outdoor life. 
Catholic. Republican. Home: 215 W. 
Laurel St., Stillwater, Minn. 

GERRISH, Harry Eldon, engineer, 
heating and air conditioning sales; b. 
Minneapolis, Minn., 9 Sept. 1882; s. 
Walter E. Gerrish, mcht., and Clara 
(Thomas) G.; ed. Central high sen.; 
M.E., Univ. Minn., 1905. Spl. apprentice 
C.M.&St.P. Ry., 1905-06; with Chas. L. 
Pillsbury, Cons. Engrs., Minneapolis, 
1906-11; chief engr., Morgan-Gerrish 
Co., 1911—, pres., 1911—; lecturer, Inst, 
of Tech., Univ. Minn., 1925—; pres., 
Alumni Assn. Inst, of Tech., Univ. 
Minn., 1938—; dir., Minneapolis Y.M. 
C.A.; chmn., Boys W T ork Y, 1932—, Ro- 
tary Boys Work, 1937-43; chmn. Ward, 
Precinct, Minneapolis; Chief of Sect, of 
Trumpeters, Home Guard of Minn., 2 
yrs., Nat. Guard (Minn.), 5 yrs., U.F.M. 
Sr. Capt., 4 yrs. during World War I; 
mem. Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, 
Delta Upsilon, Soc. Heating & Ventilat- 
ing Engrs. Clubs: Univ. of Minn. Golf 
(pres. Sr. league, 1940), Republican 
(13th Ward), Shriner, Scottish and York 
Rites- Auto, Rotary of Minneapolis. In- 
terests: photog., boys work. Recrea- 
tions: hunting, fishing, golf. Episcopa- 
lian. Republican. Office: 307 Essex 
Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn. Home: 4534 
Fremont Av., So., Minneapolis, Minn. 

CLEMENS, Albert Harrison, attorney; 
b. Cuba City, Wis., 18 Sept. 1888; s. Wil- 
liam Clemens, carpenter, farmer, and 
Grace (Bowden) C; ed. Cuba City high 
sen.; Plattevellie Normal Sen.; B.A., 
Univ. Wis., 1912; Univ. Wis. Law Sen.; 
m. Myrtle M. Hunt of Madison, Wis., 
1 Jan. 1913; 1 dau., Charlotte Edith. 
Instr., Oconto, Wis., 1912-13, Rochester, 
Minn., 1913-16; prin. Rochester Sr. high 
sen., 1916-19; atty. with Judge George 
W. Granger, 1919-27; atty., 1927—; dir. 
Olmsted Co. Power Co., Rochester Bldg. 
and Loan Assn.; mem. Olmsted Co. Bar 
Assn., Third Judicial Dist. Bar Assn., 
Minn., Minn. State Bar Assn., Am. Bar 
Assn. Universalist. Republican. Office: 
Rooms 10-11, Ramsey Bldg., Rochester, 
Minn. Home: 1201 Seventh St., S.W., 
Rochester, Minn. 

ANDERSON, Oscar J., lawyer; b. 
Howard Lake, Minn., 30 May 1894; s. 
Charles Anderson, section foreman, and 
Anna Engrid Anderson; ed. Howard 
Lake high sell.; LL.B., Minn. Coll. of 
Law, 1919; B.L., 1919; m. Anna M. 
Anderson of Dassell, Minn., 16 Apr. 

1921; children— Oscar Donald, Dolores 
Ann. Grad. from high sen., 1913; worked 
way through law sen., (course inter- 
rupted for army service in World War 
I); pract. law at Howard Lake, 1919-21; 
Judge of Probate Court Wright Co., 
(1920-45, present term expires, 1949); 
v.p. Northland Canning Co.; exec. bd. 
mem. Minneapolis Area Council of Boy 
Scouts; tr. official bd. of M.E. Church, 
Buffalo, Minn.; mem. State Bar and 
18th Judicial Bar Assns.; army service, 
Apr. 1918-Feb. 1919; mem. Minn. State 
A.A., State Bar Assn. Clubs: Minn. 
Valley Country, Golf and Social. Travel: 
to both coasts; also Fla., Mex. Interest: 
Boy Scouts. Recreation: golf. Methodist. 
Office and home: Buffalo, Minn. 

BEARD, Archibald H., physician; b. 
Pueblo, Colo., 13 May 1890; s. John H. 
Beard and Catherine E. (Morris) B.; ed. 
La Junta high sen., La Junta, Colo.; 
B.A., Univ. Kan., 1910; M.D., Harvard 
Med. Sen., 1914; m. Amelia Hartman of 
Danville, Pa., 8 Sept. 1927; children- 
Archibald H., Jr., Mary A. Instr. med., 
Univ. Minn., 1916, asst. clin. prof, med., 
1920-41, assoc. clin. prof, med., 1941 — ; 
1st It., base hosp. no. 26, 1917, capt., 
1917-18, maj., 1918-19, during World War 
I; mem. Minn. Civic Council, Nu Sigma 
Nu, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Xi, 
Hennepin County Med. Soc, Minn. State 
Med. Assn., A.M.A., A.C.P., Minne- 
apolis Acad, of Med., Minn. Soc. of 
Internal Med.; diplomate Am. Bd. In- 
ternal Med. Club: Minikahda. Interests: 
gardening, stamp collecting. Recrea- 
tion: gardening. Protestant. Republican. 
Office: 718 Medical Arts Bldg., 9th and 
Nicollet, Minneapolis, Minn. Home: 4420 
Fremont Av., So., Minneapolis, Minn. 

BANNING, Margaret Culkin, author 
and lecturer; b. Buffalo, Minn., 18 Mar. 
1891; d. William Edgar Culkin, lawyer, 
and Hannah (Young) C; ed. Duluth 
high sen., Minn.; A.B., Vassar Coll., 
1912; cert., Chicago Sch. of Civics and 
Philanthropy, 1913; Fellow, Russell Sage 
Foundation (for res.), 1913; m. Archi- 
bald Tanner Banning of Duluth, 13 Oct. 
1914; children— Mary Margaret, Archi- 
bald Tanner, Jr., William Culkin (dec), 
Margaret Brigid (dec.) ; m. (2d) Le 
Roy Salsich, Duluth, Minn., 15 Nov. 
1944. Tr., Duluth Pub. Library; mem. 
Jr. League (Duluth Br., hon.), A. A. 
U.W., Authors' League of Am., League 
of Am. Penwomen, Phi Beta Kappa. 
Clubs: Northland Country (Duluth), 
Tryon Country and Tryon Riding and 
Hunt (Tryon, N.C.), Cosmopolitan (N.Y. 
City), Duluth Woman's, Bus. and Prof. 


Woman's. Author: many books, essays, 
arts.; contbr., most leading Am. mags.; 
radio commentator on spl. events, 
N.B.C. Home: 617 Irving PL, Duluth, 

CAMPBELL, Arthur William, re- 
search chemist; b. nr. Lexington, Ore., 
24 Apr. 1899; s. W. T. Campbell, farmer, 
and Elizabeth (Young) C; ed. Heppner 
(Ore.) high sch.; A.B., Univ. Ore., 1922; 
M.S., State Univ. la., 1925, Ph.D., 1927; 
m. Wanda L. Daggett of Portland, Ore., 
1 Sept. 1924; children— Patrician Jean, 
Doris Jane. Teacher, Lakeview (Ore.) 
High Sch., 1922-23; grad. asst., State 
Univ. la., 1923-27; asst. prof., Univ. So. 
Dak., summer session, 1925; res. chem., 
The B. F. Goodrich Co., Akron, O., 
1927-32, Thermatomic Carbon Co., Terre 
Haute, Ind., 1932—; holder of several 
patents; pvt., U.S.A., 1918; Fellow 
A.I.C.; mem. A.C.S., Alpha Chi Sigma 
Gamma Alpha, Sigma Xi, F. & A.M. Au 
thor: several tech. papers. Travel: No 
Am. Interests: amateur radio, small 
bore rifle markmanship. Conglist. Re 
publican. Office: 1331 So. 1st St., Terre 
Haute, Ind. Home: 1504 So. Center St., 
Terre Haute, Ind. 

GALLOWAY, Jesse James, professor 
of geology and paleontology; b. Crom- 
well, Ind., 23 Aug. 1882; s. George Gallo- 
way, farmer, and Mary (Archer) G.; 
ed. Cromwell (Ind.) high sch., 1900; 
A.B., Ind. Univ., 1909, A.M., 1911, Ph.D., 
1913; m. Clara Davis of Newport, Ind., 
14 Sept. 1913; 1 dau., Priscilla. Instr. 
geology, Ind. Univ., 1913-16, prof, geol- 
ogy and paleontology, 1931 — ; curator of 
paleontology, instr. geology, asst. prof, 
and assoc. prof, of paleontology, Colum- 
bia Univ., 1916-31; mem. U.S. Geol. Sur- 
veys, Ind. Geol. Surveys and Dept. of 
Conservation; petroleum geologist for 
oil cos., Mex., Tex., Okla., Calif.; mem. 
Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, Sigma 
Gamma Epsilon, Geol. Soc. Am., Pale- 
ontological Soc. Am., Am. Assoc. Petro- 
leum Geol., Soc. Econ. Paleontologists 
and Mineralogists, Ind. Acad. Sci. Au- 
thor: A Manual of Foraminif era ; Ter- 
tiary Foraminifera of Porto Rico (with 
C.E. Heminway); papers on geol. and 
paleontological subjects. Recreations: 
chess, bridge. Protestant. Republican. 
Office: Ind. Univ., Bloomington, Ind. 
Home: 420 East Sixth St., Bloomington, 

MADELEVA, Sister M. (Mary Eva- 
line Wolff), educator; b. Cumberland, 
Wis., 24 May 1887; d. August Wolff, 
harness maker, and Lucy (Arntz) M.; 
ed. Cumberland high sch.; Univ. of 

Wis., 1905-06; B.A., St. Mary's Coll., 
Notre Dame, Ind., 1909; M.A., Univ. of 
Notre Dame, Ind., 1918; Ph.D., Univ. of 
Calif., 1925; Univ. of Oxford, Eng., 1933- 
34; Litt.D. (hon.), Manhattan Coll., New 
York, N.Y., 1938, Mt. Mary Coll., Mil- 
waukee, Wis., 1940. Instr., Eng., St. 
Mary's Coll., 1913-16, head of Eng. 
Dept., 1916-19; prin. and head Depts. 
Eng. and French, Sacred Heart Acad., 
Ogden, Utah, 1919-22, Holy Rosary 
Acad., Woodland, Calif., 1922-26; head 
Eng. Dept. and dean, Coll. of St. Mary- 
of-the-Wasatch, Salt Lake City, Utah, 
1926-31, pres., 1931-33; head Eng. Dept. 
and pres., St. Mary's Coll., 1934—; lec- 
turer, U.S., Can., Oxford; mem. Assn. 
of Am. Colls., The Eng. Assn., The 
Modern Lang. Assn. of Am., Poetry Soc. 
of Am. and London, Catholic Poetry 
Soc. of Am., Nat. Cath. Ed. Assn., 
Mediaeval Acad, of Am., Confraternity 
of Christian Doctrine. Author: Knights 
Errant and Other Poems, 1923; Chau- 
cer's Nuns and Other Essays, 1925; The 
Pearl (a study in spiritual dryness), 
1925; Penelope and Other Poems, 1927; 
A Question of Lovers and Other Poems, 
1935; Ballad of the Happy Christmas 
Wind, 1936; Gates and Other Poems, 
1938; Christmas Eve and Other Poems, 
1938; Selected Poems, 1939; Four Girls, 
1941; Addressed to Youth, 1944. Travel: 
extensively in Am., Eur., Holy Land. 
Interests: old books, birds, wild flowers, 
mediaeval things. Recreations: hiking, 
mountain climbing, gardening. Catholic. 
Democrat. Office and home: St. Mary's 
Coll., Notre Dame, Holy Cross, Ind. 

GERMANN, Albert F(rederick) 0(t- 
tomar), chemist, teacher, nutritionist, 
consultant; b. Peru, Ind., 18 Feb. 1886; 
s. Gustave A. Germann, bldg. contrac- 
tor, and Mary F. (Miller) G.; ed. Peru 
high sch.; A.B.. Ind. Univ., 1909, A.M., 
1910; A.M., Univ. Wis., 1910; ScD., 
Univ. Geneva, Switz., 1913; Univ. Ber- 
lin, 1912; m. Ida H. Meinke of Royal 
Oak, Mich., 1914; children — Luise Bar- 
bara, Edith Helene, Lucia May, Albert 
F.O., Jr. Teaching fellow in chemistry, 
Ind. Univ., 1909; asst. in chemistry, 
Univ. Wis., 1909-10; instr. chem., West- 
ern Reserve Univ., 1913-15, asst. prof., 
1915-21, assoc. prof., 1921; asst. prof, 
chem., Stanford Univ. (Palo Alto, 
Calif.), 1921-25; dir. res., Lab. Products 
Co., Cleveland, O., 1925-26; prof, chem., 
head dept., Valparaiso Univ., Ind., 1926- 
27, acting pres., acting dean, Coll. 
Pharm., 1927; dir. res. division, S.M.A. 
Corp., Cleveland, 1927-35, cons, chem., 
1935—; pres., Nutritional Res. Assocs., 


Inc., 1936 — ; initiated and directed res. 
which culminated in 1st development of 
commercial carotene, the vegetable 
source and internat. standard of vitamin 
A; Fellow A.A.A.S.; mem. A.C.S., A. A. 
U.P., Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, Alpha 
Chi Sigma, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Nat. 
Geog. Soc, Ind. Acad. Sci. Author: 
chem. and nutritional arts. Travel: Eur. 
Interests: family history, books. Recrea- 
tions: gardening, writing. Lutheran. Re- 
publican. Home: South Whitley, Ind. 

SABBAGH, Eiias M., associate pro- 
fessor; b. Zahle, Syr., 4 Feb. 1902; s. 
Morshed Sabbagh, mcht., and Saada 
(Naddad) S.; ed. French schs., Egypt; 
B.E.E., Ohio State Univ., 1926; M.S., 
Mich. State Coll., 1928; Ph.D., Purdue 
Univ., 1934; m. Waded Garey of Toledo, 
O., July 1931; children — Neva Sadie, 
Harold Abraham, Rosalie Ann, Lian 
David. With elec. cos., Egypt., 3 yrs. ; 
teacher, Mich. State Coll., Purdue 
Univ.; summer work with Willys-Over- 
land Co., Mich., Bell Telephone Co., 
Westinghouse H.V. Lab.; faculty ad- 
viser, Triangle fraternity H.K.N. ; mem. 
F. & A.M., A.I.E.E., S.P.E.E., Ind. 
Engrs. Council, Sigma Xi, Tau Beta Pi, 
Etha Kappa Nu. Author: History of 
Phoenicia; A.C. Machinery; Losses 
in Transmission Towers; Unbalanced 
Transformer Connected; etc. Travel: 
Asia, Afr., Can. Interests: history. Rec- 
reation: gardening. Protestant. Office: 
Purdue Univ., Lafayette, Ind. Home: 
1800 Garden St., W. Lafayette, Ind. 

VAWTER, Mary Howey Murray, art- 
ist, writer; b. Baltimore, Md., 30 June 
1871; d. Heron Campbell Murray, de- 
signer, arch., and Cordelia Carey (Wil- 
liams) M. ; ed. Western Female high 
sch.; Sarah N. Randolph, pvt. sch.; 
read Chautauqua (4 yrs.) Coll. Course, 
1892; stu., Md. Inst., Charcoal Club, 
1892-1900; Art Students' League, N.Y., 
1902-03; m. John William Vawter of 
Greenfield, Ind., 19 Nov. 1902. Sec, 
Assoc. Charities, Greenfield, 1906-08; 
farmer, 1909-21; painted landscapes, 
portraits, 1921 — ; teacher, mission 
classes, ch., so. settlements, Baltimore. 
Clubs: Greenfield Women's, Ind. Art- 
ists', Brown Co. Poets. Author: many 
poems, arts. Travel: U.S., Can. Desc. 
Sir. George, Lady Temperance Yeard- 
ley, Capt. Adam Thorowgood, Custis 
family, of early Jamestown Colony, Va. 
Recreations: reading, cinema. Presby- 
terian. Democrat. Post Office: Nash- 
ville, Brown Co., Ind. Home: End of 
Hilltop Rd., Brown Co., Ind. 

GUTHRIE, Ned, college teacher; b. 
Shelby Co., 111., 8 Feb. 1899; s. A. H 

Guthrie, farmer, and Mattie (Inman) 
G. ; ed. Pana Twp. high sch., Pana, 
111.; B.S., 111. Wesleyan, 1925; M.S., 
Univ. 111., 1926; m. Gladys Glick of 
Tower Hill, 111., 8 Sept. 1925; children- 
Frank Albert, Alice Ruth, Dorothy Lou- 
ise, Eleanor Edith. Teacher, Rural Sch., 
Shelby Co., 111., 1918-20; teacher math., 
sci., Cowden high sch., 1922-23; prof. 
chemistry, Hanover Coll., 1926 — ; mem. 
A.C.S., A.A.A.S., Ind. Acad. Sci., Ind. 
Chem. Soc, Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Xi, 
Masons. Author: Question Book on 1st 
yr. College Chemistry; res. papers. In- 
terests: collecting and reading chil- 
dren's books. Recreation: games. Pres- 
byterian. Office: Hanover Coll., Han- 
over, Ind. Home: Hanover, Ind. 

CARMICHAEL, Geoffrey Loren, pro- 
fessor; b. Columbus, Ind., 1902; s. L. N. 
Carmichael, farmer and teacher, and 
Nancy Ellen (Brown) C; ed. Van Buren 
Township, Ind.; B.S. (with high distinc- 
tion), Ind. Univ., 1929, M.S., 1931; m. 
Lucy Mae Linville of Shelbyville, 1922; 
1 dau., Mary Lou. Teacher in secondary 
schs., 1922-30; asst. prof, accounting, 
1930-36; on leave as bus. analyst, Ford 
Motor Co., 1936-37; asst. prof, of acetg., 
Ind. Univ., 1937-40; assoc. prof, acctg., 
Ind. Univ., 1941 — ; mem. bd. dirs. Fed. 
Savings and Loan Assn., Beta Gamma 
Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Delta 
Kappa, Indiana Soc. of C.P.A., State 
Teachers Assn., Am. Accounting Assn. 
(v.p.), Am. Inst, of Accountants, Ma- 
sons, Scottish Rite, Shrine. Club: Ro- 
tary (p. pres., Bloomington) . Author: 
Accounting Principles and Practices, 
Modern Bus. Letetrs (in prep.). Travel: 
U.S. Interest: bus. analyst and tax con- 
sultant. Recreations: golf, bridge. Meth- 
odist. Independent. Office: Ind. Univ., 
Bloomington, Ind. Home: 500 Ballantine 
Rd., Bloomington, Ind. 

WEISS, Charles R., mechanical engi- 
neer; b. Germantown, Pa., 15 Sept. 
1886; s. Charles H. Weiss, ins. exec, 
and Susan Dunlap (Hanna) W.; ed. 
Germantown Acad.; B.S. (M.E.), Univ. 
Pa.; m.. Sophie Heberton Bispham of 
Phila., Pa., 8 June 1918; children- 
Elizabeth Bispham, Sophia Heberton. 
Mech. engr., Link Belt Co.; mem., 
Troop A Assn., Beta Theta Pi. Clubs: 
Woodstock, Indianapolis Athletic, Uni- 
versity. Author: treatises on power 
transmission equipment. Travel: Cuba, 
H.I., Bermuda. Interests: golf, tennis, 
squash racquets. Presbyterian. Repub- 
lican. Office: care Link Belt Co., Indi- 
anapolis, Ind. Home: 4433 Broadway, 
Indianapolis, Ind. Summer home: Le- 
land, Mich. 


WALLACE, Warrack, lawyer; b. Indi- 
anapolis, Ind., 21 Feb. 1894; s. Lew 
Wallace and Mary (Warrack) W. ; ed. 
Shortridge high sch.; B.S. in C.E., Pur- 
due Univ., 1914; LL.B., Harvard Law 
Sch., 1924; m. Kathryn Kendall of Pitts- 
burgh, Pa., 12 May 1919. Fgn. trade in 
the Orient, 1915-17, 1919-21; law prac- 
tice, Indianapolis, 1924—; 2d lieut., 
C.A.C., during World War I; Major, 
C.A.C., 1942—; mem. A.B.A.; Spl. Asst. 
to Atty. Gen. of U.S., 1941. Clubs: Indi- 
anapolis Lit., Indianapolis Dramatic, 
Woodstock. Protestant. Republican. Of- 
fice: 810 Fletcher Trust Bldg., Indian- 
apolis, Ind. Home: Brendonwood, Indi- 
anapolis, Ind. 

STEWART, Janet Crouse, restorer of 
antiques and objects d'art; b. Mans- 
field, O., 15 Aug. 1904; d. E. W. Crouse, 
bus. rep., and Betz (Orem) C. ; ed. So. 
Bend high sch.; Chicago Acad. Fine 
Arts; Nat. Park Sem., Washington, 
D.C.; Sch. Indsl. Arts, Phila., Pa.; 
studied sketching with Stanislaus Szu- 
kalski, Hollywood, Calif.; m. Frederick 
Patton Stewart of Toledo, O., 19 Dec. 
1932. Pencil portrait artist; restoration 
of antiques, art objects, porcelains, 
paintings, etc. Grandfather capt. in Civil 
War, 4 yrs. Interest: glass collection. 
Recreations: swimming, golf. Christian 
Scientist. Republican. Office: (in winter) 
Miami Beach, Fla. Summer res.: 725 
Park Av., So. Bend, Ind. 

SMITH, Francis Marion, minister; b. 
Oakland, Calif., 30 Aug. 1895; s. Cassius 
M. Smith, manufacturer, and Martha 
(Myers) S.; ed. Hollywood (Calif.) high 
sch.; Univ. So. Calif.; Boston Univ.; 
Harvard Univ.; A.B., Columbia Univ., 
1917, A.M., 1920; D.D. (hon.), Univ. So. 
Calif., 1938; D.D. (hon.), Am. Internat. 
Coll., 1935; m. Daisyolah Wilson of Los 
Angeles, 5 June 1918; children — Wilson, 
Maria Jean. Minister of Meth. Chs. in 
Calif., Mass., New York, Ind., 1918—; 
pres., Evansville Coll., Ind., 1936-40; 
preacher, Hoy lake Presbyn. Ch., Liver- 
pool, Eng., summer, 1935, under aus- 
pices World Alliance for Internat. 
Friendship; It., U.S.N., 1917-19; mem. 
Phi Delta Kappa, Am. Assn. Adult Edn., 
A.A.A.S. Club: Rotary. Author: The 
Liberal College in Urban Life, Evans- 
ville Coll., 1938. Travel: Eur., Am. 
Methodist. Independent. Office: Central 
Av. Meth. Church, Indianapolis, Ind. 
Home: 4730 N. Capitol Av., Indianapolis, 

ROGERS, Cleo Pauline, librarian; b. 
Franklin, Ind., 31 July 1906; d. Charles 
Ernest Rogers, theatre manager, and 

Lulu Belle (Taylor) R.; ed. Columbus 
high sch.; A.B., Franklin Coll., Frank- 
lin, Ind., 1927. With Columbus (Ind.) 
Lib., July 1928—, libr., Mar. 1936—; 
mem. Delta Zeta, Phi Beta Psi. Inter- 
ests: books, reading, dogs (esp. cocker 
spaniels), knitting. Methodist. Repub- 
lican. Office : Columbus - Bartholomew 
Co. Library, Columbus, Ind. Home: 818 
California St., Columbus, Ind. 

O'BRIEN, Cornelius, business execu- 
tive; b. Lawrenceburg, Ind., 12 Feb. 
1883; s. W. H. O'Brien, banker, and 
Harriet (Hunter) O'B.; ed. Moores Hill 
Prep. Sch.; Purdue Univ.; m. Anna 
Cook of Lawrenceburg, Ind., 14 Apr. 
1909; children — Anna Belle, Mary (Mrs. 
John Timberlake Gibson). Pres., A.D. 
Cook, Inc., Peoples Nat. Bank, Law- 
renceburg, Ind.; mem. Indiana State 
Commn. of Conservation, exec, com., 
Ind. Hist. Soc, bd. trustees, The Christ 
Hosp., Cincinnati, O., Masons (Scottish 
Rite). Office: Lawrenceburg, Ind. 
Home: 455 Ridge Av., Lawrenceburg, 

HUTCHESON, William L., general 
president; b. Saginaw Co., Mich., 7 
Feb. 1874; s. Daniel O. Hutcheson, car- 
penter, and Elizabeth (Calbot) H. ; ed., 
grade sch.; m. Jessie T. Sharon. Gen. 
pres., United Brotherhood of Carpenters 
and Joiners of Am.; served on War 
Labor Bd. during World War I; apptd. 
by Pres. Wilson. Clubs: Columbia (Indi- 
anapolis), Highland Golf & Country (In- 
dianapolis), Glen Country (Lebanon, 
Ind.). Travel: Eur., So. Am. Protestant. 
Republican. Office: 222 E. Michigan St., 
Indianapolis, Ind. Home: 3743 N. Merid- 
ian St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

KAHL, Marjorie Edith, educator; b. 
Bryant, Ind.; d. Elmer Kahl, minister 
and Mary (McClure) K.; ed. Sidney, 
Neb. high sch.; Midland Coll.; Ball 
State Teachers Coll., Carthage Coll., 
1941, A.B.; m. Rev. Harvey S. Law- 
rence, D.D., 1941. Prepared and illus. 
reading text book for primary grades 
(unpublished). Club: reading. Author: 
volume of lyric poems, "The Singing 
Wind," 1945; poems in 21 anthologies, 
short stories, religious and ednl, arts. 
Great-grandparents in Am. before Revo- 
lution. Interests: art, puppets. Lutheran. 
Republican. Home: Columbia City, Ind. 

COLEMAN, William Coffin, manufac- 
turer; b. Chatham, N.Y., 21 May 1870; s. 
Robert Russell Coleman and Julia M. 
(Coffin) C; ed. Parsons high sch.; Kan. 
State Teachers Coll., 1892; Ottawa 
Univ., 1894-95; Kan. Univ. Law Sch., 
1897-98; LL.D. (hon.), Ottawa Univ., 


1928; m. Fanny Sheldon of Ottawa, 
Kan., 1 Jan. 1901; children— Sheldon, 
Clarence W. Founder, pres., Coleman 
Lamp and Stove Co., 1900—; mayor, 
Wichita, 1 yr., commr., 2 yrs.; pres., 
Northern Bapt. Conv., 1927-28; chmn. 
money raising drives, Wichita; mem. 
Gen. Council and Finance Com., No. 
Bapt. Conv., Wichita Lincoln Repub- 
lican. Clubs: Wichita Country, Rotary. 
Travel: v/estern hemisphere. Interest: 
inventions. Recreation: fishing-. Baptist. 
Republican. Office: Coleman Lamp and 
Stove Co., Wichita, Kan. Home: The 
Hilcrest, Wichita, Kan. 

PAYNE, Loyal Frederick, professor 
and head of poultry department; b. 
Tecumseh, Neb., 14 July 1889; s. 
Thomas Jefferson Payne and Ellen 
(Meyer) P.; ed. Shawnee (Okla.) high 
sch.; B.S., Okla. A. & M. Coll., 1912; 
M.S., Kan. State Coll., 1925; m. Mary I. 
Cobb, Wagoner, Okla., 3 June 1914; chil- 
dren—Ellen, Kenyon, Loyal C, Martha, 
William, Nell, Edith. Poultry investiga- 
tions, Okla. A. &M. Coll., 1912-14; instr., 
prof., actg. head poultry dept., Mass. 
State Coll., 1914-21; assoc. prof. Kan. 
State Coll., 1921-23; prof., head dept. 
poultry, 1923—; p. pres. Poult. Sci. 
Assn., Phi Kappa Phi, Kiwanis, fellow 
Poult. Sci., 1941, mem. World Poult. 
Sci. Assn., Sigma Xi, Chamber Com- 
merce, Kan. Poult. Industry Council. 
Author: numerous Agr. Expt. Sta. circu- 
lars, bulls., and tech. arts.; co-author 
International Poultry Guide for Flock 
Selection. Travel: British Isles, Eur., 
1930. Interests: photog., family chronol- 
ogy. Recreations: reading, golf. Pres- 
byterian. Office: Poultry Dept., Kan. 
State Coll., Manhattan, Kan. Home: 1825 
College Heights Rd., Manhattan, Kan. 

SCHRAMMEL, Henry E., professor of 
psychology and dir. Bureau of Educa- 
tional Measurements; b. Herndon, Kan., 
1 Mar. 1883; s. Paul Schrammel, 
farmer, and Susanna (Herzog) S.; ed. 
No. Central Coll., 1912; M.A., Univ. 
No. Central Acad., Naperville, 111.; B.A., 
Colo., 1922; M.A., Columbia Univ., 1923; 
Ph.D., Ohio State Univ., 1925; m. Mary 
Thompson of Gallipolis, O., 1915. High 
sch. prin., Aurora, Minn., 1912-16, New 
Ulm, Min., 1917-20; supt. schs., Tellu- 
ride, Colo., 1920-22; prof., Mont. State 
Normal Coll., summers, 1923-24, Univ. 
Tex., summer, 1931; prof, psychology, 
Kan. State Teachers Coll., Emporia, 
1924 — ; dir. Bur. of Ednl. Measurements, 
1929—; dir. All-Kan. State Scholarship 
Contest sponsored annually by Kan. 
State Teachers Coll., also Nation-wide 
Every Pupil Tests (2 conducted an- 

nually); mem. N.E.A., Am. Ednl. Res. 
Assn., Nat. Soc. Teachers of Measure- 
ments, Nat. Soc. Study Ed., Phi Delta 
Kappa, Kappa Delta Pi, Kan. Edn. 
Assn., Kan. Council Sch. Adminstrs., 
Kan. Acad. Sci., Masons. Clubs: Em- 
poria Current, Emporia Moot. Author: 
about 40 arts, in prof, mags.; about 30 
summaries of res. studies of state and 
nation-wide testing programs; 50 stand- 
ard tests. Travel: U.S. Interest: scholar- 
ship contests, test standardization. Rec- 
reations: bridge, back yard flower gar- 
den. Presbyterian. Republican. Office: 
Teachers Coll., Emporia, Kan. Home: 
1606 West St., Emporia, Kan. 

SWARTHOUT, Donald Malcolm, dean 
of sch. of fine arts; b. Pawpaw, 111., 9 
Aug. 1884; s. Teal Swarthout, banker, 
and Ella Gladys (Smith) S.; ed. Paw- 
paw high sch.; Royal Cons. Leipzig, 
Ger., Pruefung, 1911; pvt. study, Paris, 
Fr., 1910-11; Mus.D., 111. Wesleyan 
Univ., 1932; Mus.D., Southwestern Coll., 
Kan., 1933; m. Emma Evelyn Bryant 
of Pawpaw, HI., 5 Aug. 1908; children 
—Evelyn (Mrs. J. P. Hayes), Ruth 
Elizabeth (Mrs. W. A. Rider). Assoc, 
dir. mus., Oxford Coll., Oxford, O., 1906- 
10; assoc. dir. mus., 111. Coll. Mus., 
Jacksonville, 1911-14; assoc. dir. mus., 
Millikin Univ., Decatur, HI., 1914-23; 
dir., Decatur Choral Union; dean, Sch. 
Fine Arts, Univ. Kan., 1923 — ; Camp 
Song Leader, S.A.T.C, James Millikin 
Univ., 1917-18; mem. Chamber Com- 
merce, Mus. Teachers Assn. (pres., 
1931, 32, sec, 1923-31, 1933-44), Kan. 
State Mus. Teachers Assn. (pres., 1928), 
Nat. Assn. Schs. Mus. (pres., 1944), 
Am. Guild Organists, Music Educators 
Nat. Conf. Clubs: Kiwanis, Country. Au- 
thor: assoc. ed., Univ. Course of Mus. 
Study. Travel: Eur., 5 yrs. Presby- 
terian. Republican. Office: Univ. of 
Kan., Lawrence, Kan. Home: Valley- 
view, Lawrence, Kan. 

STEVENS, William Chase, professor 
botany; b. Princeton, HI., 21 Feb. 1861; 
s. James Thomas Stevens, lawyer, and 
Elizabeth (Flint) S.; ed. Lawrence high 
sch.; B.S., Univ., Kan., 1885, M.S., 1893; 
M. Ada Eliza Pugh of Cottonwood Falls, 
Kan., 11 July 1888; children— Francis, 
Ralph, Philip, Richard, Rachel Stevens 
Van Valkenburg. Teacher, Sci. Emporia 
high sch., 1885-88; mem. Faculty Univ., 
Kan., 1889; travel and study abroad, 
1927; research art3. in Am., English 
and German periodicals, pub. books; 
retired from active teaching, 1937; since 
retirement has been engaged in botani- 
cal survey of State; mem. Am. Assn. 
Sci .; fellow Bot. Soc. Am., Kan. Acad. 


Sci.; Sigma Xi. Club: Old and New, 
Lawrence, Kan. Author: Introduction to 
Botany; Plant Anatomy; various re- 
search and popular arts. Parents and 
family came to Kan., 1867; father was 
for some yrs., ed. and pub., The Kansas 
Spirit, an early Kan. weekly newspaper. 
Interest: wild flowers of Kan. Recrea- 
tion: photographing wild flowers. Uni- 
tarian. Office: Snow Hall, Univ. Kan., 
Lawrence, Kan. Home: 1121 Louisiana 
St., Lawrence, Kan. 

SMITH, Elizabeth Potter, librarian; b. 
Emporia, Kan.; d. David Potter and 
Nancy (Barns) P.; ed. Emporia (Kan.) 
high sch.; A.B., Coll. of Emporia, 1911; 
Lib. Cert., Kan. State Teachers Coll., 
1931, M.S., 1938; grad. study, Univ. 
Kan., 1889; travel and study abroad, 
of Emporia, Kan., 1928. Libr., Anderson 
Memorial Lib., Coll. of Emporia, Em- 
poria, Kan.; mem. Kan. Lib. Assn. 
Clubs: Research, Saturday Afternoon. 
Presbyterian. Office: Anderson Memo- 
rial Library, Coll. of Emporia, Emporia, 
Kan. Home: 1018 Commercial St., Em- 
poria, Kan. 

KLQEFFLER, Royce Gerald, profes- 
sor of electrical engineering; b. Ar- 
mada, Mich., 18 June 1890; s. G. W. 
(Powell) K.; ed. Armada high sch.; 
B.S. (in E.E.), Univ. Mich., 1913; S.M. 
(in E.E.), M.I.T., 1930; m. Hazel M. 
Davis of Wolverine, 1915; children- 
Doris May, Gale Davis. Gen. Elec. Co., 
2 yrs.; Detroit Edison Co., 3 mos.; 
Washington Water Power Co., 3 mos.; 
instr. elec. and mech. engring., Univ. 
Idaho, 1 yr. ; asst. prof, to head dept. 
elec. engring., Kan. State Coll., 25 yrs.; 
dir. Kan. Engring. Soc, 1939-41, chmn. 
Kansas City Sect. A.I.E.E., 1938-39; 
mem. Kan. Engring. Soc, Soc. Promo- 
tion of Engring. Edn., A.I.E.E., Phi 
Kappa Phi, Sigma Xi, Sigma Tau, Eta 
Kappa Nu, Manhattan Chamber Com- 
merce. Club: Manhattan Country. Au- 
thor: Telephone Communication System, 
1925; Principles of Electronics, 1942. Co- 
author: Direct-Current Machinery, 1934; 
Engineering Preview, 1945. Recreations: 
movie photog. Protestant. Independent. 
Office: Kan. State Coll., Manhattan, 
Kan. Home: Blue River Lodge, Man- 
hattan, Kan. 

ERESCH, Josie, cashier; b. Beloit, 
Kan., 13 Apr. 1894; d. Peter Eresch, 
executive, and Josephine (Haneben?) 
E.; ed. Beloit high sch.; Sch. of Art, St. 
Mary-of-the- Woods Coll.; pupil of Birger 
Sandzen, N.Y. Sch. of Fine and Applied 
Arts; Fed. Sch. Comml. Design; studied 
etching with Caroline Armington, Paris; 

block printing and free brush painting, 
Japan and China. Cashier, First Nat. 
Bank; treas., First Loan Co.; treas., 
Beloit City Schs., 1929—; mem. Am. 
Pen Women, Woodcut Soc, Prairie 
Printmakers, Ex Libris Kunst of Hol- 
land, Deutsche Verein of Gebrauchs 
Graphic of Berlin, Australian Bookplate 
Soc, Am. Rose Soc, Cath. Daus. of 
Am. Club: Kansas Authors. Author: 
Elegant Amusement; Come Up and See 
My Etchings. Travel: Eur., Orient. In- 
terests: art, print making. Recreations: 
sketching, golf, gardening. Catholic. 
Home: 502 N. Campbell, Beloit, Kan. 

AGNEW, Elizabeth Jane, dean of 
women; b. Princeton, Kan., 25 July 
1871; d. William Moffitt Agnew, farmer, 
and Mary Jane (Gregg) A.; ed. rural 
sch.; B.S., Kan. State Coll., 1900; Co- 
lumbia Univ., N.Y., 1903-04. Teacher of 
home economics, Kan. State Coll.; held 
scholarship, Teacher Coll., N.Y., 1903- 
04; teacher home economics, Wichita 
(Kan.) high sch., 1905-10; prof, home 
economics, Ft. Hays (Kan.) State Coll., 
1910-18; dietitian, Base Hosp., Camp 
Travis, Tex., 1918-19; dean of women 
and dir. Coll. cafeteria, Ft. Hays, Kan. 
State Coll., 1919—; mem. Kan. State 
Teachers Assn., State and Nat. Deans 
Assn., Pi Gamma Mu, Delta Kappa 
Gamma, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Sigma 
Alpha, P.E.O., Am. Legion, Fed. Wom- 
en's Clubs, A.A.U.W., B.P.W., Chamber 
Commerce. Club: golf. Travel: Cuba, 
Can., U.S. (22 states). Interests: an- 
tiques, brass, glass, furniture. Recrea- 
tions: golf, cards, picnics. Presbyterian. 
Republican. Office: Ft. Hays, State 
Teachers Coll., Hays, Kan. Home: 504 
W. 6th St., Hays, Kan. 

PUCKETT, Erastus Paul, teacher; b. 
Summit, Ala., 11 Apr. 1882; s. Erastus 
Peru Puckett, realtor, and Susan 
(Henry) P.; ed. Birmingham high sch.; 
North Highlands Acad., Birmingham, 
Ala.; A.B., Howard Coll., 1903; A.M., 
Tulane Univ., 1907; Harvard Univ.; Co- 
lumbia Univ.; Univ. Mo.; LL.D. (hon.), 
Kentucky Wesleyan, 1930; LL.D., How- 
ard Coll., 1931; LL.D. (hon.), Cent. Coll., 
1933; m. Anna Pryor of Fayette, Mo., 
7 Sept. 1910; children— Anna Sue, Flor- 
ence Jean, Helen Gertrude. Prin., 
Scottsboro, Ala. Baptist Inst., 1903-05; 
teaching fellow and instr., Tulane Univ., 
1906-08; prin., Acad, of Cent. Coll., 1908; 
10, prof, of econs. and hist., 1910—, 
dean, 1913—, acting pres., 1924; lecturer 
on topics in ed. and econ. hist.; leader 
in affairs of the Mo. Coll. Union for 
more than twenty-five yrs.; mem. Am. 


Scon. Assn., Econ. Hist. Assn., Mo. 
Hist. Soc, Mo. Acad, of Sci., Mo. State 
Teachers Assn., Soc. for Advancement 
of Ed., Fayette Chamber Commerce. 
Club: Rotary. Author: arts, on history, 
economics, and education. Travel: U.S. 
Interests: literature, music, art. Rec- 
reations: hunting-, fishing, rose garden, 
golf, tennis. Methodist. Democrat. Of- 
fice: Central Coll., Fayette, Mo. Home: 
Fayette, Mo. 

WHITE, John Turner, lawyer; b. 
Green Co., 22 Apr. 1854; s. William 
White and Margaret (Erg) W. ; ed. 
Drury Coll., 1878; m. Mary H. Jones, 
11 Oct. 1883. Prin. high sch., 1879-80; 
admitted to bar, 1882; apptd. comr., 
Sup. Ct. Mo., 1916; elected judge, 1922- 
32. Author: Cause of the Crime Wave. 
Recreations: fishing, golf. Democrat. 
Home: 909 S. Fremont, Springfield, Mo. 

THOMPSON, Richard Ryan, execu- 
tive; b. Fulton, Ky., 23 Jan. 1878; s. 
Samuel A. Thompson, editor, and Clem- 
entine (Ryan) T. ; ed. McFerrin sch., 
Martin, Tenn. ; Union Univ., Jackson, 
Tenn. ; M.A., Univ. Mich.; m. Anne E. 
Ellis of Maryville, Ten., 8 Aug. 1927; 
children — Ruth Ryan, Nancy Anne. 
Educator, lecturer, and business execu- 
tive, bank dir.; comr. State Highwy. ; 
State Senator; pres. Lake Lucerne Co., 
Ozarka Water Co., Ozarka; mem. Am. 
Arbitration Assn. Club: Rotary. Recrea- 
tions: golf, tennis, swimming, riding. 
Episcopalian. Democrat. Office: Lake 
Lucerne, Ark. Home: Eureka Springs, 

NELSON, P. Mabel, college professor; 
b. Brookston, Ind., 9 Nov. 1887; s. Rob- 
ert Jackson Nelson, retired rancher, 
and Rebecca Pheriba (Benjamin) N.; 
ed. Riverside (Calif.) high sch.; B..S, 
Univ. Calif., 1915, M.A., 1916; Ph.D., 
Yale Univ., 1923; Santa Barbara State 
Coll. Manual Arts and Home Econ. 
Teacher, Riverside Co. schs., 1907-09; 
home econ. teacher, Riverside City 
schs., 1912-14, Santa Barbara State Coll. 
Manual Arts and Home Econ., 1916-19; 
prof, of res. in foods and nutrition, la. 
State Coll., 1923-25, acting head of dept., 
1925-26, head of dept., 1926—, dean, Div. 
of Home Economics, 1944; mem. Alpha 
Nu, Sigma Xi, Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron 
Nu, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Iota Sigma 
Pi, Sigma Delta Epsilon. Author: sci. 
arts. Travel: Eur., Alas., So. Am., 
Caribbean. Interests: garden, geneal- 
ogy, birds. Recreations: swimming, gar- 
dening. Protestant. Office: Div. Home 
Economics, la. State Coll., Ames, la. 
Home: 2334 Baker St., Ames, la. 

BRADLEY, Richard Smith, director 
of research, ceramist; b. Bement, Piatt 
Co., 111., 3 Feb. 1900; s. B. Q. Bradley 
(dec), ry. elk., and Jennie Louise 

(Smith) B.; ed. Bement (HI.) high sch.; 
B.Cer. E., Univ. 111., 1925; m. Ruth 
Evelyn Dillard of Mexico, Mo., 27 Feb. 
1929; 1 dau., Joan Carol. A. P. Green 
Fire Brick Co., 11 June 1923—, cer. 
engr., 1925-29, dir. of research, 1929—; 
fellow, Am. Cer. Soc; mem. A.S.T.M. 
(Com. C-8), Inst, of Ceramic Engrs. 
(charter mem.), Mo. Soc. Prof. Engrs., 
Registered Prof, of Eng. in Mo., Kera- 
mos, Masons. Clubs: Mexico (Mo.) Ki- 
wanis, Mexico (Mo.) Country. Travel: 
Eur., Old Mex. Recreations: hunting, 
fishing, golfing. Presbyterian. Repub- 
lican. Office: A. P. Green Fire Brick 
Co., Mexico, Mo. Home: 4 Park Circle, 
Mexico, Mo. 

JOHNSON, Miriam Pyle, author; b. 
Iowa Falls, la., 6 July 1883; d. George 
Carter Pyle and Deborah (Vick) P.; ed. 
Iowa Falls (la.) high sch.; A.B., Penn 
Coll., Oskaloosa, la., 1904, A.M., 1905; 
grad. work, Bryn Mawr, 1904-05; m. 
Warren T. Johnson of Iowa Falls, la., 
18 June 1908; children— Robert G., Mrs. 
Deborah Helen Schwartz, Margaret 
Elosie (dec). Prof., Latin, German, 
Ellsworth Coll., Iowa Falls, la., 1905-09; 
active leader, progressive movements 
for betterment of farmers, farm life, 
coop, libraries for rural dists. Club: 
Local Civic (pres.). Author: A Farm 
Woman Speaks Up. Interests: flowers, 
collecting miniature vases, writing on 
farm problems, coop, marketing. Rec- 
reation: picnics. Quaker. Democrat. Of- 
fice and home: Latimer, la. 

DEUTSCH, Frederick M., lawyer; b. 

Talmage, Neb., 4 Sept. 1898; s. Fred- 
erick Deutsch, stockman, and Mary 
Ellen (Moran) D.; ed. Hastings (Neb.) 
high sch.; Spalding Coll.; LL.B., Univ. 
Neb., 1921; m. Catherine M. Lawlor of 
Lincoln, Neb., 28 July 1938. U.S.N.R.F., 
during World War I; mem. Sigma Chi, 
Am. Legion, Chamber Commerce (p. 
pres.), Neb. State and Am. Bar Assns., 
Internat. Assn. of Ins. Counsel, K.C, 
B.P.O.E. (p. exalted ruler, dist. dep- 
uty), Dem. State Com. (p. v. chmn.). 
Catholic. Democrat. Office: 0119 So. 4th 
St., Norfolk, Neb. Home: 1101 Norfolk 
Av., Norfolk, Neb. 

STEWART, Zella White, physician; b. 
North Hampton, New Brunswick, Can., 
9 Jan. 1878; d. Ralph Beardsley White 
and Martha (Cromwell) W.; ed. Alle- 
gheny Coll., Meadville, Pa.; Bradford 
(Pa.) high sch.; M.D., Cornell Univ. 


Med. Coll., N.Y.C., 1904; m. George 
Walter Stewart of Kansas City, 7 July 
1904; 1 son, Rodney Cromwell. Began 
gen. practice (women and children) to 
1919; devoted entire time to allergy, 
1919-38; conducted and owned Sanato- 
rium for Allergic Conditions; retired, 
1938; mem. Johnson Co. and State Med. 
Assns., A.M.A., Assn. for Study of Al- 
lergy, A.A.A.W., Kappa Alpha Theta, 
League of Women Voters. Clubs: Uni- 
versity, Allergy. Author: several arts, 
on allergy. Travel: around the world. 
Recreation: travel. Methodist. Home: 
1010 Woodlawn St., Iowa City, la. 

McQUEEN, Frederick Emi2, editor; 
b. New Orleans, La., 18 Sept. 1891; s. 
James McQueen and Elizabeth (Herzog) 
McQ. ; ed. pub. schs., (New Orleans, 
La.); Elmhurst Coll., Elmhurst, HI.; 
Eden Theol. Sem., Webster Groves, 
Mo.; A.M., Washington Univ., St. Louis, 
Mo., 1926; m. Bertha S. Becker of New 
Orleans, La., 2 Jan. 1923. Ordained 
minister, Evangelical Synod of No. Am., 
1916; pastor, St. Paul's Evangelical Ch., 
New Orleans, La., 1917-20; worked with 
boys, Kingdom House, St. Louis, Mo., 
1920; indsl. sec, St. Louis Y.M.C.A., 
1920-26; assoc. exec, sec, Bd. Rel. Ed., 
Evangelical Synod of No. Am., 1927-29; 
ed. church school pub., 1929 — ; ed. The 
Builder (monthly), Youth (weekly); 
mem. Bd. of Chr. Ed., St. Louis Ch. 
Fed., Ed. Com., Internat. Council of 
Rel. Ed., St. Louis, Philos. Assn. Inter- 
est: gardening. Evangelical and Re- 
formed. Independent. Office: 1724 Chou- 
teau Av., St. Louis, Mo. Home: 602 
Clark Av., Webster Groves, Mo. 

SCHRUP, Joseph Henry, physician, 
surgeon; b. Dubuque, la., 3 Feb. 1882; 
s. Joseph J. Schrup, mcht., and Philo- 
mena (Strueber) S.; ed. Dubuque high 
sch.; M.D., Northwestern Univ. Med. 
Sch., 1904. Interne, Mercy Hosp., Chi- 
cago, 1904-06; practicing med., Du- 
buque, la., 1906 — ; surgeon, but now 
specializing in res. for chronic diseases' 
practical cure; capt., M.C., U.S.A., 1918; 
fellow A.M.A.; life mem. la. State Med. 
Soc, Dubuque Co. Med. Soc. Author: 
many med. arts. Travel: U.S., No. Am., 
So. Am., Eur. Desc early settlers in 
la., 1846. Interest: original res. in clin. 
med. and surg.; lines of chronic dis- 
eases; at present, part-time Reserve 
Sr. Phys. in Cardiology, U.S.A. Recrea- 
tions: travel, sports, hunting, fishing. 
Catholic. Democrat. Office: 915 Main St., 
Dubuque, la. Home: 794 W. 5th St., 
Dubuque, la. 

HOSFORD, Hemphill Moffett, college 
dean, professor; b. Sterrett, Tex., 12 
Sept. 1896; s. John William Hosford, 
farmer, and Hattie (Gordon) H.; ed. 
Waxahochie high sch., A.B., So. Meth. 
Univ., 1919; A.M., Univ. 111., 1923, Ph.D., 
1926; m. Gladys Garstang of Alton, 111., 
31 Jan. 1927; children — Mary Martha, 
Richard Gordon. Instr. math. So. Meth. 
Univ. (Tex.), 1919-22; asst. Univ. 111., 
1922-25; fellow, 1925-26; assoc. prof, 
math. So. Meth. Univ., 1926-29; prof, 
math. Univ. Ark., 1929—; dean Coll. of 
Arts and Sciences, 1939 — ; mem. city 
council (Fayetteville, Ark., v.p., 1943), 
1936-44; aviator U.S. Naval Service, 
1918-19; mem. Am. Math. Soc, Math. 
Assn. Am., A.A.U.P. Club: Rotary. 
Methodist. Democrat. Office: Univ. 
Ark., Univ. Hall, Fayetteville, Ark. 
Home: 724 Maple, Fayetteville, Ark. 

MOORE, Louis Daniel, sales engi- 
neer; b. Maywood, 111., 12 June 1886; s. 
John Richard Moore, r.r. office man, 
and Fannie Belt (West) M.; ed. Kirk- 
wood high sch., 1904; Washington Univ. 
night sch.; m. Nina Megown of Monroe 
City, Mo., 21 Oct. 1912; children— John 
Robert, Richard Kerr. Stenographer, 
clerk until 1 Mar. 1910; office asst. to 
electrical engr. of Mo. Pacific R.R. Co., 
1 Mar. 1910- Jan. 1916; elec engr., Mo. 
Pacific R.R. Co., Jan. 1916-31-Dec 1925; 
sales engr. for various equipment mgrs., 
as mfrs. agent, 1925 — . Grandson of 
capt. of Conf. Army. Presbyterian. Inde- 
pendent. Office: 4030 Chouteau Av., St. 
Louis, Mo. Home: 211 E. Jefferson Av., 
Kirkwood, Mo. 

SCHRAMM, Wilbur, director, school 
of journalism; b. Marietta, O., 5 Aug. 
1907; s. A. A. Schramm, lawyer, and 
Louise M. (Lang) S. ; ed. Marietta high 
sch.; B.A., Marietta Coll., 1928; M.A., 
Harvard Univ., 1930, Ph.D., 1932; 
Litt. D., Marietta, 1945; m. Elizabeth 
Donaldson of Lead, S.D., 5 Aug. 1934; 
children — Mary Barbara, Richard Mi- 
chael. Reporter and desk editor, several 
newspapers including Boston Herald; 
correspondent, Associated Press; editor 
American Prefaces, mag., 1935-41; dir., 
Univ. la. Writers Workshop, 1938-41; 
ednl. dir., Office of Faets and Figures 
and Office of War Information, 1942-43; 
ednl. consultant, Navy Dept., 1942; 
same, War Dept., 1942 — ; cons, editor, 
U.S. Armed Forces Inst.; dir. Univ. la. 
Sch. of Journalism, Sept. 1943 — . Au- 
thor: The Science of English Verse; 
Francis Parkman; The Story Workshop; 
American Medley (stories) ; Literary 
Scholarship; contributor of stories and 


arts., Saturday Evening Post, Atlantic 
Monthly, other mags. Office : Univ. of 
la., Iowa City, la. Home: 540 South 
Summit, Iowa City, la. 

RELEY, Jesse Dean, physician; b. 
Hamburg, Ark., 10 Nov. 1890; s. John R. 
Riley, farmer, and Martha (Cone) R.; 
ed. Little Rock high sch., Little Rock, 
Ark.; M.D., Tuland Med. Coll., New 
Orleans, La., 1916; m. Louise Stevenson 
of Vandervoort, 9 Aug. 1934; children — 
Helen Riley, Hazel, Martha. Gen. prac- 
tice, Montrose, Ark., 1917-21; asst. med. 
dir., So. Bapt. Sanatorium, 1921-23; 
med. dir., So. Bapt. Sanatorium, El 
Paso, Tex., 1923-30; supt. and med. dir., 
Ark. Tuberculosis Sanatorium, State 
Sanatorium, Ark., March 1930—; assoc. 
prof, in dept. of med., Univ. of Ark., 
Sch. of Med., Little Rock, Ark., 1940—; 
mem. Ark. Med. Soc, Sebastian Co. 
Med. Soc, A.M. A., Nat. Tuberculosis 
Assn., So. Med. Assn., So. Tuberculosis 
Conf.; fellow, Am. Coll. Phys. Author: 
Tuberculosis and What to Do About It 
(booklet). Baptist. Democrat. Office: 
Ark. Tuberculosis Sanatorium, State 
Sanatorium, Ark. Home: State Sana- 
torium, Ark. 

DAVIS, John Eustace, exceutive; b. 
Pickering, Mo., 2 Feb. 1883; s. N. H. 
Davis, capitalist, and Mary Ellen 
(Cravens) D.; ed. Maryville (Mo.) high 
sch.; A.B., William Jewell Coll., 1907; 
Univ. Mo.; Univ. Chicago; m. Sylvia 
Kimzey of Colorado Springs, 1913; chil- 
dren — John Kimzey, Elenor Alice. Bus. 
mgr., William Jewell Coll., head of 
physics dept.; valuation engr. during 
World War I; mem. A.A.A.S., Am. 
Physical Soc, Physics Teachers Assn., 
Bus. Mgrs. Assn., A.A.A.S., Mo. State 
Chamber Commerce, Liberty Chamber 
Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta. Club: 
Rotary Internat. Interest: horticulture. 
Recreations: golf, fishing. Baptist. 
Democrat. Office: William Jewell Coll., 
Liberty, Mo. Home: 425 Miller Av., 
Liberty, Mo. 

STACEY, Dorothy Layman, artist 
(painter) ; b. Des Moines, la., 30 Sept. 
1904; d. Albert W. Layman, lawyer, and 
Dora Ellen (Herrold) L.; ed. St. Jo- 
seph's Acad., Des Moines, Univ.; I.A.G. 
(hon.), Cumming Sch. of Art, 1929; m. 
Lynn Nelson Stacey of Des Moines, la., 
19 July 1928; children— John Lynn, 
Mark Lynn. Exhibited at la. Art Salon, 
2d and hon. mention, 1929, 1st, 2d, 1930, 
1st and 2d awards, 1931, popular vote 
prize, The Spinning Wheel, 1935; Des 
Moines Women's Club, 3d award, 1930; 
Iowa rep., 1935, Isochromatic exhbn., 

Grand Central Galleries, N.Y.C.; also 
exhbtd. in 111., N.Y., Ida., Ore., Colo., 
Calif.; 1st asst. designer, Freeman 
Decorating Co., Des Moines; mem. la. 
Art Guild, Sanity in Art Soc. Clubs: 
Aurorian, la. Fed. of Women's, Des 
Moines Fed. of Women's, Des Moines 
Needlework Guild, Highland-Oak Park 
Fed. of Clubs. Author: newspaper 
column, Aunt Samanthy's Philosophy. 
Travel: U.S., Mex., Can. Interests: 
photog., book-collecting, music, detec- 
tive stories, poetry, gardening, carica- 
ture doll-making. Recreations: table 
tennis, canoeing, dancing, cards, 
theatre. Independent Republican. Office: 
Freeman Decorating Co., 405 Old Colony 
Bldg., Des Moines, la. Home: 705 Clin- 
ton Av., Des Moines, la. 

BRUSH, Edward Lewis, physician; b. 
Ashland, Neb.; s. Hobart Brush, drug- 
gist, and Mary E. (Johnson) B.; ed. 
Ashland high sch.; Univ. la. (2 yrs.); 
M.D., Univ. Neb. (3 yrs.), 1906; m. 
Bertha E. Stilson of Atkinson, Neb., 29 
Dec. 1909; children— Edward Earl, John 
Hobart. Physician, Norfolk, Neb., 
1906—; mem. p. pres., Phi Pho Sigma, 
pres., Madison Co., Elkhorn Valley Med. 
Soc, v.p., councillor, State Med. Soc, 
Chamber Commerce. Clubs: Rotary 
(pres., 1931), Country (pres., 1930). 
Travel: U.S. Interests: golf, fishing, 
hunting. Conglist. Democrat. Office: 
409^ Norfolk Av., Norfolk, Neb. Home: 
1501 Norfolk Av., Norfolk, Neb. 

SMITH, Vivian Thomas, college presi- 
dent; b. Litchfield, 111., 14 Aug. 1886; s. 
Albert J. Smith and Ella May (Enloe) 
S.; ed. Tower Hill (111.) high sch.; A.B., 
Greenville (111.) Coll., 1916; A.M., Univ. 
111., 1929, Ph.D., 1933; m. Myrtle L. 
Cannon of Tower Hill, 27 Dec. 1911; 
children — Albert Arthur, Julia Mae. 
Pub. sch. teacher, sch. supt., prof, ed., 
Horon Coll., 1933-36; dean, Kan. Wes- 
leyan Univ., 1937-38; pres. Upper la. 
Univ., 1938 — ; sec treas., la. Coll. Pres. 
Assn.; mem. N.E.A. Author: numerous 
arts., opinions, reports, etc. on ed. 
Travel: U.S. Interests: early Am. glass, 
garden club. Recreation: golf. Method- 
ist. Office: Upper la. Univ., Fayette, la. 
Home: Fayette, la. 

CAMPBELL, Tom W., lawyer; b. 
Randolph Co., Ark., 7 Sept. 1874; s. 
John Stone Campbell, farmer, and Alcy 
(Hufstedler) C; ed. Vernon Acad., Ran- 
dolph Co., Ark.; Add-Ran Coll., Thorp 
Spring, Tex. (now Tex. Christian Univ.), 
1892-94; m. Jenny Roberts of Ingram, 
Ark., 22 Sept. 1895; children— Mrs. Ar- 
lene Pope, Mrs. Reland Graham, Mrs. 


Roberta Norbury. Co. examiner, Ran- 
dolph Co., Ark., 1896-1900; rep., Ran- 
dolph Co. in Ark. Legis., 1900-04, chief 
elk., 1905; adm. bar in Ark. Supreme 
Ct, 1905, U.S. Supreme Ct., 1930; spec, 
justice, Ark. Supreme Ct., 1925; chmn. 
Dem. State Central Com., Ark., 1924-26; 
p. pres., Home Owners Co., Graham & 
Broening Co. of Little Rock; p. sec- 
treas., Ark. Cotton Mills Co. Author: 
Two Fighters and Two Fines, 1941. 
Travel: throughout No. Am. Cont. 
Democrat. Office: Suite 710, Campbell 
Bldg., Little Rock, Ark. Home: 2023 
Gaines St., Little Rock, Ark. 

DRAKE, Eugene Tolman, bacteriolo- 
gist; b. Kirksville, Mo., 6 Nov. 1899; s. 
James T. Drake, doctor of osteopathy, 
and Nell (Tolman) D.; ed. Auburn 
(N.Y.) high sch.; B.S., Cornell Univ., 
1921; M.S., Univ. Wis., 1923; m. Mar- 
garet Parsons of Butte, Mont., 14 Sept 
1923; 1 son, Eugene T., Jr. Teacher, 
Univ. Wis., 1921-23; N.D. Agr. Coll., 
1923-24; engaged in res., Cudahy Pack- 
ing Co., 1924—; pvt., U.S.A., 2 mos. 
during World War I; mem. Soc. Am. 
Bact., Am. Chem. Soc, Am. Legion. 
Author: sci. arts, in Jour. Bact., Infec- 
tious Diseases, Am. Chem. Soc, Food 
Industries. Interest: music. Office: 
Cudahy Packing Co., South Side Station, 
Omaha 7, Neb. Home: 6119 William St., 
Omaha 6, Neb. 

OBOUKHOFF, Nicholas M., professor, 
electrical engineer; b. Novocherkassk, 
Russia, 8 July 1873; s. Mikhail Obouk- 
hoff, judge and lawyer, and Alexandra 
(Krylova) O. ; ed. certificate of matu- 
rity, Classical Gymnasium, Russia; 
M.Sc, Imperial Univ. Kiev and Mos- 
cow, Russia, 1895; engr., technologist in 
mech., Imperial Inst. Tech., Kharkov, 
Russia, 1904; E.E., Ecole Superieure 
d'Electricite, Fr., 1909; Ph.D., cum 
laude, Calif. Inst. Tech., 1929; m. Nina 
Aguisheva of Troitzk, Russia, 1924. 
Travel, Tech., Cultural and Social 
Studies in Eur., Afr. (Egy.) and Asia 
(Palestine, Manchuria, Japan), 1907-14; 
res. and development engr., etc, 
several concerns in Petersbourg (now 
Leningrad), in Siberia, 1914-20; asst. 
prof, of Physics and E.E., Univ. Irkutsk 
and Inst. Tech., Tomsk, Russia, 1920-21; 
prof., Theo. Mech. Hydraulics and E.E., 
also dean, Electro Mech. Div., ed. 
pubis., head labs., Poly. Inst., Harbin, 
Manchuria, 1921-30; assoc. prof. E.E., 
Okla. A. & M. Coll., 1929-30, res. prof, 
elec engring., 1930 — , prof. math, 
physics, 1936—; res. in Logic of En- 
gring. reported before Internat. Con- 

gress for Unity of Sci., 1939, 1941, and 
local Philos. and Sociol. Socs., 1939-40; 
v.p. Sect. C. (Physical Science), Okla. 
Acad. Sci.; mem. com. on Res., 
A.I.E.E., mem. and later fellow, A.I. 
E.E., 1924, 1938—, A.A.A.S., Okla. Acad. 
Sci., mem. I.R.A. (sr.), 1923—, Am. 
Math. Soc, A.A.U.P., Southwestern 
Social Sci. Assn., Southwestern Philos. 
Conf. (assoc. mem.), Sigma Xi, 1928—, 
Eta Kappa Nu. Author: 38 pubis, in 
mags, in Fr., Russia, Manchuria, U.S., 
Ger., 1914 — ; inventions in the fields of 
elec. machinery in Fr., Russia, U.S., 
Can., Gt. Brit.; new method of design- 
ing medium and high frequency alter- 
nators, which found application in indus- 
try. Travel: Eur., Afr., Asia, 1907-14, 
China, Jap., 1921-27, U.S., 1929-41. Inter- 
ests: music and singing, studies of phi- 
losophy, logic and social scis. Office: 
Okla. A. and M. Coll., Stillwater, Okla. 
Home: 402 Jefferson St., Stillwater, 

PORTER, Joseph Franklin, Jr., vice 
president; b. Alton, 111., 1 Feb. 1900; s. 
Joseph F. Porter, and Jennie (Hender- 
son) P.; ed. Washington Grade sch., 
Davenport, la.; Davenport (la.) high 
sch.; Mo. Univ.; Leland Stanford Univ.; 
m. Julia Shellabarger of Salina, Kan., 
8 Feb. 1928; children— Florence, Joseph 
F., III. Mgr. investment dept., Kansas 
City Power & Light Co., 1921-26; asst. 
v.p. N.E. Nat. Bank, Kansas City, Mo., 
1926-28; mgr., J F. Porter & Sons In- 
vestment Co., Kansas City, Mo., 1929-30; 
Sour Dough Timber Co., Buffalo, Wyo., 
1930-31; asst. to pres., Kansas City 
Power & Light Co., 1931-34, v.p., 16 May 
1936—; mgr., la. City Light & Power 
Co., Iowa City, la., 1 June 1934-16 May 
1936; dir., Shellabarger Mill & Elevator 
Co., Salina, Kan., Hotel President, Inc., 
Kansas City, Mo.; mem. Masons. Clubs: 
Rotary (Kansas City), Kansas City, 
Kansas City Country, Mission Hills 
Country, University (Kansas City). 
Presbyterian. Republican. Office: Kan- 
sas City Power & Light Co., 1330 Balti- 
more Av., Kansas City, Mo. Home: 
1010 W. Meyer Blvd., Kansas City, Mo. 

LOHMAN, Marion Lee, teacher; b. 
Dayton, O., 27 Nov. 1903; s. Charles 
Frederick Lohman, farmer, and Emma 
L. (Anspaugh) L.; ed. Miamisburg (O.) 
high sch.; A.B., Miami Univ., Oxford, 
O., 1924; M.S., State Univ. la., 1926; 
Ph.D., Univ. Mich., 1931; m. Gertrude 
Fudge Weir of Eaton, 1925; children— 
Karshia L., Karl. Res. fellow, Univ. 
Mich., 1929-31; nat. res. council fellow, 
Harvard Univ., 1931-33; res. bur. of 


plant industry, U.S. Dept. Agr. (Forest 
Path.), 1933-36; univ. teacher, botany, 
res. worker, Ind. Univ., 1936-41; univ. 
teacher, botany, Miami Univ., 1926-28, 
summer session, Univ. of Mich., 1929; 
assoc. conservationist, bur. of plant ind., 
summers 1939, 41; collaborator, U.S. 
D.A., bur. of plant industry, 1936-41; 
botanist and pathologist, war emer- 
gency crops and sugar sorghums, Agrl. 
Research Adminstrn., U.S.D.A., 1941 — ; 
mem. A.A.A.S., S.A.S.I., Bot. Soc. of 
Am., My col. Soc. of Am., Am. Phyto- 
path. Soc, Ind., Mich. Acad, of Sci. 
Club: Rotary Internat. Author: number 
of short tech. papers, mycol. and phyto- 
path. subjs. in sci. jours., 1926 — . Desc. 
Anspaugh family pioneers of consider- 
able civic influence, St. Paul, Ind. In- 
terests: library methods, children's lit- 
erature covering* plant biology and eco- 
nomic botany. Recreation: studying 
plant life in the field and forest. Protes- 
tant. Office: U.S. Sugar Plant Field 
Station, Meridian, Miss. Homes: 186 N. 
Michigan Av., Greensburg, Ind.; 3466 
Grandview Av., Meridian, Miss. 

ADAMS, John D., secretary of Cham- 
ber of Commerce; b. Miami, Okla., 27 
May 1897; s. Thomas B. Adams, 
farmer, and Leona (McDaniels) A.; ed. 
Miami (Okla.) high sch.; B.S. (En- 
gring.), Univ. Mo., 1920; m. Laura 
Wharton of Columbia, Mo., 1921; 1 dau., 
Jane. Sec, staff, Chamber Commerce, 
Sioux City, 1920-36, Des Moines, 1926-40, 
gen. sec, 1929 — ; pres., Nat. Assn. Com- 
mercial Org. Sees., 1941; mem. bd. of 
dirs. Federal Home Loan Bank, Des 
Moines; pvt., C.A.C., U.S.A. during 
World War I; mem. Am. Legion, Shrin- 
ers, Consistory. Club: Rotary. Interest: 
photog. Recreation: swimming. Protes- 
tant. Office: Hotel Savery, Des Moines, 
la. Home: 735 32d St., Des Moines, la. 

KAUFMANN, David, merchant; b. 
Muenstereifel, Ger., 8 Oct. 1875; s. Meier 
Kaufmann, butcher, and Mathilde 
(Levy) K.; ed. Gymnasium (Muens- 
tereifel, Ger.) ; m. Celia Cotby of Grand 
Island, 26 May 1924. Apprentice in dry 
goods bus., Elberfeld, Ger.; later sales- 
man, Berlin, Solingen, Freiburg, Frank- 
fort Main, Ger.; came to U.S., July 
1903, and to Grand Island, Mar. 1904; 
began in variety store bus., Grand Is- 
land, July 1906; pres. Comml. Nat. 
Bank, Grand Island; partner, Kauf- 
mann & Wernert, Kearny, Neb.; chmn. 
Hall Co. chap. Am. Red Cross; mem. 
Liederkranz, Low German Soc. Club: 
Elk. Travel: Eur. Jewish. Republican. 
Office: 308-312 W. 3d St., Grand Island, 

Neb. Home: 1521 W. Koenig St., Grand 
Island, Neb. 

BREEN, Arthur James, dean of men, 
professor of education; b. Dwight, 111., 
1 Sept. 1898; s. Edmund Breen and 
Mary A. (Kelagher) B.; ed. Parker 
high sch., Chicago, 111.; A.B., Catholic 
Univ., 1918, A.M., 1919; Chicago Univ., 
1925-26; D.D. (hon.), Melchisedech 
Sem., Oakland, N.J., 1926. Instr. hist, 
Columbia Acad., 1923-24; instr. soc. sci., 
Columbia Coll., 1924-25, prof., headmas- 
ter dept. ed., 1926—, dean of men, 
1930 — ; assoc. prof, ed., Mt. Carmel Jr. 
Coll., 1927 — ; visiting prof, ed., Clarke 
Coll., 1930-32, 1940—; prof, rel., Visita- 
tion Acad., 1926-29; mem. Cath. Ed. 
Assn., Am. Hist. Soc, N.E.A., Nat. 
Cath. Ed. Assn,., Nat. Geog. Soc, Am. 
Coll. Personell Assn, Antiquarian Soc, 
Knights Columbus, Hibernians. Club: 
Democratic Author: Ideals and Educa- 
tion; Teaching Skills; Methods in Sec- 
ondary Education; Catholic Philosophy 
of Education. Travel: U.S., Eur. Inter- 
ests: education, personal guidance, his- 
tory, art, museum activities. Recrea- 
tions: travel, golf, baseball. Catholic. 
Democrat. Office and home: Keane 
Hall, Loras Coll., Dubuque, la. 

CRAWFORD, James Louis, business 
executive; b. Macomb, 111., 8 Apr. 1893; 
s. Daniel Crawford, farmer, and Fran- 
ces E. (Bowie) C; ed. Western 111. 
State Teachers Coll. Acad.; B.S., Univ. 
HI., 1917; Univ. Pittsburgh; m. Mary L. 
Reardon of St. Louis, Mo., 15 June 1929. 
Research eng., Westinghouse Lamp Co., 
1917, 19; fellow, Mellon Inst. Indsl. Res., 
1919-32; research eng., Laclede-Christy 
Clay Products Co., 1923-32; v.p. and gen. 
mgr., Walsh Refractories Corp., 1932 — , 
dir., 1934 — ; dir. Mississippi Glass Co., 
1944 — ; dir. Am. Refractories Inst.; 2d 
It., F.A., 1918; mem. Am. Ceramic Soc, 
Am. Inst. Ceramic Engrs., Mo. Soc. 
Prof. Engrs., A.S.T.M., Am. Legion. 
Clubs: Mo. Athletic, Glen Echo Country, 
Engrs. (St. Louis, Mo.), Rotary. Au- 
thor: numerous tech. arts. Travel: U.S. 
Interest: golf. Catholic. Office: Walsh 
Refractories Corporation, St. Louis, Mo. 
Home: 740 Brittany Lane, University 
City 5, Mo. 

KNIGHT, George A., banker; b. But- 
ler Co., Neb., 23 Apr. 1892; s. Luther P. 
Knight, farmer, and Jeanette Cameron 
(McVean) K.; ed. Geneva (Neb.) high 
sch.; A.B., Neb. Wesleyan Univ., 1914; 
Northwestern Univ., 1915; m. Helen E. 
Gruver of Lincoln, Neb., 17 Oct. 1916; 
children — Dorothy Jeanette, George W. 
Capt. Am. Air Force with Air Medal 


and D.F.C. Pacific area., QB Univ. of 
Neb. Rosebowl Football Team), John E. 
Knight (S 1/c U.S.N.) , Charles E 
Knight (S 2/c U.S.N.) . Pres., dir. Citi 
zens State Bank, Lincoln, Neb.; mem 
Rep. State Central Com.; sec. bd. of trs 
Neb. Wesleyan Univ., Lincoln, Neb. 
elected trustee, Lan. Co. Sanitary Drain 
age Dist., 1944; mem. A.F.A.M., Lin 
coin Chamber Commerce. Club: Lions 
Travel: U.S Methodist. Office: 2650 No 
48th St., Lincoln, Neb. Home: 5403 
Walker Av., Lincoln, Neb. 

KILDEE, Henry Herbert, dean of 
agriculture; b. Osage, la., 1 Mar. 1884; 
s. Michael Kildee, farmer, and Lucy 
Ann (Stone) K.; ed. grad. Cedar Valley 
Sem., Osage, la.; B.S.A., la. State Coll., 
1908, M.S., 1917; D.Agr. (hon.), N.Dak. 
Agr. Coll., 1940; m. Ruth E. Sweney of 
Osage, la., 16 Feb. 1910; children— Mrs. 
Regina Adams, Mrs. Kathleen Minard. 
Instr. animal husbandry, experimental- 
ist, la. State Coll., 1909-10, assoc. prof, 
in charge dairy prodn., 1910-15, prof, 
animal husbandry and chief of dairy 
husbandry, 1915-16, head dept. animal 
husbandry, chief sect., Expt. Sta., 1918- 
35, v. dean, div. agr., 1923-33, dean, 
1933 — ; chief, div. dairy husbandry, 
Univ. Minn., 1916-18; judge, all breeds, 
dairy cattle, hogs, draft horses, beef 
cattle, nat. shows; off. judge, represent- 
ing U.S. internat. judging contest, Eng., 
1926; chmn. la. State Planning Bd., 
1934-39; p. dir. Am. Assn. Planning 
Offs.; chmn. agr. sect., 1938-39, and 
mem. com. on instruction, Assn. Land- 
Grant Colls, and Univs. ; dir. and chmn., 
com. show yard classification, Nat. 
Dairy Assn.; mem. herd classification 
com., Am. Jersey Cattle Club; served 
as mem. Type and Judging Com., Am. 
Jersey Cattle Club, Am. Guernsey Cattle 
Club and Holstein-Friesian Assn.; dir. 
Am. Royal Live Stock Show, mem. Nat. 
Com. to study and make recommenda- 
tions on livestock marketing, A.A.A.S., 
Am. Dairy Sci. Assn., Am. Soc. Animal 
Prodn. (pres., 1934-35), Sigma Xi, Alpha 
Zeta, Phi Kappa Phi, Gamma Sigma 
Delta (pres., 1944—), Delta Upsilon, 
Acacia. Clubs: Rotary, Saddle and Sir- 
loin (Chicago). Author: bulls, on feed- 
ing, breeding, management of livestock, 
and land use planning. Conglist. Repub- 
lican. Office: la. State Coll., Ames, la. 
Home : Ames, la. 

NORMS, Ferris Waldo, professor; b. 
Beemer, Neb., 4 Dec. 1894; s. L. L. 
Norris, teamster, farmer, and Nancy 
Jane (Farran) N.; ed. Beemer (Neb.) 
high sch.; West Point (Neb.) high sch.; 

B.Sc. E.E., Univ. Neb., 1916, M.Sc 
E.E., 1925, E.E., 1927; m. Olie C. Sun 
derland of Pittsfield, Mass., 28 Dec 
1920. Engr., Gen. Electric Co., Schenec 
tady, N.Y., Pittsfield, Mass., 1917-20 
mem. faculty, Elec. Engring. dept. 
Univ. Neb,. 1920—, prof. Elec. En 
gring., in charge communications 
courses; designer of mammoth football 
and basketball timing clock mechanism 
for Univ. Neb. Athletic dept., 1931; 
registered engineer of State of Neb.; 
mem. A.I.E.E. (chmn., Neb. sec, 1937- 
38), I.R.E., S.P.E.E., Neb. Engring. 
Soc, Lincoln Engrs. Club (p. pres., 
1939), Sigma Tau, Sigma Xi (sec, Neb. 
chap., 1941 — ). Co-author: Electrical En- 
gineering Laboratory Practice, Power 
and Telephone Lines. Methodist. Repub- 
lican. Office: Univ. of Neb., Lincoln, 
Neb. Home: 3303 Woods Av., Lincoln, 

KERN, Carl Wilhelm, composer, edi- 
tor, teacher; b. Germany, 4 June 1874; 
s. Kathrine (Scheuerman) K.; ed. pub- 
lic schs., Acad., Gymnasium, Royal 
Coll. Music, Mayenc, Ger.; Mus.D., HI. 
Wesleyan Univ. Teacher, Springfield, 
O., Dennison, O., Dallas, Tex.; colls, 
located St. Louis, Mo., (last 30 yrs.); 
edit. Shattinger Music Co.; teacher, 
organ, piano, compos.; mem. Masons, 
Shriner. Club: St. Louis. Author: more 
than 1,000 musical works; piano, organ, 
songs, anthems, 1 comic opera. Travel: 
Eur. Interest: stamp collecting. Recrea- 
tions: fishing, motor boating. Protes- 
tant. Republican. Office: 511 N. Taylor 
Av., St. Louis, Mo. Res.: 4519 Washing- 
ton Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. 

WOLFF, Frederick Laurence, lawyer; 
b. Creston, la., 31 Aug. 1880; s. Fred- 
erick Wm. Wolff, ins., and farming, and 
Rebecca Ann (Kelsey) W. ; ed. Creston 
high sch.; Univ. Kan.; LL.B., Univ. 
Neb., 1904; m. Myrtle Meyer, 24 June 
1908. Practiced law continuously since 
1904 except while Judge of the Neb. 
Supreme Court Comm. (2 terms, 1927- 
31); pres. Lincoln Fed. Savings & Loan 
Assn., 1930 — ; mem. Am., State and 
Omaha (v.p., 1943 — ) Bar Assns., Sons 
of Union Vets.; Univ. Neb. Law Alumni 
Assn., (p. sec), B.P.O.E. Past Exalted 
Ruler's Assn., (p. pres.), S.A.R. (state 
pres.). Author: The Wolff Genealogy, 
1729-1929. Conglist. Republican. Office: 
618-622 Keeline Bldg., Omaha, Neb. 
Home: Mt. Vernon Apts., Omaha, Neb. 

GRAVES, Ludwick, lawyer; b. Butler, 
Mo., 8 July 1893; s. Waller W. Graves, 
judge, and Alice M. (Ludwick) G.; ed. 
Jefferson City, Mo., high sch., A.B., 


William Jewell Coll., 1915; LL.B., Kan- 
sas City Sch. of Law, 1917; m. Elizabeth 
Ozelle Miller of Liberty, Mo., 25 Nov. 
1914; children — Alice Mary (Mrs. Wil- 
liam J. Herwood), Elizabeth. Practice 
of law, 1919; claims atty., Kansas City 
Power & Light Co., 1919-24; mem., John- 
son, Lucas, Graves & Fane, 1926 — ; dir., 
Kansas City Power & Light Co.; v.p. f 
dir., Panhandle Power & Light Co.; 
mem., Bd. of Dirs., Sch. dist. of Kan- 
sas City, 1936-42, pres., 1938-42; mem., 
Kansas City Bar Assn., Lawyer's Assn. 
of Kansas City, Mo. State and Am. Bar 
Assns., S.A.R., Kappa Alpha, Phi Alpha 
Delta, Chamber Commerce of Kansas 
City; capt., maj., 4 Aug. 1917-16 Oct. 
1919; div. staffs of 35th and 17th divs., 
overseas with 35th div. Clubs; Univer- 
sity, Kansas City. Family were pio- 
neers. Interest: collecting guns. Rec- 
reations: hunting, fishing, target shoot- 
ing. Protestant. Democrat. Office: 1902 
Power & Light Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 
Home: 630 W T est 61st St., Kansas City, 

MARTIN, Ethyl Edna, superintendent 
State Hist. Soc. of la.; b. Decatur, 111., 
5 Jan. 1887; d. William Winchester Mar- 
tin (dec), mcht., and Lillian (Brown- 
ing) M.; ed. Winterset (la.) high sch., 
1904; B.A., State Univ. la., 1912. Instr. 
rural, grade sch., 1904-07; stenographic 
work during coll., 1907-12; exec, elk., 
State Hist. Soc. of la., 1912-13; sec. Nat. 
Bd. Y.W.C.A. (N.Y.C.), 1913-14; sec. to 
treas., Equitable Life Assurance Soc. of 
U.S. (N.Y.C.), 1914-15; sec. to supt., 
asst. supt., supt., State Hist. Soc. of la., 
1915-40; mem. Phi Beta Kappa, Mortar 
Board, A.A.U.W., (state treas., 1938-40, 
state pres., 1940-42). Clubs: Altrusa of 
Iowa City, Iowa City League of Women 
Voters, University. Author: arts. Iowa 
Journal of History and Politics. Travel: 
U.S., Can., Eur. Interests: literature, 
drama. Presbyterian. Republican. Of- 
fice: 201 Schaeffer Hall, Iowa City, la. 
Home: 340 Ellis Av., Iowa City, la. 

STACEY, Lynn Nelson, artist (paint- 
er); b. Washington, D.C., 24 May 1903; 
s. Everett E. Stacey, exec, and Lou C. 
(Stone) S.; ed. West high sch., Des 
Moines; Univ. of la.; I.A.G. (hon.), 
Cumming Sch. of Art, 1928; Nat. Acad, 
of Design, N.Y.C.; m. Dorothy Layman 
of Des Moines, la., 19 July 1928; chil- 
dren—John Lynn, Mark Lynn. Exhibit 
at Des Moines Women's Club, purchase 
prize and 2 bronze medals, 1928 and 
1929-34; Iowa Art Salon, 2 gold medals, 
4 bronze medals, 1927-27, 1928-30-31; 
exhbtd. in Nat. Acad., N.Y., Washing- 

ton, D.C., N.J., Mich., N.D., Minn., 111., 
la.; important works at Big Parade of 
1934, Univ. la., 5:10 P.M. at la. State 
Coll., Fog on the Hudson, at Des Moines 
Women's Club; Rebentisch, Grand 
Rapids, Mich.; designer, exec, for Free- 
ham Decorating Co., Des Moines, la.; 
v.p. Freeman Contractors, Des Moines 
and Colorado Springs; mem. Am. Arts. 
Prof. League, la. Art Guild (pres.), 
Sanity in Art Soc. Club: Prairie. Travel: 
U.S. Interests: photog., music, short 
stories. Recreations: table-tennis, bad- 
minton, canoeing, swimming, cards, 
theatre, dancing. Independent. Repub- 
lican. Office: 405 Old Colony Bldg., Des 
Moines, la. Home: 705 Clinton Av., Des 
Moines, la. 

STEWART, George Walter, professor 
of physics; b. St. Louis, Mo., 22 Feb. 
1876; s. Oliver Mills Stewart, clergy- 
man, and Eleanor (Bell) S.; ed. Cent, 
high sch., Kansas City; A.B., DePauw, 
1928; Univ. Pittsburgh, 1931; m. Zella 
White of Bradford, Pa., 7 July 1904; 
1 son, Rodney. Asst. in physics, Cornell 
Univ., 1899-1901, instr., 1901-03, asst. 
prof, in charge dept. of physics, 1901-03; 
prof, physics, Univ. N.D., 1904-09; prof. 
of physics and head of dept., State 
Univ. la., 1909—; dir., Iowa City Bldg. 
and Loan; engaged as physicist and 
engr. by the U.S.N, during World War 
I; mem. Nat. Acad, of Sciences, Am. 
Physical Soc. (pres., 1941), Am. Acous- 
tical Soc, Am. Opt. Soc, Am. Assoc. 
Phys., Teachers, A.A.A.S., Am. Acad, 
of Arts and Sci., la. Acad., of Sci., Soc. 
for Promotion of Engring., Phi Beta 
Kappa, Sigma Xi, Phi Kappa Phi, 
N.A.S. Author: Introductory Acoustics; 
Theoretical Acoustics (joint author with 
Lindsay D. Van Nostrand); contbs. in 
sci. jours, here and abroad. Travel: 
world. Recreations: golf, travel. Meth- 
odist. Republican. Office: Department 
of Physics, State Univ. of la., Iowa City, 
la. Home: 1010 Woodlawn, Iowa City, la. 

WARNER, Emory Dean, pathologist; 
b. North English, la., 5 July 1905; s. 
Jasper B. Warner, farmer, and Minnie 
(Roller) W.; ed. North English high 
sch.; B.S., State Univ. la., 1927, M.D., 
1929; m. Irene M. Ketchum of Musca- 
tine, la., 18 June 1930; children— Car- 
men Marie, Carol Cornelia, Helen Irene. 
Asst. resident path., Univ. Rochester, 
Rochester, N.Y., 1929-30, asst. path. 
State Univ. la., 1930-31, instr., 1931-33, 
asst. prof., 1933-38, assoc. prof., 1938—; 
mem. A.M.A., Am. Assn. of Path, and 
Bact., Am. Soc. of Clin. Path., Am. Soc 
for Exptl. Path., Soc for Exptl. Biol. 


and Med., Central Soc. for Clin. Res., 
A.A.A.S., Sigma Xi. Author: exptl. 
papers on pathology. Office: 133 Medical 
Laboratory Bldg., Iowa City, la. Home: 
617 S. Dodge St., Iowa City, la. 

THROCKMORTON, Jeannette Dean, 

physician, librarian; b. Derby, la., 26 
Jan. 1883; d. Thomas Morford Throck- 
morton, phys., and Mary Ann (Bentley) 
T. ; ed. Chariton high sch.; Ph.B., Simp- 
son Coll., 1904; A.M., la. Wesleyan 
Univ., 1909; M.D., Keokuk Med. Coll., 
Coll. of P. &S., 1907; M.D. (hon.), 
Drake Univ. Med. Dept., 1909; M.D., 
Univ. Neb. Med. Dept., 1910; M.D. 
(hon.), State Univ. la. Med. Dept., 1920, 
post-grad., Univ. Chicago, Columbia 
Univ.; m. Charles N. Dean, M.D. of 
Sumner, 111., 1 Mar. 1928. Gen. practice, 
Chariton, la., 12 yrs.; head of la. State 
Bd. of Health, 6 yrs.; head of la. State 
Med. Library, 1928 — ; given highest 
grade up to 1907 by State Bd. Med. 
Examrs., holding this place 10 yrs.; 
P. A.C.P.; mem. Royal Inst. Pub. 
Health (v.p., 1920, London), State Soc. 
la. Med. Women (pres., 1919, life mem., 
1940), la. State Med. Soc. (life mem., 
1940), Polk Co. Med. Soc. (life mem.), 
la. Library Assn. (life cert.), Epsilon 
Sigma, D.A.R., White Shrine, P.E.O., 
Eastern Star. Author: sev. essays pub. 
in med. jours. Travel: Eur. Interests: 
genealogy, quilts, flowers, collecting 
stamps and coins, cameos, china dolls, 
bookplates and Wedgwood pottery, non- 
med. books by med. men. Recreations: 
china painting, violin, reading. Method- 
ist. Republican. Presented to Queen 
Elizabeth of Belgium, 1919 and 1920. 
Office: la. State Medical Library, His- 
torical Bldg., Des Moines, la. Home: 
4207 Urbandale Av., Des Moines, la. 

FENTON, Elsie M., executive secre- 
tary; b. Dubuque, la., 29 July 1899; d. 
Charles W. Katz, bus., and Wilhelmina 
(Trommer) K.; ed. Dubuque (la.) high 
sch., 1917; mgr. Violin (Dubuque, la.) 
Sch., 1916; B.A., State Univ. of la., 1921; 
m. Everett O. Fenton of Centerville, la., 
2 July 1925; children— Marilyn, Ronald, 
Keith, Janice. Newspaper and adver- 
tising work; teacher and prin. la. high 
schs.; founded Alpha Iota at Am. Inst, 
of Bus., 1925 (grand pres.), mem. Theta 
Sigma Phi, Hon. Journalist Sorority, 
Beta Gamma Sigma, Hon. and Profes- 
sional Commerce Fraternity, Am. Assn. 
of Univ. Women, Nat. Comml. Teachers 
Fedn., Eastern Teachers Assn., South- 
ern Bus. Ed. Assn. Clubs: Bus. and Pro- 
fessional Women's, Daughters of the 
Nile, O.E.S., Am. Fed. of Soroptimist 

Clubs (p. dir. North Central Region), 
Soroptimist of Des Moines (p. pres.), 
Nat. Fed. of Press Women (sec. la. 
Press Women). Author: Quarterly Soror- 
ity, ed. Alpha Iota Notebook. Travel: 
U.S., Can., Mex. Interests: violin, 
photog., mem. symphony orchestra. 
Recreations: reading, walking. Conglist. 
Republican. Office: Grand Av. at Tenth, 
Des Moines, la. Home: 311 56th St., Des 
Moines, la. 

FOUST, Harry Lewis, veterinarian, 
teacher; b. O., 22 Mar. 1886; s. William 
Edgar Foust, farmer, and Lydia (Augs- 
burger) F.; ed. Village high sch., Cairo, 
O.; Valparaiso Univ., 1910-11; D.V.M., 
O. State Univ., 1914; Univ. Wis., 1917-18; 
Univ. Minn., 1926-28, 1934; m. Sadie May 
Kellas of Fargo, N.D., 1918; 1 dau., 
Shirley Marie. Vet. insp., U.S.B.A.I., 
1914-16; asst. prof. vet. med., 1916-26; 
assoc. prof., N.Dak. Agr. Coll and Agr. 
Expt. Sta., 1927; prof., head, Dept. of 
Vet. Anat., la. State Coll., 1927—; mem., 
Am. Vet. Med. Assn., la. Vet. Med. 
Assn., A.A.A.S., Am. Assn. Anat., Biol. 
Phot. Assn., Am. Gen. Assn., Soc. Study 
Dev. and Growth, Am. Soc. for Prod., 
Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Xi, Gamma 
Sigma Delta. Clubs: University of Des 
Moines, Osborn. Author: Inherited Eye 
Defect in Guinea Pig; Surgical Anatomy 
of Teat of Cow; Nerve Supply of Bovine 
Stomach; Growth Studies on Thryoid of 
Dog. Lecture Outlines and Laboratory 
Guide for Veterinary Microscopic Anat- 
omy and Embryology, Atlas of Anatomy 
of Domestic Animals. Interests: free 
hand drawing, sculpture. Recreations: 
golf, fishing. Protestant. Office: Iowa 
State Coll., Ames, la. Home: 2110 Coun- 
try Club Blvd., Ames, la. 

BERRY, James Brewton, associate 
professor; b. Orangeburg, S.C., 9 Aug. 
i901; s. Joseph A. Berry, atty., and 
Frances (Pike) B.; ed. Orangeburg 
(S.C.) high sch.; A.B., Wofford Coll., 
1922; B.D., Yale Univ., 1925; Ph.D., 
Univ. Edinburgh, 1930; m. Margaret 
Woods of Vicksburg, Miss., 11 Sept. 
1926; children — Margaret, Deborah. In- 
str., O. State Univ., 1929-31; asst. prof, 
sociology, Univ. Mo., 1931-37, assoc. 
prof., 1937 — ; dir., Anthropol. Collection, 
Univ. Mo., 1933 — , Archaeol. Survey 
Mo., 1932 — ; sec, Mo. Archaeol. Soc, 
1934 — ; mem. Am. Sociol. Soc, Am. 
Anthropol. Assn., Soc. for Am. Ar- 
chaeol., A.A.U.P., Phi Beta Kappa, 
Delta Sigma Phi, Alpha Kappa Delta, 
Book and Bond (Yale), Pi Kappa Delta, 
Alpha Pi Zeta. Club: Univ. (Columbia, 
Mo.). Author: You and Your Supersti- 


tions; about 30 mag. arts, on sociol., 
archaeol. topics. Travel: Eur., No. Am. 
Desc. Charles Pinckney, Miles Brewton, 
prominent in S.C., nat. history. Inter- 
ests: mus., lit., arch. Recreations: 
chess, bridge, gardening, fishmg. Epis- 
copalian. Democrat. Office: 210 Switzler 
Hall, Columbia, Mo. Home: Lathrop 
Rd., Columbia, Mo. 

LAWSON, Martin E., lawyer; b. Mer- 
cers burg, Pa., 15 May 1867; s. Simon F. 
Lawson and Sarah J. (Blair) L.; ed. 
Osborn (Mo.) high sell.; m. Kate Riley 
of Liberty, Mo., 10 Oct. 1894; children- 
James E. (dec), Nancy. Admitted to 
bar, Liberty, Mo., 1890; now mem. firm, 
Lawson and Hale; dir. and v.p. First 
Nat. Bank, Liberty, Mo.; pres., Clay 
Co., Mo. Abstract Co.; v.p. Judicial 
Council Meth. Ch. ; mem. Am., Mo. and 
Clay Co. Bar Assns. Clubs : Kansas City 
Athletic, Rotary (Liberty, Mo., p. pres.). 
Travel: H.I., Can., Brit. Isles, U.S. In- 
terests: ch. work, law. Recreations: 
golf, motoring. Methodist. Democrat. 
Home: 456 Arthur St., Liberty, Mo. 

ABELLS, Harry Delmont, superin- 
tendent of mil. acad. ; b. Hatfield, Mass., 
18 Oct. 1872; s. N. T. Abells, farmer, 
and Ruth E. (Livermore) A.; ed. Mt. 
Hermon Sch. (Mass.); S.B., Univ. Chi- 
cago, 1897, grad. stud., 1897-98; m. 
Helena Sadd of Ellington, Conn., 1898; 
1 dau., Ruth Abells Douglas. Gen. sec 
Englewood dept., Y.M.C.A. of Chicago, 
1898; acad. asst. in introductory yr., 
Morgan Park Acad., Univ. Chicago, 
1898-1901, assoc. in physics and chem., 
1901-02, instr. phys., and chem., 1902—; 
pres., Morgan Park Pub. Sch. Bd., 1910- 
12; mem. Chicago Adv. Sch. Plan 
Commn., 1921-23; prin., Morgan Park 
Mil. Acad., 1907-19, supt., 1919 — ; supt., 
Morgan Park Jr. Coll., 1933—; col. 
I.N.G.; mem. Alpha Delta Phi, A.C.S., 
Cent. Assn. Sci. and Math. Teachers 
(pres., 1918). Club: Executives (Chi- 
cago). Conglist. Republican. Office: 2153 
W. 111th St., Chicago, HI. Home: 2164 
W. 112th St., Chicago, HI. Summer res.: 
Niantic, Conn. 

TRAX, David Lewis, mechanical en- 
gineer; b. Oil City, Pa.; s. Harry B. 
Trax, oil producer, and Ida Belle 
(White) T.; ed. Oil City high sen.; 
Clarkson Coll.; B.S., Cornell Univ., 1916; 
m. Ellen Heatherly of La Grange, Mo., 
18 June 1921. Supt. Erie Tool Works. 
1916; oil bus., Midwest Refg. Co., Wyo., 
1919-21; mech. engr., Gulf Oil Corp., 
Okla., 1922—; asst. dir. materials, 
Petroleum Admin, for War, Washington, 
O.O., 1943-45; served with the 111th Inf., 

28th div. A.E.F., 18 mos., received 
purple heart; mem. A.I.M. and M.E., 
Am. Petroleum Inst., Okla. Soc. Prof. 
Engrs. Clubs: Engrs. of Tulsa, Phi 
Delta Theta, Masons (32d deg.). Author: 
various arts, pertaining to the oil indus- 
try. Travel: extensive in U.S. Interests: 
collecting antiques, woodcraft. Recrea- 
tions: golf, fishing, hunting. Protestant. 
Office: Box 661, Tulsa, Okla. Home: 
4402 S. Birmingham Rd., Tulsa, Okla. 

SMITH, William C, civil engineer; b. 
Farmington, Ark., 25 Oct. 1900; s. Moses 
Elbert Smith, mcht., and Minnie Lee 
(Blackburn) S.; ed. Fayetteville high 
sch.; B.S. in C.E., Univ. Ark., 1922; m. 
Frances Christine Slaughter of Fayette- 
ville, Ark., June 1926; 1 dau., Ada Lee. 
Actively engaged in engring. since 
graduation from univ. Capt. 142d F.A. 
Ark. Nat. Guard, 2 Jan. 1941; It. col., 
European Theatre, awarded Bronze 
Star, the Distinguished Service Cross 
(Brit.), Croix de Guerre with Palm 
(Fr.). Interest: photog. Methodist. Of- 
fice: Fayetteville, Ark. Home: 514 Gun- 
ter St., Fayetteville, Ark. 

BOCKSTAHLER, Lester Irving, teach 
er, physicist; b. Santa Clause, Ind., 22 
July 1895; s. Julius D. Bockstahler and 
Anna Lydia (Kokomoor) B.; ed. Dale 
(Ind.) high sch.; A.B., Ind. Univ., 1920, 
A.M., 1921; Univ. Chicago; Ph.D., 
Northwestern Univ., 1924; m. Inez Marie 
Pomeroy of Kimberly, Ida., 19 June 
1928; 1 son, Alan James. Teacher, Ind 
pub. schs., 1913-16; teacher, physics, 
Northwestern Univ., 1921 — ; 2d It. air 
service during World War I; mem. Am. 
Phys. Soc, Am. Assn. Physics Teach- 
ers, Sigma Xi, Phi Beta Kappa. Club: 
University (Evanston). Travel: Eng., 
Eur., 1927. Interest: exptl. physics. 
Methodist. Republican. Office: North- 
western Univ., Dept. of Physics, Evans- 
ton, El. Home: 2440 Prospect Av., Ev- 
anston, HI. 

MUSSELMAN, John Rogers, mathe- 
matician; b. Gettysburg, Pa., 1 Dec. 
1890; s. J. Elmer Musselman, banker, 
and Euphemia D. (Rogers) M. ; eu. 
grad. Gettysburg high sch., 1905, Gettys- 
burg Acad., 1906; A.B., Gettysburg Coll., 
1910, A.M., 1913; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins 
Univ., 1916; m. Paula Wilson of Balti- 
more, Md., 23 May 1925; 1 son, Peter 
Rogers. Instr. math., Univ. 111., 1916-18; 
statistician, U.S. Food Adminstrn., Feb.- 
May 1918; instr. math., Washington 
Univ., 1919-20; assoc. in math., The 
Johns Hopkins Univ., 1920-25, assoc. 
prof., 1925-28; prof, math., Western Res. 
Univ., 1928—, chmn. of div., 1936—: 


Univ. scholar, Johns Hopkins Univ., 
1913-14, Univ. Fellow, 1914-16; assoc. 
ed., The Am. Math. Monthly, 1928-43; 
1st It., statistics br., Gen. Staff, U.S.A., 
May 1918-Sept. 1919; mem. Phi Delta 
Theta, Gamma Alpha, Phi Beta Kappa, 
Sigma Xi. Author: various tech. arts, 
in Am. and fgn. jours. Travel: Eur. 
Republican. Office: Western Reserve 
Univ., Cleveland, O. Home: 2768 Lan- 
cashire Rd., Cleveland 6, O. 

CHISHOLM, Reginald Heywood, den- 
tist; b. Portsmouth, Va., 24 Sept. 1897; 
s. Alfred L. Chisholm and Sarah E. 
(Anderson) C; ed. Va. Theol. Sem. and 
Coll.; D.D.S., Northwestern Univ. Den- 
tal Sch., 1923; m. Clara L. Chisholm of 
Chicago, 111., 6 Aug. 1936. Pvt. S.A.T.C. 
during World War I; mem. Lincoln Den- 
tal Soc, Alpha Phi Alpha. Baptist. Inde- 
pendent. Office: 3255 S. State St., Chi- 
cago, 111. 

HARMON, Henry Gadd, educator; b. 
St. Paul, Minn., 14 June 1901; s. Andrew 
D. Harmon, minister and educator, and 
Alice (Gadd) H.; ed. A.B., Cotner Coll., 
1924; M.A., Transylvania Coll., 1925; 
Ph.D., Univ. Minn., 1935; m. Helen 
Sherman of Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 1925; 
children— Jeanette, Norma Jean, Henry 
Andrew. Prof, of hist., Sixth Provincial 
Normal Coll., Anhwei, China, 1922-23; 
prof, of edn., Culver-Stockton Coll., 1925- 
34; pres., William Woods Coll., 1934-41; 
pres., Drake Univ., 1941 — . Office: Drake 
Univ., Des Moines, la. Home: 227 37th 
St., Des Moines, la. Summer res.: 
Cable, Wis. 

BATTEY, Raymond Bennett, general 
freight traffic manager; b. Chicago, HI., 
9 Jan. 1885; s. Col. Frederick A. Battey 
and Marie Alma (Cooper) B.; ed. Engle- 
wood high sch.; Bus. Coll.; m. Lunette 
Taylor of Chicago, 111., 10 Oct. 1907; 
children — Frederick T., Marjorie E., 
Jane Louise. Stenographer, operating 
dept., Pa. Ry., Chicago, 1905-07; stenog- 
rapher, elk., passenger dept., Burling- 
ton Ry., Chicago, 1907-17; chief elk., 
office of the v.p. in charge of traffic, 
C.B.&Q. Ry., office mgr., Fed. Mgrs. 
Office, 1917-19, asst. gen. freight agt. in 
charge of coal traffic, 1919-21, coal traffic 
mgr., 1921-36, asst. freight traffic mgr., 
1936-40, asst. gen. greight traffic mgr., 
1940—. Clubs: Union League, Traffic, 
LaGrange Country. Paternal and mater- 
nal grandparents settled in Bureau Co., 
111., with their families from R.I. and 
Conn., 1854. Protestant. Republican. Of- 
fice: 547 W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago, 
111. Home: 420 Blackstone Av., La 
Grange, 111. 

GELLFILLAN, Solon John, publisher; 
b. Brazil, Ind., 21 Oct. 1889; s. Dennis 
C. Gillfillan, real estate dealer, and 
Nancy A. (Miller) G.; ed. Brazil (Ind.) 
high sch.; Univ. Ind.; m. Ethel E. 
Eittch of Chicago, HI., 4 Aug. 1914; chil- 
dren — James H., Thomas L., Judith. 
Sch. teacher, during coll. yrs.; sales- 
man, F. E. Compton & Co., 1912, pres., 
1939, dir.; mem. Delta Tau Delta, Ind. 
Soc. of Chicago, Chicago Athletic Assn. 
Club: Skokie Country. Protestant. 
Democrat. Office: 1000 No. Dearborn 
St., Chicago, HI. Home: 432 Washington 
Av., Glencoe, 111. Summer res.: Sayner, 

EPPERSON, Fay Etna, artist, whist- 
ler and teacher; b. Kansas City, Mo., 
30 June 1894; d. Jud E. Epperson, ins., 
and Emma Viola (Cox) E.; ed. Welling- 
ton (Kan.) high sch.; stud, of voice, 
drama and whistling; m. Kenneth Whit- 
ney of Toronto, Can., 20 Oct. 1942. 
Toured as whistler, ch. interpreter in 
concert, child minister, U.S., Can. and 
Alas., large churches of Western U.S.; 
developed breath control placement and 
far technique for whistling; dir. many 
large whistling ensembles. Recreation: 
enjoying nature. Address: 231% So. Co- 
lumbus St., Glendale 4, Calif. 

COOPER, Frederick Allen, real estate 
broker; b. Kankakee, 111., 12 Oct. 1885; 
s. Henry Clay Cooper and Maria (Allen) 
C; ed. B. S., Dartmouth Coll., 1908; 
Northwestern Univ. Law Sch. With 
Union Carbide Co., 1909-12; real estate 
broker, 1912—; 2d lieut., A.S., 1 yr. 
during World War I; mem. Delta Kappa 
Epsilon, Phi Delta Phi. Club: Evanston. 
Recreations: hunting, fishing. Protes- 
tant. Republican. Office: 525 Grove St., 
Evanston, 111. Home: 824 Lake Av., Wil- 
mette, 111. Summer home: Elcho, Wis. 

HUNT, Mabel Leigh, author; b. 
Coatesville, Ind.; d. Tighlman Hunt, 
physician, and Amanda E. (Harvey) 
H.; ed., Plainfield high sch.; Shortridge 
high sch., Indianapolis, Ind.; DePauw 
Univ.; Western Res. Univ., graduating 
in course of Library Work with Children, 
1923. Librarian, Rauh Memorial Li- 
brary, 1929-39; mem. Am. Library 
Assn., Alpha Phi. Club: Woman's Press. 
Author: Lucinda; Boy Who Had No 
Birthday; Little Girl with Seven Names, 
Susan, Beware; Peter Piper's Pickled 
Peppers; Benjie's Hat; Little Grey 
Gown; Michel's Island; Billy Button's 
Butter 'd Biscuit; John of Pudding Lano; 
Have You Seen Tom Thumb; Young 
Man-of-the-House ; Sibby Botherbox. 
Travel: U.S., abroad. Interests: liter- 


ary, travel. Recreations: books, friends 
Methodist. Republican. Office and 
home: 2933 N. Meridian St., Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

BARNES, Cecil, lawyer; b. Chicago, 
111., 17 Apr. 1880; s. Cecil Barnes and 
Annie D. (Larrabee) B.; ed. St. Mark's 
Sen., Southboro, Mass.; A.B., Harvard 
Univ., 1903, A.M., 1904; LL.B., North- 
western Univ., 1908; m. Margaret H. 
Ayer of Chicago, 111., 21 May 1910; chil- 
dren—Cecil, Edward L., Benjamin A. 
Mem. law firm of Packard, Barnes, 
Schumacher & Cilmore, Chicago, 111., 
1939 — ; tr., Chicago Hist. Soc; served 
with U.S. Food Admin., 1917-19; mem. 
Chicago Art Inst., Field Museum, A.A. 
A.S., Phi Beta Kappa. Clubs: Cliff 
Dwellers, University, Legal, Harvard 
(Chicago). Recreations: motoring, hik- 
ing, camping. Independent. Office: 38 S. 
Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. Home: 1153 
No. Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. Summer 
res.: Mt. Desert, Me. 

GOTT, Philip Porter, trade assn. 
executive; b. La Grange, O.; 1889; s. 
Charles W. and Laura (Lincoln) G.; 
ed., A.B., Oberlin Coll., 1915; A.M., 
Columbia Univ., 1917; m. Ethel Hast- 
ings, 1919; children — Porter H., Laura 
Jane. Mgr., Builders Exchange and 
other trade assns., Akron, O., 1919-28; 
sec, Washington Trade Assn. Execu- 
tives; asst. mgr., mgr., Trade Assn. 
Dept. of Chamber Commerce of U.S., 
1928-40; pres. Nat. Confectioners Ass~n., 
1941—; mem. D.C. Bar, Am. Trade 
Assn. Executives, Am. Statis. Assn., 
Chicago Assn. of Commerce, Am. Mar- 
keting Assn., Am. Econ. Assn. Office: 
224 S. Michigan Av., Chicago, HI. Home: 
346 Sheridan Rd., Winnetka, HI. 

McPHEETERS, Chester A., minister; 
b. New Albany, Ind., 14 Feb. 1895; s. 
Emmett E. McPheeters, printer, and 
Harriet (Bradbury) McP. ; ed. A.B , As- 
bury Coll., 1918; S.T.B., Boston Univ., 
1921; D.D. (hon.), Union Coll.; m. Mary 
E. Maxey of Wilmore, Ky., 25 May 1916. 
Pastor, E. Bridgewater, Mass., 1918-19, 
S. Braintree, Mass., 1920-21, Sheridan, 
Ind., 1922-26, Nappanee, Ind., 1926-30, 
Elkhart, Ind., 1930-34, N. Indianapolis, 
Ind., 1934-43, Metropolitan Meth., De- 
troit, 1943—; tr. Children's Village; del. 
to gen. conf., Atlantic City, 1932, Kan- 
sas City, 1940; mem. Theta Phi, Masons 
(32d deg.). Author: arts, in Ch. Cent., 
other mags. Office: Metropolitan Meth. 
Church, 8000 Woodward, Detroit 2, Mich. 
Home: 700 Seward, Detroit 2, Mich. 

HALSTEAD, Ward Campbell, associ- 
ate professor of experimental psychol- 
ogy; b. Sciotoville, O., 31 Dec. 1908; s. 
Ward Beecher Halstead, engr., and 
Fannie (Campbell) H.; ed. Sciotoville 
high sen.; MiCvrni Univ.; A.B., Ohio 
Univ., 1931; M.A., Ohio State Univ., 
1932: Ph.D., Northwestern Univ., 1935; 
m. Ei.'zabeth Meade Lee of New Haven, 
Conn., 6 Dec. 1932. Nat. research fellow, 
Univ. Chicago, for investigation on 
brain function, 1935-36; instructor, dept. 
of med., Univ. Chicago, 1936-39, asst. 
prof., 1939 — ; assoc mem. Otho S. A. 
Sprague Mem. Just., 1939—; assoc. prof., 
1943 — ; at present, devoting full time to 
spl. war researcn in aviation medicine 
and brain injuries; mem. Am. Psychol. 
Assn., Am. Physiol. Soc, Am. Neurol. 
Assn., Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, 
Kappa Delta Pi; Psi Chi, Beta Theta 
Pi. Club: Quadrangle. Author: mono- 
graph on function of the cerebellum; 
Medicine and the War, 1945; Psychology 
for the Returning Serviceman, 1945; 
various tech. papers on brain function 
in man and animals. Travel: Eur., No. 
and So. Am. Interests: music, painting. 
Recreations: tennis, hunting. Office: 
Univ. of Chicago, Chicago, 111. Home: 

GUENZEL, Louis, architect; b. Koes- 
lin, Ger., 28 Jan. 1860; s. Gottlieb Guen- 
zel, architect, builder, and Wilhelmine 
(Conradt) G.; ed. pub. sch. and gym- 
nasium, Koeslin; Real Gymnasium, Mu- 
nich; tech. schs., Hildburghausen and 
Berlin; Tech. Univ. Munich and Berlin, 
1888-92; m. Allice Paepcke of Chicago, 
111., 6 Mar. 1909; 1 son, Paul Walter. 
With Adler & Sullivan, architects, Chi- 
cago, 1892-93; practicing architect, Chi- 
cago, 1894 — ; mem. A.I. A., Art Inst, 
(life), Field Museum of Nat. Hist. (life). 
Clubs: University, Arts. Interests: pro- 
fessional, artistic, humanitarian. Recre- 
ations : walking. Evangelical-Lutheran. 
Republican. Office: 879 N. State St., Chi- 
cago, 111. Home: 219 Lake Shore Dr., 
Chicago, 111. 

GROSS, Henry Rew, business execu- 
tive; b. Chicago, 111., 19 Apr. 1892; s. 
Alfred H. Gross and Anna (Rew) G.; 
ed. Thacher Sch.; Andover Sch.; Yale 
Univ., 1915; LL.B., Univ. Chicago Law 
Sch., 1916; m. Mary Lou Earp of Mem- 
phis, 3 June 1937; 1 son, Louis Edward. 
Engaged in practice of law, 1916-17; 
asst. cashier, Great Lakes Trust Co., 
1919-22; pres. Unity Mfg. Co., 1922—; 
1st lieut., F.A., 1917-19, in Fr., 1918. 
Clubs: Chicago Racquet, Saddle and 
Cycle, Onwentsia. Recreations: tennis, 


golf. Office: 2909 Indiana Av., Chicago, 
111. Home: 1430 Lake Shore Dr., Chi- 
cago, 111. 

GRAN ATA, Peter C, state senator; 
b. Chicago, 111., 28 Oct. 1900; s. Frank 
Granata; ed. Medill high sch. ; Univ. 
111.; m. Johanna Wallner of Chicago, 
111. Supt., Comsumers Co.; chief c'k. to 
City Prosecutor; chief dep. coroner, 
Cook Co.; chmn. bd. dirs. ; v.p. Con- 
sumers Tire & Supply Co. Club: Gr. 
West Sportsman of Am. Catholic. Re- 
publican. Office: Springfield, 111. Home: 
771 W. Washington St., Chicago, 111. 

CLANCY, James Franklin, clergy- 
man; b. near Newburgh, On*;., Can.; s. 
Jacob Clancy, clergyman, and Jane Ann 
(Shorts) C; ed. high sch. (Newburgh, 
Ont.); Prep. Sch. Northwestern Univ.; 
B.P., Northwestern Univ.; B.D., Garrett 
Biblical Inst.; m. Elina Ann Holmes of 
Marseilles, 111., 19 May 1601; children- 
Donald Raymond, Rockwell Franklin, 
Mark Wendell, Myrtle Father. Warne 
Holmes. Pastor Meth. Churches (Chi- 
cago, Northern 111.), Union Av. Meth. 
Ch., Chicago, 1916-44; supt. G. F. Swift 
Memorial Parish House, chmn. Bd. 
Mgrs.; mem. Delta Upsilon. Travel: 
U.S., Can., Eur. Methodist. Republican. 
Office and home: 10522 So. Hoyne Av., 
Chicago, 111. Summer Loire. Edgewater 
Beach, Valparaiso, Ind. 

BYRON, Charles Loomis, patent law- 
yer; b. Peoria, 111., 26 Sept. 1S84; s. Noel 
R. Byron and Nellie L. (Mundy) B.; ed. 
South Div. high sch., Milwaukee, Wis.; 
B.S.E.E., Univ. Wis.. 1908; law course, 
Marquette Univ.; m. Ruby Hildebrand 
of Milwaukee, Wis., 7 July 1910; 1 dan., 
Ann (Byron) Richtmyre. In patent dept. 
of Allis-Chalmers Mfg. Co., Milwaukee, 
Wis., 1908-12, Internat. Harvester Co., 
Chicago, 1912-17; admitted to bar in Tl!. 
in 1913; practiced patent law with firm 
Wilkinson & Huxley, 1917-20; partner in 
firm of Wilkinson, Huxley, Byron & 
Knight continuously, 1920—; mem. Am., 
III. State and Chicago Bar Assns., Am. 
Patent Law Assn., Patent Law Assn. of 
Chicago, Am. Judicature Soc. Clubs: 
University, Law (Chicago), Skokie 
Country, Mid-Day (Chicago). Interest: 
music. Recreation: golf. Protestant. Of- 
fice: 38 So. Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. 
Home: 1206 Asbury Av., Winnetka, 111. 

BOUTELL, Francis Lawrence, law- 
yer; b. Wapheton, N.D., 25 June 1890; s. 
John Boutell, and Mary Ellen (McCar- 
thy) B.; ed. Sank Center high sch., 
Minn.; A.B., Univ. Minn., 1913; J.D., 
Univ. Chicago, 1915; m. Sybil Struve 

Davis of Chicago, 5 Sept. 1923. Pract. 
law, Chicago, 5 Feb. 1916 — ; asst. Atty. 
Gen., State 111., 1919-20; alderman, 48th 
Ward, Chicago, 1925-26; county commr., 
Cook Co., 1926-30; Reg. S. Maj., 
J.A.G.O., 7 mos., during World War I. 
Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Adventurers, 
Cliff Dwellers. Recreations: farming, 
riding, shooting. Republican. Office: 231 
So. La Salle, Chicago, HI. Home: El- 
burn, 111. 

BOTHMAN, Louis, physician and sur- 
geon; b. St. Louis, Mo., 16 Nov. 1893; s. 
Benjamin Bothman, mcht., and Mary 
(Landau) B.; ed. Murphysboro Town- 
ship high sch., Jackson Co., 111.; B.S., 
Univ. Chicago, 1915; M.D., Rush Med. 
Coll., 1917; m. Anne Bothman of Chi- 
cago, 13 July 1935. Interne, Cook Co. 
Hosp., 1918-19; asst. in ophthal., Univ. 
111., 1922, instr., 1923-24, assoc, 1924-26; 
asst. prof, ophthal., Univ. Chicago, 1927- 
30, assoc. prof., 1930-37, prof., 1937-42; 
asst. ophthal., St. Luke's Hosp., 1927-29, 
assoc, Michael Reese Hosp., 1929-31, 
assoc, St. Luke's Hosp., 1931-41, Sr. 
attending, 1941—; Univ. Vienna, 1926-27; 
Surgery Shikarpur Sind., Ind., 1932; It., 
M.C., U.S.N.R. during World War I; 
mem. A.M.A., 111. State and Chicago 
Med. Socs., Chicago Ophthal. Soc, Chi- 
cago Path. Soc, Chicago Soc. Med. 
History, Inst. Med. Chicago, Acad. 
Ophthal., Assn. for Res. in Ophthal., 
Am. Bd. Ophthal., A.A.A.S., Frater Am. 
Coll. Surgeons, Sigma Xi, A.F. and 
A.M. (Murphysboro 498). Club: Stand- 
ard (Chicago). Author: Fundus Atlas; 
Stereoscopic Photography of the Fundus 
Oculi. Editor: Eye Section of The Year 
Book of Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat, 
1931—; Year Book Pub. Co., 1939. 
Travel: Eur., 1926-27, around the world, 
Oct. 1931-Apr. 1932. Office: 30 N. Michi- 
gan Ave., Chicago, 111. 

ASHBROOK, Ernest Shepardson, busi- 
ness executive; b. Granville, O., 12 Oct. 
1879; s. Milan P. Ashbrook, and Lucy P. 
(Shepardson) A.; ed. Doane Acad.; 
A.B., Denison Univ., 1902; m. Betty M. 
Hughes of Chicago, 21 Nov. 1925. Sales- 
man, Baker- Vawter Co., 1902-10, No. 
Am. Life Ins. Co., S.W. Dept. mgr., 19*0- 
17, Supt. of Agencies, 1917-19, v.p., 1919- 
27, pres., 1927-43, pres., treas., 1944—, 
bd. dirs., 1917 — ; mom. Masons. Club: 
Chicago Athletic. Recreations: sports 
spectator, travel. Baptist. Republican. 
Office: 36 So. State St., Chicago, 111. 
Home: 3000 Sheridan Rd., Chicago, HI. 

GEIGER, Arthur Henry, physician, 
surgeon; b. Chicago, 111., 6 Jan. 1878. s, 
Henry Geiger, phys., and Err.ina (Von 


Heismeier) G. ; ed. Chicago Manual 
Training Sch. ; Atheneum Acad.; M.D., 
Univ. 111., 1900; m. Margaret Semb of 
Chicago, 111., 1915. Med. practice, Chi- 
cago, 1901 — ; chmn., State HI. Med. 
Examining Com.; Chicago Med. Soc. F 
councillor; It., capt., M.C., during World 
War I; It. col., M.C.R., med. res.; mem. 
A.M. A., 111. State Med. Soc, Am. 
A.S., Am. Acad, of Ophthal. and Oto- 
lary. Club: Army and Navy. Travel: 
Eur., U.S. Interests: sketching, paint- 
ing. Recreations: golf, motoring. Epis- 
copalian. Office and home: 554 Fullerton 
Pkwy., Chicago, 111. Summer res.: La- 
guana Beach, Calif. Died, 15 May 1943. 

GALLOWAY, W. Marshall, business 
executive; b. Chicago, 111., 4 Feb. 1893; 
s. Wm. J. Galloway and Agues (Gillies) 
G. ; ed. Lyons Township high sch., La 
Grange, 111.; A.B., Northwestern Univ.. 
1920; m. Alice Anderson of Evanston, 
111., 17 June 1920; children — Gordon 
Marshall, Jean Alice, Bruce Anderson. 
Sec, A. E. Wright, Co., 1922; partner, 
Neely Co., 1926-44; dir., comptroller, 
Merchandise Mart Drug Store, Inc., 
1930-42; Associate, Philip D. Stokes, In- 
vestments, 1944—; F.A., res. off. Tr. 
sch., Louisville, Ky., Camp Zachar;/ 
Taylor, during World War I; mem. 
Alpha Delta Phi. Interest: organ mus. 
Baptist. Republican. Office: 105 S. La 
Salle St., Chicago, 111. Home: 810 Ingle- 
side PL, Evanston, 111. 

GAILEY, Watson, physician, surgeon 
(ophthalmology) ; b. Ashland, 111., 7 
Sept. 1882; s. Watson Gailey, physician, 
surgeon, and Elizabeth (Sinclair) G.; 
ed. Ashland high sch., 1900; M.D., Univ. 
111. Coll. Med., 1904; m. Louise Huffaker 
of Jacksonville, 111., Oct. 1909; 1 dau., 
Janet Gailey Branch. Studied ophthal., 
Vienna, Berlin, London, Madrid, Barce- 
lona, India; chief surgeon, Gailey Eye 
Clinic; chief ophthalmologist, Mennon- 
ite Hosp. ; asst. surgeon, 111. Char table 
Eye & Ear Infirmary, Chicago; capt., 
M.C., U.S.A., 18 mos., 1917-18; mem 
A.M. A., Pan Am. Congress Ophthal., 
Am. Acad. Ophthal. Author: Ophthalmic 
literature only. Travel: Vienna, Berlin, 
1912-13, Vienna, London, 1924-25, 6 moi. 
India in cataract surgery, 1931-32, Spain, 
1932. Father in Civil War. Interest: oph- 
thalmology. Office: 1000 N. Main St., 
Bloomington, 111. Home: 8 Country Club 
Place, Bloomington, 111. 

FAIRFIELD, Almond C, educator, 
travel consultant; b. Angola, Ind., 1 
Mar. 1893; s. Louis W. Fairfield, educa- 
tor, congressman, and Marie (Almond) 
F.: ed. Tri-State Coll., Angola, InA.; 

B.S., Tri-State Coll., 1917; A.B., Univ. 
Mich., 1921, M.A., 1924. Head, sci. dept., 
Okla. City High Sch., 1921-25; asst. prof, 
of physics, Univ. Philippines, 1925-27; 
physics dept., Muskegon Jr. Coll., 1927- 
28; physics dept., Joliet High Sch. and 
Jr. Coll., 1928-45; owner and pub. of 
Travel Digest; ensign, U.S.N., transport 
and cruiser force, N. Atlantic, 1917-19; 
mem. Sigma Mu Sigma (p. nat. pres.), 
Tau Kappa Epsilon, Order of the Golden 
Key (founder and sovereign precptor), 
Masons (K.T., Shrine). Clubs: Lions 
(Joliet, p. pres.), LB., (HI. p. dist. sec). 
Author: Sigma Mu Sigma Ritual, Order 
of the Golden Key Ritual. Interests: 
travel, astron., singing. Recreation: 
bowling. Christian. Republican. Offices: 
Joliet High Sch. and Junior Coll., Joliet, 
111.; and J. Stuart Rotchford Associates, 
39 S. State St., Chicago, 111. Home: 1118 
Oregon Av., Joliet, HI. 

ELSON, William Boris, executive; b. 
Volhynia, Russia, 15 May 1883; natural- 
ized, 1911; s. Samuel L. Elson, teacher, 
and Adele (Isenberg) E.; ed. Imperial 
Univ., Odessa, Rus.; m. Bessie Shulman 
of Chicago, 24 Nov. 1912; children— Wil- 
liam Boris, Jr., Adele Elson Kamp, 
Robert Emanuel. With Amoskeag Mill, 
Manchester, N. H., 1 yr.; millinery bus., 
John Weinberg & Co., 1908, dept. mgr., 
1907; assoc. King-Brinsmeade Mercan- 
tile Co., St. Louis, 1911-21; gen. mgr., 
dir. Gage Hat Works, 1921-26; v.p., dir. 
Gage Bros. & Co., 1922-26; pres., treas. 
Pioneer Investment Corp., 1926-32; re- 
tired, 1935; reentered business, 1935; 
sales mgr., Utility Supply Co., gen. 
mgr., 1937, v.p., 1938; mem. Masons. 
Interests: reading, music. Recreation: 
golf. Free Thinker. Independent. Office: 
305-21 W. Monroe St., Chicago, 111. 
Home: Chicago Arms Hotel, 5125 Ken- 
wood Av., Chicago, HI. Summer res. : 
Porter Beach, Ind. 

CUNEO, John F., printer; b. Chicago, 
111., 24 Dec. 1885; s. Frank Cuneo and 
Amelia (Gondolfo) C; ed. Chicago 
Latin Univ. Sch.; Yale Univ., 1907; m. 
Julia Reed Shepherd of Milwaukee. 
Wis., 24 June 1930; children — John F., 
Jr., Consuela J. Pres., John F. Cuneo 
Co., 1907, The Cuneo Press Inc., Cuneo 
Eastern Press of N.Y. and Philadelphia, 
1919 — ; assoc. chief, Poster div., Infor- 
mation & Edn. Service Dept. of Labor, 
Washington, D.C. during World War I; 
mem. Labor Bd. Club: Catholic, The 
Cloud, Yale, Wykagl Country, Advertis- 
ing, Bankers, Chicago Athletic, South 
Shore Country, Chicago Golf, The Tav- 
ern. Catholic. Office: Canal & 22d St., 


Chicago, 111. Home: Hawthorn Farms, 
Libertyville, 111. 

FRISCH, Leonard H„ editor, pub- 
lisher; b. Suwalki, Poland, 20 Apr. 1390; 
s. Joseph J. Prisch, educator, and Sarah 
(Herman) F. ; ed. North high sch.; A.B., 
Univ. Minn., 1912; Univ. Montpelier 
(Fr.), 1919; m. Bessie M. Millman of 
Chicago, 1928; children — Charles J., 
Daniel R. Pub. Am. Jewish World. 1915; 
mem. Minn. Editorial Assn., Minne- 
apolis Civic Council; pvt., Mar. 1918- 
July 1919, Fr., Sept. 1918- July 1919; dir., 
Minneapolis Fed. for Jewish Service, 
Talmud Torah of Minneapolis, Minne- 
apolis Dist. Zionist Orgn. of Am., Adath 
Jeshurum Synagogue; mem. B'nai 
Brith, Beth El Synagogue. Club: Gymal 
Doled. Travel: Eur., Egy., Pal., 1928- 
29. Interests: journalism, literature. 
Jewish. Independent. Office: 711 Palace 
Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn. Home: 4101 
Linden Hills Blvd., Minneapolis, Minn. 

BERGE, Olaf A,, artist, designer; b. 
St. Paul, Minn., 16 Jan. 1898; s. Joseph 
J. Berge, evangelist, and Anna P. (Salt- 
vig) B. ; ed. Augsburg Acad., Minne- 
apolis, Minn., Minneapolis Sch. of Art; 
St. Paul Sch. of Art. Asst. cashier, 
N. W. Bell Tel. Co., 4 yrs.; artist, de- 
signer, Sly-Fox Film Co., 1926-30; free 
lance artist for E. A. DeForest, 1930-41; 
artist at Midwest Badge Co., Minne- 
apolis, 1941-44; artist at Red Owl Food 
Stores, Sept. 1944 — ; 2d award in paint- 
ing at Minn. State Fair, 1932, 2d av/ard 
group of drawings, 1938. Recreations: 
golf, swimming, skating, hiking. Lu- 
theran. Republican. Home: 2508 10th Av. 
So., Minneapolis 4, Minn. 

de TAKATS, Geza, surgeon; b. Buda- 
pest, Hungary, 9 Dec. 1892; s. Emile de 
Grosz, professor, and Margarete de T. ; 
ed. Royal Hungarian Teacher's Acad., 
Budapest, Hungary; M.D., Univ. Buda- 
pest, 1915, M.S., 1918; m. Carol Beeler of 
Hamilton, O., 23 Oct. 1924. House sur- 
geon, Univ. Budapest, 1915, asst. in sur- 
gery, 1916-18, assoc. surgery, 1918-21, 
asst. prof, surg., 1921-23; spl. fellow, 
Mayo clinic, Rochester, Minn., 1924; 
assoc. in surgery, Northwestern Univ. 
Med. Sch., 1926-27, asst. prof, surgery, 
1927-35; asst. prof, surgery, Univ. 111. 
Med. Sch., 1935, assoc. prof, surgery, 
1936 — ; senior attending surgeon, St. 
Luke's Hosp., Res. Ed. Hosp., Chicago; 
cons, in vascular surgery, Veterans 
Facility, Hines, 111.; F. A.C.S. ; mem. 
Chicago Surg. Soc, Chicago Med. Soc, 
Am. Diabetes Assn., Inst, of Med., Cen- 
tral Soc. for Clin. Res., Internal.. Anes- 
thesia Res. Soc. Clubs: University, Tav- 

ern. Author: arts, and chapters on med. 
subjects. Travel: Vienna, Munich, Ber- 
lin, Copenhagen. Interest: music. Recre- 
ation: tennis. Office: 122 So. Michigan 
Av., Chicago. 111. Home: 1106 Oak Av., 
Evanston, 111. 

MACELWANE, James Bernard, dean, 
Inst, of Geophysical Technology, direc- 
tor, dept. of geophysics, St. Louis Univ.; 
b. near Pt. Clinton, O., 28 Sept. 1883; s. 
Alexander Macelwane and Catherine 
Agnes (Carr) M.; ed. pub. sch., Plaster- 
bed dist.; St. John's high sch., Toledo, 
O.; B.A., St. Louis Univ., 1910, M.A., 
1911, M.S., 1912; Ph.D., Univ. Calif., 
1923. Instr. math., St. Johns Coll., 
Toledo, 1907-08; instr. physics, St. Louis 
Univ., 1912-13, asst. prof, physics, 1913- 
15, 1918-19; asst. prof, geol., Univ. Calif., 
1923-25; dir. Seismographic Stas., Univ. 
Calif., 1923-25; prof, geophysics, dir. 
dept., St. Louis Univ., 1925—, dean grad. 
sch., 1927-33; pres. Jesuit Seismological 
Assn.; dir., Cent. Sta., 1925—; tr., St. 
Louis Univ.; mem. A.A.A.S., A.I.M.E., 
Sigma Xi, Acad Sci. St. Louis, Mo. 
Acad. Sci., Am. Geog. Soc, Am. Geo- 
physical Union, Am. Plrysical Soc, 
Geol. Soc. Am., Optical Soc. Am., Seis- 
mological Soc. Am., East. Sec, Soc. 
Exploration Geophysicists, Nat. Acad. 
Sci. Author: Introduction to Theoretical 
Seismology, Part I, Geodynamics; In- 
ternal Constitution of the Earth (co- 
author) ; Physics of the Earth, Part VT, 
Seismology; arts., Physics Lab. Manual 
and Travel-time Tables. Catholic Of- 
fice: 3621 Olive St., St. Louis, Mo. 
Home: 221 N. Grand Blvd., St. Louis, 

TALBERT, Thomas Jesse, horticul- 
turist; b. Exeter, Mo., 15 Mar. 1880; s. 
David Talbert, farmer, and Frances R. 
(Sallee) T.; ed. Cassville (Mo.) high 
sch.; Springfield (Mo.) Normal Sch. and 
Bus. Coll.; Univ. Mo., B.S. (in Agr.), 
1913; Univ. Calif., 1919; Kansas State 
Coll., 1921; A.M., Univ. Mo., 1917; m. 
Mary A. Williams of Livermore, Calif., 
1916; children— John David, Patricia 
Ann, Frances Jane. Asst. in entomol., 
deputy state nursery insp., Univ. Mo., 
1913-14; exten. entomol., Kan. State 
Coll., 1914-15; exten. asst. prof, of hort., 
Univ. Mo., 1915-17; served as exec, sec, 
Mo. Div., U.S. Food Admin., actg. Food 
Adrninstr., 1917-19; supt., Farmers' 
Inst., and extension schs., Kan. State 
Coll., 1920-22; prof, hort., chmn., Dept. 
of Hort. and Forestry, Univ. Mo., 1922—; 
mem., Men of Sci., A.A.A.S., Am. Soc. 
for Hort. Sci., Mo. Acad, of Sci., Am. 
Pomol. Soc (pres., 1941-44), Mo. State 


Hort. Soc, Mo. State Hist. Soc, A. A. 
U.P., Gamma Sigma Delta, Alpha Zeta. 
Clubs: Kiwanis, Columbia, Mo. (gov., 
Mo.-Kan.-Ark. Dist. of Kiwanis Clubs, 
1930). Author: Profitable Answers to 
Problems in Fruit Growing; Fruit Crops 
(senior author), 1939; Hort. Enterprises 
(collab.), 1939. Travel: U.S., Can. Inter- 
ests: gardening, trees, shrubs. Recrea- 
tions: hunting, fishing. Baptist. Office: 
Coll. of Agr., Dept. of Horticulture, 
Univ. Mo., Columbia, Mo. Home: Sunset 
Hill, Mo. 

STOSE, Harold F., chemical engineer; 
b. Washington, D.C., 1 Apr. 1898; ed. 
M.I.T., S.B., 1921; S.M., 1922; m. Mary 
Louisa Boyd of S.C. Chem. engr., 
Owens- 111. Glass Co. Served, U.S.A., 
enlisted, 1917, discharged, 1918; fellow, 
A.A.A.S.; mem. A.C.S. Unitarian. 
Home: 2070 Campus Rd., Toledo 6, O. 

APPLE, Carl, physician, surgeon; b. 
Libau, Rus., 5 May 1895; s. David Apple 
and Sarah (Kuf) A.; ed. Crane Tech. 
high sch.; B.S., Univ. 111., 1921; M.D., 
1923; m. Minnie Kaplan of Chicago, 8 
Feb. 1925; children— Darlene, Earl How- 
ard. Assoc, in ophthal., Mt. Sinai Hosp., 
Chicago; attending phys., ophthal., 
Edgewater Hosp.; asst. prof, ophthal., 
Univ. 111.; corpl., 19th Inf., Co. B., 1 yr., 
during World War I; Fellow, Am. Med. 
Soc, Am. Acad. Ophthal. and Otolary., 
A.C.S. ; mem. Chicago Med. and Oph- 
thal. Socs., Phi Lambda Kappa. Jewish. 
Office: 55 E. Washington St., Chicago, 
111. Home: 5040 No. Ridgeway Av., Chi- 
cago, 111. 

ANDERSON, Norval Eugene, civil 
and sanitary engineer; b. Anna, 111., 14 
Sept. 1897; s. Frank Vestal Anderson, 
engr., and Lulu Lenora (Barr) A.; ed. 
Centralia high sch.; Colo. Springs high 
sch.; Colo. Coll.; Univ. Chicago; B.S. 
(in C.E.), Univ. 111., 1920, C.E., 1934; m. 
Lilla Turner of Devonshire, Eng., 17 
June 1918. Engr. asst., Rohr bough En- 
gring. Co., Omaha, Neb., summer, 1918- 
19; jr. engr., asst. engr., sr. civ. engr., 
Sanitary Dist. of Chicago, 1920-35, Engr. 
of Treatment Plant Design, 1935 — ; cons, 
engr., sewage, 1926 — ; S.A.T.C, Univ. 
HI., during World War I; mem. Am. 
Soc. C.E., Am. Water Works Assn., 
Cent. States Sewage Works Assn., Soc. 
Am. Mil. Engrs., Sigma Tau. Author: 
tech. mag. arts. Travel: U.S., Can., 
Mex., Cuba. Interests: horses, music, 
reading, collecting guns and swords. 
Recreations: horseback riding, hunting. 
Protestant. Office: The Sanitary Dist. of 
Chicago, 910 S. Michigan Av., Chicago 

5, 111. Home: 618 So. Catherine Av., La 
Grange, 111. 

GLENN, Fred Lee, physician, sur- 
geon; b. Janesville, Wis., 17 Apr. 1872; 
s. Albert M. Glenn, farmer, and Carrie 
Altha (Taylor) G.; ed. Milton Coll., 
Wis.; m. Georgia Richardson of Alpha, 
la., 14 Apr. 1897; children— Harold, 
Dorothy, Mildred, Albert; m. (2d) Otti- 
lie Bartels of Effingham, 111.; children- 
Edward, Daniel, Daisianna, Howard, 
Lowell. Med. staff, West Suburban 
Hosp., Oak Park, 111.; on examining bd. 
during World Wars I, II; mem. 111. Med. 
Soc, Chicago Med. Soc, Masons, K.T. 
Club: Kiwanis. Methodist. Republican. 
Office and home: 533 No. Pine Av., 
Chicago, HI. 

GEORGE, Joseph Anton, hospital ad- 
ministrator; b. New Orleans, La., 10 
June 1889; s. Louis George and Fred- 
ericka (Zorn) G.; ed. Warren Easton 
high sch., New Orleans; A.B., Elm- 
hurst Coll., 1912; B.D., McCormick 
Theol. Sem., 1915; m. Dorothy Fleer of 
Chicago, 111., 10 Oct. 1916 (dec 19 Feb. 
1944); children — Dorothea, Edith May. 
Pastor, Salem Evangelical Ch., Chicago, 
1915-38; supt., Evangelical Hosp., Chi- 
cago, 1938 — ; pres., Am. Protestant 
Hosp. Assn., Oct. 1945; pres., commn. 
on Benevolences of Evang.-Reformed 
Ch., Bd. of Investments and Endow- 
ments of the Evang.-Reformed Ch. ; 
mem. Am. Coll. of Hosp. Adminstrs., 
Am. Hosp. Assn.; tr. 111. Hosp. Assn.; 
mem. Chicago Hosp. Council. Club: Ki- 
wanis. Author: arts, in Evangelical 
Messenger. Travel: U.S., Can. Interest: 
collecting wood carvings. Evangelical- 
Reformed. Office: 5421 S. Morgan St., 
Chicago 9, 111. Home: 6804 S. Union 
Av., Chicago 21, HI. 

LYON, Carl E., executive; b. Chicago, 
111., 26 May 1884; s. Edward A. Lyon 
and Etta Frances (Ames) L.; ed. West 
Division high sch.; m. Mayme E. 
Lampe of Chicago, 111., 9 Nov. 1912; chil- 
dren—George E., Carl E., Jr., Robert 
Eugene, Edward Samuel. With Cribben 
& Sexton Co., 1900—, now dir.; dir. 
Avenue State Bank. Club: Oak Park 
Country. Christian. Republican. Office: 
700 N. Sacramento Blvd., Chicago, 111. 
Home: 839 N. East Av., Oak Park, 111. 

MURPHY, Flay Louis, certified pub. 
accountant; b. Lebanon, Mo., 11 Mar. 
1898; s. William Lauckland Murphy and 
Sophia (Berg) M.; ed. George Washing- 
ton Univ., Washington, D.C.; B.C.S., 
Southeastern Univ., Washington, D.C., 
1920; m. Romalda Swindell of Swan- 


quarter, N.C., 29 May 1928; children- 
Nancy Lou, Mary Patricia, Margaret 
Ann. Partner, Chesnutt, Murphy & 
Poole, C.P.A., Chicago, 111., 18 Apr. 
1925 — ; seaman, U.S.N., 1918; mem. Am. 
Inst. Accountants, 111. Soc. C.P.A., Am. 
Legion. Protestant. Democrat. Office: 
208 So. La Salle St., Chicago, 111. Home: 
531 Laurel Av., Wilmette, 111. 

NORTH, Gerald C, food chemist; b. 
El Paso, 111., 16 June 1905; s. Chas. 
North, farmer, and Mellie (Hostettler) 
N.; ed. El Paso high sch. ; B.S., Univ. 
111., 1927; M.S., Univ. Wis., 1929, Ph.D., 
1931; m. Mary E. Morse of Madison, 
Wis., 10 June 1939. Dairy Dept., Univ. 
of Wis., 1930-33; res. assoc, Wis. Alumni 
Res. Foundation, 1933-36; dir. of res., 
Beatrice Creamery Co., 1936 — ; mem. 
A.C.S., Am. Dairy Sci. Assn., Inst, of 
Food Technologists. Author: sci. pubis, 
on dairy chemistry. Office: 1526 S. State 
St., Chicago, 111. Home: 730 Eeba Place, 
Evanston, 111. 

PARRY, John J (ay), professor of 
English; b. Rome, N.Y., 30 Sept. 1889; 
s. W. W. Parry, building contractor, 
and Augusta I. (Buek) P.; ed. Rome 
Free Acad.; Hotchkiss Sch.; B.A., Yale 
Univ., 1912, M.A., 1914, Ph.D., 1915; m 
Marion Jewett Austin of Bloomington 
111., 22 June 1921; children— Anne Eliza 
beth, John J., Jr. Instr. Eng., Univ 
Calif. (Berkeley), 1915-16; mem. Eng 
Dept., Univ., 111., 1916—; editorial bd. 
Speculum, 1934-37; mem. Council Medi 
aeval Acad. Am., 1937-40; ed., Journal 
Eng. and Germanic Philology; 2d It. 
330th F.A., personnel adjutant, Camp du 
Courneau, Fr., 15 Aug. 1917-4 May 1919; 
mem. Mediaeval Acad., Modern Lang. 
Assn., A.A.A.S., Linguistic Soc, Modern 
Humanities Res. Assn., Soc. Study of 
Mediaeval Languages and Literature, 
Honourable Soc. Cymmrodorion. Clubs: 
University (Urbana), Exchange (Cham- 
paign). Editor: Poems and Amyntas of 
Thomas Randolph, 1917; Vita Merlini, 
1925; Arthurian Bibliography, 1931, 1936; 
Burt y Brenhinedd, 1937; Andreas 
Capellanus, The Art of Courtly Love, 
1941; various mag. arts. Travel: Gt. 
Britain, Fr., Eire. Office: 216 Gregory 
Hall, Univ. of 111., Urbana, 111. Home: 
805 W. Iowa St., Urbana, 111. Summer 
res.: Christmas Cove, Me. 

PAULICK, Herman Rudolf, glass 
mfr.; b. Oshkosh, Wis., 18 Jan. 1896; s. 
Rudolf Paulick, carpenter, and Mary 
(Yanko) P.; ed. Oshkosh high sch.; m. 
Aurelia McCormick of Chicago, 25 July 
1923; children— Patricia, Herman. Pres., 
Dearborn Glass Co.; in U.S. Navy 1 yr., 

during World War I. Catholic. , Office : 
2414 W. 21st St., Chicago, 111. Home: 437 
Woodlawn Av., Glencoe, 111. 

PEARCE, Charles Sumner, mfr.; b. 
Walworth, Wis., 16 Sept. 1877; s. George 
D. Pearce, farmer, and Emily J. 
(Baker) P.; ed. Sharon (Wis.) high 
sch.; B.L., Univ. Wis., 1900; Law, 1903; 
m. Vivian Coates of Corsicana, Tex., 2 
June 1909; children — Mrs. Stuart Sher- 
man, Charles S. Pres., dir., Palmolive 
Co. and its successor, Colgate-Palm- 
olive-Peet Co., 1923-33, chmn., 1933-38; 
chmn., Internat. Cellucotton Products 
Co., 1934-38, pres., 1938—; mem. Parker 
Pen Co.; dir., Clark Equipment Co., 
Upper Av. Bank, Reynolds Spring Co.; 
Col. on Governor's Staff, Wis. Nat. 
Guard. Clubs: Chicago, University, 
Racquet, Tavern, Old Elm, Post, and 
Paddock. Protestant. Republican. Of- 
fipe: 919 No. Michigan Av., Chicago 11, 
111. Home: 209 Lake Shore Dr., Chicago 
11, 111. 

PERHAM, Deane Ellsworth, engi- 
neer; b. Niagara, Pa., 17 Nov. 1888; s. 
Warren Perham, farmer and bus. man, 
and Gertrude (Stone) P.; ed. Pleasant 
Mount high sch.; Pa. State Prep, sch.; 
B.S. (mech. engring.), Pa. State Coll., 
1911; m. Mabelle Todd of Chicago, 111., 
1916. Developed designs (for comml. 
use), of automatic refrigeration and 
controls, 1911-26; cons, engr., design of 
air-conditioning apparatus, 1927-29; gen. 
engr., refrigeration, air conditioning, 
1940 — ; nat. dir. (5 yrs.), Am. Soc. of 
Refrigerating Engrs. (p. pres.), Chi- 
cago; charter mem., Inst, of Food Tech- 
nologists. Clubs: Union League, South 
Shore Country. Author: Certified Refrig- 
eration Standards and Engineering 
Data. Recreations: golf, bowling. Meth- 
odist. Republican. Office: 230 W. Supe- 
rior St., Chicago, 111. Home: 7321 South 
Shore Dr., Chicago, 111. 

JENKISSON, Alvan Willard, insur- 
ance; b. Prescott, Ont., Can.; s. John 
Jenkisson, lake captain and farmer, and 
Janet Fairbairn (Martin) J.; ed. Pres- 
cott Acad.; Prescott high sch.; Eggerts 
Bus. Sch., Ogdensburgh, N.Y.; Do- 
minion Coll., Kingston, Ont.; m. Mary 
Louise Zerr of Ft. Madison, la., 8 July 
1908; children— John F., Peter F., Jr. 
Clerk, Chicago Office, Northern Assur- 
ance Co., 1892, continuing through vari- 
ous positions until 1908; spl. agt. for 
Chicago and Met. Dept., 1908-21, mgr., 
for same co., 1921, and for London and 
Scottish Assurance Corp., 1926—; natu- 
ralized citizen, 1904; mem. Chicago Bd. 
Underwriters (treas., 1928-29), Chicago 


Assn. of Commerce; commr. Lake Bluff 
Park Dist. Clubs: Knollwood, 111. Ath- 
letic. Recreations: golf, hunting, fishing. 
Presbyterian. Republican. Office: 2168 
Insurance Exchange, Chicago, HI. 
Home: 500 Sunrise Av., Lake Bluff, 111. 

JOHNSTON, Bernard F„ lawyer; b. 
St. Louis, Mo., 20 Nov. 1877; s. Joseph 
E. Johnston, merchant, and Katherine 
(Weber) J.; ed. LL.B., Chicago-Kent 
Coll. of Law, 1907, LL.M., 1908; m. Mary 
V. McMullin of Chicago, 111., 14 Aug. 
1911. Admitted to bar, 1907; pres., Or- 
leans-Huron, Inc.; sec, W. S. Darley 
and Co.; mem. 111. State Bar Assn. 
Catholic. Democrat. Office: 308 W. 
Washington St., Chicago, 111. Home: 936 
Belleforte Av., Oak Park, 111. 

JONES, William Adrian, manufac- 
turer; b. Chicago, 111., 5 Apr. 1900; s. 
Thomas Arthur Jones, mfr., and Clara 
Elizabeth (Jones) J.; ed. Crane Tech. 
high sch. ; m. Irene Anna Simpson of 
Chicago, 111., 3 Jan. 1922 (div.); chil- 
dren — William A., Anna Mae; m. (2d) 
Florence L. Talbot, 19 Feb. 1944. With 
H. B. Sackett Screen & Chute Co. (pres.) 
dir., W. A. Jones Foundry & Machine 
Co.; 18 mos. sgt., first class, Motor 
Transport Corp. during World War I; 
mem. Masons. Club: Oak Park. Recrea- 
tions: flying, power boating. Protestant. 
Republican. Office: 1685 Elston Av., Chi- 
cago, 111. Home: 427 N. Humphrey Av., 
Oak Park, 111. Summer res.: Pine Lake, 
LaPorte, Ind. 

HILL, Caroline Miles, teacher, writer, 
settlement worker; b. Pleasant Hill, O., 
20 July 1866; d. Israel Miles, farmer, 
and Keturah (Pickering) M.; ed. Car- 
thage, Ind. high sch.; Earlham Coll., 
Richmond, Ind.; A.B., Univ. Mich., 1887, 
A.M., 1890, Ph.D., 1892; m. William Hill 
of Chicago, 111., 24 Jan. 1895. Taught in 
Friends' Bloomingdale Acad., 1887-91 
and 1910-12; teacher, Mt. Holyoke Coll., 
1892-93; teacher psychol., Wellesley 
Coll., 1893-95; Fed. Employment service 
desk, 1918-19 (placing women over 40) ; 
mem. 111. League of Women Voters 
(charter mem.). Club: Chicago Wom- 
an's. Travel: Eur. Author: World's 
Great Religious Poetry, 1923; Twentieth 
Century Love Poetry, 1929; Mary Mc- 
Dowell and Municipal Housekeeping, 
1938; arts, in ednl. and other periodi- 
cals. Interests: engaged in writing 
another book. Quaker. Independent Re- 
publican. Home: 5802 Blackstone Av., 
Chicago, HI. 

HOWARD, Einar C, lawyer; b. Oslo, 
Norw., 24 Apr. 1879; s. Mathias Haugom 

Howard, and Anne (Larsen) H. ; ed. 
Hyde Park high sch.; LL.B. (hon.), 
LL.M. (hon.), 111. Coll. of Law; m. Sig- 
rid Petersen of Chicago, 111., 13 June 
1903; children— Marshall S., Edgar A., 
Evelyn. Came to Chicago from Norway, 
evenings, while there, practiced law, 
1907 — , and is still trying numerous 
cases in the various courts, including 
Supreme Ct.; mem. Chicago Art Inst, 
(life), HI. Bar Assn., Sons of Norway, 
I.O.O.F., Royal League. Clubs: The Ev- 
anston, Chicago Norwegian. Author: 
treatise on Real Property Law, for corr. 
studs, of Hamilton Coll., 3 vol. work, 
Instns. to Juries (co-author). Travel: 
U.S., Can., Cuba, Eur., Ger., Fr., Eng., 
Norw., Swed., Den. Interests: general. 
Recreations: bowling, billiards, for- 
merly gymnasium activities and tennis. 
Office: 77 West Washington St., Chicago, 
111. Home: 1033 Dempster St., Evanston, 

MABBS, John Williams, executive; b. 
Chicago, 111., 11 Apr. 1859; s. John 
Mabbs, mech. and mining engr., and 
Jane P. (Williams) M.; ed. Houghton 
(Mich.) high sch.; Chicago Atheneum; 
m. Frances S. McDonell of Detroit, 
Mich., 16 Nov. 1887; 1 son, John Ken- 
neth. Engr., electrician, Chicago Bd. 
Trade, 1886-99, ch. engr., supt., 1899- 
1912; ch. engr., Congress Hotel, 1912-14; 
pres., Mabbs Hydraulic Packing Co., 
1914 — ; mem. Western Soc. Engrs., Nat. 
Assn. Power Engrs., Am. Waterworks 
Assn., Am. Mining Congress, Nat. Com. 
to Uphold Constitutional Govt. Inventor 
Mabbs Rawhide Packing, 1891; Mabbs 
Electric Motor Counterbalance Eleva 
tor, 1900. Interest: sci. Protestant. Re 
publican. Office: 431 S. Dearborn St. 
Chicago, 111. Home: 5300 Kenmore Av. 
Chicago, HI. 

IIEYL, Clarence Walter, lawyer; b. 
Manito, 111., 14 May 1884; s. William E. 
Heyl, farmer, and Etura (Venard) H.; 
ed. Washington (111.) high sch.; Y.M. 
C.A. high sch.; LL.B., 111. Wesleyan 
Univ., 1908; m. May me Randolph of 
Pargould, Ark., 25 Dec. 1909; children 
—Helen (Mrs. Royster), William Ran- 
dolph (dec). Practice of law, Peoria, 
HI., 1907 — ; trial lawyer, defended 
famous case of U.S. vs. McNear et al in 
Fed. Ct., Peoria, 111., 1942; mem. state 
bd. of Law Examiners, 1934—; mem., 
Peoria, Chicago, 111., Am. Bar Assns., 
Internat. Assn. of Ins. Council, Phi 
Gamma Delta, Phi Delta Phi. Clubs: 
Creve Coeur, Country, Peoria, Union 
League, Chicago. Travel: Eur. Inter- 
ests: operating 2 farms, raising live 


stock, hunting, fishing. Conglist. Repub- 
lican. Office: Central Nat. Bank Bldg., 
Peoria, 111. Home: 801 Moss Av., Peoria, 

PRICE, Paul E., lawyer; b. Chicago, 
HI., 7 Oct. 1895; s. Leopold Price, mfr., 
and Nona (Rothchild) P.; ed. Hyde 
Park high sen., Chicago, 111.; LL.B., 
Northwestern Univ., 1917; m. Kathryn 
Sherwood of Chicago, 15 Apr. 1933; chil- 
dren — Paul E., Jr., Judith Ann. Lec- 
turer emeritus, HI. Law, Northwestern 
Univ.; partner, William McKinley; vil- 
lage atty., Forest Park, 111., 1939-43; 111. 
Res. Mil., Four Min. Men. Capt. Liberty 
Loan Orgn., during World War I; sergt., 
111. Nat. Guard; gov. appeal agt., Selec- 
tive Service Bd. ; mem. Chicago, HI. 
State and Am. Bar Assns., Order Coif, 
Art Inst. Chicago, B.P.O.E. No. 4, A.F. 
& A.M. Club : Lincolnshire Country. Au- 
thor: various monographs for 111. Law 
Review. Interest: motoring. Recreation: 
fishing. Republican. Office: 33 N. La 
Salle St., Chicago, 111. Home: 4430 
Greenview Av., Chicago, 111. Summer 
home: Michillinda, Mich. 

MOSS, Walter E., lawyer; b. Guthrie 
Center, la., 16 Feb. 1880; s. John Moss, 
farmer, and Margaret (Campbell) M. ; 
ed. Guthrie Co. high sen.; B.Di., la. 
State Teachers Coll., 1902; studied la. 
State Univ., summer, 1907; spl. courses 
Univ. Chicago; LL.B., Chicago Law 
Sen., 1911; m. Daisy D. Hougham of 
Panora, la., 6 Oct. 1909; children— Milo 
R., Mrs. Ruth Moss-Palmer, Mrs. 
Mildred Moss-Renner, Walter Elbert. 
Taught la. pub. sens., 1901, pub. sch. 
prin., in la., 1902-07; stenographer, Chi- 
cago, while studying law, 1907-11; ad- 
mitted to bar, 111., 1911; engaged in gen. 
practice of law in Chicago, 1911 — ; asst. 
co. atty., Cook Co., 111., 1913-14; asst. 
pros, atty., Chicago, 1918; mem. firm, 
Moss & King, 1921-27; Moss & Ellman, 
1927-30; alone, 1930-38; mem. firm, Moss 
& Inlander, 1938-41; Moss, Ellman & 
Inlander, 10 May 1941—; mem. Am., 111. 
State and Chicago Bar Assns., Com ml. 
Law League of Am., Phi Alpha Delta, 
Masons. Presbyterian. Office: 77 W. 
Washington St., Chicago, 111. Home: 225 
Wesley Av., Oak Park, 111. 

HOWES, Byron C, insurance execu- 
tive; b. St. Paul, Minn., 8 Mar. 1888; s. 
Seth K. Howes and Madge (Brewster) 
H. ; ed. Manual Training high sch., Den- 
ver, Colo.; Univ. Chicago, 1913; m. 
Edith G. Coonley of Chicago, 111., 6 Jan. 
1915; children— Bryon C, Jr., Judith H. 
Clerk, Colo. Fuel & Iron Co., Denver, 
Colo., 1906-09; cashier, Chicago agency, 

Union Mutual Life Ins. Co., Portland, 
Me., 1910-14, mgr., Chicago agency, 
1914-19; agt., Union Cent. Life Ins. Co., 
1920-22; mgr. investment dept., Paul H. 
Davis & Co., Investment Securities, 
1922-24; ins. broker, 1924-31; gen. agt., 
Chicago, Berkshire Life Ins. Co., Pitts- 
field, Mass., 1932 — ; pres. Chicago Assn. 
Life Underwriters, 1928-29; pres. Life 
Agency Managers of Chicago, 1944-45, 
chmn. Civil Service Commn., Highland 
Park, 111.; insp., Am. Protective League, 
during World War I; mem. Nat. Assn. 
Life Underwriters, Chicago Assn. Life 
Underwriters, Delta Upsilon. Clubs: Chi- 
cago Athletic Assn., Exmoor Country. 
Interest: amateur photog. Recreations: 
golf, motoring. Christian Scientist. Re- 
publican. Office: 1 N. La Salle St., Chi- 
cago, 111. Home: 221 Maple Av., High- 
land Park, HI. 

INGERSOLL, Roy C, manufacturer; 
b. Sandoval, HI., 24 Oct. 1884; s. Stephen 
A. Ingersoll, mfr., and Cordelia L. (Gay- 
lord) I.; ed. Sandoval high sch.; Browns 
Bus. Coll.; B.A. (hon.), Knox Coll., 
Galesburg, 111., 1908; m. Lulu M. Hinch- 
liff of Galesburg, 111., 20 Sept. 1911; chil- 
dren — Robert S., Jane Coffin, Barbara 
M., James H. Entered employ of Gales- 
burg Coulter Disc. Co., Galesburg; mgr. 
Norwalk Steel and Iron Co., Norwalk, 
O., 1910-11; v.p. and gen. mgr., Gales- 
burg Coulter Disc. Co., 1915; v.p., Ind. 
Rolling Mill Co., Newcastle, Ind., 1917- 
29; pres., Ingersoll Steel and Disc. Co., 
Galesburg, 111., 1929—; dir., mem. exec, 
com. and v.p., Borg Warner Corp.; dir., 
mem. exec, com., Transportation Assn. 
Am.; dir., Poor & Co., Chicago; p. pres., 
bd. dirs., 111. Chamber Commerce; dir., 
v.p. U.S. Chamber Commerce; p. dir., 
Chicago Athletic Club; Mem. Phi 
Gamma Delta. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, 
Chicago Club, Indiana Hill Golf, Win- 
netka, Crystal Downs Country, Frank- 
fort, Mich. Recreations: golf, horseback 
riding, gardening. Conglist. Republican. 
Office: 310 S. Michigan Blvd., Chicago, 
111. Home: 151 Meadow Lane, Winnetka, 
111. Summer res.: Crystal Downs, 
Frankfort, Mich. 

KEELER, Leonarde; b. Berkeley, 
Calif., 30 Oct. 1903; s. Charles A. Keeler, 
author, and Louise (Bunnell) K.; ed. 
University high sch., Oakland, Calif.; 
Univ. Calif., Los Angeles, 1924; B.A., 
Stanford Univ., 1930; LL.D., Lawrence 
Coll., 1938; m. Katherine Applegate of 
Walla Walla, Wash., 16 Aug. 1930. Re- 
search asst. (dir., 1941), 111. dept. Crimi- 
nology, 1929-30; sci. crime detection 
lab., Northwestern Univ., 1930-38, dir., 


1935-38; assoc. prof, of law in psychol- 
ogy, Northwestern Univ., 1930-39; pvt. 
practice, 1939; mem. 111. State Police 
Merit Council, A.A.A.S., Internat. Assn. 
Identification, Internat. Assn. Chiefs of 
Police, Chicago Acad. Criminology. 
Clubs: Tavern, Adventurers (Chicago). 
Author: arts, on polygraph (lie-detector) 
and crime detection. Travel: Australia, 
Caribbean. Interests: photog., camping, 
travel. Office: 134 S. La Salle St., Chi- 
cago, 111. Home: 1507 N. Dearborn 
Pkwy., Chicago, 111. 

KIDD, Elizabeth Ayres, music edu- 
cator; A.B., A.M., Univ. Chicago; m. 
Albert E. Kidd; children— Geraldine, 
Harlan, David. Intensive training under 
Fannie Bloomfield Zeisler (pianist); 
gave piano programs; applied music 
study, Chicago, Paris; music research 
done at Univ. Chicago and London; dir. 
Music Integration New Trier Twp. High 
Sen., Winnetka, 111.; lecture recitals at 
liberal arts colls, and schs. of music; 
musicalogist with famous collection 
primitive and ancient musical instru- 
ments, demonstrated when on tour; 
mem. Mu Phi Epsilon (nat. pres., 1940- 
42), Phi Beta Kappa. Contbd. arts, on 
musicology, music integration and fra- 
ternity work. Travel: extensive. Inter- 
est: collecting primitive and ancient 
instruments. Recreation: swimming. Of- 
fice: New Trier Twp. High Sen., Win- 
netka, 111. Home: Glen Oak Acres, Glen- 
view, 111. 

MacDONALD, Ian Philip, attorney; b. 
Canton, Mass., 13 Sept. 1897; s. Archie 
E. MacDonald, musician, and Elizabeth 
(Hoare) M.; ed. R.I. State Coll.; LL.B., 
DePaul Univ., 1930; J.D., John Marshall 
Law Sen., 1931; m. Lillian Evenstad of 
Darlington, Wis., 1928; 1 dau., Diane. 
Indsl. engr., development and control 
work, various plants, U.S. Rubber Co.; 
ins. work, claims atty., mgr. claims, 
Lumberman's Mutual Casualty Co.; pvt. 
practice, then entered partnership, 
Krohn & MacDonald, specialists, trial 
work, appellate, Supreme Ct. cases; 
mem. adv. draft bd. ; served air corps, 
training Mass. Inst. Tech., Boston, dur- 
ing World War I; mem. B.P.O.E., Am., 
111. State, Chicago Bar Assns., Lambda 
Chi Alpha, Delta Theta Phi. Club: 111. 
Athletic. Recreations: badminton, golf. 
Office: 100 N. La Salle St., Chicago, 111. 
Home: 644 Melrose, Chicago, 111. 

McNULTY, Joseph Davis, contractor; 
b. Chicago, 111., 6 Sept. 1890; s. Thomas 
Joseph McNulty and Mary Josephine 
(Davis) M.; ed. B.A., Georgetown Coll., 
Washington, D.C., 1910, M.A., 1911; 

LL.B., Lincoln Law Sen., Chicago, 111., 
1913; m. Kathrine Munroe of Muskegon, 
Mich., 7 Sept. 1915; children— Joseph 
Munroe, Kathrine McN. Bouscaren, Bar- 
bara McN. Bouscaren, Mary. Dir. 
McNulty Bros. Co. (v.p., treas.), Gar- 
land Bldg. Corp.; tr. Girls Latin Sen., 
Chicago, 111. Clubs: Racquet, Chicago 
Golf, Saddle and Cycle, Dunham Woods 
Riding, Detroit. Recreations: golf, hunt- 
ing. Catholic. Republican. Office: Mc- 
Nulty Bros. Co., 1028 W. Van Buren St., 
Chicago, 111. Home: Maple Park, HI. 

MOSBY, William Eugene, realtor, 
builder; b. Bardwell, Ky., 5 Feb. 1887; 
s. William L. Mosby, physician, and 
Mattie (Petrie) M.; ed. Prep. Sen.; 
B.C.E., Univ. Ky., 1910; m. Mary M. 
Haley of Watertown, N.Y.; 1 dau., Betty 
Lou. Draftsman, engr., Frisco R.R., 
1910; insp. of materials, C.R.L&P. R.R., 
1911-15; asst. engr. of testing, I.C. R.R., 
1915-20; in own bus., 1920; pres., Wm. 
E. Mosby & Co., Inc. Realtors, 1920 — , 
Inland Constr. Co. Builders; chief dist. 
appraiser, H.O.L.C, 1934-35; contract 
mgr. and sales broker, 1936-41; mem. 
Nat. Assn. of Real Estate Bds., 111. 
Assn. Real Estate Bds., Chicago Real 
Estate Bd., Am. Inst, of Real Estate 
Appraisers, Soc. Res. Appraisers, Home 
Builders Inst, of Am., Chatham Cham- 
ber Commerce (p. pres.). Clubs: Chat- 
ham Lions (p. pres.), South Shore Coun- 
try. Author: various arts, on real estate. 
Recreation: golf. Methodist. Independ- 
ent. Office: 8032 Cottage Grove Av., Chi- 
cago, 111. Home: 8134 Langley Av., Chi- 
cago, HI. Summer res.: Bardwell, Ky. 

MOULTON, Elton James, professor of 
mathematics; b. Leroy, Mich., 4 Aug. 
1887; s. Belah G. Moulton, farmer, and 
Mary C. (Smith) M. ; ed. Leroy (Mich.) 
high sen.; Albion Coll., 1903-05; B.S., 
Univ. Chicago, 1908; M.A., Univ. Wis., 
1910; Harvard Univ., 1910-11; Ph.D., 
Univ. Chicago, 1913; m. Edna Frances 
McCormack of Chicago, 111., 18 June 
1911; children — James Edward, Helen 
Lois, Ralph Eugene, Harold Bruce. 
Instr. math., Wis., 1909-10; Harvard, 
1910-11, Northwestern, 1912-13; asst. 
prof., Northwestern Univ., 1913-17, 
assoc. prof., 1917-21, prof., 1921—, 
chmn., 1935-42, asst. Dean of Coll., 1929- 
31, Dean of Grad. Sen., 1931-33; dir. War 
Res. Group, Columbia Univ., 1943-44; 
mem. Am. Math. Soc., A.A.A.S., Math. 
Assn., Am. Astron. Soc. Club: Univer- 
sity (Evanston). Author: (with D. R. 
Curtiss) Trigonometry, Analytic Geome- 
try; numerous papers. Editor: Ameri- 
can Math. Monthly, 1937-41. Travel: 

Eur., U.S. Recreation: tennis. Method- 
ist. Republican. Office Northwestern 
Univ., Evanston, HI. Home: 1114 Colfax 
St., Evanston, 111. Summer res.: R.F.D. 
3, Shelby, Mich. 

PETERS, Guy M., lawyer; b. Albion, 
Neb., 16 May 1880; s. John Peters, real 
estate, and Sarah (Widaman) P.; ed. 
Albion (Neb.) high sch.; A.B., Univ. 
Neb., 1903; LL.B., Harvard Law Sch., 
1906; m. Ethel Wharton of England, 16 
July 1916. Practiced law in Chicago, 
mem. of firms of Burry, Johnstone & 
Peters, Burry, Johnstone, Peters & 
Dixon, now Peters & Dixon; mem. Am., 
HI. and Chicago Bar Assns. Clubs: Uni- 
versity, Chicago, The Mid-Day, Floss- 
moor Country, Central 111. Hunting. Rec- 
reations: hunting, golf. Protestant. Inde- 
pendent. Office: 135 S. La Salle St., Chi- 
cago, 111. Home: 179 Lake Shore Dr., 
Chicago, 111. 

PINKERTON, Ralph Roy, electrical 
engineer; b. Chicago, 111., 13 May 1893; 
s. M. W. Pinkerton, detective, and Ann 
Emma (Black) P.; ed. Univ. high sch.; 
B.S. (in E.E.), Purdue Univ., 1920, E.E., 
1921; m. Margaret Nicol of Lafayette, 
Ind., 1921; children — Nancy May, Mar- 
garet Nicol. Elec. engr., Sanitary Dist., 
Chicago; It. Navy during World War I; 
mem. A.I.E.E., Am. Legion. Club: Chi- 
cago Athletic. Recreations: golf, bowl- 
ing, swimming. Protestant. Office: 700- 
910 S. Michigan Av., Chicago, 111. Home: 
7945 Crandon Av., Chicago, 111. 

POTTER, Paul Adams, indsl. rel. con- 
sultant; b. Ames, la., 23 Apr. 1900; s. 
Ezra T. Potter, coll. instr. and Minnie 
(Adams) P.; ed. Ames, la. high sch.; 
B.S., in Agrl. Journalism, la. State Coll., 
1922; m. Mabel Dobbe of Huxley, la., 
15 July 1926; children— Paul, Jr., Hugh 
B. Asst. ed., Orange Judd Farmer, 1922- 
25; pub. dir., Nat. Dairy Council, 1925- 
29; agr. ed., Chicago Tribune, 1929-34; 
exec, sec, Assoc. Milk Dealers Inc., 
1935-45; candidate, Inf. Cent. Officers 
Training Sch., Camp Grant, 111., 12 Dec. 
1918, pvt. ; mem. Sigma Delta Chi (prof, 
journalism frat., life mem.), Alpha Zeta 
(hon. agrl.), Pi Kappa Alpha. Clubs: 
Union League (Chicago), Dairymen's 
Country, Boulder Junction, Wis. Repub- 
lican. Office: 1 No. La Salle St., Chicago 
7, 111. Home: Sunset Lane, Bannockburn 
(P.O. Deerfield), 111. 

PUCKETT, Henry Frank, painter, 
etcher; b. Chicago, 111., 10 Aug. 1914; s. 
William H. Puckett, barber, and Alvina 
J. (Bicek) P.; ed. People's high sch.; 
Art Inst, of Chicago; pvt. art inst., Wel- 

lington J. Reynolds, Albert Kreible, 
Antonin Sterba, James Swann. Ex- 
hibited work nationally; represented in 
following insts., Flower high sch., Gary 
Sch., Governor's Mansion, Springfield, 
HI., Juvenile Ct., Chicago, 111., St. Pro- 
copius Coll., Lisle, 111.; mem. Art Inst. 
Alumni Assn., Ind. Soc. Print Makers, 
Hoosier Salon. Interest: hist. res. of 
races of mankind. Home: 3031 S. Homan 
Av., Chicago, 111. 

REDDING, George Hyde, business 
executive; b. Ridgway, Pa., 29 Jan. 
1892; s. George Newcome Redding and 
Nancy Emaline (Morris) R. ; ed. Wil- 
liamsport (Pa.) high sch.; A.B., Wash- 
ington and Jefferson Coll., 1913, LL.D. 
(hon.), 1938; m. Gladys Louise Arling- 
ton of Chicago, 111., 5 Feb. 1919; children 
—George Hyde, Jr., John Arlington, Wil- 
liam Morris. Instr., Carnegie Inst. 
Tech., 1913-15; with Am. Book Co., N.Y., 
1915-16; with Lehigh Portland Cement 
Co., 1916-18; with Massey Concrete 
Products Corp., 1919—; dir. and pres., 
Canadian Concrete Products Co., Ltd., 
Massey Concrete Products Co.; tr., 
pres., Village of Wilmette Sch. Bd., 
Washington and Jeffferson Coll. ; English, 
U.S.N. R.F., 1 yr. during World War I; 
mem. Wilmette Civic League (pres.), 
Am. Concrete Pipe Assn. (pres., chmn., 
concrete pipe code authority, 1933-34), 
Nat. Geog. Soc, Newcomen Soc, Ma- 
sons, Delta Tau Delta. Clubs: Union 
League (mem., pub. affairs com.), Eco- 
nomic (Chicago). Interests: lit., ed., 
mus., civic affairs. Conglist. Repub- 
lican. Office: 122 S. Michigan Av., Chi- 
cago, 111. Home: 1034 Ramona Rd., Wil- 
mette, 111. 

HARTSING, Ralph N., advertising 
executive; b. Waterville, O., 31 Aug. 
1896; s. John J. Hartsing and Lucy 
(Lincoln) H.; ed. E. Toledo (O.) high 
sch.; Tri-State Bus. Univ., Toledo, O.; 
m. Marie Pfelder of Toledo, O., 30 Aug. 
1919; children— Ralph N., Jr., Rodney 
K. With Ann Arbor R.R., Toledo, O., 
1914-16; asst. to dir. traffic, Willys-Over- 
land, Toledo and Washington, D.C., 1916- 
21; v.p., sec, treas., The Caples Co., 
advertising agency, Chicago, 111., 1921 — ; 
mem. Masons, Western Advertising 
Golfers Assn. Clubs: Chicago Federated 
Advertising (founder mem.), Union 
League, Chicago Traffic. Recreations: 
golf, squash racquets. Office: 225 E. 
Erie St., Chicago, 111. Home: 208 Ken- 
more Av., Elmhurst, 111. Summer home: 
314 Green Lake, Lauderdale Lakes, Wis. 

HELT, Daniel W., railroad labor orgn. 
executive; b. Shamokin, Pa., 24 Sept., 


1883; s. Jeremiah Helt, railroad train- 
man, and Amanda E. (Hoover) H.; m. 
Kate P. Gilham of Shamokin, Pa., 25 
Nov. 1906; children — Franklin Rich- 
ard, William Howard, Arthur Gilman, 
Thomas Paul, Ada S., Emaline Louise. 
Mem. Pa. State Legislature, 1917, 19 ses- 
sions; mem. R.R. Adj. Bd.; U.S. Marine 
Corps, 1901-05 (2V 2 yrs. fgn. service). 
Author: The Signalman and His Work. 
Recreations: hunting, fishing. Protes- 
tant. Office: 220 S. State St., Chicago, 
111. Home: 104 N. Parkway, Prospect 
Heights, 111. 

HENRY, Huntington B., banker; b. 
Chicago, 111.; s. Robert L. Henry, lum- 
ber and oil dealer, and Ada C. (Badger) 
H.; ed. Chicago Manual Training Sch., 
Ph.B., Univ. Chicago, 1906; m. Annie 
May Swift of Chicago, 5 Jan. 1911; chil- 
dren — Hortense, Annie May. Pres., 
Ames Emerick and Co., Chicago Oil 
Co., Henry Oil Co.; dir. U.S. Cold Stor- 
age Corp., Ames Emerick Co., Broad- 
street Investing Co.; ensign naval avia- 
tion, 1918-19; mem. Chi Psi. Clubs: 
Chicago, Racquet, Onwentsia (Shore 
Acres), Casino. Travel: U.S., Eur. Re- 
publican. Office: 105 So. La Salle St., 
Chicago, 111. Home: 1500 Lake Shore Dr., 
Chicago, 111. Summer home: Lake 
Forest, 111. 

JANSON, Frederick W., lawyer, re- 
tired; b. Karlsruhe, Ger., 2 Oct. 1888; s. 
John Henry Janson, lawyer, and Bar- 
bara (Schaufelberger) J.; ed. Humboldt 
Gymnasium, Karlsruhe; LL.B., Hamil- 
ton, Coll. ; m. Gladys Shordike of Chi- 
cago, 111., 5 Feb. 1912; children— Fred- 
erick W., Jr., Virginia. Mem. Oriental 
Consistory, Chicago; Chicago Athletic 
Assn., Am. Bar Assn., Independent. Of- 
fice: 111 W. Monroe St., Chicago, 111. 
Home: 9481 Bay Dr., Miami Beach, Fla. 
Summer home: 6101 Sheridan Rd., Chi- 
cago, 111. 

KOENIG, Paul F., lawyer; b. Ft. 
Branch, Ind., 18 Apr. 1889; s. Rev. 
Charles A. Koenig and Anna (Helge) 
K.; ed. A.B., DePauw Univ., 1912; 
LL.B., Loyola Univ. (Chicago), 1916. 
Sec, atty., dir. Evangelical Hosp. Assn. 
of Chicago; Republican Nat. Com.; It., 
165th Inf., Rainbow Div., U.S.A. in Fr., 
during World War I; mem. 111. Rainbow 
Post, V.F.W. (comdr.), Sigma Nu, Ma- 
son, DePauw Univ. Alumni Assn. (p. 
pres.). Republican. Office: 111 W. Wasn- 
ington St., Chicago, 111. Home: Prospect 
Heights, 111. 

KONENKAMP, Sylvester Joseph, law- 
yer; b. Pittsburgh, Pa., 6 July 1878; s 

Charles Konenkamp (dec), and Adaline 
(O'Neill) K. (dec); ed. LL.B., DePaul 
Univ., 1917; m. Bertha De Wolfe of 
Assumption, 111., 6 July 1905. Internat. 
pres., Comml. Telegraphers Union, 1908- 
19; atty., West Chicago Park Commnrs., 
1927-30; practicing atty., 1919—; chmn., 
National Executive Committee Public 
Ownership League of Am.; 1st v.p. 111. 
Municipal Ownership League; pres. 
Taxpayers' Union of 111. Interest: public 
ownership of utilities, labor problems, 
taxation. Catholic. Republican. Office: 
Suite 1722, 77 W. Washington Blvd., Chi- 
cago, 111. Home: 3420 Foster Av., Chi- 
cago, 111. 

SPENCER, Charles Carl, lawyer; b. 
McLean Co., HI., 11 Apr. 1867; s. Mar- 
shall S. Spencer, farmer, and Sarah 
Ann (Simmons) S.; ed. Ann Arbor 
(Mich.) high sch.; B.L., Univ. Mich., 
1892; m. Margaret R. Wilson of Alma, 
111., 20 Oct. 1892 (d., 1918); children- 
Rose E., Lois E., Charles Dee, Richard 
Marshall. Admitted to bar by S.C., 111., 
1892, U.S. Sup. Ct., 1928; practiced law, 
Chicago, 111., 1892—; mem. firm, Charles 
C. & Richard M. Spencer, 1934—, Leg. 
Adv. Bd., 1917-18, S.A.R. (111. Chap.), 
Chicago Hist. Soc, Am. Bar Assn., 111. 
Bar Assn., Chicago Bar Assn., Chicago 
Law Inst, (pres., 1924). Desc. Thomas 
Spencer who settled at Newton (now 
Cambridge) Mass., 1632, and a founder 
of Hartford, Conn., 1636; family has 
resided in HI. since 1820. Protestant. 
Democrat. Office: 155 N. Clark St., Chi- 
cago, 111. Home: 245 Park Av., Glencoe, 

WEESE, Harry Ernest, retired; b. 
Huntington, Ind., 5 Feb. 1876; s. Horace 
G. Weese (dec), and Harriet A. (Favor- 
ite) W. (dec); ed. high sch., Hunting- 
ton, Ind.; DePauw Univ., 1897; B.S., 
Northwestern Univ., 1902; LL.B., Chi- 
cago Kent Coll. Law, 1908; m. Marjorie 
Mohr of Chicago, 15 Oct. 1914; children 
—Harry M. (It. U.S.N.R.), Marjorie 
Jane, John R. (capt. U.S.A., Para- 
troop Inf.), Suzanne L„ Benjamin H. 
U.S. Ry. Mail Service, 1895-99; assoc, 
N. W. Harris & Co., 1903, successor, The 
Harris Trust & Savings Bank, auditor, 
cashier, treas., retired; dir. Am. Ore 
Reclamation Co.; former treas. Village 
of Kenilworth, Kenilworth Park dist.; 
village elk. and mem. sch. bd.; mem. 
Chicago Bus. Men's Orchestra, Phi 
Delta Theta, Phi Delta Phi, Indiana 
Soc. of Chicago. Clubs: University. In- 
terests: golf, fishing, hunting. Recrea 
tion: music. Mem. Barrington Methodis 
Ch. Republican. Home: Hawthorne Rd 


(Route 63), Barrington, 111. Summer 
res.: Glen Lake, Cedar, Mich. 

THOMPSON, James Arthur, licensed 
architect, engineer; b. Rushville, 111., 18 
Jan. 1883; s. Wm. J. Thompson, farmer, 
and Margaret Jeanette (Arthur) T.; ed. 
Fey Sen.; B.S.A., Univ. 111., 1905; grad. 
student, 1914-15; m. Anna Riehl of Alton, 
15 Sept. 1908 (dec, 1929); children- 
Ralph James, Willard Davenport, Elea- 
nor June (Mrs. Giles Dodds), Erwin 
Arthur, Alice Mathilde (wife of T. Sergt. 
John W. Johnson); m. (2d) Emma 
Bruun Reed, 30 Aug. 1937. Worked way 
throuch acad. and univ. in 5 yrs.; 111. 
State Soil Survey, 1905-06; teacher, 
Hampton Inst. (Hampton, Va.), 1906-07; 
indsl. missionary, Korea, 1907-14 (fin- 
ished 46 projects 6 mos. ahead of sched- 
ule, sole responsibility); in archtl. and 
engring. practice, U.S.A., 1914 — ; org. 
Gladacres Inc., mfrd. and shipped spl. 
service tools for motors and aeros., all 
over world; built high sens., ens., water- 
works, etc. ; owner of Circle of Centuries 
Calendar Co.; city engr., Rushville, HI.; 
helped in P.O. Dept. during World War 
I; confidential work World War II; 
mem. Soc. Auto. Engrs., Univ. 111. 
Alumni Assn. (life), A.P. and A.M. 
Club: Schuyler Community. Author: 
Erosion of Soils; The Datefinder; Six 
and One-half Years Construction Work 
in Korea. Travel: around world, 1914. 
Desc, James D. Thompson, early 
settler in Schuyler Co., 111. Interests: 
calendars, photog., world events. Meth- 
odist. Independent. OflSce: Rushville, 111. 
Home: 128 E. Clinton St., Rushville, 111. 

STRUCKMANN, George William, at- 
torney; b. Chicago, 111., 2 Aug. 1894; s. 
William F. Struckmann, attorney, and 
Alvena C. (Heidemann) S.; ed. J. Ster- 
ling Morton high sen., Clyde, HI.; Cor- 
nell Univ., 1911-12; LL.B., Univ. Mich., 
1920; m. Gertrude K. Schoneberger of 
Chicago, 111., 21 Aug. 1936; mem. Fel- 
senthal, Struckmann & Berger, 1920-28; 
Altheimer, Mayer, Woods & Smith, 1928- 
36; Tanner & Struckmann, 1936-42; now 
practicing alone; mem. 111. State and 
Am. Bar Assns. ; signal corps, 1917, com. 
2d It. engr., discharged, 1918. Clubs: 
Union League (Chicago), Detroit Club 
(Detroit), Sangamo (Springfield, 111.), 
Skokie Country (Glencoe). Interests: 
Civil War hist., bibliog. Recreations: 
fishing, hunting. Conglist. Republican. 
OflSce: 208 So. La Salle St., Chicago, HI. 
Home: 519 Willow Rd., Winnetka, 111. 

SALOMON, Irving, manufacturer (re- 
tired); b. Chicago, 111., 23 Aug. 1897; s. 
Abraham Douglas Salomon, fed. tax 

authority, and Ella (Polachek) S.; ed. 
Wendell Philips high sen.; Northwestern 
Univ. ; m. Cecile Leibowitz of St. Joseph, 
Mo., 25 Sept. 1937; 1 dau., Abbe. Started 
at age of 17 yrs., Royal Metal Mfg. Co., 
as office boy, asst. salesmanager, ex- 
port mgr., gen. mgr., pres., 1926-42, at 
present chmn. bd.; affiliated Royal 
Metal Mfg. Co. ; United Charities of Chi- 
cago and other charity bds.; pvt. U.S. 
Marines during World War I; It. col. 
Hdqrs. Army Service Forces, War Dept. 
during World War II. Club: Standard. 
Author: a number of arts, on bus. subjs. 
Travel: Eur., So. Am. Grandfather 
settled in Chicago about 1840. Interests: 
Sponsors, finances and directs Pact 
Farm Boys Camp. Jewish. Republican. 
Office: 175 No. Michigan Av., Chicago, 
111. Chicago res.: Standard Club, Chi- 
cago, HI. Main res.: 2000 Lake Shore 
Dr., Michigan City, Ind. 

SCHULZE, Paul, Jr., executive; b. 
Chicago, 111., 1 Mar. 1895; s. Paul 
Schulze and Ida (Johl) S.; ed. Shattuck 
Sen., Faribault, Minn.; Ph.B., Yale 
Univ., 1916; m. Grace Mary Cook of 
Chicago, HI., 30 June 1923 (div.); chil- 
dren— Idamae, Paul n, Walter H.; m. 
(2d) Rheba G. Thompson, Paragould, 
Ark., 17 July 1943. Gen. sales mgr., 
Schulze Baking Co., Chicago, HI., 1921- 
23; v.p. and treas., Paul Schulze Biscuit 
Co., Chicago, 1923-35, pres., 1935-40; 
pres., Schulze and Burch Biscuit Co., 
Chicago, 1940 — ; dir., Farmer Seed and 
Nursery Co., Faribault, Minn., So- 
Tastee Foods, Inc., 111.; 1st It, 13th U.S. 
Cav., Mex. Border, 1917-19; mem. 
V.F.W., Am. Legion, Phi Gamma Delta, 
Union League (Chicago), Municipal Art 
League (Chicago). Clubs: Econ. (Chi- 
cago), Skokie Country, Yale (N.Y.C.), 
Cent. Mfg. Dist. (Chicago). Author: The 
Peace Messenger. Travel: Eur. Recrea- 
tion: golf. Episcopalian. Republican. Of- 
fice: Schulze and Burch Biscuit Co., 
1133 W. 35th St., Chicago, HI. Home: 
3200 Sheridan Rd., Chicago 13, HI. 

SMITH, Ray DeVere, executive; b. 
Piano, HI., 22 Oct. 1879; s. F. J. Smith, 
r.r. man, and Inez L. (Smith) S.; ed. 
grade sen.; home study; m. Blanche E. 
Hinckley of Aurora, 111., 24 Sept. 1903; 
1 son, Clifford H. Associated with Indsl. 
Training Inst., 1919 — , owner 1925—, 
chmn. of bd. Clubs: Chicago Athletic 
Assn., Bob O'Link Golf, Evanston Golf. 
Interests: collecting Civil War books, 
library containing over 3,000 volumes. 
Recreation: golf. Republican. Ofiice: 
2154 Lawrence Av., Chicago, HI. Home: 

WAITE, Roy E., publisher; b. Cedar 
Rapids, la., 22 Jan. 1879; s. Henry Clay 


Waite, music mcht., and Cornelia (Shu- 
gart) W.; ed. Prep. Coe Coll., la.; Drake 
Univ., la.; m. Grace Taylor of New 
York, N.Y., 1901. Entered employ of 
Trade Jour., at age of 20; pres., Waite 
Pub. Co.; ed., publ., Piano Trade Mag., 
1913—; vet., Sp.-Am. War; mem. 
A.R.C. (life), Art Inst, of Chicago (life), 
Field Museum Nat. Hist., Am, Museum 
Nat. Hist. (N.Y.), Chicago Piano and 
Organ Assn. (pres., 1940-41), Nat. Assn. 
Music Mchts., Music War Council of 
Am. Club: 111. Athletic. Protestant. Re- 
publican. Office: 20 E. Jackson Blvd., 
Chicago, HI. Home: 5807 Dorchester Av., 
Chicago, HI. 

LORD, John Solon, lawyer; b. Buena 
Vista Co., la., 8 June 1881; s. Augustus 
Warner Lord, farmer, and Mary 
(Crowell) L.; ed. North Dixon (111.) high 
sch.; A.B., Univ. Wis., 1904; Harvard 
Law Sch., 1904-06; m. Marion Green of 
Chicago, 111., 6 Oct. 1915; children— Jane 
Crowell, John Mason. Practiced law 
with Richberg, Ickes, Davies & Lord. 
1915-24, Lord, Wire & Cobb, 1924-30, 
Lord, Bissell & Kadyk; atty. in fact for 
Lloyds', London; mem. Gen. Alumni 
Assn., Univ. Wis. (pres., 1916-18, Wis. 
Alumni Research Foundation, Am., 111. 
State, Chicago Bar Assns., Chicago Law 
Inst., Wis. Soc. of Chicago (pres.). 
Clubs: University, Attic, Hinsdale Golf, 
Chicago Golf, Law. Interests: art, place- 
ment of coll. grads. Recreations: golf, 
fishing. Protestant. Republican. Office: 
135 S. La Salle St., Chicago, 111. Home: 
Hinsdale, 111. 

McBAIN, Hughston Maynard, presi- 
dent, director of Marshall Field & Co.; 
b. Grand Rapids, Mich., 9 Feb. 1902; 
s. W. Fred McBain, and Kathleen 
(Hughston) McB. ; ed. Grand Rapids 
Cent, high sch., 1919; Phillips Exeter 
Acad., 1920; Univ. Mich., 1920-22; m. 
Margaret Keith of Kenilworth, 17 Sept. 
1927; children — James Hughston, Mar- 
garet, Grace. Bill adjuster, Marshall 
Field & Co., 1922-23, sec. to pres., 1924- 
26, gen. mgr., Mdse. Mart, 1932, asst. to 
pres., asst. treas., 1933-34, gen. mgr. 
wholesale and mfg. div., 1935-36, v.p., 
1936, 1st v.p., 1938—, mem. bd. dirs., 
1938, charge of mfg. div., 1938-39, gen. 
mgr. Chicago and Suburban stores, 1940- 
42; pres., 1943; dir. First Nat. Bank of 
Chicago, 1941; campaign chmn., U.S.O. 
in Chicago; mem. Field Mus. of Nat. 
Hist, (life), Delta Chi, Sigma Delta Chi. 
Clubs: Chicago, Commercial, Economic, 
Tavern, Mid-Day, Saddle and Cycle, 
Merchants and Manufacturers (Chi- 
cago), Indian Hill (Winnetka). Recrea- 

tions: tennis, squash, golf. Conglist. Re- 
publican. Office: Marshall Field & Co., 
222 N. Bank Dr., Chicago, HI. Home: 
1029 Green Bay Rd., Winnetka, 111. Sum- 
mer res.: Scotch Point, Boulder Junc- 
tion, Wis. 

MOUNT, Oliver Erskine, vice presi- 
dent, secretary, treasurer; b. Peters- 
burg, Tenn., 22 Aug. 1892; s. Thomas C. 
Mount, dentist, and Mary Alice (Coles) 
M.; ed. pub. schs., Tenn.; Northwestern 
Univ.; m. Hildegarde Marie Heidel of 
California, Mo., 1923; children — Marie 
Christine, Audrey Eloise. Dir., First 
Nat. Bank, East Chicago, Ind., Union 
Nat. Bank, East Chicago, Ind.; v.p., 
sec, treas. Am. Steel Foundries. Clubs: 
Belle Meade Country (Nashville, Tenn.), 
Park Ridge Country (Chicago, 111.), 
Cloud Club (New York). Travel: Eur., 
Cent. Am., U.S. Desc. early pioneers. 
Recreation: golf. Episcopalian. Repub- 
lican. Office: Am. Steel Foundries, 410 
N. Michigan Av., Chicago, HI. Home: 
610 Wisner Av., Park Ridge, 111. 

KNIGHT, William D., lawyer; b. 
Rockford, 111., 13 Nov. 1886; s. Brad- 
ford A. Knight, lawyer, and Kate F. 
(Oakes) K.; ed. Rockford high sch.; 
A.B., Dartmouth Coll., 1908; LL.B., Har- 
vard Law Sch., 1911; M.A., Dartmouth 
Coll., 1930; m. Lela M. Clark of Madi- 
son, S.D., 1 Dec. 1923; children— Wil- 
liam D., Mary Katharine. Elected city 
atty., 1917, resigned; resumed position, 
1919-23; state's atty., Winnebago Co., 
1924-32; pres. HI. State's Attys. Assn., 
1928-29; enlisted as pvt., 331st F.A., 
1917; discharged as 1st It., F.A. and 
Batty. Comdr., 1919; mem. HI. State 
(pres., 1939) and Winnebago Co. Bar 
Assns., (pres., 1938), Am. Bar Assn., 
Internat. Assn. of Ins. Counsel, Am. 
Legion (comdr. Walter R. Craig Post, 
1921-22, v. comdr., 111. Dept., 1922-23); 
Dartmouth Alumni Council, Dartmouth 
Athletic Council, Adv. Corns. Univ. 111. 
and 111. Legislative Reference Bur., 
Western Conf. Football Off. (1912—). 
Clubs: University of Rockford, Rock- 
ford Country (pres., 1943), Kiwanis. 
Mem. Phi Gamma Delta. Masons (32d 
deg.), Shriner. Recreations: football offi- 
ciating, golf. Methodist. Republican. Of- 
fice: Forest City Nat. Bank Bldg., Rock- 
ford, 111. Home: 2015 Clinton St., Rock- 
ford, 111. 

TOMAN, John; b. 12 May 1876; m. 
Bertha Sefcik of Chicago, 111., 29 Sept. 
1899; children — Irene Witous, Dr. An- 
drew J., Lucille Jana. With Chicago 
Pub. Library, 1889-1912; alderman, 34th 
Ward, 1912-23; Bd. of Local Improve- 


merits, 1923-25; alderman, 23d Ward, 
1925-34; sheriff, 1934-38, co. treas., 1938- 
42; mem. Bd. of Tax Appeals, 1942, 
Wabansia Lodge, Shrine, Columbia 
Commandery, Royal Order of Jestors, 
Royal League, Lafayette Council, La- 
fayette Greater Chicago Lodge, Loyal 
Order of Moose, Lawndale Aerie, 
Eagles, B.P.O.E., The Grotto, K.P., 
Chicago Assn. of Commerce, Chicago 
Hist. Soc, Smithsonian Inst., Chicago 
Amusement Publicists Assn., Masons, 
Crawford Bus. Men's League, Big Bros. 
Assn., Lyra Singing Soc, Sparta Soccor 
Assn., V.F.W. Clubs: The Camels, Bo- 
hemia, Dobrovsky. Office: County Bldg., 
Chicago, 111. Home: 4056 W. 21st Place, 
Chicago, 111. Summer res.: New Buffalo, 

TRAUT, Eugene Fagan, physician; b. 
Fond du Lac, Wis., 23 May 1894; s. 
William Jacob Traut and Julia (Fagan) 
T.; ed. Fond du Lac high sch.; B.S., 
Univ. Chicago, 1917; M.D., Rush Med. 
Coll., 1919; European study, London, 
Paris, Vienna, 1924-26. Asst. prof., Clin. 
Med., Rush Med. Coll., Univ. Chicago; 
attending phys., Cook Co., West Sub- 
urban Hosps.; asst. attending phys., 
Presbyn. Hosp.; U.S.N., 1914-18; mem. 
Am. and Chicago Med. Assns., Chicago 
Soc. of Internal Med., Am. Soc. for Con- 
trol of Rheumatism, Chicago Path. Soc, 
Chicago Soc. Med. History, Am. Coll. of 
Physicians, Am. Bd. of Internal Med. 
Author: Skin Tests with Bacterial Prod- 
ucts in Arthritic and Nonarthritic Indi- 
viduals; Dissociation of Streptococci in 
Arthritis; Undulant Fever Treated with 
Sulfanilamide; Management of Intrac- 
table Urticaria. Office: 122 S. Michigan 
Av., Chicago, 111. Home: 404 Clinton Av., 
Oak Park, 111. Summer Res.; Lake 
Geneva, Wis. 

O'RDLEY, James E., pres. Chicago 
Sugar Co.; b. Chicago, 111., 17 Dec. 
1889; s. Richard O'Riley and Mary J. 
(Rowan) O'R.; grad. St. Patrick's Com- 
mercial Acad., 1906; DePaul Univ., 1915- 
16; m. Margaret M. Hosty of Chicago, 
HI., 10 Oct. 1925; children— James E., 
Jr., Elizabeth M. Pres. Chicago Sugar 
Co., 1922 — ; dir. Chicago Electric Co., 
111. Warehouse Co.; corpl. F.A., U.S. 
Army, 1917-18; mem. Chicago Athletic 
Assn. of Butterfield. Clubs: Country, Big 
Foot Country. Catholic. Office: 340 W. 
Harrison St., Chicago, 111. Home: 1135 
Forest Av., River Forest, 111. 

LUFKIN, Mabel Rogers, club woman; 
b. Waltham, Mass.; d. Charles W. 
Rogers and Harriet Elizabeth (Britton) 
R.; ed. Allen's prep, sch., W. Newton, 

Mass.; Wellesley Coll.; m. Fred R. Luf- 
kin of Watertown, Mass., 5 Sept. 1914. 
Pres., Watertown Women's Club; sev- 
eral positions in Mass. State Fed. of 
Women's Clubs: chmn. membership 
com., Mass. Planning & Zoning 
Ccrnmn. ; state chmn., dept. Press and 
Publicity, 111. Fed. of Women's Clubs; 
v. chmn. and chmn., dept. Press and 
Publicity, Gen. Fed. of Women's Clubs; 
dir. publicity, Nat. Fed. Press Women, 
Inc.; advisor, Gen. Fed. Press Publicity 
com., 1944-47; ed. 111. Clubwoman; mem. 
Watertown, Mass., Planning Bd., 1914- 
17, Gen. Fed. Women's Clubs, 111. Fed. 
Women's Clubs, D.A.R., O.E.S. Clubs: 
Elgin Woman's, Watertown Woman's, 
Past Presidents of Mass., Elgin Musi- 
cians. Protestant. Republican. Office 
and home: 252 Douglas Av., Elgin, 111. 

LUFKIN, Fred Richards, advertising 
engineer; b. Falmouth, Me., 6 Sept. 
1887; s. Charles L. Lufkin and Jennie 
(Merrill) L. ; ed. Deering high sch., 
Portland, Me.; B.S. in E.E., M.I.T., 
1910; m. Mabel Rogers Tabor of Water- 
town, Mass., 5 Sept. 1914. Instr., M.I.T., 
1910-11; mem. staff, Walter B. Snow, 
Boston, Mass., 1912-17; asst. advt. mgr., 
Cutler Hammer, Inc., Milwaukee, Wis., 
1919-21; Milwaukee rep., George J. 
Kirkgasser & Co., Chicago, 111., 1921-23; 
designing engr., Chicago Ry. Signal & 
Supply Co., 1923-27; chief draftsman, 
United Reproducers Corp., St. Charles, 
111., 1927-30; mgr., Fred R. Lufkin & Co., 
Elgin, 111., 1930 — ; mem. Masons. Club: 
Technology. Protestant. Republican. Of- 
fice and home: 252 Douglas Av., Elgin, 

PUFFER, Noble Judson, Cook county 
supt. of schs.; b. Cameron, 111., 5 May 
1901; s. T. W. Puffer, ex-min., and F. 
Joy (Hubbell) P.; ed. Lafayette Twp. 
high sch., 111., 1918; B.S., 111. Wesleyan 
Univ., 1923; M.A., Northwestern Univ., 
1932; m. Lillian Olson of Oak Park, 
111., 2 Feb. 1924; children— John, Rich- 
ard. Asst. co. supt. schs., Cook Co., 111., 
1926-34, supt., 1935—; dir., 111. Farmers 
Inst.; p.p., Dept. Co. Supt. N.E.A.; p. 
pres. HI. Assn. Co. Supts.; mem. 111. Ed. 
Assn., exec, council Boy Scouts, Phi 
Kappa Delta. Club: Lions. Interests: 
gardening, motion picture photog. Rec- 
reations: fishing, golf. Methodist. Demo- 
crat. Office: 160 N. La Salle St., Chicago, 
111. Home: Barrington, 111. 

MEYER, James, priest; b. Will Co., 
111., 15 Nov. 1883; s. Michael Meyer, 
farmer, and Frances Clare (Stephen) 
M.; ed. St. Joseph's Coll., Teutopolis, 
111., 1897-1903; A.B.; Franciscan Sem., 


St. Louis, Mo. Entered Franciscan order 
(O.F.M.), 19 Mar. 1903; ordained priest, 
1910; prof., St. Joseph's Coll., Teu- 
topolis, 111., 1911-13; pastoral work, St. 
Bernard, Neb., 1913-15; institutional 
work, Sioux City, 1916; pastoral work, 
Petoskey, Mich., 1917, St. Peter's, Chi- 
cago, 1918-20; sec, Assn. of Franciscan 
Fathers of the State of 111.; sec. and ed., 
Franciscan Herald Press; mem. Order 
of Friars Minor. Author: Social Ideals of 
St. Francis, 1938; Crime and Religion, 
1936; Pusillum, 1931; pamphlets on 
Franciscan matters. Editor: Franciscan 
Herald, 1922-38, Third Order Forum, 
1921-40, Franciscan Herald and Forum, 
1940 — . Interests: writings, lectures on 
Franciscan subjects. Catholic. Independ- 
ent. Office and home: 5045 S. Laflin St., 
Chicago, 111. 

LOBDELL, Effie Leola, physician and 
surgeon; b. Washington Island, Wis., 1 
Jan. 1867; d. Joseph Judson Lobdell, 
lake capt. and pilot, pioneer of Great 
Lakes, and Elizabeth (Napier) L. ; ed. 
Green Bay high sen.; Taylor Univ.; 
Univ. Ind., 1891; other sci. spl. courses 
in Continental Europe, So. Am., Norw., 
Den., Swed. Usual career of ambitious 
doctor with wonderful opportunities; 
owner and mgr., Commercial Grove 
(pecan culture), Albany, Ga.; first 
woman on attending staff, Cook Co. 
Hosp., 1900-04, Hosp. for Women and 
Children; on attending staff, Chicago 
Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium ; 
chief woman phys., 111. State Hosp. for 
Insane, Kankakee, 111.; supt. Harvey 
Med. Coll., Playfair Sch. of Midwifery 
(specialty Gynecology and Obstetrics), 
obstetrician, pediatrician and gynecolo- 
gist, Cook Co. Hosp., attending surg., 
Municipal Tuberculosis San.; surg., 
Mary Thompson Hosp. for Women and 
Children; mem. Adv. Com. under 
Franklin Martin; mem. Vol. Med. Serv- 
ice Corps (authorized by Pres. Wilson, 
Nov. 1918); mem. Navy League (U.S. 
Govt, controlled org. similar to Red 
Cross), 1917—; Am. Nat. Red Cross, 111. 
State, Chicago and Cook Co. Med. 
Assns., Nu Sigma Phi, Pi Gamma Mu, 
Med. and Dental Arts (life mem.), 
fellow A.C.S. Clubs: Alliance of Bus. 
and Professional (charter mem.), Medi- 
cal Womens (pres., 1912), Womens Re- 
publican, Cordon. Author: papers, pam- 
phlets, etc. Travel: Continental Europe 
(Norw., Swed., Den.), So. Am. Father in 
early history of Mich, and Wis. Inter- 
ests: gen. literary, horticulture, horse- 
back riding, travel. Protestant. Repub- 
lican. Office: 25 E. Jackson Blvd., Chi- 

cago 4, HI. Home: Maryland Hotel, Chi- 
cago 11, HI. 

HOFFMAN, Louis George, oculist; b. 
Davenport, la., 21 Mar. 1887; s. Samuel 
Hoffman, broker, and Clara (Beyer) H. ; 
ed. Atlantic high sch.; Univ. la.; M.D., 
Northwestern Med. Sch., 1910; m. Cora 
Bryan of Chicago, 111., 15 Sept. 1914; 
children— Louis G., Jr., Robert E. Eye 
surgeon, 111. Eye & Ear Infirmary, 
Mercy Hosp.; actg. chmn. Dept. Oph- 
thal., Loyola Univ. Sch. Med., Chicago, 
111.; mem. Selective Service Bd.; mem. 
Am. Acad, of Ophthalmology and Oto- 
laryngology, Am. Med. Assn., Chicago 
Ophthal. Soc, Chicago Med. Soc, Chi- 
cago Athletic Assn. Interest: philately. 
Office: 30 N. Michigan Av., Chicago, 
111. Home: 165 Franklin Rd., Glencoe, 

HUNTER, Robert Lee, lawyer; b. 
Boone, la., 4 Sept. 1898; s. John Lincoln 
Hunter and Mae Josie (Chapman) H.; 
ed. Mapleton, la. high sch.; B.A., Univ. 
la., 1922; J.D., Univ. Chicago, 1927; m. 
Elizabeth Bond Corey of Vizagapatom, 
Corey, Robert Lee. Elizabeth Bond, 
India, 22 Feb. 1936; children— John 
Margaret Mae. Teacher, Cherokee, la., 
pub. sch., 1922-24; mem. firm Gregory, 
Gilicoth & Hunter; chmn. 111. State 
Merit Council; pvt., U.S. Inf., during 
World War I; pres. 111. Civ. Serv. 
Commn. ; mem. Am., 111. State and Chi- 
cago Bar Assns., Y.M.C.A. of Chicago 
(mem. bd. mgrs., state bd.), A.F. and 
A.M., Phi Kappa Sigma, Phi Alpha 
Delta, Men's Post, Am. Legion. Clubs: 
Chicago Farmers, Hyde Park Bapt. Ch., 
Law. Interests: farming, dairying. Rec- 
reations: farming, sports. Republican. 
Office: 105 S. La Salle St., Chicago, 111. 
Home: 4837 Kenwood Av., Chicago, 111. 
Summer res.: East Troy, Wis. 

INSANA, Silvio, composer, conductor, 
music teacher; b. Piacenza, It., 14 Jan. 
1907; s. Pietro Insana, musician, and 
Giuseppina (Bolchi) I.; ed. Royal Con- 
servatory G. Verdi, Milan, It.; m. Lil- 
lian Padorr of Chicago, 111., 29 Aug. 
1931. Mus.D., Royal Conservatory in 
Milan, 1929; v. dir., teacher piano, 
theory, Lyceo Frescobaldi in Milan, 
1927-33; conducted Modern Ballet, Tor- 
ino, It,, 1933; with Chicago City Opera 
Co., 1935 — ; founder Chicago Concert 
and Opera Guild, 1938; winner Erba 
prize, Milan, 1929 (with symphonic poem 
I Funerali D'Ettorre) ; Nat. contest of 
Friends of Mus., Palermo, 1931 (with 
song Leggendo Una Lettera) ; Bonetti 
contest (with opera in one act, Tragic 
Night, Milan, 1932); asst. condr. Chi- 


cago City Opera; gen. and mus. dir., 
Chicago Concert and Opera Guild; holds 
opera class, Chicago Musical Coll., Sept. 
1944—. Author: opera, symphonic 
poems, songs, trio, quartet, piano music. 
Catholic. Office: 410 S. Michigan Blvd., 
Chicago, HI. Home: 808 Lawrence Av., 
Chicago, 111. 

JOHNSON, Sveinbjorn, lawyer; b. Ice- 
land, 19 July 1883; s. Jon Johnson, and 
Gudbjorg (Jonsdottir) J.; ed. A.B., 
Univ. N.D., 1906, A.M., 1907, LL.B., 
1908; LL.D. (hon.), Univ. Iceland, 1930; 
LL.D. (hon.), Univ. N.D., 1937; m. 
Esther Slette of Manchester, Minn., 16 
Sept. 1917; children— Barbara, D., Paul 
Sveinbjorn. Organizer and dir. Leg. Ref- 
erence Bur., N.D., 1908-11; practice of 
law, Cavalier, N.D., 1910-13; with O'Con- 
nor & Johnson, Grand Forks, 1913-21, 
Mclntyre, Burtness & Johnson, 1921; 
teacher of polit. sci. and law, Univ. 
N.D., 1913-31; atty. gen., N.D., 1921-22; 
justice, Supreme Ct., N.D., 1922-26; 
Univ. Counsel and prof, of law, Univ. 
111., 1926-44; state dir., Office of Govt. 
Reports, 1935-42; dir. Johnson & Short, 
1945—, First Nat. Bank, Champaign; 
mem. Am., Chicago, N.D. and 111. State 
Bar Assns., Heimskringla, Phi Beta 
Kappa, Order of Coif, Scabbard and 
Blade. Club: Kiwanis. Author: Pioneers 
of Freedom, 1930; Richards. Cases on 
Corporations, 3d rev., 1940; numerous 
pamphlets and law review arts. Travel: 
Eur., Iceland. Interests: translation of 
ancient Icelandic lawbook, Gragas, with 
annotations to the Old Norwegian, Dan- 
ish and Swedish law codes, and Com- 
mon Law of Eng. Lutheran. Democrat. 
Office: 111 W. Washington St., Chicago, 
111. Home: Knickerbocker Hotel, Chi- 
cago, 111.; 1007 W. Church St., Cham- 
paign, 111. 

PRINGLE, Ralph W., professor; b. 
Norwood, N.Y., 5 Oct. 1865; s. Ralph 
Pringle, farmer, and Nancy (Blain) P.; 
ed. Madred, N.Y. high sch. ; St. Law- 
rence Univ.; B.S., M.S., Harvard Univ., 
1892, B.A. ; m. Lilliam Smith of St. Regis 
Falls, N.Y., 20 Mar. 1891; children- 
Helen Smith, Kenneth Ralph. Prin., St. 
Regis Falls Acad., N.Y.; supt. schs., 
Oregon City, Ore.; prin., Brodhead, Wis. 
high sch., Appleton, Wis., Lyons Twp. 
high sch., La Grange, 111., Univ. high 
sch., 111. State Normal Univ., 1913, prof, 
of ed., dir. summer sch., 20 yrs.; prof, 
ed., Univ. Pa., summer, 1925, Boston 
Univ., summer, 1930; mem. 111. Acad. 
Sci., A.A.A.S., Alpha Tau Omega, Pi 
Gamma Mu, Kappa Phi Kappa, Mark 
Twain Soc, Masons. Clubs: Coll. 

Alumni, Longfellow. Author: Adoles- 
cence and High School Problems, 1922; 
Methods with Adolescents, 1927; Psy- 
chology of High School Discipline, 1931; 
Psychology of the Junior High School, 
1937. Interests: garden, swimming. Re- 
publican. Office: 111. State Normal 
Univ., Normal, 111. Home: 410 W. Mul- 
berry, Normal, 111. 

MORROW, Frederick E., civil engi- 
neer; b. Howard Co., Ind.; s. Jackson 
Morrow, agriculture, and Mary E. (Hen- 
derson) M.; ed. Kokomo (Ind.) high 
sch.; B.S., Purdue Univ., 1904, C.E., 
1908; m. Ethel M. Godman of La- 
Fayette, Ind., 1908; 1 dau., Mary Jane. 
Engring. dept., C.&N.W. Ry. Co., 1904- 
07, engring. dept., Bd. Supervising; 
Engrs. Chicago Traction, 1907-10; en- 
gring. dept., Chicago and Western Ind. 
Railroad and The Belt Ry. Co. of Chi- 
cago, 1910 — , chief engr. ; mem. Am. 
Soc. Civil Engineers, Western Soc. 
Engrs. (pres., 1928), Am. Ry. Engring. 
Assn. (pres., 1938), Engring. Div. Am. 
Assn. R.R. (chmn., 1938), Alpha Tau 
Omega, Tau Beta Pi, Masons. Recrea- 
tion: golf. Presbyterian. Republican. Of- 
fice: 47 W. Polk St., Chicago, 111. Home: 
137 N. Ridgeland Av., Oak Park, 111. 

NORMANN, Carl M., mechanical en- 
gineer; b. Norway, 12 Sept. 1892; natu- 
ralized, 1917; s. Hans Normann, bldg. 
contractor, and Emma (Olsen) N.; ed. 
Norw. schs.; Chicago Tech., 1921; m. 
Edna Andersen of Chicago, 111., 7 Oct. 
1925; 1 son, Ronald M. Electrician, 1916; 
draftsman, designer, gen. engr., 59th 
F.A., 1917-18; corpl., musician, during 
World War I; mem. Western Soc. of 
Engrs. Club: Gary Country. Travel: 
U.S., Eur., Can. Recreations: golf, 
swimming, gen. outdoors. Lutheran. Re- 
publican. Office: 556 W. Monroe St., 
Chicago, 111. Home: 1708 S. Crescent 
Av., Park Ridge, 111. Summer res.: Fox 
River Grove, HI. 

WILCOX, Earl, physician; b. Hebron, 
Ind., 14 Jan. 1886; s. Albert F. Wilcox, 
dredging contractor, and Harriett 
(Grimes) W.; ed. Hebron high sch.; 
M.D., Hahnemann Med. Coll., Chicago, 
1908; m. Mabelle Steffenberg of Chi- 
cago, 21 June 1916; 1 son, Robert Earl. 
Gen. practice of med.; treas., Jackson 
Park Hosp.; 1st It. Med. Corps, Ft. 
Riley, Kan., 1918; mem. Masons. Club: 
Lincolnshire Country. Travel: U.S. In- 
terests: music, dogs, children. Recrea- 
tions: musical shows, radio, etc. Protes- 
tant. Democrat. Office: 757 W. 79th St., 
Chicago, 111. Home: 7040 Cregier Av., 
Chicago, 111. 


WETTLING, L. Eugene, statistician; 
b. Omaha, Neb., 27 July 1893; s. Louis 
E. Wettling, statistician, and Laura 
(Gregory) W.; ed. St. John's Mil. Acad., 
Delafield, Wis.; Univ. Neb.; Pace and 
Pace, N.Y.C. ; m. Frances E. Van Camp 
of N.Y.C, 16 Apr. 1916; children— Louis 
E., Ill, Richard E. Priest, Protestant 
Episcopal Ch.; served sev. churches, 
1917-28; pub. acctg., 1928-34; statistical 
bur., Western Lines, spl. rep., 1934; 
mem. Welcome Lodge No. 916 A.F. and 
A.M., Oriental Consistory A.A.S.R. — 
Medinah Temple Aaonms. Episcopalian. 
Republican. Office: 416 Chicago Union 
Station, Chicago, HI. Home: 731 Reba 
PL, Evanston, 111. 

WEINSTEIN, Morris L., surgeon; b. 
Chicago, 111., 1 Mar. 1893; s. Philip D. 
Weinstein, furrier, and Fannie (John- 
son) W.; ed. Hyde Park high sen.; 
Chicago Coll. Med. and Surgery, Loyola, 
1913; post grad. work Vienna, Paris, 
Berlin, Munich, Stockholm, London; m. 
Marion Liebschutz of Chicago, 1 Jan. 
1920; children — M. Lawrence, Muriel 
Ruth. Surgical practice, 1913 — ; interne- 
ship, St. Mary's Nazareth and Oak Park 
Hosps.; mem. staff, Chicago Mem. 
Hosp. ; dir. Prothero Radium Mem.; 
surgeon, U.S.P.H.S., 1917-18, volunteer 
Med. Service Corps, U.S.A.; fellow Am. 
Coll. Surgeons; mem. A.M. A., 111. and 
Chicago Med. Socs., Radiological Soc. 
N. Am. Club: Standard. Author: several 
med. arts. pub. in 111. Med. Jour., 
Annals of Surgery, Am. Jour, of Sur- 
gery, Surgery Gyneacology and Obstet- 
rics, Jour, of Lab. and Clinical Med., 
Jour, of Anasthesia and Analgesia. 
Travel: entire U.S., Eur., Orient. Inter- 
ests: art, photog. Recreation: travel. 
Jewish. Republican. Office: 185 N. 
Wabash Av., Chicago, 111. Home: 5715 
Kenwood Av., Chicago, 111. 

WECKER, Walter A., corporation 
executive; b. Peru, 111., 29 June 1895; s. 
August C. Wecker and Josephine 
(Leyes) W.; ed. LaSalle-Peru Township 
high sen.; m. Minnie Inez Ramey of 
LaSalle, HI., 24 Aug. 1920; 1 son, Walter 
A., Jr. Started with Marquette Cement 
Mfg. Co., 14 Jan. 1914, as minor elk., 
traveling collector and credit mgr., 
1917; time out for mil. service; credit 
mgr., Marquette Cement Mfg. Co., Chi- 
cago, 1919-21, sec, 1921-23, sec, treas., 
1923-32, sec, treas., v.p., 1932-33, pres., 
treas., 1933 — ; dir., Marquette Cement 
Mfg. Co., Portland Cement Assn.; 
served as corpl., Personnel Dept., 
U.S.A.; later, candidate officer, F.A., 
Central Officers Tr. Sen., Camp Taylor, 

Ky. Clubs: Chicago, Mid-Day, Exmoor 
Country, Bob O'Link Golf. Interest: 
horticulture. Evangelical Lutheran. Of- 
fice: 140 S. Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. 
Home: Bannockburn, 111. 

WALKER, Edson O., executive; b. 
Amherst, Colo., 20 Apr. 1890; s. Ozro M. 
Walker, farmer, and Katherine (Lamp- 
ert) W.; ed. Cedar Bluffs high sen., 
Neb.; B.Sc, Univ. Neb., 1913; m. Ida 
J. Padour of Crete, Neb., 3 Aug. 1916; 
1 dau., Katherine C. With C.B.&Q. R.R., 
1913, Paxton Veirling Iron Works, 1914- 
17; v.p., dir. Ceco Steel Products Co., 
1917—. Clubs: Rotary, 111. Athletic, La 
Grange Country. Recreations: golf, fish- 
ing, horseback riding, bowling. Conglist. 
Office: 1926 S. 52d Av., Chicago, 111. 
Home: 200 Blackstone Av., La Grange, 

Van AUKEN, Claude L., executive, 
editor; b. Delaware Co., O., 6 June 
1886; s. Charles L. Van Auken, ry. 
constr., foreman, and Mary Esther 
(Mead) V.; ed. Clinton high sch., Clin- 
ton, la.; B.S. (C.E.), Univ. Wis., 1910; 
m. Annette M. Brown of Rockford, 111., 
27 Dec 1910; children— William, Mary; 
m. (2d) Edith E. Bonyun of Montreal, 
Can., 17 July 1937. Ry. constr., Mainte- 
nance and Engring., 1910-18; bus. paper 
ed., 1918-33, pres. and ed., Mass. Trans- 
portation, 1933—; dir. Kenfield-Davis 
Pub. Co.; mayor, City of Elmhurst, 111., 
1933-45; alderman, 1919-27; mem. Am. 
Transit Assn., Cent. Transit Assn., 
Southern Transit Equip. Assn. Club: 
Elmhurst Elks. Author: tech. and semi- 
tech, mag. arts. Travel: U.S., Can. In- 
terest: music. Recreations: motoring, 
golf. Protestant. Republican. Office: 608 
So. Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. Home: 
154 Columbia Av., Elmhurst, HI. 

TWYMAN, Elmer F., executive; b. 
Kansas City, Mo., 29 Dec 1893; s. Elmer 
F. Twyman, banker, and Margaret A. 
(Taylor) T.; ed. Boston Latin Sch.; m. 
Marie E. White of Elgin, 21 June 1922; 
children— Elmer, Joan. Mgr., Garford 
Motor Truck Co., 1916-22; gen. sales 
mgr., Commercial Truck Co., Phila- 
delphia, 1922-35, gen. mgr., Automatic 
Transportation Co. & Walker Vehicle 
Co., 1935—; dir. Industrial Truck Statis. 
Assn.; mem. Masons. Club: South 
Shore Athletic. Interests: golf, farming. 
Methodist. Republican. Office: 101 W. 
87th St., Chicago, 111. Home: 9847 So. 
Hamilton Av., Chicago, 111. Summer 
res.: Galien, Mich. 

THOMAS, Charles Fillius, fire insur- 
ance business; b. Oxford, Ind., 22 Aug. 


1872; s. John M. Thomas, mcht., farmer, 
and Elizabeth (Fillius) T.; ed. high 
sch.; m. Mabel V. Cafferty of Topeka, 
Kan., 5 June 1900; 1 dau., Mary Eliza- 
beth (dec). In fire ins. bus., Chicago, 
HI., mem. Union League of Chicago. 
Methodist. Republican. Office: 175 W. 
Jackson Blvd., Chicago, HI. Home: 3260 
Lake Shore Dr., Chicago, 111. 

TABER, David Fairman, lawyer; b. 
Valparaiso, Ind., 29 Dec. 1891; s. David 
Fairman Taber, insurance, and Cather- 
ine (Memler) T.; ed. Boys high sch., 
Brooklyn, N.Y.; Tome Sch., Port De- 
posit, Md.; LL.B., Cornell Univ., 1915; 
m. Ann Mary Ambrose of Nevada, la., 
28 Dec. 1929; children — Mary Ann, David 
F., Jr., Ruth Waldo. Assoc, firm, Isham, 
Lincoln & Beal, 1916-30, partner, 1930—; 
1st It., Royal Air Force, 1917-19; mem. 
Am. and 111. State Bar Assns. Clubs: 
The Chicago, Racquet, Chicago Golf. 
Recreations: golf, fishing. Protestant. 
Republican. Office: 72 W. Adams St., 
Chicago, 111. Home: Hawthorne Lane, 
Wheaton, HI. 

SWANSON, William Walfred, profes- 
sor; b. Swed., 19 July 1892; s. Axel 
Swanson, farmer, and Mary K. (Han- 
son) S.; ed. Southern Minn. Normal 
Coll.; B.A., Univ. Colo., 1919; B.S., 
Univ. Minn., 1923, M.S., 1924, M.D., 
1925; m. Mary L. Finley of Sparta, 111., 
16 June 1933; children— Margaret Grace, 
Robert William. Teacher, biol. chem., 
Univ. Minn., 1920-24, fellow in pediat- 
rics, 1926, assoc. prof., 1930; fellow, 
Nat. Res. Council, Johns Hopkins Univ. 
Med. Sch., 1930; assoc. prof, pediatrics, 
Univ. Chicago, 1931-39; asst. prof, pedi- 
atrics, Northwestern Univ., 1941 — ; 
mem. M.R.C., Chicago Pediatric Soc, 
Eastern Pediatric Res. Soc, Am. Pedi- 
atric Soc, Am. Soc. Biol. Chem., N.Y. 
Acad. Sci. Author: 30 sci. papers. 
Travel: U.S. Interest: athletics. Recrea- 
tions: tennis, fishing, golf. Baptist. Inde- 
pendent. Office: 2376 E. 71st St., Chi- 
cago, 111. Home: 1524 E. 59th St., Chi- 
cago, 111. 

SWAIM, John E., business man; b. 
Whichita, Kan., 3 June 1885; s. Thomas 
J. Swaim, merchant, and Rachael 
(Miller) S.; ed. Univ. Prep. Sch., Ton- 
kawa, Okla., B.S., Okla. Bapt. Coll., 
Blackwell, 1908; m. Blanche Munger of 
Beaver, Okla., 1910; children— Charles 
Eugene, Thomas J., Mary Elizabeth 
Winter, John E., Jr. Assoc, edn. work, 
city supt., co. supt., employee, Okla. 
A. & M. Coll., Mfg. Animal Biol. Reme- 
dies; pres. Fidelty Labs., Inc., Chicago; 
chmn., control Agency; pres. Animal 

Health Inst.; supt. pub. instr. Beaver 
Co., Okla., 1911-12; mem. Agr. Council, 
Chicago Assn. Commerce. Clubs: Hazel- 
den Country, Brook Ind. Saddle & Sir- 
loin. Author: circulars and booklets on 
agrl. and livestock subjs. Travel: U.S., 
Can. Interests: hunting. Recreations: 
golf, movies. Protestant. Republican. 
Office: 4122 S. Union Av., Chicago, 111. 
Home: 1120 E. 64th St., Chicago, 111. 

RYGEL, John, fire insurance broker; 
b. Independence, Mo., 25 June 1888; s. 
Leon Rygel, mcht., and Ann (Norris) 
R.; ed. Hyde Park high sch.; m. Alma 
Corbin Norris of Columbus, O., 1923; 
children — Nance, John, Richard. Started 
as office boy with North British & Merc. 
1906 — ; sec, Hanover Fire Ins. Co. 
Clubs: Sunset Ridge Country, Union 
League. Wife's mother is cousin of Pres. 
William McKinley. Lutheran. Repub- 
lican. Office: 175 W. Jackson Blvd., Chi- 
cago, 111. Home: 811 Foxdale, Winnetka, 

RUDIN, John, book publisher; b. 
Cleveland, O., 14 Aug. 1876; s. Frederick 
Rudin, farmer, and Cecile (Gotsehet) 
R.; ed. Oberlin Acad.; Townsend high 
sch.; Oberlin Coll.; Baldwin- Wallace ; 
LL.B., Univ. Mich.; m. Ada Barr of 
Clyde, 13 Aug. 1903; children— John 
Frederick, Cecilia M., Helen B. 
Teacher, Ohio Country and prin. at Col- 
lins; practiced law, 1906-10, Elyria, O.; 
counsel and dept. mgr. of King Richard- 
son Pub. Co.; pres. John Rudin and Co., 
Inc., book publishers, retail and whole- 
sale, 1923 — ; dir., and treas., Better 
Govt. Assn.; mem. Anti-Saloon League 
of 111., Ohio Bar Assn., Art Inst. Clubs: 
Republican, Masons. Travel: Europe, 
Protestant. Republican. Office: 1018 So. 
Wabash Av., Chicago, 111. Home: 9315 So. 
Manchester Av., Beverly Hills, Chicago, 


RONY, Hugo R., physician and sur- 
geon; b. Papa, Hung., 9 Apr. 1888; s. 
Jacob Rohonyi and Ernestine (Schoss- 
berger) R.; ed. M.D., Royal Hungarian 
Univ. Scis., Budapest, Hung., 1911; m. 
Pauline Suranyi of Budapest, 1915; 1 
dau., Vera C. Asst. prof, exptl. path., 
Royal Hungarian Univ. Sci., 1912-15, 
asst. prof, internal med., 1915-19, pres. 
Union of Hung. Med. Univ. Teachers, 
1919; assoc. in med., Northwestern 
Univ. Med. Sch., Chicago, 111., 1926-37; 
mem. Am. Med. Soc, Chicago Soc. In- 
ternal Med., Cent. Soc. Clin. Res., Assn. 
for the Study of Internal Secretions, 
Am. Diabetes Assn., Soc of the Sigma 
Xi. Fellow Am. Coll. of Physicians. Au- 
thor: Obesity and Leanness, 1940; many 


sci. arts, in med. jours. Interests: polit. 
sci., social sci. Recreation: tennis. 
Democrat. Office: 6 N. Michigan Av., 
Chicago, 111. Home: 630 W. Sheridan 
Rd., Chicago, 111. 

RONNEBERG, Earl F., architect and 
engineer: b. Chicago, 111., 15 May 1905; 
s. Nathal T. Ronneberg, structural 
engr., and Hedvig M.A, (Jensen) R. ; 
ed. Oak Park and River Forest Twp. 
high sch.; B.S., Univ. 111., 1929; John 
Marshall Law Sch.; m. Bertha J. Cohn 
of Chicago, 111., 1929; children — Jenny 
Lind, Earl F., Jr., Ronnie N. Mem. 
111. Soc. of Architects, Am. Assn. of 
Engrs. (dir.). Recreations: golf, stamp 
collecting. Lutheran. Office: 3906 North 
Harlem Av., Chicago, 111. Home: 7240 
Pratt Av., Chicago, 111. 

ROGERS, Edwin William, financier; 
b. Pullman, 111., 15 Aug. 188S; s. Edwin 
Rogers and Phoebe Annie (Carter) R.; 
ed. pub. schs.; m. Ada Merle McLennan 
of Detroit, Mich., 1909; 1 dau., Helen 
Ann. With John Burnham & Co., 1909; 
mem. firm, dir., mgr. trading dept., 
asst. mgr. N.Y. office, 1909—; org., 
Rogers & Tracy, Inc., Chicago, 111., 
1924 — , assoc; asst. sec, dir., Port 
Arthur (Can.) Ship Bldg. Co., 1st 
It. Am. Protective League, charge group 
of operatives doing counter espionage 
work for U.S., chmn. distribution com., 
2d Liberty Loan, 7th Fed. Res. Dist., 
la., Ind., 111., Mich., Wis., charge dis- 
tribution of posters, bills, booklets, other 
printed matter, treas., War Savings 
Com., 111., Treas. Dept., Washington, 
D.C., capt., Mil. Intelligence, U.S.A. Res. 
Corps, sec. Mil. Intelligence Assn., 6th 
Corps Area, mem. exec, com., Cook 
Co., 111., Reserve Officers Assn., U.S. 
during World War I; mem. Masons (32d 
deg.), Shrine. Recreation: painting. 
Protestant. Republican. Office: 120 So. 
La Salle St., Chicago, 111. Home: Chi- 
cago, 111. 

ROESSLER, Ernest C, hotel operator 
and manager; b. Chicago, 111., 22 Oct. 
1898; s. Carl C. Roessler, hotel operator, 
and Friederike (Roessler) R.; ed. Chi- 
cago Latin Sch.; A.B., Princeton Univ., 
1922; m. Madeline Gildersleeve of Chi- 
cago, 111., 15 May 1926; children —Bar- 
bara Ann, Susan Venable. Mng. dir., 
Hotel Atlantic, Chicago, 111.; v.p., dir., 
International Hotel Co., Chicago; pres., 
dir., Kaskaskia Hotel Co., La Salle. 111., 
dir., Jefferson Hotel Co., St. Louis, Mo.; 
treas., dir., Atlantic Garage Co., Chi- 
cago, HI.; chmn. exec, com., Greater 
Chicago Hotel Assn. ; served in Princeton 
naval unit during World War I; Clubs: 

Princeton of Chicago, Michigan Shores. 
Episcopalian. Republican. Office: Hotel 
Atlantic, 316 S. Clark St., Chicago 4, 
111. Home: 474 Ash St., Winnetka, 111. 

STONE, Howard H„ executive; b. 
Manchester, Eng., 14 Apr. 1898; s. Ben- 
jamin Stone and Rose (Abelson) S.; ed. 
Crane high sch.; HI. Univ.; m. Jean- 
nette Latshaw of Montreal, Can., 1925; 
children— Lloyd, Patricia. Worked in oil 
fields, Okla., 1919-21; in chem. bus., 
1921-22; sec, Standard Stamping & Per- 
forating Co., 1923-29, pres., 1929—; in 
U.S.N, training for off. while in sch., 
during World War I; mem. Chicago 
Chamber Commerce, HI. Mfg. Assn. 
Travel: U.S. Interests: gardening, lit. 
Recreations: golf, fishing. Hebrew. 
Democrat. Office: 3131 W. 49th Blvd., 
Chicago. 111. Home: 1060 Albion, Chi- 
cago, 111. 

MARSHALL, Thomas L., lawyer; b. 
Charleston, 24 Oct. 1890; s. John H. 
Marshall, judge of fifth judicial circuit, 
and Minta (Linder) M. ; ed. Eastern 111. 
State Teachers Coll.; B.A., Yale Coll., 
1910; LL.B., Harvard Law Sch., 1913; 
m. Elizabeth W. Carpenter of Chicago, 
28 Apr. 1924; children— Ensign John H., 
Thomas C. Mem. law firms, Zane, 
Morse & Marshall, 1920-23, Fisher, 
Boyden, Bell, Boyd & Marshall, 1923-36, 
Bell, Boyd & Marshall, 1936—; maj. 
343d Inf., 86th Div., U.S.A., during 
World War I. Clubs: University, Chi- 
cago, Attic, Law, Legal, Common- 
wealth. Office: 135 S. La Salle St., Chi- 
cago, HI. Home: 1304 Astor St., Chicago, 

McDONOUGH, Frank, publisher; b. 
Chicago, 111., 11 Dec. 1888; s. Michael J. 
McDonough, plumber, and Margaret E. 
(Duffy) M.; ed. De La Salle Inst.; 
LL.B., Hamilton Coll. Law, 1914; m. 
Stella E. Cronin of Chicago, 9 June 
1917; children — Frank, James, John, 
Robert. Stenographer, bookkeeper, law- 
yer reporter, newspaper bus. mgr., 
pres. Live Stock Press; pres. and dir., 
The Live Stock Press, Affiliated Agen- 
cies; sec, treas., and dir., Amity Fed. 
Saving & Loan Assn.; recommended to 
Officers' Res., 1918, served 7 mos.; 
mem., Nat. Union, Knights of Columbus. 
Recreations: bowling, golf. Catholic. In- 
dependent. Office: 813-815 Exchange 
Av., U.S. Yards, Chicago, 111. Home: 
7520 Phillips Av., Chicago, 111. 

YOCHIM, Maurice, teacher of art; b. 
Kherson, Russia, 17 Apr. 1903; s. Aaron 
Yochim, tailor and Sarah (Resnick) Y. ; 
ed. Jos. Medill high sch., 1926; Art 
Inst., Chicago, 1931, B.A., 1941; Chicago 


Teachers Coll.; Wright Jr. Coll.; Y.M. 
C.A. Coll.; Northwestern Univ.; Univ. 
Chicago; m. Louise Dunn of Chicago, 
19 June 1932; 1 son, Jerome. Migrated to 
U.S., 1913; exhibited at Art Inst., Chi- 
cago, 1935, 36, 42, Century Gallery, 1934- 
38, Covenant Club, 1938, Women's Aid, 
1939, Chicago No- Jury Soc, 1933-41, 
Marshall Field Galleries, 1935, Sherman 
Hotel, 1942, Galleries at St. Louis, la., 
1936, Omaha, Neb., 1936, Palestine, 1935, 
Denver, Colo., 1936, Standard Club, 1937- 
38, Milwaukee Art Inst., 1944; mem. 
Art Inst. Assn.; Chicago No-Jury Soc. 
Artists, Western Arts Assn., P.T.A., Chi- 
cago Teachers Union, Am. Jewish Arts 
Club, Around the Palette (pres.). 
Travel: Rus., Eng., Can., various parts 
of U.S. Interests: arts, crafts, stage de- 
sign, fashion illustration, cartooning, 
sculpturing, lithography, silk screen, 
etching, block printing. Recreations: oil 
painting, water colors, wood carving. 
Jewish. Democrat. Office: Waller High 
School (Branch), 225 W. Evergreen St., 
Chicago, 111. Home: 1353 Greenleaf Av., 
Chicago, 111. 

XELOWSKI, Thaddeus Zigmund, phy- 
sician, surgeon; b. La Salle, 111., 11 Jan. 
1877; s. Henry Xelowski, phys., and 
Henrietta (Tyssowski) X. ; ed. North Div. 
high sch. ; Ph.G., Chicago Coll. Pharm., 
1896; M.D., Univ. 111. Med. Dept., 1903; 
m. Lina Bliss of Chicago, 111., 18 June 
1907; children— Mary Louise, Dr. T. Z., 
Jr. Pharmacist and owner of drugstore 
until 1903; interne, St. Mary's of Naza- 
reth Hosp., sr. surg., mem. exec. com. 
and chmn. of com. records; practicing 
surg. specializing in women's diseases; 
prof, of gynecol., St. Mary's of Naza- 
reth Hosp. Training Sch. for nurses; 
mem. Chicago Med. Soc, Chicago Path 
Soc, 111. State Med. Soc, A.M.A., Polish 
Med. Soc, A.R.C., 111. State for A.A.A.S. 
Clubs: Chicago Athletic, 111. Athletic, 
Ridgemoor Country, Lake Shore Ath- 
letic Travel: U.S., Can. Interests: lie, 
golf. Recreations: golf, motoring. Catho- 
lic Republican. Office: 1200 No. Ash- 
land Av., Chicago, 111. Home: 3930 Pine 
Grove Av., Chicago, 111. 

WOODS, Ralph Hueston, ophthalmolo- 
gist; b. Quincy, Mich., 1876; s. Richard 
M. Woods, physician and surgeon, and 
Mary L. (Hueston) W.; ed. Ada, O.; 
Deg. Pharmacy, Northern Univ.; M.D., 
Univ. 111. Med. Sch., 1913; 111. Charitable 
Eye and Ear Inf., 1914; m. Laura C. 
Wanger of South Bend, Ind., 1904; chil- 
dren—Susan Jane Woods Halle, Polly 
Ann. Theatre musician and pharmacist 
at South Bend; registered in 111., N.D. 

and Mich.; located in La Salle, HI., 
1915; indsl. eye surgery as a specialty; 
wrote and arranged 25 band marches 
and other numbers the outstanding of 
which are 111. March, Spirit of St. Louis; 
participated as lecturer in Woods- 
Gillespie Course in Optics and Physio- 
logical Optics given in some of the 
larger cities including the Univ. Vt., 
1941; served as Venereal Inspec during 
World War I; mem. Am. Coll. Surgeons, 
Am. Acad. Ophthal., A.A.A.S. Club: 
Rotary. Author: Cardinals of Refrac- 
tion; Cardinals of Ophthalmology; 
composer of 25 musical compositions. 
Travel: U.S. Interests: investigations 
and experimentation in natural philoso- 
phy. Episcopalian. Office: 153 Marquette 
St., La Salle, 111. Home: 537 Fifth St., 
La Salle, 111. Summer home: The Cardi- 
nals, Quincy, Mich. 

AGRELIUS, Frank Ulysses Grant, 

associate in biology; b. Spring Green, 
Wis., 30 July 1869; s. Charles Agrelius, 
harness maker, and Helen Margaret 
(Hebbe) A.; ed. Reading (Kan.) high 
sch.; Kan. State Normal Sch. (now Kan. 
State Teachers Coll.), 1898; A.B., Univ. 
Kan., 1907, A.M., 1908; Univ. N.M., sum- 
mers, 1931, 32; Univ. Colo., summer, 
1930; m. Elizabeth Tangeman of New- 
ton, Kan., 5 Sept. 1899; children— Clair 
Tangeman, Paul Kenneth. Teacher, 
rural sch., 1890-91, grade sch., 1892-97; 
prin., grade sch., 1898-1902; asst. prin., 
high sch., 1902-03; prin., high sch., IPOS- 
OS; asst. instr., Botany, M.U., 1908; 
instr. Univ. Kan., 1908-11; instr., Kan. 
State Teachers Coll., 1911, assoc. in 
biology, 1915—, fellow in botany, Univ. 
Kan., 1907; city elk., Reading, Kan., 
1892; mem. A.A.A.S., Kan. Acad. Sci. 
(p. pres., 1917), Nat. Assn. Biology 
Teachers, Am. Assn. Plant Taxonomists, 
A.A.U.P., Kan. State Teachers Assn., 
Sigma Xi, Kappa Delta Pi, A.F. and 
A.M. (Blue Lodge). Clubs: Kiwanis, 
Science, Men's of First Congl. Ch. 
(pres.). Author: numerous sci. papers. 
Travel: U.S. Son Charles Agrelius, 
cavalryman in Kan. during Civil War. 
Interests: plant taxonomy, collecting 
plants. Recreations: collecting, home 
garden. Conglist. Republican. Office: 
109 Norton Sci. Hall, Kan. State Teach- 
ers Coll., Emporia, Kan. Home: 1501 
Rural St., Emporia, Kan. 

SEARCY, Anna Mickey, editorial 
writer; b. Washington, Pa.; d. James 
M. Mickey and Theda L. (Langworthy) 
S.; ed. Leavenworth (Kan.) high sch.; 
Washburn Coll.; A.B., Univ. Kan., 1903; 
m. James Arthur Searcy of Wellsville, 


Kan., 21 Sept. 1904; children— Gertrude 
Sylvia Flickinger, Florence Mary. Re- 
porter, father's paper, Osage City Free 
Press; teacher Eng., hist., Chase Co. 
High Sen., Cottonwood Falls, Kan., 
1 yr.; assoc. editor, Leavenworth Times, 
Leavenworth, Kan., over 10 yrs.; mem. 
U.S.O Council; hostess, R.O.T.C. and 
C.M.T. Camps, Ft. Leavenworth, 15 
yrs.; mem. Y.W.C.A.; relief hostess, 
Community Center, 19 mos.; mem. Kan. 
Planning Bd.; mem. Environs Council, 
and chmn. Council of Defense, during 
World War I; mem. P.E.O. (p. pres., 
Kan.). Club: Philomathean Literary, 
Press Women and Ed. Assoc. Presby- 
terian. Republican. Office: Leavenworth 
Times, Leavenworth, Kan. Home: 722 S. 
5th St., Leavenworth, Kan. 

COUNSELMAN, Theodore Benton, 

mining engr.; b. New York, N.Y., 10 
Dec. 1889; s. Thomas Hart Benton Coun- 
selman, stockbroker, and Jessie D'Ella 
(Peebles) C; ed. Horace Mann Sen., 
N.Y.; Min.E., Columbia Univ., 1910; m. 
Eleanor Gardner of New York, N.Y., 
10 June 1914; children— Theodore, Gard- 
ner, Revere, Eleanor. Mining, cons, 
engr., Ariz. Copper Co., Cananea Cons. 
Copper Co., Inspiration Copper Co., 
Mesabi Iron Co.; mgr., contract en- 
gring. div., The Dorr Co., Engrs. (spe- 
cializing in mfg. machinery for mining, 
chem., indsl. operations and in research 
and plant design), 1928 — ; sergt., Minn. 
Home Guard, 2 yrs. during World War 
I.; mem. A.I.M.E., Lake Superior 
Mining Inst., Masons, Scottish Rite, 
Shrine. Clubs: Mining (New York), 
Nacoms. Author: tech. arts. Travel: 
Eur., U.S. Interests: model boat build- 
ing, writing. Recreations: bowling, sail- 
ing, golf, fishing. Episcopalian. Repub- 
lican. Offices: 570 Lexington Av., New 
York, N.Y.; 221 N. La Salle St., Chi- 
cago, 111. Home: 160 S. Middle Neck 
Rd., Great Neck, N.Y. Summer homes: 
Tower, Minn.; Quogue, Long Island, 

BRECKINRIDGE, Frank Prevost, 

lawyer and investment counsellor; b. 
Burlington, la., 5 May 1898; s. Wil- 
liam Lewis, civil engineer, and Irene 
(Waples) B.; ed. pub. sen.; Univ. high 
sen., Chicago, 111.; Ph.B., Univ. Chi- 
cago; M.A., Columbia Univ., N.Y.; Har- 
vard Law Sen.; m. Elizabeth Llewellyn, 
15 Apr. 1944. Adm. 111. Bar, 1923; West 
& Eckhart, law firm, Chicago, 1923-27; 
Farwell & Breckinridge, investment 
counselor (first firm in 111.), 1928-31, 
Breckinridge & Co., 1931—; 2d It., U.S. 
F.A. Res., 1918-29; mem. Royal Econ. 

Soc, Am. Econ. Assn., Am. Statis. 
Assn., Chi Psi Frat. Clubs: Tavern, 
Attic, Caxton, Chicago; Harvard, N.Y. 
Author: arts, in 111. Law Review, Chi- 
cago Commerce, other periodicals and 
daily newspapers. Travel: Eur., 1923, 
1936. Great uncle, Robert J. Breckin- 
ridge, chmn. Convention that nominated 
A. Lincoln at Chicago, 1864. Interest: 
boating. Episcopalian. Republican. Of- 
fice: 134 S. La Salle St., Chicago, 111. 
Home: 5735 Blackstone Av., Chicago, 

BROWN, Kenneth Cotton, engineer; 
b. Chicago, 111., 15 July 1895; s. Charles 
A. Brown, patent atty., and Caroline 
(Cotton) B.; ed. Culver Mil. Acad.; 
Cornell Univ.; B.S., Univ. HI., engring., 
1922; m. Dorothy Riley of Evanston, 
111., 1 Dec. 1917; children— Dolly (Mrs. 
Murphy), Malcolm Cotton, II, Barbara 
(Mrs. Blake), Kenneth Gordon Riley. 
Engring., res., Stanley Motor Carriage 
Co., Newton, Mass., 1922-26; asst. trust 
off., Chicago Title & Trust Co., 1926-33; 
engring. development, own bus., 1933- 
39; sales engring., RCA Mfg. Co., Inc., 
1939-40; served on extended active duty 
status, Off. Chief of Ordnance, War 
Dept., Washington, D.C., under commn. 
as maj. Ordn. Res., 1940-43; presently 
serving on extended active duty over- 
seas as It. col. Ordn. Res.; mem. Alpha 
Delta Phi, Pi Tau Sigma, Lambda 
Alpha. Clubs: University (Chicago) 
Chicago Yacht, Great Lakes Cruising 
Cornell (N.Y.). Travel: U.S., Eur. 
S.W. Pacific. Recreations: sailing 
horsemanship. Episcopalian. Repub 
lican. Office: Hq. & Hq. Det., 246th Ord 
Bn., APO-75, care P.M., San Francisco 
Calif. Home: 730 Prospect Blvd., Pasa 
dena 3, Calif. 

GREEN, Dwight Herbert, Governor 
of Illinois; b. Ligonier, Ind., 9 Jan. 
1897; s. Harry Green and Minnie (Ger- 
ber) G.; ed. elem. and high sens., 
Ligonier, Ind.; Wabash Coll., 1915-17; 
Stanford Univ., 1919; Ph.B., Univ. Chi- 
cago, 1920, J.D., 1922; LL.D. (hon.) 
MacMurray Coll., 1941; LL.D., (hon.) 
Blackburn Coll., 1941; m. Mabel Vic- 
toria Kingston of Washington, D.C., 29 
June 1926; children — Nancy Kingston, 
Gloria Kingston. Admitted to 111. bar, 
1922; in practice, Chicago, 1922-26; spl. 
atty., Bur. Internal Revenue, Washing- 
ton, D.C. and Chicago, 111., 1926-27; spl. 
asst. to Dist. Atty. (U.S.) in income tax 
cases; U.S. Dist. Atty. for Northern HI., 
1932-35; rep. candidate for Mayor of Chi- 
cago, 1939; nom. for Gov. in Rep. pri- 
mary, 1940, elected, inaugurated Gov., 


1941, re-elected 1944; 2d It., air service, 
U.S.A., 1917-19; army pilot, flying instr., 
Mather Field, Sacramento, Calif., 1918- 
19; mem. Am., 111. State, Federal, and 
Chicago Bar Assns.; Univ. Chicago Law 
Sch. Alumni Assn. (former pres.), Am. 
Legion, 40 & 8, A.F. and A.M. (33d deg., 
Shrine), Kappa Sigma, Phi Alpha Delta. 
Clubs: Union League, Chicago Athletic, 
Saddle and Cycle, Mid-Day, Economic, 
Legal (Chicago), Knollwood Country. 
Episcopalian. Office: State House, 
Springfield, HI. Home: Executive Man- 
sion, Springfield, 111. 

BARBORKA, Clifford Joseph, diag- 
nostician; b. Clinton, la., 19 July 1894; 
s. Joseph V. Barborka, jeweler, and 
Emma Marie (Scholley) B.; ed. B.S., 
Univ. Chicago, 1918; M.D., Rush Med. 
Coll., 1920; M.S. (in Med.), Univ. Minn., 
1923; D.Sc, Simpson Coll., 1932; m. 
Bessie M. Long of Mt. Ayr, la., 28 July 
1919; children— Clifford J., Jr., William 
V. Cons, phys., Mayo Clinic, 1921-32; 
asso. prof, in med., Northwestern Univ. 
Med. Sch., 1932—; mem. staff, Passa- 
vant Mem. Hosp. and Wesley Mem. 
Hosp.; cons, gastroenterologist and gas- 
troscopist for Edward Hines Mem. 
Hosp.; dir., nutritional res. in Abbott 
Med. Res. Foundation of N.W. Univ. 
Med. Sch.; engaged in res. in nutrition, 
gastroenterology, diabetes, obesity; 
assoc. ed., Jour. Lab. & Clin. Med., Am. 
Jour. Digestives Diseases and Nutrition; 
editorial bd. of Gastroenterology; fellow 
A.C.P.; mem. A.M.A., 111. State Med. 
Soc, Chicago Soc. Internal Med., Am. 
Bd. Internal Med., Specialty Board Gas- 
troenterology, Inst. Med. (Chicago), 
Am. Gastroscopic, Am. Gastroenterol. 
Assn., Cent. Soc. Clin. Res., Beta Theta 
Pi, Nu Sigma Nu, Kappa Theta Psi, 
Sigma Xi, Alpha Omega Alpha. Author: 
Treatment by Diet, 1934, 2d edit., 1935, 
3d edit., 1937, 4th edit., 1939; many prof, 
arts, on insulin treatment, migraine, 
obesity, diet, etc. Recreations: athletics, 
music. Office: 700 N. Michigan Av., 
Chicago, 111. Home: 229 Lake Shore Dr., 
Chicago, 111. 

BARNES, John Bryson, colonel, U.S. 
Army (ret.) ; b. Pnsboro, W.Va., 18 Sept. 
1876; s. Henry Barnes, farmer, and 
Adeline (Hupp) B.; ed. O. and W.Va., 
Army Sch., 1906; Army Staff Coll., 1907; 
Staff Sch., Langres, Fr., 1918; Army 
War Coll., 1919; m. Caroline R. Bitting 
of Wash., Aug. 1904; 1 son, John Bryson, 
Jr. Sch. teacher, W.Va., 1892-94; pvt., 
Army, 1895, passed through all grades to 
col., ret., 1922; insp., instr., N.G., Vt., 
1911-12, Gen. Staff, A.E.F., Fr., 1917-19, 
War Dept., Gen. Staff, 1921-22; with 

Isthmian Canal Commn., Panama, 1908- 
09; prof., Mil. Sci., tactics, Kemper Mil. 
Sch., Boonville, Mo., 1922-34; served 
Am.-Sp. War, Philippine Insurrection, 
Cuban Occupation, Mexican Border, 
World War I; maj., It. col., entire war; 
asst. chief of staff, Corps and Div.; 
served on Gen. Pershing's Staff, Fr., 
during World War I; reed, decorations, 
distinguished Service Medal (U.S.), Off., 
E. toille Noir (Fr.), Croix de Guerre 
with Palm (Fr.), two white stars (cita- 
tions), Liberty ribbon, distinguished 
Service Medal, State of W.Va.; mem. 
bd. dirs., Mo. Soc. Crippled Children; 
pres. Local Taxpayers League; chmn. 
Red Cross, local; dir. Local Health 
Assn., Nat. Bridge Assn.; mem. Masons, 
Shrine, S.A.R. Clubs: Army and Navy, 
Rotary. Author: Letters of Plattsburg 
Patriot Elements of Military Sketching; 
short stories, prof, papers. Travel: Jap., 
China, Philippines, Cuba, Mex.,- Eur., 
Cent. Am., W.I., So. Am., Can. Inter- 
ests: hist, res., lit., civic affairs, 
crippled children, pub. health. Recrea- 
tions: travel, bridge, amateur writing, 
fishing. Methodist. Republican. Home: 
309 Center Av., Boonville, 111. Summer 
res.: Gull Lake, Brainerd, Minn. 

HARRIS, LaMar Waldron, dentist; b. 
Morgan, Utah, 13 Aug. 1900; s. Joseph 
D. Harris, merchant farmer, and Mary 
(Waldron) H.; ed. Boxelder high sch., 
Brigham, Utah; Utah State Agr. Coll.; 
D.D.S., Chicago Coll. Dental Surg., 1929; 
m. Marguerite Burnhope of Tremonton, 
Utah, 25 May 1923 (div.); children- 
Joyce, Myrna Mae; m. (2d) Florence 
Moench, 20 Sept. 1943. Gen. practice 
dentistry, Chicago; mem. Chicago Den- 
tal Soc, chmn. bd. of Censors, 1933-37; 
research in plastics for dental use, 
1936—; mem. Am. Acad. Plastics Re- 
search in Dentistry (sec, 1941-44, pres., 
1944-45; S.A.T.C., 1918; U.S.N.R. Dental 
Corps, 1943 — ; mem. Omicron Kappa 
Upsilon, Psi Omega Frat.; Am. Dental 
Assn., 111. Dental Soc, Chicago Dental 
Soc. Author: various arts, on Plastics 
for dental restorations in State and Nat. 
Dental Jours. Travel: as lecturer and 
teacher to dental groups in U.S., Can. 
Interest: public speaking. Recreations: 
tennis, swimming. Mem. Ch. of Jesus 
Christ of Latter-Day-Saints. Republican. 
Office: 25 E. Washington St., Chicago, 
111. Home: 1100 N. Dearborn, Chicago, 
111. Summer res.: Manistee, Mich. 

REICHERT, Victor Emanuel, rabbi; 
b. Brooklyn, N.Y., 17 Mar. 1897; s. 
Isidor Reichert, rabbi, and Miriam 
(Pakas) R.; ed. Townsend-Harris Hall; 
B.A., City Coll. N.Y., 1919; B.Litt., Co- 


lumbia Pulitzer Sch. of Jour., 1921; 
B.H., Hebrew Union Coll., 1923; D.D. 
(earned academic deg.), Hebrew Union 
Coll., 1932; ordained as rabbi, 1926, 
Hebrew Union Coll.; m. Louise F. 
Feibel of Cincinnati, O., 22 Dec. 1928. 
Ed. Octagonian Sigma Alpha Mu Frat., 
1919-21; mem. of staff of Columbia Var- 
sity; asst. English Dept., Univ. of Cin- 
cinnati, 1921-24; lectr. in Bible and Jour- 
nalism, Univ. Cincinnati, 1938 — ; rabbi 
of Rockdale Av. Temple (founded 1824), 
since ordination, 1926, asst. rabbi, 1926- 

28, assoc. rabbi, 1928-39, rabbi, 1939 — ; 
p. mem. exec. bd. of Union of Am. 
Hebrew Congs.; p. mem. Commn. on 
Jewish Education; mem. Adult Edn. 
Council in Cincinnati, speakers com., 
4th, 5th War Loan; bd., Ohio Humane 
Soc, Jewish Community Council, Inter- 
Religious Com. of Cincinnati Com- 
munity Chest, ex. com. Cincinnati War 
Chest; historian, H.U.C. Alumni Assn.; 
Spiritual Morale Hamilton County; Cen- 
tral Conf. Am. Rabbis; Wider Fellow- 
ship Soc. of Friends; Am. Assn. Teach- 
ers of Journalism; pvt., U.S.A., May 
1918- Jan. 1919; broadcaster, Ch. of Air, 
Message of Israel and church forum, 
station, WLW; mem. Sigma Delta Chi, 
Hon. and Prof. Journalism Frat., Tau 
Kappa Alpha, Hon. Forensic Frat.; 
King's Crown-Columbia Univ. Columbia 
Alumni Assn., Alumni Assn. Hebrew 
Union Coll.; p. chaplain, Sigma Alpha 
Mu Frat. Clubs: Chaplain Cincinnati 
Variety, Hyde Park Tennis, B'nai 
B'rith. Author: Highways through Juda- 
ism Soncino Press, London, 1936; contbr. 
to Young Israel, B'nai B'rith, Am. Is- 
raelite. Travel: Eng., Fr. Interests: 
poetry (p. mem. Ohio Valley Poetry 
Soc), Medieval Hebrew Poetry. Recrea- 
tions: tennis, swimming. Jewish. Non- 
partisan. Office: Rockdale Av. Temple, 
Rockdale and Harvey Avs., Cincinnati 

29, O. Home: 752 Red Bud Av., Cincin- 
nati 29, O. 

HIMMELBERGER, Harry I., manu- 
facturer; b. Buffington, Mo., 23 Sept. 
1889; s. John H. Himmelberger, mfr., 
and Mary A. (Kesling) H.; ed. South- 
east Mo. State Teachers Coll. Training 
Sch.; Univ. Mo.; m. Dorothy R. Boutin 
of Rome, N.Y., 12 Jan. 1914; children- 
John Ernest, Dorothy Margaret. Pres., 
Himmelberger-Harrison Lumber Co., 
Himmelberger-Harrison Mfg. Co., State 
Bank of Morehouse; dir. and mem. 
exec, com., Assoc. Industries of Mo., 
Mo. Assn. for the Adminstrn. of Justice, 
Southeast Mo. Hosp., Little River Drain- 
age Dist.; dist. chmn. Com. for Eco- 
nomic Dev. ; mem. State Adv. Com., 

Am. Mutual of Boston, Bequests Com., 
Univ. Mo., exec, com., Southeast Area 
Council of Boy Scouts Nat. Council, 
Exec. Com. Region 8, Nat. Councellor 
(p. pres.), Cape Girardeau Chamber 
Commerce, State Council of Defense 
(apptd. by Gov.), Phi Delta Theta, Ma- 
sons. Clubs: Cape Girardeau Rotary 
(p. pres.), Automobile (Mo., dir.). Epis- 
copalian. Republican. Office: Himmel- 
berger-Harrison Bldg., Cape Girardeau, 
Mo. Home: 603 N. Henderson St., Cape 
Girardeau, Mo. 

HERMANN, Grover Martin, president 
American-Marietta Co.; b. 21 July 1890. 
Callicoon, N.Y.; s. Martin Hermann, 
and Mary Elizabeth ( Wizemann) H. ; ed. 
pub. schs. of Callicoon; m. Hazel Myrtle 
Hessinger, 30 Jan. 1914; children— 
Grover M., Jr. (Capt. A.U.S., killed in 
action, 26 Jan. 1945, Germany), Robert, 
Shirley. Founded Am. Asphalt Paint 
Co., 1913, pres., dir.; corporate name 
was changed to Am. -Marietta Co., June 
1940, continued as pres. and dir.; chmn. 
of Board and dir., Ferbert-Schorndorfer 
Co., Cleveland, Sewall Paint & Varnish 
Co., Kansas City, Dallas; mem. Nat. 
Paint, Varnish and Lacquer Assn., Chi- 
cago Equestrian Assn. Clubs: Tavern, 
Town (Chicago). Office: 43 E. Ohio St., 
Chicago, 111. Home: Chicago, HI. 

LUHAN, Joseph A., physician, neuro- 
psychiatrist ; b. Chicago, 111., 7 Feb. 
1901; s. Jos. Luhan, factory exec, and 
Bessie (Mansfeld) L.; m. Wilha Stedem, 
5 June 1944; ed. Harrison Tech., Chi- 
cago, 111.; B.S., Northwestern Univ., 
1927, M.D., 1928, M.S., 1931, Ph.D., 1934. 
Gen. practitioner, med., 1930; special- 
ized training, res., neurol., Northwest- 
ern Univ., 1930-34; asst. dir. of Psychiat- 
ric Inst, of Municipal Ct., Chicago, 1935- 
40; attending neurol., 1938 — , neuro- 
pathol., 1940—, Cook Co. Hosp.; attend, 
neuropsychiat. Mercy Hosp., 1941 — , 
cons, neuropsychiat. Loretto Hosp., 
1941 — ; faculty, clin. asst. to asst. prof., 
Northwestern Univ. Med. Sch., 1928-41; 
assoc. clin. prof, neurol. and psychiat., 
Loyola Univ. Med. Sch., 1941 — ; mem. 
A.M.A., Am. Psychiatric Assn., Am. 
Assn. of Neuropathologists, Central Neu- 
ropsychiatry Assn., A.A.A.S., Inst, of 
Med. of Chicago, Chicago Neurol. Soc, 
HI. Psychiatric Soc, Alpha Omega 
Alpha; certified by Am. Bd. of Psychi- 
atry and Neurology, 1938. Author: sci. 
and clin. studies. Travel: U.S. Office: 
59 E. Madison St., Chicago 3, 111. Home: 
1139 S. Taylor Av., Oak Park, 111. 

STONE, Fred Denton, minister; b. 
Rock Falls, 111., 18 Jan. 1875; s. Daniel 


D. Stone, business man, and Nancy 
(Bean) S.; ed. Northern 111. Normal 
Sch. ; student Garrett Biblical Inst., 
1896-97; D.D., Garrett Biblical Inst., 
1929; LL.D., 111. Wesleyan Univ., 1944; 
m. Dora M. Ashby of Mt. Carroll, 111., 
19 Oct. 1898; 1 son, Fred Denton, Jr. 
Rock River Conf. Meth. Episcopal Ch., 
1897; pastor, Dixon, Elgin, Irving Park. 
Chicago, 111.; publ. agt. M.E. Church, 
Meth. Book Concern, 1936-40; Methodist 
Publ. House, 1940—; mem. Gen. Conf., 
1924, 28, 32, 36, 39, 40, 44; pres. Bd. Tr. 
Chicago Training Sch.; mem. Theta Phi. 
Methodist. Republican. Office: 740 Rush 
St., Chicago, 111. Home: 729 Emerson 
St., Evanston, 111. Summer res.: Ep- 
worth Heights, Ludington, Mich. 

STEINBERG, Nathaniel Philip, artist; 
b. Jerusalem, Pal., 15 Feb. 1895; s. Saul 
Steinberg, realtor, and Sarah (Saphir) 
S.; ed. Wicker Park Grammar Sch.; Art 
Inst., Chicago, 111.; m. Isabel Schuham 
of Chicago, 111., 15 Oct. 1939. Illustrator, 
Herald- Am., Chicago, 111., at present; 
etchings and paintings have been ex- 
hibited in many museums and galleries 
of U.S., London, Eng., Paris, Fr., 1937- 
38; reed, award of merit for etching 
Construction, Chicago Soc. of Etchers, 
1935; awarded about 150 ribbons, 75 
medals, and some silver cups; chmn., of 
athletics, Sears & Cent. Y.M.C.A.; mem. 
Chicago Soc. of Etchers, Southern Soc. 
of Etchers, Palette & Chisel Acad, of 
Fine Arts. Interests: athletics. Office: 
Editorial Art Dept., 326 W. Madison St., 
Chicago, 111. Home: 556 Roscoe St., Chi- 
cago 13, 111. 

SORRELL, Lewis Carlyle, professor 
of transportation; b. Washington, D.C., 
26 July 1889; s. L. N. B. Sorrell, clerk, 
and Anna E. (Dealing) S.; ed. West 
Carthage high sch. (West Carthage, 
N.Y.); A.B., Colgate Coll., 1911; Ph.D., 
Univ. Chicago, 1928; m. Harriett E. 
Owen of Hamilton, N.Y., 1914; children 
— Richard Hamilton, Helen Jeanette; m. 
(2d) Mrs. Rose L. Baker of Chicago, 
1930. Instr. pub. speaking, economics, 
Yankton Coll., Yankton, S.D., 1911-15; 
grad. work, Univ. Chicago, 1915-18; 
instr., asst. prof., assoc. prof., prof. 
(1930), of transportation, Sch. of Bus. 
Univ. of Chicago, 1918—; asst. to the 
pres., Ry. Bus. Assn., Chicago, 111., 1932- 
42; chief Transportation Sect., Off. of 
Civilian Defense, W.P.B., 1942-43; dir. 
res. Air Transport Assn., 1943 — ; sec, 
Transportation Conf., 1933-35; engaged 
in consultative and res. work for various 
groups; Univ. Chicago; mem. Masons. 
Club: Traffic (Chicago). Author: Trans- 
portation, Production and Marketing; 

Government Ownership and Operation 
of Railroads for the United States; num. 
arts., monographs on transportation. 
Travel: No. Am., Eur. Interests: music, 
lyric poetry. Recreations: bowling, golf, 
motoring. Protestant. Republican. Of- 
fice: Faculty Exchange, Univ. Chicago, 
Chicago, 111. Home: 9431 Pleasant Av., 
Chicago, 111. 

SPIESMAN, Manuel G., physician; b. 
Chicago, 111., 30 Oct. 1898; s. Gabriel 
Spiesman, and Louise (Wainstock) S.; 
ed. Crane Tech. high sch.; Valpariso 
Univ.; Northwestern Univ.; Lewis Inst.; 
Hahemann Med. Sch., 1924; M.D., Chi- 
cago Med. Sch., 1924, B.S., 1925; m. Ridi 
K. Oppenheim of Vienna, Austria, 3 Apr. 
1941; children— Anthony Gabriel, Renee 
Jean, James. Practiced medicine, Chi- 
cago, 111., specialist in proctology, gas- 
troenterology, 1926-45; assoc. prof., 
proctology, Chicago Med. Sch., 1934-45; 
proctologist to Mt. Sinai and Edgewater 
Hosps. ; cons, proctologist Grant and 
Henrotin Hosps., U.S.N. , during World 
War I; mem. A.M.A., 111. Med. Soc, 
Chicago Med. Soc, Nat. Gastron. Assn., 
Soc. Internat. de Gastro-enterologie, 
Masons. Travel: China, Jap., P.I., 
Alas., Mex. Recreation: sailing. Jewish. 
Office: 30 N. Michigan Av., Chicago, HI. 
Home: 1205 W. Sherwin Av., Chicago, 

WIRT, Mildred Augustine, writer; b. 
Ladora, la., 10 July 1905; d. J. L. Augus- 
tine, surgeon, and Lillian (Mattison) A.; 
ed. Ladora high sch.; B.A., Univ. la., 
1925, M.A., 1927; m. Asa Alvin Wirt; 
1 dau., Margaret. Author, 102 volumes, 
juvenile fiction; published short stories; 
employed, Toledo Times; many pen 
names, Dorothy West, Frank Bell, Caro- 
lyn Keene; mem. Authors' League; 
Theta Sigma Phi. Author: Twin Ring 
Mystery; Timbered Treasure; Wooden 
Shoe Mystery; Flash Evans; Darkroom 
Mystery; Through the Moon Gate Door; 
Penny Parker Mystery Stories. Travel: 
Eng., Fr., Holl., Bel., It., Mex., Cuba. 
Interest: antiques. Recreations: swim- 
ming, golf, ice skating. Home: 2704 
Middlesex Dr., Toledo, O. 

FINCH, Frank Richard, professor; b. 
Auburn, N.Y., 3 Aug. 1883; s. Frank A. 
Finch, stock breeder, and Sarah Jane 
(Bown) F.; ed. Auburn Acad, high sch.; 
Ph.B., Yale Univ., Sheffield Sci. Sch., 
1904; m. Eve Lorein Miller of Ann 
Arbor, Mich., Aug. 1910; children- 
Marion R., Richard G., L. Saxon, L. 
Terry. Machinist, Oswego Machine Co., 
1904-05; draftsman, Mcintosh Seymour, 
1905-07; instr., assoc. prof., mechanism, 


engr. draw., Engr. Col., Univ. Mich., 
1907 — ; inspection engr., Ann Arbor, 
1915; appraisal engr., Detroit Unit Ry., 
1916; resident engr., Mich. State Home, 
Lapeer, Mich., 1925; instr., capt., 
S.A.T.C., R.O.T.C., Camp Sheridan, 
1918; mem. A.S.M.E., S.P.E.E., A.A.- 
U.P., Sigma Xi, Masons, Blue Lodge. 
Wrong Drafting Room Practice, 1930; 
Specifications for Elementary Drafting; 
Notes and Problems on Blue Print Read- 
ing. Recreations: swimming, handi- 
craft. Episcopalian. Republican. Office: 
Room 435 W. Engineering Bldg., Ann 
Arbor, Mich. Home: 1819 S. University 
Av., Ann Arbor, Mich. 

HOOBLER, Icie Macy, research direc- 
tor; b. Gallatin, Mo., 23 July 1892; d. 
Perry Macy and Ollie (Critten) M.; ed. 
A.B., Central Coll. for Women, 1914; 
attended Randolph-Macon, 1914-15; B.S., 
Univ. Chicago, 1916; M.A., Univ. Colo., 
1918; Ph.D., Yale Univ., 1920; m. B. 
Raymond Hoobler, M.D., of Detroit, 11 
June 1938. Asst., Dept. Chem., Univ. 
Colo., 1916-17; asst. Dept. Physiol. 
Chem. and Dennison Res. Labs., Univ. 
Colo. Med. Sch., 1917-18; Pi Beta Phi 
Felow, Yale Univ., 1918-19, Susan 
Rhoda Cutler Fellow, 1919-20; asst. bio- 
chemist, Western Pa. Hosp., 1920-21; 
instr., Dept. Household Sci., Univ. 
Calif., 1921-23; in charge, Nutrition Res., 
Merrill-Palmer Sch., 1923-30; dir., Res. 
Lab., Children's Fund of Mich., 1930—; 
Norlin achievement medal, awarded 11 
June 1938, by Exec. Com., Assoc. 
Alumni, Univ. Colo, (second woman and 
seventh person to receive this medal) ; 
Borden Award and $1,000 honorarium, 
awarded 20 June 1939, to mem. of Am. 
Home Economics Assn. for outstanding 
work in milk; mem. Am. Chem. Soc, 
chmn., Div. Biol. Chemistry, 1930-31 
(first woman ever to be made a chmn. 
of a Division), also chmn. Detroit Sect, 
(first woman ever to be made a chmn. 
of a local section), chmn., Ladies Com., 
100th Convention, Sept. 1940; mem. Am. 
Soc. Biol. Chemists, Am. Home Eco- 
nomics Assn., Am. Inst. Nutrition, (sec. 
1934-38, pres., 1944-45), Am. Inst. Chem- 
ists; fellow A.A.A.S.; mem. Am. Sch. 
Health Assn., Children's Hosp. of Mich, 
(mem. staff, cons, for nutrition), Detroit 
Engring. Soc, Detroit Pediatric Soc. 
(hon. mem.), Detroit Physiol. Soc. 
(pres., 1943-44), Iota Sigma Pi (hon. 
chem. soc. for women, first pres., 
Tungsten Chap., 1918, nat. treas., 1918- 
24, nat. sec, 1939-42), Kappa Delta Pi 
(hon. ednl. soc), Mich. Acad. Sci., Arts 
and Letters (chmn., Sect, of Sanitary 
and Med. Sciences, 1939-40), Sigma Xi, 

Soc. for Pediatric Res., Soc for Res. in 
Child Development (sec, nutrition div., 
1934-35), Food and Nutrition Bd., Nat. 
Res. Council, Pi Beta Phi, Beta Sigma 
Omicron. Author: (assoc editor) Jour- 
nal of Nutrition, 1939-44. Office: 60 
Frederick St., Detroit, Mich. Home: 805 
Three Mile Dr., Grosse Pointe, Mich. 
Summer home: Mullett Lake, Mich. 

McFARLANE, Walter Daniel, civil 
enginer, surveyor; b. Detroit, Mich., 
2 June 1893; s. Daniel McFarlane, mas- 
ter of Lake Vesels, and Margaret 
(Buchanan) M.; ed. McMillan high 
sch.; B.Sc, Mich. State Coll., 1916; m. 
Alice Friedrich of Detroit, Mich., 10 
Aug. 1923; children— Donald, Janet, 
Ted. Field engr., draftsman, Detroit 
Terminal R.R., 1916-18; safety inspector, 
Mich. Mutual Liability Co., 1919; civil 
engr., Chalmers Motor Car Co., 1919; 
chief of party, asst. engr., field engr. 
grade separation, asst. civil engr., asso. 
civil engr., Detroit City Engrs. office; 
chmn., Engrs. Registration Comm., 
Mich. Sect. A.S.C.E., 1938-39-40-41-42-43; 
2d It., F.A., U.S.A.; asosc. M. A.S.C.E.; 
mem. Sigma Chi, Mich. Eng. Soc, Eng. 
Soc. of Detroit, Mich. Sewage Works 
Assn., Palestine Lodge No. 357 F.&A.M., 
Palestine Chap. No. 159 R.A.M., Charles 
A. Learned Post No. 1 Am. Legion. 
Club: Servicemen's Republican. Inter- 
est: engr. res. Recreations: hunting, 
fishing. Presbyterian. Republican. Of- 
fice: City Hall, Detroit, Mich. Home: 
14365 Marlowe Av., Detroit, Mich. 

ANNEKE, Marie Seville Paulus, dir. 
and founder of the Saginaw Valley 
Town Hall Series; b. Detroit, Mich., 8 
May 1895; d. Charles A. Paulus, owner 
of hardware bus., and Seville Dillon 
(de Manigold) P.; ed. Central high sch.. 
A.B., Univ. Mich., 1918, Guilde Inter- 
nationale, Paris, Fr., French Sch., Mid- 
dlebury, Vt.; m. Emil Anneke of Bay 
City, 1928. Teacher's certificate in violin 
from old Mich. Conservatory of Music, 
Detroit; also studied violin, Rome, It.; 
teacher, French, Northern and Central 
high schs., Detroit; conducted parties of 
girls abroad in summers; started Town 
Hall series, 1934 (civic, non-profit, ednl. 
cultural project (next yr. 11th yr.; all 
local work, volunteer); mem. Alpha 
Phi, A.A.U.W. Clubs: Musicale, Art, 
Garden. Travel: U.S., Eur., Afr. Uncle, 
Francis Petrus Paulus (dec.) was a 
well-known artist; mother, desc. of long 
line of Irish nobility, dating back to 1185. 
Interests: mus., the arts, esp. painting 
and etching; hobbies; interior decorat- 
ing, planning programs. Recreations: 


travel, music, theatre. Catholic. Repub- 
lican. Office and home: 1412 Center Av., 
Bay City, Mich. 

McLAUGHLES', Laura Hill, former 
teacher; b. Philadelphia, Pa., 3 Sept. 
1893; d. James Hill, farmer, and Sarah 
(Howell) H.; ed. Philadelphia high sch. 
for girls; A.B., Northwestern Univ., 
1917, M.A., 1922; Ph.D., Univ. Mich., 
1929; m. Dean McLaughlin of Ann 
Arbor, 27 Dec. 1927; children— Eliza- 
beth, Alberta, Dean, Sarah, Margaret. 
Teacher, high sens., 1917-20; asst., 
instr., astronomy, Northwestern Univ., 
1920-24, Vassar Coll., 1924-27; fellow 
A.A.A.S.; mem. Am. Astronomical Soc, 
Sigma Xi. Author: arts, astronomical 
jours. Methodist. Republican. Home: 504 
Walnut St., Ann Arbor, Mich. 

McCLURE, Roy Donaldson, surgeon; 
b. Bellebrook, O., 17 Jan. 1882; s. James 
A. McClure, M.D., and Ina (Donaldson) 
M.; ed. North high sch., Columbus, O., 
1900; A.B., Ohio State Univ., 1904, D.Sc. 
(hon.), 1936; M.D., Johns Hopkins Med., 
1908; Univ., Prague, Bohemia, 1906; m. 
Helen Troxell of Baltimore, Md., 4 Mar. 
1916; children— Mary, Donald, Douglas. 
Asst. to Dr. Alexis Carrel, Rockefeller 
Inst., 1907-08; house surg., N.Y. Hosp., 
1909-11; res. surg., Johns Hopkins 
Hosp.; instr. surgery, Johns Hopkins 
Univ., 1912-16; bd. tr., Henry Ford 
Hosp.; chmn., Mich. Med. Adv. Bd 
No. 3, 1916, and World War II; major 
Med. Crops, A.E.F., comdg. officer 
Evacuation Hosp. No. 33; chmn. Mich 
Med. Adv. Bd. No. 3, 1941; mem. Am 
Surg. Assn., A.M. A., Central Surg. Assn 
(pres.), Detroit Acad, of Surgery (pres. 
1929-30), Detroit Acad. Medicine (pres. 
elect), Southern Surg., Am. Coll. of Sur 
geons, Societe Internat. Chirurgie, Con 
sultant, Com. on Prosthetic Devices 
and Sub-corn, on Infected Wounds and 
Burns, Nat. Research Council; Delta 
Upsilon, Nu Sigma Nu, Phi Beta Kappa 
(pres., greater Detroit, 1939), Sigma Xi, 
Am. Bd. of Surgery (founder mem.). 
Clubs: Detroit, Country, Detroit Boat. 
Author: papers on surgical subjects. 
Travel: Eur., Mex., Galapagos Islands, 
San Bias Islands. Interest: prehistoric 
Indians. Recreations: golf, travel. Pres- 
byterian. Republican. Office: Surgeon- 
in-Chief, Henry Ford Hosp., Detroit 2, 
Mich. Home: 1490 Iroquois Av., Detroit 
14, Mich. 

JOHNSTON, William Ealing, physi- 
cian, surgeon; b. Penetang, Ont, Can., 
7 Aug. 1895; s. Rev. Wm. Russell Johns- 
ton and Bertha McKenzie (Urquhart) 
J.; ed. Parkdale Collegiate, Toronto, 

Can.; ed. M.D., Univ. Toronto, 1920; m. 
Alice Odile Morand of Windsor, Ont., 
1 Aug. 1942. Surgeon, 3 yrs.; postgrad, 
work, surgery, Brit. Isles; mem. staff, 
Henry Ford Hosp., 6 yrs.; pvt. practice; 
apptd. surgeon-in-chief, Woman's Hosp., 
Detroit; surgeon, sub-It., Brit. Navy 
during World War I; fellow R.C.S., 
A.C.S.; mem. Founders Am. Group Bd. 
of Surgery, A.M. A., Mich. State and 
Wayne Co. Med. Socs., Detroit Acad. 
Surgery. Clubs: D.A.C., Oakland Hills 
Country. Author: several surg. papers. 
Interests: photog., travel. Recreation: 
golf, hunting. Presbyterian. Office: 1071 
Fisher Bldg., Detroit, Mich. Home: Lee 
Plaza Apts., 2240 W. Grand Blvd., De- 
troit, Mich. 

WARD, Merle Scott, college presi- 
dent; b. Union City, Ind., 22 Jan. 1892; 
s. Albert H. Ward, teacher, and Ella 
(Scott) W.; ed. Union City high sch.; 
B.S., Marion Normal Coll. (Ind.), 1910; 
A.B., Ind. Univ., 1917; A.M., Columbia 
Univ., 1926, Ph.D., 1934; m. Edna B. 
Ritter of Valley City, N.D., 30 Aug. 
1921. Taught grades, high sch., Eaton, 
Ind., 1910-11; prin., Grade bldg., Union 
City (Ind.), 1911-15; ed., bus. mgr., 
Union City Eagle, 1915-16; high sch. 
teacher, Union City, O., 1917; head, 
hist, dept., Houghton, Mich., 1919-20; 
prin. sr. high sch., dir. teacher training, 
Valley City, N.D., 1920-32; pres., Ferris 
Inst., Big Rapids, Mich., 1936—; 20 yrs. 
on lecture platform; pvt., U.S.A., June 
1917, sergt, It., A.E.F., disch. 30 July 
1919; mem. A.A.A.S., A.A.P.S.S., Acad. 
Polit. Sci., Nat. Geog. Soc, Am. Geog. 
Soc, Am. Museum of Nat. Hist., Mich. 
Acad. Arts and Sci., Am. Council on 
Adult Edn., N.E.A., Mich. E.A., Phi 
Delta Kappa, Kappa Delta Pi, Masons, 
Elks. Clubs: Rotary (p. pres.), Am. 
Legion (p. commander), Kiwanis (p. 
pres.). Author: Philosophies Current in 
the Deanship of the Liberal Arts College 
(Doctor's dissertation); many lects., 
mag. arts. Travel: U.S., Can., Eur. In- 
terests: reading biogs., hists., polit. sci. 
pubis., ed. and sci. treatises. Recrea- 
tions: hiking, motoring, fishing, tennis, 
golf. Methodist Episcopal. Republican. 
Office: Ferris Inst., Big Rapids, Mich. 
Home: Apt. 1, Nisbett Block, Big 
Rapids, Mich. 

TAGGETT, Vernon Newton, civil 
engineer; b. Caro, Mich., 1 Feb. 1887; s. 
Isaac N. Taggett, farmer, and stock 
raiser, and Lovedy Voorhees (Tuttle) 
T.; ed. Caro high sch.; B.S. (in C.E.), 
Mich. State Coll., 1910; m. Esther May 
Karnopp of Chicago, 111., 1913; children 


—Genevieve Esther (Mrs. Paul Raker), 
Paul Newton. Engr. insp., B.&O. R.R., 
1910-11; instrumentman, C.M.&St. Paul 
R.R., 1912; corps, engrs., U.S. Army, 
surveyor, 1912-13; co. supt. highways, 
Whiteside Co., 111., 1914-20; engr. Man., 
Emmet Co. Rd. Commn., Petoskey, 
Mich., 1920; city engr., Niles, Mich., 
1921 — ; mem. Mich. Engring. Soc, Am. 
Public Works Assoc, Am. Soc. C.E., 
Berrien Co. S.S. Assn. (dir.), K.T. Club: 
Rotary. Author: reports and arts, on 
roadways, etc. Interests: cabinet work, 
fishing, photog. Presbyterian. Office: 
City Engineer, Niles, Mich. Home: 502 
N. Thirteenth St., Niles, Mich. Summer 
home: Barron Lake, Niles, Mich. 

SPRAU, William Christ, mechanical 
engineer; b. Sandusky, O., 7 June 1881; 
s. John Sprau, railroad employee, and 
Elizabeth (Scheid) S.; ed. pub. sen., 
Sandusky, O.; B.S.M.E., Purdue Univ., 
Lafayette, Ind., 1906, M.E., 1913; m. 
Bertha Lydia Miller of Sandusky, O., 
17 Apr., 1907; children— Ursula Eliza- 
beth, William John, Betty, Charles Her- 
bert. Draftsman, Shaw Elec. Crane Co., 
Muskegon, Mich.; instrument man, 
C.,R.I.&P. R.R., Topeka, Kan.; ed. Ry. 
Engr. & Maintenance of Way Monthly 
Mag., Chicago, 111.; engr., harbor and 
subway commn., Chicago; Arnold Co., 
Chicago; engr., treas., Barnes Wire 
Fence Co., Detroit; mem. A.S.M.E., 
Am. Welding Soc, F.&A.M. Club: Ki- 
wanis (p. pres.). Methodist. Office: 
Treasurer, Barnes Wire Fence Co., 10351 
Northlawn Av., Detroit, Mich. Home: 
2685 Oakman Blvd., Detroit, Mich. 

SILVER, Harold, social worker; b. 
U.S.S.R., 18 May 1900; s. Anchel Silver, 
farmer, and Rebecca (Raginsky) S.; 
ed. Sioux City (la.) high sch.; Ph.B., 
Univ. Chicago, 1922; M.S.S., Grad. Sch. 
Jew. Soc. Work, 1934; m. Fannie Krav- 
chik of Chicago, 111., 31 Dec. 1923; chil- 
dren — Reuben, Rena. In Jewish social 
work and allied fields, 1922 — ; mem. 
Nat. Conf. Social Work, Am. Assn. 
Social Workers, Nat. Conf. Jewish Social 
Welfare (v.p., 1940-41, treas., 1941-44), 
Mich. Welfare League. Jewish. Office: 
5737 2d Av., Detroit 2, Mich. Home: 3307 
Fullerton, Detroit 6, Mich. 

SHELLY, E. Adah, librarian; b. 
Mecosta, Mich., 20 Dec. 1887; d. Albert 
E. Shelly, newspaper man, and Flora 
E. (Heald) S.; ed. Ionia, Mich, high 
sch.; Drexel Inst. Library Sch.; Univ. 
Chicago. Country sch. teaching, 1906-09; 
libr., Carnegie Library, Sault Ste. 
Marie, Mich., 1909-18; libr., Carnegie 
Library, Whiting, Ind., 1918-21; Pontiac 

City Library, 1924—; p. v.p., Mich. Li- 
brary Assn.; mem. D.A.R., Beta Sigma 
Phi, Ednl. Dir. Chapter, Mich. Library 
Assn., Am. Library Assn. Clubs: Zonta, 
Round Table. Presbyterian. Non-parti- 
san. Office: Pontiac City Library, Pon- 
tiac, Mich. Home: 152 Washington, Pon- 
tiac, Mich. 

SEAMAN, Wyllys A., mining engineer; 
b. Marquette, Mich., 2 Oct. 1886; s. 
A. E. Seaman, geologist, explorer, 
and Mary A. (Brotherton) S.; ed. 
Houghton high sch.; B.S.E.M., Mich., 
Coll. Mines, 1907; m. Vera L. Williams 
of Hancock, Sept. 1913; children— Wyllys 
R., John T., Dorothy Jeanne, Arthur 
F. Mining engr., prospector, instr., 
mineralogy, 1907-24; asst. assoc. prof., 
1924-40; cons, geologist, various mining 
cos., 1917-40, Mich. Geol. Survey, 1927- 
35; assoc. prof., mineralogy, geology, 
Mich. Coll. of Mining and Tech., 1926—; 
geol. cons., Quincy Mining Co., 1936-42; 
dir., Explorations, Cohodas & Paoli Co., 
1939-42; gen. mgr. Arcadian Mines, Inc., 
1942-43, v.p., 1943 — ; spl. photographer, 
during World War I; mem. A.A.A.S. 
Club: Onigaming Yacht. Author: Min- 
eral Classification. Interest: Pre- Cam- 
brian geology. Recreation: fishing. Of- 
fice: Mich. Coll. of Mining and Tech., 
Houghton, Mich. Home: 1015 E. Fifth 
Av., Houghton, Mich. 

ORMOND, John Kelso, surgeon; b. 
Princeton, N.J., 25 Mar. 1886; s. Alex- 
ander T. Ormond, prof., and Mary 
(Huston) O.; ed. Kiskiminnetas, A.B., 
Princeton Univ., 1906; M.D., Johns Hop- 
kins Med. Sch., 1914; m. Charlotte H. 
Simmons of Brooklyn, N.Y., 3 Oct. 1916; 
children — Mary Huston, John K., Jr., 
Robert Simmons. Teacher, Pensacola 
Classical Sch., 1906-08; pvt. tutor, 1908- 
09; M.D., Johns Hopkins Med. Sch., 
1914; house off., Johns Hopkins Hosp., 
1914-15, Bay View Hosp., Baltimore, 
1915-16, Henry Ford Hosp., 1916-18, 1919- 
41; surgeon in charge, Div. of Urol., 
Henry Ford Hosp. capt., M.C., U.S.A., 
1918-19, during World War I; mem. 
A.M.A., Am. Urol. Assn., A.C.S., Am. 
Assn. of Genito-Urinary Surgs., Central 
Surg. Assn. Author: 25 short papers on 
prof, topics. Recreations: golf, fishing, 
reading. Presbyterian. Independent. Of- 
fice: Henry Ford Hosp., Detroit, Mich. 
Home: 1169 N. Woodward, Birmingham, 
Mich. Summer home: Batchawanna 
Bay, Ont. 

NUNGESTER, Walter James, college 
professor; b. Lima, O., 22 Feb. 1901; s 
William Nungester, salesman, and Mar 
gery (Woodworth) N.; ed. Lima (O.) 


high sch.; B.S., Univ. Mich., 1923, M.S., 
1924, Sc.D., 1928; M.D., Northwestern 
Univ., 1934; m. Lucile Roush of Lima, 
O., Sept. 1924; children — Margery P., 
Nancy. Instr., Northwestern Univ. Med. 
Sch., 19zo-31, asst. prof., 1931-35, assoc. 
prof., 1935—; res., bact. variation, 
metabolism, exptl. pneumonia, serum 
therapy, non-specific defense mech., 
skin disinfection, 1935—; mem. Am. 
Assn. Pathol, and Bact., Soc. for Exptl. 
Biol, and Med., Soc. of Am. Bact., Mich. 
Br. Am. Bact., Sigma Xi. Clubs: Re- 
search, Ann Arbor, Chaos (Chicago, 111.). 
Office: Dept. of Bacteriology, Univ. of 
Mich., Ann Arbor, Mich. Home: 2109 
Tuomy Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. 

OLANDER, Oscar G., commissioner, 
Mich. State Police; b. Cadillac, Mich., 
16 Feb. 1899; s. Andrew Gustav Olander, 
ry. contractor, and Christina (Olsen) O. ; 
ed. Cadillac (Mich.) high sch.; Ferris 
Inst., Big Rapids, Mich.; m. Anne Eliza- 
beth Condon of Lake Linden; 1 son, 
Oscar John. Enlisted as trooper, Mich. 
State Police, 1919, sergt., 1921, It., 1921, 
capt., Deputy Commr., 1926; apptd. 
Commr. by Gov. Groesbeck, 1926; re- 
apptd. under Govs. Green, Fitzgerald, 
Wagoner, Kelly; regional dir., State & 
Provincial Sect., Internat. Assn. of 
Chiefs of Police; commr., Bd. of Aero- 
nautics, Mich.; chmn. State Safety 
Commn.; commr. State Juvenile Guid- 
ance Comm.; mem. Mich. Council of 
Defense, Mich. Assn. Chief of Police 
(sec. treas.). Recreations: football, 
baseball, etc. Protestant. Office: Mich. 
State Police, East Lansing, Mich. 
Home: 145 University Dr., East Lan- 
sing, Mich. 

DODGE, Russell Alger, professor; b. 
Whitmore Lake, Mich., 7 Nov. 1893; s. 
Henry Phelps Dodge, country mcht., 
and Almira (Pray) D.; ed. Ann Arbor 
high sch.; B.S. (in C.E.O.), Univ. Mich., 
1916, M.S. (in C.E.), 1918; m. Louisa 
M. Tozer of Montrose, Mich., 13 Apr. 
1918; children— Jean Louise, Russell Al- 
ger, Jr. U.S. Reclamation Service, Rio 
Grande Project, 1919-20; asst. engr., 
Consumers Power Co., Jackson, Mich., 
1920-21, appraisal of Consumers Proper- 
ties, 1921; teacher, engring. mechs. 
dept., Univ. Mich., 1921—; prof, and 
cons., Ann Arbor Bd. of Water 
Commrs.; pvt. 2d It. during World War 
I; mem. Sigma Xi, Iota Alpha, A.S.C.E., 
Mich. Engring. Soc, S.P.E.E., Tau 
Kappa Epsilon. Club: University. Au- 
thor: Fluid Mechanics (with M. J. 
Thompson). Travel: Ger., Switz., 
Czechoslovakia, Aus., Den., Swed. Meth- 

odist. Office: Univ. Mich., Ann Arbor, 
Mich. Home: 1233 Bladwin Av., Ann 
Arbor, Mich. 

WEYER, Frank Elmer, college dean; 
b. Ainsworth, Neb., 14 Jan. 1890; s. 
John Weyer, farmer, and Elizabeth 
(Sweitzer) W. ; ed. Long Pine high sch.; 
Doane Coll. Acad.; A.B., Hastings Coll., 
1911; A.M., Univ. Neb., 1916, Ph.D., 
1941; Columbia Univ., 1916-17, summer 
sessions, 1917, 32; Stanford Univ., sum- 
mer, 1924; m. Mabelle Carey of Hebron, 
Neb., 3 June 1916; children — Mary 
Elizabeth (wife of Maj. R. E. Nutt), 
Dorothy Claire, Phyllis Lucile. Prin., 
Newport, Neb., 1911-13; supt. of schs., 
Atkinson, Neb., 1913-16; prof, of ed. and 
psychology, Kendall Coll. (now Univ. 
of Tulsa), Tulsa, Okla., 1917-18; dean 
and prof. Edn., Hastings Coll., 1918 — ; 
mem. bd. of Mary Lanning Sch. of 
Nursing, Ingleside Psychiatric Sch. of 
Nursing, Adams Co. Selective Service 
Draft Bd.; mem. Neb. State Edn. Assn. 
(pres. dist. 4, 1943-44), N.E.A. (v.p., 
1943-44). Clubs: Nebraska Schoolmas- 
ters, Kiwanis, Acacia. Author: Status of 
the Rural Teacher in Nebraska, 1919; 
Presbyterian Colleges & Academies in 
Nebraska, 1940. Presbyterian. Repub- 
lican. Office: Hastings Coll., Hastings, 
Neb. Home: 503 E. Sixth St., Hastings, 

EDDY, Corbin Theodore, professor of 
metallurgical engineering; b. Lake Lin- 
den, Mich., 17 Apr. 1904; s. Samuel 
Eddy, lumberman, and Georgie (Du- 
quette) E.; ed. Lake Linden high sch.; 
Mich. Coll. Mining and Tech.; B.S., 
Univ. Calif., 1926, E.M., 1926, M.S., 1928, 
Ph.D., 1933; m. Helen M. Perrault of 
Lake Linden, Mich., 10 June 1940; chil- 
dren — C. T. John, Anthony Thomas. 
Instr. in metall., Mich. Coll. Mining and 
Tech., 1927-30, asst. prof, metall., 1930- 
32, assoc. prof., 1932-40, prof., head 
dept., 1940 — ; dir. res., metall. engring., 
1936—; awarded McNair Medal for 
Metall. Res., 1930; Alfred Noble Award 
for outstanding work in engring.; mem., 
A.I.M.E., A.S.M., Am. Foundrymans 
Assn., A.A.A.S., Inst, of Metals, London, 
S.P.E.E., Tau Beta Pi, Alpha Sigma 
Nu. Author: numerous tech. pubis.; 
Fundamental Principles in Physical 
Metallurgy; Constitution Diagram in 
Physical Metallurgy. Travel: Eur., 
Can., U.S. Interests: mus., sailing. 
Catholic. Republican. Office: Mich. Coll. 
of Mining and Technology, Houghton, 
Mich. Home: 1009 College Av., Hough- 
ton, Mich. 


FIFE, Ray, professor; b. Van Wert, 
O., 1 Dec. 1883; s. James Fife, farmer, 
and Melissa (Hoaglin) F.; ed. prep, 
sens.; B.S., O. Northern Univ., 1909; 
B.S., O. State Univ., 1917; Cornell Univ., 
summer terms, 1921, 22, 24; Ph.D., 
Teachers Coll., Columbia Univ., 1929; 
m. Flossie Hall of Convoy, O., 31 Oct. 
1917. Supt., rural schs., Van Wert Co., 
O., 1910-15; asst. state leader, 4-H Clubs, 
O., 1917-19; asst. prof. agr. edn., O. 
State Univ., 1919-21, prof. agr. edn., 
1938 — ; state supervisor of agr. edn., 
O., 1921-36; pres., N.M. State Coll., 1936- 
38; instr., Univ. Mo., 1931, Colo. State 
Coll., 1933, Univ. Nev., 1927, summer 
sessions; mem. Am. Vocational Assn. 
(v.p., 1930-32, pres., 1932-34), Alpha 
Zeta, Phi Delta Kappa, Iota Lambda 
Sigma, Gamma Sigma Delta, N.E.A., 
O. Edn. Assn., Masons. Author: arts, 
on vocational edn. Travel: Can., Mex., 
U.S. Interests: history, polit. sci. Rec- 
reations: golf, bowling. Methodist. Of- 
fice: Ohio State Univ., Columbus, O. 
Home: 1944 Chatfield Rd., Columbus, O. 

McCRARY, Jasper Herndon, Texas 
wholesale gasoline distributor; b. Alva, 
Okla., 21 Apr. 1907; s. Ira B. McCrary, 
carpenter, and Beulah (Herndon) M.; 
ed. Dewey high sch.; A.B., Okla. Bapt. 
Univ., 1928; m. Vera L. Randels of Jef- 
ferson, Okla., 12 Aug. 1933; children- 
Mary Lou, Martha Sue, Vesta Lee. Asst. 
head bookkeeper Territory Illuminating 
Oil Co., 1929-37; lumber bus., Feb. 1937- 
42; sponsored two F.H.A. projects, built 
some 40 F.H.A. houses, 1938-41; entered 
wholesale gasoline bus., 1 Apr. 1944; 
defense constr. asst. to gen. supt. on 
airport constr., 1942-44; mem. Kappa 
Delta Pi, League Young Democrats, 
Okla. Bapt. Young People Convention 
(pres., 1929-36), Jr. Chamber Commerce 
(p. pres.), Chamber Commerce (v.p., 
1941). Club: Kiwanis (pres., 1941). Bap- 
tist. Democrat. Office: 323 E. 8th St., 
Dewey, Okla. Home: 204 E. 4th St., 
Dewey, Okla. 

GEUPEL, Carl Martin, contractor, 
engineer; b. Evansville, Ind., 11 Oct. 
1891; s. Louis A. Geupel, mcht., and 
Elsa (Wack) G.; ed. Cent, high sch., 
Evansville, Ind.; B.S. C.E., Purdue 
Univ., 1913; m. Marguerite G. Klauss 
of Evansville, 20 Oct. 1914; children- 
Joy Geupel DeMars, Marjorie Ann, 
John Carl. Structural engr., 1913-16; 
engr., contractor, Thompson & Binger, 
Inc., N.Y., 1916-27; mng. partner, Carl 
M. Geupel Constr. Co., 1927 — ; p. pres. 
Building Contractors Assoc, Indian- 
apolis; p. pres. Ind. Chap. Associated 

Gen. Contractors of Am., 1943-44; Ma- 
sonic Blue Lodge, Scottish Rite and 
Shrine. Clubs: Scientech, Rotary, Co- 
lumbia, Meridian Hills Country, Wood- 
stock Country. Christian Scientist. Re- 
publican. Office: 1109 Hume Mansur 
Bldg., Indianapolis, Ind. Home: R.R. 
14, Williams Creek Estates, Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

FORD, H. Stanley, vice president, 
gen. manager; b. Fairmount, Md„ 23 
Feb. 1893; s. John H. Ford, Jr., oyster 
planter and packer, and Melissa C. 
(Ford) F.; ed. Fairmount high sch., 
Fairmount, Md.; B.Sc. in civil engr., 
Univ. Md., 1914; U.S.N.A., Res. Offs. 
Engr. Training Course, 1918; m. Ber- 
nice Lewis of Ithaca, Mich., 6 May 
1922; children— Jane Ellen, H. Stanley, 
Jr. Engr. and sales work, R. H. Beau- 
mont Co., Philadelphia, Pa., 15 yrs., 
served as dist. mgr., N.Y. and Detroit 
offs., also as Eastern sales mgr., Phila- 
delphia; asst. to pres. and sales mgr., 
Bigelow Liptak Corp., Detroit, Mich., 
7 yrs.; gen. mgr. and dir., Bigelow Lip- 
tak Corp., 8 yrs.; v.p. Bigelow Liptak 
Corp., 2 yrs. (total service with B.L. 
Corp. 15 yrs.); pres. and dir., Bigelow 
Liptak of Can., Ltd.; ensign, U.S.N., 19 
mos. during World War I; mem. A.S. 
M.E., Engr. Soc. Detroit, Sigma Phi 
Epsilon, Mason (32d deg.), Scottish 
Rite, A.A.O.N.M.S. Travel: U.S., Mex., 
Can. Interests: philately, fishing, hunt- 
ing, symphony. Recreations: reading, 
bowling, fishing, hunting. Protestant. 
Independent. Office: 2842 W. Grand 
Blvd., Detroit, Mich. Home: 840 Riven- 
oak Rd., Birmingham, Mich. 

BEACH, Watson, physician, surgeon; 
b. Port Huron, Mich., 6 Apr. 1897; s. 
Wilbur J. Beach, lawyer, and Emily 
Josephine (Langell) B.; ed. Bad Axe 
high sch.; Hillsdale Coll. (2 yrs.); A.B., 
Wayne Univ., 1924, M.D.; M.S., Univ. 
Minn., 1928; m. Ruth Hendricks of Roch- 
ester, Minn., 17 Aug. 1929; children — 
Philip W., Juliana L. Prof. surg. anat- 
omy, Wayne Univ. Med. Sch., lecturer 
to post-grad, sch., surg. anatomy; surg. 
asst., Base Hosp. No. 36, France, 18 
mos.; mem. A.M.A., Mich, and Wayne 
Co. Med. Socs., Detroit Acad, of Sur- 
gery, resident and ex-resident, Mayo 
Clinic, Am. Legion, F.A.C.S., Nu Sigma 
Nu, Alpha Tau Omega. Clubs: Corin- 
thian Lodge, F. & A.M. Author: Atony 
of the Ureter in the Production of 
Hydronephrosis. Grandson of Watson 
Beach, Civil War capt., Circuit judge, 
24th Circuit, 37 yrs. Interest: gardening. 
Recreations: golf. Episcopalian. Repub- 


lican. Office: 742 Maccabees Bldg., De- 
troit, Mich. Home: 281 Kenwood Court, 
Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich. 

BARRETT, Wilbert H., retired manu- 
facturer; b. Cumberland County, N.J., 
26 Feb. 1858; s. Reuben Barrett and 
Lucinda (Tomlinson) B.; ed. Union 
Acad., So. Jersey Inst., Bridgeton, N.J.; 
m. Elizabeth Benner of Philadelphia, 
Pa. Pres., mgr., Acme Preserve Co. 
(until retirement); dir. Comml. Savings 
Bank, Adrian, Mich.; p. pres., Mich. 
Sos., S.A.R., p. pres., Nat. Soc, S.A.R. 
Interest: hist, and geneol. res. Baptist. 
Republican. Office: Nat. Bank Bldg., 
Adrian, Mich. Home: 225 Toledo St., 
Adrian, Mich. 

MACAULEY, Alvan, manufacturer; b. 
Wheeling, W.Va., 17 Jan. 1872; s. James 
A. Macauley, official in U.S. Pension 
Office, Washington, D.C., and Rebecca 
Jane (Mills) M.; ed. primary and high 
schs., Washington, D.C.; Lehigh and 
George Washington Univs.; LL.B., Co- 
lumbian Law Sch., 1892; LL.D. (hon.), 
George Washington Univ.; LL.D. (hon.), 
Univ. Mich., Doctor of Arts in Bus. 
Adminstrn. (hon.) from Wayne Univ., 
1937; m. Estelle Littlepage, Washington, 
D.C., 20 Nov. 1895; children— Alvan 
Macauley, Jr., Mary, Edward. Prac- 
ticed law, specializing in patent law, in 
Washington, D.C.; became attorney for 
the Nat. Cash Register Co., and re- 
moved to Dayton, O., 1895; became 
asst. mgr., of the Am. Arithometer Co., 
of St. Louis (original Burroughs Adding 
Mach. Co.), 1901; was promoted same 
yr. to gen. mgr.; 3 yrs. later removed 
with the Burroughs Co., from St. Louis, 
Mo., to Detroit, Mich.; became gen. 
mgr. of the Packard Motor Car Co., 
1910; 3 yrs. later (1913) apptd. v.p., 
pres., 1916, retained offce of gen. mgr., 
until 1934; resigned as pres. (after serv- 
ing in that capacity for 23 yrs.), 1939, 
became chmn. of the Bd. of the Co.; 
pres., dir. Automobile Mfrs., Assn. and 
Automotive Council for War Prodn.; dir. 
Nat. Bank of Detroit; as pres. of Pack- 
ard, had to do with the development of 
Liberty airplane motors adopted as the 
official airplane motor of the U.S. Govt. 
Clubs: Country, Detroit, Detroit Golf, 
Bloomfield Hills, Yondotega, Grosse 
Pointe Yacht. Republican. Office: Pack- 
ard Motor Car Co., 1580 Grand Blvd., 
Detroit, Mich. Home: 735 Lake Shore 
Rd., Grosse Pointe Shores, Mich. 

DUNNING, John W., clergyman, col- 
lege president; b. Corunna, Mich., 11 
Oct. 1883; s. Homer B. Dunning, clergy- 
man, and Mary Elizabeth (Burchard) 

D.; ed. Alma Acad.; Alma Coll.; 
Princeton Univ.; Presbyterian Sem., 
Chicago; D.D. (hon.), Alma Coll.; m. 
Amma E. Mahoney of St. Charles, 21 
Nov. 1906; children — Catherine, Mrs. 
Walter Johnson. Pastorates, Presbyn. 
Ch., Tecumseh, Mich., 1907-10; Presbyn. 
Ch., Portsmouth, O., 1910-15; First Pres- 
byn. Ch., Kalamazoo, Mich., 1915-38; 
pres. Alma Coll., 1938 — ; state chmn. 
Red Cross, 1917-18; dir. Mich. Children's 
Aid, Moderator Synod of Mich., 1933-34; 
mem. Masons (32d deg.). Club: Rotary. 
Author: The Eternal Riddle, 1911, The 
Fight for Character, 1937. Father a Pio- 
neer Home Missionary in Northern 
Mich. Presbyterian. Republican. Office: 
Alma Coll., Alma, Mich. Home: Presi- 
dent's House, Alma Coll., Alma, Mich. 
Summer res.: Gull Lake, Augusta, 

WILSON, Edward Harlan, orthopaedic 
surgeon; b. Columbus, O., 31 May 1891; 
s. Edward James Wilson, phys., and 
Sarah Ida (Tudor) W.; ed. Central high 
sch., Columbus, O.; B.S., Dartmouth 
Coll., 1915; M.D., Harvard Med. Sch., 
1920; m. Dorothy Hewitt of Winchester, 
Mass., 7 Oct. 1923; children— Edward 
Harlan, Jr., Dorothy, Priscilla. East 
surg. service, Mass. Gen. Hosp., 1920- 
22, orthopaedic service, 1923, Boston 
Children's Hosp., 1924; practice of ortho- 
paedic surgery, Columbus, O., 1924 — ; 
dir., Midland Mutual Life Ins. Co.; prof, 
orthopaedic surgery, Ohio State Univ., 
head of dept., chmn., Am. Coll. Sur- 
geons Fracture Com., So. Eastern O.; 
in Med. Res. Corps, and Harvard Med. 
Sch. during World War I; fellow Coll. 
of Surgeons; mem. Am. Acad. Ortho- 
paedic Surgeons, Clin. Orthopaedic Soc, 
Am. Bd. of Orthopaedic Surgery (diplo- 
mate), Am. Orthopaedic Assoc, A. M.S., 
Scottish Rite, Masons, Shrine. Clubs: 
Rocky Fork, Columbus. Author: mono- 
graphs of osteomyelitis and fractures. 
Interest: oil paintings. Conglist. Office: 
395 E. Broad St., Columbus, O. Home: 
181 Stanberry Av., Columbus, O. 

MULHOLLAND, William J., physi- 
cian, surgeon; b. Chicago, 111., 13 June 
1887; s. Edward J. Mulholland (dec), 
and Elizabeth (Grenuan) M.; ed. Hyde 
Park high sch.; Chicago, 111.; Univ. 111.; 
m. Helen Schulte of Hammond, 1922; 
children — Mary Jane, Betty. 1st It., 
Med. R. S., 9 mos., 1918; mem. A.M.A., 
111. Med. Soc, Local Med. Soc; fellow 
Am. Coll. of Surgeons. Episcopalian. 
Republican. Office: 7449 Cottage Grove 
Av., Chicago, 111. Home: 6750 Oglesby, 
Chicago, 111. 


McNUTT, Grace, lecturer; b. Wil- 
liamsburg, O., 10 Mar. 1893; d. Charles 
H. McNutt, mcht., and Julia Ellen (Ort) 
M.; ed. B.A., O. Wesleyan Univ., 1915. 
Prin. high sen.; ex. Girl Res. Dept., 
Y.W.C.A., Dayton, gen. sec, Elkhart, 
Ind.; at present, Book Reviewer for 
Book Guilds; dir., Elkhart League of 
Women Voters; pres., Elkhart Council, 
Church Women; v.p., Ind. State Coun- 
cil; mem. A.A.U.W., Phi Beta Kappa. 
Club: Knife and Fork. Author: poems. 
Travel: U.S., Can., Eur. Interests: read- 
ing, writing. Recreations: gardening, 
mus. Methodist. Republican. Home: 122 
Pottawattomi Dr., Elkhart, Ind. 

LOOMIS, Oliver Mullins, lawyer; b. 
Valparaiso, Ind., 25 Apr. 1899; s. Elbert 
Leslie Loomis, and Nell (Mullens) L.; 
ed. LL.B., Valparaiso Univ. of Mich.; 
m. Gwendolynne Edwards of Oklahoma 
City, 3 Aug. 1927; 1 dau., Sally Ann. 
Practiced law, Valparaiso, 1922; sec. to 
U.S. Sen., Arthur R. Robinson, 1925-28; 
U.S. Dist. Atty., 1928-33; sr. mem. law 
firm, Loomis and Hartzer; mem. Insur- 
ance bar (nat.). Clubs: University, 
South Bend Country, Columbia. Inter* 
ests: fishing, golf, reading, gardening. 
Republican. Office: 417 Odd Fellows 
Bldg., South Bend, Ind. Home: 1324 
North St., Joseph St., South Bend, Ind. 

KINGSBURY, Forrest Alva, associate 
professor of psychology, secretary, dept. 
of psychology; b. Oelwein, la., 8 Aug. 
1883; s. W. B. Kingsbury, merchant, 
and Flora J. (Bush) K.; ed. Osage, la. 
high sch.; Ph.B., Central Coll., .909; 
M.A., Yale Univ., 1911; Ph.D., Univ. 
Chicago, 1920; m. Cornelia Hasselman 
of Pella, la., 22 Dec. 1911. Prin., Ohur- 
dan, la. Schs., 1909-10; prof. philo3. and 
edn., Grand Island Coll., 1911-15, Ottawa 
Univ., 1915-18; asst. prof, psychol., Univ. 
Chicago, 1921-24, assoc, 1924 — , dean in 
Coll. of Arts, Lit., Sci., 1924-27, sec. 
1939—, acting chmn., 1945—, dept. 
psychol.; cons, psychologist, Continental 
and Comml. Nat. Bank, Continental 111. 
Bank and Trust Co., Chicago, 1920-27, 
1931-33; ed. sec, Army Y.M.C.A., Camp 
Funston, 1918-19; mem. Sigma Xi, Phi 
Delta Kappa, A.A.A.S., Am. Psychol. 
Assn., Am. Assn. Applied Psychol., Mid- 
western Psychol. Assn., 111. Soc. Cons. 
Psychols. Club: Quadrangle. Author: A 
Group Intelligence Scale for Primary 
Grades; Psychological Tests in Business 
(with A. W. Kornhauser) ; arts, on bus. 
and theoretical psychol. Travel: U.S., 
Can. Interest: genealogy. Office: Univ. 
of Chicago, Chicago, 111. Home: 5805 

Dorchester Av., Chicago, 111. Summer 
res.: Beacon, Mich. 

FISCHER, Carl Hahn, professor; b. 
Newark, N.J., 22 Aug. 1903; s. Carl 
H. H. Fischer and Minnie T. (Hahn) F.; 
ed. B.S., Washington Univ., 1923; M.S., 
Univ. Ia„ 1930, Ph.D., 1932; m. Kathleen 
Kirkpatrick of St. Louis, Mo., 25 Sept. 
1925; children— Patrick Carl, Michael 
John. Engr., Am. Steel Foundries, 1923- 
26; instr., math., Beloit Coll., 1926-29; 
grad. asst., Univ. la., 1929-32; instr., 
math., Univ. Minn., 1932-33; actuarial 
research, Northwestern Nat. Life, 1933- 
34; instr., math., Wayne Univ., 1934-37, 
asst. prof., 1937-41; asst. prof., math., 
Univ. Mich., 1941 — ; cons, actuary, 
Mich. Life, 1944—; mem. Am. Statis. 
Assn., Inst. Math. Statis., Math. Assn. 
of Am., Am. Math. Soc, Frat. Act. 
Assn., Sigma Xi, Masons, Acacia Frat. 
Author: Mathematics of Life Insurance, 
sev. research arts. Conglist. Independ- 
ent. Office: Univ. Mich., Ann Arbor, 
Mich. Home: 1122 Granger Av., Ann 
Arbor, Mich. 

HAINES, Edmund Thomas, composer, 
conductor, music educator; b. Ottumwa, 
la., Dec 15, 1914; s. Verlan J. Haines 
and Edna May (Waters) H.; student 
Univ. Kan., 1933-34; B.M., Conservatory 
Music of Kansas City, 1936; M.M., East- 
man Sch. Music, Univ. Rochester, 1938, 
Ph.D., 1941; m. Joyce Williams, 17 Aug. 
1939. Teacher of piano and theory, Con- 
servatory Kansas City, 1936-37; teaching 
fellow and grad. student, Eastman Sch., 
1938-41; apptd. to faculty of Univ. Mich., 
1941; composer of orchestral works, per- 
formed by orchestras in N.Y. City, 
Rochester, Cleveland, etc.; radio per- 
formances by NBC Symphony and other 
orchestras; chamber music groups on 
broadcasting chains; received Pulitzer 
Prize in Musical Composition for Sym- 
phony No. 1, 1941; mem. Phi Mu Alpha 
Sinfonia. Composer; musical ednl. ma- 
terial; Pastoral (for flute and strings) 
and Poem (for viola and chamber 
orchestra), 1941; Symphony No. 1, Sym- 
phony in Miniature, Three Dances for 
Orchestra, also songs, piano pieces, 
chamber music. Address: School of 
Music, Univ. of Mich., Ann Arbor, 

HARRIS, Rowland H., surgeon; b. 
Eliot, York Co., Me., 6 May 1878; s. 
Frank C. Harris, clerk, U.S. Treasury 
Dept., Washington, D.C., and Emma M. 
(Neall) H.; ed. So. Lancaster Acad., 
So. Lancaster, Mass.; A.B., Albion Coll., 
1914; M.D., Am. Med. Miss. Coll., 1901; 
L.R.C.P., S.E., L.F.P., and S.G., Edin- 


burgh, 1904, F.R.C.S., 1909; m. Eliza- 
beth Kerr, 18 June 1903; children—none 
living. Attended pub. schs, Washington, 
D.C. After college, connected with 
Battle Creek Sanitarium, until 1919, 
first asst. and assoc. surgeon, 1910-19, 
conducted Maple St. Hosp., Battle 
Creek, Mich., 10 yrs. in pvt. pract. 
there until May 15, 1930; in pvt. pract., 
Los Angeles, Calif., May 1930- Aug. 1936; 
chief surgeon, Battle Creek San., Aug. 
1936-Dec. 1, 1939; pvt. pract., Battle 
Creek, Dec. 1, 1939—; mem. A.M. A., 
Mich. State Med. Soc, Calhoun Co. Med. 
Soc; P. A.C.S., 1915—, Western Surg. 
Assn., 1920 — , Royal Soc. Med., London, 
Eng.; mem. Founders Group, Am. Bd. 
Surgery, which was created, 1937. Au- 
thor: Carcinomatous Ovarian Teratoma 
with Premature Puberty and Precocious 
Somatic Development, 1917, 1925; Pseu- 
do-Elephantiasis (Familial Generalized 
Edema) with report of 6 Cases in 4 
generations of one family, 1923; Wolffian 
Cysts in Men and Women arising in 
Relation to Testis and Ovary, 1925; Re- 
port of Major Surgical Operations With- 
out Blood Transfusions in Patients with 
Severe Secondary Anaemia, 1927; Fibro- 
myoma of the Uterus in Relation to 
Pregnancy with Report of Cases, 1929; 
Empyema of the Gallbladder and Chole- 
cystectomy, 1929; The Coffey-Humber 
Extract of Suprarenal Cortex Substance, 
1931. Republican. Office: 39 N. Washing- 
ton Av., Battle Creek, Mich. 

BAKTELL, Floyd Earl, professor of 
chemistry; b. Concord, Mich., 16 June 
1883; s. William Bartell and Margaret 
(Allman) B.; ed. A.B., Albion Coll., 
1905; A.M., Univ. Mich., 1906, Ph.D., 
1910; m. Larence Bunting Sims of New- 
port News, 30 Aug. 1921; children— Mar- 
garet Wright, Lawrence Sims. Instr. 
chemistry, Simpson Coll., Indianola, la., 
1905-07, Univ. Mich., 1910-16; asst. prof, 
chemistry, 1916-18, assoc. prof., 1918-24, 
prof. 1924 — ; served as capt. Nitrate 
Div., Ordn. Dept., U.S.A., 1917-18, cons, 
to War Dept., 1928-42; fellow A.A.A.S.; 
mem. A.C.S., Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma 
Xi, Delta Tau Delta. Author: Colloid 
and Surface Chemistry; numerous sci. 
arts. Recreations: hunting, fishing. Con- 
glist. Republican. Office: Chem. Lab., 
Univ. of Mich., Ann Arbor, Mich. Home: 
1919 Scottwood, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

JEFFERY, Joseph A., vice pres. 
Champion Spark Plug Co., gen. mgr. 
Ceramic Division; b. San Francisco, 
Calif., 27 June 1873; s. Alfred Jeffery 
and Emily (Clark) J.; D.D.S., Univ. 
Calif., 1895, B.S., 1898. Instr. of chem. 

and metall., Univ. Calif., 1895-98; surg. 
dentistry practice, San Francisco, 1895- 
1902; pres., gen. mgr. South Yuba 
Mining and Development Co., Nevada 
County, Calif., 1902-06; pres. Reliance 
Automobile Co., San Francisco, 1906; 
pres. Jeffery-Dewitt Co., Newark, N.J., 
1907-10 (moved to Detroit, Mich., 1910); 
Jeffery-Dewitt Co. combined with Cham- 
pion Spark Plug Co., known as Cham- 
pion Poreclain Co., 1921, and became 
pres.; name changed to Champion 
Spark Plug Co., 1933, v.p. and gen. mgr. 
Ceramic div., 1933—; pres. Champion 
Sillimanite, Inc., Calif, and Nev. ; mem. 
Detroit Engring. Soc, Am. Inst. Elec. 
Engrs., Am. Inst. Mech. Engrs., Am. 
Ceramic Soc, Electrochem. Soc. Protes- 
tant. Club: Detroit Athletic. Author: 
arts, on mining and ceramics in trade 
jours. Office: 8525 Butler Av., Detroit 11, 
Mich. Home: care Detroit Athletic Club, 
Detroit, Mich. 

FOSTER, Louis Fernald, physician; 
b. Phillipsburg, N.J., 10 Oct. 1891; s. 
I. L. Foster, wholesale grocer, and Alice 
(Clifton) F.; ed. Phillipsburg high sch., 
Phillipsburg, N.J.; Ph.B., Lafayette 
Coll., 1913; M.D., Univ. Pa., 1918; m. 
Kathryn M. Keller of Harrisburg, Pa., 
11 June 1921; children — Phyllis Marcia 
(Mrs. John R. Murray), L. Fernald, Jr. 
Resident phys., Presbyn. Hosp., 1918-19; 
chief, resident phys., Children's Hosp., 
Philadelphia, Pa., 1919-20; interne, Chil- 
dren's Hosp., Philadelphia, Pa., 1917- 
18; diplomate, Am. Bd. Pediatrics; pvt. 
pediatric practice, Bay City, Mich., 
1920 — ; dir. Dept. Pediatrics, Mercy 
Hosp., Bay City, Mich., Gen. Hosp., 
Bay City, Mich.; sec-treas., Bay Co., 
Mich. Med. Soc; sec, Mich. State Med. 
Soc; mem. Med. Res. Corps, Presbyn. 
Hosp., Philadelphia, Pa. during World 
War I; mem. Am. Acad. Pediatrics, 
A.M.A., Kappa Sigma, Alpha Kappa 
Kappa, Masons. Club: Rotary, (p. 
pres.). Presbyterian. Republican. Of- 
fice: Thome Bldg., 919 Washington Av., 
Bay City, Mich. Home: 1801 McKinley 
Av., Bay City, Mich. Summer home: 
Point Lookout, Au Gres, Mich. 

DAVIS, Emerson, business executive; 
b. Bay City, 23 May 1878; s. John Davis 
and Ida (Hitchcock) D.; ed. Cent, high 
sch., Detroit, Mich.; B.A., Univ. Mich., 
1901; m. Marion Biegler of Chicago, 10 
Feb. 1906; children— John Emerson, 
Philip Cameron, Elizabeth Davis 
Wedda, Virginia Davis Melcher. Treas. 
Detroit Chem. Works, 1901-39; pres., De- 
troit Chem. Works, 1940 — ; mem., Delta 
Upsilon, Bd. of Commerce, Detroit Citi- 


zens League. Clubs: Economic of De- 
troit, Detroit Cribbage. Conglist. Repub- 
lican. Office: 125 So. Junction Av., De- 
troit, Mich. Home: 844 Whittier Rd., 
Grosse Pointe, Mich. 

CLACK, Robert W., professor of 
mathematics and oriental studies; b. 
Clear Lake, la., 9 June 1886; s. William 
R. Clack, dentist, and Sarah Adda 
(Wood) C; ed. Clear Lake and Mason 
City high sens.; A.B., Grinnell Coll., 
1907, M.A., 1908; Univ. Chicago; No. 
China Union Lang. Sch., Peking; Peking 
Union Theol. Sem.; Univ. Mich.; m. 
Edith G. Clack, of Tientsin, China, 21 
Mar. 1911; children — Gordon, Constance, 
Douglas, Llywelyn, Roderick, Wynne. 
Prof., Chihli Provincial Coll., Paotingfu, 
China, 1910-13; gen. sec, Paotingfu 
Y.M.C.A., 1913-24; prof, math., Alma 
Coll., 1924—; taught Chinese, Univ. 
Mich., summers, 1938-40; registrar, 
Alma Coll., 1928-43; coordinator of 
Naval V-12 Program, 1943 — ; mem. bd. 
dirs., Mich. Intercollegiate Athletic 
Assn., 1926 — ; pres., Chinese Am. Ath- 
letic Union, 1919-21; mem. bd., Far 
Eastern Athletic Assn., Internat. Olym- 
pics Games Comm., 1919-21, Am. Math. 
Assn., Am. Assn. Collegiate Registrars, 
Poetry Soc. of Mich., Alma Musicale; 
Mich. Academy; Am. Council Inst, of 
Pacific Affairs. Clubs: Pine River Coun- 
try, Michigan. Author: Political Geog- 
raphy for Chinese Students, 1911; From 
Bamboo Glade and Lotus Pool, 1934. 
Travel: China, Jap., P.I. Interests: 
poetry, music. Recreation: golf. Con- 
glist. Independent. Office: Alma Coll., 
Alma, Mich. Home: 209 W. Downie St., 
Alma, Mich. 

CARTER, Thomas M., professor; b. 
Washington Co., Ky., 29 Feb. 1888; s. 
Ambrose B. Carter, farmer, and Susan 
M. (Burns) C; ed. Asbury Coll. Acad.; 
A.B., HI. Wesleyan, 1914; B.D., Garrett 
Sch. of Theol., 1917; M.A., Northwestern 
Univ., 1921; Ph.D., Univ. Chicago, 1923; 
m. Frances H. Berry of Hector, Minn., 
1922; children— Virginia, Geraldine, Sue. 
Head dept. of ed., psychol., Albion Coll., 
1923-41; summer sch. prof., Mich. State 
Normal Coll., Cent. State Teachers, 
Western State Teachers, S.D. State 
Coll., Univ. Louisville, Northwestern 
Univ., Univ. Pa.; Univ. Neb.; 1st It. 
chaplain, 1 yr. during World War I, It. 
col., World War II; mem. A.A.A.S., Am. 
Psychological Assn., Am. Assn. for Ap- 
plied Psychology, N.E.A., Phi Delta 
Kappa. Author: arts, in Journal of Edu- 
cational Psychology; Journal of Higher 
Education; School and Society; Inter- 

national Journal of Ethics; Journal of 
Applied Psychology, Journal of Social 
Psychology, Sch. Administration and 
Supervision, and others. Methodist. Of- 
fice: Albion Coll., Albion, Mich. Home: 
410 Elizabeth St., Albion, Mich. 

BENSCOE, Edward Barton, lawyer; 
b. Dorchester, Wis., 3 Mar. 1883; s. 
Mathias Benscoe, miner; ed. Bessemer 
(Mich.) high sch.; Literary Sch., 1906- 
07; LL.B., Univ. Mich. Law Sch., 1906; 
m. Golda M. Highley of Converse, Ind., 
12 Aug. 1909. Began practice of law, 
Ironwood, Mich., 1906; estab. law prac- 
tice, Ann Arbor, 1907; elected Circuit 
Court Commr., Washtenaw County, 
Mich., 1909-13; candidate, pros, atty., 
1912; estab. law practice, Stillwater, 
Okla., 1914-16, Detroit, Mich., 1916—; 
apptd. judge, Common Pleas Ct., De- 
troit, Mich., 1929-31; mem. K.P. (Myrtle 
Damon Lodge, No. 3). Club: Repub- 
lican (Detroit, v.p. 12 yrs.). Recrea- 
tions: fishing, motoring, Sunday Sch. 
teaching, lectures. Methodist. Repub- 
lican. Office: 1442 Free Press Bldg., 
Detroit, Mich. Home: 5257 Linsdale Av., 
Detroit, Mich. Summer res.: Converse, 

BECCHERINI, Francis, catholic 
priest (retired); b. Florence, It., 1 Jan. 
1864; s. Benedict Beccherini, lawyer, 
and Antoinette (Cerrarei) B.; ed. Sem.; 
Collegio delle Queree; Collegio Badia 
Fiesolere; Chevalier of It. Crown; 
Chevalier of San Manrigio e Lagzaro. 
Founder, It. Ch., Erie, Pa., Syracuse, 
N.Y., New Haven, Conn., Detroit, 
Mich.; pastor, San Francisco Ch., De- 
troit, Mich.; dean of all Italian priests 
in Am.; mem. K.C. Travel: Eur., U.S., 
Cuba, Cent. Am. Recreations: smoking, 
reading. Catholic. Democrat. Home: 
1141 No. York Blvd., Dearborn, Mich. 

BEAKE, Harold C, attorney; b. South 
Haven, Mich., 31 Aug. 1895; s. George 
W. Beake and Catherine Anne (Cam- 
eron) B.; ed. South Haven (Mich.) high 
sch.; Kalamazoo Coll.; A.B., Univ. 
Mich., 1917; LL.B., Georgetown Univ. 
1923; m. Ida May Jenkins of Washing- 
ton, D.C., 28 Nov. 1931. Mem. law firm, 
Cook, Smith, Jacobs and Beake. Office: 
4250 Penobscot Bldg., Detroit 26, Mich. 
Home: 381 W. Maplehurst Av., Ferndale 
20, Mich. 

KINNEY, Edward Everett, associate 
professor electric engineering; b. Butte, 
Mont., 22 Mar. 1893; s. Edward Porter 
Kinney, electrician, and Minnie S. 
(Graham) K.; ed. Lansing Cent, high 
sch.; B.S., Mich. State Coll., 1915; M.S., 
Cal. Tech., 1930; m. Ethel S. Arbaugh 


of Lansing, Mich., 22 June 1916; chil- 
dren — Richard A., Eleanor R. Owner 
and mgr., Lansing Battery Shop, 1915- 
19; teacher, elec. engring., Mich. State 
Coll., 1919-44, now supt. bldgs. and utili- 
ties; with Spooner & Merrill, Mich. Pub. 
Utilities, Commonwealth & Southern 
during summers; mem. A.I.E.E., S.P. 
E.E., A.A.U.P., Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Xi. 
Club: Lansing Engrs. (pres., dir.). Pres- 
byterian. Republican. Office: Michigan 
State Coll., East Lansing, Mich. Home: 
233 Marshall Av., Lansing, Mich. Sum- 
mer res.: Duck Lake, Calhoun Co., 

KIRCHER. Carl Edward, pastor; D. 
Scranton, Pa., s. Charles E. Kircher, 
pastor, and Catherine Adaline (Shep- 
herd) K.; ed. Marysville (Mo.) high 
sch.; M.A., Princeton Univ.; Princeton 
Theol. Sem.; D.D. (hon.), Park Coll., 
1939; m. Mary Elizabeth Foster of Ind. 
Pastor, First Presbyn. Ch., Redlands, 
Calif. Club: Redlands Kiwanis. Travel: 
U.S. Interest: traveling. Recreations: 
volley ball, hand ball. Presbyterian. Of- 
fice: Cason St., Redlands, Calif. Home: 
4 San Gorconio Dr., Redlands, Calif. 

LESZYNSKI, Joseph Stanley, sur- 
geon; b. Harbor Beach, Mich., 14 June 
1892; s. Jos. J. Leszynski, merchant, 
and Margaret (Carroll) L.; ed. Harbor 
Beach (Mich.) high sch.; B.S., Univ. 
Mich., 1915, M.D., 1917; Fellow (hon.) 
of Am. Coll. Surgeons; m. Teresa Hesse 
of Detroit, Mich., Aug. 1917; 1 dau., 
Mrs. Wm. Walker, Jr. City planning 
Commn., 1934-37; State Bd. of Registra- 
tion in Medicine, 1938; asst. surgeon, 
U.S.N., R.F., during World War I; mem. 
A.M. A., Mich. State and Wayne , Co., 
Med. Socs., Am. Coll. of Surgeons, De- 
troit Acad, of Surgery. Clubs: Detroit 
Athletic, Bloomfield Open Hunt. Office: 
518 Professional Bldg., Detroit, Mich. 
Home: 1991 W. Boston Blvd., Detroit, 
Mich. Summer home: Batchowanna 
Bay, Ontario, Can. 

LeFEVRE, William Mathias, physi- 
cian; b. Muskegon, Mich., 5 Dec. 1896; 
s. George L. LeFevre, surgeon, and 
Alice (Ducey) L.; ed. Muskegon (Mich.) 
high sch.; A.B., Univ. Mich., 1919, M.D., 
1923; 1 son, William. Chief, Dept. Med., 
Mercy Hosp., 1932-42; A.S., during 
World War, disch. as 2d It. Res.; cer- 
tified by Am. Bd. of Internal Med.; 
Fellow A.C.P.; pres., Muskegon Co. 
Med. Soc, 1945; mem. A.M.A., Am. 
Heart Assn. Clubs: Muskegon Country, 
Century, SKO of Muskegon. Author: 
monographs on med. Recreation: golf. 
Catholic. Republican. Office: 603 Hack- 

ley Bank Bldg., Muskegon, Mich. Home: 
Occidental Hotel, Muskegon, Mich. 

CATION, Donald, plant pathologist; b. 
Peoria, 111., 24 Nov. 1896; s. John Cation, 
salesman, and Janet Rae (Waugh) C; 
ed. M.T.H.S., Peoria, 111.; la. State 
Coll., B.S., 1925, M.S., 1929; m. Lura 
Leonard of Fairbank, la., 2 June 1930; 
children — Lura, Janet. Farming, 1914- 
15, 1925-26; electrician, 1919-20; la. State 
Coll., 1921-25, 1927-28; teacher botany, 
Colo. Agr. Coll., 1929-30; research asst. 
Mich. State Coll., 1931-42; res. assoc, 
1942—; E 2 C (R) U.S.N.R.F., 2 yrs., 
during World War I; mem. Am. Phy to- 
pathological Soc, Sigma Xi, Sigma Chi 
(Gamma Psi, 1942), Alpha Zeta, Phi 
Mu Alpha, Gamma Sigma Delta, Mich. 
State Hort. Soc. Author: miscellaneous 
arts, and bulls, on fruit diseases. 
Travel: U.S., Eng., Scot. Interests: 
music, photog., hunting, springer span- 
iels, pomology, peach and cherry virus 
diseases. Recreations: hunting, fishing, 
camping, travelling. Episcopalian. Re- 
publican. Office: Botany Dept., Mich. 
State Coll., East Lansing, Mich. Home: 
214 Orchard St., East Lansing, Mich. 

BLINN, Thomas W., assistant engi- 
neer; b. Syracuse, N.Y., 3 Dec/ 1887; s. 
Edward Carol Blinn, mech. engr., and 
Addie Hyde (Field) B.; ed. Syracuse 
high sch.; C.E., Cornell Univ., 1912; m. 
Grace Clay (dec.) of Cobden, 111., 18 
June 1918; 1 son, Thomas Clay; m. (2d) 
Ada B. Collins of Detroit, Mich., Jan. 
1944; 1 stepson — Benjamin George Col- 
lins. Pub. Works Engr., Univ. Detroit 
1922; asst. engr., Detroit Toledo and 
Ironton R.R. Co., Dearborn; capt., 
engrs., 1st Officers Reserve Camp, 
Ft. Leavenworth, Kan., during World 
War I; mem. Engring. Soc. of Detroit, 
State Hist. Soc. of Mich., Detroit Hist. 
Soc, var. Stamp Socs. Club: Algonquin. 
Office: Detroit Toledo and Ironton R.R. 
Co., Dearborn. Home: 13288 Lauder Av., 
Detroit 27, Mich. 

DEFFENBAUGH, Walter Irvin, law- 
yer; b. Kansas City, Kan., 6 May 1888; 
s. Adam Watson Deffenbaugh, farmer, 
and Frances May (Howard) D. ; ed. 
Adrian (Mo.) high sch.; Warrenburg 
(Mo.) State Normal Sch.; A.B., Univ. 
Mich., 1911; LL.B., Harvard Law Sch., 
1915; m. Greta Schellhorn of Davenport, 
la., 1 July 1918; children — Dorothea, 
Margaret E. Practicing atty., 1915—; 
enlisted in Ensign Sch. at Municipal 
Pier, Chicago, May 1918, disch. from 
service Nov. 1918; mem. Chicago, HI. 
State and Am. Bar Assns., Law Inst, of 
Chicago, 111. Soc, S.A.R. Club: Union 


League of Chicago. Interest: Am. his- 
tory. Protestant. Republican. Office: 120 
So. La Salle St., Chicago, 111. Home: 
2464 N. Deere Park Dr., Highland Park, 

TISSUE, Kathryn Anne, assistant pro- 
fessor, home economics, Univ. Kan.; b. 
Hazelton, W.Va., 30 July 1893; d. Calvin 
Tissue, and Julia (Frye) T.; ed. Terra 
Alta high sch., Terra Alta, W.Va., Shep- 
ardson Prep. Coll. for Women, Gran- 
ville, O.; A.B., Marshall Coll., Hunting- 
ton, W.Va., 1923; M.S., Univ., Chicago, 
1926; Univ. Minn., 1926-27. Teacher, high 
sch., 1922-23; prin., ibid, 1916-20; 
teacher, home economics, State Teach- 
ers Coll., West Liberty, W.Va., Okla. 
Baptist Univ., Miss. State Coll., Kent 
Teachers Coll., Univ., Kansas, 1930-32; 
nutrition and dietetics; pres. Kansas 
Dietetic Assn., 1937-39; ed. Kan. Home 
Econs. Assn. Newsletter, 1936-38; mem. 
A.A.U.P., A.A.A.S., A.C.S., Am. Home 
Econs. Assn., Am. Dietetic Assn., 
A.A.U.W.; Iota Sigma Pi, Pi Gamma 
Mu. Author: Proteolytic Enzymes of 
Malt Preps, with C. H. Bailey, Cereal 
Chem. 8, 217, 1930, Diet and Resistance 
to Tuberculosis, Jour. Am. Dietetic 
Assn. 16, 313, 1940. Travel: Mex., Can., 
Eur. Interests: biol. sciences, music, 
travel. Recreation: music, motoring in 
the country. Baptist. Office: Univ. of 
Kan., Lawrence, Kan. Home: Lawrence, 

WILHELMI, Paula, teacher; b. St. 
Louis, Mo., 4 Apr. 1888; d. Otto J. Wil- 
helmi, archit, and Emilie (Stifel) W.; 
ed. Central high sch.; Harris Teachers 
Coll.; A.B., Washington Univ.; grad. 
work, Washington Univ., Chicago Univ., 
Ann Arbor; studied abroad, 1906-07; 
Brit. Isles, 1926, Fr., Switz., 1939; m. 
Frank Wilson Moody, 1944. Teacher; 
poet, publ. 1929, 30, 37, 38, 40; peace 
worker; mem. of W.I.L., A.A.U.W., 
League of Women Voters, United Na- 
tions Assoc, Women's Symphony Com., 
Mo. State Teachers Assn., Washington 
Univ. Alumni, Progressive Ed. Assn., 
N.E.A., Modern Lang. Assn. Am. Club: 
College. Travel: Eur., Alas., Cuba, 
Can., Nat. Parks. Granddau., Capt. 
Christopher Stifel, Civil War, great 
niece, Col. Charles Stifel, Civil 
War. Interests: writing poetry, studying 
nature, working on peace movements. 
Recreations: swimming, skating, moun- 
tain climbing. Ethical Culture. Inde- 
pendent. Home: 7506 Milan Av., Univer- 
sity City 14, Mo. 

McNEILL, Edwin Ruthven, ex-chief 

Justice of Supreme Ct. of Okla., attor- 

ney; b. Onawa, la., 5 Jan. 1880; s. Ed- 
win Ruthven McNeill, farmer, and 
Louisa Irene (Younkin) McN.; ed. 
Onawa high sch.; A.B., Univ. Minn., 
1905; LL.B., Chicago-Kent Coll. of Law, 
1910; m. Louise Campbell Clark of St. 
Paul, Minn., 3 Sept. 1913. Practiced 
law, Chicago, 1910-14, Okla., 1914-23; 
dist. judge, Tulsa and Pawnee Counties, 
Okla., 1923-31; justice, Supreme Ct., 
1931-37, chief justice, 1935-37, as chief 
justice surpassed previous records of 
Supreme Ct. of Okla. and any highest 
ct. in U.S. for disposition of cases on 
docket; chmn. local bd., Pawnee Co. 
Okla., during World War I, now chmn. 
local bd. under Selective Service Sys- 
tem; mem. Okla. State and Am. Bar 
Assns. Recreations: reading, gardening. 
Christian. Democrat. Office and home: 
Pawnee, Okla. 

ISHAM, Robert Melyne, chemist; b. 
Madras, India, 22 Jan. 1889; s. Geo. W. 
Isham, Methodist minister, and Mary 
(Johnson) I.; ed. Lincoln (Neb.) high 
sch.; Neb. Wesleyan Prep. Dept.; B.A., 
Neb. Wesleyan Univ., 1909; M.A., Univ. 
Neb., 1910; Univ. Toronto, 1910-11; 
Ph.D., Columbia Univ., 1913; m. Hettie 
M. Murchison of Greeley, Colo., 4 Apr. 
1917. Instr. in chem., Columbia Univ., 
1912-14, Colo. Agr. Coll., 1915; dir. of 
research, Pittsburgh Testing Lab., 1916- 
17; chief research chem., Air Reduction 
Co., 1917; chief research chem., Empire 
Gas and Fuel Co. and assoc. cos., 1917- 
20; cons, chem., 1920 — ; owner and dir. 
of Okmulgee Chem. and Clin. Lab.; 
mem. Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Chi Sigma, 
Phi Lambda Upsilon, Sigma Xi, Am. 
Chem. Soc. Holder of numerous patents. 
Episcopalian. Office: 214 Commerce 
Bldg., Okmulgee, Okla. Home: 1904 E. 
9th St., Okmulgee, Okla. 

DUNKEL, Otto, associate professor of 
mathematics; b. Richmond, Va., 25 May 
1869; s. F. W. Dunkel, pattern maker, 
and Elizabeth (Schick) D. ; ed. Rich- 
mond high sch.; M.E., Univ. Va., 1896, 
B.A., M.A., 1898; A.M., Harvard Univ., 
1899, Ph.D., 1902; Goettingen, 1904-05; 
Paris, 1905-06; Pisa, It., 1909-10; un- 
married. Bookkeeper before entering 
Univ. Va., Portsmouth and Franklin, 
Va.; asst., Leander McCormick Ob- 
servatory, 1896-97; instr., Wesleyan 
Univ., Conn., 1902-04; instr., Univ. 
Minn., 1906-07, Univ. Mo., 1907-09, 1910- 
16; asst. prof., assoc. prof., Washington 
Univ., 1916-39; assoc. ed., The Am. 
Mathematical Monthly, 1918—; retired 
on Carnegie pension, 1939; mem. A. A. 
A.S., Am. Math. Soc, Math. Assn. of 


Am., Pi Mu Epsilon. Author: translation 
from French of vol. 2 of Goursat's 
Mathematical Analysis, various math, 
arts, in Washington Univ. Studies Bull., 
Am. Math. Soc, Annals of Math., Am. 
Math. Monthly. Travel: abroad, 1904-06, 
1909-10. Interest: mathematics. Recrea- 
tion: reading. Presbyterian. Democrat. 
Office: Washington Univ., St. Louis, Mo. 
Home: 5747 Waterman Av., St. Louis, 
Mo. Summer home: Va. 

MULALLY, James H., general attor- 
ney; b. Danvers, Mass., 6 June 1883; s. 
James J. Mulally, gardener, and Mary 
T. (Maroney) M.; ed. Danvers high 
sen.; A.B., Dartmouth Coll., 1905; LL.B., 
Univ. Minn., 1908; m. Helen Batson of 
St. Paul, Minn., 29 Oct. 1910; children- 
Judith B., Charles B., Edward D., Joan 
I., Judd S. Instr., Coll. of St. Thomas, 
1905-08; in gen. law pract., 1908-20; with 
Law Dept., Gt. Northern Ry., 1920—; 
gen. atty.; mem. faculty, St. Paul Coll. 
of Law; mem. Delta Chi, Kappa Sigma. 
Club: St. Paul Athletic. Travel: Eur. 
Interests: hort., gardening. Recrea- 
tions: walking, golf. Catholic. Repub- 
lican. Office: 1120 St. Northern Bldg., 
St. Paul, Minn. Home: 1364 Summit Av., 
St. Paul, Minn. Summer home: Straw- 
berry Hill, Bald Eagle Lake, Minn. 

FREUND, Arthur J., lawyer; b. St. 
Louis, Mo., 17 Apr. 1891; s. Fred S. 
Freund and Fannie (Wurzel) F.; ed. 
pub. sens., St. Louis; A.B., Washington 
Univ., St. Louis, 1914, LL.B., 1916; m. 
Margaret Drey of St. Louis, 1925; chil- 
dren — Emily Frances, Edith Drey. 
Practice of law, St. Louis, 1916—; recipi- 
ent of St. Louis Award, 1937, for extraor- 
dinary pub. service; hon. col. on staff of 
Gov. Sam A. Baker of Mo.; p. v.p., St. 
Louis Bar Assn.; p. pres., Y.M.H.A., 
Y.W.H.A., St. Louis, 1935—; chmn. 
criminal law com., Bar Assn. of St. 
Louis; mem. Council Criminal Law, 
Am. Bar Assn.; p. mem. bd. of Police 
Commrs., St. Louis B. of Election 
Commrs., mem. bd. of dirs., Washington 
Unit Y.M.C.A., Y.W.C.A., St. Louis USO 
Council, Fed. of Jewish Charities, St. 
Louis, exec. com. Nat. Jewish Welfare 
Bd., N.Y. Clubs: Mo. Athletic, West- 
wood Country. Author: original Fed. 
Kidnapping Act, Missouri Highwy Pa- 
trol Act; proposed Fed. Election Act, 
many Fed. and Mo. acts. Jewish. Re- 
publican. Office: 506 Olive St., St. Louis 
1, Mo. Home: 6235 Washington Blvd., 
St. Louis 5, Mo. 

EISENMAN, William Hunt, secretary; 
b. Jamestown, 7 July 1886; s. Maurice 
Eisenman, banker, and Margaret Hunt 

(Dempsey) E.; ed. Ph.B., Kenyon Coll., 
Bambier, 1903; Leland Stanford Univ., 
1903-06; A.M., Morningside Coll., Sioux 
City, la., 1907; Ohio State Univ., 1910-11; 
m. Mildred Randle of Danville, 111., 18 
Aug. 1917; 1 son, William Hunt, Jr. 
Prin., high sen., Olathe, Kan., 1907-10; 
head chem. dept., Racine Coll., 1911-14; 
supt. pub. sens., Elmhurst, 111., 1914-17; 
nat. sec, Am. Soc. Steel Treating (now 
Am. Soc. Metals), 1917—; p. sec, Metal 
Treating Inst.; p. pres., Assn. and Ex- 
position Management, Inc.; mng. dir., 
Exposition Am. Inventions, Nat. Metal 
Congress, Nat. Metal Expn., St. Louis 
on Parade, Philadelphia on Parade, 
Kansas City (Mo.) Jubilesta; p. dir., 
Am. Ceramic Expn., Am. Soc. Inven- 
tors, Soc. Collectors; mem. adv. com., 
Chicago World's Fair, 1933; capt., 111. 
N.G., 1916-18; mem. Soc. Automotive 
Engrs., Am. Soc. Testing Materials, 
Am. Foundrymen's Assn., Nat. Assn. 
Exhibit Mgrs. (pres.), Cleveland En- 
gring. Soc, Nat. Res. Council (engr. 
mem., sec. metals group), Masons. 
Clubs: University, Rotary, Cleveland, 
Chemists (N.Y.). Author: Chemistry for 
Girls, 1910. Interest: raising Hereford 
cattle. Episcopalian. Republican. Office. 
7301 Euclid Av., Cleveland, O. Home: 
3158 Falmouth Rd., Shaker Hts., O. 
Summer res.: Sunnimoor Farm, Nov- 
elty, O. 

BREWSTER, Ray Quincy. professor 
of chemistry; b. near Guthrie, Okla., 27 
Nov. 1892; s. Nathan A. Brewster, real- 
tor, and Agnes A. (Jones) B. ; ed. Sedan 
(Kan.) high sen.; A.B., Ottawa Univ., 
1914; A.M., Univ. Kan., 1915; Ph.D., 
Univ. Chicago, 1919; m. Fay Stewart of 
Ottawa, Kan., 29 Jan. 1919; children- 
Doris Jean, Nita Agnes, Ina May. Asst. 
prof., Univ. Kan., 1919-23, assoc prof., 
1923-28, prof., 1928—, chmn. of chem. 
dept., 1940 — ; (civilian) chemist in pub. 
health service, 1 yr. during World War; 
mem. Am. Chem. Soc, A.A.A.S., Kan. 
Acad, of Sci. Author: numerous arts, in 
chem. jours. Baptist. Republican. Of- 
fice: Univ. of Kan., Lawrence, Kan. 
Home: 1720 Miss. St., Lawrence, Kan. 
Home: 1720 Mississippi St., Lawrence, 

ARONSON, David, rabbi; b. Witebsk, 
Russia, 1 Aug. 1894; s. Salamn Jekutiel 
Aronson, mcht., and Etta (Kudritzin) 
A.; ed. De Witt Clinton high sen., 
N.Y.C.; B.A., N.Y. Univ., 1916; M.A., 
Columbia, 1917; Rabbi, Jewish Theol. 
Sem. of Am., 1919; m. Bertha Friedman 
of Minneapolis, Minn., 1 May 1927; chil- 
dren—Raphael, Hillel. Rabbi, Salt Lakr 


City, Utah, 1920-21, Duluth, Minn., 1922- 
23, Beth El Synagogue, Minneapolis, 
1924 — ; mem. commn. on Jewish Law, 
Rabbinical Assembly of Am.; Camp 
Rabbi, with J.W.B., Camp Upton, L.I., 
May 1918- June 1919; mem. Rabbinical 
Assembly, Zionist Org. of Am., B'nai 
B'rith, Governor's Interracial Commn., 
Nat. Conf. of Christians and Jews, 
United Synagogue, Univ. Minn. Reli- 
gious Workers Council, Community 
Fund, Speakers Bur., Minn. Hillel Coun- 
cil, Minn. Anti-Def. Council, Talmud 
Torah, Jewish Family Welfare, Chil- 
dren's Home, Art Inst., del., Am. Jew. 
Conf. Club: Gymmal Doled. Author: 
Woman's Position in Israel, The Jewish 
Forum, Aug. and Oct., 1922; The Jewish 
Way of Life; arts, in Rabbinical Assem- 
bly Proceedings. Assoc, ed. : Am. Jew- 
ish World Minneapolis. Travel: Eng., 
Fr., Holland, It., Aus., Ger., Poland, 
Rus., Swed., Finland, Algiers, Egy., 
Palestine, Port. Interests: fishing, chess, 
reading biog., and travel books. Jewish. 
Conservation. Office: 1349 Penn. Av., 
No. Minneapolis, Minn. Home: 1217 
Thomas Av., No. Minneapolis, Minn. 

ROBINSON, George Wilse, physician, 
neuro-psychiatrist ; b. St. Clair, 1 Aug. 
1871; s. George W. Robinson, stockman, 
and Cornelia (Beckwith) R. ; ed., Apple- 
ton City Acad.; Mo. State Univ.; M.D., 
Beamont Med. Coll., St. Louis, Mo., 
1896; m. Olive Bradley of Bates Co., 
1898; children — Comdr. George Wilse, 
Jr., M.C. U.S.N.R., Capt. Paul Eward, 
M.A., M.R.C. Practiced medicine, Bates 
Co., and Joplin Mo., 1897-1903; prof, 
physiology, Univ. Med. Coll., 1904-13, 
supt., State Hosp., Nevada, Mo., 1907- 
09; supt., Kansas Gen. Hosp., 1909-10; 
conducted pvt. hosp. for treatment of 
nervous and mental diseases, Kansas 
City, 1910 — ; med. dir., Neurological 
Hosp. and Robinson Clinic; served as 
maj., It. col., Med. Officers Res. Corps; 
with Base Hosp. No. 28, Limoges, Fr. ; 
mem. Kansas City Acad, of Med. (pres., 
1921), Jackson Co. Med. Soc, (pres., 
1918), Mo. State Med. Assn., (pres., 
1923 — ), Am. Psychiatric Assn., A.M. A., 
Miss. Valley Med. Soc. Clubs: Rotary, 
Chamber Commerce. Author: many 
papers on subj. of nervous and mental 
in Eng., Fr., Ger., Switz. Interests: 
bowling, golf. Recreations: hunting, 
fishing. Presbyterian. Democrat. Ad- 
dress: 2625 Paseo, Kansas City, Mo. 

REED, Homer Blosser, college pro- 
fessor; b. Youngstown, O., 16 Aug. 1886; 
3. Elias W. Reed, farmer, and Mary D. 
(Blosser) R. ; ed. North Lima high sch. ; 

Goshen Coll. Acad.; Goshen Coll.; A.B., 
A.M., Ind. Univ., 1909; Ph.D., Univ. 
Chicago, 1912; Columbia Univ., 1913-14; 
m. Anna Dale Cole of Huntington, Ind., 
1 Jan. 1912; m. (2d) Elma Carey of 
Council Bluffs, la., 5 Nov. 1922; children 
—Mary Elizabeth, Kathryn Jean, Esther 
Margaret, Anne Cole, James Carey, 
Homer, Jr. Instr. of psychology, Univ. 
111., 1913-14; asst. prof., Univ. Ida., 1915- 
21; Univ. Pittsburgh, 1924-28; assoc. 
prof. Colo. Coll. Edn., 1921-24; prof. 
Western State Coll., Colo., 1928-29; Ft. 
Hays Kan. State Coll., 1929—; mem. 
Am. Psychological Assn.; Am. Ednl. 
Research Assn.; Kan. Acad. Sci. Au- 
thor: Psychology of Elementary School 
Subjects; Psychology and Teaching of 
Secondary School Subjects. Interest: 
psychology of learning. Presbyterian. 
Office: Ft. Hays Kan. State Coll., Hays, 
Kan. Home: 315 W. 6th St., Hays, Kan. 

HARDIN, Hord, banker; b. Bards- 
town, Ky., 10 Apr. 1888; s. David C. 
Hardin and Hannah (Hord) H.; ed. pub. 
sens.; Sch. of Commerce and Fin.; St. 
Louis Univ.; m. Edith Wilson of St. 
Louis, Mo., 18 June 1910; children — 
Hord Wilson, William Graham. Dir., 
Scullin Steel Co., Laclede Gas Light Co., 
Can. Dry Bottling Co., Emerson Elec. 
Mfg. Co., Miss. Valley Trust Co. Clubs: 
Mo. Athletic, Bellerive Country, Noon- 
day. Author: Banking Law of Missouri, 
Annotated. Recreations: golf, fishing. 
Presbyterian. Office: Miss. Valley Trust 
Co., St. Louis, Mo. Home: 4931 Lindell 
Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. 

WERTHEIM, Edgar, professor; b. La 
Salle, 111., 22 Feb. 1886; s. Henry Wer- 
theim and Emma (Eliel) W.; ed. 
Northwestern Univ., 1918; M.S., Univ. 
Kan., 1919; Ph.D., Univ. Chicago, 1921; 
m. Katherine Hale of Chicago, 111., 25 
Aug. 1924; children— Barbara, Marian. 
In bus., 1902-12; school, 1912-21; teach- 
ing, 1921—; mem. Prof. Chem. and Sci. 
Socs. Author: textbooks, res. papers on 
organic chem. Interests: mus., lit. Bap- 
tist. Democrat. Office: Univ. of Ark., 
Fayetteville, Ark. Home: 103 N. Duncan 
St., Fayetteville, Ark. 

ATWATER, Harry Arthur, mechanical 
engineer; b. Chicago, 111., 3 Sept. 1889; 
s. Arthur J. Atwater, wholesale coal 
dealer, and May Helen (Purdy) A.; ed. 
Morgan Park Mil. Acad., and Lewis 
Inst., Chicago; M.E., Cornell, 1912; m. 
Laura Marie Gurr of Chicago, 111., 9 
May 1917; children— Jane Patricia, Wil- 
liam Gurr. Mech. engr., Ashley & Kauf- 
man (cons, engrs.), Chicago and N.Y., 
1912-14, Union Stock Yards & Transit 


Co., Chicago, 1914-17; fuel engr., Cent. 
Coal & Coke Co., Kansas City, Mo., 
1917-18; asst. supt. of prodn., K.C. Power 
& Light Co., Kansas City, 1918-19; chief 
engr., Lientz Oil Furnace Co., 1919-22, 
Combustion Equipment Co., 1922 — ; 
partner, Combustion Equipment Co., 
Kansas City; mem. Am. Soc. M.E., Am. 
War Dads, Am. Gas Assn., Am. Soc. 
Htg. and Vent. Eng., Nat. Geog. Soc, 
Masonic Blue Lodge, Scottish Rite, 
Shrine. Clubs: Rotary, Engineers (Kan- 
sas City). Author: arts, on combustion 
pub. in several journals in var. cities; 
papers presented before Okla. Utilities 
Assn., Kan. Engring. Soc, and Cana- 
dian Gas Assn.; patentee of various 
patents covering oil and gas burners, 
locomotive oil firing, air heaters, re- 
finery still firing, and flue gas recircula- 
tion systems. Direct desc. of David At- 
water who came to U.S. from Eng., in 
1637. Interest: music. Recreations: ten- 
nis, table tennis. Episcopalian. Repub- 
lican. Office: 1820 Cherry St., Kansas 
City, Mo. Home: 641 VV. 67th St., Kansas 
City, Mo. 

RONKEN, Oscar Christian, lawyer; 
b. Fillmore Co., Minn., 31 May 1879; s. 
Nils O. Ronken, farmer, and Marthe 
Oline (Embretsaether) R.; ed. Red 
Wing Sem., Red Wing, Minn.; LL.B., 
Univ. Minn. Coll. Law, 1907; m. Lela M. 
Larson of Northfield, Minn., 1 Nov. 1917; 
children— Elsie Marie, Harriet Oline. 
Gen. pract. law, 1907 — ; mem. bd. tr. St. 
Olaf Coll., Northfield, Minn.; co. atty. 
Olmsted Co., Minn., 1919-23; U.S. 
Commr., 1931-35; chmn. local Four 
Minute Men; mem. Minn. State Bar 
Assn. (bd. govs., 1935-43), Minn. Hist. 
Soc. Author: Ante-Nuptial Contracts: 
Their Origin and Nature, Yale Law 
Review, 1914; Presumpions upon Sales 
of Land in Probate Court, Minn. Law 
Review, 1924. Interests: history and lit. 
of Upper Miss. Valley. Lutheran. Re- 
publican. Office: 2-3 Ramsey Block, 
Rochester, Minn. Home: 511 Fifteenth 
Av., S.W., Rochester, Minn. 

WILLIUS, Fredrick Arthur, physician, 
cardiologist; b. St. Paul, Minn., 24 Nov. 
1888; s. Gustav Willius, Sr., banker, and 
Emma (Klausmeyer) W.; ed. St. Paul 
Central high sen.; B.S., Univ. Minn., 
1912, M.D., 1914, M.S. (in Med.), 1920; 
m. Stella Mae Popple of Stewartville, 
26 Sept. 1917; children— Jane Eleanor 
(Mrs. R. M. Landry), Mary Elizabeth, 
Dorothy Corinne. Asst. in med. and 
electrocardio., Mayo Clinic, 1915-22, 
chief of sect, of cardiol., 1922—; assoc. 
prof, of med.; mem. A.M.A., Am. Heart 

Assn., A.C.P., Minn. State Med. Assn., 
So. Minn. Med. Assn., Minn. Heart Soc, 
Central Soc. Clin. Research, Olmsted 
Co. Med. Soc, Med. Lib. Assn., Phi Rho 
Sigma, Sigma Xi. Club: Cent. Inter- 
urban Clin. Author: 300 arts.; clin. elec- 
trocardiography, clin. electrocardio- 
grams, cardiac classics, cardiac clinics. 
Father, Minn, pioneer of St. Paul, 1852. 
Interests: writing, sketching. Recrea- 
tion: gardening. Conglist. Republican. 
Office: Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn. 
Home: 815 8th St., S.W., Rochester, 

ARNOLD, Walter Raleigh, lawyer; b. 
Calif., 22 Sept. 1890; s. Rudolph Arnold, 
restaureteur, and Anna (Wilk) A.; ed. 
LL.B., Hamilton Coll. of Law, 1915; m. 
Clara Hartsuiker of Mich., 16 June 1916; 
children— Capt. Harmon W., U.S.A., Lt. 
Gertrude Anne, U.S.N. Sailor on sailing 
ship, later U.S. Navy, 7 yrs.; law stu- 
dent, elk. and lawyer, Municipal Corp. 
counsel; former Senator, State of Ind. ; 
spl. asst. atty. gen., Ind., 1941; dir., 
Oliver Hotel, Inc., South Bend, Ind.; 
mem. St. Joseph County Bar Assn. (p. 
pres.), Ind. State Bar Assn., A.A.P.S.S. 
Author: various arts, in law jours. In- 
terest: politics. Recreation: travel. Non- 
Sectarian. Democrat. Office: Nat. Bank 
Bldg., South Bend, Ind. Home: Rose- 
land, South Bend, Ind. 

HUNTER, Charles Frederick, district 
manager; b. Broadalbin, N.Y., 17 Mar. 
1881; s. David Moore Hunter, Presbyn. 
clergyman, and Susan Romeyn (Hunter) 
H.; ed. Hudson (N.Y.) high sen.; Wil- 
liams Coll., 1901; Mass. Inst. Tech., 
1904; m. Clara Amanda Dana of Platts- 
burg, N.Y., 24 Mar. 1902; children- 
Mrs. J. A. Gellrich, Mrs. W. J. Fried- 
land, Charles F., Jr., Susan R. Engaged 
in gen. mech. and elec engring.; major, 
Ordnance Dept., U.S.A., 1917-19, in Of- 
ficers Reserve Corps, U.S.A., 1920-40, lt. 
col., 1940; mem. A.S.M.E., Army Ord- 
nance Assn., Am. Legion, 40 & 8, Scot- 
tish Rite, Masons, Elks, Eagles. Club: 
Rotary, Elkhart City. Protestant. Re- 
publican. Office: 300 S. Main St., Elk- 
hart, Ind. Home: 510 Vistula St., Elk- 
hart, Ind. 

FORD, Shirley Samuel, banker; b. 
Sunriver, Mont., 9 Mar. 1887; s. Robert 
Simpson Ford, banker, and Sue B. 
(McClanahan) F.; ed. St. Paul's Sen., 
Concord, N.H.; A.B., Harvard Univ., 
1909; m. Elizabeth F. Wallace of 
Helena, Mont., 25 Aug. 1915; 1 dau., 
Shirley Gertrude (Mrs. Robert Faegre). 
Bookkeeper, Gt. Falls Nat. Bank, Mont., 
1909, v.p., 1913; v.p. U.S. Nat. Bank, 


1930, Ndrthwest Bancorporation, 1934; 
pres. Northwestern Nat. Bank and Tr. 
Co., 1939 — ; tr. Equitable Life Ins. Co. of 
la., Minneapolis Foundation; dir. Fed. 
Res. Bank of Minneapolis, General 
Mills, Inc., Minn. & Ontario Paper Co. 
Clubs: Minneapolis, Woodhill, Mini- 
kahda. Episcopalian. Office: Northwest- 
ern Nat. Bank and Tr. Co., Minneapolis, 
Minn. Home: Wayzata, Minn. 

GOODKIND, Maurice Lewis, Jr., ad- 
vertising agent; b. Chicago, 111., 17 Mar. 
1905; s. Maurice L. Goodkind, physi- 
cian, and Rose (Snydacker) G.; ed. 
grad. (cum laude), Phillips Exeter 
Acad., 1922; B.A. (cum laude), Wil- 
liams Coll., 1926; m. Ruth Agee of Law- 
rence Kan., 26 Dec. 1932; children- 
Anne Agee, John Kenneth. Merchandis- 
ing research and work as reporter in 
editorial dept., Chicago Herald & 
Examiner, 1926-28; dir. publicity, mgr. 
radio service, Lord & Thomas, Chicago, 
1928-37; v.p., Burnet-Kuhn Advt. Co., 
1937-38; pres. Goodkind & Morgan, 1938- 
40; partner, Goodkind, Joice & Morgan, 
1940—; mem. Masons, Delta Phi, Phi 
Beta Kappa. Clubs: Wing Feather 
(hunting), Middle Forks (tennis). Au- 
thor: trade paper arts, on radio and 
publicity. Recreations: hunting, fishing, 
squash racquets. Office: 919 N. Michi- 
gan Av., Chicago, 111. Home: 12 Country 
Lane, Northfield, 111. 

GODFREY, Joseph Charles, Jr., ad- 
vertising manager; b. Chicago, 111., 26 
Nov. 1900; s. Joseph Charles Godfrey, 
merchandise mgr. and buyer, and Clara 
(Schuler) G.; ed. Oak Park and River 
Forest Twp. high sch., 1919; A.B., Univ. 
111., 1923; m. Sally A. Kavanaugh of 
Chicago, HI.; children— Billy, Joseph, 
III. Newspaper corr., 1919-23; sports ed., 
The Daily Illini, 1923; outdoor ed., Chi- 
cago Daily Jour., 1924-29; outdoor ed., 
Chicago Daily Times, 1934-41, The Chi- 
cago Sun, 1942-44; ed., pub., Sports 
Afield Mag., 1926-29; advt. sales promo- 
tion mgr., Coll. Humor Mag., 1929-30, 
Crowell, Crane, Williams Advt. Agency, 
1930-31; western advt. rep., Holiday 
Mag., The Sportsman, 1931-32; western 
mgr., The Fawcett Pubis., 1932-37; west- 
ern advt. mgr., Scholastic Mag., Scho- 
lastic Coach Mag., The Elks Mag., 1937- 
40; mem. adv. staff, Collier's Weekly, 
1940 — ; mem. Phi Kappa Psi, Sigma 
Delta Chi, Skull & Crescent, B.P.O.E., 
Izaak Walton League, Western Advt. 
Golf Assn., Cleveland Advt. Golf Assn. 
Clubs: The Sportsman's of Am., Adven- 
turers' (Chicago), 111., Lincoln Park 
Traps, Lincoln Park Casting, Pacific 

Sailfish, Agate, Cleveland Advt. Author: 
The Book of Fresh Water Fishes; The 
Book of Salt Water Fishes; Fish of the 
World Stamp Album; Big Game Fish 
Map (7 colors) ; Map of 114 Dogs (7 
colors); Game Birds Map of North 
America (7 colors) ; Fresh Water Game 
Fish Map (7 colors) ; American Fishing 
Map of 1941. Interest: photog. Recrea- 
tions: fishing, hunting, golf. Office: 333 
No. Michigan Av., Chicago 111. Home: 
2305 Commonwealth Av., Chicago, 111. 

HEPLER, Ruth M., librarian; b. Wel- 
lington, Kan., 22 Jan. 1908; d. Jessie 
Claude McMath and Mabel (Loring) M.; 
ed. Wellington Jr. and Sr. high sch.; 
Kan. State Teachers Coll.; m. Thomas 
Eugene Merryman (d.) of Wellington, 
26 July 1925; children— Thomas Eugene, 
Jr., Raleigh Jack; m. George E. Hep- 
ler, 11 May 1941. Librarian, Wellington 
Jr. and Sr. high sch., 1932-40; lib. Wel- 
lington Pub. Library, 1940 — ; sec, Kan. 
Library Assn., 1944. Father's family, 
Highland Clan Matheson of Scotland, 
dating back to 1099. Interest: library 
work. Christian. Republican. Home: 323 
E. 9th, Wellington, Kan. 

RUSSELL, Lillis L. (Ann Russell), 
writer; b. S. York Co., Neb., 5 Dec. 
1885; d. Hammond Ellis, pomologist, 
farmer, Neb. pioneer, and Rachel Ann 
(Evans) E.; ed. Neb. schs.; m. Frank 
Russell of York, Neb., 20 Sept. 1905; 
children— Lester Edward, Rachel Eve- 
lyn. Began writing for publication in 
1929; writer of articles, poems and 
stories; first poem, The Wind, pub. by 
the Home Mag., Nashville, Tenn., Feb. 
1929, and awarded 2d prize in poetry 
contest; poems pub. in mags, and 
anthologies; now assembled in book 
form for publication; Lamp to Our Feet, 
Biblical pageant, won first state and 
second nat. prizes, Gen. Fed. Women's 
Clubs, 1938; mem., dir. Nat. Poetry 
Day (World's Fair, 1940, mem. exec, 
com.), mem. Rel. Ed. Com.; dir. 
Church Bd., Daughters of Union Vets., 
Neb., Writers Guild, Gen. Fed. Women's 
Clubs, Neb. rep. Writers' War Bd.; hon. 
mem. Internat. Mark Twain Soc, Eu- 
gene Field Soc. Clubs: Women's (p. 
pres., p. parliamentarian), Methodist 
Women's Soc. (p. pres.). Author: Whit- 
tier's Original Barefoot Boy, 1934; A 
Pioneer Mother (Neb. History Mag.), 
1939; arts., poems and stories in Coun- 
try Life Mag., Gateway Mag., West- 
minster Mag., Colliers, Detroit News; 
poem, Song of the Builders (Int. rec, 
1940); historical novel (in prep.). 
Travel: U.S. Desc. John Evans of Balti- 
more, Md., in whose home was held 


first meeting in Am. to estab. Method- 
ism under Robt. Strawbridge, emissary 
of John Wesley, 1764. Interests: com- 
munity activities, trees. Recreations: 
spectator sports. Methodist. Non-parti- 
san. Home: York, Neb. 

CHASE, Guy, lawyer; b. Winnebago 
Co., Wis., 11 Dec. 1879; s. James T. 
Chase, farmer, and Ella (Gunning) C; 
ed. Oshkosh (Wis.) high sch.; St. Paul 
Coll. of Law, 1905-07; m. Helen Bayard 
of St. Paul, Minn., 25 June 1912; chil- 
dren—Guy Bayard, Lorraine. Atty., with 
John A. Pearson, 1909-11, Davis, Kellogg 
and Severance (under varying names), 
1911—, now with Morgan, Chase, Head- 
ley & Hoshour; bus. and personal con- 
fidant of Frank B. Kellogg, 1911 until 
his death; govt, appeal agt., 1917-18; 
mem. Masons, Red Cross of Constan- 
tine. Clubs: Town and Country, St. Paul 
Athletic. Recreations: golf, sailing, skat- 
ing. Episcopalian. Republican. Office: 
E 1512 First Nat. Bank Bldg., St. Paul, 
Minn. Home: 1750 Goodrich Av., St. 
Paul, Minn. Summer home: Balsam 
Lake, Wis. 

CHUBB, Percival, retired Ethical Cul- 
ture Leader; b. Devonport, Eng., 17 
June 1860; s. James Purnell Chubb, 
draper, and Adelaide (Bell) C; ed. Sta- 
tioners' Sch., London, Eng.; m. Louise 
Walston of Decatur, 111., 22 Sept., 1891; 
m. (2d) Anna Hartshorne Sheldon of St. 
Louis, Mo., 25 July 1910; children— 
Bronwen, Robert Walston, Mavis. Clk., 
Australian merchants' office, London; 
Eng. Civ. Serv., Local Govt. Bd., White- 
hall, 10 yrs.; came to U.S.; lecturer, 
writer, teacher, Brooklyn Manual Train- 
ing High Sch., Ethical Culture Sch., 
N.Y., N.Y. Univ.; assoc. leader, N.Y. 
Soc. for Ethical Culture; leader, St. 
Louis Ethical Soc, 1911-32; retired as 
emeritus; lecturer and writer; apptd. as 
regional speaker by Washington Bur. 
during World War I; mem. Drama 
League of Am. (p. pres.), Am. Ethical 
Union (p. pres.), N.E.A., Teachers of 
Eng. Assn., Musicians' Guild, Artists' 
Guild, Social Planning Coun. Clubs: 
University, St. Louis. Author: Selected 
Essays of Emerson and of Montaigne; 
Sunday School Texts of Great Writers; 
The Teaching of English; Festivals & 
Plays; On the Religious Frontier. 
Travel: Eng., Ger., Fr., It., Greece. 
Recreations: theatre, concerts, walking, 
rowing. Ethical. Independent. Office: 
Sheldon Memorial, 3648 Washington 
Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. Home: 108 S. Rock 
Hill Rd., Webster Groves, Mo. Summer 
res.: Center Lovell, Me. 

FLEMING, Thomas James, realtor; 
b. Chicago, 111., 8 June 1899; s. Cornelius 
Fleming and Catherine (Murphy) F.; 
attended Chicago pub. schs., Northwest- 
ern Univ.; m. Theodora Lynch of Chi- 
cago, 111.; children— Thomas J., Jr., Wil- 
liam C. Mng. partner, Ross, Browne & 
Fleming, Real Estate; with present firm 
1919 — , partner 1927 — ; sec, treas., dir. 
919 Corporation; treas. 900 Michigan 
Av. No. Corp.; mem., Chicago Real 
Estate Bd. (pres., 1941-42; 2d v.p., 
chmn. Renting and Management Div., 
1931, 1934; 1st v.p., 1935, 1940; dir., 1936, 
1937, 1938), 111. Assn. Real Estate Bds., 
Nat. Assn. Real Estate Bds. Clubs: Chi- 
cago Athletic, Lake Shore (Chicago), 
Economic (Chicago). Office: 919 No. 
Michigan Av., Chicago, 111. Home: 70 
Cedar St., Chicago, 111. 

GORDON, Claud S., executive; b. 
Russiaville, Ind., 4 Nov. 1886; s. Charles 
H. Gordon, farmer, and Alfa Retta (Kil- 
gore) G.; ed. Russiaville High Sch.; 
E.E., Purdue Univ., 1909; m. Laura I. 
Kell of Battle Creek, Mich.; 1 dau., 
Irene C. Pres., treas., Claud S. Gordon 
Co., Chicago, Pyrometer Service & Sup- 
ply Corp., Cleveland, O.; served as $1 
a yr. man in Bur. of Standards during 
World War I; mem. Am. Soc. Metals. 
Clubs: Republican, Ridgemore Golf, 
Park Ridge University, Rotary (Chi- 
cago). Recreation: golf. Protestant. Re- 
publican. Office: 3000 So. Wallace St., 
Chicago, 111. Home: 600 So. Chester, 
Park Ridge, HI. 

HASKINS, Raymond Glessner, ma- 
chinery manufacturer; b. Chicago, 111., 
13 Apr. 1889; s. Robert C. Haskins and 
Mary H. (Puffer) H.; ed. Culver Mil. 
Acad.; Univ. Mich.; m. Gladys Gundu- 
son of Oak Park, 111., 10 Jan. 1914; chil- 
dren—George R., Ruth Haskins Jacobs. 
V.p., Bd. Oak Park Library; mem. Chi 
Psi, Chicago Assn. Commerce. Clubs: 
Oak Park Country, Machinery. Recrea- 
tions: golf, hunting. Baptist. Repub- 
lican. Office: 615 So. California Av., Chi- 
cago, 111. Home: 521 So. Elmwood Av., 
Oak Park, 111. 

HAND, George Washington, railway 
executive; b. Allen Co., Ind., 11 Dec 
1882; s. William Erixon Hand, farmer, 
and Arminda May (Essex) H. ; ed. Ft. 
Wayne (Ind.) high sch.; Purdue Univ.; 
LL.B., John Marshall Law Sch., 1916; 
m. Ella May Tessen of Chicago, 111., 29 
Aug. 1905; children — Marjorie Alice 
(Mrs. C. L. Peterson), Luella May 
(Mrs. Joseph Behm), Robert David, 
George Washington, Jr., James Ed- 
ward. Did location, constr., mainte- 


nance, and valuation work in Engring. 
Dept., Chicago & North Western Ry., 
1903-18, corporate engr., 1918-20, asst. 
to pres., operation and management, 
1920—; v.p., Superior Coal Co., Inter- 
state Transit Lines Inc.; mem. A.S.C.E., 
W.S.E., A.R.E.A., A.A.A.S., A.A.P.S.S., 
Nat. Geog. Soc, Ind. Soc, Masons, K.P. 
Clubs: Rotary, Chicago Engrs., Purdue 
Club (Chicago). Author: papers and 
arts, on ry. engring. and valuation. 
Grandson, David Orlando Essex, who 
served in Union Army and was killed 
in battle of Lookout Mt. Recreations: 
hunting, golf, motoring, mt. climbing. 
Presbyterian. Democrat. Office: 400 
Madison St., Chicago, 111. Home: 412 
Courland Av., Park Ridge, 111. 

CANTRELL, John Howard, attorney; 
b. Dardanelle, Ark., 17 July, 1898; s. 
John Marion Cantrell, minister, and 
Martha Ann (Bearden) C. ; ed. Durant, 
Poteau, Stigler, Sapulpa (Okla.) High 
Schs.; A.B., Univ. Okla., 1921; LL.B., 
1924; m. Lucille J. Farish of Purcell, 
Okla., 6 June 1925; 1 son, John Edward. 
Practiced law, Tulsa, Okla., 1924-33; 
gen. atty., Southwestern Bell Telephone 
Co., (Oklahoma City), 1933-45; mem. 
law firms, Biddison, Campbell, Biddison 
& Cantrell (Tulsa), 1927-33, Spielman, 
Cantrell & McCloud (Oklahoma City), 
1933-38, Cantrell, Savage & McCloud (Ok- 
lahoma City), 1938-40, Cantrell, Carey 
& McCloud (Oklahoma City), 1942-45; 
served U.S.M.C, machine gun bn., 5th 
brigade, 12 mos., A.E.F., non-commd. 
officer, 10 mos.; mem. Sigma Alpha Ep- 
silon, Phi Delta Phi, Order of the Coif, 
Okla. State Bar Assn. (pres., 1940-41), 
Okla. Co. Bar Assn. (pres., 1940), Am. 
Bar Assn. (mem. House of Dels., 1939- 
45). Clubs: Oklahoma City Golf and Coun- 
try, Oklahoma City Men's Dinner. Trav- 
el: U.S., So. Am., Eur. Interests: profes- 
sional, current literature. Recreations: 
golf, travel, reading. Methodist. Inde- 
pendent Democrat. Office: 900 Telephone 
Bldg., Oklahoma City, Okla. Home: 620 
Northwest 40th St., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

HORINE, Harriet M., public libra- 
rian; b. Springfield, Mo.; d. Samuel 
Harrison Horine and Mary Elizabeth 
(Conlon) H. ; ed. Loretto Acad. Apptd., 
libr. by Library Bd., 1910; mem. Mo. 
Library Assn., Community Teachers 
Assn. Interests: books, music, cook 
books, as a hobby. Catholic. Democrat. 
Office: Springfield Pub. Library, Spring- 
field, Mo. Home: 810 S. Pickwick Av., 
Springfield, Mo. 

McGEORGE, Alice Sutton, teacher, 
artist, author, reporter; b. Rosedale, 

Kan., 23 Aug. 1869; d. Robert Sutton, 
sign writer, and Amanda Malvina (Dill) 
S.; ed. Council Grove high sch., Kan., 
1888; B.A., Phillips Univ., Enid, Okla., 
1927; Litt. D. (hon.); m. Thomas L. 
McGeorge of Enid, Okla., 5 Feb. 
1888; children— Thomas Robert, Bernice 
(Mrs. E. L. Hart). Homekeeper; store- 
keeper; post office mistress; teacher, 
art, Eng., journalism; grade sch. 
teacher, Enid, Okla., Terlton, Yankton 
Training Sch., S.D., Chilocco (Govt. In- 
dian sch.) Okla., Clarksford, Ida. high 
sch.; inspector of elections, registrar; 
winner first prize State Writers Contest, 
one act play, and formal essay, 1941; 
mem. Grand Cross of Colors, Penwomen 
of Am., A.A.U.W., Kan. Authors, Okla. 
Writers, O.E.S., White Shrine, Enid 
Writers (pres.), Trainmens Aux. (leg. 
bd., Okla.), Garfield Co. Dem. Womens 
Club (reporter). Clubs: Beaux Arts 
(sponser), Past Presidents, Ladies Aux. 
to Brotherhood of R.R. Trainmen, Gar- 
field Co. (pres.). Author: Autumn 
Leaves (book of poems), Kamaiwea, 
The Coeur d'Alene (novel of pioneer life 
in gold rush days, Ida.), poems put in 
Davis Anthology of Newspaper Verse, 
annually since 1929. Travel: W r est U.S. 
Settled in Okla. yr. after the opening. 
Interests: collecting stamps, dishes, 
flowers, making scrap books of clip- 
pings, notes, pictures. Recreations: 
reading, radio, walking. Church of 
Christ. Democrat. Address: 702 W. Ran- 
dolph, Enid, Okla. 

GRIMES, J. Frank, business execu- 
tive; b. Chicago, 111., 17 Dec. 1881; s. 
Joseph Lawrence Grimes and Mary Ann 
(Mapes) G.; ed. Chicago schs.; m. Bar- 
bara Adam, 28 Jan. 1903; children — 
John Franklin, Donald Robert, Douglas 
Adam, Helen Margaret. Sales mgr., 
Baker Vawter Co.; partner, Wm. W. 
Thompson & Co.; C.P.A.; organized In- 
dependent Grocers' Alliance, Independ- 
ent Druggists Alliance; operator of farm 
at Dundee, 111.; pres. and dir., I.G.A. of 
N.Y. and of San Francisco, Seattle and 
Can.; pres. and dir., Marketing Special- 
ists, Inc., Food Products Co., Market 
Specialty Co., Chicago Offset Printing 
Co.; dir., Progressive Wholesale Gro- 
cery Co., First Fed. Savings & Loan 
Assn., Nat. Voluntary Groups Inst.; 
mem. Nat. Food and Grocery Conf. 
Com., Independent Food Distbrs. Coun- 
cil, The Chicago Farmers, Art Inst, of 
Chicago (life mem.). Clubs: Union 
League, 111. Athletic (Chicago), West- 
moreland Country (Wilmette). Interest: 
art. Recreation : golf. Christian Scien- 
tist. Republican. Office: 309 W. Jackson 


Blvd., Chicago, 111. Home: 2747 East- 
wood Av., Evanston, HI. 

GOULD, Howard Woodham, professor 
of physical sciences; b. Bone Gap, 111., 
21 June 1896; s. Rolla A. Gould, farmer, 
and Emily A. (Woodham) G.; ed. Bone 
Gap high sch.; McKendree Acad., Leba- 
non, 111.; B.S., McKendree Coll., 1918; 
M.S., Univ. 111., 1922; Ph.D., State Univ. 
la., 1929; Univ. Chicago; Univ. Mich.; 
m. Alice L. Everett of Waverly, 14 June 
1922; children— Alice Emily, Constance 
Gabrielle. Instr. Eng., McKendree Coll., 
1920-22; asst. in chem. dept., Univ. 111., 
1923-25; asst. and assoc. prof, chem., 
James Milliken Univ., 1925-27; res. 
engr., Mueller Co., Decatur, 111., 1926- 
27; prof, physical sciences, head of dept. 
phys. sci., Northern 111. State Teachers 
Coll., 1927—; U.S. Marine Corps, 1918- 
19; 1st Prov. Brig., 2d Regt., Haiti; 
good conduct medal; fellow A.I.C., Am. 
Inst. Physicists; mem. A.A.A.S., A. A. 
U.P., N.E.A., T.E.A., 111. State Acad. Sci. 
Phi Lambda Upsilon, Sigma Zeta. Au- 
thor: Textbook of Physical Science, 
1933, 1935, 1937. Travel: U.S., Can. Inter- 
ests: music, chess, athletic sports, ch. 
programs. Recreations: tennis, hand- 
ball, horseshoes. Methodist. Office: 
Northern 111. State Teachers Coll., De 
Kalb, 111. Home: 137 Normal Rd., De 
Kalb, 111. 

LINDLEY, Harlow, secretary, editor, 
librarian, Ohio State Archaeol. and Hist. 
Soc. ; b. Sylvania, Ind., 31 May 1875; s. 
Mahlon Lindley, teacher and farmer, 
and Martha (Newlin) L.; ed. Friends 
Bloomingdale Acad., Bloomingdale, 
Ind.; B.L., Earlham Coll., 1898, A.M., 
1899; fellow in hsitory, Univ. Chicago; 
Litt. D. (hon.), Hanover Coll., 1923; 
m. Olive S. Rogers of Amo, Ind., 24 
June 1908. children— Roger M., Eleanor 
S. Prof, history, libr., various instns., 
1898—; del. to World's Conf. of Friends 
Ch., London, 1920, Philadelphia, 1937; 
teacher, Earlham Coll., Richmond, Ind., 
Leland Stanford, Jr., Univ. Calif., Ind. 
State Univ., Ohio State Univ.; mem. 
Ohio Revol. Memorial Commn.; charter 
mem., Richmond (Ind.) City Planning 
Commn.; sec, Ind. Hist. Commn., 1915- 
23, dir., 1923-24; mem. Am. Hist. Assn., 
Am. Library Assn., Miss. Valley Hist. 
Mus., Tri-State Mus. Assn., Ohio State 
Assn., Soc. Am. Archivists, Assn. Am. 
Arch, and Hist. Soc, Council of Am. 
Assn. for State and Local History, Pi 
Gamma Mu (hon. frat.). Club: Faculty 
of Ohio State Univ. Author: The Govern- 
ment of Indiana; Indiana as Seen by 
Early Travellers; The Indiana Centen- 

nial; The Quakers in the Old Northwest; 
History of a Century of Medicine in 
Ohio; Capt. Cushing in the War of 1812; 
and others; contbr. periodicals and 
mags. Travel: U.S., Mex., Can., Eng., 
Scot., Wales, Fr. Interest: book and 
autograph collecting, particularly mate- 
rial on old Northv/est, Quakers and 
slavery. Recreation: travel. Quaker 
Friend. Independent. Office: Ohio State 
Museum, Columbus, O. Home: 183 E. 
Pacemont Rd., Columbus, O. 

PIETERS, Charles Elijah, teacher of 
mathematics; b. British Guiana, So. 
Am., 2 Sept. 1884; s. Joseph Pieters and 
Betsy Ann (Gillis) P.; ed. Hopetown 
Anglican Sch.; British Guiana schs., So. 
Am.; B.A., Lincoln Univ., Pa., 1915; 
M.A., Ohio State Univ., 1926; post grad. 
work in Agr., Tuskegee Normal and 
Indsl. Inst., Tuskegee, Ala., 1915-17; stu- 
dent, Law Sch. LaSalle Univ., Chicago, 
1918; summer session, Univ. Chicago, 
1920; Ohio State Univ., 1941; Lucretia 
Nichols of Atlanta, 27 June 1923. Teacher 
math, and agr., Southern Univ., Baton 
Rouge, La.; teacher math., Jr. High 
Sch., 1922—; mem. N.E.A., Nat. Council 
Teachers of Math., Masons, Omega Psi 
Phi. Author: Comparing Junior High 
School Mathematics Textbooks. Inter 
est: cello music Recreations: tennis 
walking. Episcopalian. Republican. Of 
fice: Champion Junior High Sch., Co 
lumbus, O. Home: 1155 Hildreth Av. 
Columbus, O. 

MILLS, William Thomas, attorney at 
law; b. Van Buren Co., Ark., 19 Dec. 
1877; s. James Curtis Mills, farmer, and 
Arminta (Compton) M.; ed. Clinton 
Acad.; LL.B., Cumberland Univ., 1903; 
m. Bess F. McBride of Marshall, Ark., 
7 Dec 1904; children— William T., Jr., 
Maurice J., Elizabeth, Janice, Hugh 
Louis. Engaged in gen. practice of law, 
1904 — ; mayor, Marshall, 1904-08; mem. 
Masons, Kappa Sigma. Interests: books, 
farming, livestock growing. Christian. 
Republican. Office: Mills Bldg., Mar- 
shall, Ark. Home: Marshall, Ark. 

DOBSON, Roy Calvin, clergyman; b. 
Limestone, Tenn., 10 Oct. 1875; s. A. S. 
N. Dobson, M.D., and Nannie J. 
(McGaughey) D.; ed. Washington 
Acad.; A.B., Washington Coll., 1897, 
D.D. (hon.); M.A., Princeton, 1900; m. 
Fanita Duncan of St. Louis, Mo., 10 Oct. 
1905; children— Duncan Calvin, Dorothy 
Dobson Brooks. Pastor, First Presbyn. 
Ch., Bloomington, 111., Highland Park, 
111.; exec, sec, Presbytery of St. Louis; 
pastor, First Presbyn. Ch., of St. Louis; 
Camp Gens sec, Y.M.C.A., U.S. and 


Fr., rel. work dh\, during World War I. 
Clubs: Princeton (St. Louis), Tenn. (St. 
Louis), Bellrive Country. Recreation: 
golf. Presbyterian. Republican. Office: 
First Presbyn. Ch. of St. Louis, 7200 
Delmar Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. Home: 84 
Arundel PL, St. Louis, Mo. Summer 
home: Harbor Point, Mich. 

NEWCOMER, Chauncey Lee, lawyer; 
b. Bryan, 17 Oct. 1871; s. Nathaniel H. 
Newcomer and Barbara (Brown) N.; 
ed. pub. sens., Bryan, O.; A.B., Hills- 
dale Coll., 1898; m. Claire Sands of 
Hillsdale, 10 Oct. 1905; children— Mrs. 
Elisabeth Fenton, Lee N., Arthur S. Ad- 
mitted to bar, 1901; pres., Common 
Pleas Judges' Assn., 1925-26; mem. Am., 
Ohio State Bar Assns.; sec, Bryan Bus. 
Men's Assn.; pres. bd. tr., Bryan Pub. 
Library; mem. exec, com., bd. of tr., 
Hillsdale Coll.; mem. bd. elections, 1902- 
04; pros, atty., 1908-10; common pleas 
judge, 1921-29; org., chmn., Red Cross; 
chmn. War Savings Stamp Com., sec, 
Liberty Loan Campaign; mem. Delta 
Tau Delta, Masons (comdr.), Repub- 
lican Co. Central Com. (chmn., 1902-08), 
Republican State exec com., 1916-17. 
Author: Drainage Laws in Force in 
State of Ohio; also arts, in jour, of Am. 
Bar Assn., Ohio Weekly Law Bull, and 
Ohio Bar. Travel: U.S., Can. Desc Ger- 
man grandparents both sides of family, 
commonly known as Pa. Dutch. Inter- 
ests: promoting good roads and through 
highways with numbers on them; took 
lead in promotion U.S. Highway 127, 
and U.S. Highway 6 West from Pa. 
Republican. Office: 121 W. Butler St., 
Bryan, O. Home: 327 W. Butler St., 
Bryan, O. Summer res.: Newcomer- 
Parker Cottage, Clear Lake, Ray, Ind. 

CARLTON, Frank A., investment 
banker; b. Sweden, 20 Oct. 1889; s. 
Andrew G. Carlton, lumber, and Anna 
(Person) C; ed. Proctor (Vt.) high sen.; 
B.A., Yale Coll., 1911; Sch. Commerce 
and Finance, N.Y. Univ.; m. Alfreda E. 
Johnson of Brooklyn, N.Y., 21 Apr. 1916; 
children— Charles Franklin, Howard Al- 
fred. Teacher, 2 yrs.; in investment 
bus., N.Y., 1912-21, Chicago, 1921—; or- 
ganizer, F. A. Carlton & Co., 1926; 
mem. Masons (32d deg.), Shrine. Clubs: 
Book and Bond (Yale), Chicago Ath- 
letic, Attic, Knollwood Golf, Chicago 
Bond, Chicago Bond Traders. Travel: 
extensive. Presbyterian. Republican. Of- 
fice: 134 S. La Salle St., Chicago, 111. 
Home: 3750 Lake Shore Dr., Chicago, 
111. Summer home: Lawsonia, Green 
Lake, Wis. 

BROWDER, Clifford Harrison, attor- 
ney- at-law; b. Indianapolis, Ind., 6 Oct. 
1888; s. Wilbur Fisk Browder, atty.-at- 
law, and Ella (Jones) B. ; ed. Shortridge 
high sch., grad. Indianapolis, 1907; A.B., 
Butler Univ., Indianapolis, 1912; J.D., 
Univ. Chicago Law Sch., 1916; m. Mable 
M. Felt of Chicago, 12 Aug. 1924; chil- 
dren—David Felt, Clifford H., Jr. At- 
tended sch. until June 1916; practice 
law, 1916 — , except during World War I; 
atty., Chicago, West Pullman & South- 
ern R.R. Co., 1919—, sec, 1921—, dir., 
1931—; atty., 111. Northern Ry., 1919—, 
sec, 1921—, dir., 1931—; atty., Internat. 
Harvester Co., 1919—; enlisted U.S.N. 
R.F., Jan. 1918, commd. ensign, Sept. 
1918, hon. disch., May 1918; mem. Tau 
Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Rho, 111. 
State Bar Assn., Am. Bar Assn., Assn. 
Practitioners before I.C.C., U.S. Mari- 
time Commn. Bar. Club: Traffic (Chi- 
cago). Interest: most outdoor sports. 
Recreations: shooting, fishing, hunting. 
Presbyterian. Republican. Office: 180 N. 
Michigan Av., Chicago, 111. Home: 2315 
Bryant Av., Evanston, 111. 

NUSBAUM, Christian, college profes- 
sor; b. Columbus Grove, O., 1 Oct. 1882; 
s. John Nusbaum, farmer, and Mary 
(Basinger) N.; ed. Columbus Grove 
high sch.; O. State Univ., 1904-08, B.A., 
1910, M.A.; Ph.D., Harvard Univ., 1915; 
m. Marion Trout of Lancaster, O., 7 
Sept. 1917; children— Ruth, David, Wil- 
liam, James. Asst. in physics, O. State 
Univ., 1908-11; fellow in physics, Har- 
vard Univ., 1911-13, asst., 1913-15, instr., 
1915-18; assoc. physicist, Nat. Bur. 
Standards, development of airplane in- 
struments, 1918-20; research assoc, 
M.I.T., 1920-22; asst. prof, physics, Case 
Sch. Applied Sci., 1922-29, assoc prof., 
1929—; fellow, Am. Physical Soc, A. A. 
A.S., O. Acad. Sci., Cleveland Eng v Soc, 
Am. Soc. Metals. Author: series of sci. 
papers and abstracts on magnetic prop- 
erties and X-rays. Methodist. Office: 
Case Sch. Applied Sci., Cleveland, O. 
Home: 1580 Rydalmount Rd., Cleveland 
Heights, O. 

WRIGHT, Helen Elizabeth, artist, de- 
signer, decorator; b. Pottsville Pa., 20 
May 1910; d. Reginald A. Wright, mech. 
engr., and Annetta C. (Fowler) W.; ed. 
Akron West high sch.; Cleveland Sch. of 
Art on scholarships. Stylist, designer, 
B. F. Goodrich Co.; exhibit oils, water 
colors, etchings, nationally; designs, 
decorates, residence bldgs., lectr. rub- 
ber, synthetics, B. F. Goodrich Co. (de- 
signed first wearing apparel from Loro- 
seal and Ameripol, bathing cap to simu- 


late hair). Author: numerous rubber 
design patents. Travel: U.S., Can. Desc. 
founders of Tallmadge, O., and Milford, 
Conn. Interests: rug making, cooking, 
music, gardening. Recreations: golf, 
travel, swimming, bridge. Republican. 
Office: 1247 S. High St., Akron, O. 
Home: 1576 Bryden Dr., Akron, O. 

LEANZA, Victor S., lawyer; b. Italy, 
10 Aug. 1900; s. Fortune Leanza and 
Concetta (Cali) L.; ed. East Tech. high 
sch.; Ohio State Univ., 1919-23; Western 
Res. Univ. Law Sch., 1923-26; m. Caro- 
line Williams of Cleveland, O., 21 June 
1930; children— Norma Elisa, Victor 
Fortune, Raymond Frank. Sr. partner, 
Leanza, Bernard & Hodus, 1939; dir., 
sec, The Fairway Loan Co., Unit Plan 
Assn., Inc., Cleveland Republic Tool & 
Gage Corp.; dir., v.p., The Marbott 
Weld Co.; cadet of Ohio State, during 
World War I; mem. Alpha Phi Delta 
(nat. pres.), Ration Bd. 18-16, I.O.O.F. 
(co. pres.), Modern Woodmen of Am., 
Citizens' League of Cleveland, Cleve- 
land Bar Assn. Clubs: Ideal Italo- Ameri- 
can (sec), 30th Ward Democratic In- 
terests: philosophy, human behavior. 
Recreations: golf, gardening. Democrat. 
Office: 1012 Citizens Bldg., Cleveland, O. 
Home: 14206 S. Woodland Rd M Shaker 
Heights, O. 

SEASHOLES, Charles Lyon, clergy- 
man; b. Dallas, Tex., 23 Dec. 1896; s. 
Charles Louis Seasholes, clergyman, 
and Grace G. (Lyon) S.; ed. grad., 
Cent, high sch., Philadelphia, Pa., 1914; 
B.A., Univ. Pa., 1918; B.D., Newton 
Theol. Inst., 1923; D.D. (hon.), Brown 
Univ., 1936; Colby Coll., 1941; L.H.D., 
Denison Univ., 1944; m. Elizabeth Fan* 
Bradbury, 18 June 1924; children— Mary 
Lyon, Anne Bradbury, Bradbury. 
Teacher, high sch., Philadelphia, 1918- 
20; ordained to Bapt. ministry, 1923; 
pastor, First Baptist Ch., Watertown, 
Mass., 1923-30; mem. homiletics semi- 
nar staff, Newton Theol. Inst., 1927-30; 
pastor, First Bapt. Ch., Dayton, O., 
1931 — ; chmn. Commn. on Christian 
Social Action of Northern Bapt. Conv., 
1934-36; chmn. Dayton Community 
Chest, 1935; mem. bd., Am. Bapt. Fgn. 
Mission Soc, 1931—; rep. of Northern 
Baptists on Fed. Council of Chs., and 
alternate on exec com.; mem. Commn. 
on Higher Ed., Northern Bapt. Conv.; 
chmn. program com., Northern Bapt. 
Conv., 1941; mem. Bur. of Community 
Service and exec. com. of Council of 
Social Agencies, Dayton; tr., Denison 
Univ., Dayton Y.M.C.A., Miami Valley 
Hosp.; mem. Phi Beta Kappa, Delta 

Sigma Rho, Masons. Clubs: Discussion, 
Town and Gown (Antioch Coll.), Dayton 
Country. Author: For Times Out of 
Joint, 1934. Travel: Eur., 1925, 1937, 
Mex., 1939. Interests: drama, music, 
mountain climbing. Recreations: tennis, 
golf. Baptist. Independent. Office: First 
Bapt. Church, Monument at Ludlow, 
Dayton, O. Home: 65 Wisteria Dr., Day- 
ton, O. Summer home: Silver Lake, 

BIRK, William Jacob, insurance; b. 
Chicago, 111., 29 May 1894; s. Edward J. 
Birk, brewer, and Amanda (Markus) 
B.; ed. Chicago Latin Sch.; Merserberg 
Prep.; m. Lillian Nelson of Chicago, 
111., 18 Apr. 1923; children— William 
Jacob, Jr., Edward Nelson. Started with 
Birk Bros. Brewing Co., with Sullivan 
Milk Co., Birk Milk Products; assoc. 
with Fred S. James & Co., ins.; dir. 
Birk Bros. Brewing Co., Chicago; sergt., 
motor transport, 85th div., 2 yrs. during 
World War I. Clubs : Crystal Lake Coun- 
try, Lake Shore. Recreations: golf, 
bowling, hunting, fishing. German Lu- 
theran. Democrat. Office: 1 No. La Salle 
St., Chicago, 111. Home: Lake Shore 
Club, Chicago, 111. Summer home: Crys- 
tal Lake, 111. 

BLAKE, Donald P., lawyer and execu- 
tive; b. Chicago, 111., 19 Jan. 1904; s. 
Charles G. Blake, bus. exec, and Mil- 
dred (Ellwood) B.; ed. Morgan Park 
Mil. Acad.; Univ. HI.; Knox Coll.; Chi- 
cago Univ.; LL.B., Cornell Univ., 1927; 
m. Lois Klingaman of Chicago; children 
—Donald P., II, Charles Henry. Prac- 
ticed law with Wetten, Pegler & Dale 
and Milmine & Blake, 1927-30; mgr., 
Chas. G. Blake Co. (monuments and 
mausoleums), 1929-42, pres., 1942—; 
active in tax and occupational disease 
corns, and legislation with 111. Mfg. 
Assn., 1933; nat. chmn. and principal 
author of Code of Fair Competition for 
Retail Monument Industry in NRA, 1932- 
33; active in oppositions to state NRA 
before state leg., 1933; v. chmn. Unem- 
ployment Com. of Small Business Conf. 
in Washington, 1938; mem. Nat. Adv. 
Council for Small Business, S.A.R. (life 
mem.), Morgan Park Mil. Acad. Alumni 
Assn., 111. Mfrs. Assn., Phi Delta Theta, 
Phi Alpha Delta, Phi Phi, Kappa Alpha 
Pi, Masons, Knights Templar. Clubs: 
Executives (Chicago, dir., 1938-42), 
Univ. HI., Cornell Univ., Phi Alpha 
Delta Alumni of Chicago. Author: Code 
of Fair Competition for Retail Monu- 
ment Industry under NRA; various arts, 
in trade papers. Travel: U.S., Can. 
Great grandson Reuben Ellwood, one of 


earliest Congressmen from Sycamore, 
DeKalb dist., 111.; father was Rep. can- 
didate for Sanitary Dist. Tr., 1916, Cook 
County Clk., 1918. Interests and recrea- 
tions: art, bowling, golf, ping pong, fish- 
ing. Episcopalian. Republican. Office: 
1000 E. 67th St., Chicago, 111. Home: 
2860 E. 76th St., Chicago, 111. 

BORDEN, Charles H., lawyer; b. 
Fayetteville, Ark., 21 Dec. 1896; s. 
Thomas Wiley Borden, farmer, and 
Mollie (Parker) B.; ed. Ph.B., Univ. 
Chicago, 1917, J.D., 1919; m. Mary Fran- 
ces Douglas of Chicago, 111., 21 Sept. 
1918. With Zane, Morse & McKinney, 
Chicago, 111., 1919; mem. firm, McKin- 
ney & Borden, 1920-21; pvt. pract. of 
law, Chicago, 111., 1921-23; mem. firm, 
Eisendrath, Solomon & Borden, 1923-32, 
Solomon & Borden, 1932-39; pvt. pract. 
of law, Chicago, 1939—; chief petty off., 
U.S.N. , during World War I; mem. Am., 
111. State and Chicago Bar Assns., Delta 
Chi, Am. Legion, 40 & 8. Clubs: Quad- 
rangle, Jonathan (Calif.). Office: 100 W. 
Monroe St., Chicago, 111. Home: 5825 N. 
Kenmore Av., Chicago, HI. 

CAMP, J(ay) Beidler, propr. J. Beid- 
ler Camp & Co.; b. Chicago, 111., 23 
Aug. 1891; s. Arthur Bates Camp and 
Emma (Beidler) C. ; grad. Phillips Exe- 
ter Acad., 1911; A.B., Harvard, 1915; 
M.B.A., Harvard Bus. Sch., 1917; m. 
Ruth Thomas Orton, 29 Dec. 1920; chil- 
dren — Caroline Thomas, Nicholas, Ar- 
thur Bates. Began with George Beidler 
& Co., real estate; propr. J. Beidler 
Camp & Co., real estate and property 
management, Chicago, 1921 — ; co-trus- 
tee of Francis Beidler Charitable Trust. 
Office: 166 W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago, 
HI. Home: 4826 Greenwood Av., Chi- 
cago, 111. 

CLARK, George Lindenberg, profes- 
sor of chemistry; b. Anderson, Ind., 6 
Sept. 1892; s. Ralph B. Clark, pres. 
Merchants Fire Ins. Co. Ind., and Olive 
(Burnett) C. ; ed. Anderson (Ind.) high 
sch.; A.B., DePauw Univ., 1914, D.Sc. 
(hon.), 1937; M.S., Univ. Chicago, 1914, 
Ph.D., 1918; m. Mary Johnson of Indian- 
apolis, Ind., 19 June 1919; children- 
Mary Ann, Ralph, George, Jean, Caro- 
lyn. Assoc, prof, chem., Vanderbilt 
Univ., 1919-21; nat. res. fellow, Harvard 
Univ., 1921-24; asst. prof, applied chem. 
res., M.I.T., 1924-27; prof, chem., Univ. 
111., 1927—; dir., Merchants Fire Ins. 
Co. Ind.; It., C.W.S., 1918; mem. A.C.S., 
Am. Physical Soc, A.A.A.S., Radiolog. 
Soc, Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi. Au- 
thor: Applied X-Rays (3d edit., 1940); 
300 sci. papers. Travel: Eur. Interests: 

music, string quartette. Methodist. Of- 
fice: Univ. of 111., Urbana, 111. Home: 
Urbana, 111. 

CLAUSEN, Elmer Laurence, civil 
engineer, surveyor; b. Chicago, HI., 16 
July 1889; s. Gustav Laurence Clausen, 
cons, engr., and Eleonora (Brun) C; 
ed. St. John's Mil. Acad., Delafield, 
Wis.; Armour Inst. Tech., Chicago; m. 
Mary C. Heavey of Chicago, 111., 1 June 
1929; 1 dau., Mary Catherine. On sani- 
tary sewer projects of 111., Ind., Mich., 
surveying of skyscraper bldgs.; worked 
on all major street widening projects in 
Chicago area; in Q.M.C., U.S.A., during 
World War I; Army Air Corps (A.A.F.), 
World War II; mem. Western Soc. 
Engrs., 111. Soc. Engrs., Soc. Am. Mil. 
Engrs., Nat. Soc. Prof. Engrs., Am. 
Assn. Engrs. Travel: Eur., U.S. (exten- 
sive). Interest: hunting. Protestant. Re- 
publican. Office and home: 5643 N. Key- 
stone Av., Chicago, HI. 

CONKEY, Harry Dunrith, manufac- 
turer; b. Mendota, 111., 31 Mar. 1877; s. 
O. D. F. Conkey, farm operator, and 
Elizabeth (Eakin) C; ed. Mendota high 
sch.; Northwestern Univ., 2 yrs.; m. 
Elizabeth Wilson of Mendota, HI., 15 
Apr. 1899; 1 son, Robert W. Alwavs con- 
ductor of own bus. operations with ex- 
ception of iy 2 yrs. during which period 
employed by LaSalle Co. Carbon Coal 
Co.; controls concrete aggregate plants, 
brick plants (Conco Meier Co.), Mfr. 
Plant (Conco Engring. Works), parent 
Co. — H. D. Conkey & Co., and two sub- 
sidiary sales cos., also active head of 
these bus. enterprises; mem. Masons, 
Elks. Club: Union League (Chicago). 
Travel: many trips to Eur., and Ameri- 
cas. Interest: operating farms. Presby- 
terian. Republican. Office: 111 W. Wash- 
ington St., Chicago 111. Home: Edge- 
water Beach Hotel. Chicago, 111. Sum- 
mer home: Deer Park (Utica), HI. 

COWLES, Alfred, economist; b. Chi- 
cago, 111., 15 Sept. 1891; s. Alfred 
Cowles, financier, and Elizabeth (Che- 
ney) C; ed. Taft Sch.; A.B., Yale Univ., 
1913; m. Elizabeth Strong of N.Y., 10 
May 1924 (div.); children — Richard Liv- 
ingston, Ann. Journalist, Spokesman- 
Review, 1913-15; pres., Cowles & Co., 
Colorado Springs, Colo., 1915-38; econo- 
mist, 1933—; pres., Cowles Commn. for 
Res. in Econ., Colorado Springs, Colo., 
1933-39, Cowles Commn. for Res. in 
Econ., Univ. Chicago, 1939—; dir. Trib- 
une Co. and subsidiaries, Chicago; tr., 
Colo. Foundation for Res. in Tubercu- 
losis, Colo. Coll.; F., sec, treas., Econo- 
metric Soc; tr., Colo. Springs Fine Arts 


Center; adv. com. Chicago Civic Fedn.; 
F. A.A.A.S.; mem. Delta Kappa Epsi- 
lon, Skull & Bones. Clubs: Casino, Chi- 
cago, Tavern, Old Elm, Onwentsia, 
Shore Acres, Quadrangle, El Paso, 
Cheyenne Mountain Country, Broad- 
moor Golf. Author: Common Stock In- 
dexes, 1928; contbr. to jours. Office: 
Room 2215, 435 N. Michigan Av., Chi- 
cago 11, 111. Home: 1130 Lake Shore Dr., 
Chicago 11, 111. 

ABEL, Donald Fredrick, laboratory 
technician; b. Chicago, 111., 3 Oct. 1898; 
s. Theodore C. F. Abel, phys., and 
Florence (McLaggan) A.; ed. Austin 
high sch.; Ph.B., Univ. Chicago, 1924, 
post grad. work in sci., 2 yrs.; m. 
Sigried Jensen of Chicago, 111., 1921; 
children— Donald Arthur, Robert Bruce. 
Active in City, State and Nat. Jr. Assns. 
Commerce until 1937; engaged in lab. 
tests and sci. research, Abel Labs., 
1921 — , treas.; pvt. 1st calss, Air Serv- 
ice, Tank Corps, U.S.A., during World 
War I; mem. 111. State Jr. Chamber 
Commerce (founder, 1st pres.), Chicago 
Jr. Assn. Commerce (pres.), U.S. Jr. 
Chamber Commerce (exec, v.p.), 111. 
Com., Assn. of Commerce, Am. Legion 
(comdr. Riverside Post No. 488). Inter- 
est: sci. research. Presbyterian. Office: 
7 W. Madison St., Chicago, 111. Home: 
Riverside, 111. Summer res.: Williams 
Bay, Wis. 

BRADLEY, Preston, clergyman, au- 
thor, air-editorialist; b. Linden, Mich., 
18 Aug. 1888; s. Robert McFarlan Brad- 
lev, blacksmith, and Anna Elizabeth 
(Warren) B.; ed. Linden (Mich.) high 
sch.; Alma Coll., 1905-06; law study, 
Flint, Mich., 1906-09; Univ. Mich., 1909- 
10; D.C.L. (hon.), Hamilton Coll. Law, 
Chicago; LL.D. (hon.), Lake Forest 
Coll., 1938; D.D. (hon.), Meadville 
Theol. Sch., 1939; m. Grace Wilkins 
Thayer of Chicago, 111., 25 Nov. 1915. 
Student pastor, Grand Blanc, Mich., 
1907-09; pastor, Ch. of Providence, Pres- 
byn., Chicago, 1911-12; withdrew from 
Presbyterian Ch., 1912; independent 
preacher; founder, People's Ch., Chi- 
cago, 1912; held services at Wilson Av. 
Theatre, 1913-19, Pantheon Theatre, 
Sheridan Rd., 1919-26, built own ch. 
bldg., 1926; united with Unitarian Conf., 
1922, full fellowship, 1923; continued as 
pastor, People's Ch., 1923—; radio 
broadcaster, rel. services, 18 yrs., 
nightly radio editorials, 1936—; mem. 
bd. dirs., Chicago Pub. Lib., 1925—, bds. 
of 111. State Teachers and Normal Schs.; 
dir., Citizenship Foundation, Inc.; mem. 
Art Inst. Chicago (life mem.), Izaak 

Walton League of Am. (nat. pres., 3 
terms, pres. emeritus), Drama League 
of Am., Phi Phi Alpha, Pi Gamma Mu. 
Clubs: Chicago Press, City, Adventurers 
(Chicago), Nat. Arts (New York), Au- 
thors (London), Kiwanis (hon. mem.). 
Author: Courage for Today; Mastering 
Fear; Power from Right Thinking; Life 
and You; New Wealth for You; A 
Volume of Meditations. Editor: The 
Liberalist. Travel: Eur. (22 trips), Hud- 
son Bay, Cent. Am. Recreations: fish- 
ing, boating, conservation. Liberal Uni- 
tarian. Office: 941 Lawrence Av., Chi- 
cago, 111. 

ECKERT, Robert P., Jr., lawyer; b. 
Freeport, 111., 1 June 1903; s. Robert P. 
Eckert, lawyer, and Elizabeth (Ryan) 
E.; ed. Freeport high sch.; A.B., Har- 
vard, 1925; LL.B., Harvard Law Sch., 
1928; m. Olga M. Forthingham of Bos- 
ton, Mass., 15 Aug. 1928; children — 
Robert P., Ill, Olga E., Richard Froth- 
ingham. Practiced law, 1928—; U.S. 
Commr., Northern Dist. 111., 1934-41; 
apptd. judge, 111. Court of Claims, by 
Gov. Dwight H. Green, 1941; dir. State 
Bank of Freeport; v.p. Freeport Cham- 
ber Commerce; tr. Freeport Pub. Li- 
brary; 1st v.p., Young Republicans of 
111.; mem. Am. and 111. State Bar 
Assns., Am. Bibliographical Soc. Clubs: 
Freeport Country, Harvard (Chicago). 
Author: Edward Thomas, a Biography 
and a Bibliography; These Things the 
Poets Said. Interest: book collecting. 
Catholic. Republican. Office: 115 W. 
Stephenson St., Freeport, HI. Home: 
Windover, Highland Dr., Freeport, 111. 

FREY, Charles Daniel, advertising 
agent; b. Denver, Colo., 9 Oct. 1886; s. 
Daniel Frey and Agusta Eleanore 
(Stone) F.; ed. pub. schs., Denver; m. 
Mary Ross Burch of Chicago, 17 Oct. 
1908; children— Charles Daniel, Mary 
Elizabeth (Mrs. Gail Borden), Barbara 
Ross. Assoc, with edit, dept, Chicago 
Examiner, 1905-06, Chicago Evening 
Post, 1906-09; pres., Charles Daniel Frey 
Co., advertising agency, Chicago, 
1910—; tr., Chicago Latin Sch. for Boys, 
1928-33, Girls Latin Sch. of Chicago, 
1929-34; mem. exec. bd. and v.p., Am. 
Assn. Advertising Agencies, 1934; bd. 
dirs., Chicago Times, Inc.; capt., Mil. 
Intelligence, div. of gen. headquarters 
staff, U.S.A., Washington, D.C., during 
World War I, nat. dir., Am. Protective 
League, auxiliary dept. of justice, 
organized Chicago div.; awarded Me- 
daille de la Reconnaissance by French 
Govt.; mem. Chicago Assn. Commerce 
(trade extension com., 1916-17; advt. 


council, 1921-22; ways and means com., 
1928), Municipal Voters League (exec, 
com., 1920-22; chmn. finance com., 1920- 
26), Chicago Crime Commn. Com. on 
Punishment, Parole and Instns., Field 
Mus., Chicago Hist. Soc, Art Inst. Chi- 
cago, Masons. Clubs: Chicago, Racquet, 
Tavern, Saddle and Cycle, Old Elm, 
Commonwealth, Economic, Forty, Cax- 
ton (Chicago); Metropolitan, Cloud, 
Players (New York) ; Bohemian (San 
Francisco). Presbyterian. Republican. 
Office: 333 No. Michigan Av., Chicago, 
111. Home: 1435 State Parkway, Chicago, 

FARRAND, Roy Felton, acad. presi- 
dent; b. Onalasa, Wis., 9 May 1875; s. 
Ira Smith Farrand, lumber dealer, and 
Elizabeth Maud (Fahey) F.; ed. St. 
John's Mil. Acad.; Litt. B., Univ. Wis., 
1900; LL.D., Kenyon Coll., 1934; m. 
Elizabeth Ross Smythe of Delafield, 15 
Aug. 1901; 1 dau., Dorothy Elizabeth 
Ross. With St. John's Mil. Acad, except 
while at the University and during 
World War I, 1894—, apptd. Commdt. of 
Cadets and Drill Instr., 1894 — , served in 
that capacity until 1923, when made 
pres. of St. John's; dir. St. John's Acad., 
Delafield; chmn. Local Selective Serv- 
ice Bd. ; lecturer on defense, prepared- 
ness, ed., 1931 — ; resigned commn. as 
major, W.N.G. at outbreak of World 
War I to enter O.T.C., Ft. Sheridan, 111., 
graduating as major, Inf., served in 
France with French Army, 12 mos., 
hon. discharge, 1919; col. O.R.C. and 
comdr., 403d Inf. Res., 1921-39, retired, 
1939, brig. gen. Wis. Nat. Guard, deco- 
rated while serving with the French 
Army with Order of the Black Star; 
Knight, First Class Order of the White 
Rose, Finland; mem. Reserve Officers 
Assn., Mil. Order Fgn. Wars, Am. 
Legion (Dept. Comdr., 1930-31, Assn. 
Mil. Colls, and Sch. of U.S. (pres., 
1930-32), Masons, Wis. Roadside Devel- 
opment Council (pres.), Military Order 
World Wars. Author: address on Nat. 
Defense. Travel: U.S. (to talk on Nat. 
Defense), Eur. Desc. pioneer family; 
forbears participated in all wars in 
which country was engaged at various 
times. Interests: music, dramatics, 
roadside beautification. Recreation: fly 
fishing. Episcopalian. Independent. Of- 
fice: St. John's Mil. Acad., Delafield, 
Wis. Home: Delafield, Wis. Summer 
home: Cable, Wis. 

SCHWEITZER, Arthur Richard, sta- 
tiscal, engring. and mathematical re- 
search; b. Chicago, 111., 15 Sept. 1877; 
s. Edmund F. Schweitzer and Pauline 

C. (Kirchhof) S.; ed. Brown Sch.; Chi- 
cago Manual Training Sch.; Chicago 
Acad.; Ph.B. (hon. mention, honors in 
math., grad. scholarship), Univ. Chi- 
cago, 1900, fellow, 1901, M.S., 1905, 
Ph.D. (magna cum laude), 1916. Reed, 
spl. mention for math, discovery, Pog- 
gendorff's Bibliographical Diet., Leip- 
zig, 1926; discovered right-left orienta- 
tion as source of geom. order with appH- 
cation to Grassmann's analysis and new 
foundations of geom., also place of 
Hamilton's quaternions in Grassmann's 
analysis; mem. Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma 
Xi, Western Soc. Engrs. (Chicago), Am. 
Math. Soc, Math. Assn. of Am., Circolo 
Matematico di Palermo (Italy), Art 
Inst. Chicago; F. A.A.A.S., Washington, 
D.C. Club: Quadrangle, Chicago. Author: 
research arts, in Am. and Eur. math, 
and philos. jours. Travel: Eur. Desc. 
pioneer settlers of Chicago. Interest: 
neighborhood improvement. Recreation: 
Address: 452 Oakdale Av., Chicago, 111. 

HOPKINS, Andrew Winkle, editor; b. 
Leeds, Columbia Co., Wis., 19 July 1880; 
s. Richard Hopkins and Harriet (Saw- 
yer) H.; B.A., Univ. Wis., 1903; studied 
la. State Coll. Agr. and Mechanic Arts; 
m. Bess C. Brewer, 12 Nov. 1912; chil- 
dren—Robert B., Helen. Edn. dir. Night 
Sch. for Men, Racine, Wis., 1903-05; live 
stock editor Wis. Agriculturist, 1905-08; 
editor Wis. Farmer, 1908-13; editor Coll. 
of Agr. and Agrl. Expt. Sta., Univ. Wis., 
1913 — ; mem. Live Stock Breeders' 
Assn. (sec, 1913-20, dir., 1920-25), Delta 
Pi Delta, Sigma Delta Chi, Alpha Zeta, 
Phi Kappa Phi. Conglist. Masons (32d 
deg.). Club: Kiwanis (pres.). Address: 
Agricultural Hall, Univ. of Wis., Madi- 
son, Wis. Home: Shorewood Hills, Madi- 
son, Wis. 

GRAHAM, Willard J., educator, ac- 
countant; b. College Corner, O., 16 Oct. 
1897; s. John W. Graham, grocer, and 
Sina (Paxton) G.; ed. Fot. Morgan 
(Colo.) high sch.; Sterling (Kan.) Coll.; 
Univ. Chicago, 1924, Ph.D., 1934; m. 
Margaret A. Brennen of Pittsburgh, Pa., 
18 Apr. 1925; 1 dau., Nellimae McAfee. 
Prof. bus. adminstrn., Monmouth (111.) 
Coll., 1924-26; instr. accounting, Univ. 
Chicago, 1927-30, asst. prof., 1930-36, 
assoc. prof, accounting and finance, 
1936-42; prof, accounting and dir. of 
bus. studies in University Coll., 1942—; 
pub. accounting practice, 1929-42; cons. 
pub. utility valuation, 1936-37; dir., 
treas., Richard D. Irwin Inc., Chicago, 
111.; mem. Alpha Kappa Psi, Am. Inst. 
Accountants, Am. Accounting Assn. 
Clubs: Economic of Chicago, Quad- 


rangle, University of Chicago. Author: 
Public Utility Valuation; Accounting in 
Law Practice (with Wilber G. Katz) ; 
Economics of Business; Cost Account- 
ing; Office Equipment. Recreations: 
swimming, golf. United Presbyterian. 
Republican. Office: School of Business, 
Univ. of Chicago, Chicago, 111. Home: 
6817 Bennett Av., Chicago, HI. 

UTPATEL, Frank Albert, artist (wood 
engraver); b. Waukegan, 111., 4 Mar. 
1905; s. Albert E. Utpatel and Margaret 
(Millen) U.; ed. South Div. high sch., 
Milwaukee, Wis.; Milwaukee Art Inst.; 
Chicago Art Inst.; m. Marion Calkins of 
Mazomanie, 12 Apr. 1933; 1 dau., Sandra 
Marion, 1 stepson, Philip. Illustrated 
Shadow Over Innsmouth, 1935; designed 
and engraved 13 full page woodcuts for 
Sonnets, 1939, 12 woodcuts for Atmos- 
phere of Houses, 1940, 23 woodcuts for 
August Derleth's Village Year, 1941, 23 
woodcuts for Alan Devoe's Lives Around 
Us, 1942, illustrated the official Wiscon- 
sin Guide, 1942, 2 woodcuts for Derleth's 
and You Thoreau, 1944, 20 woodcuts for 
Derleth's Village Day (to be pub. in 
1946), beginning Dec. 1942 contributed 
a woodcut every month for the Ameri- 
can Mercury as illustration for Alan 
Devoe's monthly essay; contributed 
work to Outdoors Mag., Trend, A Quar- 
terly of The Seven Arts; mag. Tomor- 
row, the Humanist; work exhibited at 
Associated Am. Artist's Galleries, N.Y., 
1939, Internat. Exhbn. of Printmakers, 
Cleveland Museum of Art, 1935; Inter- 
nat. Exhbn. of Lithography and Wood 
Engraving, Chicago Art Inst., 1940; one 
man shows at Layton Art Gallery, 1940; 
Meuers' Art Gallery, 1940; Civic League 
Clubhouse, Portage, Wis., 1941; wood 
engraving Winter Sports judged out- 
standing print at Fourth Annual Print- 
maker's Exhbn. held at Milwaukee Art 
Inst., 1939; awarded first prize in 
graphic art at Wis. Artists Exhbn. held 
at Wis. State Fair in 1940, 1941; first at 
Seventh Wis. Salon of Art held at Memo- 
rial Union, 1940; first purchase prize at 
Fifth Annual Printmakers Exhbn., Mil- 
waukee Art Inst., 1940; hon. mention at 
Fifth Wis. Salon of Art, Memorial Union, 
1938; Sixth Wis. Salon, 1939; first prize 
Madison Art Exhbn., 1941, 1942; 115th 
Exhbn. of The National Academy, 1941; 
13th Annual Exhbn. of the Northwest 
Printmakers, Seattle, Wash., 1941, 1942; 
31st Annual Exhbn. of the Conn. Acad, 
of Fine Arts, 1941; Pa. Acad, of Fine 
Arts, 1941 Exhbn. entitled Between Two 
Wars, 1914-41, Whitney Museum of 
Am. Art, 1942; Exhbn. of Contemporary 
Am. Art, Whitney Museum of Am. Art, 

1943; Exhbn. of Current Am. Prints, 
dept. of Fine Arts, Carnegie Inst., Pitts- 
burgh, Pa., 1944; Nat. Exhbn. of Prints 
held at The Library of Congress, 1944; 
the Laguna Beach Art Exhbn., Laguna 
Beach, Calif., 1944; represented in pvt. 
collections of Frank Lloyd Wright, John 
Steuart Curry, August Derleth, Carl 
Zigrosser, Thomas W. Nason, Charlotte 
Partridge, Neele E. Stearns, Louis H. 
Wilson; mem. Artists Professional 
League, Southern Printmaker's Soc, 
Wis. Printmakers. Protestant. Non-par- 
tisan. Address: Mazomanie, Wis. 

PURVIN, Jennie Franklin, business 
woman and civic worker; b. Chicago, 
111., 23 Aug. 1873; d. Henry B. Franklin, 
tobacco mcht., and Hannah (Mayer) 
F. ; ed. Chicago schs.; Univ. Chicago; 
m. Moses L. Purvin of Chicago, 19 Oct. 
1899; children— Janet Fredericka (Mrs. 
Mange), Nata Jule (Mrs. Felstiner). 
Known as mother of bathing beaches 
because of work in promoting bathing 
beaches for Chicago; instrumental in 
promoting gen. pub. recreation, 1910 — ; 
asst. in formation, Chicago Recreation 
Commn. ; org. one of earliest scholar- 
ship assns. to assist children through 
high sch. and give guidance in ed.; 
orgn., Oakland Pub. Sch. P.T.A., Schol- 
arship Assn. for Jewish Children, Jew- 
ish Welfare Bd. Chicago, during World 
War I, Club Woman's Bur.; dir. Club 
Woman's Bur., Camp Advisory Bur., 
Art Galleries at Mandel Brothers, Chi- 
cago; tr., Chicago Pub. Lib.; dir. Wom- 
en's Clubs Div. of Chicago, for War 
Savings during World War I; mem. 111. 
State Advisory Com. for War Stamps 
and Bonds, during World War II; mem. 
A.L.A., Civic Mus. Assn., Chicago Wom- 
an's Aid, Council Jewish Women. Clubs: 
111. Library, Chicago Library, Woman's 
City. Author: arts, on travel abroad, 
civics and edn. Travel: Eur., near East, 
Mex., Am. Grandfather came to Chi- 
cago, 1846; great grandfather came in 
1850, completing the immigration of 
maternal family in Chicago. Interests: 
gathering books written and personally 
autographed by friends. Recreations: 
reading, walking, traveling. Jewish. 
Democrat. Office: 5 N. State St., Chi- 
cago, 111. Home: 5242 Hyde Park Blvd., 
Chicago, 111. 

RICE-MEYROWITZ, Jenny Delony, 

painter; b. Washington, Ark., 13 May 
1866; d. Alchyny Turner Delony, lawyer, 
farmer, and Elizabeth Lawson (Pear- 
son) R.; ed. pvt. tutors; pub. schs.; 
Wesleyan Female Inst., Staunton, Va.; 
Cincinnati Art Acad.; Beaux Arts for 


Young Women, Paris; Julian Acad. 
Anatomy, Ecole de Medicine, 1888-90; 
gold medal in art and music, Va.; 
selected as one of America's leading 
women painters, to attend internat. 
Council Women, Berlin, Ger., 1924; m. 
N. J. Rice, 10 Dec. 1901 (dec, 1903); m. 
(2d) Paul A. Meyrowitz of N.Y., 10 Nov. 
1910. Exhibited paintings at New Or- 
leans Expn., 1884; commd. by Ark. Leg. 
to paint life size portrait Jefferson 
Davis, State Capitol, 1891; painted por- 
trait of Rt. Rev. Bishop Pierce (for 
Trinity Cath. Ch.), govs., Donaghey, 
McRae, Logan H. Roots, Major J. T. W. 
Tillar (for Ark. State Capitol), Mrs. 
Samuel Preston Davis (for Hist. Com.), 
Mrs. Jefferson Davis (for Confederate 
Museum, Richmond, Va.), George G. 
Williams (N.Y. Clearing House), Hetty 
Green and many celebrities, N.Y., to 
Calif., Tex. to Can.; exhibited in leading 
Art Socs. of Boston, New York and 
Philadelphia expns.; art instr., Va. 
Inst., Roanoke, Va., 1893-94, Norfolk 
Coll., Va., 1894-96, Univ. Ark., 1897, 1898, 
1899; portrait painter, N.Y., 1900-36; 
painted portrait of celebrities for pub. 
bldgs.; mem. N.Y. War Camp Comm. 
Service during World War I; awarded 
Citation by War and Navy Depts., 
Commns, on Training Activities, 15 July 
1919; mem. Nat. Geog. Soc, Metropoli- 
tan Museum of Art (N.Y.), Nat. Arts, 
Nat. Assn. Women Painters & Sculptors, 
English Speaking Union, D.A.R., 
U.D.C., N.Y. and Am. Artists Prof. 
League. Club: Fine Arts (Ark., hon. 
life mem.), N.Y., Patria (N.Y.). Author: 
art arts. Travel: Eur., Am., W. Indies, 
Cuba, Can., Alaska. Desc. Henry De- 
lony, mem. house of Burgesses, Meck- 
lenburg Co., Va., 1765-68. Interests: art, 
music, travel. Recreations: reading, 
writing, radio. Episcopalian. Office and 
home: 800 Cumberland St., Little Rock, 

LOOP, Leota Williams, artist; b. 
Fountain City, Ind., 26 Oct. 1893; d. 
Levi Williams, mcht., and Orpha (Bee- 
son) L.; ed. Elwood high sch.; Val- 
paraiso Univ.; m. Glenn R. Loop of 
Kokomo, 30 Apr. 1914; 1 son, Maxwell. 
Painter with water color at 7; began 
exhibiting at Co., State Fairs at 10; 
turned to oil painting at 14; member 
P.E..O, Altrusa Tri Kappa. Clubs: In- 
diana Artists, Hoosier Salon, Brown Co. 
Art Colony. Interest: nature study. 
Studio and home: Nashville, Ind. 

STUART, Helen Cheney Kimberly; b. 
Neenah, Wis., 3 Dec. 1868; d. John A. 
Kimberly, pioneer, banker and founder 

of Kimberly-Clark Co., and Helen 
(Cheney) K.; ed. pub. sch. of Neenah; 
Smeads Sch. for Girls (Toledo, O.); 
Wells Coll.; stud., Art Inst., Chicago; 
m. Herbert W. Z. Stuart of Logansport, 
Ind., 25 Dec. 1889; 1 son, Kimberly. 
Serving on Lib. Bd.; working for 
Bundles for Britain 5 yrs., served on 
pub. sch. bd., city plan, com., Rep. 
Precinct Com., councilman, City Coun- 
cil; mem. D.A.R. (state regent, Organ- 
izing Regent of Neenah Chap.); organ- 
izer and chmn. for state in Nat. De- 
fense; pres. 6th Congressional Dist. Fed. 
Women's Clubs; State Pres. League of 
Women Voters; head, A.R.C., Neenah 
during World War I; mem. Indian Coun- 
cil Fire (Indian name given by Winne- 
bago Tribe when chmn. for Neenah at 
300th anniversary of the white man 
coming to Wis., 1634; mem. U.S.D.A.R., 
Colonial Dames, N.S. & War Mothers, 
N.S. Founders and Patriots' Assn., 
Daughters 1812; pres. 6th Congressional 
Dist. Rep. Women; mem. House Com., 
Sch. of Domestic Arts and Science, Chi- 
cago; rep. Am. Legion Aux., at Internat. 
meeting of F.I.D.A.C.; at Bucharest, 
Roumania, decorated by Roumanian 
Gov. for securing scholarships for Rou- 
manian students in U.S.A. Clubs: River- 
view Country, North Shore Golf, Wom- 
en's Athletic (Chicago), Contemporary 
(Chicago), Athenaeum (Milwaukee), 
Lake Placid, Neenah Woman's, Tues- 
day (pres., 3 times), Neenah Y.W.C.A., 
Camp Fire, Bus. and Prof. Women's. 
Grandfather started flour mills that 
later turned into paper mills; John A. 
Kimberly started Kimberly & Clark, 
Inc. Interests: Sunday School, politics, 
freeing the American Indian, cause and 
cure of war. Recreations: yachting, 
tennis, riding. Presbyterian. Repub- 
lican. Home: 406 E. Wisconsin Av., 
Neenah, Wis. 

THOREK, Max, surgeon; b. Hungary, 
Mar. 10, 1880; ed. Budapest; M.D., 
Univ. Chicago, Rush Med. Coll., 1904; 
LL.D. (hon.), D.Sc. (hon.); m. Fannie 
Unger of Vienna, Aus., 16 Apr. 1905; 
1 son, Philip (M.D.). Surgeon; prof, of 
Surgery, Cook Co. Grad. Sch. of Medi- 
cine; attending surg., Cook Co. Hosp.; 
cons, surg., Mun. T.B. San.; sec. Gen. 
Int. Coll. Surg.; Ed. -in-Chief, Journal of 
Int. Coll. Surg.; cons, ed., Arquivas de 
Cirurgia Clinica il Experimental Sao 
Paulo, Brazil; life mem., Pi Gamma 
Mu and Rush Alumni; mem. Knight of 
Legion of Honor of France, Com. of the 
Order of St. Alexander, Bulgaria, 
Knight of the Crown of Italy, Order of 
the Aztec Eagle, Mexico, Gold Medal, 


Rep. of Venezuela, Distinguished Citi- 
zens Medal U.S. Vets. Fgn. Wars; corr. 
mem., Surg. Soc. of Paris, Fr„ Surg. 
Soc. of Madrid, Sp., Sociedade das Sci- 
ences Medicas, Lisbon, Port., Societe 
Francaise de Chirurgie Reparatrice; 
assoc. corr. mem., Royal Acad, of Med., 
Torino, It.; corr. fellow, Nat. Acad, of 
Med., Colombia, S.A.; corr. Academi- 
cian, Surg. Acad, of Mex.; hon. mem., 
Terre Haute Acad, of Med., Egyptian 
Med. Assn., Cairo, Egy.; pres., Am. 
Physicians' Art Assn.; collaborator, The 
Terapia, Milano, It.; hon. fellow, Royal 
Surg. Soc, Sofia, Bulgaria, Surg. Acad, 
of Peru, S.A.; Fellow, A.M. A.; mem. 
Internat. Hosp. Assn., Internat. Soc. of 
Gastroenterology, Internat. Anesthetic 
Res. Soc, Chicago Alumni Club, De 
Paul Univ. Art League, Am. Eugenics 
Soc, Am. Soc. French Legion of Honor. 
Author: Modern Surgical Technic, 3 
vols.; Surgical Errors and Safeguards, 
4 editions; Plastic Surgery of the Breast 
and Anterior Abdominal Wall; many 
other monographs and contbns. to surg. 
literature; Creative Camera Art. Rec- 
reations: music, autograph collecting, 
photog. Address: 850 W. Irving Park 
Rd., Chicago 13, 111. 

HOADLEY, Walter Evans, Jr., econo- 
mist; b. San Francisco, Calif., 16 Aug. 
1916; s. Walter Evans Hoadley and 
Marie H. (Preece) H.; ed. A.B., Univ. 
Calif., 1938, M.A., 1940, Ph.D. (admitted 
to candidacy); m. Violet Virginia Aim, 
20 May 1939; 1 son, Richard Aim. Col- 
laborator in Land Resettlement Survey, 
U.S. Bur. of Agrl. Economics, 1938-39; 
social sci. analyst, Calif. State Gover- 
nor's Reemployment Com., 1939; re- 
search economist, Calif. State Planning 
Bd., Indsl. Survey of The San Francisco 
Bay Area, 1941, Bur. of Bus. and Econ. 
Research, Univ. Calif., Berkeley, 1941- 
42; part-time teaching fellow, econs., 
Univ. Calif., 1938-41, indsl. management 
supervisor, Univ. Calif.; instr. in en- 
gring., sci. and management, War 
Training Office, 1941-42; indsl. econo- 
mist, charge of indsl. sect., research 
and statistics dept., Fed. Res. Bank of 
Chicago, 1942; mem. Am. Econ. Assn., 
Am. Statis. Assn., Phi Beta Kappa, 
Kappa Alpha, Pi Delta Epsilon; vale- 
dictorian of Univ. of Calif., class 1938. 
Methodist. Author: Reemployment: Re- 
port of the Governor's Commission on 
Reemployment, 1939 (with associates), 
An Economic and Industrial Survey of 
the San Francisco Bay Area (with R. D. 
Calkins), 1941; contbr. : Business Condi- 
tions and other econ. jours. Office: Fed. 

Reserve Bank of Chicago, Chicago, HI. 
Home: 1592 Oak Av., Evanston, 111. 

HUNZIKER, Otto Frederick, dairy 
scientist; b. Zurich, Switzerland, 25 Dec. 
1873; s. Carl Otto Hunziker and Louise 
(Pupikofer) H.; grad. agr. sch., Zurich, 
1892, Bryant & Stratton Bus. Coll., 
Providence, R.I., 1896; B.S.A., Cornell 
Univ., 1900, M.S.A., 1901; D.Sc, Purdue 
Univ., 1932; m. Florence Belle Burne, 
1905; children— Thelma Belle, Florence 
Louise, Karl Otto (dec.) Walter Burne, 
Isabelle Mary, Otto Frederick. Came to 
U.S., 1893, naturalized citizen, 1904; 
instr. in bacteriology, Cornell Univ., 
1901-02; milk expert, Scranton Con- 
densed Milk Co., 1902-05; prof, dairying 
and chief of dairy dept., Purdue Univ., 
and Ind. Expt. Sta., 1905-16; mgr. of 
manufactures and dir. research labs., 
Blue Valley Creamery Co. (23 factories), 
1916-39; dir. La Grange Fed. Savings & 
Loan Assn., 1933 — ; del. U.S. Dept. Agr. 
to Internat. Dairy Congress, Stockholm, 
1911; London, 1928, Copenhagen, 1931, 
Berlin, 1937; chmn. program com., In- 
dustry and Economics, World's Dairy 
Congress, Washington, 1923; mem. La 
Grange Bd. of Health (pres., 1926-27); 
life mem. Am. Dairy Sci. Assn. (pres., 
1911-13), Nat. Dairy Assn., Sigma Xi, 
Gamma Alpha, Alpha Zeta; winner Cor- 
nell-Ohio State Univ. essay contest, 
1899; awarded Distinguished Service 
gold medal, Swiss Dairy Fedn., Berne, 
Switzerland, 1928; invited to Australia 
and New Zealand, 1927, for investiga- 
tions and recommendations as to dairy 
industry; apptd. dairy technologist by 
U.S. Dept. Agr. for dairy survey in 
Latin-Am. countries, 1942; awarded 
diploma for scientific pubs., by Internat. 
Exposition, Milan, 1924. Republican. 
Protestant. Clubs: Collegiate, Cornell, 
Dairymen's Country. Author: Con- 
densed Milk and Milk Powder, 1914, 
18, 20, 26, 35; The Butter Industry, 
1920, 27, 40. Home and office: 103 
Seventh Av., La Grange, 111. 

HASTINGS, Minnetta A., pres. Nat. 
Congress Parents and Teachers; b. Ade- 
laide, S. Australia; d. Thomas W. Has- 
tings and Anne C. (Yates) Littlewood; 
A.B., Univ. Wis., 1922, M.A., 1927; m. 
William A. Hastings, 4 June 1904; chil- 
dren— W. Harold, Donald W. (maj. Med. 
Corps, U.S. Air Force). After raising 
sons to sch. age returned to univ.; 
work on volunteer basis connected with 
child welfare and ednl. projects in Wis. 
and with Children's Bur., Office of Edn. 
and other nat. agencies; pres. Nat. Con- 
gress Parents and Teachers, 1943-46, of 
Wis. Congress, 1933-37; pres. Madison 


Woman's Club, 1929-31; mem. Wis. joint 
com. on edn., Presbyterian Students 
Center Foundation, Univ. Wis. (sec. bd. 
dirs.), N.E.A., Alumni Assn. Univ. Wis., 
P.E.O., Phi Beta Kappa. Clubs: Cordon 
(Chicago); Woman's (Madison). Contbr. 
to ednl. jours, and pubs. Nat. Congress 
Parents and Teachers. Presbyterian. 
Address: 600 S. Michigan Av., Chicago, 
111. Home: 2241 Hollister Av., Madison, 

MANCHESTER, Earl Northup, libra- 
rian; b. Factoryville, Pa., 12 July 1881; 
s. Walter Nelson Manchester, photogra- 
pher, and Louise A. (Northup) M.; ed. 
Keystone Acad., Factoryville; B.A., 
Brown Univ., 1902; m. Alice Amelia 
Wood of Portland, Me., 14 Jan. 1914; 
1 son, John Wood. Second asst. librn., 
Brown Univ., 1903-05, reference libr., 
1905-11; head, readers dept, Univ. Chi- 
cago Libs., 1911-21; dir. libs., Univ. 
Kan., 1921-28; univ. libr., Ohio State Un- 
iv., 1928; served as camp libr., Camp 
Cody, N.M., Jan. -Apr. 1918, Camp Grant, 
Rockford, 111., Sept.-Dec. 1918, port rep., 
base sect. 2, Bordeaux, Fr., Jan.-Oct. 
1919; mem. A.L.A., Ohio Lib. Assn. 
Clubs: Torch, Faculty (O. State Univ.). 
Author: contbns. to lib. jours. Interests: 
music, drama (amateur), fine printing. 
Recreation: fishing. Episcopalian. Inde- 
pendent. Office: The Ohio Univ. Library, 
Columbus, O. Home: 1622 North West 
Blvd., Columbus, O. 

SHOW ALTER, Clarence Ernest, Pres- 
bvterian clergyman; b. Milwaukee, 
Wis., 28 Sept. 1900; s. Henry J. Show- 
alter, electrician, and Augusta (Miller) 
S.; ed. B.A., Carroll Coll., 1921; B.D., 
Theol. Sem., 1924; Th.D., Milton Univ., 
1943; m. Elizabeth R. Stroh of Wheaton, 
1 Jan. 1924; children — Elizabeth Anne, 
Carol Harriet, Florence Louise. Pastor, 
Cornell, Wis., 1924-26. Superior, Wis., 
1926-32, Chicago Heights, 1932—; dir. 
Harold C. Jones Community Center; 
pres., Chicago Heights Health Council; 
pres. Alumni Assn. McCormick Theol. 
Sem., 1944; mem. Gamma Phi Delta, 
Delta Sigma Mu. Clubs: Chicago 
Heights Art, Stylites, Ho-a-Ro. Travel: 
Palestine, Egy., Eur. Interests: art, 
violin. Recreations: trout fishing, golf. 
Presbyterian. Office: 1636 School St., 
Chicago Heights, 111. Home: 208 Country 
Club Rd., Chicago Heights, 111. 

BLIZZARD, Warren Lale, dean of sch. 
of agriculture; b. McPherson, Kan., 8 
Apr. 1888; s. John Wilson Blizzard and 
Zaidee L. (Leonard) B.; ed. McPherson 
(Kan.) high sch.; B.S. (in Agr.), Kan. 
State Coll., Manhattan, Kan., 1910; m. 

Alta Handlin of Manhattan, Kan., 15 
Mar. 1915. Engaged in livestock farm- 
ing; asst. animal husbandman, Kan. 
State Coll.; livestock field man for 
Capper pubis.; asst. prof, animal hus- 
bandry extension, la. State Coll.; head 
of animal husbandry, dean of sch. agr., 
Okla. A. and M. Coll.; official judge at 
most of outstanding livestock shows in 
this country, also judged in Hawaii; 
dir., Agr. Expt. Sta., Okla. A. and M. 
Coll.; mem. Alpha Zeta, Phi Kappa 
Phi, Am. Soc. Animal Production, Ma- 
sons (Scottish Rite), Shrine. Clubs: 
Saddle and Sirloin, Rotary. Author: 
contbr. Am. Soc. of Animal Production. 
Travel: Hawaii, Gt. Brit., Fr., Belg., 
Holland, Ger. Interest: livestock judg- 
ing. Presbyterian. Office : Okla. A. & M. 
Coll., Stillwater, Okla. Home: 126 S. 
Duck St., Stillwater, Okla. 

DALTON, Sidna Poage, attorney-at- 
law; b. Walker, Mo., 16 Nov. 1892; s. 
F. A. Dalton, retail coal dealer, and 
Ida Jane (Poage) D.; ed. Nevada (Mo.) 
high sch.; A.B., Westminster Coll., Ful- 
ton, Mo., 1913; B.S. (in Ed.), Mo. Univ. 
A.M., 1914, L.LB., 1918; m. Edna Rusk 
of Columbia, Mo., 3 Aug. 1918; children 
—Ruth Rusk, Jane, James P., William 
A. Teacher, high sch., 1914; asst., en- 
forcement div., U.S. Food Commn. for 
Mo., 1918; pros, atty., Cape Girardeau 
Co., 1926-28, 1930-34; commr., Supreme 
Ct. of Mo., 1939—; mem. Mo., Am. and 
Cape Girardeau Co. Bar Assns., Phi 
Alpha Delta, Phi Delta Kappa, Acacia. 
Recreations: fishing, hunting. Methodist. 
Democrat. Office: Supreme Court Bldg., 
Jefferson City, Mo. Home: Cape Girar- 
deau, Mo. 

ELSOM, James Claude, emeritus pro- 
fessor of physical therapy and educa- 
tion; b. Nelson Co., Va., 16 May 1866; s. 
R. W. Elsom, mcht., and Anna Louise 
(Shepard) E.; ed. pvt. schs., Norwood 
Coll., Va.; M.D., Med. Coll. Va., 1886; 
m. Ruth Reams of Richmond, Va., 7 
Oct. 1891; children— Bernardo, Eliza- 
beth, Kendall. Pvt. practice, dir. phys. 
ed., Galveston, Tex., Atlanta, Ga., and 
Minneapolis, Minn.; prof. phys. ed., 
Univ. Wis., 1894-1936; prof. phys. ther- 
apy, 1920-36; dir. phys. therapy, Gen. 
Hosp. No. 3, Rahway, N.J., 1919; pres., 
Am. Congress Phys. Therapy, 1925; 
capt. U.S.A., iy 2 yrs.; major, Med. Res. 
Corps, 1920—; mem. Dane Co. Med. 
Soc, Wis. State Med. Soc, A.M.A., Am. 
Congress Phys. Therapy. Clubs: Univer- 
sity, Madison, Nat. Council B.S.A. Au- 
thor: community recreation, social 
games. Interests: photog., nature study. 


Baptist. Republican. Office: Univ. of 
Wis., Madison, Wis. Home: 1614 Jeffer- 
son St., Madison, Wis. 

PLUNKETT, William Joseph, clergy- 
man; b. Chicago, 111., 19 Nov. 1890; s. 
William J. Plunkett, police capt., and 
Catherine (Murphy) P.; ed. Cathedral 
Coll. (now Quigley rep. Sem.); St. 
Paul (Minn.) Sem., 1910-16. Ordained 
Catholic priest, 1916; asst. pastor, St. 
James Ch., Chicago, 111., 1916-23; prof., 
Quigley Prep. Sem., Chicago, 111., 1923- 
32; pastor, Immaculate Conception Ch., 
Elmhurst, 111., 1932—; rector, Immacu- 
late Conception High Sch., 1935—; mem. 
Nat. Catholic Total Abstinence Soc. 
(state chap.), K.C. (4th deg.); mem. 
off. party with Cardinal Mundelein, 
Beatification Mother Cabrini, Rome, 
1938. Club: Elmhurst Country. Recrea- 
tion: golf. Office and home: 269 S. York 
St., Elmhurst, 111. 

JONES, Ira Milton, patent lawyer; b. 
Washington, D.C,. 22 June 1896; s. 
Thomas H. Jones (dec), and Jane 
(Cissel) J.; ed. Tech. high sch., Wash- 
ington, D. C. ; Marquette Univ.; m. 
Dolores Murphy of Peoria, 111., 7 Aug. 
1943; children— Elizabeth Latham, Ira 
Milton, Jr., John, Jean. Practice of law 
(own bus.), 23 yrs.; served as 2d It. 
flier, overseas; mem. Am. Patent Law 
Assn., A.B.A., Milwaukee Patent Law 
Assn., Chicago Patent Law Assn. Clubs: 
University of Milwaukee, University of 
Washington, Milwaukee Athletic, Wis- 
consin, Town, Fox Point. Travel: U.S. 
extensively. Interest: etchings. Protes- 
tant. Republican. Office: 110 E. Wiscon- 
sin Av., Milwaukee 2, Wis. Home: West 
Wind Farm, Range Line Rd., Thiens- 
ville, Wis. Winter home: 404 Magnolia 
St., New Smyrna Beach, Fla. 

DUNN, Irene May, senior supervisor; 
b. Racine, 26 Oct. 1886; d. John L. Dunn 
and Carrie (Nelson) D.; ed. Racine high 
sch.; Ph.B., Chicago Univ., 1925, M.A., 
1927, grad. work, 1928-32. Teacher, Colo. 
State Teachers Coll., summer, 1938; edu- 
cator, lecturer, rehabilitation worker, 
vocational guidance dir. ; now sr. super- 
visor of records and finance, Rehabili- 
tation Div., State Bd. of Adult & Voca- 
tional Edn.; mem. Wis. Edn. Assn., 
Wis. Assn. for Disabled, Nat. Reha- 
bilitation Assn., Nat. Soc. Crippled Chil- 
dren, Am. Vocational Assn., Wis. Assn. 
Vocational & Adult Edn., United Com- 
mercial Travelers Auxiliary (Wis. juris- 
diction, p. grand pres.), Pi Lambda 
Theta. Author: Correlation between I.Q. 
and Success in School; various mag. 
arts. Travel: U.S. Interests: crossword 

puzzles, baseball. Episcopalian. Office: 
Rm. 320, State Office Bldg., Madison, 
Wis. Home: 29 E. Wilson St., Madison, 

LOGAN, Marjorie S., professor, direc- 
tor, art dept.; b. Meadville, Pa.; d. 
Thomas D. Logan, clergyman, and 
Caroline B. (Mahoney) L. ; ed. Spring- 
field (111.) high sch.; Ph.B., Univ. Chi- 
cago, 1921; Harvard Univ., Carnegie 
Fellowship; Wellesley Coll.; Ch. Sch. of 
Art. Instr., art, Univ. Tex., 1918-21; Mil- 
waukee-Downer Coll., 1921 — ; rrem, 
Coll. Art Assn., Am. Fed. Arts, Western 
Arts Assn., N.E.A., Wis. Teachers' 
Assn., A.A.U.W. Clubs: The Cordon, 
Fine Arts Bldg., Chicago, The Walrus 
Milwaukee. Author: Fine Arts in Rela 
tion to Academic Study, 1925; Design it 
The Fine Arts. Presbyterian. Repub- 
lican. Office and home: Milwaukee- 
Downer Coll., Milwaukee, Wis. Summer 
res.: 430 S. Second St., Springfield, HI. 

POTTER, Milton Chase, superintend- 
ent of schools (elected supt. emeritus, 
1943); b. Allegan Co., Mich., 5 Nov. 
1873; s. Josiah Potter, farmer, and 
Lucia (Anderson) P.; ed. Mich, rural 
schs.; B.A., Albion Coll., 1895; M.Ph., 
Univ. Chicago, 1905; Litt. D., Univ. Den- 
ver, 1915; m. Camilla Barber of Su- 
perior, Wis., 27 Dec. 1905; children- 
John Milton, Josiah Warren. Teacher 
and prin., Oak Park, 111., 1897-98; high 
sch. prin., Superior, Wis., 1898-1903; 
supt. of schs., Idaho Springs, Colo., 1903- 
05; Pueblo, Colo., 1908-12; St. Paul, 
Minn., 1912-14; Milwaukee, Wis., Mar. 
1914-July 1943; mem. Colo. State Teach- 
ers Assn. (pres., 1911-12), N.E.A. (dir., 
1914-15), D-pt. of Superintendence, 
(pres., 1932-33), Wis. Teachers Assn. 
(pres., 1916-17), Civic Award, Marquette 
Univ., 1929, Am. Interprofessional Inst, 
(pres., 1930-31), Am. Assn. Sch. Ad- 
minstrs. (pres., 1932-34), Am. Vocational 
Assn., Elks, Moose, S.A.R., Old Settlers. 
Clubs: Gen. Ed. Dept., Internat. Rotary 
(pres., 1914-16), Nat. Assn. of Profes- 
sional Men's (pres., 1926-27). Co-author: 
Oral and Written English Books, 1917; 
Log Book and Chart for English Stu- 
dents, 1943. Travel: Eur. Interest: liter- 
ary. Recreation: chess. Episcopalian. 
Republican. Office: 1111 N. Tenth St., 
Milwaukee, Wis. Home: 2725 N. Pros- 
pect Av., Milwaukee, Wis. 

SPARLING, Edward J., college presi- 
dent, Roosevelt Coll. of Chicago; b. 
Panoche, Calif., 22 Nov. 1896; s. Edward 
J. Sparling, gen. contractor, and Ger- 
trude (Smith) S.; ed. San Benito Co. 
(Calif.) high sch.; A.B., Stanford Univ., 


1921; A.M., Columbia Univ., 1925, Ph.D., 
1933; m. Marion Bailey Sparling of New- 
ton Center, Mass., 19 Mar. 1927; 1 dau., 
Mary Ann. Asst. gen. sec. Y.M.C.A., 
Stanford Univ., 1921-24; teacher, Palo 
Alto Union High Sen., 1925-28; physical 
dir., Internat. House, N.Y., 1928-30; asst. 
dir. of personnel, Long Island Univ., 
1930-32; ednl. dir. Christodora House, 
N.Y., 1933-34; dean of men and prof, of 
psychology, Hiram (O.) Coll., 1934-36; 
pres. and mem. bd. dirs. Central Y.M. 
C.A. Coll., Chicago, 1936-45; pres. and 
mem. bd. dirs. Roosevelt Coll. of Chi- 
cago, May 1945—; instr., flight comdr. 
and asst. officer in charge of flying, 
Carruthers Field, Ft. Worth, Tex., Air 
Service, U.S. Army, 1918-19; commd. 
2d It.; pres. Pan-Am. Good Neighbor 
Forum, sec.-treas., Fed. of 111. Colleges; 
mem. bd. of dirs., Chicago Area Proj- 
ects, exec. com. Ind. Voters of 111., 
N.E.A., Am. Council on Education, Phi 
Delta Kappa, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha 
Delta Phi. Democrat. Conglist. Clubs: 
University (Chicago), City (Chicago). 
Author: Do College Students Choose Vo- 
cations Wisely, 1933. Travel: Can., Eur., 
U.S. Interests: gardening, music, inven- 
tion. Recreations: woodchopping, swim- 
ming, flying. Office: 231 S. Wells St., 
Chicago, 111. Home: 1387 Edgewood 
Lane, Winnetka, 111. 

DIETZ, Gould, business executive; b. 
Anamosa, la., 24 May 1868; s. Gould 
Price Dietz and Leonora Antonette 
(Cooke) D.; ed. high sen.; m. Alice A. 
Kountze of Omaha, Neb., 20 Dec. 1930. 
Assoc, with brother, C. N. Dietz, whole- 
sale and retail lumber bus., 1883 — ; also 
developed bituminous coal fields of 
Sheridan Co., Wyo.; del. Rep. Nat. 
Conv. (7 times); dir. Omaha Nat. Bank; 
tr., Home for Aged, Child Savings Inst, 
(pres.), Masonic Boys Home, City Mis- 
sion, Foundation Com. for Neb. Univ.; 
organized the Red Cross Chap, for 
Omaha (pres.), Base Hosp. No. 49 and 
ambulance No. 135, civilian aid to Sec. 
of War Seven Cor. Area for 18 yrs.; 
mem. Neb. Human Soc. (pres.), Elk's 
(life), Bd. of Incorporate Am. Red 
Cross, Washington, D.C. Clubs: Omaha, 
Omaha Country. Travel: 5 times around 
world. Methodist. Republican. Address: 
Hotel Fontenelle, Omaha, Neb. 

WEE, Mary Elizabeth Nelson, musi- 
cal director, editor; b. Morehead, Minn., 
3 Apr. 1878; d. O. T. Nelson, minister, 
and Anne (Semling) N.; ed Vermillion 
(S.D.) high sen.; bus. sch. ; Monon 
Block Music Conservatory, Chicago, 111.; 
m. Mons Wee of Red Wing, Minn., 23 

Feb. 1900; children— Ruth, Morris, Mar- 
garet, Luther. Organized Mission Dove, 
the pioneer W.M.F. of Norwegian Lu- 
theran Ch., 1901, The Student Wives 
Assn., Red Wing, 1911, St. Paul, 1918, 
several chorus groups and socs.; ed. of 
women's dept., church organ, Bud- 
hareren, 1911-18, Lutheraneren, many 
yrs.; mus. dir., Wartburg Cong., Has- 
tings Chorus; ed., treas., Orient Mission 
paper; treas., Kurdistan Missionary; 
off., W.M.F. , 1901—; pres., Twin City 
Circuit; life mem. Fairview Hosp. Aux.; 
pres., Student Wives Assn. Alumni 
(pres.). Clubs: Progressive Literary of 
Twin Cities (pres.), Authors (p. treas.). 
Author: stories, arts., verse. Travel: 
U.S. Desc. early pioneers in Minn. In- 
terests: music, books, writing. Recrea- 
tions: painting, gardening. Lutheran. 
Republican. Office and home: No. 2 
Seminary Campus, Como Av. and 
Luther Place, St. Paul, Minn. Summer 
home: Hearts Ease, Welch, Minn. 

BURLISON, W. L„ head of dept. of 
agronomy; b. Harrison, Ark., 3 Sept. 
1882; s. William W. Burlison, bldg. con- 
tractor, and Amanda (Pettit) B.; ed. 
Okla. Univ. Acad.; B.A., Univ. 111., 1905, 
M.S., 1908, Ph.D., 1915; Dr. Agr. (hon.), 
Okla A. & M. Coll., 1927; m. Flossy Belle 
Lewis of Bartlesville, Okla., 1909; chil- 
dren—Mildred (dec), Lewis Eugene, 
Ruth-Helen, Margaret Allene, David 
George. Asst. agronomist, 1906-08, asst. 
prof., Okla. A. & M. Coll., 1908-10; assoc. 
ed., Orange-Judd Weeklies, 1910-12; 
assoc. in crop prodn., Univ. 111., 1912-15, 
assoc. prof, crop prodn., 1915-18, prof., 
1918, head dept. agronomy, 1920—; 
mem. 111. War Bd., during World War I; 
mem. Am. Soc. Agronomy, Alpha Zeta, 
Sigma Xi, Acacia, Gamma Sigma Delta, 
Phi Kappa Phi, many sci. socs. Club: 
Kiwanis. Author: Book Crop Produc- 
tion; bulls, of Okla. and 111. Agr. Expt. 
Sta. Travel: Can., U.S. Interest: home 
shop. Recreation: hiking. Methodist. In- 
dependent. Office: 212 Old Agricultural 
Bldg., Urbana, 111. Home: 502 Michigan 
Av., Urbana, HI. 

GENTRY, Veit, printing executive; b. 
Booneville, Mo., 4 May 1889; s. Veit 
Charles Gentry, mcht., and Belle (Tem- 
pleton) G.; ed. Kemper Mil. Sch.; Univ. 
Mo.; B.S., Univ. Chicago, J.D.; m. Mar- 
garet Zimmerman of Richmond, Ind., 
3 Mar. 1917; children— Richard Neil, 
Veit, Jr., Douglas Tempi eton. Pres. 
Gentry Printing Co.; mem. Sigma Chi. 
Clubs: Exmoor Country, Union League, 
Lake Shore Athletic. Methodist. Office: 
111 W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago, 111. 


Home: Hotel Windermere East, 1642 E. 
56th St., Chicago, 111. Summer home: 
Washington Island, Wis. 

LOWELL, Frances Erraa, clinical 
psychologist; b. Minneapolis, Minn., 12 
Oct. 1886; d. Franklin P. Lowell, whole- 
sale merchant, and Martha Frances 
(Hughes) L.; ed. E. Minneapolis high 
sch.; A.B., Univ. Minn., 1915, A.M., 
1917, Ph.D., 1919; unmarried. Teacher, 
pub. schs., Minn., 1904-09, 1915-16; res. 
asst., State Sch. for Feeble Minded, 
1917-18; instr. psychol., Univ. Minn., 
1918-20; pub. sch. psychol., Rochester, 
N.Y., 1920-21; head of dept. Psychol., 
Indianapolis Normal Sch., 1921-22; 
assoc. prof, psychol., DePauw Univ., 
Greencastle, Ind., 1922-25; clinical psy- 
chologist, Bd. of Ed., Cleveland, O., 
1925—; mem. Am. Psychol. Assn., fellow 
A.A.A.S., fellow Am. Assn. Applied 
Psychol., Pi Gamma Mu. Author: sci. 
arts, on res. published in Jour, of App. 
Psychol., Am. Jour. of Psychol., 
Psychol. Review. Interest: writing 
poetry for children. Recreations: gar- 
dening, golf. Protestant. Republican. Of- 
fice: Room 203, Cleveland Bd. of Edu- 
cation, Cleveland, O. Home: 9732 Logan 
Ct, Cleveland, O. 

COLLINS, Charles William, journalist, 
author; b. Madison, Ind., 19 Nov. 1880; 
s. Smith Collins, Off. mgr., and Mary 
Luella (Wood) C; ed. Hyde Pk. high 
sch., Chicago; Ph.B., Univ. Chicago, 
1903. Reporter, Chicago Record-Herald, 
1903-07; drama critic, Chicago Inter 
Ocean, 1907-10, 1912-14, Chicago Evening 
Post, 1914-25; drama critic, edit, writer, 
The Chicagoan, 1925-29; drama critic, 
Chicago Tribune, 1930-38; ed., Line 
O'Type or Two column, Chicago Trib- 
une, 1938—. Clubs: The Tavern, The 
Cliff Dwellers. Author: Great Love 
Stories of the Theater; The Sins of St. 
Anthony; The Dark Island (co-author); 
One Girl in a Million (co-author); 
numerous arts., short stories. Repub- 
lican. Office: Chicago Tribune, 435 N. 
Michigan Av., Chicago, 111. Home: 716 
Brummel St., Evanston, 111. 

MAJERUS, Theodore, caterer; b. 
Luxembourg, 4 Mar. 1888; s. Leonard 
Majerus, salesman, and Marguerite 
(Schmitz) M.; unmarried. Engaged in 
restaurant bus., Paris, 8 yrs., London, 
2 yrs., New York, 2 yrs., Chicago, 
1917 — . Travel: Eur. (every yr. except 
during war). Recreations: farming, golf, 
hunting. Catholic. Office and home: 22 
E. Ontario St., Chicago, 111. Country 
home: Landwehr Rd., North Brook, 111. 

MARZOLO, Leo Aurelio, restorer of 
paintings, artist; b. Martinez, Calif., 
22 Feb. 1887; s. Romano Marzolo and 
Eugenia (Lambruschini) M.; ed. pub. 
schs.; Hopkins Inst., San Francisco; m. 
Blanche Fuller of Toulon, 111., 1931; chil- 
dren—John Fuller, Leo A., II. Began in 
picture-frame store in San Francisco; 
attended night sch.; settled in Chicago 
as artist, 1912—; official restorer for 
Art Inst. Chicago; life mem. Art Inst. 
Chicago, Chicago Hist. Soc, Field 
Museum, Assn. of Painters and Sculp- 
tors, Palette and Chisel Acad., Chicago 
Galleries Assn. Desc. Blanche Fuller, 
direct line of Mayflower origin. Interest: 
the arts. Recreations: garden, painting. 
Presbyterian. Republican. Office: 1012 
N. Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. Home: 
Warrenville, 111. 

McGAH, William J., lawyer; b. Chi- 
cago, 111., 19 Jan. 1892; s. Patrick H. 
McGah and Bridget (Lyons) M.; ed. St. 
Ignatius high sch.; St. Ignatius Coll.; 
LL.B., Loyola Univ., 1913; m. Catherine 
Conlin of Chicago, 13 Apr. 1918; chil- 
dren—Joseph, William, Edward. Ad- 
mitted to 111. bar, 1913; examiner, Chi- 
cago Civil Service Commn.; teacher, 
bus. law and accounting, Chicago pub. 
jr. high schs.; atty., Chicago City Coun- 
sel Com. on Streets and Alleys, Chicago 
Park Employes Annuity & Pension 
Fund; pres. and dir., Central Process 
Corp.; dir., Erwood Sound Equipment 
Co.; master in chancery of superior ct. 
Cook Co., 1933—; pvt., Battalion Sergt. 
Major, 2d It., Inf., U.S. Army during 
World War I; mem. Am. Legion, K. of 
C, Elks. Clubs: Butterfield Countrv, 
Irish Fellowship. Catholic. Democrat. 
Office: 77 W. Washington St., Chicago, 
111. Home: 1125 N. Linden Av., Oak 
Park, HI. Summer home: New Buffalo, 

LATHROP, Amy Lorene (Stiers), 

writer, housekeeper; b. la., 20 May 
1878; d. Solomon Myers, music dealer 
and Ellen (Littlefield) M.; ed. Ft. 
Dodge, la. schs.; A.B., Coe Coll. (Cedar 
Rapids, la.), 1899; m. W. C. Lathrop, 
M.D., of Marion, la., 21 June 1899; chil- 
dren— Lt. William Myers, D.D.S., Army, 
Elizabeth Amy, Rosemary, Lt. John 
Henry, Navy; m. (2d) Bruce Stiers of 
Lincoln, Neb., 5 Oct. 1939. Ret. claim 
adj., R. I. Limes; has operated apt. 
houses, Kan. and Calif., operated farm 
in Thomas Co., 15 yrs.; mem. O.E.S., 
A.A.U.W. (pres. N.W. branch, Kan., 5 
yrs.), Kan. Womens Press Assn., Nat. 
Fed. Press Women. Clubs: Kan. Fed. 
Womens Clubs (pres. 6th dist., 2 yrs. 


v.p., 2 yrs.). Author: History of Norton 
County; many poems and a contbr. to 
Kan. mag. ; writes short stories for local 
papers. Travel: U.S. Desc. pioneer 
settlers in Kan. and Mo. Interests: hist., 
travel. Recreations: gardening, writing 
prose and poetry. Episcopalian. Repub- 
lican. Home: 602 N. 1st Av., Norton, 
Kan. Summer res.: Evergreen, Colo. 

HILL, Grant L., life insurance execu- 
tive; b. Des Moines, la., 25 Dec. 1896; 
s. John R. Hill, retired, and Roxie (Bee- 
son) H.; ed. high sens., West Des 
Moines, Joliet, 111.; Univ. 111.; m. Mar- 
celle Thieren of Antwerp, Belgium, 12 
Aug. 1920; 1 son, Grant Beeson. Mgr. 
Sales & Export, Ingersoll Watch Co., 
Ltd., London, Eng., 1920-23; life ins. 
selling and management, New York, 
N.Y., 1924-33; elected dir., of Agencies, 
Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. Co., 1933, 
chartered Life Underwriter; dir. Am. 
Coll. Life Underwriters; served with 
U.S. Marine Corps, A.E.F., 1st It., 2d 
div., 1917-19; mem. Am. Coll. Life Un- 
derwriters. Clubs: University, Milwau- 
kee, Am. Legion. Protestant. Office: The 
Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. Co., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. Home: 3947 North Lake 
Dr., Milwaukee, Wis. Summer res.: The 
Berkshires, N.Y. 

BEDDLE, Ward Gray, comptroller, 
and secretary of bd. of trustees of Ind. 
Univ.; b. Madison City, 23 Mar. 1891; s. 
Charles W. Biddle, farmer, stockman, 
and Nellie M. (Gray) B.; ed. Pendleton 
high sen.; Winona Coll., 1 term; A.B., 
Ind. Univ., 1916; m. Donna Ruth 
Roberts of Oxford, Ind., 3 June 1917; 
children— Betty Ruth, Nancy Ward. 
Teacher, Adams Twp. pub. sens., 1909- 
11, Middleton pub. schs., 1911-12; prin. 
Pendleton grade schs., 1912-14; asst. 
sec, treas., Pendleton Trust Co., 1916- 
19; asst. cashier, Anderson Banking Co., 
1919-21; cashier, dir., Middletown State 
Bank, 1921-23; mgr., Ind. Univ. Book- 
store, 1923-36; dir., Ind. Union Bldg., 
1932-36; comptroller, Ind. Univ., 1936—, 
sec. bd. tr., 1937 — ; dir., Bloomington 
Chamber Commerce Bd., 1940-41; mem. 
bd. dir., Ind. Univ. Foundation, 1937 — ; 
rep., Monroe Co., Ind. Legis., 1931-33, 
state senator, 1933-37; mem. Sigma Nu 
(nat. v. regent, 1939-41), Nat. Assn. Coll. 
Unions (life), Nat. Assn. Coll. Stores 
(life mem., pres., 1930-32), Beta Gamma 
Sigma (bus. hon.), Masons (33d deg.), 
Royal and Select Masons (grand master 
of Ind., 1939), Hon. Order of Ky. Cols., 
Ind. Soc. Pioneers, Indianapolis Press 
Club, Alpha Phi Omega (hon. mem.), 
Nat. Soc. Scabbard and Blade (hon. 

mem.), Daubers and Management of 
Ind. Univ. (hon.), Columbia (Indian- 
apolis), Kiwanis (pres., Bloomington, 
1931). Father, mem. Ind. legislature, 
1911-15; great grandfather came to Ind., 
1828. Interests: drama, art, music. Pres- 
byterian. Office: Indiana Univ., Bloom- 
ington, Ind. Home: 601 S. Park Av., 
Bloomington, Ind. 

KARSTAEDT, Clinton Frederick, 

newspaper pub.; b. Elkhart, Ind., 6 
Sept. 1888; s. Lewis Karstaedt and Maud 
Janette (Swain) K.; student Beloit 
(Wis.) high sen., 1902-06; extension 
courses, Univ. Wis., 1916; m. Nellie 
Louise Martin, 15 June 1910; 1 son, 
Martin Frederick. With Warner Instru- 
ment Co., Beloit, 1906-07; bookkeeper 
Fairbanks Morse & Co., Beloit, 1907; 
with Daily News Pub. Co., 1907—, dir., 
sec.-treas., 1915 — , co-publisher, Mar. 
1940 — ; v.p. Monroe Times Pub. Co.; 
dir. Y.M.C.A. ; chmn. Beloit Chap. Am. 
Red Cross; mem. Inland Daily Pres3 
Assn. (chmn. bd.), Wis. Daily News- 
paper League (sec.-treas.), Rotary In- 
ternat. (p. chmn. mag. com.), Sigma 
Delta Chi; wrote appendix for News- 
paper Management (by F. Thayer), 
1926, for revised edit., 1938; listed as 
collaborator Bastian-Case third edition 
Jan. 1943 (McMillan), Editing the Day's 
News. Republican. Baptist (trustee). 
Mason (33d deg., Shriner). Clubs: Ro- 
tary Internat. (ex-gov. 144th Dist), Be- 
loit Rotary, Beloit Country, Forrest Hills 
Golf (Rockford, 111.). Office: 413-15-17 
Pleasant St., Beloit, Wis. Home: 820 
Milwaukee Rd., Beloit, Wis. 

BROWN, Robert C, Jr., patent law- 
yer; b. Evanston, 111., 7 Sept. 1906; s. 
R. Clarence Brown, realtor, and Ella 
(Pierce) B. ; ed. Evanston Twp. high 
sch. ; B.S., Engring. Sen., Northwestern 
Univ., 1926, J.D., Law Sch., 1928, M.S., 
Grad. Sch., 1929; m. Alice Haas of 
Evanston, 111., 15 June 1931; children — 
Lawrence Haas, Warren Pierce, Ronald 
Owen. Practice patent law with Harvey 
L. Hansen, 1928-29; assoc. firm Gillson, 
Mann & Cox, 1929-38; partner firm 
Mann, Brown & Cox, 1938-44; partner 
Mann and Brown, 1944 — ; p. dir., David- 
son Mfg. Corp.; chmn. Assoc. Defense 
Com., Chicago Tech. Soc, 1940-44; v.p. 
Physics Club Chicago, 1941-42; mem. 
Chicago Patent Law Assn., Chicago Bar 
Assn., Delta Tau Delta, Phi Alpha 
Delta, Am. Bar Assn. Clubs: Union 
League (Chicago), University (Evans- 
ton), Exmoor (Highland Park). Travel: 
Mediterranean countries, U.S. (exten- 
sive). Recreations: tennis, golf, curling. 


Protestant. Republican. Office: 53 W. 
Jackson Blvd., Chicago, 111. Home: 261 
Lakewood PL, Highland Park, 111. 

HENES, Edwin, Jr., physician, execu- 
tive; b. New York, N.Y., 28 Jan. 1885; 
s. Edwin Henes and Caroline L. (Schif- 
fer) H.; ed. pvt., pub. schs. in New 
York, N.Y.; Coll. City of N.Y.; A.B., 
Columbia Coll., 1907; M.D., Coll. Physi- 
cians and Surgeons, 1910; Univ. Frei- 
burg; Univ. Berlin, Ger.; m. Irma L. 
Manegold of Milwaukee, 5 Aug. 1912; 
children— Virginia (Mrs. Arthur Young, 
Jr.), Edwin, III. Devoted many yrs. to 
med. practice and edn., med. orgn. sci. 
res.; dir. and v. p., Fox Head Waukesha 
Corp., pres., Milwaukee Acad, of Medi- 
cine; capt., M.C., U.S. Army, chief Med. 
Service, Gen. Hosp. No. 12, during 
World War I; at present major, M.C. 
U.S.A. Reserve; mem. Co. State Am. 
Med. Assns., Inter-state Post Grad. 
Med. Assn. No. Am. (formerly exec, 
dir.), A.M.P.O., Fellow, Am. Coll. of 
Physicians, Acad, of Medicine (Mil- 
waukee). Clubs: University, Minocqua 
Country. Author: many arts, on original 
researches. Travel: Eur., U.S., Desc. 
grandfather active in Revolutionary Mi- 
gration from Germany, 1848. Interests: 
civic affairs, trusteeships, music, ever- 
green trees. Recreation: North Woods, 
fishing, golf. English Lutheran. Inde- 
pendent. Office: 759 No. Milwaukee St., 
Milwaukee 2, Wis. Home: Cudahy 
Tower, 925 E. Wells St., Milwaukee, 
Wis. Summer res.: Lake Minocqua, 
Minocqua, Wis. 

STIBGEN, Geary Vance, lawyer; b. 
Ridge Farm, 111., 4 Dec. 1888; s. Andrew 
Ellsworth Stibgen, miller, and Etta 
(Bean) S.; ed. Henry (111.) high sch., 
1906; LL.B., 111. Coll. Law, De Paul 
Univ., 1909; m. Frances Hauber of Chi- 
cago, 111., 12 June 1912; children— Nor- 
man Arthur (dec), Betty Jean, Robert 
Roy. With trust dept, Central Trust Co. 
of 111., Chicago, 1921-25, trust officer, 
1923-25; real estate bus., 1926-27; trust 
officer, Central Mfg. Dist. Bank, 1927-32: 
gen. law practice, 1932—; sec, tr., Bel- 
mont Community Hosp. Assn.; mem. 
Am., 111. State and Chicago Bar Assns. 
Interests: collecting bells, sports, duck 
hunting. Republican. Office: Room 1524, 
160 N. La Salle St., Chicago, 111. Home: 
3620 N. Harding Av., Chicago, 111. 

SODERLIND, Nona Bymark, sculp- 
tor; b. St. Paul, Minn., 16 July 1900; d. 
John P. S. Bymark, elec. engr., and 
Alice Elizabeth M. (Magnuson) S.; ed. 
East high sch., Minneapolis, Minn.; 

Minneapolis Inst, of Arts; Cranbrook 
Acad, of Fine Arts, Detroit, Mich.; m. 
Dr. R. T. Soderlind of Minneapolis, 
Minn., 17 Sept. 1922; children— Daniel, 
Bror, Phillip. Reed. Minn. Arts Union 
award, 3d prize, Minn. State Fair, 1928, 
Premium Award, 1931, 3d Prize, Minne- 
apolis Inst, of Arts, 1928, 1st prize, 1930, 
2d prize, 1931; works: Relief of Gov. 
Olsen for Farmer Labor Party, Portrait 
of Victor Nelson, Minneapolis Mus. 
Critic, Am. Inst. Swedish Arts, Lit. & 
Sci., Minneapolis, Minn.; mem. Minn. 
Arts Assn. Interest: vocal studies. Lu- 
theran. Office and home: 141 E. 51st St., 
Minneapolis, Minn. Summer res.: Ma- 
rine on St. Croix, Minn. 

DAVIS, John Calvin, eye, ear, nose 
and throat specialist; b. Omaha, Neb., 
9 Nov. 1890; s. Dr. John C. Davis and 
Alice (Overton) D.; ed. Omaha high 
sch.; Univ. Neb., 1 yr.; Harvard Univ., 
2 yrs.; A.B., Univ. Neb., 1914, M.D., 
1917; Am. Acad, of Ophthalmology and 
Otolaryngology, 1927; m. Elizabeth K. 
Norton of Elkhorn, Wis., 9 Apr. 1921; 
1 son, John Calvin, III. Post-grad, study, 
N.Y., 1920, Vienna Clinics, 1930; served 
as 1st It., M.R.C., 1917-19, capt., 1919; 
fellow A.C.S., 1927; mem. A.M.A. Clubs: 
Lions, Athletic, Happy Hollow. Travel: 
U.S., Can., Mex., Eur. Interests: min- 
eral rocks, stamps. Recreations: golf, 
fishing, hiking. Presbyterian. Democrat. 
Office: 425 Aquila Court, Omaha, Neb. 
Home: 119 So. 53d St., Omaha, Neb. 

RING, Otto Frank, lawyer; b. Chi- 
cago, 111., 22 Dec. 1884; s. Frank J. 
Ring, tailor, and Frances (Tauchen) R., 
M.D., ed. Joseph Medill high sch.; 
LL.B., Chicago Kent Coll. Law, 1906, 
LL.M., 1908; m. Rose Sykora of Chicago, 
111., 30 June 1909; children— Rosella, 
Adelaide L. Partner in Smejkal-Klenha 
& Ring, 1906-12, Jones Bryant, Kerner, 
Ring & Posvic, 1912-15; pvt. practice, 
1915-25; partner, Ring, Uhlir & Cuchna, 
1925 — ; dir., Kaspar Am. State Bank, 
Chicago; legal advisor, assoc. Div. No. 
24, Selective Service System; mem. Am. 
and 111. Bar Assns., Chicago Law Inst., 
Bohemian Charitable Assn. Clubs: 
Yacht, Bohemian Lawyers, Medinah 
Temple, O.F. Interests: motor boating, 
golf. Protestant. Republican. Office: 125 
W. Madison St., Chicago, 111. Home: 
1420 W. 18th St., Chicago, 111. Summer 
home: Ingleside, 111. 

BENNETT, John William, lawyer; b. 
Marion, Ind., 17 Sept. 1897; s. C. M. 
Bennett, contractor, and Rozella 
(Moore) B.; ed. Topeka (Kan.) high 
sch.; Washburn Law Sch., 1918-19; 


LL.B., John Marshall Law Sen.; m. 
Lina Muller of Newport, R.I., 28 Sept. 
1918; children— John M., Marlene. In 
U.S.N., 1918-19; Wholesale Drug Co., 
Chicago, 3 yrs. ; income tax service, 
Halsey Stuart Co.; admitted to 111. bar, 
1922; engaged in practice with Edward 
M. Colbach, continuing under firm name 
of Bennett & Colbach, 1927—; mem. 
Shrine, K.T., Chicago, 111. and Am. Bar 
Assns. Clubs: Kiwanis, Builders, North 
Shore Sportsman (dir.). Co-author: Mu- 
nicipal Court Rules. Desc. Isaac Black- 
ford, first chief justice, Ind. Supreme 
Ct. Interest: bowling. Republican. Of- 
fice: 228 N. La Salle St., Chicago, 111. 
Home: 3832 N. Freemont St., Chicago, 
111. Summer home: Pistaqua Bay, 111. 

COLE, Frank, clergyman; b. Whar- 
ton, O., 28 Oct. 1867; s. David D. Cole, 
business executive, and Mary Catherine 
(Bell) C; ed. Beebe (Ark.) high sch.; 
Stone's Bus. Coll.; Law student, Little 
Rock, Ark.; Little Rock Univ., 1890-94; 
Neb. Wesleyan Univ. (University Place, 
Neb.), 1895-1897, Ph.B., 1897; D.D., Cor- 
nell Coll. (Mt. Vernon), 1908; m. Mary 
J. Caradine of Beebe, Ark., 10 Feb. 
1897; children— Russell D., Mrs. Mary 
Elizabeth Cole Hinkle. Taught sch., 
1894; admitted on trial, Ark. Conf. Meth. 
Ch., 1895; ordained deacon, 1898, elder, 
1900; pastor, Mammoth Springs, Ark., 
1895, Emerald, Neb., 1895-96, Browns- 
combe Memorial Ch., Ft. Smith, Ark., 
1897-99; transferred to Upper la. Conf., 
1899; pastor, Northwood, 1899-1902, Wav- 
erly, 1902-06, First Ch., Waterloo, 1906- 
11, St. John's Meth. Ch., Davenport, 
1911-21; supt., Cedar Rapids Dist. of 
Meth. Ch., 1921-27; v.p., Cornell Coll., 
1927-40, pres. bd. trs., 1926-4C, tr., 1912—, 
financial sec, 1927-39, mem. exec, com., 
bd. trs., 1916—, chmn. of exec, com., 
1927-45, now financial advisor; pres. bd. 
trs., Upper la. Annual Conf., 1929-40; 
mem. Gen. Confs. Meth. Ch., 1912- 1916, 
1928, Bd. Fgn. Missions, Meth. Ch., 
1928-36, Bd. dirs. of St. Luke's Hosp., 
Cedar Rapids, la., 1923 — ; mem. bd. 
dirs., Mt. Vernon Bank & Trust Co., Mt. 
Vernon, la., 1931—; Chautauqua lec- 
turer, summer, 1918; Y.M.C.A. sec, 
A.E.F., Fr., 1917-18; mem. Phi Kappa 
Phi, Mason (32d deg.), Scottish Rite, 
A.F. & A.M. (grand chaplain, Grand 
Lodge of la., 1917). Methodist. Repub- 
lican. Office: Cornell Coll., Mt. Vernon, 
la. Home: 906 Summit Av., Mt. Vernon, 
la. Summer res.: Coledale Farm, Route 
2, Grand Rapids, Minn. 

LESCHER, Henry George G., physi- 
cian, surgeon; b. Chicago, 111., 16 Apr. 

1894; s. Charles Lescher, machinist, and 
Anna L.; ed. St. Philomena Sch.; St. 
Ignatius high sch.; B. Pharm., Cent. 
States Sch. of Pharm., 1912, Ph.G., 1913, 
Phar. M., 1916; M.D., Loyola Univ. Sch. 
Med., 1917; interneship certificate, St. 
Anne's Hosp., 1918; m. Loretto Kretz of 
Galion, O., 30 May 1917; children- 
Henry Wm., Robert, Mary Rose, 
George, William, Charles, Alfred, John, 
Dorothy, Elizabeth, Loretto. Sr. surgeon, 
staff of St. Anne's Hosp.; served as 1st 
It., Med. Corps, U.S.A., during World 
War I; mem. A.M.A., 111. State Med. 
Soc, Chicago Med. Soc, C.O.F., W.C.U., 
C.G.A. Recreations: farming (Lake 
Villa, HI.), dairying, boating, swim- 
ming. Catholic. Office: 4158 Armitage 
Av., Chicago, 111. Home: 2435 N. Sayre 
Av., Chicago, 111. Summer res.: Fox 
St., McHenry, 111. 

LEVITON, Charles, lawyer; b. New 
York, N.Y., 26 Jan. 1889; s. Adolph H. 
Leviton, physician, and Betty (Soble) 
L.; ed. Medill high sch.; Ph.B., Univ. 
Chicago, 1909; J.D. (cum laude), Univ. 
Chicago Law Sch., 1911; m. Juliet 
Raphael of Chicago. Practiced law, Chi- 
cago, 1911—; mem. Chicago Bar Assn. 
(chmn., Com. Unauthorized Practice, 
1934-35; bd. mgrs., 1935-37, gen. coun- 
sel), 111. State Bar Assn. (chmn. Sect. 
Unauthorized Practice, 1936), Am. Bar 
Assn. (mem., assoc, Adv. Com. Un- 
authorized Practice, 1935), Chicago Law 
Inst., Art Inst. Chicago, Acad. Polit. 
Sci., Am. Acad. Political and Social Sci. 
Clubs: Chicago Literary, City (Chicago). 
Author: various arts, in legal pubis. 
Jewish. Office: 29 S. La Salle St., Chi- 
cago, 111. Home: 162 E. Ohio St., Chi- 
cago, 111. Summer res.: New Buffalo, 

WHITTY, Elmer Joseph, lawyer; b. 
Chicago, HI., 22 Mar. 1886; s. Valentine 
Owen Whitty, bus. man, and Caroline 
A. (Whitney) W.; ed. St. James paro- 
chial sch., and high sch.; Notre Dame 
Univ.; LL.B., Loyola Univ., 1913; m. 
Marguerite E. Byrnes of Chicago, HI., 
22 June 1921. Admitted to 111. Bar, 1913; 
assoc with law firm, Freeman, Mason 
& Igoe, 4 yrs.; asst. U.S. Atty. under 
Chas. F. Clyne, 6 yrs.; Fire Atty., City 
of Chicago (Mayor Dever, Francis X. 
Busch, Corp. Counsel); sec, So. Park 
Commrs.; 1st asst. atty., Sanitary Dist., 
Chicago; partner, Whitty & McGah; 
mem. Am., 111. and Chicago Bar Assns., 
K.C., Nat. Geog. Soc Club: South Shore 
Country. Recreations: swimming, bowl- 
ing, golfing. Catholic. Democrat. Office: 


77 W. Washington St., Chicago, HI. 
Home: 6529 Kenwood Av., Chicago, 111. 

BOND, Ethel, associate professor; b. 
Champaign, Co., 111.; d. David Bond 
and Elizabeth (Edwards) B.; ed. Cham- 
paign high sen.; A.B., Univ. 111., 1907, 
B.L.S., 1908. Asst. cataloger, Northwest- 
ern Univ., 1908-09; head cataloger, O. 
Wesleyan Univ., 1909-12; part-time asst., 
catalog dept., Univ. 111. Library, 1912- 
16; assoc. prof. Library Sen., 1912—; 
instr. Columbia Univ. Sch. Library 
Service, summer, 1929; mem. A.L.A., 
111. Library Assn., Bibliog. Soc. Am., 
Assn. Coll. and Reference Libraries, 
A.A.U.P., A.A.U.W. Club: Champaign 
Bus. and Prof. Women's. Presbyterian. 
Republican. Office: Univ. of HI., Ur- 
bana, 111. Home: 1108 S. Lincoln Av., 
Urbana, 111. 

BONDURANT, Flint, surgeon; b. 
Charleston, Mo., 23 Sept. 1885; s. A. A. 
Bondurant, physician, and Mary Jane 
(Baker) B.; ed. Cairo high sch.; B.S., 
Northwestern Univ., 1907, M.D., 1909; 
m. Blanche Thistlewood of Cairo, 111., 
14 Feb. 1914. State bacteriologist, 111., 
1909; res. surgeon, Cook Co. Hosp., 1909- 
11; «urg. pract., Cairo, HI., 1912—; 
fellow Internat. Coll. of Surgeons, F. 
A.C.S.; 1st It. Evacuation Hosp. Group, 
Med. Corps, U.S.A., during World War 
I; mem. Cairo Assn. of Commerce 
(pres., 1923), Masons, Knights Templar, 
Shrine. Club: Kiwanis (pres., 1922) 
Travel: So. Am., Mex., Can., Alaska. 
Baptist. Democrat. Office: 800 Commer- 
cial Av., Cairo, HI. Home: 2907 Park 
PL, W., Cairo, HI. 

CAMPBELL, Coyne Herbert, psychi- 
atrist; b. Davidson, Okla., 4 Mar. 1904- 
s. David Crockett Campbell, farmer 
stockman, and Elizabeth (Thorp) C • 
ed. Univ. Okla., 1920-24; A.B., Univ'. 
Chicago, 1924, M.D., 1928; m. Seiler 
Feger of Enid, Okla., 1929; children- 
Gloria, Ruth Ann, Carolyn, Barbara 
hue; m. (2d) Margaret Drake of Enid 
Okla., 1943; asst. supt., Okla. State 

*£?" r. , yr ;l P° st -^ ad - neuropsychi- 
atry, Columbia Univ., 18 mos.; pvt 
pract Oklahoma City, 1933-36, Inst' 
Psychoanalysis, Chicago, HI., 1936-37 : 
established Coyne Campbell Clinic and 
Sanatarium for Nervous & Mental Dis- 
eases, Oklahome City, Okla., 1939- dir 
Inst, for Neuropsychiatry, Oklahoma 
City, Coyne Campbell Sanitarium; 
assoc, neuropsychiatry, Univ. Okla 
Sch. Med.; mem. Phi Beta Kappa, 
Sigma Xi, Am. Psychiatric Assn., Am. 
Psychoanalytic Assn., fellow Am. Coll. 


Phys. Club: Okla. Young Men's Dinner. 
Author: numerous sci. arts, on psychi- 
atry, neurology. Interests: photog., 
sociological philosophy. Recreations : 
fishing, walking. Office: 131 N.E. 4th St., 
Oklahoma City, Okla. Home: 1300 N.W. 
20th St., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

BURGESS, Harold Dempster, lawyer; 
b. Dundee, 111., 10 July 1895; s. John W. 
Burgess and Sadie E. (Dempster) B.; 
ed. Beatrice pub. sens., Neb.; Univ. 
Colo.; Univ. Neb.; Univ. Chicago; m. 
Clara W. Worden of Beatrice, Neb., 31 
Dec. 1919. Mem. 111. State, Chicago, 
Am. Bar Assns., Chicago Law Inst. 
Cubs: Law, Legal (Chicago), Mid-Day, 
Edgewood Valley Country. Recreation: 
golf. Episcopalian. Republican. Office: 
134 S. La Salle St., Chicago, 111. Home: 
644 So. County Line Rd., Hinsdale, 111. 

BRUCE, William George, editor, pub- 
lisher; b. Milwaukee, Wis., 17 Mar. 
1856; s. Augustus F. Bruce, carpenter, 
and Appollonia (Becker) B.; ed. LL.B. 
(hon.), Mt. Mary Coll., 1939; m. Monica 
Moehring of Milwaukee, Wis., 4 May 
1881; children— William C, Frank M., 
Monica. Factory worker, 1870-81, elk., 
1882; reporter, 1884, ed., pub., 1891; 
pres., Milwaukee Harbor Commn., Mil- 
waukee Auditorium, Am. State Bank, 
Wis. Deep Waterways Commn., Dioce- 
san Holy Name Soc. (pres. emeritus); 
v. chmn., Nat. Seaway Council. Author: 
History of Milwaukee; Commercial Or- 
ganizations; The Commercial Secre- 
tary; I Was Born in America (auto- 
biography); pamphlets on taxation, 
social ins., etc. Recreation: amateur 
photog. Catholic. Democrat. Office: 
Montgomery Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis 
Home: 1137 S. Third St., Milwaukee,' 
Wis. Summer res.: Lake Beulah, Wal- 
worth Co., Wis. 

BAKER, Helen Cody, writer; b. Chi- 
cago, HI., 24 Dec. 1889; d. Arthur B. 
Cody, lawyer, and Grace (Goodrich) C ■ 
ed. Hyde Park (HI.) high sch.; Univ'. 
Chicago; m. John Cuyler Baker of Chi- 
cago, 111., 17 June 1910; children— Albert 
G. (adopted), John C, Jr. (dec), Philo- 
mela. Sold first story to Chicago Daily 
News, 1905; free lance writer, mags 
and newspapers, 1905-21; publicity sec " 

Sf, C r dI of Social Agencies, 
1921-45; lecturer, George Williams Coll., 
Northwestern Univ.; columnist, Chicago 
Daily News-; mem. Nat. Social Work 
Publicity Council (bd. mem., 4 yrs., 
chmn., l yr .), Nat. Conf. of Social Work 
(exec. com. mem.. 1939-41), Am. Assn. 
of Social Workers. Club: Esoteric (Univ. 
of Chicago). Author: How to Interpret 

Social Work (collab. M.S.R.); many 
mag. and newspaper arts. Travel: Eng., 
Fr. Desc. Philip Le Codie, Beverly, 
Mass., 1698, Roger Sherman, signer of 
Declaration of Independence, early pio- 
neers to 111., 1830-40; great granddau. 
Dr. Parker Sedgwick, granddau., Judge 
H. H. Cody. Interest: needlework, gar- 
dening. Episcopalian. Democrat. Home: 
5348 Dorchester Av., Chicago, 111. 

CASSLER, James A., attorney at law; 
b. Rice Co., 5 Nov. 1881; s. L. D. Cass- 
ler, merchant, and Lucinda (Henney) 
C. ; ed. Mountridge high sell.; LL.B., 
Kan. Univ., 1910; m. Alexia D. McBoyle 
of Abilene, Kan., 1926. Engaged in 
pract. law, McPherson, 1&10— ; mem. 
law firm, Cassler & Lackie; dir. Mc- 
Pherson Citizen State Bank, Pioneer 
Savings & Loan Assn., McPherson; 
state senator, 78th dist. of Kan., 1943 — ; 
in First Officers Training Camp, Ft. 
Riley, 2V 2 mos., during World War I; 
mem. Elks, Mason (grand master of 
Kan., 1934). Clubs: Rotary, Country. 
Travel: Can., Mex., U.S. Recreation: 
travel. Methodist Episcopal. Repub- 
lican. Office: McPherson, Kan. Home: 
700 S. Maple, McPherson, Kan. 

CLAAR, Elmer Allen, realtor; b. Al- 
toona, Pa., 15 Oct. 1891; s. Jacob V. 
Claar, realtor, and Nora (Westerfield) 
C. ; ed. Moline high sch.; A.B., Univ. 
111., 1915; Harvard, 1916; LL.B., North- 
western Univ., 1920; m. Evelyn J. Smith 
of Wauwatosa, 111., 25 Dec. 1920; chil- 
dren—Nancy Joanne, Elmer Allen. 
Practiced law in Chicago, 1920-22; mgr., 
Lake View Real Estate Exchange, 1922- 
24, Baird and Warner's Coop., apart- 
ment dept, 1924-26; pres., Elmer A. 
Claar and Co., real estate, 1926 — ; dir., 
sec. and treas., 1400 Lake Shore Drive 
Corp.; agt. and mgr., 1400 Lake Shore 
Drive Bldg.; organizer and teacher of 
first class in real estate at Northwestern 
Univ.; specialized in cooperative apts.; 
in charge of constrn. of more than 500 
apts. on Lake Shore Drive; chmn. of 
the Daylily Com. of the Am. Amaryllis 
Soc; mem. Masons, Odd Fellows. Au- 
thor: Cooperative Apartment Homes as 
an Investment. Interests: conchology, 
flowers, colored photog. Baptist. Office: 
1400 Lake Shore Dr., Chicago, 111. 
Home: 1301 Chestnut St., Wilmette, 111. 

LANDIS, Harry DeWitt, dist. judge; 
b. Sterling, 111., 17 July 1878; s. Elam 
Hershey Landis, mcht. farmer, and 
Alice Narcissa (Eshleman) L. ; ed. 
grade schs., Mildord; Lincoln high sch.; 
B.Sc, Univ. Neb., 1899, LL.B., 1901. 
J.D., 1919; m. Alice Mabel Cattle of 

Seward, 27 June 1907; children— Harry 
DeWitt, Walter Elam, John Cattle, 
Frank Eshleman, Alice Mabel, George 
Edward. Engaged in practice of law, 
now district judge; tr. Hastings Coll.; 
regent, Univ. Neb.; dir. Univ. Founda- 
tion; pres. Neb. Council Crime Preven- 
tion; It. col., Judge Advocate Gen., 
Res.; mem. Am., Neb. State and 
Sev/ard Co. Bar Assns., Masons, Odd 
Fellows, Elks, Sons of Hermann, Sigma 
Chi, Phi Delta Phi, Pi Gamma Mu, 
Sojourners. Club: University. Presby- 
terian. Independent. Office: Court 
House, Seward, Neb. Home: 34 Lincoln 
St., Seward, Neb. 

MITCHELL, Samuel Alfred, lawyer; 
b. Washington Co., Ark., 27 May 1883; 
s. John Campbell Mitchell, teacher, and 
Mary (West) M. ; ed. pub. schs.; univ. 
prep, sch; A.B., Univ. Ark.; LL.B., 
Univ. Mich.; m. Ruth Young of St. 
Louis, Mo., 14 June 1910; children- 
Samuel West, Thomas Crane, Nancy 
Mitchell Neill. Pract. law, St. Louis 
Mo., 1906—; mem. firm Thompson 
Mitchell, Thompson & Young; dir. Mer 
cantile-Commerce Bank and Trust Co. 
Mercantile Commerce Nat. Bank, Ful 
ton Iron Works Co., Texas & Pacific 
R.R. Co., Elder Mfg. Co., Rhodes-Bur 
ford House Furnishing Co.; mem. Am. 
Mo., and St. Louis Bar Assns., Kappa 
Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa. Clubs: Noon 
day, Bogey Golf, Univ. Racquet. Rec 
reation: Golf. Presbyterian. Democrat 
Office: 705 Olive St., St. Louis, Mo 
Home: 6 Windermere PI., St. Louis, Mo 
Summer res. : Fern Hollow Farm 
Spring Lake, Mich. 

NEWMAN, Cecil Earl, editor and pub- 
lisher; b. Kansas City, Mo., 25 July 
1903; s. H. O. Newman and Cora Lee 
(Saunders) N. ; ed. Lincoln high sch.; 
m. De Velma Hall of Des Moines, 11 
June 1937; 1 son, H. Oscar. Ed., Twin 
City Herald, 1927-34; pub. Timely 
Digest Mag., 1931-32; ed., pub., Minne- 
apolis Spokesman, St. Paul Recorder, 
1934—; tr. St. Peter A.M.E. Ch.; mem. 
Minneapolis Urban League, Minneapolis 
Bus. and Prof. Assn., Minneapolis Br. 
N.A.A.C.P., Minn. Planned Parenthood 
League, Phyllis Wheatley House, Minn. 
Editorial Assn., exec. bd. N. N. Pub. 
Assn. Clubs: Rawjess, Lawns and Gar- 
den, Sterling. Methodist. Independent. 
Office: 314 Third Av., So., Minneapolis, 
Minn. Home: 2900 Portland Av., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

ARBUCKLE, John William, lawyer; 
b. Fayette Co., la., 19 Aug. 1864; s. 
James M. Arbuckle, farmer, and 


Martha (Montgomery) A.; ed. Manches- 
ter Acad.; Epworth Sem.; B.Ph., Cor- 
nell Coll., 1886, M. Ph., 1889; LL.B. 
(magna cum laude), Boston Univ. Law 
Sch., 1890; m. Myra M. Craig of Allison, 
la., 21 Oct. 1891; children— Craig M., 
Myron C. Teacher, 1885-90; admitted to 
bar in 1890; pract. law, in all Courts of 
la. and adjoining States, with offices at 
Parkensburg, la., 1890-98, Waterloo, la., 
1898—; assoc. with firm Courtright and 
Ar buckle many yrs., Arbuckle and Ar- 
buckle, 1921 — ; many of former director- 
ships are now terminated; co. atty., 
Butler Co., 4 yrs.; mem. Sch. Bd., 
Waterloo, la., 15 yrs., pres. 10 yrs.; 
mem. Meth. Gen. Conf., 1924-28; mem. 
Black Hawk Co. and la. State Bar 
Assns., Phi Beta Kappa, Masons. Clubs: 
Optimists, Fortnightly. Author: Yester- 
day and Tomorrow; In the Midst of the 
Years. Travel: U.S. Interests: reading 
(extensive), gardening. Methodist. Re- 
publican. Office: 609-610 First National 
Bldg., Waterloo, la. Home: 519 E. Park 
Av., Waterloo, la. 

GREEN, Howard Ruggles, consulting 
engineer; b. Amboy, 111., 19 Aug. 1890; 
s. Wm. A. Green and Elizabeth (Cooley) 
G.; ed. Williston (Mass.) Acad.; Univ. 
111., 1912; m. Stella Wolfe of Cedar 
Rapids, la., 1914; children— Wm. H., 
Nancy, Polly. Various engring. positions 
to 1913; pvt. engring. bus., 1913 — ; sr. 
partner, Howard R. Green Co.; dir., la. 
Elec. Lt. & Power Co., Guaranty Bank 
& Trust Co., Roosevelt Hotel Co.; mem. 
la. State Bd. of Engring. Examiners; 
mem. A.S.C.E., la. Engring. Soc. (p. 
v.p.), Am. Water Works Assn., Chamber 
Commerce (p. pres., Cedar Rapids), 
la. Wastes Disposal Assn., A.F. & A.M., 
Elks, S.A.R., Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 
Club: Cedar Rapids Country. Author: 
various arts, on constr. and financing of 
municipal improvements. Recreations: 
reading, amateur writing. Conglist. Re- 
publican. Office: Bever Bldg., Cedar 
Rapids, la. Home: Cedar Rapids, la. 

OSTERBERG, Arnold Erwin, bio- 
chemist; b. Minneapolis, Minn., 9 Feb. 
1894; s. Emanuel Osterberg, retired 
mcht, and Marie (Olsen) O.; ed. Seattle 
(Wash.) high sch.; B.S. (Ch.E.). Univ. 
Wash., 1916; M.S., Univ. Minn., 1921, 
Ph.D., 1925; m. Anne Curtis of Seattle, 
Wash., 11 May 1918; children— Annette 
Lucille, Arnold Curtis, Donna Marie. 
Teacher chemistry, physics, biology, 
Roslyn high sch., 1916-17; first asst., 
Mayo Clinic, 1917; assoc. in sect, of 
biochemistry, Mayo Foundation, Univ. 
Minn., 1924-40, head sect, of clin. bio- 

chemistry, 1930 — ; assoc. prof, biochem- 
istry, 1924-44, prof., 1944—; lt. Signal 
Corps, U.S.A., 7 mos. during World War 
I; fellow A.A.A.S.; mem. Am. Soc. Biol. 
Chemists, Am. Chem. Soc, Am. Legion, 
Phi Lambda Upsilon, Sigma Xi. Clubs: 
University, Country. Author: approxi- 
mately 140 papers in various sci. pubis. 
Interests: golf, bowling, crypanalysis. 
Protestant. Republican. Office address: 
Abbott Laboratories, N. Chicago, 111. 

CARMXCHAEL, John Hugh, lawyer; 
b. Cairo, 111., 2 Feb. 1868; s. Isaac Hugh 
Carmichael, gen. contractor, and Mi- 
nerva (Beck) C; ed. Ft. Smith Dist. 
high sch.; Paris (Ark.) Acad.; LL.B., 
Univ. Ark., 1894; m. Amelia Parker of 
Paris, Ark., 10 Jan. 1893; children— Mrs. 
Lentes C. Moore, Camille C. Herndon 
(dec), John Hugh, Jr.; m. (2d) L. M. 
Beauchamp, 20 May 1933. Teacher, pub. 
schs., 1886-93; licensed to practice law, 
1893; dean, Law Dept., Univ. Ark., 1898- 
1915, dean, Ark. Law Sch., 1915 — ; pract. 
law, Little Rock, 1893—; dir. and p. 
pres., Lakeside Country Club; elected 
spl. chancellor, circuit judge and apptd. 
supreme court judge; mem. Little Rock 
Bar Assn., Ark. Bar Assn. (pres., 1918- 
19), Am. Bar Assn. Club: Lakeside 
Country. Author: Where Lies the Power 
to Enforce a Contract (pub. in Am. Law 
Review); Pioneer Incident. Travel: 
U.S., Eur., N. Zealand, So. Sea Islands, 
Australia. Recreation: fishing. Method- 
ist. Democrat. Office: 1012 Pyramid 
Bldg., Little Rock, Ark. Home: Route 4, 
Little Rock, Ark. 

MERCHANT, Iza White, educator; b. 
Durango, Colo., 28 May 1903; d. Forest 
White, r.r. exec, and Mary Catherine 
(Malloy) W.; ed. San Diego (Calif.) 
high sch.; Durango (Colo.) high sch.; 
Univ. Calif.; B.S., Colo. State Coll., Ft. 
Collins, Colo., 1924; M.S., la. State Coll., 
1928; m. Ival A. Merchant of Paonia, 
Colo., 25 Dec. 1925; children— Nancy 
Marie, Mary Alice, James Arthur. 
Instr., Ft. Lewis Jr. Coll., Hesperus, 
Colo., 1925; instr. Eng., la. State Coll., 
1927-28, com. on Eng., 1929, dir. of social 
life, in personnel, 1930-35; pres. city 
P.T.A. Council; first v.o. Fifth Dist. 
P.T.A.; chmn. exec bd. City Camp Fire 
Girls; mem. Am. Assn. Deans of 
Women (Nat. Press Com., 1932-33), Ad- 
ministrative Women (v.p., la. chap., 
1933-34), A.A.U.W. (press chmn., 1931- 
33), Kappa Delta, P.E.O., Mortar 
Board, Pi Kappa Delta. Club: Business 
and Professional Women's (pres., 1925). 
Author: arts, for ednl. jours. Recrea- 
tions: swimming, walking, golf. Episco- 


palian. Republican. Office and home: 
2332 Donald Av., Ames, la. 

SKILES, Charles McCIellan, lawyer; 
b. Ft. Madison, la., 7 July 1867; s. 
Alexander F. Skiles, farmer, and Mar- 
garet (Morrison) S.; ed. B.L., Univ. 
Neb., 1892; LL.B., 1895; m. Anna W. 
Swarr of Manheim, Pa., 29 June 1904; 
children — John A., Ruth (Mrs. Dahms). 
Judge, Butler Co., Neb., 3 terms; state 
senator, Butler and Seward Cos., 1911, 
Dem. nominee for Cong., 1912; gen. 
coun., State Guarantee Com. (handling 
assets of failed banks); asst. atty. gen., 
Banking Dept., 1928-31; gen. law pract., 
1931—; now U.S. Commr. for Neb., Lin- 
coln Div.; chmn., 4 Minute Men during 
World War I; mem. Bar Assns. Club: 
Knife and Fork (p. pres.). Author: 
newspaper and mag. arts, on Bank Re- 
ceiverships and Politics, etc. Travel: 
U.S. Recreation: golf. Conglist. Demo- 
crat. Office: 1218-19 Sharp Bldg., Lin- 
coln, Neb. Home: 1550 S. 21st, Lincoln, 

ARNOLD, Gladys Naomi, teacher of 
English, writer; b. Verdon, Neb., 3 Aug. 
1896; d. Vincent Arnold, farmer, and 
Dora (Kinney) A.; ed. Verdon (Neb.) 
high sen.; Crete Acad.; A.B., Doane 
Coll., 1919; grad. work, Univ. Neb., 
Univ. Colo. Instr., Eng., Geneva (Neb.) 
high sen., Norfolk (Neb.) high sen., 
contemporary Am. Lit., Clinton high 
sen., 1923—; writer, poems, pub. in 
mags., newspapers, and anthologies, 
many reprints and radio broadcasts, 
short stories, essays; mem., Am. Lit. 
Assn., Modern Bards, Poetry Soc. la., 
Ars Poetica Neb., Verse Writers' Guild, 
O., Internat. Mark Twain Soc. (hon.), 
N.E.A., la. State and Clinton Teachers' 
Assns. Author: Thread of Dreams (bro- 
chure of poetry); Sing the Melody (vol. 
of poetry). Travel: U.S. Interests: 
music, literature. Recreations: walking, 
motoring. Conglist. Republican. Office 
and home: Hotel Lafayette, Clinton, la. 
Summer home: Verdon, Neb. 

DILLINGER, James William, pastor, 
Ira, Iowa Christian Church on leave; 
s. James A. Dillinger, minister, and 
Mary C. (Armstrong) D.; ed. grad. stu- 
dent, Disciples Divinity House ;" Chicago 
Univ.; A.B., Drake Uinv., 1943. Assoc, 
pastor, First Christian Ch., Colorado 
Springs, Colo., summer, 1945; pres., 
Uni. Group, Uni. Church of Christ, Des 
Moines, 1942; mem. exec, com., Youth 
Planning Council Disciples of Christ, 
1942-43. Travel: U.S. Interests: art, in- 
ternat. relations. Independent. Repub- 
lican. Office: Disciples Divinity House, 

1156 E. 57th St., Chicago 37, HI. Home: 
1219 34th, Des Moines, la. 

COFFEY, Frederic D., public ac- 
countant; b. Wewoka, Okla., 10 Nov. 
1898; s. Emmett L. Coffey, teacher, and 
Appalona (Mitchell) C; ed. Central 
Y.M.C.A. high sen., Chicago; Prep 
Dept., Western Univ., Quindaro, Kan.; 
B.C.S., Sch. of Commerce, Central 
Y.M.C.A., 1923; Ph.B., Sch. of Bus., 
Univ. Chicago, 1926; m. Lydia P. Gas- 
kill of Chicago, 111., 1924. Bus. mgr., 
Wabash Dept. Y.M.C.A., Chicago, 1920- 
26; asst. to pres., Binga State Bank, 
Chicago, 1926-27; bus. mgr. and comp- 
troller, Provident Hosp., Chicago, 1928- 
43; pvt. pract., pub. accountant and 
management cons.; served as 2d It. Inf., 
Jan. -Dec, 1918; mem. Nat. Assn. of 
Cost Accountants, 111. Assn. of Pub. Ac- 
countants, Kappa Alpha Psi. Club: The 
Druids. Interests: making movies, read- 
ing. Recreations: bowling, fishing, auto- 
ing. Methodist. Republican. Office: 5120 
S. Parkway, Chicago, 111. Home: 5047 
St. Lawrence Av., Chicago, 111. 

VERSON, David C, business execu- 
tive; b. Rus., 24 May 1894; s. Morris 
Verson and Devora (Kaugman) V.; m. 
Pauline Duxler of Chicago, HI., 15 Nov. 
1925; children— Melvin David, Donald, 
Sidney, Debra, Judith. Pres., Verson 
Allstell Press Co.; mem. Art Inst, of 
Chicago (life mem.), Field Mus. (Chi- 
cago, life mem.), Masons, Shrine, 
Engrs. Soc. Pittsburgh (Pa.), Soc. 
Engrs. Cleveland. Club: Standard. 
Residence: 8345 S. Vernon Av., Chicago, 

McCARRELL, William Robert, pas- 
tor; b. Chicago, 8 Feb. 1886; s. Samuel 
James McCarrell, pub., importer, and 
Sarah (Wright) McC; ed. Harlem grade 
sch. (now Forest Park); Athenaeum 
Bus. Coll.; Moody Bible Inst., Chicago; 
m. Minnie Mense of Forest Park, 111., 
13 Oct. 1914; children— Myrtle, William, 
Jr., Gordon, James, Paul, Ruth, Grace, 
David, Daniel. Pastor, Cicero Bible Ch., 
Cicero, 32 yrs.; Bible teacher; evangel- 
ist; radio preacher; dir., mem., various 
mission councils; tr., mem. exec, com., 
Wheaton Coll., Wheaton; v.p., Chicago 
Hebrew Mission; tr., Bryan Univ., Day- 
ton, Tenn.; dir., Gt. Com. Prayer 
League, Chicago; dir., Faith Theol. 
Sem., Wilmington, Del.; v.p., Independ- 
ent Fundamental Chs. Am.; mem. Fac- 
ulty, Moody Bible Inst., Chicago. Au- 
thor: Christ's Seven Letters to His 
Church; weekly helps on Internat. Study 
School Lessons for Union Gospel Press, 
Cleveland, O.; mag. ed. work. Travel: 


Can., Alas., U.S. Independent Funda- 
mentalist. Republican. Office: 2230 S. 
52d Av., Cicero, 111. Home: 810 S. Gun- 
derson Av., Oak Park, 111. Summer 
home: Cedar Lake Bible Conf. Grounds, 
Cedar Lake, Ind. 

NORDSTRAND, Norman William, 

dean of men, St. Olaf Coll., Northfieid, 
Minn.; b. San Francisco, Calif., 15 Nov. 
1909; s. Nels Nordstrand, manufacturer, 
and Christofa (Magerholm) N.; ed. 
Cogswell Polytech. high sch., San Fran- 
cisco; Menlo Jr. Coll., Calif.; A.B., St. 
Olaf Coll., 1933; Stanford Univ., Univ. 
Calif.; Chicago Univ.; m. Lillian Aalia 
of San Francisco, Calif., 30 Sept. 1933. 
Coach, high sch., 1933-37; dean of men, 
freshman coach, Concordia Coll., 1937- 
38, Varsity Line Coach, 1938-40, 1940-41; 
dean of men, asst. prof. Eng., St. Olaf, 
1942—; mem. Blue Key. Clubs: Letter- 
man, St. Olaf, Concordia. Travel: U.S. 
Interest: reading. Recreations: sports, 
golf, tennis, swimming. Lutheran. Ad- 
dress: St. Olaf Coll., Northfieid, Minn. 

SANDELIUS, Walter Edward, profes- 
sor political science; b. Centerville, 
S.D., 25 Aug. 1897; s. Alfred E. San- 
delius, farmer, dairyman, and Joseph- 
ine H. (Jacobson) S.; ed. Moscow high 
sch., Ida.; B.A., Univ. Ida., 1919; B. Litt. 
Oxon, Oxford Univ., Eng., 1922; Ph.D., 
Brookings Inst., Washington, D.C., 1927; 
m. Viola Irene Oberg of Moscow, Ida., 
31 Aug. 1924; children— Irene W., Frank 
E.. Carol A. Rhodes Scholar, Oxford, 
1920-23; instr. Univ. Kan., 1923-24; asst. 
prof., 1924-28; cons, fellow, Brookings 
Inst., 1926-27; assoc. prof., Univ. Kan., 
1928-35. prof., 1935 — , head, dept. of polit. 
sci., 1937—; served 3 mos. in O.T.C., 
Tex. during World War I; mem. Am. 
Assn. of Polit. Sci., Am. Soc. of Pub. 
Adm., Am. Assn. Univ. Profs., Phi Beta 
Kaopa, Pi Sigma Alpha. Club: Kiwanis. 
Author: arts, in prof, jours. Travel: 
Eur. Interest: music. Recreation: 
tennis. Protestant. Office: Univ. of Kan., 
Lawrence, Kan. Home: 2325 Mass. St., 
Lawrence, Kan. 

HOFFSTROM, Piercy J., newspaper 
columnist; b. Mounds, Okla., 11 Jan. 
1896; s. Frank Hoffstrom, engr., and 
Emma Jane (Marshall) H.; ed. Lincoln 
high sch. (Seattle, Wash.); Univ. Wash. 
(Seattle, Wash.), 1915-16; m. Susie Vir- 
ginia of Seattle, Wash., 11 Jan. 1917; 
1 dau., Virginia. Engaged in stud. elec. 
engring. ; mem. engring. dept., Pacific 
Tel. & Tel. Co., 1920-23; free-lance artist, 
columnist, cartoonist, St. Paul Dispatch, 
St. Paul, Minn., 1923—; has radio pro- 
gram of humorous presentation of the 

news, over the North Central Broad- 
casting System (North and South Dak., 
Wis., Upper Mich, and Minn.); engaged 
in giving humorous illustrated lectures, 
midwest U.S.; served in U.S.A., Mexi- 
can border duty, 1916; mem. Elks (St. 
Paul), Sigma Delta Chi, Delta Phi 
Lambda (hon. mem.). Author: Hawf & 
Hawf (newspaper column). Interests: 
painting, making caricature masks, 
linoleum cuts. Recreation: golf. Inde- 
pendent. Office: St. Paul Dispatch, St. 
Paul, Minn. Home: 485 Otis Av., St. 
Paul 4, Minn. 

KINYON, Sidney William, investment 
banker; b. Owatonna, Minn., 18 Mar. 
1889; s. George Riley Kinyon, banker, 
and Alice Louise (Holt) K.; ed. Pills- 
bury Acad., Owatonna, Minn.; Carleton 
Coll., Northfieid; A.B., Harvard Coll., 
1909; Univ. Minn. Law Sch., 1910-11; m. 
Florence Riddell of Northfieid, 20 June 
1911; children — Sidney Jean, Barbara, 
Nancy Ann. V.p., First Nat. Bank of 
Owatonna, 1911-29; pres., 1929-34; pres., 
Kinyon Investment Co., 1933—; organ- 
ized 1st State Banks of Medford and 
Meriden, v.p., dir., several yrs.; p. dir., 
Farmers Nat. Bank of Waseca; dir., 
Kinyon Investment Co.; Owatonna Sch. 
Bd., 4 yrs.; co. chmn., six War Bond 
Campaigns during World Wars I and II. 
Clubs: Harvard (Minn.), Rotary, Owa- 
tonna Country, Minn. Valley Country. 
Travel: Eur., W.I., So. Am. Grandson, 
Wm. Riley Kinyon, pioneer of Owatonna 
(1858), speaker, Minn. House of Rep., 
1875-76. Interests: music, tennis, golf, 
fishing, hunting. Presbyterian. Repub- 
lican. Office and home: 344 E. Vine St., 
Owatonna, Minn. 

LAMKIN, Uel W., college president ; 
b. California, Mo., 18 Jan. 1877; s. E. P. 
Lamkin, teacher, and Susan (Williams) 
L. ; ed. Clinton Acad. (Jr. coll.), Mo. 
Univ., LL.D. (hon.), Westminster Coll., 
1918; LL.D. (hon.), Park Coll., 1939; m. 
Mary Cabell Dickinson of Clinton, 9 
June 1909; children— Billy (dec.), Dick 
(dec). Teacher, Washington Sch., Clin- 
ton, 1897; prin., Clinton high sch., 1901- 
06; high sch., insp., State Dept. Edn., 
1907-09; co. supt. schs., Henry Co., 1909- 
15; in bus. 1915-16; state sunt, schs., 
Mo., 1916-18; dir., Fed. Bd. Vocational 
Ed., 1919-21; pres., N.W. Mo. State 
Teachers Coll., 1921 — ; admitted to bar, 
1907; dir., Citizens State Bank of Mary- 
ville; mem. Elks, Masons, Mo. State 
Teachers Assn. (pres., 1912), N.E.A. 
(pres., 1929). Club: Maryville Country. 
Travel: Eur., Jap., China, So. Am., 
Lat. Am. Presbyterian. Democrat. Of- 
fice and home: Maryville, Mo. 


SIEGEL, G. Reginald, medical doc- 
tor; b. Wichita, Kan., 28 Dec. 1901; s. 
George H. Siegel (dec), phys., surg., 
and Ursula C. (Cameron) S.; ed. Cathe- 
drel high and jr. Coll.; M.D., K.C.C. of 
M. & S., 1924, fellowship in endocrinol- 
ogy; m. Beatrice O'Shaughnessey of 
Baring, Mo., 1923; 1 dau., Helen Patri- 
cia. Interne, Coffman Hosp.; pract. of 
med. with father, George H. Siegel, 3 
yrs.; engaged in pract. of med., Clarks- 
ville; city health officer, Clarksville; 
coroner, Johnson Co.; sec. Clin, staff, 
Clarksville Municipal Hosp.; 1st sgt., 
Med. Detachment, U.S.A., 18 mos. dur- 
ing World War I; mem. Ark. Med. Soc. 
(mem. pub. relations com.), Johnson 
Co. Med. Soc. (sec), Clarksville Doc- 
tors Assn. (sec), Southern Med. Soc, 
A.M.A., K.C. Club: Lions Internat. 
(counsellor, p. dist. gov.). Author: En- 
docrine Therapy in the Climacteric; The 
Female Castrate; Replacement Ther- 
apy of Gonadotropics. Travel: Can., 
Cuba, U.S. Interests: music, literature. 
Recreations: tennis, golf, travel. Catho- 
lic Democrat. Office: White Bldg., 
Clarksville, Ark. Home: Poplar St., 
Clarksville, Ark. 

DILLINGER, .James Arthur, minister, 
secretary, editor; b. Halltown, Mo., 26 
July 1884; s. Wm. R. Dillinger, farmer, 
and Ellon Ora (Park) D.; ed. Drake 
Univ. Acad.; B.S., Drake Univ., 1915; 
D.D., Drake Univ., 1943; m. Mary CI el- 
land Armstrong of Maryville, Mo., 14 
Sept. 1909; 1 son, James William. Pas- 
tor, First Christian Ch., Salina, Kan., 
1917-21, Wyatt Park Christian Ch., St. 
Joseph, Mo., 1921-26; ex. sec Disciples 
of Christ in la., 1926—; ed. Christian 
News, 1926—; tr. Drake Univ.; dir. 
Soc. for Friendless; treas., Home and 
State Missions Planning Council; mem. 
exec com. Unified Promotion, exec, bd., 
la. Council of Churches, Nat. Assn. State 
Secretaries Assn. Travel: U.S. Interest: 
printing. Disciples of Christ. Independ- 
ent Republican. Office: 200 A. Ins. Ex. 
Bldg., Des Moines, la. Home: 1219 34 
St., Des Moines, la. 

SCHUNK, Arthur John, insurance 
executive; b. Goodhue Co., Red Wing, 
Minn., 25 Oct. 1876; s. Jacob D. Schunk, 
farmer, and Sarah (Saunders) S.; Red 
Wing high sch.; Fort Worth Univ., 1897; 
m. Sarah Constance Bruen (dec.) of 
Steuartville, Minn., 18 Nov. 1911; chil- 
dren — Russell, Dorothy. Practiced law, 
Red Wing; city atty., Mazefer, Minn., 
1897-1902; lecturer, Improved Order of 
Redmen, 1902-07; insurance executive, 
1907-29; Minneapolis Postmaster, 1929- 

33; insurance executive, 1933 — ; mem. 
Masons (Blue Lodge, Scottish Rite and 
Shrine), Hennepin Co. Republican Com. 
(12 yrs.), Republican State Central Com. 
(14 yrs.). Clubs: Lincoln, Minneapolis 
Athletic, Insurance, Blue Goose. Travel: 
Eur., No. Am. Interests: politics, litera- 
ture, rare books. Recreation: fishing. 
Episcopalian. Republican. Office: 505 
New York Life Bldg., Minneapolis 2, 

BUTLER, Joe Beaty, professor of 
civil engineering; b. Omega, Okla., 11 
May 1895; s. Geo. H. Butler, farmer, 
mcht., and Bessie May (Gordon) B.; 
ed. prep, dept., Okla. State Coll.; B.S. 
(in C.E.), Okla. State Coll., 1915, B.S. 
(in Ed.), 1924; C.E., Mo. Sch. Mines, 
1922, M.S. (in C.E.), 1924; m. Jessie 
Ethel Eyler of Stillwater, Okla., 23 Nov. 
1919; 1 dau., Betty Jo. Did R.R. and 
Highway Surveying, R.R. valuation, 
U.S. Engrs., Lt., 1915-20; instr. to prof, 
and dept. head, dept. civil engring., 
Mo. Sch. Mines, 1920-40, prof., dept. 
head, 1931—; v.p., Ed. Div., and dir. 
Planning Div., Am. Road Builders 
Assn.; surveyor of Phelps Co., Mo., 
1921-25; 2d, 1st It., Engrs. during World 
War I; mem. A.S.C.E., Soc for Promo- 
tion of Engring. Ed., Mo. Soc. Prof. 
Engrs. Club: Engrs. (St. Louis, Jeffer- 
son City, Kansas City). Author: tech. 
bulls and papers on hydraulics and co. 
highway planning. Interests: Mo. hist., 
archaeol., co. rd. mapping. Recreations: 
motoring, sci. and lit. reading. Method- 
ist. Office: Missouri Sch. of Mines, 
Rolla, Mo. Home: 305 W. 9th St., Rolla, 

PRYOR, John Carlisle, lawyer; b. 
Abington, Va., 3 Oct. 1883; s. John 
Clark Pryor, and Melissa L. (Hen- 
dricks) P.; ed. Council Bluffs (la.) high 
sch.; Ph.B., Simpson Coll., 1907; J.D., 
Univ. Chicago, 1910; m. Elizabeth E. 
Smith of Indianola, la., 10 June 1912; 
children— Elizabeth Lucile, John Wil- 
liam. Began practice of law in la., and 
Neb., 1910—; mem. firm, Tinley, 
Mitchell, Pryor & Ross, Council Bluffs, 
1911-2; atty., la. Dist. C.B.&Q. R.R. 
Co., 1922-38; mem. firm, Clark, Pryor, 
Hale & Plock, Burlington, la., 1938—; 
asst. gen. counsel, Farm Cr. Admin., 
Omaha, Neb.; legal advisor, U.S. Em- 
bassy, Economics Warfare Div., Lon- 
don, 1943; mem. Des Moines Co., la. 
State (pres., 1936-37), Am. Bar Assn., 
Am. Judicature Soc. (dir.), la. Judicial 
Council, la. Uniform Law Commn., Nat. 
Conf. Uniform Law Comrs. (pres.), 
Elks, Masons (High Twelve). Clubs: 


Rotary, Des Moines, Omaha. Travel: 
U.S., Can., Mex., Eng., Scot., Fr., Belg. 
Interests: gardening, books. Conglist. 
Democrat. Office and home: Burlington, 

FIELD, Oliver Peter, professor of 
government; b. Fergus Falls, Minn., 21 
Oct. 1897; s. Peter Ole Field, merchant, 
and Tonetta Thorbia (Iverson) F.; ed. 
Frazee (Minn.) high sch.; B.A., St. Olaf 
Coll., 1919; M.A., Univ. Minn., 1921; 
LL.B., Ind. Univ., 1927; S.J.D., Yale 
Univ, 1928; m. Elsie Maurine Kimmell 
of Moulton, la., 30 Dec. 1928; children- 
Janet, David Oliver. Teacher, high sch., 
Jamestown, N.D., 1919-20; instr. govt., 
Moorehead State Teachers Coll., sum- 
mers, 1922, 1924; instr. history and 
govt., N.D. Agr. Coll., 1922-23; instr. 
and asst. prof, polit. sci., Ind. Univ., 
1924-27; Sterling Fellow, Yale Law Sch., 
1927-28; assoc. prof, and prof, polit. sci., 
Univ. Minn., 1928-38; lecturer in govt., 
Harvard Univ., 1935-36; prof, govt., Ind. 
Univ., 1939—; mem. Am. Polit. Sci. 
Assn. (exec, council, 1937-40). Author: 
Cases on Constitutional Law, 1930, 1936; 
The Effect of an Unconstitutional Stat- 
ute, 1935; Civil Service Law, 1939; State 
Government (with F. G. Bates), 1928-39; 
Unconstitutional Legislation in Ten Se- 
lected States, 1943. Recreations: boat- 
ing, walking. Lutheran. Republican. Of- 
fice: Univ. of Ind., Bloomington, Ind. 
Home: 1326 Maxwell Lane, Blooming- 
ton, Ind. 

SMITH, Fred Webster, minister; b. 
Martin Co., Ind., 23 Mar. 1894; s. 
McClure Smith, jeweler, and Mary 
(Barker) S.; ed. B.S., The Lewis Inst., 
Chicago; B.S., Northern Bapt. Theol. 
Sem., 1930; m. Rose Irene Ballard of St. 
Louis, Mo., 31 Aug. 1940. Minister, 1st 
Bapt. Ch., Cornell, 111., 1927-32, 1st Bapt. 
Ch„ Ottumwa, la., 1932-37, The Com- 
munity Ch., Ottumwa, la., 1937-40; 
Acme Brass Foundry Co., Acme Dist. 
Co., Ottumwa, la.; mem. Ottumwa Dist. 
Ministerial Assn., The Ottumwa Mfrs. 
Assn. (pres., 1943-44). Club: Kiwanis. 
Interests: farm, breding and raising of 
five gaited harness show horses. Rec- 
reaions: riding and driving horses. 
Protestant. Republican. Office and 
home: East Main St. Rd., Ottumwa, la. 

LONGYEAR, Robert Davis, mining 
geologist; b. Petoskey, Mich., 11 July 
1892; s. Edmund J. Longyear, mining 
engr., and Nevada (Patten) L.; ed. 
Pillsbury Acad., Adirondacks, Florida 
Sch.; A.B., Williams Coll., 1914; M.A., 
Univ. Wis., 1915; postgrad., Stanford 

Univ.; m. Barbara E. Lyon of Minne- 
apolis, 3 Dec. 1918; children— Roanne 
Elizabeth, Martha Patten (Mrs. Geo. 
Randall Stevenson). Asst. geologist in 
charge of exploration of Falconbridge 
ore body in Sudbury Nickel Dist., Ont., 
diversified experience in mine examina- 
tion work and mineral exploration in 
many parts of U.S., Can. and Alaska; 
pres. E. J. Longyear Co., Mining 
Engrs., mfrs. of diamond core drills, 
diamond drilling contractors, shaft sink- 
ing contractors (contracts having been 
carried on in So. Am., China, Australia, 
Northern Rhodesia, Norway, Cuba, No. 
Am.); mem. bd. Elliot Park Neighbor- 
hood House; served during World War I 
as civilian instr. in aviation mechanics; 
coast arty. C.A.O.R.T.C., 2d It.; mem. 
A.I.M.&M.E., Soc. Eeon. Geol., Beta 
Theta Pi. Clubs: Minneapolis, Minne- 
apolis Engrs., Mining (N.Y.C.), Wil- 
liams (N.Y.C.). Author: arts, on mining 
engring. Travel: U.S., Alaska, Eng., 
Fr., Can., Cent. Am. Father was pioneer 
in development of Mesabi Iron Range. 
Episcopalian. Independent Republican. 
Office: 1701 Foshay Tower, Minneapolis, 
Minn. Home: 1904 Humboldt Av. So., 
Minneapolis, Minn. Summer res.: near 
Duluth, Minn. 

BROWN, Sue M., clubwoman; b. 
Staunton, Va., 1877; d. Jacob Wilson 
and Maria (Harris) W.; ed. high sch., 
Oskaloosa, la.; m. Atty. S. Joe Brown 
of Des Moines, 31 Dec. 1902. Active in 
women's clubs, civic, fraternal and reli- 
gious orgns., in Repulican politics as 
mem. Polk Co. Rep. Central Com., and 
several times as State Dir. of Women in 
the Negro div. of Rep. State and nat. 
campaigns; was one of the two negro 
women on Dr. Glenn Frank's Nat. Rep. 
Com. on Program, 1938-40; Rep. Com. 
Woman, precinct 39 Polk Co.; co-chmn. 
Negro Div., Rep. State Central Com.; 
served as It. in Polk Co. Div., Council of 
Nat. Defense, pres., Col. Chas. Young 
Auxiliary of Am. Red Cross; mem. 
Admin. Bd., Nat. Assn. of Colored 
Women; sec. tr. bd., Frederick Doug- 
lass Mem. & Hist. Assn.; pres., Central 
Assn. of Colored Women; steward, Paul 
A.M.E. Ch., Des Moines, la.; supt. 
Young People of Northwestern Conf. of 
A.M.E. Ch.; chmn. trs. la. Assn. of 
Colored Women. Author: American 
Social Ethics, 1911; History of O.E.S. 
Among Colored People, 1925; History of 
Central Association of Colored Women, 
1940. Travel: U.S., Can. (as Internat. 
Matron O.E.S.) , 1923-26; Eng., Fr., Ger., 
Austria, It. (as del. to Internat. Council 


of Women of the World), 1930. Husband 
first Negro to receive post grad. degree 
and only Negro Phi Beta Kappa of la. 
Univ. Interests: civic, social, religious, 
and fraternal. Recreation: club work. 
African Methodist Episcopalian. Repub- 
lican. Office: 207 6th Av., Des Moines, 
la. Home: 1058 5th Av., Des Moines, la. 

SMITH, Charles Adelbert, ceramic 
engineer; b. Corning, O., 23 Oct. 1901; 
s. Charles Ellsworth Smith, r.r., and 
Sarah Augusta (Pryor) S.; ed. pub. 
schs., Columbus, O.; B. Cer. E., Ohio 
State Univ., 1923; m. Waldine Barnes 
of Mexico, Mo., 16 Apr. 1931; 1 son, 
Charles Conard. Experience in all 
phases of refractories business, includ- 
ing research, manufacture, engring., de- 
sign, and technical sales, 20 yrs. ; at 
present chief engr., plant mgr., dir. 
research, Mexico Refractories Co., Mex- 
ico, Mo.; mem. Am. Soc. Mech. Engrs., 
Am. Ceramic Soc, Am. Inst. Ceramic 
Engring., Blue Council Chap., Consis- 
tory, and Shrine of Masonic Lodges. 
Clubs: Rotary, Mexico Country. Presby- 
terian. Independent. Office: P.O. Box 
267, Mexico, Mo. Home: 326 Woodlawn, 
Mexico, Mo. 

ABRAM, Ernest, attorney and coun- 
selor-at-law; b. Cleveland, O., 4 Sept. 
1899; s. Henry Abram, mcht, banker, 
and Hermine (Stern) A.; ed. South high 
sch.; Adelbert Coll.; Western Reserve 
Univ.; A.B., Ohio State Univ., 1921; 
LL.B., Ohio State Univ. Law Sch., 1923; 
unmarried. Solicitor, Newburgh Heights, 
1928-29; assoc. in practice of law with 
brother, Phil L. Abram, 1923— ; active 
in Republican politics; dir., sec, West 
Park Realty Co.; assoc advisor, Draft 
Bd., 1941; served in Ordinance Div. 
during World War I; Jr. Administrative 
Asst., Logistics and Publications, Air 
Service Command, Amy Air Forces, 
World War n; mem. Masons (Grotto! 
32d deg., Scottish Rite, Shrine). Clubs: 
Garfield Heights Republican, Ripon. 
Recreations: tennis, golf, horseback 
riding. Jewish. Republican. Office: 1204 
Standard Bldg., Cleveland, O. Home: 
12905 Maplerow Av., Cleveland, O. . 

GRABER, Myron Earle, college pro- 
fessor; b. Mt. Eaton, O., 25 July 1880; 
s. Philip P. Graber and Celesta (Fraze) 
G.; ed. Mt. Eaton high sch.; Heidel- 
berg Acad., Tiffin, O.; A.B., Heidelberg 
Coll., 1901, A.M., 1904, D.Sc (hon.), 
1937; Univ. Chicago; Univ. Mich.; 
Ph.D., Univ. la., 1924; m. Martha 
Bucher of Tiffin, O., 25 July 1907. Instr. 
math., physics, Heidelberg Coll., 1903- 

05; prof, physics, 1905-19; prof, physics, 
Morningside Coll., 1919 — ; dean of men, 
Morningside Coll., 1924 — ; bd. dirs., City 
Y.M.C.A., Sioux City Acad, of Sci.; 
mem. A.A.A.S., Am. Physical Soc, Am. 
Math Soc, Am. Meteorological Soc, 
Math. Assn. Am., la. Acad, of Sci., Nat. 
111. Soc, Am. Inter-Prof. Inst., A.A.U.P., 
Y.M.C.A. Club: Rotary Author: arts, in 
Physical Review, Am. Math. Monthly, 
Inter-Professional Quarterly. Desc. on 
Mother's side from the John Adams 
family. Interest: aviation. Recreation: 
athletics. Evangelical Reformed Ch. 
Office: Morningside Coll., Sioux City, 
la. Home: 3815 Garretson Av., Sioux 
City, la. 

COLBACH, Edward Michael, lawyer; 
b. Chicago, HI., 15 Nov. 1901; s. Michael 
Colbach and Anna (Wolf) C; ed. St. 
Alphonsus Grammar and Comml. Sch., 
Chicago, 1918; Metropolitan Bus. Coll., 
1918; Y.M.C.A. high sch.; Y.M.C.A. Coll. 
of Liberal Arts and Scis.; LL.B., The 
John Marshall Law sch., 1927; m. Julia 
Miletitz of Chicago, 111., 16 Oct. 1937; 
1 son, Edward Michael, Jr. Performed 
exec work while studying law; ad- 
mitted and qualified as attorney and 
counselor of the Supreme Ct. of U.S.; 
admitted to HI. Bar, 1927; engaged in 
practice with John W. Bennett, continu- 
ing under firm name of Bennett & Col- 
bach, 1927—; retired officer, Nat. Guard 
of U.S. and HI.; awarded Long and 
Honorable Service Medal, State of HI.; 
mem. Am., 111. State and Chicago Bar 
Assns., Comml. Law League of Am., 
Catholic Order of Foresters, Knights of 
Columbus. Recreations: law. Catholic. 
Democrat. Office: 228 N. La Salle St., 
Chicago, HI. Home: 5801 N. Washtenew 
Av., Chicago, HI. 

FOUTTS, James C, librarian; b. E. 
Liverpool, 2 June 1907; s. John W. 
Foutts, potter and Rose M. (Abels) F.; 
ed. Central high sch., Akron; Prep. 
Sch., Maryville Coll., Tenn.; A.B., Univ. 
Akron, 1931; B.S. (in library sci.), Sch. 
Library Sci., Western Reserve Univ., 
1934; m. Dorothy R. Grove of Mead- 
ville, Pa., 28 Apr. 1937. Head of circula- 
tion, O. State Library, 1934-38; state 
supervisor library service, WPA in O., 
1938-40; asst. to librarian, Youngstown 
Pub. Lib., 1940-44; acting librarian, 
1945—; mem. Am. and Ohio Lib. Assns., 
Phi Kappa Tau, Alpha Phi Gamma. 
Author: Editor of American Library 
Laws, 2d edit.; contbns. to library 
periodicals. Protestant. Office: Youngs- 
town Public Library, Youngstown, O. 
Home: 291 Park Av., Youngstown, O. 


MASSENA, Roy, attorney; b. Mar- 
shall Co., Ind., 30 Aug. 1881; s. Adam 
H. Massena, blacksmith, and Elizaboth 
(Windbigler) M.; ed. Warsaw (Ind.) 
high sch.; A.B., Wabash Coll., Craw- 
fordsville, Ind., 1902; J.D., Univ. Chi- 
cago, 1917; m. Mabel Hoover of Pierce- 
ton, Ind., 15 May 1907; 1 son, Fred. 
Teacher, high sch., Mt. Ayr, la., Cres- 
ton, la., Blue Island, 111.; atty.-at-law, 
1917—; tr., Wabash Coll.; city atty., 
Blue Island, 1918-35; atty., Ed. of Re- 
view, Cook Co., 1918-32; master in chan- 
cery, Circuit Ct., Cook Co., 1936—; mem. 
Delta Tau Delta, Phi Delta Phi, Phi 
cago, Midlothian Country, Tippecanoe 
Lake Country. Travel: U.S., Mex., Can., 
Caribbean. Recreation: golf. Baptist. 
Republican. Office: 111 W. Monroe, Chi- 
cago, 111. Home: 12813 Maple Av., Blue 
Island, 111. 

KEPLINGER, W. Ayers, lawyer; b. 
Carlinville, 111., 28 Nov. 1889; s. Martin 
Luther Keplinger, lawyer, and Mary 
Elizabeth (Ayers) K.; ed. Blackburn 
Acad., Carlinville, 111.; A.B., Blackburn 
Coll., 1910; LL.B., Chicago Kent Coll. 
Law, 1918; m. Grace Von Dray of Chi- 
cago, 111., 8 Apr. 1931; 1 dau., Dorothy 
Ayers. In practice of law, Chicago, 111., 
1918 — , mem. firm, Kirkland, Fleming, 
Green, Martin & Ellis; ensign, U.S.N. 
A.R.F., during World War I; mem. Am., 
111., and Chicago Bar Assns. Club: Mid- 
Day. Travel: Eng., continent by cattle 
boat and bicycle. Desc. pioneer 111. 
farmers. Methodist. Republican. Office: 
33 N. La Salle St., Chicago, 111. Homo: 
7145 Euclid Av., Chicago, 111. 

JOHNSON, William H., superintendent 
of schools; b. Chicago, 111., 20 Sept. 
1895; s. John Johnson and Maria (Niel- 
sen) J.; ed. Tuley high sch., Chicago, 
111.; student, Beloit (Wis.) Coll., 1913-15; 
B.S., Northwestern Univ., 1917, M A., 
1918; Ph.D., Univ. Chicago, 1923; 
Litt. D., John Brown Univ., 1938; LL.D., 
Chicago Teachers Coll., 1939; m. Lillian 
Mattocks of Chicago, 111. (dec); m. 
(2d) Ellen Ronan of Lewiston, Minn.; 
1 dau., Patricia Joyce. Teacher, high 
sch., Palatine, 111., 1917; head dept. of 
chemistry, Rockford (111.) Coll., *1919; 
dean, Jr. Coll., Ft. Scott, Kan., 1919- 
21; instr., Lane Tech. High Sch., Chi- 
cago, 111., 1921-23; prof, ed., Chicago 
Normal Coll., 1924-25; prin., pub. schs., 
Chicago, 111., 1925-35; asst. supt. of schs., 
Chicago, 111., 1935-36, supt. of schs., 
1936—; prof, and lecturer on edn., 
Loyola Univ., Chicago, 111., 1924-36; 
supervisor edn., Chicago Hist. Soc, 
1929—; mem. Chem. Warfare Service, 

U.S.A., Washington, D.C., 1918; N.E.A. 
(life), Am. Assn. Sch. Adminstrs. (life), 
Am. Vocational Assn. (life), 111. Indsl. 
Edn. Assn. (pres., 1939-40, 1941-42), 111. 
Vocational Assn. (pres., 1941-42), Phi 
Delta Kappa, Epsilon Pi Tau. Decorated 
comdr. Order of Phoenix, conferred by 
Greek govt, in recognition of services 
to edn., 1939. Author: Fundamentals in 
Visual Instruction, 1927; Chicago (a text- 
book for grade pupils), 1933; Chicago- 
land, 1935; The Road to Happytown, 
1935; Adventures in Happytown, 1935; 
Guidance in Reading Series (grades 4, 
5, 6, 7, 8), 1938, 1941. Co-author: text- 
books in indsl. arts, home mechanics, 
and high sch. English books; contbr. to 
professional mags. Recreations: home 
movies, swimming, golf. Presbyterian. 
Office: 228 No. La Salle St., Chicago, 
HI. Home: 1228 Farwell Av., Chicago, 

McCORKLE, Graham K., business 
executive; b. Ky., 5 Jan. 1887; s. W. P. 
McCorkle, prof., and Mary (King) 
McC; ed. B.M.E., Univ. Ky., 1908; m. 
Frances McFarland of Lexington, Ky., 
1911; children— Jean, Betty. With Cum- 
berland Tel. & Tel. Co., 1902-04, 111. 
Bell Tel. Co., 1908-24, Am. Tel. & Tel. 
Co., 1924-28, Chesapeake & Potomac Tel. 
Co., 1928-30; v.p. and dir., HI. Bell Tel. 
Co., 1930—; dir., Indsl. Nat Bank, Chi- 
cago Crime Commn.; mem. bd. mgrs., 
Y.M.C.A. Clubs: Chicago, Chicago Ath- 
letic, Commercial, Commonwealth, Mid- 
Day, Economic, Evanston, Westmore- 
land Country. Office: 212 W. Washington 
St., Chicago, 111. Home: 1501 Hinman 
Av., Evanston, HI. 

FOLTZ, Leroy Stewart, professor of 
electrical engineering; b. Chandlerville, 
111., 27 Nov. 1884; s. Horace Newton 
Foltz and Effie (Stewart) F.; ed. Taylor- 
ville Twp. high sch.; B.S., Univ. 111., 
1911; M.S., Univ. Calif., 1917; m. Emily 
Proctor of Loveland, Colo., 1 July 1915; 
children— Elva Lea, Ermald Newton, 
Eldon Leroy, Fay Ola. Draftsman, Elec. 
Wheel Co., Quincy, HI.; draftsman, 
Maytag Mfg. Co., Newton, la.; operat- 
ing engr., HI. Traction System, Spring- 
field; cons, engr., Excelsior Stove Co., 
Quincy, 111.; instr., asst. prof., assoc. 
prof, and prof. elec. engring., Colo. 
State Coll., Fort Collins; assoc. prof., 
prof., head of dept. elec. engring., Mich. 
State Coll.; registered elec. engr., E. 
Lansing, 1920—; mem. A.I.E.E., Soc. 
Promotion Engring. Edn., A.A.U.P. Au- 
thor: several tech. arts, and 2 patents. 
Travel: U.S. Protestant. Office: Rm. 
114, Olds Hall, Mich. State Coll., E. 


Lansing, Mich. Home: 801 Sunset Lane, 
E. Lansing, Mich. 

ULRICH, Ethel M., furrier, poet; b. 
Winnieconne, Wis., 22 June 1903: d. 
Julius E. Ulrich, shoemaker, and Jessie 
Alice (Stowe) U.; ed. Oshkosh high sch., 
1922; unmarried. Mem. D.A.R., O.E.S. 
Author: Scribblings (a book of poems 
on display at N.Y. Fair, 1940); many 
short stories, playettes and poems pub. 
in mags, and anthologies. Travel: U.S., 
Can. Maternal grandmother settled in 
Wis., 1846; grandfathers fcught in Civil 
War. Interests: snapshots, wirting, read- 
ing. Recreations: hiking, swimming. 
Presbyterian. Home: 1013 West Lawn 
Av., Racine, Wis. 

HENNEY, Charles William Francis, 

physician, surgeon; b. Dunlap, la., 2 
Feb. 1884; s. George E. Henney, farmer, 
and Sarah Jane (Hanigan) H. ; ed. Dun- 
lap (la.) pub. sch.; Fremont (Neb.) 
Normal Sch.; M.D., Northwestern Univ. 
Med. Sch., Chicago, 1910; F. A.C.S., 
1927; m. Margaret Elizabeth Tierney of 
Portage, Wis., 28 Oct. 1915; children- 
John Joseph, Thomas Edward. Interne, 
Cook Co. Hosp., Chicago, 111., 1910-12; 
chief staff, St. Saviors Hosp., 1920-44; 
post grad. work in Eur., 1927; elected to 
F.A.C.S., 1927; mem., 73d Congress of 
U.S., 1932-34; mem. A.M. A., Internat. 
Post-Grad. Med. Assembly, Wis. State 
and Columbia Co. Med. Socs., Indsl. 
Surgs. of Am., K.C., Elks, Moose. Au- 
thor: New Electric Lighted Mouth Cag; 
Embolectomy. Travel: Alaska, Eur. 
Desc. Christopher Henney who, with 
four sons, fought in the same company 
throughout Rev. War. Interest: amateur 
motion pictures. Recreations: boating, 
swimming, fishing. Catholic. Democrat. 
Office: Raulf Bldg., Portage, Wis. 
Home: 805 Prospect Av., Portage, Wis. 
Summer res.: Patrick's Lake, Grand 
Marsh, Wis. 

STUDT, Charles Wotring, petroleum 
geologist; b. St. Louis, Mo., 23 Nov. 
1892: s. Jacob Studt, Jr., farmer and 
Jane Elizabeth (Wotring) S.; ed. Smith 
Acad., St. Louis, Mo.; A.B., Washington 
Univ., St. Louis, Mo., 1916; M.S., 1921; 
m. Elsie Jane Cook of Warsaw, Ltd., 13 
Oct. 1918; 1 dau., Marianne. Petroleum 
geologist, Mo. Bur. Geology and Mines, 
1919-20, Producers and Refiners Corp., 
1920-24; chief geologist, Southwestern 
Gas Co. and successors, 1924: — ; v.p., 
operating mgr., Sagamore Oil and Gas 
Co., 1933 — ; also, mgr. Exploration and 
Production in 111., The National Refining 
Co., 1939-43 and Cooperative Refinery 
Assn., 1944 — ; dir. Sagamore Oil and 

Gas Co., Dela.; mem. Am. Assn. Petro- 
leum Geologists, Kan. Acad, of Sci., 
Kan. Geol. Soc, Soc. of Econ. Paleon- 
tologists and Mineralogists, Sigma Xi, 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Chi Sigma. 
Travel: continental No. Am. Interests: 
photog., amateur movies, wood-working. 
Recreation: golf, bowling. Presbyterian. 
Republican. Address: 1212 No. Second 
St., Independence, Kan. 

MORGAN, Barton, director of teacher 
education, la. State Coll.; b. Jameson, 
Mo., 19 Feb. 1889; s. Daniel Emerson 
Morgan, farmer, and Nancy Adeline 
(Stowe) M. ; ed. Jameson high sch.; 
B.S., N.E. Mo. St. Teachers Coll., 1919; 
M.S., la. State Coll., 1922; Ph.D., Univ. 
la., 1934; m. Helen Jane Green of Ames, 
la.; children— Margaret Catherine (Mrs. 
Warren B. Sargent), Richard Barton, 
Harold John, Paul Emerson. Teacher, 
rural schs., 2 yrs.; prin. of high sch., 
2 yrs., supt. of schs., 9 yrs.; instr. Dept. 
of Vocational Edn., la. State Coll., 1923- 
36; head of dept. and dir. of Teacher 
Edn., la. St. Coll., 1936—; mem. N.E.A., 
A.A.S.A., Am. Edn. Research Assn., 
I.S.TA, A.V.A., I.V.A., Nat. Soc. for 
Study of Edn., Nat. Soc. of Teachers of 
Edn.; mem. of the staff of the presi- 
dent's advisory com. on edn., 1937, Phi 
Delta Kappa, Gamma Sigma Delta, 
pres. la. State Teachers' Assn., 1937-38, 
St. chmn. of Commn. on Rural Edn. 
and the War, 1942—; pres. dept. of Rural 
Edn. and the War, 1942-44; Co-author: 
Nature and Purpose of Education; His- 
tory of the Iowa Extension Service; The 
Land-Grant Colleges; Intermediate Step 
in the Recognization of Rural Elemen- 
tary Education. Conglist. Office: Iowa 
State Coll., Ames, la. Home: 818 Eighth 
St., Ames, la. 

BOLDYREFF, Tatiana W., writer, 
translator; b. St. Petersburg, Rus., 18 
Nov. 1901; d. William N. Boldyreff, 
physiologist, and Anna E. (Kamaneff) 
B.; ed. Russian Gymnasia; M.A., Battle 
Creek (Mich.) Coll., 1927; A.B., Western 
Reserve Univ., 1923. Translator, lab. 
helper, B.C. Sanitarium, 1925-40; stenog- 
rapher, 1925-40; teacher, Battle Creek 
Coll., Coll. for Women, Pittsburgh, Pa., 
1927-29; substitute teacher, pub. schs., 
Battle Creek, 1937 — ; stenographer, 
1925 — ; at present employed as med. 
stenographer in the Clin. Office of VAF, 
Ft. Custer, Mich.; mem. Am. Literary 
Assn., Allianca Franciase (Battle 
Creek). Club: Federated Russian Ortho- 
dox Ch. Clubs of Am. Author: By Word 
of Mouth, 1931; Russian Born, 1935; 
Mica Fields (prose poems), 1941; Out of 


the Blue, 1942 (verse) ; book in prepara- 
tion; contribs. to poetry mags. Travel: 
Russia, Far East, Japan. Interests: art, 
peasant embroideries. Recreations : 
skating, hiking, music, sewing, fancy 
work. Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic. 
Republican. Office: VAF, Fort Custer, 
Mich. Home: 124 Manchester St., Battle 
Creek, Mich. 

BUCY, Paul C, neurologist, neuro- 
surgeon; b. Hubbard, la., 13 Nov. 1904; 
s. Isaac Bucy, realtor, and Lillian 
(Clancy) B.; ed. Hubbard high sch.; 
B.S., State Univ. la., 1925, M.S., 1927, 
M.D., 1927; m. Evelyn Richards of Iowa 
Falls, la., 12 June 1927; children— P. 
Craig, James G. Interne, Henry Ford 
Hosp., Detroit, 1927-28; mem. div. Neu- 
rology and Neurosurgery, Univ. Chi- 
cago, 1928-41, assoc. prof, neurosurgery, 
1938-41; assoc. prof, neurol. and neuro- 
surgery, Univ. 111., 1941-42, prof., 1942—; 
visited neurol. clinics in London, Am- 
sterdam, Berlin, Breslau, Vienna, Zu- 
rich, Paris, 1930-31; res. assoc, dept. 
physiol., Yale Univ., 1933; sec, chmn., 
sect, on nervous and mental diseases, 
A.M. A., 1936-40; dir., sec-treas. Am. 
Bd. Neurol. Surgery; mem. A.M. A., 
Am. Neurol. Assn., Soc Neurol. Sur- 
geons, Harvey Cushing Soc, Am. Coll. 
Surgeons, Am. Physiol. Soc, 111. Med. 
Soc, Chicago Med. Soc, Chicago 
Neurol. Soc, Chicago Pathol. Soc, Inst. 
Medicine Chicago, Phi Chi, Delta Sigma 
Rho, Alpha Omega Alpha, Sigma Xi. 
Club: Chicago Literary. Author: arts., 
books, med. subjs. Travel: U.S., Eur. 
Recreations: home, family, travel. Inde- 
pendent. Office: 25 E. Washington St., 
Chicago, 111. Home: 5401 Greenwood 
Av., Chicago, 111. 

KEARNS, John W., lawyer; b. Sche- 
nectady, N.Y., 21 Apr. 1904; s. J. E. 
Kearns, elec engr., and M.E. (Wallace) 
K.; ed. Evanston (111.) high sch.; B.S. 
(in engring.), Univ. Mich., 1924; J.D., 
Northwestern Univ., 1927; m. Frances 
Forch of Ida., 1928; children— John W., 
Jr., Robert Lawrence, William Stanley. 
Mem. firm Burry, Johnstone, Peters & 
Dixon, Chicago, 1929-39; counsel, First 
Nat. Bank of Chicago, 1939—; dir. Cent. 
Coal and Coke Corp., Kansas City, Mo. 
Clubs: Chicago, University (Chicago), 
Mid-Day (Chicago), Indian Hill, Chicago 
Golf, The Law, The Legal. Author: arts, 
in legal periodicals. Office: 38 S. Dear- 
born St., Chicago, 111. Home: 220 Chest- 
nut St., Winnetka, 111. 

CHERRINGTON, Homer Virgil, pro- 
fessor of economics; b. Sandfork, O., 
21 Jan. 1891; s. Lozier L. Cherrington, 

clergyman, and Susan (Drummond) C; 
ed. Letart (O.) high sch.; A.B., O. 
Univ., 1914; A.M., Univ. Mich., 1921; 
Ph.D., Harvard Univ., 194C; m. Maria 
Grover of Athens, O., 1 Sept. 1926. Prof, 
economics, Cornell Coll., 1922-25, O. 
Univ., 1925-29, Univ. la., 1929—; 2d. It., 
U.S.A., 1918; mem. Am. Econ. Assn., 
Phi Beta Kappa, Beta Gamma Sigma, 
Delta Sigma Pi, Order of Artus. Method- 
ist. Author: The Investor and the Securi- 
ties Act (American Council on Public 
Affaris, 1942). Office: State Univ. of la., 
Iowa City, la. Home: Iowa City, la. 

DALE, Edward Everett, college 
teacher; b. Keller, Tex., 8 Feb. 1879; s. 
John F. Dale, minister, farmer, and 
Mattie Counts (Colley) D.; ed. Cent. 
State Normal, Edmond, Okla.; A.B., 
Univ. Okla., 1911; A.M., Harvard Univ., 
1914. Ph.D., 1922; m. Rosalie Gilkey of 
Norman, Okla., 1919; 1 son, Edward 
Everett. Farmer, cowboy, ranchman, 
pub. sch. teacher; coll. teacher, 1914 — ; 
res. agt., U.S. Dept. Agr., 1925; taught 
summer sessions, Univs. Tex., Mo., 
Neb., O. State, Coll. William and Mary, 
Michigan, Duke; gave many lectures on 
various subjects connected with Am. 
History, especially west and frontier 
life; mem. Brookings Inst., Indian Sur- 
vey Staff, 1926-27; former tr., Curry 
Sch. of Expression; tr., Frank Phillips 
Collection; sole tr., Mary E. Laing 
Scholarship Fund; dir., Okla. Hist. Soc; 
took exam, for 1st and 2d off., training 
camp and for commn. from civil life, 
rejected, passed for 3d off. and inducted 
into service, but stopped by Armistice; 
mem. Miss. Valley Hist. Assn. (p. 
pres.), Agr. Hist. Soc. (p. pres.), Okla. 
Folk Lore Soc. (p. pres.), Okla. Hist. 
Soc, So. Hist. Soc, Neb. Hist. Soc 
Clubs: Boston Authors, Twentieth Cen- 
tury (Boston), Men's Dinner (Oklahoma 
City). Author: Territorial Acquisitions 
of the United States; Tales of the Tepee; 
A History of Oklahoma; The Prairie 
Schooner and Other Poems; The Range 
Cattle Industry; Letters of Lafayette; 
Readings in Oklahoma History; Frontier 
Trails; A Rider of the Cherokee Strip; 
Cherokee Cavaliers; Cow Country; mag. 
arts. Travel: Mex., Can., U.S. Interests: 
poetry, Indian art and literature, ranch 
and pioneer life. Recreations: camping, 
fishing, travel. Democrat. Office: Univ. 
of Okla., Norman, Okla. Home: 329 W. 
Main St., Norman, Okla. 

AUBURN, Norman Paul, university 
professor and administrative officer; b. 
Cincinnati, O., 22 May 1905; s. Joseph 
Auburn, archtl. draftsman, and Huldah 


(Grossmann) A.; ed. Norwood (O.) high 
sch.; A.B., Univ. Cincinnati, 1927; Cin- 
cinnati Law Sch.; m. Kathleen Mont- 
gomery of Cincinnati, O., 1930; children 
— Ames, Richard. Asst. mgr., Assoc. 
General Contractors of Am., Cincinnati 
Chap., 1928-29, mgr., 1929-30; dir. pub. 
relations, Allied Constr. Industries, 1930- 
33; alumni sec, Univ. Cincinnati, 1933- 
36, asst. dir. evening coll., 1936-40, asst. 
prof., 1936-38, assoc. prof., 1938-41, prof., 
1941 — , dean, 1941-43; v.p. and dean of 
University Administration, 1943 — ; mem. 
Omicron Delta Kappa, Lambda Chi 
Alpha, Phi Alpha Delta. Club: Cincin- 
natus Soc. Editor: The Cincinnati Con- 
structor, 1928-33, Cincinnati Alumnus, 
1929-36. Interests: editorial work, crea- 
tive writing, book collecting. Recrea- 
tions: tennis, handball, sailing. Protes- 
tant. Republican. Office: Univ. of Cin- 
cinnati, Cincinnati, O. Home: 2822 Strat- 
ford Av., Cincinnati, O. 

FROMMELT, Horace A., professional 
engineer; b. Dubuque, la., 6 Oct. 1891; 
s. Ludwig Frommelt and Mary (Nesler) 
F.; ed. Dubuque high sch.; B.S., la. 
State Coll., 1912; A.M., Campion Coll., 
1914; Ph.D., St. Louis Univ., 1917; m. 
Katherine L. Foley of Milwaukee, Wis., 
23 Nov. 1923. Developed first community 
trade program, Milwaukee, Wis., 1920- 
23; cons, engr., personnel training, 1926- 
29; head mech. engring. dept., Mar- 
quette Univ., Milwaukee, 1929-38; ed.- 
in-chief, Union and Echo, Buffalo, N. Y., 
1938-39; dir. indsl. research, Kearney 
Trecker Corp., 1940-44; gen. mgr. Mill- 
ing Div., Kennametal Inc., Latrobe, 
Pa.; mem. Milwaukee Engrs. Soc, Eu- 
gene Field Soc. Author: Church Prop- 
erty and Its Management; arts, in tech. 
jours.; translator of 6 German vols.; 
contributing ed. to weekly publications. 
Interest: Latin and Greek. Catholic. Of- 
fice: 744 N. 4th St., Room 439, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. Home: 1983 N. Summitt Av., 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

McGREEVY, Francis J., lawyer; b. 
Franklin Co., la., Jan. 1880; s. James 
McGreevy and Rose Ann (O'Niel) M.; 
ed. St. Joseph's Parochial Sch.; Sioux 
City high sch.; Ann Arbor high sch.; 
Univ. of Mich., Arts Dept., summer 
sch.; LL.B., Univ. Mich. Law, 1903; m. 
Teresa M. Scallon of Ackley, la., 19 
Nov. 1907; children— Edith R. Hime, 
Lucile Ryken, Ruth M. Manning, Hubert 
A., Mary Schweizer, Gerald, Wilfrid, 
Robert, Rita, Clare, Elizabeth. Law 
practice, 1903 — ; orator; radio political 
talker; del. and chmn., Rep. convs.; 
del., Rotary convs.; mem. Hardin Co. 

Bur. of Mil. Affaris, chmn. 3 Liberty 
Loans, Ackley, 4 minute men, mem. 
war serv. coun., during World War I. 
Club: Rotary (org. and 1st pres., Ack- 
ley). Interest: writing letters to dailies 
on polit. topics. Recreation: skating. 
Catholic. Republican. Address: Ackley, 

WRENN, C. Gilbert, professor of edu- 
cational psychology; b. New Paris, O., 
2 Apr. 1902; ed. Tarpon Springs (Fla.) 
high sch.; Athens Sch., Athens, Tenn.; 
A.B., Williamette Univ., 1926; A.M., 
Stanford Univ., summer sch., Univ. 
Kathleen La Raut of Salem, Ore., 1926; 
1 son, Robert. Newspaper reporter, 
chemist's asst., advance agt., young 
people's worker before grad. from Coll.; 
teacher in high sch., Ore. Normal Sch., 
Stanford Univ., summer sch., Univ. 
Ore., Purdue Univ., Univ. Chicago, 
Univ. of Minn., Colo. State Coll. of Edn., 
Univ. Colo.; at present on leave as 
prof., ednl. psychology, Univ. Minn, and 
serving as It. comdr., U.S.N.R.; mem. 
staff, Am. Youth Commn., 1939—, 
Teacher Edn. Commn. of Am. Council 
of Edn., 1940-42; former asst. dir. Gen. 
Coll., Univ. Minn.; mem. editorial bd., 
Occupations, The Vocational Guidance 
Magazine; mem. Am. Psychol. Assn., 
Am. Ednl. Research Assn., Am. Coll. 
Personnel Assn. (former v.p.), Nat. Vo- 
cational Guidance Assn. (professional 
mem. and former v.p.), Phi Delta 
Kappa, Psi Chi; fellow, Am. Assn. Ap- 
plied Psychologists. Author and co- 
author: Practical Study Aids, How to 
Read Rapidly, University Training and 
Vocational Outlets, Student Personnel 
Problems, Time on Their Hands, Study- 
ing Effectively, Teaching Aids for Home 
Room Teachers. Travel: U.S., Can., 
Hawaiian, Marshall, Mariana, Western 
Caroline, and Volcano Islands. Inter- 
ests: gardening, minerals, gems. Rec- 
reation: fishing. Protestant. Independ- 
ent. Office: Univ. of Minn., Mineapolis, 
Minn. Home: 83 Barton Av., S.E., Min- 
neapolis, Minn. 

ORERMANN, Charles Frederick, phy- 
sician, neuropsychiatrist ; b. Mediapolis, 
la., 27 Jan. 1902; s. Charles F. Ober- 
mann, farmer, and Amelia (Fritzke) O.; 
ed. Mediapolis (la.) high sch.; la. State 
Teachers Coll.; B.A., Univ. la., 1926, 
M.D., 1930, M.S., 1933; m. Margaret 
Helt of Burlington, la., 1 Sept. 1932. 
Supt. of schs., Des Moines Co., la., 
1921-23; lab. asst., dept. biology, Univ. 
la., 1924-25; student asst., dept. neurol. 
and pathol., Univ. la. Med. Sch., 1929- 
30; interne, Univ. Hosps., Neurol, and 


neuropathol., Iowa City, 1930-31; asst., 
dept. neurol., 1931-33; asst. phys., 
Clarinda State Hosp., Clarinda, la., 1933- 
34, asst. supt. Woodward State Hosp., 
Woodward, la., 1935; asst. phys., Chero- 
kee State Hosp., supt., 1936—; pres., 
Cherokee Co. Med. Soc, la. Bd. Eu- 
genics; 1st It., Med. Res., neuropsychi- 
atrist, Med. Adv. Bd., Selective Service; 
F. A.M.A.; mem. Cherokee Co. and la. 
State Med. Assns., Am. Psychiat. Assn. 
(mem.), A.A.A.S., la. and Am. Hosp. 
Assns., Cherokee Chamber Commerce, 
Masons. Clubs: Rotary, Country. Au- 
thor: Sleep— Natural and Disordered, 
Hematoporphyra— A Report on Five 
Cases; report on treatment of insane in 
Cherokee State Hosp. Travel: U.S., 
Can., Mex. Interests: philately, saddle 
outdoor sports. Methodist. Office: Chero- 
kee State Hosp., Cherokee, la. Home: 
Cherokee, la. 

MEYERDING, Henry W(illiam), or- 
thopedic surgeon; b. St. Paul, Minn., 5 
Sept. 1884; s. Henry J. Meyerding 
(dec), pub. official, City of St. Paul, 
and Adelgunda (Rosenkranz) M. (dec); 
ed. Mechanics Arts (St. Paul) high sch.; 
B.S., Univ. Minn., 1907, M.D., 1909, M.S. 
in orthopedic surgery, 1918; in. Lura 
Abbie Stinchfield of Rochester, Minn., 
12 Feb. 1912; children— Edward Henry, 
Augustus Stinchfield (dec), Ann Louise 
(dec). Interne, St. Peter's State Hosp., 
St. Peter, 1 yr., City & Co. Hosp., St. 
Paul, 1 yr., post grad. course, St. 
Mary's Hosp., Mar. 1910-Mar. 1911; or- 
thopedic surg., Mayo Clinic, Rochester, 
1910 — , St. Mary's Hosp., Colonial Hosp., 
Rochester, 1915—; prof, orthopedic sur- 
gery, Mayo Foundation, Grad. Sch. 
Med., Univ. Minn.; lecturer in ortho- 
pedic surgery, St. Mary's Training Sen. 
for Nurses, Kahler Sch. Nursing, Roch- 
ester, 1924—; co. surg., Chicago Great 
Western Surgeon; dist. surg., Chicago 
North Western Ry. Co.; received award 
for Bone Tumor Exhibit (permanent), 
Wellcome Museum Med. Sci., London, 
Eng., July 1928, 1st award for Scientific 
Exhibit on Spondylolisthesis, Radiologi- 
cal Soc. of No. Am. Conv., 1931, 3d 
award for Scientific Exhibit on Vo!k- 
mann's Ischemic Contracture, Am. Con- 
gress Physical Therapy, 1935, gold 
medal for Scientific Exhibit on Frac- 
tures, A.M.A. Conv., 1937, certificate of 
merit for Scientific Exhibit on Spondy- 
lolisthesis as an Etiologic Factor in 
Backache, A.M.A. Conv., 1938, gold 
medal for Scientific Exhibit on Back- 
ache: Its Causes and Treatment by 
Physical Therapy, Am. Congress of 
Physical Therapy, 1939; pvt. Bat. A., 

1st F.A., Minn. Nat. Guard, 21 Mar. 

1904, corpl., 4 May 1905, sgt., 28 June 

1905, capt. Med. Corps, 27 July 1912, 
resigned, 11 June 1913, It. Med. Re3. 
Corps, 7 Aug. 1915, maj., 6 Dec 1922, 
It. col., 23 June 1934, col., Aug. 1940; 
mem. A.M.A., Am. Orthopaedic Assn., 
Am. Acad. Orthopaedic Surgs., A. A. 
A.S., Am. Editors' & Authors' Assn., 
Internat. Orthopaedic Soc. (co-founder, 
charter mem.), Societe Francaise D'Or- 
thopedie, Sociedad Argentina de Cirugia 
Ortopedica (corr. fgn. mem.), Minn.- 
Dakota Orthopedic Club, Western Surg. 
Assn., Clinical Orthopaedic Soc, Assn. 
Mil. Surgs., Am. Bd. Orthopaedic Surg 
(diplomate, co-organizer), Minn. State 
and So. Minn. Med. Assns., Alumni 
Assn. Mayo Foundation for Med. 
Edn. , Olmsted-Houston-Fillmore-Dodge 
Co. Med. Soc, Minn. Acad. Sci. & Re- 
search, Am. Assn. Univ. Profs. (Minn, 
chap.), N.Y. Acad. Sci., Alpha Kappa 
Kappa, Sigma Xi, A.F. & A.M. (Roches- 
ter lodge no. 1, York & Scottish Rite), 
B.P.O.E., Osman Temple (Shrine), 
Rochester Chamber Commerce, Acacia, 
fellow Am. Coll. Surgs. (1917). Clubs: 
University (Rochester), Rochester Coun- 
try, St. Paul Athletic. Author: 105 arts, 
on surgery. Travel: Eur., Mex., Can., 
U.S. Desc. of pioneers in Minn. Interest: 
music. Recreations: fishing, hunting. 
Conglist. Independent. Office: Mayo 
Clinic, 102-110 Second Av., S.W., Roches- 
ter, Minn. Home: 525 9th Av., S.W., 
Rochester, Minn. 

MEYERS, Erwin A., attorney-at-law ; 
b. Verona, Wis., 5 Nov. 1888; s. Herbert 
Oscar Meyers, lumber mcht., and Addie 
Harriet (Donkle) M.; ed. Ft. Atkinson 
high sch.; Evansville high sch.; A.B., 
Univ. Wis., 1911, LL.B., 1914; m. Mar- 
jorie Jackson of Ludington, Mich., 23 
Sept. 1918; children — Warren J., Robert 
B., Philip G. Atty-at-law, Chicago 
1915 — , specialist in insurance law of all 
branches, gen. counsel for various life, 
fire and casualty ins. corps, in several 
states and territories; Wis. State Tax 
Com., 1911-12, U.S. Treasury Bur. War 
Risk Ins., 1917-18; Deputy Atty. Gen., 
111., 1926-27; served as capt. U.S. Army, 
during World War I, 1917-18; mem. Am., 
111., Wis. and Chicago Bar Assns., Art 
Inst., Field Museum, Wis. Soc. of Chi- 
cago, Phi Delta Phi, Acacia. Clubs: 
Tavern, Univ. Wis., Insurance Lawyers. 
Author : Legal Code of Wis. State Budget 
Plan; Insurance Codes of Kentucky and 
Hawaii and various other insurance and 
corporation laws in many states. Desc 
German, English, Scotch and Irish an- 
cestors. Interests: art, literature, hist., 


football, travel. Baptist. Republican. Of- 
fice: 1 N. La Salle St., Chicago, 111. 
Home: 744 Ash St., Winnetka, 111. 

DEINARD, Amos Spencer, attorney 
at law; b. Terre Haute, Ind., 10 Mar. 
1898; s. Samuel N. Deinard, rabbi and 
univ. lecturer, and Rosa D.; ed. West 
high sch., Minneapolis, Minn.; B.A., 
Univ. Minn., 1920, LL.B., 1921; S.J.D., 
Harvard Univ., 1922; m. Hortense H. 
Honig of Syracuse, N.Y., 15 Mar. 1933: 
children— Amos S., Miriam J. Mem. law 
firm, Leonard, Street & Deinard; pres. 
West Cent. Sts. Regional Conf. of the 
Council of Jewish Federations and Wel- 
fare Funds, 1940, pres. Minneapolis Fed- 
eration for Jewish Service, 1935-40, in- 
clusive; v.p. Minn. Soc. for the Preven- 
tion of Blindness, 1943—; mem. bd. 
of dirs., Am. Jewish Joint Distbn. Com., 
Nat. Refugee Service, Minn. Soc. for 
the Prevention of Blindness, Minne- 
apolis Fedn. for Jewish Service, Jewish 
Family Service Assn. of Minneapolis, 
Phi Beta Kappa Associates of Minne- 
apolis, Minn. Statis. Assn., Minn. Hist. 
Soc, Am. Bar Assn., Minn. Bar Assn., 
Fgn. Policy Assn., The Council for 
Democracy, B'nai B'rith. Clubs: Gymal 
Doled, Harvard of Minn. Author: Elec- 
tion of Remedies (co-author). Travel: 
Eur., Caribbean. Jewish. Office: 1036 
Andrus Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Home: 1933 Humboldt Av., S., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

KEELEK, Stephen Edwards, D.D., 

S.T.D., bishop; b. New Canaan, Conn., 
16 Apr. 1887; s. Stephen Edwards Keeler 
and Annie Demarest (Husted) K.; ed. 
Hoosac Prep, sch., Hoosick, N.Y.; B.A., 
Yale Univ., New Haven, Conn., 1910; 
B.D., Gen. Theol. Sem., 1913; D.D. 
(hon.), Kenyon Coll., 1928; S.T.D. 
(hon.), Gen. Theol. Sem., 1932; m. 
Eunice Daskam Stevens of Norwalk, 
Conn., 2 June 1915; s. Stephen Edwards, 
Jr. Sr. Curate, St. Paul's, Cleveland, O., 
1913-15; rector, St. Stephen's, Pittsfield, 
Mass., 1915-23, St. Paul's, Akron, O., 
1923-28, St. Chrysostom's, Chicago, 1928- 
31; bishop coadjutor, Minn., 1931—; be- 
came diocesan 1 Jan. 1944; pres., Prov- 
ince of the N.W. of Epis. Ch., Minn. 
Council of Religious Ed.; trustee, Sea- 
bury-Western Theol. Sem., Shattuck 
Sch., St. Mary's Hall, St. James Sch., 
Breck Sch., St. Barnabas Hosp., Carle- 
ton Coll.; mem. Nat. Council of Episco- 
pal Ch., 1940-46. Clubs: Minneapolis, 
Minnesota, (St. Paul). Author: Canaan 
Parish, a hist, of St. Mark's Ch., New 
Canaan, Conn. Episcopalian. Repub- 
lican. Office: 1111 Nicollet Av., Minne- 

apolis, Minn. Home: 930 Mt. Curve Av., 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

JARRETT, Delta I., lawyer; b. Alder- 
son, W.Va., 26 Feb. 1874; s. Andrew 
Jarrett, farmer, and Alice (Argabrite) 
J.; ed. Danvers high sch.; Lincoln 
Univ.; LL.B., Chicago Kent Coll. Law, 
1897; m. Maud Vinton of Richmond, 6 
Sept. 1900; children— Mrs. Evelyn Jar- 
rett Deming, Gladys, Mrs. Enid Jarrett 
Heideman, Vinton. Dir., gen. counsel, 
Alliance Life Ins. Co., Central Cold Stor- 
age Co.; mem. bd. trs., and treas. 
Meadville Theol. Sch., Lombard Coll.; 
mem. S.A.R. Recreation: gardening. 
Unitarian. Democrat. Office: 33 N. La 
Salle St., Chicago, 111. Home: 5841 W. 
Ohio St., Chicago, 111. Summer res.: 
Walloon Lake, Mich. 

HENSZEY, Roy O., industrial engi- 
neer; b. Phila., Pa., 20 May 1887; s. 
Alexander J. D. Henszey, mcht., and 
Theresa (Ebert) H.; ed. B.S., Rutgers 
Univ., 1911, C.E., 1914, M.E., 1924; m. 
Gladys Roberts of Oconomowoc, Wis., 
26 Oct. 1915; children— Elizabeth Rob- 
erts (Mrs. James Owers), Richard Rob- 
erts. Student, Baldwin Locomotive Wks., 
1905-07; surveyor, Fla. East Coast Ry., 
1911; structural designer, H. C. Eisen- 
bise Co., 1912-13; chief engr. Carnation 
Co., 1914 — ; designed and built, fac- 
tories, warehouses, grain elevators, of- 
fice bldgs., sewage disposal wks., power 
plants throughout U.S., factories in 
Ger., Holland, Fr., Eng., Can.; U.S. 
patents on can testing machines, 
meters, flow indicators, boiler water 
control, heat exchangers, ultra violet 
irradiation, carburetors, evaporators ; 
pres. Henszey Co., Watertown, Wis.; 
v.p. Otto Biefeld Co (Watertown); 
mem. Am. Soc. M.E., Milwaukee Soc. 
Engrs., Phi Beta Kappa, Kappa Sigma. 
Clubs: La Belle Golf, Oconomowoc 
Lake. Author: Water Boiler Water Im- 
purities (booklet). Travel: Eur. Desc. 
Quakers. Interests: reading, drawing, 
architecture. Recreations: golf, sailing, 
fishing, walking. Episcopalian. Repub- 
lican. Home: 115 Woodland Lane, 
Oconomowoc, Wis. 

YATES, David Miller, business execu- 
tive, retired; b. Norwich, Ont., Can., 15 
Sept. 1864; s. George Fox Yates, farmer, 
and Lydia (Willits) Y.; ed. Norwich 
pub. schs.; m. Mary E. Bradford of 
Ottawa, 111., 8 Aug. 1895; children— 
Katheryne Lydia, David Bradford 
(dec). Merchandiser, Marshall Field & 
Co., 1887-1935, gen. mgr., 1st v.p. at 
time of retirement, 1935; dir., Central 
Life Ins. Co. of 111., Oak Park Trust and 


Savings Bank, Oak Park, 111.; mem. 
Chicago Athletic Assn. Club: Oak Park 
Country. Interests: travel and great out- 
doors. Recreation: golf. Presbyterian. 
Republican. Home: 526 Augusta St., 
Oak Park, 111. 

FAAST, B. F., realtor (property man- 
agement); b. Eau Claire, 15 Jan. 1884; 
s. Albert J. Faast, boot and shoe mfr., 
and Francis (Unser) F.; ed. Eau Claire 
high sch.; Univ. Wis.; m. Ida Kleiner 
of Eau Claire, 18 Dec. 1918; 1 dau., 
Margaret. Former pres. and mem. bd. 
regents, Univ. Wis., 18 yrs.; former v.p., 
dir., Federal Land Bank, St. Paul, 11 
yrs.; pres., Northwestern Land & Mort- 
gage Co., Eau Claire, Ojibwa Sales Co.; 
mem. Masons (32d deg.). Office: 22% S. 
Barstow St., Eau Claire, Wis. Home: 
1525 State St., Eau Claire, Wis. Summer 
res.: Ojibwa, Wis. 

ETTELSON, Leonard Bert, lawyer; b. 
Chicago, 111., 6 Mar. 1905; s. Benjamin 
J. Ettelson and Julia (Sanditz) E.; ed. 
Chicago high sch.; A.B., Univ. Mich., 
1924, J.D., 1927; m. Luela Bone of Nash- 
ville, 6 Aug. 1934. Asst. corp. counsel, 
City of Chicago, 1927-31; founded firm, 
Samuel A. and Leonard B. Ettelson, 
1931. Office: 120 So. La Salle St., Chi- 
cago, 111. Homes: 1570 Waukegan Rd., 
Lake Forest, 111.; Melody Farms, Char- 
lottesville, Va. 

DALE, Etta Dorothea, school princi- 
pal; b. Stockton, Mo., 5 Apr. 1872; d. 
John Dale and Syrenah Anne (Pyle) D.; 
ed. Osage Mission, Kan.; A.B., Central 
Teachers Coll., Edmond, Okla., 1923; 
A.M., Univ. Okla., 1940. Instr., city 
schs., El Reno, 1892—, prin., Cent. Sch., 
1896—, holds record for longest continu- 
ance service in Okla. sch. system; dis- 
tinguished service medals presented by 
Pres. Calvin Coolidge, Okla. Edn. Assn., 
for teacher who had done the most for 
children in Okla.; Etta Dale Jr. High 
Sch. bldg. (built 1937) named for her, 
portrait of her by Pierre Tartoue hung 
in bldg.; local chmn., Elementary Prin- 
cipals in El Reno, Okla.; chmn., Wom- 
en's Div., N.R.A., during World War I; 
mem. Nat. Edn. Assn., Okla. Edn. Assn. 
(life), Delta Kappa Gamma (v.p.), 
Okla. Hall of Fame, Eastern Star, Am. 
Assn. Univ. Women, Okla. Hist. Soc, 
Okla. Congress Parents and Teachers 
(life). Clubs: Bus. and Prof. Women's 
(p. pres.), Canadian County Pioneer 
(pres., 1941-42). Author: The First Quar- 
ter Century in the El Reno Schools. 
Travel: Eur., Mex., Can., U.S. Desc. 
John Dale, who was del. to Congress 
from No Man's Land, 1886, an Eighty- 

niner in Okla. Interests: reading, teach- 
ing. Recreation: traveling. Scientist. 
Democrat. Office: 600 S. Rock Island 
Av., El Reno, Okla. Home: 505 S. Rock 
Island Av. f El Reno, Okla. Died, 2 Nov. 

CROSSETT, Edward Clark, lumber- 
man; b. Davenport, la., 7 Aug. 1882; s. 
Edward Savage Crossett, lumberman, 
and Harmony E. (Clark) C. ; ed. Daven- 
port high sch.; B.A., Amherst Coll.; m. 
Elisabeth Rankin of Chicago, 111., 2 Jan. 
1909; children— Mrs. Elisabeth Mothers- 
head, Mrs. Ruth French, Carolyn C. 
Engaged in lumber business, 1905-45, 
Crossett, Watzek, Gates industries, So. 
and Western plants, Chicago exec, 
office, 1925 — ; pres., Fordyce Lumber 
Co., Crossett Lumber Co., Crossett Tim- 
ber & Development Co.; v.p. Jackson 
Lumber Co.; dir. Chap, prodn., Am. 
Red Cross, Washington, D.C., 1917-18, 
Bur. Development, Jan.-June 1919; 
mem. S.A.R., Phi Beta Kappa (assoc). 
Clubs: University, Chicago, Racquet 
(Chicago), N.Y. Yacht, San Gabriel 
(San Gabriel, Calif.), Wianno (Wianno, 
Mass.). Travel: world. Interests: col- 
lecting etchings, in photog., radio. Rec- 
reations: sailing, golf. Methodist. Re- 
publican. Office: 80 E. Jackson Blvd., 
Chicago, 111. Summer res.: Wianno, 
Cape Cod, Mass. 

CROWE, Robert Emmet, jurist; b. 
Peoria, 111., 22 Jan. 1879; ed. West Div. 
high sch., Chicago; LL.B., Yale Univ., 
1901; m. Candida Cuneo of Chicago, 111.; 
children— Candida P. Crowe Cagney, 
Robert Cuneo, Francis T., Thomas F., 
Lawrence Cuneo. Asst. State's Atty., 
Cook Co., 1908-13; asst. corp. counsel, 
Chicago, 1915-16; judge of Circuit Ct., 
1916-20; chief justice, Circuit Ct., 1917; 
chief justice, Criminal Ct., 1919; state's 
atty., Cook Co., 1920-28; now judge, Su- 
perior Court, elected, 1942. Home: Edge- 
water Beach Hotel, Chicago, 111. Sum- 
mer res.: Crowe's Nest, Phelps, Wis. 

CORPER, Franklin Joseph, physician, 
pediatrician; b. Chicago, 111., 27 Mar. 
1892; s. Carl Corper, realtor, and 
Phyllis (Knell) C; ed. Lake View high 
sch.; Univ. Chicago, 1913, B.S.; North- 
western Univ., M.D., 1917; m. Gladys 
Wynne of Chicago, 111., 10 Nov. 1917; 
children — Gladys, Carol Frances, Cyn- 
thia Ruth. Interne, St. Luke's Hosp., 
Children's Memorial Hosp.; practicing 
medicine, Chicago; attending phys., 
Wesley Memorial Hosp., Evanston 
Hosp.; assoc. in pediatrics, Northwest- 
ern Univ. Med. Sch.; capt., M.C., 
U.S.A.. 361st Inf., 91st div., 1917-19, over- 


seas, 5 maj. engagements, Fr., Belg., 
1918-19; mem. A.M.A., 111. State Med. 
Soc, Chicago Pediatric Soc, Am. Acad. 
Pediatrics, Chicago Inst. Medicine, Am. 
Pediatric Bd., Phi Kappa Psi, Alpha 
Omega Alpha. Club: Glen View Golf. 
Author: medical arts. Travel: U.S., Eur. 
Interest: photog. Recreation: golf. Epis- 
copalian. Independent. Office: 4753 
Broadway, Chicago, 111. Home: 1221 
Forest Av., Evanston, 111. 

HEBENSTREIT, Frank A., lawyer; 
b. Shullsburg, Wis., 12 Apr. 1891; s. 
Andrew Hebenstreit and Catharine 
(McCarten) H.; ed. Shullsburg (Wis.) 
high sch.; Univ. Wis.; LL.B., Creighton 
Univ., 1915; m. Irene O'Neil of Omaha, 
Neb., 1917; children — John A., Frank 
A., James C, Joseph O. City atty., 
Falls City, Neb., 6 yrs.; Nebraska 
Bar Assn., Richardson Co. Bar Assn. 
(pres.), Delta Theta Phi, Elks (exalted 
ruler), City Council, B.S.A. (ex.), Cham- 
ber Commerce (pres.), B.P.O.E., K.C. 
Club: Rotary (p. pres.). Recreation: 
golf. Catholic. Democrat. Office: 201 
Slocum Bldg., Falls City, Neb. Home: 
813 East 17th, Falls City, Neb. 

HAMMER, Marion R., lawyer; b. 
Jasper Co., la., 27 Aug. 1878; s. Marion 
R. Hammer, phys., and Mary E. 
(Dooley) H.; ed. Newton, la. pub. schs.; 
Newton, la. Normal Coll., LL.B., Drake 
Univ., 1907; Hazel Dell Acad.; winner of 
Gold Medal Triangular Debate award, 
Philomeathan Soc, Drake Univ.; m. 
Orpha Sparks of Lynnville, la., 22 Nov. 
1909. Co. atty., Jasper Co., la., 3 terms; 
mem. la. State Legislature, 1 term; 
chmn. Democratic Co. 12 yrs.; chmn. 
Exemption Bd., U.S. Selective Service, 
1917-18; mem. Elks, K.P., Kiwanis. 
Travel: U.S.A., Cuba, Mex., Can. Inter- 
est: travel: Presbyterian. Democrat. Of- 
fice: 204 Maytag Bldg., Newton, la. 
Home: 330 N. Eighth Av., E. Newton, 

GOUWENS, Cornelius, associate pro- 
fessor of mathematics; b. South Hol- 
land, HI., 22 May 1889; s. John P. 
Gouwens, farmer, and Cornelia (Paarl- 
berg) G.; ed. Thornton Twp. high sch., 
Harvey, 111.; B.S., Northwestern Univ., 
1910; M.A., Univ. 111., 1911; Ph.D., Uinv. 
Chicago, 1924; m. Edna Patzig of Iowa 
City, la., 24 June 1945. Teacher, Bennett 
Acad., Clarkson, Miss., 1911-12; instr., 
Univ. la., 1912-16, Univ. Kansas, 1919- 
20; asst. prof., math., la. State Coll., 
1920-26, assoc. prof., ibid, 1926—; served 
in civilian service, Ordn. Dept., 1918-19, 
during World War I; mem. A.A.A.S., 

Am. Math. Soc, Math. Assn. Am., la. 
Acad, of Sci., Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma 
Xi, Gamma Alpha, Pi Mu Epsilon. Pres- 
byterian. Office: Iowa State Coll., Ames, 
la. Home: 305 Beech Av., Ames, la. 

HEPBURN, Henry, pastor; b. Hop- 
kins, Mo.; s. Col. James L. Hepburn, 
farmer, and Maria Jane (Robinson) H.; 
ed. Park Acad.; A.B., Park Coll., A.M.; 
B.D., McCormick Theol. Sem., D.D.; m. 
Isabelle Speer of Limestone, Pa., 6 May 
1902 (dec, 1 Mar. 1937) ; 1 son, Malcolm 
J. Pastor, First Presbyn. Ch., Monett, 
Mo., 1902-05, First Presbyn. Ch., Aurora, 
111., 1905-08, Buerea Mem. Presbyn. Ch., 
Chicago, 1908—; v.p. Bethany Girls' 
Home; served as unofficial chaplain at 
Camp Grant during World War I. Inde- 
pendent. Office: 4301 Sheridan Rd., Chi- 
cago, 111. Home: 735 Junior Terrace, 
Chicago, 111. 

BAKER, Earle Alonzo, minister; b. 
Edmund, Wis., 22 Mar. 1884; s. William 
Henry Baker, farmer, and Mary Ann 
(Richards) B.; ed. Britt (la.) high sch., 
1903; A.B., Cornell Coll., Mt. Vernon, 
la., 1908; B.D., Drew Theol. Sem., Madi- 
son, N.J., 1911; D.D. (hon.), Cornell 
Coll.; m. Grace Eloise Terrill of Mason 
City, la., 20 Sept. 1910; children— Ruth 
Marie, Richard Terrill, Beth Eloise, 
Marjorie Grace. Fellowship, United 
Free Ch. Coll., Scotland, 1912-13; entered 
Upper la. Annual Conf., 1910; minister, 
Coggon, la., 1911, Waterloo (Linden), 
1913-17, Greene, la., 1917-22, Marion, 
la., 1922-27; dist. supt., Davenport Dist., 
Meth. Ch., 1927-33; minister First Meth. 
Ch., Cedar Falls, 1933-42; dist. supt., 
Waterloo Dist., Meth. Ch., 1942—; bd. 
of tr., Cornell Coll. (exec, com.); bd. of 
dirs. St. Lukes Meth. Hosp., Cedar 
Rapids, Wesley Foundation of la.; dir. 
Cedar Falls Bible Conf.; chmn. Bd. of 
Ministerial Training Upper la. Conf.; 
mem. Commn. of World Peace, No. Cen. 
Jurisdiction of Meth. Ch., Phi Beta 
Kappa, Masons. Club: Lions. Travel: 
Scot., Eng., Fr., U.S. Recreations: read- 
ing, golf. Methodist. Republican. Office: 
First Methodist Church, Cedar Falls, 
la. Home: 804 Washington St., Cedar 
Falls, la. Summer res. : Clear Lake, la. 

FRITH, Eugene Thomas, executive: 
b. Dubuque, la., 11 Nov. 1886; s. Eugene 
Elson Firth and Mary E. (Collins) F.; 
ed. pub. high sch.; Bayless Bus. Coll.; 
m. Anna C. Schilling of Dubuque, la., 
9 June 1926; children— Elaine Theresa, 
Eugene Thomas, Jr., Robert Elson, 
Thomas James, Paul Joseph. Pres. 
E. E. Firth Co. (3d generation in origi- 
nal bus. started by grandfather, 1859); 


Dubuque Auto Club; exec. bd. mem. 
Boy Scouts of Am.; mem. Citizens Hist. 
Assn., B.P.O.E., Dubuque Shooting Soc. 
Club: 330. Desc, Iowa pioneers. Recrea- 
tions: bowling, hunting, baseball. Catho- 
lic. Republican. Office: 18th and Syca- 
more Sts., Dubuque, la. Home: 827 Gar- 
field Av., Dubuque, la. 

GEIDEL, Carl D., bacteriologist, 
chemist, executive; b. Brandon, Wis., 
21 Oct. 1888; s. Charles A. Geidel, 
cabinet maker, and Marie Ann (Pleuss) 
G.; ed. Brandon high sch.; B.S., Univ. 
Wis., 1911, M.S., 1913; res. work, Univ. 
Minn.; m. Doris Ann Dawson of Apple- 
ton, Minn., 6 Oct. 1920; children— Rich- 
ard T., Robert Carl. Asst. bacteriologist, 
State lab. of hygiene, Univ. Wis., 1911- 
13; bacteriological chem., Dept. Agr., 
Wis., 1913-17; chem., U.S. Dept. Agr., 
1917-19; state bacteriologist, Minn., 1919- 
25; chief chem., Minn. Val. Canneries, 
1925-30; buyer canned foods, Twin City 
Wholesale Grocers, St. Paul, 1930-34; 
pres. and gen. mgr., Geidel Canneries, 
Inc., 1934—; mem. Am. Bacteriol. Soc, 
A.C.S., Phi Beta Phi, Alpha Chi Sigma, 
Masons. Club: Kiwanis. Interests: 
music, athletics. Recreations: golf, ten- 
nis, sailing. Episcopalian. Republican. 
Office: Adell, Wis. Home: Sheboygan, 

GOODRICH, Joseph Albert, physician 
and surgeon; b. Neponset, 111., 28 Mar. 
1872; s. Allen Baker Goodrich, farmer, 
and Elizabeth (Maycock) G.; ed. Hazel 
Dell Acad., Newton, la.; B.S., Highland 
Park Coll., 1892, Ph.G., 1903; Drake 
Univ., 1901-02; M.D., Northwestern 
Univ., 1905; m. Eva Blanche Angier of 
Dell Rapids, S. D., 22 Aug. 1894; m. 
(2nd) Cludie Evans-Smith of Ft. Worth, 
Tex., 7 Oct. 1924; children— Bertha 
Lenora (Mrs. Holbrook), Cecil Angier 
(dec). Prin., Des Moines schs., 1892-93, 
1899-1900, Pomeroy, la., 1893-95, Flan- 
dreau, S.D., 1896-99; interne, Chicago 
Lying In Hosp., 1905-06; instr., Drake 
Univ. Med. Sch., 1907-13; med. pract., 
obstetrics and gynecol., Des Moines, 
1906—; mem. Polk Co. Med. Soc, la. 
State Med. Soc, A.M. A., Masons, 32d 
deg. Scottish Rite, K.T., S.A.R (tr. Nat. 
Soc). Interest: genealogy. Methodist. 
Republican. Office: 918 Equitable Bldg., 
Des Moines, la. Home: Commodore 
Hotel, Des Moines, la. 

HERSCH, Thomas Franklin, physi- 
cian, surgeon; b. Jesup, 2 Jan. 1888; s. 
Nevin Blank Hersch, farmer, and Minnie 
Mae (Eshelman) H.; ed. Jesup high 
sch.; B.S., Lenox Coll. (Hopkinton), 

1910; M.D., Univ. Coll. Med., Univ. la. 
(Iowa City), 1914; m. Ivadell Stoddard 
of Jesup, 26 Nov. 1913; children— Capt. 
Donald Franklin, Edith (Mrs. Carl 
Myers). Engaged in pract. med., Cedar 
Rapids, 1914 — ; pres. staff, Mercy Hosp., 
1934-36, now mem.; coroner, Linn Co., 
Jan. 1943—; mem. staff, St. Lukes 
Hosp.; mem. Alpha Omega Alpha 
(1940), Linn Co. Med. Soc. (pres., 1934- 
35, sec, 1931-36, Ed., Bulletin, 1931-40, 
chmn. program com., 1931-40), Miss. 
Valley Med. Soc. (charter mem.), Ia.- 
111. Dist. Med. Soc, la. State Med. Soc. 
(chmn. interprofi. relationship com., 
1937-38, mem. com. med. edn. and 
hosps., 1937-38, mem. Speakers Bur., 
1938—), fellow A.M.A. Club: Executive. 
Author: Modern Postpartum Care and 
Treatment, 1936 (monograph). Interest: 
specimen plants and flowers. Ch. of the 
Brethren. Republican. Office: 120 3d 
Av., S.W., Cedar Rapids, la. Home: 
2127 Greenwood Dr., S.E., Cedar 
Rapids, la. 

WOLF, Walter Bertram, lawyer; b. 
Chicago, 111., 15 Sept. 1887; s. Albert 
Henry Wolf, civil engr., and Julia 
(Loewenthal) W.; ed. South Side Acad., 
Chicago; A.B., Yale, 1907; LL.B., North- 
western Univ., 1910; m. Marguerite 
Pettit Watson of Philadelphia, Pa., 25 
June 1929. Dir. Adams Oil and Gas Co.; 
served during World War I from 2d It. 
Artillery (field) to It. col. Inf., 42d Div. 
A.E.F., received Croix de Guerre with 
Palms, and Purple Heart; recom- 
mended for D.S.M. and D.S.C.; mem. 
Am., Chicago and 111. Bar Assns.; Am. 
Acad, of Polit. Sci. Clubs: Racquet, The 
Attic, Mid-Day, Casino and Tavern, 
Yale (New York). Author: Brief History 
of the Rainbow Division; The American 
Army in the Field in France in Harper's 
History of the World War. Ancestors on 
both sides active in professional hist, of 
Chicago, for about 90 yrs. Interests: 
art, literature. Republican. Office: 105 
S. La Salle St., Chicago, 111. Home: 209 
Lake Shore Dr., Chicago, 111. Summer 
home: 900 Sunset Rd., Winnetka, 111. 

BACHMAN, Walter Eugene, college 
dean and professor; b. Farmersville, 
Pa., 30 May 1890; s. M.E. Bachman, 
physician, and Clara (Weidman) B.; ed. 
Elkhart (Ind.) high sch.; Leander Clark 
Acad., Toledo, la.; S.B., Drake Univ., 
Des Moines, la., 1914; grad. work Chi- 
cago Univ.; M.R.E., Boston Univ., 1920, 
D.R.E., 1923; D.D., Philomath Coll. 
Ore., 1920; m. Grace Lucile Williams of 
Des Moines, la. Head of dept. of Bible 
and rel. edn., Fargo Coll., N.D,. 1915-21; 


prof, of rel. edn., The Bibl. Sem. in 
N.Y.C., 1923-32; dean of sem., 1926-32; 
prof, of rel. edn. Grad. Coll. of Religion, 
Butler Univ., Indianapolis, Ind., 1932-36, 
head of dept. of religion, Coll. of Liberal 
Arts and Sciences, Butler Univ., 1933- 
36; dean and prof, of philosophy and 
rel. edn., York Coll., York, Neb., 1936—; 
sec. Neb. Assn. of Ch. Colleges; mem. 
of Internat. Council of Religious Edn., 
Res. Advisory Sect, of Internat. Coun- 
cil; Rel. Edn. Assn., N.E.A., Am. Assn. 
of Sch. Adminstrs., Western Div. of Am. 
Philosophical Assn., Phi Gamma Mu. 
Alpha Psi Omega. Clubs: Neb. State 
Schoolmasters, York Country. Prepar- 
ing a book on the philosophy of rel. 
edn. Interests: dramatics, music. Rec- 
reations: tennis, golf. Protestant. Office: 
York College, York, Neb. Home: 668 
East 8th St., York, Neb. 

FRIERSON, Charles D., lawyer; b. 
Cleburne, 9 Dec. 1877; s. James Gordon 
Frierson and Emma (Davis) F..; ed 
Jonesboro State Normal Sch., Jones 
boro; LL.B., Univ. Ark., 1900; m. Char 
lotte Gallaway of Fayetteville, 30 Apr 
1901; children — Major Charles D., Jr. 
Margaret F. (wife of Lt. (j.g.) Cherry) 
City atty., Jonesboro, 1907-11; chancel 
lor, 12th Circuit, 1911-17; engaged in 
gen. pract. of law, 1900-11, 1917—; active 
in Boy Scout work, 1912—; chmn. Bar 
Rules Com., Supreme Court of Ark., 
1940 — ; pres. Mercantile Bank, Jones- 
boro; chmn. Local Draft Bd., 1917, 
waived exemption and served as pvt., 
Inf., 5th Co., 4th Battalion, I.C.O.T.S., 
Camp Pike, Ark. during World War I; 
mem. Kappa Alpha, Mason, A.L., Am. 
Bar. Assn., Ark. Bar Assn., Jonesboro 
Bar Assn. Clubs: Five Lakes Outing, 
Dem. County Central Com. (chmn., 
1925). Father, James Gordon Frierson, 
was a Confederate Vet., mem. of Consti- 
tutional Conv. of 1874, also state senator 
and circuit judge. Interests: big game 
hunting, Boy Scout work. Recreation: 
hunting. Democrat. Office: Frierson 
Bldg., Jonesboro, Ark. Home: 1112 So. 
Main, Jonesboro, Ark. 

DOUGHERTY, William B., physician 
and surgeon; b. Miss., 24 Feb. 1879; s. 
William R. Dougherty, mercht., and 
Eliza J. (Anderson) D.; ed. B.A., Univ. 
Miss., 1903; M.D., Univ. 111., 1906; m. 
Elizabeth H. Scruggs of Livingston, 
Ala., 27 Apr. 1911; children— Elizabeth 
H. Ashton, Dorothy J. Wilson, William 
S. Interne, Cook Co. Hosp.; taught 
minor surgery, Univ. Miss. Med. Sch. at 
Vicksburg, Miss., 1909; gen. practice in 
Chicago and supervising Health Officer 

of Dept. of Health; mem. A.M. A., HI. 
and Chicago Med. Socs., Delta Psi, Nu 
Sigma Nu, A.F. & A.M., K.P., Alpha 
Omega Alpha. Baptist. Office: 1707 Ros- 
coe St., Chicago, 111. Home: 3542 N. 
Claremont Av., Chicago, 111. 

DENNISTON, Brackett Badger, bro- 
ker; b. Chicago, 111., 14 June 1885; s. 
George R. Denniston, broker, Chicago 
Bd. of Trade, and Annie (Badger) D.; 
ed. Austin high sch.; Lewis Inst.; m. 
Adele L. Badger of Chicago, 111., 3 Aug. 
1910; children— George R., Brackett 
Badger, Jr., William Badger. Entered 
grain bus., 1903; with Gillett & Dennis- 
ton, later S. B. Chapin & Co.; partner of 
firm, B. B. Denniston & Co., 1923—. 
Office: 141 W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago, 
111. Home: 115 Scottswood Rd., River- 
side, 111. Summer res. : Silver Lake, Wis. 

DeLAMATRE, Harry Clayton, lawyer; 
b. Omaha, Neb., 8 Aug. 1888; s. Clayton 
Wm. DeLamatre, lawyer, and Martha 
Ann (Sargeant) DeL.; ed. Omaha high 
sch., A.B., LL.B., Univ. Neb., 1915; 
Cornell Coll., 1907-11; m. Gladys E. 
Tallmadge of Omaha, Neb., 17 Dec. 
1921; children — Joan, Margery May. In 
football, Cornell Coll., 1908; N man, 
football, Univ. Neb., 1913-14; prof. Eng., 
Univ. Omaha, 1915-17; dir. Neb. Good- 
will Industries; pres. bd. trs., Stuntz 
Hall Assn., Home for Bus. Women; 2d 
lt. Aviation, Balloon Observer, Free 
Balloon Pilot, U.S.A., 1917-19; mem. 
Omaha and Neb. State Bar Assns. Club: 
Chamber Commerce. Travel: U.S. Rec- 
reations: golf, farming. Methodist. Re- 
publican. Office: 820 City Nat. Bank 
Bldg., Omaha, Neb. Home: 2585 Kansas 
Av., Omaha, Neb. 

CZAMANSKE, William Martin, minis- 
ter; b. Granville, Wis., 26 Aug. 1873; s. 
Adam Czamanske, farmer, and Louise 
(Lueck) C; ed. Concordia Coll., Mil- 
waukee, Wis., 1889-94; Concordia Sem., 
St. Louis, Mo., 1894-98; m. Hulda 
Kopeschke of Willow Creek, Minn., 21 
May 1899; children — Paul, Ruth, Lois. 
Ordained minister, Trinity Luth. Ch., 
Madelia, Minn., 30 July 1898; pastor, 
St. Mark's Luth. Ch., West Henrietta, 
N.Y., 1902-04; St. Mark's Luth. Ch., 
Rochester, N. Y., 1904-10, St. Mark's 
Luth. Ch., Sheboygan, Wis., 1910—; 
served as camp pastor, Macon and At- 
lanta, Ga., during World War I. Author: 
'Twill Still Be Christmas There, 1913; 
Hoist the Banner of the Gospel, quartet, 
1915; Tidings of Great Joy, 1925; The 
First Christmas Service, 1929; Back to 
Bethlehem, 1933; When Luther with the 
Gospel Came, 1934; The Virgin's Son, 


1935; contbr. to religious periodicals, 
anthologies; recipient of 1st prize from 
The Sheboygan Press for poem, Wis- 
consin, 1926. Interest: writing poetry. 
Recreations: baseball, bowling, horse- 
shoes. Lutheran. Republican. Office: St. 
Mark's Lutheran Church, Sheboygan, 
Wis. Home: 528 Ontario Av., Sheboygan, 

COUNSELLER, Virgil Sheetz, sur- 
geon; b. Elida, O., 2 Nov. 1892; ed. 
Elida and Lima, O., pub. schs. ; Otter- 
bein Univ., 1913-14; O. State Univ., 1914- 
17; B.S., Univ. Chicago, 1918; M.D., 
Rush Med. Coll., 1920; M.S. (surgery), 
Univ. Minn. Mayo Foundation, 1927; m. 
Gladys Britten of Lansing, Mich., 11 
Oct. 1922; children— Virginia, Cynthia, 
David, Pamela. Interne, Evanston and 
St. Luke's Hosps., 1919-20; surgeon, Ev- 
anston, 111., 1920-24; asst., dept. surgery, 
Univ. 111., 1920-23; jr. attending surgeon, 
Evanston Hosp., 1921-25; Fellow in Sur- 
gery, Mayo Foundation, 1924-27; sur- 
geon, Dayton, O., 1928; head of sect, of 
gen. surgery, Mayo Clinic, 1928 — ; 
assoc. prof., surgery, Univ. Minn., 
1935—; prof, surgery, 1945: R.O.T.C., 
It. comdr. U.S.N.R., during World War 
I; mem. Am. Surgeons Assn., A.C.S., 
A.M.A., Minn. State Med. Soc, Minn. 
Surg. Soc, Min. Obstet. and Gynecol. 
Soc, Alumni Soc. of Mayo Foundation, 
Central Assn., Obstet. and Gynecol., 
Am. Urol. Assn., Western Surg. Assn., 
Am. Soc. Obstet. and Gynecol, and Ab- 
dominal Surgeons, Am. Bd. of Surgery. 
Clubs: Rochester Country, University. 
Author: 151 contbns. to med. lit. Inter- 
ests: philately, sports. Recreations: 
golf, fishing, hunting. Episcopalian. Re- 
publican. Office: 102-10 Second Av., 
S.W., Rochester, Minn. Home: 706 S.W. 
Fourth, Rochester, Minn. 

CODERE, Charles Francis, insur- 
ance; b. Montreal, Can., 10 Feb. 1886; 
s. Charles A. Coder e and Annie (Wain- 
wright) C: m. Mabelle H. Prosser of 
St. Paul, Minn., 14 Oct. 1916; children- 
Helen F., Mildred M. Assoc, local 
agency, Montreal, 1901, Edmonton, 
Alta., 1906; spl. agt., St. Paul Fire and 
Marine Ins. Co., Western Can., 1908, 
head office staff, St. Paul, Minn., 1920, 
asst. to pres., v.p., 1925, pres., 1938—; 
tr. Minn. Mutual Life Ins. Co.; pres., 
bd. of trs., Summit Sch. for Girls, St. 
Paul. Clubs: Minn., Somerset Country, 
St. Paul Athletic. Recreations: golf, 
photog. Episcopalian. Republican. Of- 
fice: 111 W. Fifth St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Home: 194 Amherst St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Summer res.: Sunfish Lake, Minn. 

CLEARY, Mansfield Ralph, broker; b. 
Hastings, Neb., 14 Oct. 1887; s. John J. 
Cleary, mfr., broker, and Lillian (McAl- 
ister) C; ed. Oak Park high sch.; 
Ph.B., Univ. Chicago, 1910; m. Char- 
lotte Coalter Spencer of St. Louis, Mo., 
29 Oct. 1924; children— Mansfield Ralph, 
Jr., John McAlister, Charlotte Coalter. 
Mem. brokerage firm, Cleary & Co., 
1922-45; gov., Chicago Stock Exchange; 
tr. Highland Park Hosp.; 1st It., 20th 
Div., World War I, 1917-19; mem. Alpha 
Delta Phi. Clubs: Exmoor Country, 
Jupiter Island, University of Chicago. 
Travel: around the world. Recreation: 
golf. Catholic. Republican. Office: 120 S. 
La Salle St., Chicago, 111. Home: 428 N. 
Sheridan Rd., Highland Park, 111. Win- 
ter home: Hobe Sound, Fla. 

CARLETON, Hubert, clergyman; b. 
Markham, Ont., Can.; s. Chas. Sweep 
Carleton, merchant, and Maria (Burk) 
C. ; ed. Hamilton Collegiate Inst. (Can.); 
B.A., Trinity Coll., Toronto Univ., 1893, 
M.A., 1894; B.A., Brasenose Coll., Ox- 
ford, Eng., 1898, M.A., 1900; D.C.L. 
(hon.), Kings Coll.; m. Helen Willard 
Davidson of Newton, Mass., 1913; 1 dau., 
Phyllis. Social settlement work, London, 
Eng., 1898-1900; gen. sec, Brotherhood 
of St. Andrew, Eng. and U.S., 1899-1916; 
ed., St. Andrew's Cross, 1902-16; or- 
dained priest, P.E. Ch., 1916; asst., 
Trinity Cathedral, Cleveland, O., 1916- 
19; active in orgns. for welfare of boys 
and young men. Episcopalian. Home: 
1245 Maple Av., Wilmette, 111. 

HUMPHREY, Robert Ingersoll, den- 
tist; b. Troy, Mo., 22 Dec 1890; s. Wil- 
liam R. Humphrey, farmer, stockman, 
and Josephine (Young) H.; ed. Bu- 
chanan high sch.; Gem City Bus. Coll.; 
D.D.S., Univ. HI., 1916; m. Kessie Lee 
Scott of Chicago, 111., 1916. Organized, 
dental clinic, Internat. Harvester Co., 
chief dentist, 13 yrs.; pres.-elect., Chi- 
cago Dent. Soc; mem. Am. Dent. Assn., 
State Dent. Soc; rendered spl. service 
during entire World War I; mem. Chi- 
cago Athletic Assn., A.A.P., S.F.S., Ma- 
sons (32d deg.). Clubs: Hunting, South 
Shore Country. Recreations: bowling, 
hunting, fishing, golf. Office: 185 N. 
Wabash Av., Chicago, 111. Home: 403 S. 
Harvey Av., Oak Park, 111. 

HOPE, Harry Leroy, superintendent 
of equipment engineering; b. Bain- 
bridge, O., 7 Feb. 1882; s. Henry Wil- 
liam, mcht., and Lucinda (Hulitt) H.; 
ed. Hillsboro high sch.; M.E. (in E.E.), 
O. State Univ.; m. Myra Day of St. 
Louis, Mo., 25 June 1913; children — 
Mary Adalene, William Day. Student 


engr., Western Electric Co., Chicago, 
1905; equipment engr., Mo., and Kan. 
Telephone Co., Kansas City, Mo., 1910; 
bldg. and equipment engr., Southwest- 
ern Bell Telephone Co., St. Louis, Mo., 
1912; asst. supt., Western Electric Co., 
Chicago, 1923; supt. equipment engring., 
Western Electric Co., Chicago, 1927 — . 
Presbyterian. Office: Western Electric 
Co., Hawthorne Station, Chicago, HI. 
Home: 203 Eighth Av., La Grange, 111. 

PARTRIDGE, Lloyd Case, treasurer, 
president; b. Chicago, 111., 16 Feb. 1892; 
s. Charles Sumner Partridge (dec), 
mfr., and Abigail L. (Osgood) P.; ed. 
Armour Acad. ; Univ. Chicago high sch. ; 
m. Evelyn A. Crutch er of Nashville, 16 
June 1923. Assoc, with Partridge & An- 
derson Co., mfrs., 1912 — , pres., treas., 
1916—; enlisted Ordnance, F.A., U.S.A., 
27 July 1917, disch. 30 Nov. 1918; had 
served enlistment in 1st 111. Cavalry, 
HI. Nat. Guard; mem. Masons, Field 
Mus. Natural Hist, (life mem.), Chicago 
Art Inst, (life mem.). Clubs: Chicago 
Athletic, Chicago Tavern. Travel: Eur. 
Recreations: fishing, golf. Episcopalian. 
Republican. Office: 712-732 S. Federal 
St., Chicago, 111. Home: 210 E. Pearson 
St., Chicago, 111. 

ORCUTT, Dwight Chapman, physi- 
cian and surgeon; b. Areola, HI., 25 
Oct. 1872; s. Samuel Henry Orcutt and 
Cordelia Jayne (Chapman) O.; ed. Ar- 
eola (HI.) high sch.; M.D., Univ. 111.; 
m. Grace Leach of Chicago, 111., 3 Dec. 
1907; children — Frances, Dwight C, Jr. 
Prep, work, London, Eng., Berlin and 
Vienna; house surg., Royal London 
Ophthal. Hosp., 1902; practice, Chicago, 
1901 — , splty., diseases of eye and ear; 
teacher, med. colls, and post-grad, 
schs.; chief surg., 111. Charitable Eye 
and Ear Infirm., St. Luke's Hosp.; 
served as aero, examiner during World 
War I; mem. A.M.A., Am. Acad. 
Ophthal., 111. State Med. Soc, Chicago 
Med. Ophthal. and Laryngol. Socs., Chi- 
cago Athletic Assn. Club: Skokie Coun- 
try. Author: arts, on eye diseases. Rec- 
reations: golf, bowling. Methodist. Re- 
publican. Offices: 55 E. Washington St., 
Chicago, HI.; 333 Park Av., Glencoe, 
HI. Home: Orrington, Hotel, Evanston, 

RUSSELL, Horace, lawyer; b. Puck- 
ett, Miss., 7 Nov. 1889; s. Virgil Russell, 
physician, and Eleanor (Everitt) R.; 
ed. Rock Bluff high sch.; A.B., Miss. 
Coll., Clinton, Miss., 1912; LL.B., Cum- 
berland Univ., Lebanon, Tenn., 1916; 
D.C.L., Univ. of the South, Sewanee, 
Tenn., 1938; m. Julia Myers of Pela- 

hatchie, Miss., 21 June 1916; children- 
Horace, Jr. (dec, 1944), Philip Everitt, 
Elsie Jean. Mem. of Watkins, Russell 
and Asbill, 1918-23, Jones, Fuller, Rus- 
sell and Clapp (Atlanta, Ga.), 1923-32; 
gen. counsel Fed. Home Loan Bank Bd., 
Home Owners' Loan Corp. and Fed. 
Savings and Loan Ins. Corp., Washing- 
ton, D.C., 1932-38; pvt. pract., Chicago, 
1938 — ; dir. Home Owners Mutual Ins. 
Co. and Kankakee Fed. Savings and 
Loan Assn.; gen. counsel U.S. Savings 
and Loan League and First Fed. Sav- 
ings and Loan Assn. of Chicago; mem. 
Gen. Council, City of Atlanta, 1923-27; 
pres. Family Welfare Soc; pres. At- 
lanta Chamber Commerce, 1930-31; 
pres., Southeastern Fair Assn., 1932; 
Am., 111., Chicago, Atlanta, Georgia, 
Federal (pres., 1937) Bar Assns. Clubs: 
Skokie, Rotary of Chicago, Cosmos 
(Washington, D.C.). Author: arts, re- 
lated to thrift and home financing and 
mortgage banking law. Methodist. 
Democrat. Office: Suite 2017 Field Bldg., 
135 S. La Salle St., Chicago 3, 111. 
Home: 372 Jackson Av., Glencoe, HI. 

SCHRADER, Fred Leon, railway 
exec; b. Creston, Union County, la., 25 
Jan. 1891; s. Frederick August Schrader 
and Margaret Adeline (Sayler) S.; ed. 
grade sch., Ottumwa, la., 1897-1904; 
Ottumwa (la.) high sch., 1905-08; m. 
Cora Adele Barrow, 23 July 1913. Fuel 
Clk., timekeeper, mech. dept., Chicago, 
Burlington & Quincy R.R., Ottumwa, 
la., 1908-12; chief timekeeper, all depts., 
Chicago, Peoria & St. Louis R.R., 
Springfield, 111., 1912-17, spl. rep. to gen. 
mgr., 1917-18, chief clk. to gen. mgr., 
1918; chief clk., Chicago, Peoria & St. 
Louis R.R. — Chicago & Alton R.R., 
Springfield, 111., 1918-20; asst. to gen. 
mgr., Chicago, Peoria & St. Louis R.R., 
Springfield, 111., 1920-26; asst. to sr. v.p., 
Chicago & 111. Midland Ry. Co., Spring- 
field, 111., 1926-40, v.p., 1940—; dir. 
Springfield Memorial Hosp. Clubs: Ki« 
wanis, Hlini Country, Sangamo, Western 
Railway. Conglist. Republican. Office: 
Chicago & 111. Midland Railway Co., 
821 Illinois Bldg., Springfield, 111. Home: 
1045 Williams Blvd., Springfield, HI. 

SCHWEITZER, Edmund Oscar, elec- 
trical engineer; b. Chicago, 111., 10 Oct. 
1875; s. Edmund F. Schweitzer and 
Pauline C. (Kirchhof) S.; ed. Brown 
Sch., Chicago, 1890; Chicago Manual 
Training Sch., 1893; B.S. (in E.E.), Pur- 
due Univ., 1898; m. Lillian Merz of Chi- 
cago, 111., 12 Oct. 1909; children— Ed- 
mund Oscar, Jr., Emily Louise, Evelyn 
Josephine. Retired as chief testing 


engr., Commonwealth Edison Co., 1936, 
after 27 yrs.; dir. Schweitzer & Conrad 
Inc., Chicago; p. v.p., Bd. Edn., North- 
brook, 111.; spl. service, 1917-18, during 
World War I; Fellow Am. Inst. Elec. 
Engrs.; mem. Western Soc. Engrs.; 
assoc. mem. Illuminating Engring. 
Soc; p. mem. Nat. Research Council of 
U.S. Clubs: Lake Shore, Electric. Au- 
thor: papers pub. in A.I.E.E. Proceed- 
ings. Travel: Eur. Grandparents, pio- 
neer settlers in Chicago, 1840. Interests: 
music, gardening, billiards. Lutheran. 
Republican. Address: 1241 Waukegan 
Rd. f Northbrook, 111. 

SMITH, Clifford Eben, oculist, aurist; 
b. Wheeler Co., Neb., 30 May 1884; s. 
Elias Smith, II, lumberman, and Bertha 
Christina (Van Sittert) S.; ed. Villisca 
(la.) high sch.; B.S., Bellevue Coll., 
Univ. Omaha, 1906; M.D., Rush Med. 
Coll., 1910; m. Rita S. Paul of Chicago, 
HI., 27 Aug. 1913; 1 son, Lt. Robb Van 
Sittert (Med. Corp.). Oculist, aurist, De 
Kalb, 1 June 1911—; chief staff, Glidden 
Hosp., De Kalb, 4 yrs., St. Mary's Hosp., 
De Kalb, 1 yr.; pres., dir., De Kalb 
Theater Co.; oculist, aurist, De Kalb Co. 
Exemption Bd. during World War I; 
mem. 111. State Med Assn., A.M.A., De 
Kalb Co. Med. Soc. (sec, 12 yrs., pres., 
3 yrs.), Masons, Elks, K.P., De Kalb 
Bldg. & Loan Assn. (v.p., dir.), Am. 
Bd. Ophthalmic Examinations, Am. Bd. 
Otolaryn.; Fellow Am. Coll. Surgs., In- 
ternal Coll. Surgs. Clubs: Kiwanis (De 
Kalb, p. pres.), Kishwaukee Country 
(DeKalb). Great grandfather, Dr. Na- 
thaniel Chamberlain, came to Princeton, 
HI., with Hampshire Colony, 1831; 
grandfather, Van Sittert, helped found 
Pella, la., 1847. Recreations: golf, con- 
tract bridge. Presbyterian. Republican. 
Office: 323 E. Lincoln Hwy., De Kalb, 
HI. Home: 314 Augusta Av., De Kalb, 

SNOW, Lucille Hammel, physician, 
surgeon; b. Circleville, O., 20 July 1897; 
d. George E. Hammel, ins. agt., and 
Myrtle Jane (Cummins) H.; ed. North 
high sch., Columbus, O.; O. State Univ.; 
Columbia Univ.; M.D., Univ. 111. Med. 
Sch., 1928; m. Adolph J. Snow of Aus- 
tria, 12 Aug. 1916; children — Frances E., 
Julia Jane. Interne, Cook Co. Hosp., 
Chicago; specialist in obstet. ad gyne- 
col.; diplomate, Am. Bd. Obstetrics and 
Gynecol.; fellow Am. Coll. of Surgeons; 
mem. faculty, Loyola Univ. Med. Sch., 
1930—; staff mem., Mercy Hosp., Cook 
Co. Hosp., Chicago; fellow A.M. A.; 
mem. Am. Med. Women's Assn., 
A.A.A.S., D.A.R., Nu Sigma Phi, A.A. 

U.W. Clubs: Wilmette Women's, Univer- 
sity Circle, Zonta Internat. Travel: U.S., 
Can., Eng., Eur. Recreations: skiing, 
motoring, travel. Presbyterian. Demo- 
crat. Office: 636 Church St., Evanston, 
111. Home: 1320 Ashland Av., Wilmette, 

MACKELLAR, John Douglas, phvsi- 
cian, surgeon; b. Ulyria, la., 13 Oct. 
1883; s. Peter MacKeilar, horticulturist, 
and Samantha (Moore) M.; ed. Upper 
la. Univ. Prep. Sch.; Upper la. Univ.; 
M.D., Univ. 111., 1907; m. Clara Butler 
of Can., 12 June, 1906; children — Jane 
(dec), Grace Burton. Musician, farmer 
boy, med. student; res. Presbyn. Hosp., 
Chicago; pract., Manhatton (Nev.) 
Mining Camp; pvt. pract., Chicago, 
1917; on staff Woodlawn Hosp.; assoc 
staff, 111. Cent. Hosp.; examiner of re- 
cruits during World War I. Ancestors, 
Inverness Scotland; desc. Iowa pioneers 
(grandfather was partner of Cvrus 
McCormick in blacksmithing, Elgin, 
111.). Interests: antiques, home furnish- 
ings, history. Recreations: table tennis, 
agriculture, horticulture, home remodel- 
ing, theatre. Protestant. Office: 1377 E. 
63d St., Chicago, 111. Home: 6923 
Chappel Av., Chicago, HI. Summer 
home: R. 1, Box 547, Stevensville, Mich. 

MORSS, Foster Gilbert, consulting 
civil engineer; b. Charles Town, W.Va., 
12 Apr. 1881; s. Foster B. Morss. civil 
engr., and Lucy Madison (Packette) 
M.; ed. Saugerties (N.Y.) high sch.; 
Union Coll.. Schenectady, N.Y.. 1902: m. 
Clara M. Wells of Schuvler, 9 Feb. 1921; 
1 son. Burton Gilbert. On engring. works 
in U.S., Trinidad, B.W.I., Can. and 
Venezuela; served as cant., 32d Engrs., 
U.S.A. in Fr., 3 Sent. 1917-3 Oct. 1919; 
mem. Am. Soc. of Civil Engrs., Soc of 
Am. Mil. Engrs., Mil. Order of the 
World War, Am. Legion. Author: short 
arts, on travel and geog. subis. Travel: 
Can., Fr., B.W.I. , Venezuela. Wife's 
family were early settlers in Dodge and 
Colfax Counties, locating at mouth of 
Shell Cr., Colfax Co. before r.r. was 
built. Episcopalian. Democrat. Office 
and home: Schuyler, Neb. 

TROWBRIDGE, Lydia Jones, writer; 
b. Evanston, HI., 28 Aug. 1859; d. Wil- 
liam P. Jones, Coll. pres., journalist, 
and Mary Elizabeth (Hayes) J.; ed. 
Northwestern Univ. Prep. Sch.; A.B., 
Northwestern Univ., 1882, A.M., 1887; 
m. Edward G. Trowbridge of Chicago, 
HI., 25 Apr. 1898. Teacher, Neb., 4 yrs., 
Lake View high sch., Chicago, 31 yrs.; 
mem. bd. mgrs., Sch. Am. Research, 
Santa Fe, N.M.; mem. com. nat. de- 


fense during World War I; mem. Fed. 
Women High Sch. Teachers (p. pres.), 
Kappa Kappa Gamma, Women's Trade 
Union League, W.C.T.U., Pub. Owner- 
ship League, Phi Beta Kappa, Urban 
League, Woman's Soc, Evanston and 
Winnetka Hist. Socs. Clubs: English of 
Greater Chicago (p. pres.), Winnetka 
Woman's, Drama. Author: Betty of the 
Consulate; My Navaho Book; Frances 
Willard of Evanston. Travel: China, 
Eur., U.S. Father, William P. Jones, 
founder and pres., Northwestern Female 
Coll., Evanston; U.S. Consul to China; 
ed. : Chicago Evening Jour., Chicago 
Inter-Ocean. Interests: reading, re- 
views, scrapbooks. Recreation: travel. 
Unitarian. Independent. Home: 1111 
Oak St., Winnetka, 111. 

TRAXLER, Dean Lake, lawyer; b. 
Leavenworth, Kan., 6 Nov. 1893; s. 
B. F. Traxler, grain commn., and Mary 
Josephine (Van Petten) T. ; ed. Evans- 
ton (111.) Acad.; A.B., Northwestern 
Univ., 1915, LL.B., 1917; m. Elizabeth 
Warder Michelet of Wilmette, 111., 7 
July 1934; children — Dean Van Petten, 
Jules Michelet. Assoc, with Adams, Fol- 
lansbee, Hawley & Shorey, 1917, Buell 
& Ogden, 1919-20; mem. firm, Ogden & 
Traxler, 1920-24, Church, Ogden & Trax- 
ler, 1924-25, Church, Traxler & Kennedy, 
1926-33, Church & Traxler, 1933—; 2d 
It., F.A., U.S.A., overseas service, Fr M 
14 mos., 1917-19; capt. F.A., Officers 
Res. Corps; mem. 111. State, Chicago, 
and Am. Bar Assns., Chicago Law Inst., 
Am. Judicature Soc, Am. Legion (p. 
comdr. Evanston Post No. 42, p. 
chmn. 111. Americanism Commn.), Mil. 
Order World War, La Societe des 40 
Hommes et 8 Chevaux, Soc. Mayflower 
Descendants State 111. (deputy gov.), 
S.A.R. (p. pres. 111. Soc), Alpha Delta 
Phi, Deru, Phi Beta Kappa, Delta 
Sigma Rho, Delta Theta Phi, Order 
Coif, "N" Men's Assn. Clubs: North 
Central Kiwanis (p. pres.), University 
(Chicago), University (Evanston), Five 
Lakes (Wis.). Desc. Elder William 
Brewster of the Mayflower, Claas Fred- 
erickse Van Petten, who came from 
Holland to Schenectady, N.Y., 1664, Lt. 
Jesse Young, Nicholas Van Petten and 
others who fought in Revol. War. Inter- 
est: calendar reform. Recreations: ten- 
nis, horseback riding. Methodist. Repub- 
lican. Office: 10 S. La Salle St., Chicago, 
111. Home: 2112 Lincoln St., Evanston, 

TELLER, Morris, rabbi; b. Galicia, 
Austrian Poland, 2 Aug. 1890; s. Sholom 
Samuel Teller and Annie G. (Steiner) 

T.; ed. Phila. Central high sch.; B.A., 
Univ. Pa., 1912; Univ. Chicago Div. 
Sch., 1926-28; Jewish Theol. Sem. of 
Am., N.Y. Rabbi (cum laude), 1916; m. 
Nellie Ruby of Marietta, O., 18 Oct. 
1918; 1 son, Sholom Sheldon. Rabbi, 
Tulsa, Okla., 1916-26, Cong. Beth. Jacob 
B'nai Bezalel, Chicago, 1926-33, South 
Side Hebrew Cong., 1933 — ; pres., Chi- 
cago Rabbinical Assn., 1941-42; hon. 
worker, Jewish Welfare Bd. during 
World War I; mem. exec, council of 
Rabbinical Assn. of Am., Am. Jewish 
Cong., B'nai B'rith, Zionist Orgn., Phi 
Beta Delta (hon. mem.). Club: Cove- 
nant (hon. mem.). Author: Date of Book 
of Joel, arts, in Anglo-Jewish press. 
Office: 7359 Chappel Av., Chicago, 111. 
Home: 7311 Oglesby Av., Chicago, 111. 

SWANSON, David I., lawyer; b. Chi- 
cago, 111., 14 Sept. 1884; s. Swan John 
Swanscn, carpenter, and Betty Joseph- 
ine (Jonson) S.; ed. LL.B., John Mar- 
shall Law Sch., passed bar, 1913; m. 
Margaret U. Swanson of Chicago, 111., 
23 June 1923; step-children— Stanley, 
Wilbur. Asst. in sales dept., Swift & Co., 
while studying law; rep. in State Legis- 
lature, 1923, 10 terms; 6 times chmn. 
Judiciary Com., speaker pro tern, sec, 
111. Judicial Advisory Council; served 
as Legal Adviser to Speaker 64th Gen. 
Assembly; served at Camp Meigs, 1918; 
mem. 111. State Bar Assn., Masons, Odd 
Fellows, Vikings, Delta Theta Phi. 
Clubs: Nordic Law, Rep. Party. Travel: 
many parts of U.S. Ancestors from 
Sweden. Interests: extensive reader of 
biography, hist., economics, nat., state 
and local govt, adminstrn. Recreation: 
fishing, golf. Trustee, Thoburn Meth. 
Ch. Republican. Office: 77 W. Washing- 
ton St. and 5933 So. Halsted St., Chi- 
cago, 111. Home: 7842 S. Marshfield Av., 
Chicago, 111. Summer vacations: North 
Woods, Wis., Minn., Mich. 

CLARK, William Thaw, physician; b. 
Beloit, Wis., 15 May 1882; s. H. R. Clark, 
phys., and Sadie B. (Johns) C; ed. 
B.S., Beloit Coll., 1903; M.D., Hahne- 
mann Med. Coll., Chicago, 111., 1907; 
m. Zella Coe of Ft. Atkinson, 31 Dec 
1908; 1 son, Robert Coe. On staff of 
Watertown Hosp., 1912-17, Mercy Hosp., 
1919 — ; preceptor in charge, Univ. Wis. 
Med. Sch., 1927—; instr., nervous and 
mental diseases, Sch. of Nursing, Mercy 
Hosp., Janesville, 1920 — , chmn. exec 
bd., Staff of Mercy Hosp., 1927—; Frac- 
ture Com., Rock Co. Med. Advisory 
Com.; apptd. Med. Advisor for Wis. 
Med. Relief Adminstrn.; student officer, 
M.O.T.C. Ft. Riley Kan., 1917, instr., 


adj. and exec, officer M.O.T.C, 1918, 
major, M.C.; diplomate Am. Bd. of 
Radiology, 1937; mem. Rock Co. Med. 
Soc, Wis. State Med. Soc. (councilor 
3d dist.), A.M.A., Radiol. Soc. of N.A., 
Am. Coll. of Radiology, A.F.&A., Ma- 
sons. Club: Janesville Country. Author: 
Foci of Infection about the Teeth, 1916, 
111. Med. Jour., Med. program of the 
Wis. Emergency Relief Adminstrn., Wis. 
Med. Jour., July, 1936. Interest: raising 
cacti and roses. Recreation: golf. Con- 
glist. Republican. Office: 317 Hayes 
Block, Janesville, Wis. Home: 441 South 
East St., Janesville, Wis. 

CLENDENIN, Robert James, lawyer; 
b. Monmouth, 111., 12 Oct. 1904; s. James 
W. Clendenin, lawyer, and Louvisa 
(Stevenson) C; Ed. A.B., Leland Stan- 
ford Univ., 1926; J.D., Univ. Mich., 1930. 
Assoc, in practice of law with firm, 
Cooke, Sullivan & Ricks, 1930-33; Clen- 
denin and Clendenin (now Clendenin 
and Burkhard), 1933—; dir. Roy G. 
Miller, Inc.; dir. Gen. Counsel Mon- 
mouth Trust and Savings Bank; dir., 
gen. counsel, The Trust Co. of Chicago; 
gen. counsel, 111. Bankers Life Assur- 
ance Co. ; sec. to Hon. Loren E. Murphy, 
Judge of Appellate Ct., 111., 1933-35; 
asst. U.S. Dist. Atty., Southern Dist., 
111., 1935-39; referee in bankruptcy, and 
master in chancery, U.S. Dist. Ct., 
Southern Dist. 111., 1939 — ; assoc. ed., 
Mich. Law Review; It. U.S.N.R., Nov. 
1943; mem. Am. Bar Assn., 111. State 
Bar Assn., Peoria Co. Bar Assn., War- 
ren Co. Bar Assn., Alpha Sigma Phi, 
Tau Kappa Alpha, Soc. Barristers, 
Univ. Mich. Law Sch. Club: University 
(Chicago), Creve Coeur Club (Peoria), 
Peoria Country. Presbyterian. Demo- 
crat. Offices: 100 S. Main St., Mon- 
mouth, 111.; 1032 Alliance Life Bldg., 
Peoria, 111. Home: 200 Biltmore Av., 
Peoria, 111. 

BECKER, H. Kirke, business execu- 
tive; b. Forrest City, Ark., 20 May 1890; 
s. Alexander Becker, cotton mcht., and 
Fanchon (Lewis) B. ; ed. Cascadilla 
Acad.; M.E., Cornell Univ., 1911; m. 
Rosalind Elizabeth Gans of Little Rock, 
Ark., June 1916; children— Jane G., 
Rosalind A., H. Kirke, Jr., Betty. Sales 
mgr., Forrest City, Ark., 1911-12; mgr., 
Becker & Lewis, 1912-16; mgr. elec. 
dept., Hercules Engring. Corp., N.Y.C., 
1919-21; pres., gen. mgr., Peters Ma- 
chinery Co., Chicago, 111., 1921 — ; dir., 
Nat. Bank, Eastern Ark., Peters Ma- 
chinery Co.; Lenygon & Morant, Inc., 
N.Y. City; 22 mos., C.W.S., maj., during 
World War I; mem., Nat. Packaging 

Machinery Inst., A.S.M.E., HI. Mfrs. 
Assn., Chicago Assn. Com., Sigma Chi 
(chmn. exec. com.). Clubs: Rotary (Chi- 
cago, ex-v.p.), Merchants and Manu- 
facturers (Chicago), Cornell University 
(Chicago, N.Y.), University. Office: 4700 
Ravenswood Av., Chicago, 111. Home: 
368 Elder Lane, Winnetka, 111. 

CASHMAN, Robert, business man- 
ager; b. Sioux Falls, S.D., 12 Jan. 1886; 
s. Leonard W. Cashman, and Nettie I. 
(Brown) C. ; ed. pub. schs., Sioux Falls, 
S.D. Bus. mgr., World's and Internat. 
Sunday Sch. Assns., 1908-18; sales mgr., 
Interstate Ed. Soc, 1919-22; bus. mgr. 
and asst. treas. and sec, Chicago Theol. 
Sem., 1923 — ; pres., Chicago Congl. 
Club, 1930; moderator Chicago Assn. 
Congl. Churches, 1940. Clubs: Union 
League, Quadrangle. Author: The Busi- 
ness Administration of a Church; nu- 
merous mag. arts, on church manage- 
ment. Travel: Eur., Asia, No. Am. Con- 
glist. Republican. Office: 5757 Univer- 
sity Av., Chicago 37, 111. Home: 6800 
Oglesby Av., Chicago 49, 111. 

CARGILL, Otto Arthur, lawyer; b. 
Viola, Ark., 26 Feb. 1885; s. J. E. Car- 
gill, phys., and Anna (Mize) C. ; ed. 
Salem (Ark.) high sch.; Mt. Home Coll., 
Ark.; m. Delia Arnold of Cushing, 2 
May 1905; children— Otha Cargill West- 
cott, Oklahoma Cargill Hood, Otto A., 
Jr., Keet. Street car conductor, police 
officer, Oklahoma City; co. atty., Okla- 
homa Co., 1919-20; mayor, Oklahoma 
City, 1923-27; pres. Cargill Oil & Gas 
Co.; sr. mem. Cargill, Eagleton & Car- 
gill; mem. Chamber Commerce, U.S. 
Bd. Trade, Am., State and Co. Bar 
Assns. Club: Oklahoma. Author: Spare 
Moments and Fratricide. Travel: 
around world. Interests: diversified 
ranching and farming, pure bred cattle 
and horses. Recreation: horseback 
riding. Baptist. Democrat. Office: 406 
Hales Bldg., Oklahoma City, Okla. 
Home: 3301 N. W. 21st St., Oklahoma 
City, Okla. Summer res.: Deer Creek 
Manor, Edmond Rd., Okla. 

BUTTRAM, Frank, investor; b. 
Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, 2 
Apr. 1886; s. Abe Buttram, farmer, and 
Almira (Starritt) B.; ed. Central State 
Teachers Coll.; B.A., Univ. Okla., 1910, 
M.A., 1912; LL.D. (hon.), Phillips Univ., 
1941; m. Merle E. Newby of Norman, 
Okla., 18 Feb. 1914; children— Myron, 
Merle, Dorsey, Donald, Harold. Chem. 
and geol., Okla. Geol. Survey, 1911-14; 
organizer, chief geol., gen. mgr., For- 
tuna Oil Co., 1914-20; organizer, owner, 
Buttram Petroleum Corp., 1920—, oil 


properties, Mid-Continent, Calif., HI., 
La., Citrus Ranch in Rio Grande Valley, 
Avacado Ranch, Calif.; Cattle Ranch, 
Okla.; dir. First Nat. Bank and Trust 
Co.; chmn. bd., Fed. Reserve Bank, 
Okla. Div., 1926; chmn. State Recovery 
Bd. for Okla. under N.R.A.; pres., Inde- 
pendent Petroleum Assn. of Am., 1939- 
43; mem. Petroleum Industry War Coun- 
cil, 1941-43, Sigma Chi. Author: various 
reports on tech. subjects. Travel: world- 
wide. Interests: collecting fine art treas- 
ures, old masters. Disciple of Christ. 
Democrat. Office: 2909 First Nat. Bldg., 
Oklahoma City, Okla. Home: 7316 
Nichols Rd., Oklahoma City, Okla. Sum- 
mer home: Grand Lake, Colo. 

BUTLER, Albert Edwin, retired stock- 
broker; b. Cameron, Mo., 14 Feb. 1879; 
s. Frank Henry Butler, lumber dealer, 
and Mary (Frewen) B.; ed. Evanston 
Twp. high sch.; Armour Inst. Tech.; 
Northwestern Univ., 1903; m. Agnes 
Howard of Evanston, 111., Aug. 1905 
(dec, 1914); 1 son, Howard; m. (2d) 
Phoebe Lawrence, 4 Feb. 1922. With 
Wm. Grace Co., building contractors, 
1901-03, supervising constr., bldgs. in 
Chicago, and C.P. Ry., Ignace, Brandon, 
Moosejaw, Swift Current, Medicine Hat, 
Canada; co-orgr., firm, Burnham Butler 
& Co.; stock brokers, Chicago, 1903-08; 
org. firm, A. E. Butler & Co., brokers, 
1909, Butler Small & Co., indsl. financ- 
ing, 1916, retired, 1917; mem. Chicago 
Stock Exch., 1905-19; served in 1st Cav., 
HI. Vols., Sp.-Am. War, 1898, 1st Cav. 
HI. N.G., 1898, 2d It., 1899, 1st It., 1900, 
appt. capt., ordnance officer and insp., 
rifle pract., 1906; mem., 111. State Rifle 
Team, Nat. Matches, Seagirt, N.J., 1905- 
06, Camp Perry, O., 1907, officers re- 
tired list, 1910; mem. Phi Kaopa Psi. 
Desc. Thomas Butler, settler Berwick, 
Me., 1632. Recreations: golf, fishing, 
hunting, bridge. Methodist. Renublican. 
Address: 2210 Birchwood Ave., Wilmette, 
111. Summer res.: Everett Resort, Eagle 
River, Wis. 

BUSHNELL, Herbert M., president, 
U.S. Nat. Bank of Omaha; b. Lincoln, 
Neb., 1 July 1893; s. H. M. Bushnell and 
Elsie (Campbell) B.; ed. Lincoln high 
sch.; LL.B., Univ. Neb., 1915; m. Bar- 
bara Harney of Chicago, 111., 11 Feb. 
1931. Dir. Chicago Burlington & Quincy 
R.R. Co., U.S. Nat. Bank, Nat. Security 
Ins. Co. Protestant. Republican. Office: 
U.S. Nat. Bank, Omaha, Neb. Home: 
111 South 49th Av., Omaha, Neb. 

BliOWNELL, Herbert Simpson, busi- 
ness executive; b. Birdsall, N.Y., 31 
Oct. 1893; s. Jasper M. Brownell, pro- 

duce buyer, and Grace (Colton) B.; ed. 
Wayland high sch.; m. Ruth A. Ritchie 
of Chicago, 19 Oct. 1921; children- 
Patricia Ruth, Thomas Ritchie. Clk., 
traffic dept., 111. Steel Co., 1913-16, sales 
dept. affiliated co., Universal Portland 
Cement Co., 1916-21, Ritchie Bond Mort- 
gage Co., 1921-36; co-org., Ritchie 
Realty & Management Co., 1936 — ; 1st 
sergt. 332d M.G. Bn., Blackhawk Div. 
86th, 1918-19; mem., A.F. & A.M., A.A.O. 
N.M.S. Clubs: Anderson Lake Hunting, 
Ridgemoor Country. Interest: pictures. 
Recreations: golf, hunting. Methodist. 
Republican. Office: 134 N. La Salle St., 
Chicago, 111. Home: 5958 N. Winthrop 
Av., Chicago, 111. 

BRENTON, Woodward Harold, bank- 
er; b. Dallas Center, la., 27 Feb. 1899; 
s. Charles R. Brenton and Carrie 
Alicesta (Woodward) B.; ed. B.A., la. 
State Coll., 1920; m. Etta Spurgeon of 
Adel, la., 1921; children— Mary Eliza- 
beth, William Henry, Carolyn Ruth, 
Jane, Charles Robert, Junius Clyde, 
Juliette. With Bank of Dallas Center, 
la., 1920; v.p., la. Nat. Bank, Des 
Moines, la., 1929; exec, v.p., Iowa-Des 
Moines Nat. Bank & Trust Co., pres., 
1931; v.p., Northwest Bancorporation, 
1933-35, v.p., treas., 1935-41; dir., Iowa- 
Des Moines Nat. Bank & Tr. Co.; pres., 
dir., Brenton Bros., Inc., Dallas Center, 
la., Wood Brothers Thresher Co., Des 
Moines, la., First Nat. Bank of Perry, 
la., Brenton State Bank, Dallas Center, 
la., Dallas County State Bank, Adel, 
la., Central Savings Bank and Trust 
Co., Emmetsburg, la., Jefferson State 
Bank, Jefferson, la., Poweshiek County 
Nat. Bank, Grinnell, la., Warren County 
Bank and Trust Co., Indianola, la.; in 
U.S.N.R.F., Great Lakes Training 
Camp, 1918-19; mem. Masons, K.T., 
Shriners, Delta Tau Delta (v.p., dir.). 
Clubs: Des Moines, Wakonda, Des 
Moines, la. Presbyterian. Republican. 
Office: 415 Equitable Bldg., Des Moines 
9, la. Home: 10 W. 35th St., Des Moines, 

BREEDENTHAL, Willard J., banker; 
b. Chetopa, Kan., 1 Dec. 1884; s. John 
W. Breidenthal, banker, and Julia 
(Slaughter) B.; ed. Wyandotte high 
sch.; m. Mary Gray of Kansas City, 
Kan., 1907; children— Ruth B., John W., 
Geo. Gray. Successively cashier to 
pres., Riverview State Bank, Kansas 
City, Kan., 1905; dir. Riverview State 
Bank, Security Nat. Bank, Victory State 
Bank, Turner State Bank, Pyramid Life 
Ins. Co., Wyandotte Co. Gas. Co., All- 
vine Dairy Co., DeCoursey Cream Co., 


Wichita, Alma Investment Co., General 
Securities Co.; del. to Dem. Nat. Conv., 
N.Y., 1924, Philadelphia, 1936; tr. Kan- 
sas City Art Inst., Univ. Kansas City; 
mem. Greater Kansas City Flood Plan- 
ning Com., Wyandotte Co. Planning Bd., 
City Planning Commn.; served in 1st 
Red Cross Drive and as dir. of Liberty 
Loan Drive in 2d Kan. Dist., during 
World War I; mem. Scottish Rite Ma- 
sons, A. & A.M., Am. Bankers Assn. 
(mem. exec, council). Clubs: Kansas 
City. Travel: Eur. Interest: philately. 
Office: 700 Central Av., Kansas City, 
Kan. Home: 414 North 17th St., Kansas 
City, Kan. 

BOYER, Mildred Stallings, lawyer; 
b. Las Crusas, N. Mex., 23 Apr. 1906; d. 
James Barksdall Stallings, ranchman, 
and Hattie Jane (Holland) S.; ed. high 
sen.; Oklahoma City Univ., 1925; B.O., 
LL.B., Cumberland Univ., Lebabon, 
Tenn., 1929; m. Howard M. Boyer of 
Oklahoma City, 4 Sept. 1925. Admitted 
to the bar, 1929; opened law office with 
husband in Oklahoma City, practiced 
there, 1929—; mem. Nat. Assn. Women 
Lawyers, Am. Bar Assn., Okla. Bar 
Assn., Iota Tau Tau, Theta Kappa, 
Eastern Star, White Shrine, Okla. Co. 
Bar Assn. (sec). Clubs: Aviation, 
Pilots, McDowell, Ruth Bryan Owen, 
Hospitality, Oklahoma, Women Lawyers 
of Okla. (pres., 1940). Travel: U.S. 
(throughout), Mex. Family came from 
Jackson Parish, La., and settled in and 
near Bowie, Tex.; about 1890 some of 
them moved to Jefferson Co., Okla., 
and estb. the Stallings Bros. Ranch 
which is still there. Methodist. Demo- 
crat. Office: 401 Perrine Bldg., Okla- 
homa City, Okla. Home: 2541 N.W. 14th 
St., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

BOYDEN, Edward Allen, professor of 
anatomy; b. Bridgewater, Mass., 20 
Mar. 1886; s. Arthur Clarke Boyden, 
pres. State Teacher's Coll., Bridge- 
water, Mass., and Katherine C. (Allen) 
B.; ed. Bridgewater high sen.; Bridge- 
water Normal sen.; A.B., Harvard 
Univ., 1909; A.M., 1911; Ph.D., 1916; m. 
Margaret Hilsinger, 1913; children — 
Mary S. (M.D.), Ensign Arthur C, II 
(U.S.N.R.). Studied at Anat. Inst, Fei- 
burg-in-Baden, 1911-12; asst. prof., Har- 
vard Med. sen., 1919-26; prof. Anat. 
Univ. 111., 1928; head dept., Univ. Ala., 
1929-31; prof. Anat. Univ. Minn., 1931; 
chmn. dept., 1940—; mng. ed. of The 
Anatomical Record, a monthly re- 
search jour.; Am. Acad. Arts & Scis., 
Boston, Mass.; mem. Prof. Med. Socs. 
(Anatomists, Physiologists, Experimen- 

tal Biologists, etc.). Clubs: Campus of 
Minneapolis; Informal of St. Paul. Au- 
thor of A Lab. Atlas of the Pig Embryo; 
The Kosher Code of the Orthodox Jew; 
and numerous med. arts, in professional 
jours. Travel: Europe (3 times). Inter- 
ests: the hist, of med., music. Unitarian. 
Office: Univ. of Minn., Minneapolis, 

BLUM, Henry S., lawyer; b. Hungary, 
1884; ed. LL.B., De Paul Univ., 1905; m. 
Dorothy Herman of Chicago; children — 
Roslyn L., Bobette. Practises law; coun- 
sel in spl. matters in various trades and 
bus. assn. Club: Standard, Ravisloe 
Country. Author: legal arts. Office: 110 
So. Dearborn St., Chicago, HI. Home: 
Shoreland Hotel, Chicago, HI. 

BLAIR, Henry Allan, lawyer; b. N.Y. 
City, 22 June 1886; s. Gilbert E. Blair, 
writer, and Lucille (Sanders) B.; ed. 
Boys high sen., N.Y.; Hamilton Coll. 
Law; LL.B., Northwestern Univ., 1915; 
m. May I. Spratt of Greenville, 111., 18 
Aug. 1912; children— Henry Allan, Jr., 
Warren Emerson. Atty., Yellow Cab Co. 
of Chicago, 1915-17, Am. Auto Ins. Co., 
1919-21; pres., Motorists Corp.; v. p. and 
gen. counsel, Motorists Assn. of HI., 
1923-34; sr. mem., firm, Blair, Chiara & 
Blair; gen. coun., 111. Auto Club, 1934—; 
served as student, Ft. Sheridan training 
camp, July-Nov. 1917, 2d It. and 1st It., 
Inf., 88th Div., capt., A.E.F., 1918, hon. 
disch., 1919; mem. Am. Legion, Mil. 
Order World Wars, Am., 111. and Chi- 
cago Bar Assns., Masons. Clubs: Lake 
Shore Athletic, Army and Navy. Travel: 
Hawaii, Jap., China, Borneo, Singapore, 
Java. Episcopalian. Republican. Office: 
211 W. Wacker Dr., Chicago, 111. Home: 
Lake Shore Athletic Club, Chicago, 111 
Summer res.: Gladstone, Mich. 

KELLY, Frank Brazzil, physician; b. 
Joliet, HI., 24 Aug. 1893; s. John T. 
Kelly and Marion (Cumming) K. ; ed. 
cago, 1918; M.D., Rush Med. Coll., 1920; 
m. Adelaide Marie Smith of Joliet, HI., 
1920; children— Frank B., Jr., Richard 
S., Mary Adelaide. Interne, Cook Co. 
Hosp., 1920-21; practice internal med., 
1922—; clin. prof, med., Univ. 111. Coll. 
of Med., 1943; assoc. attending pys., 
Presbyn. Hosp., 1940—; attending phys., 
Cook Co. Hosp., 1928—; mem. Chicago, 
111. State Med. Socs., A.M.A., Fellow 
Am. Coll. Physicians, Chicago Soc. In- 
ternal Med., Cent. Soc. Clin. Res. Clubs: 
University, South Shore Country. Catho- 
lic. Office: 122 S. Michigan Av., Chicago, 
111. Home: 6742 Constance Av., Chicago, 


LELAND, Rosco Genung, director, 
Bur. of Med. Economics; b. Mendon, 
Mich., 17 June 1885; s. Geo. Washington 
Leland and Lydia Mahalah (Heimbach) 
L.; ed. Mendon (Mich.) high sch. ; 
Kalamazoo Coll.; A.B., Univ. Mich., 
1907; M.D., Univ. Mich., 1909; m. Clara 
Etta-Doane Carson of Owosso, Mich., 
23 June 1909; children— Elizabeth Car- 
son Leland Ashton, Jean Kathryn Le- 
land Spinnler, Robert Genung. Asst., 
dept. of obstet. and gynecol., Univ. 
Mich., 1909-10; pvt. practice of med., 
1910-17; health off., Kalamazoo, Mich., 
1916-17; chief Div. of Hygiene, O. State 
Health Dept., 1921-26; exec, sec, Toledo 
Pub. Health Assn., 1926-27; asst. dir. 
Bur. of Health & Pub. Instr., A.M.A., 
1927-31; dir., Bur. of Med. Econs., 
1931—; Comdng. off., San. Squad No. 8, 
32d Div., Dec. 1917-Sept. 1918; Comdng. 
Off., Camp Hosp., 50 Tonnerre. Fr., Oct. 
1918- Apr. 1919; Surg., R.O.T.C., Camp 
Custer, Mich., May-Oct. 1919; mem. O. 
State Med. Assn., A.M. A., Am. Pub. 
Health Assn., Royal Econ. Soc, Am. 
Econ. Assn., Am. Statis. Assn., N.E.A., 
Phi Chi, Masons. Author: Costs of a 
Medical Education; Income from Medi- 
cal Practice; Collecting Medical Fees; 
Distribution of Physicians in the U.S.; 
Medical Care of Migratory Workers. Co- 
author (with A. M. Simons) : Medical 
Relations Under Workmen's Compen- 
sation; An Introduction to Medical Eco- 
nomics; Economics and the Ethics of 
Medicine; Care of the Indigent Sick; 
Rural Medical Service; co-author: Uni- 
versity and College Student Health 
Services (with J. D. Laux); Group Hos- 
pitalization; Organized Payments for 
Medical Care. Interests: philately, 
photog. Recreation: work with samll 
tools, designing and making small use- 
ful arts, of personal or home use and 
value. Conglist. Republican. Office: Am. 
Med. Assn., 535 N. Dearborn St., Chi- 
cago, 111. Home: 7440 N. Seeley Av., 
Chicago, 111. 

GOOS3ENS, John, artistic painter, 
typographer; b. Norway, Mich., 27 Aug. 
1887; s. I. D. Goossens, chemist, and 
Joanna (Thieleman) G.; ed. Art Inst, 
Chicago; Royal Acad. Fine Arts, Ant- 
werp, Belg.; m. Catherine Treve of St. 
Charles, 111., 22 Sept. 1915; children— 
Jeanette, Albert, Audrey, Marion, John 
Charles. Learned hand type-setting; 
advt. agency, gen. typography layout, 
painting, illustration; copy fitter, large 
daily newspaper, Chicago; art work, 
Am. Red Cross and Liberty Loan 
posters, during World War I; mem. 
local art socs. Author: short stories, 

poems, one song. Travel: Eng., Fr., 
Ger., Holl., Belg. Interests: philately, 
camping, theatre, exploring. Recrea- 
tions: fishing, travel. Catholic. Non- 
partisan. Office: Tribune Tower, Chi- 
cago, 111. Home: 1624 W. North Shore 
Av., Chicago, 111. Summer res.: Happy 
Landing, near Sioux Narrows Bridge, 
below Kenora, Ont., Can. 

KEENEY, Albert F„ realtor; b. Des 
Moines, la., 1 Oct. 1872; s. John M. 
Keeney and Ellen (Prickett) K.; ed. 
Southern 111. State Normal Sch., Carbon- 
dale; m. Harriett E. Sayre, 29 July 
1903; children— Harriett Ellen, Virginia. 
Engaged in real estate business at Chi- 
cago, 1895—; alderman from 27th Ward, 
1899-1903; mem. 45th 111. Gen. Assemblv, 
Spl. Park Commn., Chicago, 1907-08; 
was apptd. mem. Bd. of Local Improve- 
ments, 25 May 1908, pres. of bd., Aug. 
1909; mem. Chicago Real Estate Bd., 
111. Real Estate Bd., Nat. Assn. Real 
Estate Bds., S.A.R., Art Inst., Chicago 
(life), Field Museum of Natural History 
(life), Chicago Hist. Soc. (life). Repub- 
lican. Conglist. Masons (Shriner, Me- 
dinah Temple), Moose. Office: 5612 
North Av., Chicago, 111. Home: 5849 
Race Av., Chicago, 111. 

GRIFFENHAGEN, Edwin O., man- 
agement engineer; b. Chicago, 111., 14 
Jan. 1886; s. O. F. Griff enhagen, whole- 
sale merchant, and Anna M. (Klein- 
nans) G. ; ed. Lake View high school; 
B.S., 111. Inst. Tech., B.S., 1906, C.E., 
1909; m. Christine A. Gloeckler of Chi- 
cago, 111., 7 Jan. 1909; children— Ruth 
C. (Mrs. Newton Du Puy), Elinor J. 
(Mrs. David B. Truman). Engring. work, 
Alaska; in charge of tech. work, Civil 
Service Commn. of Chicago; in charge 
of management engring. dept., Arthur 
Young & Co., 1911, continued as Griff en- 
hagen & Associates; consultant to 
numerous bus. enterprises and to over 
300 cities, states, counties, pub. bodies, 
incl. U.S. and Can. Govts.; vol. orgn. 
work on draft procedure and war indus- 
tries during World War I; from Sept. 
1942-July 1945 consultant with large 
group associates to various branches 
War Dept. on orgn., procedure, and 
personnel; mem. Inst, of Management 
(p. pres.), Assn. of Cons. Management 
Engrs. (charter, v.p.), A.S.C.E., West- 
ern Soc. Engrs., Soc. Adv. of Mgmt., 
Am. Econ. Assn., Am. Polit. Sci. Assn., 
Am. Acad. Polit. and Social Sci., Nat. 
Econ. League, Nat. Tax Assn., Nat. 
Municipal League, Govt. Research 
Assn., Am. Soc. Pub. Adminstrn., Civil 
Service Assembly, Chicago Civil Service 


Assn. (p. pres.), Nat. Civil Service Re- 
form League, Chicago Assn. Commerce, 
Art Inst, of Chicago, Tau Beta Pi. 
Clubs: University, Engrs. (N.Y.), Cos- 
mos (Washington), Delavan Country. 
Author: reports on orgn., management, 
finance; arts, in tech. mags.; papers 
for spl. socs. Four grandparents were 
in Chicago before Civil War. Protestant. 
Independent. Office: 333 No. Michigan 
Av., Chicago, 111. Home: 30 E. Cedar 
St., Chicago, 111. Summer res.: Dela- 
van, Wis. 

GRIGSBY, Bertram James, financier, 
manufacturer; b. Cuba, Fulton Co., 111., 
15 Jan. 1884; s. George N. Grigsby, 
realtor, and Flora Annette (Snively) 
G. ; ed. Peoria (111.) high sch.; Univ. 
111., 1904-06; m. Elsie Ida Whiting of 
London, Eng., 14 June 1911; children- 
Raymond James, Peggy Ethel. Mng. 
dir., The Benjamin Elec, Ltd., 1908-16; 
v.p., Anderson Elec. & Equipment Co., 
1916-21; pres., Grigsby- Grunow Co., 
1921-29, chmn. bd., pres., 1930-33, inves- 
tor, 1934 — ; mem. Masons. Clubs: Chi- 
cago Athletic, Park Ridge Country, 
Barrington Hills Country. Family came 
to 111. about 1830. Recreation: golf. Prot- 
estant. Republican. Office: 120 N. La 
Salle St., Chicago, 111. Home: Elsbert 
Farm, Barrington, 111. 

GUTGSELL, Emil John, business 
executive; b. Chicago, 111., 1 Feb. 1889; 
s. Marie (Shaeffer) G.; ed. St. George's 
Sch.; Orr's Bus. Coll.; m. Elizabeth 
Marie Klober of Chicago, 111., 28 Sept. 
1910; children — Edward William, John 
Robert. Organizer, officer, dir., Zulu 
Mfg. Co., Chicago, L. P. Larson, Jr. 
Co., Chicago and Newport, R.I., 1911-17; 
dir. of sales, E. J. Brach & Sons, Chi- 
cago, 1917-26, v.p., mem. exec, com., 
1926—; Ky. Col., 1935. Clubs: Hinsdale 
Golf, Hinsdale. Travel: Eur., Syria, 
Palestine, Egy., Cent. Am., Pan., Mex. 
Recreations: traveling, hunting, fishing, 
sailing, football, baseball, golf. Protes- 
tant. Republican. Office: 4656 W. Kinzie 
St., Chicago, 111. Home: 823 Columbian 
Av., Oak Park, 111. 

HAAKE, Alfred P., economist and lec- 
turer; mayor of Park Ridge, 111.; b. 
Chicago, 111., 5 Feb. 1885; s. Peter 
Haake, grocer, and Matilda (Paul) H.; 
ed. Lake View high sch., Chicago, 2 
yrs.; B.A., Univ. Wis., 1914, M.A., 1916. 
Ph.D., 1922; m. Helen Avalee Rice of 
Milan, Mo., 15 Sept. 1918; children- 
Alicia, Alfred P., Jr., Charles Rice, 
David Gilman, William Dean. Teacher 
economics, Univ. Wis., 1915-22; head 

economcs dept., Rutgers Coll., 1922-23; 
head research, MacManus, Inc., De- 
troit, 1923-25; asst. to pres., Simmons 
Co., New York, 1925-28; mng. dir. Nat. 
Assn. Furniture Mfrs., Chicago, 1928- 
42; mng. dir. Nat. Wholesale Furniture 
Assn., 1930-42; auth. Model N.R.A. code, 
1933; dir. State organ. Liberty League, 
1934-34; cons, to Resettlement Admn. 
under Rexford Tugwell, 1937-39; co- 
founder, tr. Am. Economic Foundation, 
1939—; speaker on Wake Up Am. radio 
program, 1939—; hon. dir. (life), Nat. 
Assn. Furniture Mfrs., 1942—; dir. St. 
Paul's House (home for aged); Nat. 
Indsl. Council; teacher of Co. Adminis- 
tration, Q.M.C., Ordn. Ser., during 
World War I; mem. Am. Economics 
Assn., A.A.S.P.S., Am. Trade Assn. 
Execs., Gideons. Clubs: Rotary (Chi- 
cago), City (v.p.), Execs, of Chicago 
(pres., 1942-43), University (Park Ridge, 
111.), Kiwanis of Park Ridge, 111. Author: 
Industrial Government (with John R. 
Commons); Economics for Foremen; 
Can We Win the War Without Losing 
the Peace; Gullible Uncle Sam; Fish or 
Fowl; numerous other arts. Travel: 
U.S. Desc. early Chicago settlers. Inter- 
ests: Mobilization of Spriitual Ideals, 
eugenic breeding experiments, adult 
education, writing verse. Recreations: 
fishing, camping. Protestant. Repub- 
lican. Office: First Nat. Bank Bldg., 
Chicago, 111. Home: 426 N. Prospect 
Av., Park Ridge, 111. 

HANLEY, Thomas F., Jr., executive; 
b. Kansas City, Mo., Sept. 1888; s. 
Thomas F. Hanley, contractor in con- 
strn. bus., and Mary E. (Conners) H.; 
ed. Univ. high sch., Chicago, 111.; Univ. 
111.; m. Aimee J. Conkling of Spring- 
field, 111., Jan. 1930. Engaged in heating, 
power piping and plumbing constrn. 
bus.; served as bus. exec, in charge of 
Sect, of Gauges & Standards, U.S. Sig- 
nal Corps, during World War I; Clubs: 
South Shore Country, Chicago Athletic 
(both of Chicago). Office: 1503 S. Michi- 
gan Av., Chicago, 111. Home: 1640 E. 
50th St., Chicago, 111. 

H AUGER, John Ross, physician; b. 
Osceola, Neb., 22 Dec. 1876; s. Samuel 
Preston Harger, mcht., and Mary E. 
(Strauss) H.; ed. St. Edward (Neb.) 
high sch.; Univ. Neb.; B.S., Univ. Chi- 
cago, 1904; M.D., Rush Med. Coll., 1906; 
m. Blanche C. Clapp of Elmwood (dec), 
Neb., 1903; children— Marin G. Stewart, 
James Henry. Interneship, Cook Co. 
Hosp., 1906-08; instr., asst. prof., sur- 
gery, Univ. 111., 1908-26; attending sur- 
geon, Cook Co. Hosp., 1926—, 111. Ma- 


sonic Hosp., 1921—; mem. bd. dirs., 
Garfield Park Hosp., 1932-39, attending 
surgeon, 1916—; mem. Chicago Med. 
Soc. (pres., 1931-32), A.M.A., F. A.C.S., 
Chicago Surg. Soc, 111. State Med. Soc, 
A.K.K. Med. Soc, A.O.A. Clubs: Execu- 
tives (Chicago), Oak Park. Author: 
Women in Industry; The Cancer Prob- 
lem; numerous arts, on various sci. 
subjs. Travel: U.S. Interest: gardening. 
Recreations: golf, automobile touring. 
Methodist. Republican. Office: 4458 
Madison St., Chicago, 111. Home: 544 N. 
Kenilworth Av., Oak Park, 111. 

FAULKNER, Charles James, lawyer; 
b. Martinsburg, W.Va., 23 Aug. 1877; s. 
Charles James Faulkner and Sallie 
(Winn) F.; entered Washington and Lee 
Univ., 1893; LL.B., 1898, LL.D., 1941; 
m. Elizabeth Durkee of Yarmouth, 12 
Oct. 1907. Admitted to bar in Va. and 
W.Va., 1898; settled in Chicago, 1899; 
with Peck, Miller & Starr, 1899-1903; 
gen. pract., 1903-05; atty. for Armour 
and Co., 1905; asst. gen. counsel, 1914- 
17; gen. counsel, 1917; elected dir., 1928; 
dir., Winslow Bros. & Smith Co., Boston; 
mem. Sons, of Confed. Vets., S.A.R., 
So. Soc. of Chicago, Am., 111. State, and 
Chicago Bar Assns.; Phi Gamma Delta, 
Phi Beta Kappa. Clubs: Chicago, Chevy 
Chase, Chevy Chase, Md., Opequon 
Golf, Martinsburg, W.Va., Seniors Golf 
Assn. Interest: farming. Recreation: 
golf. Presbyterian. Office: 316 S. La 
Salle St., Chicago 4, 111. Home: 1301 N. 
State St., Chicago 10, 111. Ancestral 
home: Martinsburg, W.Va. 

PRIEBE, Frank A., pres., dir. Priebe 
& Sons, Inc.; b. Minonk, 111., 5 Jan. 
1899; s. William Frederick Priebe and 
Mathilda (Simater) P.; ed. Oak Park 
high sen.; B.S., Univ. Chicago, 1920; 
m. Ruth Bournique Rice, 5 June, 1926; 
children— Helen, Barbara, Frank, Jr. 
Salesman Priebe & Sons, Inc., 1920-23; 
dir., treas., 1923-42; pres., 1943; v.p., 
dir. F.M. Stamper Co., Moberly, Mo., 
1923—; dir. Liberty Nat. Bank, Chicago, 
Fulton Market Cold Storage, Chicago, 
Merchants Refrig. Co., N.Y.C., Great 
Bend (Kans.) Poultry Co.; gov. and 
v.p. Merc. Exchange, Chicago; p. pres., 
dir. Nat. Egg Products Assn.; p. pres., 
chmn. bd. Inst. Am. Poultry Industries, 
Chicago (dir.); mem. Agr. Com. U.S. 
Chamber Commerce; served with U.S. 
Navy 1918-19; mem. Delta Kappa Epsi- 
lon. Editor: Weekly Letter to Poultry 
Raisers. Clubs: University (Chicago), 
Onwentsia, Winter (Lake Forest), Cole- 
man Lake (Wis.), Old Elm (Lake For- 
est). Office: 110 N. Franklin St., Chi- 

cago, HI. Home: 855 E. Westminster 
Rd., Lake Forest, 111. 

RAPP, Samuel W., Jr., executive, 
sales mgr.; b. Morton, 111., 6 July, 1888; 
s. Andrew Rapp, pottery mfr., and 
Katherine (Welk) R.; ed. B.A., Gem 
City Bus. Coll., Quincy, 111., 1911-12; 
m. Martha E. Frintz of Cessna Park, 
111., 5 Oct. 1916; children— Gilbert, Rus- 
sell, Elton, Geraldine. Accountant, Do- 
mestic Facuum Cleaner Co., Peoria, 
111., 1912-13; vacuum cleaner distributor, 
Mo. and 111., 1914-15; salesman, 1915; 
teller, Commercial Merchants Nat. 
Bank, Peoria, 111., 1917-18; became of- 
fice mgr., dir., exec, Eagle Mfg. Co.; 
exec sales mgr., Morton Pottery Co., 
dir., sec-treas. and sales mgr., 1928 — ; 
treas., Village of Morton, 1924. Travel: 
Eastern half of U.S. Interest: reading, 
mags. Recreation: boating. Christian. 
Republican. Office: The Morton Pottery 
Co., Morton, 111. Home: 214 N. 3d Av., 
Morton, 111. 

NICKERSON, Winfield Scott, patholo- 
gist; b. Cotuit, Mass., 2 Nov. 1864; s. 
Samuel Nickerson, sea capt., merchant, 
and Ursalind A. (Page) N.; ed. State 
Normal sen., Bridgewater, Mass.; B.S., 
Harvard Univ., 1890; Sc.D., 1894; M.D., 
Univ. Minn., 1905. Prof, biology, Univ. 
Colo., 1905-06; instr. Northwestern 
Univ., Evanston, 111., 1907-08; instr. and 
asst. prof., Univ. Minn., 1897-1911; 
health officer and city physician, N.D. 
and Minn., 1911-27, 1927-44; pathologist, 
St. Lucas Hosp., Faribault, Minn.; 
elected coroner, Rice Co., Minn. 1938-44; 
Mass., 1944; capt., 2 yrs., during World 
War I. Office: St. Lucas Hospital Labo- 
ratory, Faribault, Minn. 

MARCLEY, Walter J., physician; b. 
Minn., 21 Sept. 1867; s. John Marcley 
and Annie Louise (Connolly) M.; ed. 
B.Litt., Univ. N.D., 1891; M.D., Boston 
Univ., 1895; M.D., Dartmouth Med. Sen., 
1902; m. Jessie McMillan, 1905; 1 son, 
David McMillan. Supt. Mass. State 
Sanatorium (Rutland), 1897-1906; supt. 
Minn. State San., 1907-10; chief, tuber- 
culosis service, Minneapolis Gen. Hosp., 
1912-22; med. dir. Glen Lake San., 
Minn., 1916-17; attending specialist in 
Tuberculosis, U.S. Vet. Bureau, 1920- 
26; med. dir. Thomas Hosp. for Tuber- 
culosis 1923-26; chief, tuberculosis serv- 
ice U.S. Vet. Hosp. (Minn.), 1927-37; 
dir. Outpatient Dept., Nopeming San. 
(Minn.), 1938-40; cons, in tuberculosis, 
Minn. Dept. of Health, 1941 — ; contract 
surgeon, U.S. Army, 1917; physician, 
Rockefeller Tuberculosis Commission in 
France, 1918; chief physician, A.R.C. 


Commission to Switzerland, 1919; a 
founder of the Nat. Tuberculosis Assn.; 
mem. Mass. Med. Soc, Minn. Med. 
Soc., Am. Med. Assoc. (F), Am. Coll. 
Chest Physicians, Am. Trudeau Soc, 
Minn. Trudeau Med. Soc. (p. pres.), 
Minn. Pub. Health Assoc, (p. pres.), 
Minn. Sanitary Conference (p. pres.), 
Minn. (p. pres.), Mississippi Valley 
Conf. on Tuberculosis (p. pres.), Am. 
Pub. Health Assoc, Phi Beta Kappa. 
Travel: Fr., It., Switz. Conglist. Liberal. 
Home: 5110 Wentworth Av., Minneapolis 
9, Minn. 

LORENZEN, Anton Fredrick, news- 
paper representative; b. Denmark, 7 
May 1876; s. Christian Lorenzen, car- 
penter, and Mary (Nicholisan) L. Pres. 
Lorenzen and Thompson, Inc., Chicago, 
New York, St. Louis, Kansas City, De- 
troit, San Francisco, Los Angeles, At- 
lanta, Cincinnati; v. chmn. 111. World's 
Fair Commission; mem. 111. Develop- 
ment, Council and Finance; enlisted 
111. Nat. Guard, 1891, U.S. Army, 1898- 
99; served Sp.-Am. War, Cuba, Secret 
Service in World War I; started Army 
service as pvt. with following pro- 
motions: cpl., sgt., sgt. major, 1st It., 
capt., major, It. col., col., brig, gen.; 
mem. A.F. & A.M., Knight Templar in 
Medinah Temple, Chicago Crime Com- 
mission, Internat'l Chancelor, Notre 
Dame in Canada, Special Agents Assn. 
(life). Clubs: Iroquois (v. pres.), Navy 
League U.S. (v. pres.) Chicago Council, 
Army and Navy, 100,000 Mile, Tavern, 
1000 (charter mem.), Illinois Athletic, 
Chicago Danish. Episcopalian. Recrea- 
tions: golf, baseball, football, practi- 
cally all outdoor sports. Office: 333 N. 
Michigan Av., Chicago, HI. Residence: 
Blackstone Hotel. Chicago, 111. 

LOWRIE, John M., lawyer; b. Elk- 
hart, Ind., 7 June 1887; s. James G. 
Lowrie and Caroline S. (Gale) L.; ed. 
A.B., Knox Coll., 1908; M.A., Univ. 111., 
1909; LL.B., Columbia Univ. Law Sen., 
1912; m. Rebecca Lawrence, 19 Dec 
1916. Admitted to law practice, 111., 1931; 
assoc. with Cravath & Henderson, N.Y., 
1913-16; mem. firm, Powell, Lowrie & 
Ruch, N.Y., 1916-30, Trowbridge, 
Lowrie, O'Donnell & Johnston, Chicago, 
1930-34; mem. Assn. of Bar of City of 
N.Y., Chicago, N.Y. State, 111. State, 
and Am. Bar Assns., Acad. Polit. Sci., 
Am. Acad. Polit. and Social Sci., Phi 
Delta Theta, Phi Delta Pi. Clubs: Cen- 
tury, The Players, Lawyers, Republican 
(N.Y.C.), University, The Tavern (Chi- 
cago). Soangetaha, Galesburg. Office: 

64 S. Prairie St., Galesburg, HI. Home: 
590 N. Prairie St., Galesburg, 111. 

McILRAITH, Evan J., General Man- 
ager Chicago Surface Lines; b. Marl- 
boro, Ont., Can., 28 Sept. 1886; s. Alex- 
ander F. Mcllraith, accountant, and 
Sarah (Charland) McL; ed. Lanark, 
Ont.; M.E., Univ. N.D., 1907; grad. 
stud., Cornell Univ., 1907-10; m. Beth 
Bemis of Inkster, N.D., 1912; children 
—Janet, Beth, Evan J., Donald N. 
Instr., Cornell Univ., 1907-10; constr. 
engr., several yrs.; supt. way and struc- 
tures, Puget Sound Light & Power Co., 
supt. way and structures, supt. rolling 
stock and shops, operating mgr. ele- 
vated-subway lines Philadelphia Rapid 
Transit; staff engr., Chicago Surface 
Lines; mem. Bd. Supervising Engrs. 
Chicago Traction. Clubs: Union League 
Economic Glen View Golf. Recrea 
tions: photog., golf. Conglist. Repub 
lican. Office: 231 S. LaSalle St., Chicago 
111. Home: 1501 Hinman Av. Evanston 

McROBERTS, Earl Samuel, physi 
cian, surgeon; b. Ind., 25 May 1895; s 
John R. McRoberts and Minnie (Lap 
cheska) McR. ; ed. Emerick high sch. 
Indianapolis; B.A., Butler Coll., 1917 
M.D., Ind. Univ. Sch. Med., 1923; m 
Margaret C. Lahn of Ind., 9 Oct. 19 
children — Richard Curtis, Elizabeth 
Marjorie. Practice limited to eyes, ear 
nose, throat; 2nd. It. Signal Corps, 1918 
19; mem. Am. Med. Assn., Am. Acad 
Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology 
Chicago Ophthalmological Soc, Chicago 
Assn. of Business and Professional Men 
Club: Athletic (111.). Office: 55 E. Wash 
ington St., Chicago, 111. Home: 2202 Cen 
tral Park Av., Evanston, 111. 

MONTGOMERY, Edmand B., physi 
cian; b. St. Louis, Mo., 11 May 1858 
s. Robert Montgomery, druggist, and 
Elizabeth (Wishart) M.; ed. Quincy 
High Sch.; M.D., Jefferson Med. Coll., 
1878; m. (2nd) Edith Bunus of Quincy, 
111., 10 Aug. 1917; children— Mrs. Amelia 
Carter, Elizabeth, Eleanor, Hosmer. 
Practiced medicine, surgery, Quincy, 
111., 1878—; phys., Blessang Hosp., 1885- 
90; surg., 111. Soldiers & Sailors Home, 
1893-97; mem. Internat. Med. Congress, 
Lisbon, 1906; mem. San. Council, 111. 
Bd. Health, 1882; dir. Quincy Pub. Li- 
brary Soc, 1925; mem. Draft Bd., med. 
examiner for drafted men, 1917; F.A. 
C.S., 1915; mem. A.M. A., Am. Assn. 
Obstet. and Gynecol., Mississippi Valley, 
111. State and Adams Co. Med. Socs., 
Surgeons League, Masons (Scottish Rite 
32d deg.). Clubs: Executives. Author: 


med. papers. Travel: U.S., Eur. In- 
terest: collecting books. Recreations: 
reading, cross-word puzzles, gardening, 
travel. Unitarian. Independent. Office: 
134 N. 8th St., Quincy, 111. Home: 1461 
Vermont St., Quincy, 111. 

SCHULTE, Walter B., executive; b. 
Freeport, 111., 24 Oct. 1888; s. Otto L. 
Schulte, merchant, and Emma (Bier- 
sach) S. ; ed. Freeport high sch. ; B.S., 
Univ. Wis., 1910, Chem.E., 1911; m. 
Helen Denne of Peterboro, Ont., 10 Nov. 
1937. Chem. engring. and dry battery 
work with C. F. Burgess, Madison, Wis., 
1911-37; founder of Micro Switch Corp., 
mfrs. precision electric devices, 1937; 
dir., C.F. Burgess Labs., Micro Switch 
Corp.; served as civilian electric engr., 
A.E.F. Battery Plant, France during 
World War I; mem. Electro-Chem. Soc. 
Clubs: Rotary, Union League (Chicago), 
Chemists (N.Y.), Madison, Freeport 
Country. Author: numerous technical 
papers; many patents (battery and elec. 
developments). Episcopalian. Repub- 
lican. Office: 1 E. Spring St., Freeport, 
111. Home: 1551 W. Logan St., Freeport, 

STATEN, Hi Williamson, professor; b. 
Pikeville, Ky., 29 Oct. 1895; s. F.M. 
Staten, farmer, lumberman, and Maggie 
(Caines) S.; ed. Chandler (Okla.) high 
sch.; B.S., Okla. A.&M. Coll., 1924, M.S., 
1930; m. Anna E. Wertman of Chandler, 
Okla., 17 May 1916; children— Gladys 
May, Raymond Dale, Earl Dean, Hi, 
Jr. Teacher, rural sch., 1913-19; voca- 
tional agr., sch. supt., 1924-25; commer- 
cial plant breeder, 1925-26; co. agr. agt., 
1927-28; commercial plant breeder and 
cotton technologist, 1928-29; U.S. Dept. 
Agr. Soil Conservation Service, 1935-37; 
prof, agron., res. worker, Okla. A.&M. 
Coll., 1930-35, 1937—; mem., Am. Soc. 
Agron., Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Zeta, 
Phi Sigma, Alpha Gamma Rho. Travel: 
Can., Mex., U.S. Interest: agronomic 
teaching and research and vocational 
guidance of young coll. men. Recrea- 
tion: fishing. Methodist. Democrat. Of- 
fice: 329 Whitehurst Hall, Stillwater, 
Okla. Home: 724 McElroy St., Still- 
water, Okla. 

SPEED, Kellogg, surgeon, professor 
of surgery; b. Cleveland, O.; 17 Jan. 
1879; s. Henry Bryant Speed, pub., and 
Anna (Robb) S.; ed. Englewood high 
sch.; Morgan Park Acad. Univ. Chi- 
cago; B.S., Univ. Chicago, 1901, M.D. 
1904; m. Margaret Rudd of Chicago, 
111., 14 Mar. 1918; children— Patricia 
Rudd, Helen Marjorie, Ann. Interne, 
Cook Co. Hosp., 1904-05; practiced medi- 

cine, Chicago, 1905 — ; prof, surgery, 
Rush Med. Coll.; attending surgeon, 
Presbyn. Hosp., Highland Park Hosp.; 
tr. Rush Med. Coll.; dir., Mt. Green- 
wood Cemetery; hon. It. col., Royal 
Army M.C., B.E.F., Fr., 1916; maj., 
It. col., M.C., U.S.A., 1917-19; F.A.C.S.; 
mern. Am. Surg. Assn., Am. Orthopedic 
Assn., Soc. Internat. de Chirurgie, West- 
ern Surg. Assn. (pres., 1927-28), Chi- 
cago Surg. Soc. (pres., 1925) Cent. Surg. 
Assn., Am. Assn. Surg. Trauma (1st 
pres., 1939). Clubs: University, Exmoor 
Country, Tavern, Chicago. Author: 
Fractures and Dislocations, textbooks (4 
editions); surgical arts. Travel: Orient, 
Australia, Eur. Interests: literary, 
photog. Recreation: golf. Presbyterian. 
Republican. Office: 122 S. Michigan Av., 
Chicago, 111. Home: 530 S. Sheridan Rd., 
Highland Park, 111. 

WEBER, Otto George, president Litho 
Co.; b. Chicago, 111., 9 June 1879; s. 
John Weber, cabinetmaker, and Sophia 
(Horn) W.; ed. English high sch. and 
Manual Training; m. Alma Raithel of 
Chicago, 111., Oct. 1916. Learned trade 
at Wm. Zench Litho. Co., 4 yrs.; Sher- 
wood Litho. Co.; Corqueville Litho.; 
supt., Merchants Litho.; organized 
Weber Litho. Co., 1901, incorporated, 
1904; treas., Employing Lithographic 
Western Group; mem. Masons (Garden 
City Lodge 32d deg.), Shriners Medinah 
Temple. Clubs: Lake Shore, Germania 
(Chicago). Travel: Eur., 1922, Hawaii 
1924, 1941. Interest: music. Recreations: 
fishing, sailing. Protestant. Republican. 
Office: 3305 Harrison St., Chicago, 111. 
Home: 526 Aldine Av., Chicago, 111. 
Summer res.: Michigan. 

WELCH, Thomas J., lawyer; b. Mo- 
line, 111, 11 Sept. 1884; s. Thomas Welch 
and Sarah (Gibson) W.; ed. Moline high 
sch.; LL.B., Notre Dame Univ., 1905; 
LL.M., Yale Univ., 1906; m. Mable E. 
Bunton of Kewane, 111., 30 June 1914; 
children — Robert Gibson, John Mar- 
shall, Richard Sheridan, Philip Bunton. 
Adm. 111. bar, 1907, Supreme Ct. of U.S., 
1930; assoc. with firm, Kenworthy & 
Kenworthy, Rock Island, 111., 1907-09; 
firm mem., Anderson, Andrews & 
Welch, 1909-11; dir. Emerit E. Baker, 
Inc., Elks Crippled Children's Comran. 
of 111., 1930-45; p. pres. Fifth Supreme 
Jud. Dist. Bar Assn. of 111.; city atty., 
Kewanee, 111., 1909-19; mem. State Bar 
Assn. of 111. (bd. of govs.), Am. Bar 
Assn., B.P.O.E. (exalted ruler, 1924-25, 
dep. grand exalted ruler, W. Cent. Dist. 
of 111., 1932-33), K. C. Clubs: Rotary, 
Midland Country, Yale (Chicago). In- 


terests: hist, of U.S. Constitution, life 
and works of Alexander Hamilton. Rec- 
reation: golf. Catholic. Republican. Of- 
fice: W. Kinley Bldg., Kewanee, 111. 
Home: 606 McKinley Av., Kewanee, 111. 

ALSDORF, Anthony James, exporter, 
importer and manufacturer; b. Soura- 
baya, Java; s. Aloysius William and 
Charlotte Alsdorf; ed. Sch. of Com- 
merce, Amsterdam; m. Camille; 1 son, 
James William. Chmn. of bd., The A. 
J. Alsdorf Corp., Condor Motors, Inc.; 
partner Cory Glass Coffee Brewer Co., 
Fresh'nd Aire Co.; dir. of Vital Foods 
Corp. Travel: Eur., Far East, Brit., 
India, Afr., So. & Central Am. Catholic. 
Republican. Office: 221 N. LaSalle St., 
Chicago 1, 111. Home: 650 Lincoln Av., 
Winnetka, 111. 

ARMSTRONG, Paul G., state director, 
Selective Service System; b. Leadville, 
Colo., 26 Oct. 1890; s. Rev. Arthur Edson 
Armstrong and Luvia Adelma (Russell) 
A.; ed. West Denver high sch.; m. 

4 Dec. 1916; children— Don Wellingnotn, 
Blanche Astrid Larson of Chicago, 111., 
Patricia Lorraine. Assoc. Parker 
Thomas & Tucker Paper Co., Chicago, 

5 Sept. 1919 — ; all offices in Am. Legion 
thru state commander, Nat. Exec. Com- 
mitteeman, 111. candidate, Nat. 
Commdr., Boston, 1940, Milwaukee, 
1941; v. p., Parker Thomas & Tucker 
Paper Co., Chicago; state dir., Selective 
Service System; U.S. Army, 18 mos., 13 
mos. overseas, during World War I; 
mem. A.F. & A.M., Consistory, Shrine, 
B.P.O.E., The Am. Legion, Sons Am. 
Revol. Protestant. Republican. Office: 
100 Armory Bldg., Springfield, 111. 
Home: 2021 So. 4th St., Springfield, 111. 

BURROWS, Milford Denton, manage- 
ment engr. ; b. Wolsen, S.D., Sept. 1, 
1887; s. John Joseph Burrows, mcht., 
and Mary (Denton) B.; ed. Huron (S.D.) 
Coll.; m. Frida Gertrude Heuser of Chi- 
cago, HI., 1912; 1 son, Milford Denton, 
Jr. Consultant in bus. management to 
industries and financial institutions; 
mem. Am. Management Assn., Soc. for 
Advancement of Management. A.F. and 
A.M., A.A.S.R. (32d deg.); A.A.O.N. 
M.S. Protestant. Independent. Office: 134 
S. LaSalle St., Chicago, 111 Home: 419 
Lenox St., Oak Park, 111. 

FOX, Jacob Logan, lawyer; b. Spring- 
field, 7 Nov. 1889; s. Moses Fox and 
Belle (Kuklin) F.; ed. Northwest Div. 
high sch., Chicago; Ph.B., Univ. Chi- 
cago, 1911, J.D. (cum laude), 1913; m. 
Sarah Schutz of Chicago, 1919; children 
— Jacob Logan, Jr., Theodore Simon, 

Robert Samuel. Admitted to 111. Bar, 
1913; in practice at Chicago, 1913; assoc. 
with Charles LeRoy Brown, 1913-15; 
mem. firm Brown, Fox and Blumberg, 
1920— ; served with First 111. Cavalry, 
1914-17, on Mexican Border Service; 
mem. Chicago, 111., and Am. Bar Assn., 
Am. Acad. Polit. Sci., Am. Geog. Soc, 
Chicago Hist. Soc, 111. Hist. Soc, Lin- 
coln Memorial Assn. Clubs: Standard 
of Chicago, Idlewild Country. Interest: 
collecting various Lincoln penod items. 
Recreation: golf. Jewish. Republican. 
Office: 231 S. LaSalle St., Chicago, 111. 
Home: 6846 S. Cregier Av., Chicago, 111. 

ROSINIA, Michael L., lawyer; b. Chi- 
cago, 111., 17 Mar. 1888; s. Anthony 
Rosinia, real estate business, and Rose- 
mond (Corvino) R. ; ed. Y.M.C.A.; 
LL.B., Chicago Kent Coll. Law, 1910; 
Ph.D., Nat. Coll., Toronto, Can. (hon.); 
m. Lina Barone of Chicago, 111., 8 Mar. 
1914. Admitted to bar, Oct. 1910; asst. 
state atty., Sept. 1914- June 1920; asst. 
city prosector, July 1920-Mar. 1923; 
asst. corp. counsel, Dec 1923-Mar. 1929; 
atty. for state treas., Jan. 1930- Apr. 
1931; city prosecutor, Apr. 1931 — . 
Travel: U.S. Interest: farming. Catholic. 
Democrat. Office: 610 City Hall, Chi- 
cago, 111. Home: 1015 S. Racine Av., 
Chicago, 111. 

FAGERBURG, Dewey Frank, lawyer; 
b. Champaign Co., 111., 25 July 1898; 
s. Edward H. Fagerburg, realtor, and 
Charlotte (Anderson) F.; ed. Paxton 
high sch.; A.B., Univ. Mich., 1920, 
LL.B., 1922; m. Dorothy White of Evans- 
ton, 111., 22 Dec. 1922; children— Char- 
lotte, Dewey Frank, Jr., Karin. Prac- 
ticed law in Chicago 1922 — ; mem. firm, 
Snyder, Chadwell & Fagerburg, Chi- 
cago; served in U.S.N, during World 
War I; mem. 111. State, Chicago, and 
Am. Bar Assns., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 
Phi Delta Phi, Phi Beta Kappa. Clubs: 
Law, Legal, Univ., Hinsdale Golf, Swed- 
ish, Economic, Executives (all of Chi- 
cago), Midday. Recreations: golf, small 
game hunting. Presbyterian. Repub- 
lican. Office: 135 So. LaSalle St., Chi- 
cago, 111. Home: 4 E. 5th St., Hinsdale, 

BRUMLEY, Daniel Joseph, civil engi- 
neer (retired) ; b. Near Leipsic, O., 19 
Mar. 1865; s. Joseph Brumley, farmer, 
and Phillipina (Leffler) B.; ed. Leipsic 
high sch.; Ohio Normal Sch., Ada, O.; 
C.E., Ohio State Univ., 1895, D.E. 
(hon.), 1933; m. Susanna P. Lytle of 
Deshler, O., 1 Sept. 1908; 1 son, David 
Joseph. Major, U.S. Army Engrs.; asst. 
engr., Columbus & Hocking Coal, Iron 


& R.R. Co., 5 mos., Nat. Rys. Mex., 2 
mos., Louisville & Nashville R.R., 8V 2 
yrs., I.C.R.R., 30% yrs.; chief engr., Chi 
cago Terminal Improvements; dir., p 
pres., Flossmoor State Bank; p. pres. 
Village of Flossmoor, Flossmoor Sch 
Dist. 161, Rich Park Dist.; Justice of 
Peace, 1917—; N.G. (O.), 3 yrs.; p 
mem. Chicago Assn. Commerce, A.I 
E.E.; mem. Am. Ry. Engring. Assn 
(p. pres.), Am. Soc. C.E., Western Soc 
Engrs. (p. pres.). Club: Chicago Engrs 
Author : Preparation and Care of a Vege 
table Garden. Interests: books, garden 
ing, farming, photog. Methodist. Repub 
lican. Home: 911 Bruce Av., Flossmoor 


BRANDON, Rodney Howe, former di- 
rector of Public Welfare, State of Il- 
linois; b. Monroe County, Ind., 21 Sept. 
1881; s. Gailbraith Lynn Brandon, 
farmer, and Narcissa Lee (Smith) B.; 
ed. elementary and high schs., Bloom- 
ington, Ind.; Univ. Ind., Bloomington. ; 
m. Harriette Lane of Anderson, Ind., 
6 Dec. 1909; children— Adele (dec), 
Jean Brandon Burton, Nancy Brandon 
Allen. Assoc, in orgn. Loyal Order of 
Moose; supervised constr. Mooseheart, 
1913; est. Moosehaven (Fla.), 1922; an 
organizer Progressive Party in Ind. 
1912; moved to 111., 1913; del. to 111 
Constl. Conv., 1919 (chmn. Com. on Edn 
and ed. of Conv. proceedings); spl. in 
vestigator for U. S. Govt, of Child Wei 
fare conditions in Eur., 1926; dir. Pub 
Welfare, State of 111., 1929-33; mem. bd 
Welfare Commrs., 111.; reappointed dir 
Pub. Welfare by Gov. Dwight Green 
1941 resigned, 1945; mem. Masons, K.P. 
Kiwanis, (p. It. gov.). Office: Spring- 
field, 111. Home: Batavia, 111. 

ROSE, Milton Edward, physician; b. 
Dubuque, la., 10 May 1891; s. Henry 
O. Rose, retail merchant, and Marie L. 
(Pfersch) R.; ed. Dubuque high sch.; 
B.S., Wis. Univ., Madison, 1913; M.D., 
Rush Med. Coll., 1916; m. Dorothy J. 
Shade of Decatur, HI., 21 July 1917; 
children — Mary Louise, Jo Ann, William 
Pendleton. Interne, Cook Co. Hosp., Chi- 
cago, 1916-18; asst. to Dr. R.E. Farr, 
Minneapolis, 1918-20; pract. of internal 
med., Decatur, 111., 1920 — ; p. mem. Bd. 
of Dirs., Decatur & Macon Co. Hosp., 
Decatur Community Chest (pres., 1929- 
30), Decatur Assn. Commerce, Bd. of 
Ed.; fellow A.M.A., A.C.P.; mem. Ma- 
con Co. Med. Soc, 111. State Med. Soc. 
Clubs: The Decatur, The Country. Au- 
thor: papers on med. subjs. Travel: 
northern Wis. Interest: philately. Rec- 
reation: fishing. Episcopalian. Repub- 

lican. Office: 134 W. Prairie Av., De- 
catur, 111. Home: 610 S. Monroe St., 
Decatur, 111. 

ROBIN, Sidney L., lawyer; b. Chi- 
cago, 111., 8 Dec. 1904; s. Adolph Robin, 
bus. exec, and Ray (Jameson) R.; ed. 
Chicago pub. high sch.; A.B., Univ. 111., 
1925; J.D., Univ. Mich., 1927; m. Shirley 
Wittels of Alton, 111., and St. Louis, 14 
Apr. 1940; children— Judith Ann, Fay 
Ellen. Mem. Rosenthal Eldridge, King 
and Robin, formerly Rosenthal, Hamill 
& Wormser, 1927 — ; mem. Am. Bar 
Assn., 111. Bar Assn., Chicago Bar Assn., 
Chicago Law Inst.; counsel for The 
Jewish Charities of Chicago and dir. 
other charitable organizations; mem., 
Phi Beta Kappa, Order of Coif, Sigma 
Alpha Mu. Clubs: Law (Chicago), Chi- 
cago Literary. Travel: U.S,. Eur., Mex., 
Hawaii, Can. Recreations: reading, golf, 
gardening, sailing. Independent. Office: 
105 W. Monroe St., Chicago, 111. Home: 
70 Crescent Dr., Glencoe, 111. 

WHITE, Ambrosia Chuse, artist, 
teacher; b. Belleville, 111., 3 Dec 1894; 
d. Peter Chuse, mcht, and Bertha 
(Romeis) C; ed. Notre Dame Acad., 
Belleville, 111.; Eastern State Normal 
Sch., Charleston, 111.; St. Louis Sch. 
Fine Arts; grad. Wis. Univ., 1945; m. 
John C. White of Madison, Wis., 16 Feb. 
1935. Teacher, pub. schs., 20; spL 
teacher in art, pub. schs., Belleville, 
111., 7 yrs.; exhibited pictures in St. 
Louis, Chicago, Milwaukee, and Madi- 
son; writer of children's short stories, 
1944; mem. Madison Art Guild. Clubs: 
Business and Professional. Travel: 
Mex., Can., U.S. Interests: painting, 
writing. Recreations: bridge, sports. 
Catholic. Democrat. Home: 1221 W Day- 
ton St., Madison, Wis. 

TASHER, Lucy Lucile, professor; b. 
S. Bend, Ind., 11 June 1904; d. Charles 
A. Tasher, realtor, and Lucy J. (Fame- 
man) T.; ed. S. Bend high sch.; Ph.B., 
Univ. Chicago, 1924, J.D., 1926, A.M., 
1932, Ph.D., 1934; Univ. So. Calif. Prac- 
ticed law, 1926-31; admitted to bar of 
Ind., 1926, Calif., 1931; asst. prof, social 
sci., 111. State Normal Univ., 1935-41, 
assoc prof., 1941—; mem. State Bar 
Calif., A.A.U.P., N.E.A., 111. Edn. Assn., 
Phi Beta Kappa, Kappa Beta Pi, Pi 
Gamma Mu, Delta Kappa Gamma, Am. 
Hist. Assn., Miss. Valley Hist. Assn., 
A.A.U.W. Travel: Mex., U.S., Can., 
Alas. Recreations: motoring, writing. 
Baptist. Office: Illinois State Normal 
University, Normal, 111. Home: 202 W. 
Ash St., Normal, 111. Summer res.: 3010 
S. Michigan St., S. Bend, Ind. 


CARNAHAN, Charles Calvin, lawyer; 
b. Cochran's Mills, Armstrong Co., Pa., 
3 Apr. 1868; s. William H. Carnahan, 
mcht., and Maria L. (McKee) C; ed. 
summer sch. for Teachers, Cochran's 
Mills, Pa.; Hillsdale (Mich.) Coll.; 
LL.B., Lake Forest Univ., Chicago, 111., 
1893; m. Katharine A. Hawkes of Chi- 
cago, 12 June 1894; 1 dau., Madeleine 
C. Simmons (dec). Admitted to prac- 
tice, 1892; gen. law practice, Chicago, 
HI., 1892 — ; mem. firm, Carnahan & 
Slusser, to 1934, Carnahan, Slusser and 
Mitchell, 1934 — ; founder, mem., Cen- 
tury of Progress, Chicago World's Fair, 
chmn. legal com., mem. bd. trs., 1933- 
34; dir., Congoleum-Nairn, Inc., NY.; 
Rep. nominee for Congress, 5th Dist., 
111., 1900; judge, Superior Ct, 1930; 
corp. counsel, Village of Wilmette, HI., 
1915-17; gen. atty. for Cook Co., 111. bd. 
assessors, 1921-30; mem. Chicago, HI. 
State, Am. Bar Assns., Chicago Law 
Inst., Phi Delta Theta, Nat. Union, Ma- 
sons, (32d deg.) Shrine. Clubs: Chicago 
Athletic, Union League, Westmoreland 
Country, Men's Wilmette, 111. Author: 
legal briefs. Travel: Can., Mex., U.S. 
Interests : hunting, deep sea fishing, coll. 
athletics. Recreations: golf, bowling. 
Republican. Office: Suite 1217, 110 South 
Dearborn St., Chicago 3, 111. Home: 700 
Central Av., Wilmette, 111. 

BENSON, Ikel C, lawyer, patent 
atty., engineer; b. Buhl, Minn., 3 Apr. 
1900; s. Alfred Benson, fireman, and 
Carolina (Olson) B.; ed. Buhl high sch.; 
B.S., Univ. Minn., 1925, M.S., 1927, E.E., 
1931; LL.B. Minn. Coll., 1935; m. Inez 
H. Thompson of Minneapolis, Minn., 19 
Aug. 1937; children— Doris Irene, Janice 
Carolyn. Teaching Fellow, E.E. Dept., 
Univ. Minn., 1925-27; E.E., Electric 
Mach. Mfg. Co., 1926-32; bituminous 
insp., Minn. Dept. of Highways, 1932- 
35; patent atty. & E.E., Electric Mach. 
Mfg. Co., 1935—; partner, McDonald & 
Benson Paspartouting Co.; mem. Sigma 
Xi, Triangle, Minn. Bar Assn., Minn. 
Patent Law Assn. Club: Minneapolis 
Engineers. Author: Analysis of the 
causes of Noise and Vibration in Syn- 
chronous Machines; the operational 
and economic characteristics of a Navel 
means for starting A-c. Motors with low 
current inrush, co-author: Studies on ihe 
Elastic Properties of Human Isolated 
Aorta. Travel: Eur., 1938. Interest: 
photog. Recreations: tennis, hunting. 
Protestant. Office: 1331 N.E. Tyler St., 
Minneapolis 13, Minn. Home: 1434 Hythe 
St., St. Paul 8, Minn. 

BEKVE, Ben L., business executive; 
b. Rochelle, 111., 19 Dec. 1888; s. Louis 
Berve, electrician, and Malinda (Buer) 
B.; ed. Rochelle (111.) Twp. high sch.; 
Notre Dame Univ.; m. Ethel Melvin, 
Bushnel, 111., Dec. 1941; 1 son, Charles 
U. U.S. Marshall, Northern Dist. of 111., 
Western Div., 1927-34; pres., Berve Ins. 
Agency, Inc., Rochelle, 111., 1934-Aug. 
1941; state cent. com. man, 13th Dist., 
1938—; Rep. State chmn., 1940—; fiscal 
supervisor, Dept. Pub. Welfare, Ro- 
chelle, 111., 1941—; 2nd It., Inf., 1918; 
mem. Masons, Am. Legion, Moose, 
Elks. Club: Sojourners. Interests: golf, 
bowling, swimming. Protestant. Repub- 
lican. Offices: 507 Lincoln Av., Rochelle, 
111.; Room 1510, 231 S. LaSalle St., Chi- 
cago, 111. Home: 7145 Cyril Av., Chi- 
cago, HI. 

UfflLEIN, Erwin Charles, executive; 
b. Milwaukee, Wis., s. August Uihlein 
and Emily (Werdehoff) U.; ed. East 
Division high sch., Milwaukee; Wahl- 
Henius Inst., Chicago; Alfred Joergen- 
son's Labs., Copenhagen, Den.; two 
years Letters and Sciences; LL.B., Col- 
lege of Law, Cornell Univ. Pres., Jos. 
Schlitz Brewing Co.; mem. fin. and 
exec, corns., dir., First Wis. Nat. Bk., 
First Wis. Tr. Co., Wis. Bankshares 
Corp.; served as It. (j. g.) U.S.N.R. 
World War I; now It. comdr., U.S.N.R.; 
mem. Army Ordnance Assn., Wis. 
Bankers Assn., Master Brewers Assn. 
of U.S., U.S. Naval Inst., Chi Psi, Phi 
Delta Phi. Clubs: Elks, Milwaukee, Mil- 
waukee Country, Milwaukee Athletic, 
Wisconsin, Town, University, Mil- 
waukee Yacht. Office: 235 W. Galena 
St., Milwaukee, Wis. Home: Grafton, 

TURLEY, Louis Alvin, pathologist; b. 
Bever, Ut., 6 Feb. 1879; s. Omner Jay 
Turley, gold miner and farmer, and 
Louise Ann (Woodhouse) T.; ed. Boise 
(Ida.) high sch.; B.S., Univ. Ida., 1903; 
M.A., Harvard, 1906; Ph.D., 1916; m. 
Anna Gertrude King of Normal, 111., 16 
Apr. 1905. Asst. entomogist, U.S. Expt. 
Sta., Univ. Ida., 1901-03; head, dept. 
biology, S.W. State Coll., 1907-08; prof, 
pathol. and histol., Med. Sch., Univ. 
Okla., 1908-20, prof, path., 1920- -; acting 
asst. dean, 1909-20, asst. dean, 1920-28, 
1935-39; state bacterid., 1908-12; mem., 
A.M.A., A.S.C.P., Okla. State Med. 
Assn., Cleveland Co. Med. Soc, Okla. 
Acad, of Med. Club: Dornick Hills 
Country. Author: History of the Philoso- 
phy of Medicine, and 30 sci. papers: 
discoverer, new specie of fly, egg-de- 
pository of tree pest; estab., law of 


reinforcement and inhibition of succeed- 
ing stimuli, compensatory hyperplasia 
of nephron inchronic nephritis, orig. of 
certain cancer, efficiency of electrolytic 
treatment of sewage effluent role of 
lymphocytes in T. B., Pneumonia and 
Thyrotoricosis, leucytic index. Travel: 
U.S. Interests: hist., lit., philos., music, 
mech., constr. Recreation: golf. Univer 
salist. Office: 801 N.E. 13th St., Okla- 
homa City, Okla. Home: 763 Asp Av., 
Norman, Okla. 

SUHR, Lewis Delmar, consulting en- 
gineer; b. Chicago, 111., 22 Nov. 1893; 
s. Charles Suhr, asphalt technician, and 
Anna (Guhl) S.; ed. Lane Tech. high 
sch.; B.S., Univ. Wis., 1917; m. Mil- 
dred Kerber of Chicago, 111., 30 Jan. 
1926; 1 son, James Kerber. Cons. engr. 
with Suhr & Berryman, later Suhr, 
Berryman, Peterson & Suhr, Inc., ex- 
cept when supervising engr. for 111. 
State Plan Commission on loan, 1934- 
37; 1st It., San. Corps, U.S.A., 24 mos. 
active service during World War I. 
Travel: No. Am., Eur., Oceania. In- 
terests: travel, stamps, biographies. 
Presbyterian. Independent. Office: 130 
N. Wells St., Chicago, 111. Home: 911 
Sheridan Rd., Evanston, 111. 

STOFFELS, Oscar A., attorney; b. 
Westphalia, Ger., 21 July 1881; s. Wil- 
liam Stoffels, court elk., and Bertha 
(Fahner) S.; ed. Chicago high sch.; 
Wartburg Coll.; LL.B., John Marshall 
Law Sch.; m. Emma M. Walters of 
Chicago, 111., 7 May 1904; children— Her- 
bert R., Edgar O. Organized firm of 
Oscar A. Stoffels Co., Inc., ins. under- 
writers; admitted to 111. bar, 1911; 
specialized in corp. organization, real 
estate law and probate practice; per- 
fected the consolidation of the Am. Lu- 
theran Ch. ; specialized also in ins. and 
ch. law; mem. Am. and 111. Bar Assns., 
Lutheran Brotherhood of Am. (p. pres.), 
39th Nat. German Am. Song Festival 
(pres.). Clubs: German of Chicago (p. 
pres.), Germania (Chicago). Author: 
various articles and pamphlets on Am. 
hist., also "Appreciation of Song." 
Travel: Fr., Eng., Ger. Interests: 
music, literature. Recreation: photog. 
Lutheran. Republican. Office: 111 W. 
Washington St., Chicago, 111. Home: 2628 
Windsor Av., Chicago 25 (Ravenswood), 

TOUREK, James Jacob, president; b. 
Chicago, 111., 1 May 1889; s. John 
Tourek, cabinet maker, and Mary 
(Bilek) T. ; ed. grammar sch.; mechani- 
cal eng., Internat. Correspondence Sch. 
(Scranton, N.J.); m. Sadie Sabina 

Frainey of Chicago, 111., 21 Mar. 1909; 
children — Claude William, Marie Sadie, 
Evelyn Sabina. Automatic screw ma- 
chine operator and setter, 1905 — ; fore- 
man, automatic screw machine dept., 
Stewart Warner Co., Chicago, demon- 
strator automatic screw machines, Chi- 
cago Automatic Machine Co., Chicago; 
organizer, J.J. Tourek Mfg. Co., 15 Mar. 
1920; now pres., treas.; supt. Nat. Tool 
Works, St. Louis, Mo., engaged in mfg. 
war munitions during World War I; 
mem. 111. Mfrs. Assn., Soc. Heat 
Treaters, Chicago and 111. Chambers 
Commerce. Clubs: 111. Athletic, Lake 
Shore Athletic, Riverside Golf. Recrea- 
tion: golf. Republican. Office: 4701 W. 
16th St., Cicero, 111. Home: 642 N. Edge- 
wood Av., Lagrange Park, 111. 

STEINDEL, Max, violincellist and 
conductor; b. Ger., 3 Dec. 1891; s. Albin 
Steindel and Emma (Ulrich) S.; 
Traveled Eur., 7 to 17 yrs. of age; solo 
cellist Seattle, Sym., 1908-11, St. Louis 
Sym., 1912—; concert cellist, 1914-17; 
first cellist, Chicago Century of Pro- 
gress, summer, 1933; org., own concert 
orch., 1921, org. quartet, trio; radio 
artist; guest conductor, St. Louis and 
Toronto Sym. Orchs.; conductor, St. 
Louis Little Sym., summers, 1934 — ; 
teacher, 'cello, 1915 — ; mem. Masons, 
Elks, Shrine. Travel: U.S., Eur. Rec- 
reation: golf. Lutheran. Office: St. Louis 
Symphony Society, St. Louis, Mo. 
Home: 3810 Westminster PI., St. Louis, 
Mo. Summer res. : Hollywood, Calif. 

SPECTOR, Hyman I., physician; b. 
Ukrania, 15 July 1894; s. Morris Spector, 
mcht., and Jennie (Gerber) S.; ed. Jo- 
seph Medill high sch., Chicago; Crane 
Jr. Coll., Chicago; B.S., Univ. 111., 1920, 
M.D., 1921; m. Charlotte Koplovitz of 
St. Louis, Mo., 22 Jan. 1927; children- 
Judith Miriam, Eugene William, Rich- 
ard Michael. Interne, City Hosp., 1 yr.; 
res., chief res., Robert Koch Hosp., 1 
yr., supt., 3 yrs.; tuberculosis controller, 
City of St. Louis, 4 yrs.; chief of med. 
staff and asst. health commr., St. Louis, 
1934-43, chief, Chest Clinic, Desloge 
Hosp. of St. Louis Univ., 1932—; assoc. 
prof, in Internal Medicine, St. Louis 
Univ., 1944—; with S.A.T.C., during 
World War I; Fellow A.C.P., Am. Coll. 
Chest Phys.; mem. A.M. A., Nat. Tuber- 
culosis Assn., Am. Pub. Health Assn. 
Author: 30 medical arts. Travel: Eng, 
Fr., Ger., It., Portugal. Interests: 
music, plays. Recreation: reading. 
Jewish. Office: 622 University Club 
Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. Home: 910 Buena 
Vista, St. Louis, Mo. 


RIDDLE, Roderick E., civil engineer; 
b. St. Joseph, Mo., 29 July 1886; s. 
Edwin M. Riddle and Edna Sylvania 
(Brown) R. ; ed. Independence (Mo.) 
high sch.; B.S. (in C.E.), Mo. State 
Univ., 1908; m. N. Myrtle Albertson of 
Independence, Mo., 1 June 1910; chil- 
dren—Roderick E., Marion Albertson, 
Lynn Benton, Earl Waldo. With Talla- 
hachia Drainage Dist. of Miss., 1908- 
09, Kansas City Structural Steel Co., 
1909-14, St. Joseph Structural Steel Co., 
1914—; dir., Bldg. Industry, Mo. Method- 
ist Hosp.; mem. Tau Beta Pi, Izaack 
Walton League. Clubs: Commerce, En- 
gineers, Professional Enginers. Rec- 
reation: fishing. Methodist. Office: 
Riddle Engineering Co., St. Joseph, Mo. 
Home: 1406 Dewey Av., St. Joseph, Mo. 
Summe res.: Sugar Lake, Rushville, 

PALMER, John William, attorney-at- 
law; b. Macks Creek, Mo.; s. James 
M. Palmer, farmer, and Temperance 
(Hix) P.; ed. Lebanon (Mo.) high sch.; 
Univ. Med. Coll., Kansas City, Mo.; 
LL.B., Lincoln- Jefferson Univ., Ham- 
mond, Ind.; m. Nancy Jane Hutton of 
Osceola, Mo., Feb. 1891; children— Mrs. 
Burleigh Jeffries, Mrs. George E. 
Crews, Hazel, John W., Jr. Sch. teacher; 
mercantile business man; practicing 
physician, 13 yrs.; practicing lawyer, 
1897; mem. firm of Palmer and Palmer, 
Sedalia, Mo., at present; mem. Mo. 
Leg., 2 terms; prosecuting atty. of Cam- 
den Co., 3 terms; mem. 71st Congress 
from old 7th Dist. of Mo. ; mem. Sedalia 
Bar Assn., Mo. Bar Assn., Masons, Odd 
Fellows. Travel: U.S., Can., Mex., 
Haita, Panama, So. Am. Baptist. Re- 
publican. Office: 323-325 Ilgenfritz Bldg., 
Sedalia, Mo. Home: 901 South Vermont 
St., Sedalia, Mo. 

MOODY, Katharine Twining, refer- 
ence librarian; b. St. Louis, Mo., 16 
Jan. 1867; d. Charles Dummer Moody, 
patent lawyer, grad. of Dartmouth, 1859, 
and Catharine Anna (Twining) M. ; ed. 
St. Louis pub. schs.; pvt. schs. New 
Haven, Conn.; schs. of Fine Arts at 
Yale Univ.; Washington Univ., St. 
Louis. Connected with St. Louis Public 
Library, 1895—; mem. Am. Library 
Assn., English Speaking Union, N.E. 
Soc, Soc. Mayflower Desc, Mo. Hist. 
Soc, Nat. Soc. Colonial Dames of Am., 
Mo. Libr. Assn., D.A.R. Author: books 
and mag. arts, on lib. work and geneal. 
matters. Travel: U.S., Can., Brit. Isles. 
Gd. of Rev. Wm. Twining, grad. of 
Yale, and prof, at Wabash Coll. who 
came to St. Louis during Civil War. 

Interests: collecting and editing ma- 
terial about hist, of Webster Groves, 
Mo., indexing writings of Mark Twain 
and geneal. work. Conglist. Independ- 
ent Republican. Home: 275 N. Union 
Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. 

STOVER, Urban C, lawyer; b. La- 
doga, Ind., 16 Jan. 1867; s. Daniel C. 
Stover, lawyer, and Mahala T. (Harney) 
S.; ed. Ladoga high sch.; A.B., Wabash 
Coll., 1890; m. Helen B. Watson of Craw- 
fordsville, Ind., 1889; children— Harney 
W., Susanna (Root). Lawyer, Ind., 1893- 
1925, gen. atty., Central Ind. R.R., 1895- 
1924; prin. atty., Valuation Bur., Inter- 
state Commerce Commn., 1925-34; 
deputy atty. gen. State of Ind., 1934-45; 
mem. Am. Bar Assn., Practitioners be- 
fore I.C.C. Travel: Eur. Grandparents 
were pioneers in Ind., 1832. Protestant. 
Democrat. Office: State House, Indian- 
apolis, Ind. Home: Ladoga, Ind. Sum- 
mer home: Walnut Ridge Square, La- 
doga, Ind. 

SLUSS, John William, surgeon; b. 
Cloverdale, Ind., 27 Aug. 1867; s. David 
E. Sluss, farmer, and Delilah Ann 
(Sandy) S.; ed. Cloverdale (Ind.) high 
sch.; B.S., DePauw Univ., 1890, A.M., 
1892; M.D., Ind. Univ., 1894; post gradu- 
ate, Harvard Univ., Univ. of Paris; m. 
Cora M. Hart of Cloverdale, Ind., 14 
Oct. 1896; children — David Hart, Mrs. 
Vance C. Hall. Practiced med. and 
surg., Indianapolis, 1894 — ; prof, anato- 
my, Indiana State Univ. Sch. Med., 
1900-07, assoc. prof, surg., 1907-30; zone 
surg., U.S. Fidelity & Guaranty Co.; 
supt., Indianapolis City Hosp., 1912-15; 
maj., M.C., U.S.A., 1917-19; chief of 
surg. service, Camp Grant, Camp Cody; 
It. col. Pres.; F.A.C.S.; mem. A.M.A. 
A.& A.S.R., Shrine, B.P.O.E., K.P., 
Delta Upsilon, Phi Rho Sigma. Author: 
Emergency Surgery, 1932 (5th ed.). 
Travel: Eur., 1906-29. Recreations: hunt- 
ing, fishing. Methodist. Republican. Of- 
fice: 808 Chamber of Commerce, Indian- 
apolis, Ind. Home: 3657 Washington 
Blvd., Indianapolis, Ind. 

RUTHERFORD, Cyrus Wilson, phy- 
sician ophthalmologist; b. Newman, HI., 
24 May 1875; s. Thomas Rutherford, 
farmer, and Sarah R. (Zimmerman) R.; 
ed. Newman (111.) high sch.; Univ. HI.; 
M.D., Med. Coll. Ind., 1899; M.D. (cum 
laude), Univ. Ind., 1922; m. Grace 
Douglass of Newman, 111., 1900; chil- 
dren—Virgil Thomas (dec), Austin 
Douglass. General practice, Newman, 
111., 1900-21; limited to eye, Indianapo- 
lis, Ind., 1921-28 and 1935—; prof. Oph- 
thalmol., Indiana Univ.; assoc. prof. 


ophthalmol., State Univ. Iowa, 1928-35; 
1st It., M.C., during World War I, lt.- 
col., Med. Res. retired; mem. A.M.A., 
Am. Acad. Ophthalmol, and Otolaryn- 
gol., Am. Ophthalmol. Soc, Ind. Acad. 
Ophthalmol, and Otolaryngol., Indian- 
apolis Soc. of Ophthalmol, and Otolaryn- 
gol. Author: The Eye; many papers on 
ophthalmic subjs. Interest: wild flowers. 
Protestant. Republican. Office: 23 E. 
Ohio St., Indianapolis, Ind. Home: 4601 
N. Penna. St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

BENSON, John G., minister, gen- 
eral secretary, Methodist Hospital; b. 
Wayne Co., 1 Feb. 1881; s. Ephrian B. 
Benson, farmer, and Amy Jane (Baker) 
B.; ed. Eaton (O.) high sch.; Acad. De 
Pauw Univ., Greencastle, Ind., A.B., 
A.M., De Pauw Univ., 1906, D.D. (hon.); 
D.D. (hon.), O. Northern Univ., Ada, 
O.; m. Henrietta Jordan of Greencastle, 
29 Aug. 1906; children— Richard B., 
Mary Elizabeth. Pastor Methodist Chs., 
Brazil and Terre Haute, Ind., Detroit, 
Mich., New York, N.Y.; supt. White 
Cross Hosp., Columbus, O. Methodist 
Hosp., Indianapolis, Ind., 1931 — ; War 
Emergency Council of Methodist Ch., 
caring for camp activities in Am., dur- 
ing World War I; mem. Masons (Scott- 
ish Rite), Methodist Assns. of Philan- 
thropies (nat. pres.), Phi Gamma Delta, 
Theta Phi. Clubs: Columbia, Contem- 
porary, Executives. Travel: Eur., Egy., 
Eng. Interests: writing and lecturing, 
commencements, clubs, and assemblies 
(holds record in Ind. for number high 
sch. commencements). Recreation: an- 
tiques, flowers. Methodist. Republican. 
Office: 902 Underwriters Bldg., 445 N. 
Penn St., Indianapolis 4, Ind. Home: 
3663 N. Del. St., Indianapolis 5, Ind. 

McDONNELL, Robert E., consulting 
engineer; b. Mont., 16 Nov. 1872; s. 
John McDonnell, farmer, and Harriett 
C. (Stuff) M.; ed. Bozeman (Mont.) 
high sch.; A.B., Stanford Univ., 1897; 
m. Georgia T. Howlett of Kansas City, 
Mo., 6 Apr. 1904; 1 son, Robert H. City 
engr., Palo Alto, 1895-97; asst. engr., 
So. Pac. Rwy., Sacramento, Calif., 1897; 
est. Burns & McDonnell Engring. Co., 
Kansas City, Mo., 1898—; pres., S.W. 
Water Wks. Assn., 1922; mem. Am. Soc. 
Engrs., Am. Soc. of Civil Engineers 
(life mem.), Am. Waterworks Assn. 
Clubs: Engineers (Kansas City, pres., 
1928), Kansas City. Author: Results of 
Municipal Lighting Systems, (8th Edi- 
tion Reminiscences of 40 yrs. of Engi- 
neering). Interests: fishing, colored 
movies. Catholic. Office: 107 West Lin- 
wood Blvd., Kansas City, Mo. Home: 

200 West 53rd Terrace, Kansas City, Mo. 
Summer home: Gla-na-pa Lodge, Lake 
McDonald, Glacier National Park, Mont. 

MAYER, Charles H., lawyer; b. Stur- 
geon, Mo., 8 Feb. 1876; s. Daniel Mayer, 
farmer, merchant, and Ann Eliza 
(Welch) M.; ed. Wentworth Mil. Acad.; 
LL.B., Cornell Univ., 1898; m. Josephine 
Thrailkill of St. Louis, Mo., 11 Dec. 1906. 
Engaged in pract. law, St. Joseph; city 
atty., St. Joseph, 1902-04; state sen., 
1907-12; circuit judge, 1912-17; dir., gen. 
counsel, Kansas City Gas Co., St. Jo- 
seph Rwy., Light, Heat & Power Co., 
Wyandotte Co. Gas Co., Kansas City, 
Kan.; mem. Mo. and Am. Bar Assns. 
Clubs: St. Joseph Country, Kansas City. 
Democrat. Office: Corby Bldg., St. Jo- 
seph, Mo. Home: 2605 Indian Trail Dr., 
St. Joseph, Mo. 

LUEDINGHAUS, Henry, manufac- 
turer; b. St. Louis, Mo., 7 Nov. 1860; s. 
Henry Luedinghaus, mfr., and Hannah 
(Arensmann) L.; ed. pub. grade sch.; 
m. Cornelia Reller of St. Louis, Mo., 1 
June 1887; children— Mrs. W.G.J. 
Buenger, Mrs. Clarence J. Buckman, 
Mrs. J. Curtis Lyter, Herbert H. In- 
terests in early days in Okla., oil fields, 
Glen Pool Field, zinc mining, Okla.; 
pres., St. Louis Malleable Casting Co., 
Beck & Corbitt Co.; dir. St. Louis Car 
Co., St. Louis Screw & Bolt Co., Bremen 
Bk. & Tr. Co.; pres., Faith Ev. Lu- 
theran Ch. Club: Glen Echo Country. 
Travel: Eur., U.S. Recreations: golf, 
fishing. Lutheran. Republican. Office: 
7701 North Conduit Av., St. Louis, Mo. 
Home: 32 Gast PL, St. Louis, Mo. Died, 
18 May 1942. 

LERMIT, Geraldine, occupational 
therapist, registered, b. London, Eng., 
1 Sept. 1885; d. Gerald Henry Lermit 
and Beatrice Helena L.; ed. Hyde Park 
high sch., Chicago; A.B., Wellesley 
Coll., 1906; Ph.M., Univ. Chicago, 1907. 
U.S. Army, Am. Red Cross, U.S. Pub. 
Health Serv., U.S. Vets. Serv., 1922—; 
dir. Mo. Assn. for Occup. Therapy; asst. 
prof, and lecturer in occup. therapy, 
Wash. Univ. Sch. of Med.; served as 
reconstr. aide, head aide, chief aide, 
1918-22 (rank, 2nd It.), hon. disch.; 
mem. Am. Occup. Ther. Assn. (mem. 
bd. mgrs., 12 yrs.), Am. Assn. Soc. 
Workers, Am. Assn. Med. Soc. Workers, 
Nat. Ed. Assn., Am. Etchers Assn. 
(assoc), League of Women Voters. Am. 
Youth Hostelry, Univ. of Chicago 
Alumni Assn. A.A.W. Club: Cordon. Au- 
thor: contribs. to prof. mags. Travel: 
U.S., Eur., Can. Interests: civic and 
social welfare, literature, music, read- 


ing, gardening. Recreations: music, 
dramatics, travel, country life. Episco- 
palian. Social-Democrat. Office: 4567 
Scott Av., St. Louis, Mo. Home: 4943 
Buckingham Ct., St. Louis, Mo. Sum- 
mer res. : Better 'Ole, Lakeside, Berrien 
Co., Mich. 

KRUG, Henry, Jr., banker; b. St. Jo- 
seph, Mo., 9 July 1861; s. Henry Krug, 
pork packer, and Louise (Hax) K.; ed. 
pvt. grade and high sch., St. Joseph; 
m. Selma Hegner of St. Joseph, Mo., 
18 May 1892; 2 children. Connected with 
Henry Krug & Co., packers, 1876-1904, 
when plant was sold to live stock in- 
terests; v.p., chmn. of bd., Am. Nat. 
Bank, 1918—; dir. St. Joseph Pub. Li- 
brary, 1910—, pres., 1920—; pres., St. 
Joseph Music Festival Assn., 1920-28; 
mem. exec, bd., B.S.A.; co-chmn. Nat. 
Conf. of Christians & Jews, 1933-38; dir., 
mem. bd. tr., Y.M.C.A.; dir. North- 
west Mo. Assn. for the Blind; mem. 
adv. council, State Hist. Soc. of Mo.; 
p. dir. Salvation Army; deacon First 
Presbn. Ch., elected elder, 1934 — . 
Clubs: Commerce, St. Joseph Country. 
Donated 100 acres land to City of St. 
Joseph for park known as Krug Park, 
which father, mother, uncle founded 
with gift of 60 acres. Interest: civic 
affairs. Presbyterian. Republican. Of- 
fice: Seventh and Felix Sts., St. Joseph, 
Mo. Home: Pine Ridge, Krug Park 
PI., Mo. 

KROEGER, Laura Clark, educational 
counselor; b. Franklin Co., 23 Mar. 1872; 
d. Burrow Clark, merchant, and Adaline 
(Whitley) C; ed. Mary Inst., St. Louis; 
Mo. State Univ.; m. Ernest Richard 
Kroeger of St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 1891; 
children — Louise, Richard, Eleanor 
(Mrs. John C. Talbot), Beatrice. Dir., 
Kroeger Sch. Music (founded by Ernest 
R. Kroeger (dec), 1904); mem. Bd. 
Edn., St. Louis pub. schs., 6 yrs., Bd. 
Freeholders (apptd. by mayor) 1 yr.; 
ednl. counselor, Soldan high sch., St. 
Louis; dir. Southwestern Div., Jr. Red 
Cross, St. Louis, 3 yrs., during World 
War I. Clubs: Womans Smoke Abate- 
ment Organization (pres., 4 yrs.), 
Wednesday (pres., 2 yrs., hon. mem., 
1934 — ), Citizens Smoke Abatement 
League (v.p., 2 yrs.), League of Women 
Voters. Travel: Eur. Great grandfather, 
Thomas Whitley, received Spanish grant 
of land in St. Louis Co., was early 
settler, brother of Col. William Whitley, 
Indian fighter, Ky.; husband, Ernest 
Richard Kroeger, elected Officer of the 
French Academy, 1904, had Ernest R. 
Kroeger Memorial Hall dedicated to him 

because of his service to music in St. 
Louis. Unitarian. Republican. Home: 
Dorsett & Adie Rds., Creve Coeur, St. 
Louis Co., Mo. Summer res.: Harbor 
Beach, Mich. 

DABBS, LeRoy, physician; b. De 
Kalb, Miss., 6 Dec. 1888; s. Jack Dabbs, 
minister, and Caroline (Hudson) D.; ed. 
Kosciusko high sch.; Cent. Miss. Coll.; 
M.D., Meharry Med. Coll. Mem. Nat. 
Med. Assn., Med. Forum, Meharry Med. 
Coll. Post Grad. (pres.), Masons (32d 
deg.), Shriners. Travel: U.S. Interest: 
reading. Recreations: riding, general 
sports. Baptist. Republican. Office: 1003 
Glasgow Av., St. Louis, Mo. Home: 1422 
N. Taylor St., St. Louis, Mo. Summer 
res. : Idlewild, Mich. 

EPSTEIN, Albert Falk, clothing 
manufacturer; b. St. Louis, Mo., 27 Aug. 
1879; s. Ignatz Epstein, mfr., and Anna 
(Falk) E.; ed. Madison Sch.; South- 
eastern Business Coll.; Koehlers Sch. 
of Designers; m. Eleanor Allina of St. 
Louis, Mo., 1913; children — Leslie Falk 
(Rhodes Scholar, Ph.D.), Lee Falk (car- 
toonist, Mandrake the Magician, The 
Phantom, writer and producer). Pres., 
sec, chmn. of bd., Knickerbocker Cloth- 
ing Co.; designer of Knickerbocker 
pants for boys, 1919; credit mgr., dir., 
Alpha Mfg. Co., St. Louis; mem. Draft 
Bd. during World War I, reed, high 
award at Dist. Bd. Liberty Bond Sale; 
award as org. of new auto club of Mo.; 
mem. Masons (32d deg.), Moolah Tem- 
ple, Shrine, Mo. Adv. Club Assn., United 
Commercial Travelers (p. councilor), 
Odd Fellows (p. pres.), Chamber Com- 
merce, Business Circle of St. Louis 
(pres.). Clubs: Automobile (Mo., mem. 
bd. of govs.), Westwood Golf, Adver- 
tising. Travel: Eur. (28 countries), U.S. 
Father was first clothing mfr. to estb. 
bus. in St. Louis, org. first Jewish Cong, 
in St. Louis. Interests: golf, handball, 
Boy Scouts, baseball, football, toast- 
master at functions. Recreations: swim- 
ming, fishing, travel. Jewish. Repub- 
lican. Office: 1308-10 Washington Av., 
St. Louis, Mo. Home: 4605 Lindell Blvd., 
St. Louis, Mo. 

TOYE, Earle William, sanitation and 
heating engineer; b. Winona, Minn., 6 
Sept. 1890; s. Micheal Toye, plumbing 
and heating, and Ellen (Ritchie) T.; 
ed. Winona high sch.; Univ. Wis. Coll. 
Eng., class of 1912; m. Hannah Jean- 
nett Johnson of Winona, Minn., 1920; 1 
so, Capt. Robert William, U.S.A.C. 
Worked in eng. dept., C. & N.W. Rwy.; 
clerk in engr., War Dept., Upper Miss. 
River Impr.; mgr., Toye Supply Co., 


1920-33; pres., E.W. Toye Supply Co., 
1933—; enlisted U.S. Engrs., 1917, over- 
seas, A.E.F., July 1917, in 1st Corps 
Sen., Oct. 1917, 1st Candidate Sen., 
Langres, France, Nov. 1917-Mar. 1918, 
13th Engrs., 1st It. engrs., 1918, asst. 
chief eng. officer, 23rd Grand Div., 
Trans. Corps, A.E.F., discharged, 17 
May 1919, at Camp Grant, 111.; mem. 
Minn. Master Plumbers Assn. (dir.), 
Am. Legion (p. post commdr.), 40 & 
8 Soc. (p. mem. exec, com.; p. state 
finance officer), A.S.M.E., Delta Tau 
Delta, B.P.O.E., Nat. Assn. Master 
Plumbers, 13th Engrs. Vets. Assn. 
Clubs: Winona Athletic, Winona Elks. 
Travel: Eur., U.S. Father, Micheal 
Toye, was co. commr., mayor, Winona; 
grandfather was early pioneer in over- 
land transportation. Interests: litera- 
ture, sports. Recreations: camping, mo- 
toring. Episcopalian. Democrat. Office: 
170 Center St., Winona, Minn. Home: 
953 W. Mark St., Winona, Minn. Sum- 
mer res.: Wacouta Beach, Wacouta, 

ERNST, Edwin Charles, radiologist; 
b. St. Louis, Mo., 26 June 1885; s. 
Charles Ernst and Catherine (Koch) E.; 
ed. Moravian Coll., Bethlehem, Pa.; St. 
Louis Univ., 1906-09; Wash. Univ., 1912; 
m. Mildred Vogt of St. Louis, Mo., 2 
Aug. 1916; children— Edwin Charles, 
Jr., Roland, Richard. Interne, St. Louis 
Hosp., 1 yr. ; resident phys., St. Louis 
Mullanphy Hosp., 1913-15; radiologist, 
St. Lukes Hosp., 1915-27; dir., x-ray 
dept., Barnard Free Skin & Cancer 
Hosp., DePaul Hosp., St. Louis, 1920, 
1930 — ; cons, radiol., U.S. Marine, 
1925 — ; served with Med. Unit, Rouen, 
Fr., 1917-19; maj. U.S. Med. Res. Corps; 
mem. Am. Bd. Radiology, A.M. A., Coll. 
of Phys., Roentgen Ray Soc, Radiol. 
Soc. No. Am. (pres., 1927), Radium Soc. 
(pres., 1928), Chicago Roentgen Ray 
Soc, St. Louis Roentgen. Soc, So. Med. 
Assn. (chmn., radiol. sect.). Clubs: Uni- 
versity, Mo. Athletic. Travel: Internat. 
Cong., London, 1925, Stockholm, 1928, 
Paris, 1931, Chicago, 1937, appt. Ham- 
burg, 1940. Recreations: hunting, hand- 
ball, tennis, photog. Protestant. Office: 
3720 Washington Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. 
Home: 2 Schulz Rd., Kirkwood, Mo. 
Summer res. : Glencoe, Mo. 

SCHULTE, William Henry, professor 
of classical languages; b. New Vienna, 
la., 6 Oct. 1889; s. B.W. Schulte, or- 
ganist, teacher, and Mary (Forken- 
brock) S.; ed. St. Joseph Sch., Du- 
buque; Loras Coll., Univ. Fribourg, 
Switzerland; M.A., State Univ. Iowa, 

1923, Ph.D., 1931. Ordained as Cath. 
priest, 1913; apptd. instr. in latin, Loras 
Coll., Dubuque, 1913, prof, in classical 
langs., 1920, head of dept. of class 
langs., 1923 — ; visiting lecturer, State 
Univ. la., summer, 1935; mem. State 
Com. on Status of Latin study; dean of 
examiners of jr. clergy; synodal ex- 
aminer; judge in Archdiocesan Matri- 
monial Court; exec, sec, ed. of Arch- 
diocesan Music Commn.; sec-treas. 
Loras Inst, of Liturg. Music; mem. K.C. 
(local chaplain), Classical Assn. of the 
Middle West and South, Am. Philol. 
Assn. Author: Index Verborum Valeria- 
nus in Iowa Studies in Classical Philol- 
ogy, 1935; Approved List of Church 
Music, 1938. Interest: music Catholic 
(chaplain Mt. Carmel, Dubuque). Ad- 
dress: Dubuque, la. 

GOODMAN, Israel Ralph, lawyer; b. 
St. Louis, Mo., 21 Nov. 1902; s. Jacob 
E. Goodman and Zelda (Novak) G.; ed. 
Soldan high sch., St. Louis, Mo.; Univ. 
Chicago; Northwestern Univ.; LL.B., 
Wash. Univ., 1924. Mem. law firm, Ma- 
son, Altman, Goodman & Flynn, 1924- 
32; pvt. pract., 1932—; mem. Mo. State 
Bar Assn., St. Louis Bar & Greater St. 
Louis Bar Assns., Pi Lambda Phi, B'nai 
B'rith, Masons, Shriners, O.E.S. (p. 
Worthy Patron), Zionist Orgn. of St. 
Louis (pres.), St. Louis Zionist Emer- 
gency Council (chmn.), Am. Jewish 
Conference (chmn. Delegation St. Louis 
& Southern 111.), Am. Jewish Congress 
(hon. vice chmn. St. Louis Chap.), Zion- 
ist Orgn. of Am. (Nat. Administrative 
Comm.), Assoc Hebrew Schs. of St. 
Louis (Bd. of Governors), St. Louis 
Vaad Hoeir (v. pres.). Club: Herzlia 
Study (recording sec). Travel: Am. 
Nat. Parks, Alaska, Can., Cuba, Ber- 
muda, Mex. Interests: literature, politi- 
cal science, social justice. Recreations: 
drama, movies, opera, dancing, moun- 
tain hiking, shore bathing. Jewish. Of- 
fice: International Office Bldg., St. 
Louis, Mo. Home: 5394 Pershing Av., 
St. Louis, Mo. 

CLARK, Albert Montgomery, attor- 
ney, judge; b. Lawson, Mo., 4 Mar. 
1879; s. Robert John Clark and Sallie 
Ann (Moore) C; ed. Lav/son high sch.; 
LL.B., Vanderbilt, 1900; m. Bessie Zim- 
merman of Lawson, 28 Jan. 1906; chil- 
dren—Mrs. D.E. Harrison, Mrs. Powell 
B. McHaney, Mrs. Bernard Galbreath. 
Pros, atty., 1913-17; rep. in leg., 1917- 
20; mem. const, conv., 1922-23; state 
senator, 1931-39; judge, Supreme Ct., 
1939 — ; dir. Richmond Mo. Sav. & Loan 
Assn. Clubs: Rotary, Jefferson City 


Country. Methodist. Democrat. Office: 
Supreme Court, Jefferson City, Mo. 
Home: Jefferson City, Mo. Summer 
home : Richmond, Mo. 

CONOVER, (George) Courtney, re- 
search chemist; b. Titusville, Pa., 16 
Feb. 1881; s. George Bonham Conover, 
farmer, and Buena Vista (Fuller) C; 
ed. Valparaiso Coll., Ind.; B.S., Univ. 
Pa., 1908; m. May Payne-Sears of N.Y. 
C, 24 Sept. 1911. Bur. Chem., U.S. Dept. 
Agr., 1908-19; The Selden Co., Pitts- 
burgh, Pa., 1919-23; Nat. Aniline Chem. 
Co., Buffalo, N.Y., 1923-25; Monsanto 
Chem. Co., St. Louis, Mo., 1925—; 1st 
It., C.W.S., U.S. Army, Aug. 1918-Jan. 
1919; mem. Am. Inst. Chem. Engrs., 
Am. Chem. Soc; fellow A.A.A.S. Au- 
thor: arts and patents on chemical pro- 
cesses. Protestant. Republican. Office: 
Monsanto Chemical Co., St. Louis, Mo. 
Home: 6265 Itaska St., St. Louis, Mo. 

HOWARD, Harvey James, ophthal- 
mologist; b. Churchville, N.Y., 30 Jan., 
1880; s. Charles William Howard and 
Mary Jessie (Williamson) H.; ed. 
Churchville high sch. ; A.B., Univ. Mich. 
1904; M.D., Univ. Pa., 1908; M.A., Har- 
vard Univ., 1917; Oph. D., Univ. Colo., 
1918; m. Maude Irene Strobel of Phila- 
delphia, Pa., 25 June 1910; children — 
Margaret, James Howell, Martha Wil- 
liamson. Served as prof, of ophthal. in 
Univ. Med. Sch., Canton, China, 1910- 
16, Peking Union Med. Coll., 1918-27, 
Wash. Univ. Sch. of Med., 1927-33; med. 
dir., Mo. Commn. for the Blind, 1931 — ; 
capt. in Med. Air Service, Med. Re- 
search Lab., Hazelhurst Field, N.Y., 
1918-19; certificate of capacity for col., 
Med. R.C., 1941; acted for U.S. govt. 
as cons, in aviation to Chinese govt., 
1919-27; devised depth perception ap- 
paratus for testing aviators for U.S. 
Army, Navy and Dept. of Commerce; 
mem. Am. Ophthal. Soc, Am. Acad, of 
Ophthal. Otolaryn., Assn. for Research 
in Ophthal., Am. Med. Assn., So. Med. 
Assn., Am. Coll. of Surg., St. Louis 
Writer's Guild, St. Louis Authors Soc. 
Alpha Tau Omega, Alpha Omega 
Alpha., Nu Sigma Nu, Acacia, Kiwanis. 
Club: Mo. Athletic. Author: Ten Weeks 
with Chinese Bandits; about 100 arts, 
relating to ophthalmology. Travel: Asia, 
Eur., Afr., P.I., Hawaii. Interests: liter- 
ary pursuits, hunting, exploration. Epis- 
copalian. Office: Park Plaza Hotel, St. 
Louis, Mo. Home: 4525 Lindell, St. 
Louis, Mo. 

KREBS, William Samuel, professor; 
b. Albert Lea, Minn., 28 Nov. 1889; s. 

W.S. Krebs, auditor, and Adelaide Adele 
(Simms) K.; ed. Oak Park and River 
Forest Township high schs., HI.; A.B., 
Univ. 111., 1913; A.M., Univ. Wis., 1914; 
Yale Univ., 1916; m. Margaret Bowen 
of Chicago, 111., 24 Aug. 1916; 1 son, 
William S., Jr. Asst. prof, of economics 
and business, Univ. Maine, 1916-17; 
asst. prof. Univ. Mich., 1917-18; assoc. 
prof, of acct., Washington Univ., 1918- 
19; prof, of acct. Washington Univ., 
1919 — ; visiting prof., summers, Univ. 
Mich., 1918, Univ. Minn., 1919, Univ. 
Chicago, 1921, 1928, Univ. Calif., 1922; 
dir. Teachers Nat. Loan Organization, 
cons. acct. admin. City of St. Louis; 
mem. editorial staff The Accountants 
Hand Book; accountant Marshall Field 
& Co., Chicago, Chicago Elev. R.R., 
The McCormich Estate, The Guaranty 
Trust Co., N.Y.; mem. Am. Account- 
ing Assn. (v.p., 1924-25-26, pres. 1927), 
Am. Assn. of Univ. Professors, Beta 
Gamma Sigma, Alpha Kappi Psi, Pi 
Gamma Mu, artists. Author: Outlines 
of Accounting, Vol. 1, N.Y., Henry Holt, 
1923, Vol. 2, 1927; laboratory manual of 
accounting, 1924, type of utility rate base 
under Depreciation Accounting, 1945; 
numerous arts, in scientific journals. 
Interest: philately. Recreations: nature 
study, hiking. Office: Washington Univ., 
St. Louis 5, Mo. Home: 7334 Forsythe 
Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. Summer res: No. 8 
Chautauqua Park, Boulder, Colo. 

HEVERLY, Earl L., consulting engi- 
neer, industrial executive; b. Utahville, 
Pa., 12 Feb. 1899; s. Isaac Colburn, 
and Margaret Jane (O'Shell) H. ; ed. 
pvt. sch.; m. Bertha G. Gecan of Chi- 
cago, 111., 17 Jan. 1923; children — Earl 
L., Jr., Clifford Colburn. Marine Air 
Corps, 1919-21; also in automobile, aero- 
nautic electrical, and hardware indus- 
tries; pres. Norton Pacific Sales Co.; 
v.p. Huron Orleans Bldg. Corp.; gen. 
mgr. Norton Door Closer Co.; dir. of 
other indus. organizations; mem. A.F. 
and A.M., R.A.M., A.S.M.E., F.R.C, 
S.A.M., A.M.O.R.C., Army Ord. Assn., 
Farm Bureau. Clubs: 111. Athletic, 
Northern Athletic, Five Lakes (Wis.), 
Central States Hardware, Chamber 
Commerce. Travel: So. and Cent. Am., 
U.S., Indies. Interests: psychology, phi- 
losophy, psycholog. phenomena. Recrea- 
tions: golf, fishing, swimming, farming, 
stock breeding. Office: 2900 N. Western 
Av. Chicago, 111. Homes: Spooner, Wis.; 
Wheeling, 111. 

HEWITT, Earl Albon, professor veter- 
inary physiology; b. Bronson, Mich., 29 
Sept. 1891; s. Henry Harrison Hewitt, 


clergyman, and Anna (Danser) H.; ed. 
Kenyon high sen., Kenyon, Minn.; stud. 
Denison Univ., A.B., Des Moines Coll., 
1914; B.S., Iowa State Coll., 1915, 
D.V.M., 1918; M.S., Univ. Minn., 1929, 
Ph.D., 1931; m. Etna Baker (dec.) of 
Ames, la., 22 Dec. 1917; (2nd) Edith 
Gloss, Larrabee, la., 18 June 1941; 1 
dau., Yvonne Margaret. F. anat. and 
histology. Iowa State Coll., 1915-18, 
instr., 1918-19; instr. vet. medicine, 
Univ. Minn., 1919-23, asst. prof., 1923- 
29; assoc. prof, vet physiol., Iowa States 
Coll., 1929-43, prof., 1943—; mem. Am. 
Vet. Med. Assn., Iowa State Vet. Med. 
Assn., A.A.A.S., Am. Physiol. Soc, Iowa 
Acad. Sci., Soc. Expt. Biol. Med. Nat. 
Soc, Sons Am. Revol., Iowa Soc. Sons 
Am. Revol. (pres., 1940-41), Phi Kappa 
Phi, Sigma Xi, Phi Zeta. Recreation: 
travel. Clubs: Kiwanis Int., Osborn Re- 
search (chmn., 1944-45). Methodist. Of- 
fice: Iowa State College, Ames, la. 
Home: 400 Pearson Av., Ames, la. 

HODGMAN, Charles David, teacher; 
b. Hollis, N.H., 22 Sept. 1881; s. Edward 
Lee Hodgman, farmer, and Almeda 
Towne (McKean) H.; ed. Milford (N.H.) 
high sen.; B.S., Dartmouth Coll., 1905; 
M.S., Case Sch. Applied Sci., 1920; 
m. Clara B. Mayhew of Lynn, Mass., 
14 Sept. 1909; children— Edward May- 
hew, Margaret Elizabeth. Grad. asst. 
in physics, Dartmouth Coll., 1905-06; 
instr. physics, Case Sch. Applied Sci., 
1906-19, asst. prof., 1919-21, assoc. prof., 
1921—; mem. Optical Soc. Am., O. Acad. 
Sci., Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, fellow 
A.A.A.S., Am. Physical Soc. Editor: 
Hankbook of Chemistry and Physics; 
Mathematical Tables; Chemical Tables. 
Author: various scientific papers. In- 
terest: color photog. Conglist. Office: 
Case Sch. Aplied Sci., Cleveland, O. 
Home: 2119 Marlindale Rd., Cleveland 
Hts., O. Summer res.: Baboosic Lake, 

HOLST, Bertram P., publisher and 
farm manager; b. Moultrie, O., 22 Feb. 
1889; s. Bernhart P. Hoist, publisher, 
and Ella S. (Roose) H.; ed. Boone high 
sch.; B.S., Drake Univ., 1913; M.A., 
Univ. Chicago, 1914; m. Lillian E. 
Blancke of Newton, la., 22 June 1924; 
children — Byron P., Elaine J., Phyllis 
M. Teacher, athletic dir., Traer high 
sch., la., 1915; gen. mgr. and ed., Hoist 
Pub. Co., 1916—; owner and mgr., farms 
in la., Minn., N.D., S.D., Mo. and Okla.; 
v.p. Boone State Bk. and Trust Co.; 
chmn. Boone Park Bd.; dir. Boone 
Chamber Commerce; p. mem. Boone 
Civ. Serv. Commn.; p. mem. Boone City 
Coun., 6 yrs.; mem. Elks. Clubs: Lions 

(p. pres.; p. dep. dist. gov., la.), Boone 
Garden (p. pres., 3 yrs.). Author: Pro- 
gressive Loose Leaf Revision Service. 
Travel: U.S., Can., Cuba, Mex. Interest: 
gardening. Recreation: travel. Office: 
810 Arden St., Boone, la. Home: 328 
Greene St., Boone, la. 

HUGHES, Richard Chester, professor 
of zoology; b. Chattanooga, Tenn., 21 
July 1900; s. W.R. Hughes, carpenter, 
and Roas Daphne (Bacon) H.; ed. 
Tecumseh (Okla.) high sch.; B.A., Univ. 
Okla., 1922; Univ. Kan.; M.S., Univ. 
Mich., 1927, Ph.D., 1928; Univ. Neb. 
Prof. Zoology, Phillips Univ., Enid, 
Okla., 1922-23; instr. Kan. Univ., 1923- 
24; head dept. biology, Trinity Univ., 
Waxahachie, Tex., 1928-30; asst. prof, 
zoology, Okla. A. & M. Coll., 1930-34, 
assoc. prof, zoology, 1934-41; prof, zo- 
ology, 1941—; served as pvt., S.A.T.C, 
World War I; Fellow Okla. Acad. Sci.; 
mem. Am. Soc. Parasitologists, Am. Mi- 
croscopical Soc, Phi Sigma, Sigma Xi, 
Phi Beta Kappa. Author: research 
papers in helminthology. Presbyterian. 
Office: Oklahoma Agricultural and Me- 
chanical College, Stillwater. Home: 511 
W. Fifth Av., Stillwater, Okla. 

KAUFFMAN, Benjamin Franklin, 
bank president; b. Des Moines, la., 8 
Dec. 1875; s. Benjamin Franklin Kauff- 
man, lawyer, and Anna (LeBosquet) K.; 
ed. pub. sens., Des Moines; West (Des 
Moines) high sch.; la. Wesleyan Coll. 
(Mt. Pleasant); Amherst Coll. (Am- 
herst, Mass.), 1896; m. Mell Howell of 
Des Moines, la., 10 Oct. 1900; children 
— John Howell, Ray Franklin, Mrs. E. 
T. Meredith, Jr. Engaged in real estate 
and insurance business, 1896-1917; or- 
ganizer, pres., dir., Bankers Trust Co., 
Des Moines, 1917—; dir. Equitable Life 
Insurance Co. la., Northwestern Bell 
Tel. Co., Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis 
& Omaha Rwy. Co., F.W. Fitch Co.; 
tr. la. Methodist Hosp., Des Moines, 
Edmundson Memorial Foundation, 
Drake Univ.; mem. State Banking Bd., 
1934—; mem. la. Nat. Guard, 1896-1900; 
mem. Des Moines Fine Arts Assn. 
(dir.), Am. Red Cross (treas. Polk Co. 
chap., 1917—). Clubs: Wakonda Coun- 
try, Des Moines, Univ. Recreation: golf. 
Methodist. Republican. Office: Bankers 
Trust Co., Des Moines, la. Home: 3425 
Grand Av., Des Moines, la. Winter res.: 
Eustis, Fla. 

MAHONY, Joseph Kirby, lawyer; b. 
Eldorado, Ark., 5 Oct. 1884; s. Edmund 
Mahony, merchant, and Mary Rosena 
(Klopfer) M.; ed. Clary Training Sch.; 
Webb Brothers, Bellbuckle, Tenn.; A.B., 
Univ. of Ark., 1907; m. Roberta Arm- 


strong of Elorado, Ark., 27 Nov. 1912; 
children— Emon Armstrong, Patty Joe 
Montgomery. Law practice, Ark. and 
Fed. Courts, 1908 — ; bus. connections in 
land, timber and oil, 1915—; mem. firm, 
Mahony & Yocum; dir. First Nat. Bk. 
of Eldorado; pros, atty., 13th Jud. Dist., 
1917-20; tr. Univ. Ark., 1913-23; chmn., 
State Hosp. Bd., 1933-36, 1937-40, Co. Nat. 
Coun. of Defense; agt. Exam. Bd.; 
mem. State Exemption Bd. ; mem. 
Sigma Nu, Dem. State Central Com., 
State, Co., and Am. Bar Assns. Travel: 
U.S., Can., Mex. Recreation: hunting. 
Presbyterian. Democrat. Office: 406 
Armstrong Bldg., Eldorado, Ark. Home: 
303 Peach St., Eldorado, Ark. 

HENWOOD, Berryman, attorney-at- 
law; b. Hannibal, Mo., 23 Apr. 1881; s. 
George W. Henwood and Jennie (Dun- 
ham) H.; ed. Hannibal high sch.; LL.B. 
(cum laude), Mo. Univ., 1904; m. Adele 
Tucker of Hannibal, Mo. 17 Oct. 1907 
(dec); children— Ethelyn (dec), Vir- 
ginia, Marion, Berryman, Jr. Gen. 
pract. law, Hannibal, 1904-27; city attor- 
ney, Hannibal, 1909-13; mem. Supreme 
Ct., Mo., 1927-33; mem. State Eleemosy- 
nary Bd., 1935-37; gen. law pract. Jef- 
ferson City, St. Louis, 1933—; trustee, 
St. Louis Southwestern Ry. Co., 1936—; 
mem. Rep. State Com., 1912-16; del. 
Rep. Nat. Conv., 1916; mem. Phi Delta 
Phi. Travel: U.S., Can. Interest: read- 
ing, fishing, hunting. Methodist. Repub- 
lican. Office: 612 Cotton Belt Bldg., St. 
Louis, Mo. Home: 1116 Moreau Dr., Jef- 
ferson City, Mo. 

DAMON, Robert Hosken, industrial- 
ist; b. Mt. Vernon, 6 Sept. 1902; s. 
William Henry Damon, dentist, and 
Erie Jane (Palmer) D.; ed. Spokane 
primary and high schs.; Univ. Wis.; 
B.A., Univ. Wis. Law Sch., 1924, LL.B., 
1926; m. Margarite Cunningham of Spo- 
kane, 11 June 1923; children — Norma 
Lou, Melody, Robert John. Admitted to 
Wis. Bar, 1926, HI. Bar, 1927; practiced 
law, Chicago, 1926-39; mem. law firm, 
Damon, Walk & Murray; pres., John- 
son Fare Box, Chicago & N.Y., 1934 — ; 
dir., gen. mgr., 1932; pres., Bowser, 
Inc., Fort Wayne, Ind., 1935—; chmn. 
bd., S.F. Bowser Co., Ltd., Toronto; 
pres., The Fostoria (O.) Screw Co., In- 
dustrial Associates, Inc.; chmn. Bd., 
Eagle Lock Co., Ferryville, Conn.; 
mem. Phi Alpha Delta, Chicago Bar 
Assn. Club: Chicago Athletic. Office: 33 
N. La Salle St., Chicago, 111. Home: 
2130 Lincoln Park, W., Chicago, 111. 

LEVINE, Moses Naphtalison, patholo- 
gist; b. Ludza, Latvia, 23 June 1886; 

s. Naphtali Jacob Levine, business man, 
and Sterne Bryne (Kissin) L.; ed. Co. 
jr. high sch., Ludza, Latvia; DeHirsch 
Agr. Sch., Woodbine, N.J.; Mich. State 
Coll.; B.S.A., Univ. Minn., 1915, M.Sc, 
1916, Ph.D., 1924; m. Ruth Evelyn Berg 
of Eau Claire, Wis., 12 July 1919; chil- 
dren—Ens. Raphael Berg, USNR, Bar- 
bara Clarasterne Reinhart. Asst. in 
plant path., Univ. Minn., 1915-17; asst. 
plant pathol., Kan. State Coll., 1917; 
field asst., U.S. Dept. Agr., 1917-18, asst. 
pathol., 1919-24, assoc pathol., 1924-28, 
pathol., 1929 — ; pres. Group Health 
Mut., Inc., and Group Health Assn., St. 
Paul; Fellow A.A.A.S.; mem. Am. 
Acad. Polit. and Soc Sci., Am. Assn. 
Sc Work, Am. Gen. Assn., Am. Fr. 
Heb. Univ., Am. Hum. Assn., Am. Phy- 
topath. Soc, Am. Polit. Sci. Assn., Am. 
Soc. Pub. Admin., Minn. Acad. Sci., 
Minn. Myc Soc, Minn. Unit. Nat. Com., 
N.Y. Acad. Sc, Soc Linn, de Lyon, 
Wash. Acad. Sci. Clubs: Biol., Univ. 
Minn., Torrey Bot. of N.Y., U.S.D.A. 
of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Author: 
State and Fed. res. bulls., tech. reports; 
contbr., dom. and for. sci. jours. Travel: 
No. Am., Eur., No. Afr., Palestine. In- 
terests: social welfare, civic progress, 
internat. goodwill. Recreations: travel, 
reaamg, hiking. Office: University 
Farm Campus, St. Paul, Minn. Home: 
2362 Valentine Av., St. Paul, Minn. 

MARKHAM, William H., lawyer; b. 
Independence, Wis., 13 Dec. 1888; s. Ar- 
thur A. Markham, farmer, and Rose C. 
(Bishop) M.; ed. Independence high 
sch., 1907; Lawrence Univ., 1908-08; 
LL.B., Univ. Minn., 1911; m. May A. 
1915; children— Spencer A., U.S.N.R., 
Spencer of St. Charles, Minn., 28 June 
Rosemary, Patricia. Special municipal 
judge, St. Charles, Minn., 1912-13; city 
atty., Horicon, Wis., 1914-26; mayor, 
Horicon, Wis., 1926—; state senator, 
1926-30; court commr., 1929—; admitted 
to U.S. Supreme Court, 1930; with F.A., 
Cent. O.T.C., 1918; mem. Am. Legion 
(post comdr., dist. comdr.), I.O.O.F. 
(Grand Warden of Grand Lodge), Odd 
Fellows, Eagles, Nat. Geographic Soc. 
Clubs: Dodge Co. Skat (pres.), Nat. Re- 
publican (pres., Wis.). Author: Legis- 
lation to Restore Horicon Marsh; No 
Tax Increases While I Am Mayor. 
Travel: U.S. Grand nephew of James 
Warren, who wrote 1st hist, of Dodge 
Co.; gt. gt. grandson William Markham, 
Archbishop of York; nephew of Admiral 
Sir A.H. Markham. Interest: politics. 
Recreation: running close to winners. 
Presbyterian. Republican. Office: 312% 


East Lake St., Horicon, Wis. Home: 
306 Palmatory St., Horicon, Wis. Sum- 
mer res.: Independence, Wis. 

McCAIN, Elsie Screeton, club woman; 
b. Hazen, Ark., 20 Apr. 1888; d. St. 
Elmo Screeton, county sheriff, farmer, 
and Susan (Harrison) S.; ed. Hazen 
high sch. ; Univ. Ark.; m. Wm. Henry 
McCain of Hazen, Ark., 4 May 1908. 
Sec. McCain Automobile Co.; dir. Ark. 
Gen. Fed. Women's Clubs; p. pres. Ark. 
Fed. Women's Clubs; mem. N.B.C. Ad- 
visory Panel of Listeners, Com. Citizen's 
Responsibility to Vote (state chmn.), 
Ark. Tuberculosis Assn. Exec. Com., 
State Better Homes Com., State Bauxite 
Commn. Authors and Composers Soc, 
The Eastern Star, Ark. Div. United 
Daughters Confederacy (p. pres. re- 
cording sec-gen.). Clubs: The Garden, 
The Hypsion. Interests: cooking, gar- 
dening, entertaining underprivileged 
children, golf, picture shows, combat- 
ing un-American activities. Presby- 
terian. Democrat. Address: 518 Main 
St., Cotton Plant, Ark. 

MOREY, Bertha Graves, artist; b. 
Ottumwa, la., 22 July 1881; d. Daniel 
Fowler Morey, Sr., and Emma (Graves) 
M.; ed. Ottumwa high sch.; Art Inst, 
of Chicago; Church Sch. of Normal & 
Applied Art; Fine Art Acad., Chicago; 
pupil, Frederick Fursman of Saugatuck 
Summer Sch. of Art & Grant Woods 
of Stone City Colony. Teacher of art, 
Mt. St. Mary's Acad., St. Charles, 111., 
Ottumwa Heights. Acad.; contbr. to 
ednl. art mags.; sec, treas., mgr., 
Morey Clay Products Co. Desc. Thomas 
Graves who arrived from Eng., 1645; 
g.d. Dorus Graves, Jr., pioneer, 
traveler from Mass. to la. by wagon, 
1851, who installed early woolen mills 
along the Des Moines River; John 
Morey, settler in 1635; Capt. Daniel 
Morey, Revol. soldier. Landscape 
painter, designer, weaver, jeweler. Rec- 
reations: collecting furniture, antique 
utensils, pictorial photographer. Home: 
327 West 4th St., Ottumwa, la. 

NEFF, Grover Cleveland, public 
utility executive; b. Milford, Ind., 12 
Aug. 1886; s. James Neff, farmer, minis- 
ter, and Mary (Miller) N. ; ed. Milford 
(Ind.) high sch.; B.S. (in C.E.), Purdue 
Univ., 1907, C.E., 1911; m. May Prehn 
of Portage, 31 Dec. 1910; children- 
Mary L., William J. Engr., Am. Bridge 
Co., Southern Wis. Power Co., Sandusky 
Portland Cement Co.; engaged in the 
utility bus., 1908; pres., dir., Wis. Power 
& Light Co., 1933; mem. A.I.E.E., A.S. 
A.E., E.E.I., Wis. Utilities Assn. Clubs: 

Rotary, Madison, University, Maple 
Bluff Country. Author: several art. on 
rural electrification. Travel: Eur. In- 
terests: hunting, fishing, golf. Presby- 
terian. Office: 122 W. Washington Av., 
Madison, Wis. Home: 2135 Chamberlain 
Av., Madison, Wis. 

NELSON, Daniel Hans, bacteriologist; 
b. Mink Creek, Ida., 25 Feb. 1894; s. 
Peter Nelson, farmer, and Margaret 
(Hausner) N.; ed. B.Y. high sch., 
Logan, Ut.; B.S., Utah State Coll., 1922, 
M.A., 1924; Ph.D., Iowa State Coll., 
1928; m. Ivy Fredrickson of Weston, 
Ida., 17 Feb. 1920; children— Pierce D., 
Boyd L., Darwin F. Taught grade, high 
sch. and coll.; Nat. Res. Fellow Univ. 
Wis., 1928-30; bacteriologist, dir. lab. 
and prod, control, Oscar Mayer & Co., 
1930; U.S.N. , 15 mos. during World War 
I; mem. A.A.A.S., Soc. Am. Bacteriolo- 
gists, Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Xi, Phi 
Sigma. Author: sci. papers on some 
phases of chem. and bacteriol. Interest: 
reading. Independent. Office: Oscar 
Mayer & Co., Madison, Wis. Home: 157 
Division St., Madison, Wis. 

NELSON, Lewis Francis, business ex- 
ecutive; b. Freeport, 111., 22 Nov. 1880; 
s. John H. Nelson, engineer, and Almina 
(McGovern) N.; ed. Kaukauna (Wis.) 
high sch.; m. Clara Phillips of 
Kaukauna, Wis., 12 July 1917; children 
—Margaret, Jane, David, Louise, Hugh, 
Sarah. R.R. telegrapher, 1898-1911; bank 
teller, 1911-17; pres. Badger Tissue 
Mills, 1917—, Farmers & Mchts. Bank, 
Kaukauna, Wis.; alderman, Kaukauna, 
1911-12; mayor, 1937-40, 1942-45; mem. 
Outagaine Co. Rural Normal Sch. Bd., 
1912 — , (p. pres.); mem., dir. Wis. 
Friends of Our Native Landscape, 
1940—, Wis. Hist. Soc, Wis. Archaeologi- 
cal Soc, Outagamie Co. (pres.)., Pio- 
neer and Hist. Socs. Clubs: Kaukauna 
Advancement, Co. Dem. Org., Kau- 
kauna Garden (pres). Interests: his- 
tory of Wis., archaeology, nature, 
government, conservation. Recreations : 
trips to scenic spots, Indian lore. Catho- 
lic. Democrat. Office: care of Badger 
Tissue Mills, Kaukauna, Wis. Home: 
Metoxen Av., Kaukauna, Wis. Summer 
home: North Shore Lake, Winnebago, 

PLANTZ, Alden Charles, lawyer; b. 
Dodge Co., 4 Feb. 1882; s. Franklin C. 
Plantz, carpenter, and Harriet Eliza- 
beth (Pettigrew) P.; ed. Hay Springs 
and Fremont high schs.; m. Helen Watt 
of Scotia, 1 Jan. 1908 (dec); m. (2nd) 
Gretchen H. Jones, of Fremont, Neb., 
24 June 1942; 1 dau., Gretchen Helen. 


Clerk, post office, Hay Springs, 1899- 
1900; asst. cashier, Northwestern State 
Bank, Hay Springs, 1900-03; abstract 
dept., Maverick Loan & Trust Co., Rush- 
ville, 1903-10; admitted to bar, Neb., 16 
Nov. 1910; in pract. law, Rushville, 
1910-; co. atty., Sheridan Co., 1913-19; 
pres., dir., Rushville Lumber & Coal 
Co., Gen. Contracting Co., Rushville; 
mem. Bd. Insanity; mem. Advisory 
Com. for Registrants under Selective 
Service; served as j.p., mem. Town 
Bd., pres. Sch. Bd.; was govt, appeal 
agent, sec. Council Defense, advisory 
bd., 1st pres. Sheridan Co. Red Cross 
during World War I; mem. Am. and 
Neb. State Bar Assns., 16th Judicial 
Dist. Bar Assn., A.F.&A.M. (No. 169, 
Rushville), O.B.S., Scottish Rite, Sheri- 
dan Co. Hist. Soc, Rushville Chamber 
Commerce. Travel: U.S. Desc, on ma- 
ternal side, of John Alden and Priscilla 
Mullins; father, Franklin C. Plantz, was 
soldier in Army of Potomac, Civil War, 
1861-65. Interest: farming (operates 2000 
acre farms). Recreations: bridge, golf. 
Methodist. Republican (chmn. Sheridan 
Co. Central Com., 1922-32). Office and 
home: Rushville, Neb. 

RICE, Zelotus Sylvester, lawyer; b. 
Wilton, Wis., 7 Aug. 1881; s. J.P. Rice, 
abstractor, and Mary (OLeary) R. ; ed. 
Sparta (Wis.) high sch.; Univ. Minn.; 
Univ. Wis.; m. Vena Hemstock of 
Sparta, Wis., 25 Oct. 1913; children- 
Mary Ellen, John David, Patricia Ann, 
Zelotes S., James W., Elizabeth J. City 
atty., City of Sparta, 16 yrs. Club: Ki- 
wanis International. Catholic. Demo- 
crat. Office: 108 W. Oak St., Sparta, 
Wis. Home: 402 W. Main St., Sparta, 

RICHARDSON, Harold Edward, phy- 
sician; b. Stevens Point, Wis., 17 Feb. 
1895; s. Herbert Nelson Richardson, 
photographer, and Johanna Angela 
(Linneman) R.; ed. East high sch.; 
Minneapolis; B.S., Univ. Minnesota, 
1917, M.B., 1919, M.D., 1920; m. Clarissa 
M. Clay, M.D., of Minneapolis, 26 June 
1919 (dec); rn. (2nd) Margaret Horsch 
Kiesner of Minneapolis, 17 Apr. 1937; 
children — Anne Marie, Mary Kiesner, 
Harold Edward, Jr., John Henry Linne- 
man. Served gen. internship of 18 mos. 
at Minneapolis Gen. Hosp., 5^ years; 
practice as3oc. with Dr. Chas. Lymen 
Greene, liy 2 yrs.; head of med. dept. 
St. Paul Clinic, St. Paul; pvt. practice, 
1937—; mem. managing staff St. Jo- 
seph's hosp. (electrocardiographer), St. 
Joseph's Hosp., visiting staff Miller 
Hosp., medical consultant Gillette Hosp. 
for crippled children, teaching staff at 

Ancker Hosp. clinical instr. Univ. of 
Minn. Med. school; deputy coroner, 
Hennepin County, State of Minn., 1918- 
20; served in medical service during 
World War I; mem. A.M.A., F.A.C.P. 
Am. Heart Soc, Cent. Soc. for clinical 
research, Minn. State Med. Soc, 
Ramey Co. Med. Soc, Minn. Soc. of 
Internal Med., Minn. Pathological Soc, 
Alpha Omega Alpha, Nu Sigma Nu, 
Zeta Psi, Grey Friars, Med. Forum of 
St. Paul K. of C. (40); certified by 
Am. Bd. of Internal Medicine. Clubs: 
Univ. of St. Paul, St. Paul Athletics. 
Author: medical arts, on heart diseases 
and electrocardiography. Travel: U.S., 
Can. Maternal g. parents, pioneered in 
Stearns County Minn, about 1850; mother 
was first white child born in Stearns 
County; g. father, John Henry Linne- 
mann, mem. of State Legislature. In- 
terest: figure skating. Recreations: golf, 
fishing, horseback riding, bridge. Catho- 
lic Republican. Office: 1154 Lowry 
Medical Arts Bldg., St. Paul, Minn. 
Home: 761 Goodrich Av., St. Paul, Minn. 

ROBINSON, Byron Lewis, professor 
of anatomy, dean of School of Medicine; 
b. Oconomowoc, Wis., 30 Mar. 1892; s. 
George E. Robinson, lawyer, and Lydia 
M. (Bender) R.; ed. Oconomowoc (Wis.) 
high sch.; A.B., Univ. Wis., 1914, AM., 
1917; M.B., Univ. Minn., 1920, M.D., 
1924; m. Mildred E. Johnson of Madi- 
son, Wis., 10 Sept. 1918; children— Don- 
ald E., David M. Asst. in anatomy at 
Univ. Wis., Marquette and Minn.; prof, 
hygiene, Univ. Miss., 1920-22, anatomy, 
1916-17, and 1922-23; asst. prof., Univ. 
Iowa, 1924-25; prof, anatomy, Univ. 
Ark., 1925, head of combined dept., 
1927-41; dean 1941— in S.A.T.C. at Univ. 
Minn. Sch. of Med. during World War 
I; mem. Pulaski Co. Med. Soc, Ark. 
Med. Soc; Fellow A.M. A., Am. Assn. 
of Anatomists. Author: arts, in com- 
parative anatomy, neuroanatomy and 
endocrinology. Recreations: golf, travel. 
Presbyterian. Democrat. Office: Univer- 
sity of Arkansas School of Medicine, 
Little Rock, Ark. Home: 4200 Fairview 
Rd., Little Rock, Ark. 

SABIN, Ellen Clara, retired teacher 
and executive in education; b. Sun 
Prairie, Wis., 29 Nov. 1850; d. Samuel 
Henry Sabin, farmer, and Adelia Maria 
(Bordine) S.; ed. Univ. Wis.; M.A., 
Univ. Wis., 1895, LL.D., Grinnell Coll., 
1915; D.Litt., Beloit Coll., 1912. Teacher, 
dist. sch., graded sch., Sun Prairie; 
prin., graded sch., Madison, Wis.; 
teacher, pvt. sch., Eugene, Ore., grades, 
Portland, Ore.; prin., graded sch., high 


sen., Portland Ore.; supt. schs., Port- 
land, Ore., 1888-91; pres., Downer Coll., 
1891-95, Milwaukee-Downer Coll., 1895- 
1921; mem. A.A.U.W., Milwaukee Coll. 
Endowment Assn., League Women 
Voters, N.E.A. (life). Club: Woman's of 
Wisconsin. Travel: U.S.A., Eur., Can. 
Conglist. Republican. Address: 3865 
Nakoma Rd., Madison 5, Wis. 

SAMMIS, John Langley, chemist (re- 
tired) ; b. Winona, Minn., 1 Jan. 1873; 
s. John Bangs Sammis, banker, and 
Malvina Augusta (Newman) S.; ed. 
Washington High Sch., Jacksonville, 
111.; B.S., Univ. 111., 1897, M.S., 1899; 
Ph.D., Univ. Wis., 1906; m. Flora E. 
Curtis of Champaign, 111., 30 June 1898; 
children— Marguerite, Elizabeth, Jo- 
sephine, John Curtis. Teacher chern., 
Univ. 111., 1897-1905, dairy mfg. methods, 
Univ. Wis., 1906-40; made dietary 
studies, 1897, studies in organic chem., 
1899, in physical chem., 1906, in dairy 
mfg. methods down to 1940; originated 
(with A.T. Bruhn) the mfg. of Cheddar 
Cheese from pasteurized milk (Bull. 165, 
Bur. of Animal Industry, U.S. Dept. 
Agr., and Res. Bull. 27, Wis. Agr. Expt. 
Sta.), 1912; mem. A.C.S., A.A.A.S., 
Sigma Xi, Phi Lambda Upsilon, A.F. 
and A.M. Author: Cheesemaking, 6th 
ed. 1918, 7th ed., 1924, 8th 1930, 9th, 
1937, 10th, 1942; Bull. Wis. Agr. Expt. 
Sta., Bull. 122 and 165, Bur. of Animal 
Industry, U.S.D.A. Recreation: music. 
Protestant. Republican. Home: 4225 
Wanetah Trail, Madison, Wis. 

SHADID, Michael Abraham, physi- 
cian, surgeon; b. Beriut, Syria, 1 Jan. 
1881; s. Abraham Shadid and Kushfa 
(Shadid) S.; ed. Am. Univ., Beriut, 
Syria, 1894-98; John Tarleton Coll., 
Stephenville, Tex., 1902; M.D., Wash. 
Univ., St. Louis, Mo., 1907; grad. study, 
Polyclinic Hosp., N.Y., Am. Hosp., Chi- 
cago, 111., Chicago Eye, Ear, Nose and 
Throat Coll., Univ. Vienna, 1927; m. 
Edna Shadid, 1908; children— Ruth 
(Mrs. Ferris N. Shadid), Bess (Mrs. 
O.R. Campbell), Ethel (Mrs. Homer 
Phelps), Alexander, Fred V., Helen 
(Mrs. Jerome Quigley). Org., founded, 
First Cooperative Hosp., U.S., med. dir., 
Chief of staff; mem. A.M. A. (p. mem.), 
Sigma Delta Chi (reed, award from 
Univ. Okla., 1937). Author: Principles 
of Cooperative Medicine; A Doctor for 
the People; Diet in Health & Disease; 
The Self Physician. Travel: Mex., Can., 
U.S., Eur. Presbyterian. Democrat. Of- 
fice: Community Hospital, Elk City, 
Okla. Home: 904 W. Broadway, Elk 
City, Okla. 

SIEGERS, Peter John, district court 
judge; b. Kalamazoo, Mich., 13 Jan. 
1898; s. Peter Siegers, clergyman, and 
Catherine (Steketee) S.; ed. Jefferson 
high sch., Lafayette, Ind.; Hope Coll., 
Holland, Mich., 1919; B.A., Tri-State 
Coll., Angola Ind., 1920; J.D., State 
Univ. la., 1930; m. Mary A. Fulton of 
Montezuma, la., 2 June 1926. Instr., 
math., physics, Northwestern Classical 
Acad., Orange City, la., 1920-23, prin., 
high sch., 1923-24; supt. schs., Sioux 
Center, la., 1924-28; co. atty., Jasper 
Co., la., 1932-36; judge, 6th Judicial 
dist., la., 1936—; mem. la. State Bar 
Assn., Am. Bar Assn., Order of the Coif. 
Interests: fishing, chess. Presbyterian. 
Democrat. Office: Courthouse, Newton, 
la. Home: 713 E. 5th St., N., Newton, 

SIMENSTAD, Lien Otis, physician, 
surgeon; b. Northwood, N. Dak., 26 
Sept. 1900; s. Martin O. Simenstad, 
pharmacist, and Laura (Lien) S.; ed. 
Devils Lake (N. Dak.) high sch.; B.A., 
Univ. N. Dak.; M.D., Rush Med. Coll., 
1924; m. Agnes Berget of Warren, Minn., 
24 Sept. 1924; children— John and Paul 
(twins). Med. and surg. practice, 
Osceola, Wis., 1924—; local surg., Soo 
Line R.R.; del. to State Med. Soc; 
chief of staff, Ladd Mem. Hosp., 
Osceola, Wis.; mem. State Com. of 
Chest Diseases; dir., Bank of Osceola; 
Polk Co. Med. Soc. (pres., 2 terms and 
orig. pres.). Reserve Officers Assn. of 
U.S. Wis. State Med. Soc, Am. Med. 
Assn., Am. Assn. of R.R. Surgeons, Am. 
Assn. Indsl. Phys. and Surgs., Cent. 
States Assn. Indsl. Phys. and Surgs.; 
Fellow A.C.S. Author: Spindle Cell Sar- 
coma of Hand. Acute Abdominal Sur- 
gery. Methodist. Office: 141 N. Cascade 
St., Osceola, Wis. Home: 311 Ham- 
mond St. Osceola, Wis. 

SUMMERS, Cleon Aubrey, lawyer; b. 
Hiseville, Ky., 9 Dec. 1881; s. Andrew 
Murray Summers, farmer, stockman, 
and Eliza (Patterson) S.; ed. pub. schs., 
Ky.; Liberty Coll., Glasgow, Ky.; A.B., 
W. Ky. State Teachers Coll., 1906; 
LL.B., Cumberland Univ., Lebanon, 
Tenn., 1907; m. Josephine Beck of Ark- 
adelphia, Ark., 16 Dec. 1914 (dec, 1926); 
m. (2nd) Fern Hardy of Muskogee, 
Okla., 28 Oct. 1931; 1 son, Edward 
Hardy. Admitted to Ky. Bar, 1907; co. 
atty., Barren Co., Ky., 1910-13; admitted 
to Okla. Bar, 1914; co. atty., Wagoner 
Co., 1916-19; asst. U.S. atty., Muskogee, 
Okla., 1919-21; practiced law, Muskogee, 
1921—; U..S atty., Eastern Dist., Okla., 
1935 — ; dist. chmn. Dem. Cent. Com.. 


2nd Congressional Dist., Okla., 1926-28- 
32; chmn., State Election Bd., Okla., 
1930—; mem. Masons (Shriner), Elks, 
Pi Kappa Alpha. Interests: hunting, 
fishing. Baptist. Democrat. Office: Fed- 
eral Bldg., Muskogee, Okla. Home: 2910 
W. Okmulgee St., Muskogee, Okla. 

STAUNTON, Henry Capen Francis, 

professor of English; b. Skaneateles, 
N.Y., 10 Dec. 1877; s. John A. Staunton, 
Episcopal minister, and Florence Isabel 
(Capen) S.; ed. St. Paul's Sch., Con- 
cord, N.H.; B.A., Columbia Univ., 1899, 
M.S., 1902, studied for Ph.D., 1902-05; 
m. Florence Eliza Jameson of New 
York, N.Y., 9 Jan. 1909; children— John 
Jameson, Mrs. Elizabeth Florence Ken- 
nedy, Helen Mary, Henry Armitage, 
Mary- Virginia, Margaret. Assoc, with 
Trinity High Sch., 1905, actg. prin., 1909- 
10; ed., Alpha Chi Rho, 1906-14, nat. 
pres., 1914-16; tutored, 1916-25; asst. 
prof. English, Univ. Notre Dame, 1926- 
29, assoc. prof., 1929-35, prof., 1935—; 
mem. M.L.A., C.E.A., K.C., Ind. Coll. 
English Assn. (pres., 1938-39), Catholic 
Forum (pres., 1940-41). Clubs: Arts and 
Letters Faculty (pres., 1931-32). Catho- 
lic. Author: Ritual of Alpha Chi Rho; 
numerous mag. arts. Travel: Eur., U.S. 
Interests: music, Am. lit., travel. Rec- 
reations: hiking, swimming, boating. 
Catholic. Democrat. Office: University 
of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Ind. 
Home: 533 E. Angella Blvd., S. Bend, 
Ind. Summer home: St. Michael's Cot- 
tage, R.D., 2 Ovid., N.Y. 

TAYLOR, Howard Prescott, physi- 
cian; b. Chautauqua, N.Y., 15 May 1905; 
s. Charles C. Taylor, printer, and 
Letitia E. (Trace) T.; ed. Massanutten 
Acad., Woodstock, Va.; B.S., Allegheny 
Coll., Meadville, Pa., 1926; M.D., West- 
ern Reserve Univ. Sch. Med., 1930; m. 
Nadine M. Stanley of Lakewood, O.; 
children — Jean Elizabeth, Marian 
Letitia, Lynn Stanley, Willard C. Stan- 
ley, Jr. Pract. med., specializing in 
pract. of obstetrics and gynecology; 
mem. staff University Hosps., St. Lukes 
Hosp., Booth Memorial Hosp.; It. col., 
M.C., AUS; mem. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 
Phi Rho Sigma, Pi Delta Epsilon, Alpha 
Chi Sigma, Am. Bd. Obstetrics and 
Gynecology (diplomate), Acad. Med., 
Am. Med. Assn. (Fellow). Am. Coll. 
Surgs. Club: Canterbury Golf. Protes- 
tant. Independent. Home: 16610 Seneca 
Av., Lakewood, O. 

THORNTON, R.S., attorney at law; b. 
La Bolt, S.D., 21 July 1892; s. M.H. 
Thornton, farmer, and Elizabeth (Peter- 
son) T.; ed. Appleton high sch.; LL.B., 

Drake Univ. Coll., Law Des Moines, la., 
1913; m. Josephine Geris of Carlos, 25 
Sept. 1920; children— Ralph Seth, Jr., 
Joe G., Elizabeth Anne. Engaged in 
pract. law, Alexandria, 1914—; active 
trial pract. in all cts.; apptd. U.S. Con- 
cilliation Commr. under original Fraz- 
ier-Lembke Act, 1935; co. atty., Douglas 
Co., 1926-31; city atty., Alexandria, 1919- 
26, 1931; mem. bd. dirs., Minn. State 
Fair, 1938 — ; active in co. and state 
fair work; served in Air Corps, com- 
pleted Pilot Course as flying cadet, 
Cornell Univ., at end of World War I, 
special duty, Washington, D.C., Chief 
of staff ASSC; commanded 1st unit of 
Minn. Nat. Guard moved into streets of 
Minneapolis when martial law was de- 
clared in truck drivers strike, organized 
Co. L. 206th Inf., Alexandria, served, 
1920-39, retired with rank of major; 
mem. Co., State and Am. Bar Assns., 
Am. Legion (organized Douglas Co. 
post, p. comdr. and adjt., Alexandria 
post, now dist. comdr., 7th Dist. O.E.S., 
p. grand patron of Minn., Grand Chap. 
Club: Kiwanis (charter mem., p. pres.). 
Travel: U.S. Desc. of Mathew Thorn- 
ton, last signer of Declaration of In- 
dependence; paternal ancestors settled 
in Am. before Am. Revol. Interests: 
collecting coins, old relics. Recreations: 
fishing, hunting. Conglist. Independent. 
Office: Farmers Nat. Bank Bldg., Alex- 
andria, Minn. Home: 902 Douglas St., 
Alexandria, Minn. 

WAGNER, James A., priest, radio 
manager; b. Cleveland, Wis., 17 Sept. 
1901; s. John Wagner, farmer, and 
Katherine (Stein) W. ; ed. St. Lawrence 
Coll.; Saloatorian Coll., St. Norbert; 
B.A., Wis. summer session, St. Norbert, 
1923. Amateur radio and commercial 
radio operator, 1926; entered Norbertine 
Order, 1921; ordained priest, 1928; man- 
aged radio station WHBY, 1926—, 
station WTAQ, 1936—; sec, treas., WH- 
BY, Inc.; pres. Norbertine Fathers. 
Green Bay, Wis. ; pastor, St. Willebrards 
Ch.; dir. Red Cross; v. pres. Wis. Radio 
Network; mem. Kiwanis, K.C., Nat. 
Assn. of Broadcasting. Club: Green Bay 
Yacht. Travel: U.S., Can. Recreations: 
yachting, hunting, fishing, aviation. 
Catholic. Office: Bellin Bldg., Green 
Bay, Wis. Home: 209 S. Adams St., 
Green Bay, Wis. 

\VALKER, Frederick Wiley, life in- 
surance executive; b. N.Y.C., 27 Aug. 
1874; s. Robert Scott Walker, capitalist, 
and Frances Helena (Amerman) W. ; 
ed. Polytech. Inst., Brooklyn, N.Y. ; 
M.E., Stevens Inst, of Tech., Hoboken, 


N.J., 1895; m. Marion Henry Castner 
of Clarksville, Tenn., 20 Sept. 1910; chil- 
dren — Marion Castner, Frederick Wiley, 
Jr., William Comstock, Nancy Amer- 
man, Barbara Beaumont. Draftsman, 
asst. mgr., steam engr., Brooklyn Edi- 
son Co., 1895-99; field engr., Westing- 
house, Church, Kerr & Co., middle west, 
1899-03; v.p. and chief engr., Comstock, 
Haigh, Walker Co., Detroit, 1903-22; 
v.p., gen. mgr., chief engr., chg. of 
constr. and operation, Milwaukee North- 
ern Ry., 1906-22; cons, engr., Chicago, 
1922-26; v.p. in chg., bond investments, 
Northwestern Mut. Life Ins. Co., Mil- 
waukee, 1926 — ; pres., bd. of trs., Lake 
Sch. for Girls, 1934-35; served as lands- 
man, N.Y. Nav. Res., 1898; chmn., Lib. 
Loan Com., Ozaukee Co., Wis. during 
World War I; mem. Am. Soc. Mech. 
Engrs., A.I.E.E. Clubs: Milwaukee, Mil- 
waukee Country, University. Travel: 
insp. of hydro-elec. plants, high tension 
transmission lines, elec. and steam rys., 
Gt. Brit, Fr., Ger., Belg., Aus., It., 
Switz., 1905. Episcopalian. Republican. 
Office: 720 E. Wisconsin Av., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. Home: 2623 N. Terrace 
Av., Milwaukee, Wis. Summer res.: 
Cheerio Cottage, Epworth Heights, 
Ludington, Mich. 

WALTER, Otto Fasoldt, lawyer; b. 
Aurora, 111., 19 Apr. 1890; s. William J. 
Walter, traveling salesman, and Anna 
(Fasoldt) W.; ed. Columbus high sch.; 
A.B., Univ. Neb., 1911; LL.B., 1913; 
m. Gertrude Bloom of Columbus, 16 Oct. 
1919; 1 dau., Virginia Jane. In pract. 
law, Columbus, 1913—; co. atty., Platte 
Co., 1915-27; assoc. in law partnership 
with A.M. Post, 1919-22; del. Dem. Nat. 
Conv., N.Y., 1924, Houston, 1928; formed 
law partnership with R.D. Flory and 
Marvin G. Schmid under firm name, 
Walter, Flory & Schmid, 1937; mem. 
bd. dirs., Central Nat. Bk., Columbus; 
cadet flyer, Naval Aviation, during 
World War — ; mem. Platte Co. and 
Neb. State Bar Assns., B.P. O.E., K.C. 
Club: Lions. Interests: mus., horses, 
camera. Recreation: travel. Catholic. 
Democrat. Office: Scott Bldg., Colum- 
bus, Neb. Home: 101 Pershing Rd., Co- 
lumbus, Neb. 

WEBB, John L., grand master, Ma- 
sonic Grand Lodge, Miss.; b. Tuskagee, 
Ala., 17 Sept. 1877; s. Rev. B.L. Webb 
and Henrietta (Lockwood) W.; ed. Tus- 
kagee Inst.; Dr. of Laws (hon.), Wil- 
berforce, 1932, Ark. Baptist Coll., 1928; 
Dr. Bus. Admin, (hon.), Wiley Coll., 
1928; m. Carrie Elease Branson of Mari- 
anna, Ark., 14 Feb. 1905; 1 dau., Elease 

Webb Markoe. Employed, carpenter 
div., Tuskagee sch., 1900-03; contractor, 
bldr., constr. work, 1903-12; custodian, 
Woodmen of Union, 1912-32; grand 
master, M.W. Stringer Grand Lodge, 
1932—; dir. Universal Life Ins. Co.; 
mem. at large, Nat. Boy Scouts of Am.; 
mem., exec, com., Fed. Coun. of Chs. 
of Christ in Am.; pres. of National lay- 
men, Bapt. Conv. of Am., Inc.; p. dir. 
Bankers Fire Ins. Co.; served as vol. in 
Sp.-Am. War, 9 mos. ; mem. I.B.P.O.E. 
(p. chmn., grievance com. and shrine 
comnm.), A.A.S.R. (grand minister of 
state, United Supreme Coun.), A.A.E.O. 
of N. of Mystic Shrine (p. imperial po- 
tentate), state exec, com., Rep. party 
of Ark., Cong. exec. com. of 5th dist., 
Bap. Worlds Alliance. Author: 3 books. 
Travel: U.S., Can., Cuba, Eur. (14 coun- 
tries). Interests: Reform Sch., T.B. San. 
(instrumental in establishment, one of 
1st mems., Bd. of Control). Recreations: 
travel, croquet. Baptist (deacon; supt., 
Sunday Sch.; chmn., Tr. Bd., Bd. of 
Finance). Republican. Office: P.O. Box 
556, Hot Springs, Ark. Home: 703 
Pleasant St., Hot Springs, Ark. 

WELLS, Sidney D., chemical engi- 
neer; b. Boston, Ma,ss., 29 Mar. 1885; s. 
Obadiah F. Wells, recorder, M.I.T., and 
Helen M. (Deeds) W.; ed. Phillips Exe- 
ter Acad.; B.S., M.I.T., 1907; m. Hope 
B. Shank of Lombard, 111., 3 June 1916; 
children — Sidney D., Hope D., Helen 
Elizabeth, Martha B., Mary B., Elea- 
nor Jean, Benjamin E. Mem. tech. staff 
of 2 sugar mfrs., several paper mfrs., 
Forest Products Lab. and Inst, of Paper 
Chem., and consulting chem. engr. 
several yrs.; res. assoc, Institute Paper 
Chem.; engaged in application of wood 
pulp to munitions and nat. defense dur- 
ing World War I; mem. A.I.C.E., Tech. 
Assn. of Pulp and Paper Industry, A.C. 
S., A.A.A.S., Soc. of Am. Foresters, Wis. 
Acad. L.A.&S., Sigma Xi, F. & A. M. 
Author: (with John D. Rue) The Suita- 
bility of American Woods for Paper 
Pulp; The Effect of the Adhesive Used 
in the Fabrication of Corrugated Fiber- 
board on the Strength and Servicea- 
bility of Corrugated Fiber Boxes; arts, 
in tech. and sci. publications. Episco- 
palian. Independent. Office: Institute of 
Paper Chemistry, Appleton, Wis. Home: 
Combined Locks, Wis. 

WILKINSON, Michael Robert, physi- 
cian, surgeon; b. West Lubec, Me., 29 
Sept. 1864; s. Daniel Wilkinson, custom 
shoemaker, and Anne (McCurdy) W.; 
ed. Teachers Coll., Whitewater, Wis.; 
M.D., Northwestern Univ. Med., Chi- 


cago, 111., 1893; m. Mary J. Lingemann 
of Whitewater, 3 July 1894; children— 
J. Francis, Helen, John D., Lt. Comdr. 
Donald C. (USNR, active duty in Pa- 
cific), Mary J., Clarence R. (T Sgt. 
C-2 sec 45th Div.), Philip M. Pract. med. 
Oconomowoc, Wis., 1893, opened med. 
clinic with three eldest sons, 1929 — , 
youngest son will join later; major, M. 
C, 39 mos. in S. Pacific 135th Med. 
Reg. Wis. Nat. Gd., Camp Shelby, Miss, 
(active duty); dir. v.p., First Nat. Bank 
(Oconomowoc Nat. Bank, ret.), dir. 
pres. Sch. Bd., pres. Chamber Com- 
merce (38 yrs. ago) ; capt. Med. Corps 
during World War I; Waukesha Co. 
Med. Soc. (form, pres.), mem. State 
Med. Soc, Co. Med. Soc. Waukesha Co. 
Child Welfare Com. (rep.), Knights of 
Columbus, Am. Legion. Travel: Me., 
Fla., Calif. Interest: horses. Recrea- 
tions: golf, baseball. Catholic. Demo- 
crat. Office: 114 E. Wisconsin Av., 
Oconomowoc, Wis. Home: 324 E. Pleas- 
ant St., Oconomowoc, Wis. 

WILSON, Lillian May, b. Pleasant 
Plains, la.; d. Nelson T. Wilson, and 
Mary Ann (Payen) W.; ed. Leon (la.) 
high sch.; St. John's Acad., la.; Ph.B., 
Univ. Chicago, 1917, A.M., 1918; Ph.D., 
Johns Hopkins Univ., 1924. Life mem. 
Archaeol. Inst, of Am., Field Mus. of 
Natural Hist., Art Inst, of Chicago, Phi 
Beta Kappa, D.A.R., Colonial Dames of 
Am. Author: The Roman Toga, Ancient 
Textiles from Egypt in the University 
of Michigan Collection; The Clothing of 
the Ancient Romans. Travel: Eur., Al- 
geria, Egypt, Palestine, Syria. Recrea- 
tions: reading, gardening. Episcopa- 
lian. Republican. Address: Delafield, 

WINKLER, Theo, supervisor of music 
(ret.); b. Wiesbaden, Ger., 25 June 1870; 
s. Christian W M Fresco painter, and 
Charlotte (Haebel) W.; ed. schs. Ger., 
Milwaukee, Wis.; Nat. Teachers Sem., 
1888; D. Mus., Mission House Coll. 
Teacher music, pub. schs., 50 yrs.; com- 
poser, choir and orchestra; dir. pres., 
Wis. Music Teachers Assn., 4 terms; 
mem. Music Ed. Assn.; mem. examin- 
ing draft bd. during World War I; mem. 
Concordia Singing Soc. (dir, 52 yrs.), 
Masons. Club: Rotary (gov.). Author: 
choruses, instrumental music, songs, ar- 
rangements. Travel: U.S. Interests: 
reading, gardening, photog. Recreation: 
traveling. Home: 1230 N. 6th St., She- 
boygan, Wis. 

BRASHEAR, Minnie M., teacher; b. 
Brashear, Mo.; d. Richard Matson 

Brashear, farmer, and Margaret Jane 
(Montgomery) B.; ed. Laboratory Schs., 
Northeast Mo. State Teachers Coll.; 
Radcliffe Coll.; A.B., Univ. Mo., 1908, 
A.M., 1922; Ph.D., Univ. N.C., 1930. 
Mem. com. in charge of Mo. Ednl. Ex- 
hibit, La. Purchase Exposition, 1904; 
teacher, Northeast Mo. State Teachers 
Coll., 1904-14; asst. prof., Univ. Ida., 
1914-19; instr. Eng., Univ. Mo., 1920-34, 
asst. prof. Eng., 1934-45; sec. Local Bd. 
Control, Hendrix Hall, Columbia; mem. 
Y.W.C.A. (sec. bd. advisors, 1922-26), 
Modern Lang. Assn., League Women 
Voters, Delta Tau Kappa, Pi Lambda 
Theta. Clubs: Faculty Women's, State 
Federation Women's Clubs (chmn. lit., 
1910-12). Author: Mark Twain, Son of 
Mo., 1934; Book Review; Missouri Liter- 
ature (accepted, unpublished). Travel: 
Eng., Fr., It., Austria, Ger., Holland, 
Belgium. Father, Richard Matson 
Brashear, founded town of Brashear in 
Adair Co.; paternal grandfather entered 
lannd, northeast Mo., about 1830. Inter- 
est: collecting books. Recreation: 
travel. Democrat. Res.: 1318 E. Nor- 
mal Av., Kirksville, Mo. 

BROWN, Glenn Orrin, manager of dis- 
tribution; b. Newton, Kan., 26 Feb. 1887; 
s. Samuel Arnold Brown and Addie 
(Crater) B.; ed. Newton (Kan.) pub. 
schs., high sch.; Ottawa Univ.; B.S. (in 
E.E.), Univ. Kan., 1912; 1st Army Corps 
Sch., Gondrecourt, Fr., 1918; m. Flora 
Dring of Ottawa, Kan., 8 Mar. 1913; 
children— Helen Renne, Glenn Orrin, II. 
Lab. foreman, Kansas City Elec. Light 
Co., 1912-17; engr. in substation dept, 
Kansas City Power & Light Co., 1919; 
supt. engring. operation and mainten- 
ance, 1919-43; manager and distribution 
1943—; 1st It., Signal Corps, Mo. N.G., 
May 1917, batt. adjt., 117th Field Signal 
Batt., with 42d Div., 79th Div. 1st Army 
Corps and 1st Army, A.E.F., capt., 
Signal Corps., U.S.A., 1917-19; mem., 
A.I.E.E., Mo. Soc. Prof. Engrs.; Kappa 
Eta Kappa (hon. mem., Gamma Chap.), 
Chamber Commerce, Am. Legion, La 
Societe des 40 et 8. Club: Kansas City. 
Interests: etchings, farming. Recrea- 
tion: fishing. Baptist. Office: 1330 Balti- 
more Av., Kansas City, Mo. Home: 5521 
Tracy Av., Kansas City, Mo. 

GRABILL, Harvey Allen, lawyer; b. 
O., 8 Jan. 1890; s. J.M. Grabill, farmer, 
mcht, and Hattie (Geiser) G.; ed. In- 
diana Law School; m. Ora L. Miller of 
O., 15 Jan. 1916. Co. Atty., Marion Co., 
1931; mem. Am. and Local Bar Assns. 
Elks, Masons. Protestant. Republican. 
Office: 900 Fletcher Trust Bldg., Indian- 


apolis, Ind. Home: 320 Hampton Dr., 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

FUQUA, Blanche E., director of in- 
struction; b. Vermilion, 111.; d. James 
E. Fuqua, farmer, and Laura J. (Duck) 
P.; ed. A.B., Indiana State Teachers' 
Coll., 1926; Chicago Univ.; A.M., 
Teachers Coll., Columbia Univ., 1934. 
Teacher, Grant Co., Ind.; supervisor of 
teacher training, Marion, Ind.; teacher, 
primary grades, Oakland, Calif.; Ind. 
State Teachers Coll.; supervisor, city 
sens., Terre Haute, Ind., 1920-36, dir. 
instruction, 1936—; mem. Assn. Child- 
hood Ed. (life), Nat. Ed. Assn. (life), 
A.A.U.W., D.A.R. Club: Altrusa. Co-au- 
thor: Life Use Speller; English Activity 
Workbooks for grades 3-4-5-6. Travel: 
Eur., So. Am. Interest: antiques. 
Methodist. Republican. Office: 667 Wal- 
nut St., Terre Haute, Ind. Home: 654 
Oak St., Terre Haute, Ind. 

FITZSIMMONS, John Thomas, elec- 
trical engineer; b. nr. E. Palestine, O., 
3 Mar. 1887; s. Paul Fisher Fitzsimmons, 
farmer, and Semira Belle (Huston) F., 
ed. Columbiana (O.) high sen.; B.S. (in 
E.E.), Case Sch. Applied Sci., Cleve- 
land, O., 1911; m. Edna May Johnson 
of Massillon, O., 23 Sept. 1917; 1 son, 
John Robert. Service rep., asst. and 
actg. res. engr., Dayton Engring. Labs. 
Co., 1912-20; engr., elec. div., Gen Mo- 
tors Res. Corp., 1920-24; elec. engr., 
Dayton Engring. Labs. Co., 1924-26; 
engr., ignition dept., Delco Remy Di- 
vision of Gen. Motors Corp., 1926 — ; 
mem. bd. of works (apptd.), Edgewood 
Village, Anderson, Ind.; mem. Soc. Au- 
tomotive Engrs. Author: arts, in Soc. 
Automobile Engrs. pubis., Standard 
Handbook for Electrical Engineers. 
Travel: U.S., Mex., Can. Interests: sci. 
subjs., pol., modern fiction. Recrea- 
tions: gardening, photog. Methodist. Re- 
publican. Office: Delco-Remy Division, 
Anderson, Ind. Hqme: R.R.8. Anderson, 

EVENS, Alfred, professor of law; b. 
Greencastle, Ind., 28 Jan. 1881; s. John 
Wooster Evens, farmer, and Margaret 
(Callahan) E.; ed. Greencastle (Ind.) 
high sch.; Ph.B., De Pauw Univ., 1902; 
LL.B., Ind. Law Sch., 1907; m. Kath- 
leen Lindley of Moresville, Ind., 2 Oct. 
1912. Supt. sens., Monrovia, Ind., 1902- 
04; law clerk to Leander J. Monks, 
judge, Supreme Court of Ind.; asst. to 
gen. counsel for Ind. of Frankfort Gen. 
Ins. Co., 1910-14; gen. practice of law, 
Wood & Evens, Lafayette, 1914-20; gen. 
atty., Chicago, Indianapolis & Louisville 
Ry. Co., 1920-28; prof, law, Ind. Univ., 

1928—; dir. City Nat. Bank of Lafayette, 
1916-20; Rep. nominee, Judge Appellate 
Court of Ind., 1934 and 1936; mem. Am. 
Bar Assn., Ind. State Bar Assn., Mon- 
roe Co. Bar Assn., Ind. Hist. Soc, Ma- 
sons, Sigma Nu, Phi Delta Phi, Order 
of Coif. Clubs: Columbia, Kiwanis. Edi- 
tor: Ind. Law Journal, 1935-40. Interest: 
farming. Methodist. Republican. Office: 
Indiana University, Bloomington, Ind. 
Home: 727 S. Jordan Ave., Bloomington, 

ELDER, Bowman, ex-treas. Am. Le- 
gion; b. Indianapolis, Ind., 4 Mar. 1888; 
s. William Line Elder and Laura (Bow- 
man) E.; ed. Chestnut Hill (Pa.) Acad., 
1907; B.S., Univ. Pa., 1911; m. Madeline 
Fortune, 30 Sept. 1914; children— Anne, 
William Line. Real estate bus., Wm. 
L. Elder & Bowman Elder, 1912-40; mgr. 
and promotor, Chamber of Commerce 
Office Bldg.; sec.-treas., Chamber of 
Commerce Corp.; pres. and dir., South- 
ern Indiana R.R., Inc.; del. Dem. Nat. 
Conv., St. Louis, 1916; del. at large, 
Dem. Nat. Conv., Chicago, 1932; del., 
Dem. Nat. Conv., Chicago, 1940; treas., 
Dem. State Com., Ind., 1924-26; mem. 
bd. dirs., Am. Red Cross; tr., Crown 
Hill Cemetery Assn., First Presbn. Ch.; 
treas., dir., Indianapolis Athletic Club; 
active in nat. affairs, Am. Legion, 
1922 — , nat. chmn. distinguished guests 
com., 1922, mem. nat. exec, com., 1923- 
27, nat. chmn. France Conv. Com. in 
charge 2d A.E.F., nat. treas. Am. Le- 
gion, 1928-33, treas. Legion Pub. Corp. 
1928-35; It. Coast Arty. Res. Corps, 27 
Nov. 1917, capt., 5 Apr. 1918, served in 
Fr., 30 July 1918-22 Feb. 1919; capt. 
Res., 1 May 1919; It. col., 5 July 1923, 
col., 16 July 1926, mem. 5th Corps Ad- 
visory Bd.; mem. Univ. Pa. Alumni 
Assn., Sons Am. Revol., Res. Offices 
Assn., Military Order For. Wars, Forty 
and Eight, Friars Sr. Soc. Univ. Pa., 
Off. Order Polonia Restituta (Poland); 
Order of Legion of Honor (Fr.), Zeta 
Psi, Masons, Elks. Clubs: Army and 
Navy (Washington, D.C.), Indiana 
Democratic, Dramatic, Indianapolis 
Athletic, Woodstock Country, Hoosier 
Motor, Contemporary, University. Com- 
piler: History of 71st Arty. (C.A.C.) in 
the Great War, 1919. Office: Chamber 
of Commerce Bldg., Indianapolis 4, In- 
diana. Home : R.R. 1, New Augusta, Ind. 

TAPPAN, Anna Helen, professor of 
mathematics; b. Mt. Pleasant, la., 22 
Oct., 1888; d. David Stanton Tappan, 
clergyman, and Anna (Grand-Girard) 
T.; ed. Everts high sch., Circleville, 
O.; A.B., Western Coll., 1909; A.M., Cor- 


nell Univ., 1912, Ph.D., 1914. Instr. 
math., Western Coll., 1909-11; instr. 
math., la. State Coll., 1914-17, asst. 
prof., 1917-21, assoc. prof., 1921-25; prof., 
math., Western Coll., 1925—, dean of 
women, 1927-41, academic dean, 1941- 
44; mem. A.A.A.S., Am. Math Soc, 
Math. Assn. of Am., A.A.U.W., N.E.A., 
A.A.U.P, Nat. Assn. Deans of Women, 
Sigma Xi, Pi Mu Epsilon, Sigma Delta 
Epsilon. Travel: Great Brit., Eur., U.S. 
Great granddaughter, Benjamin Tap- 
pan, U.S. Senator from Ohio, 1839-45; 
great niece, Edwin M. Stanton, Sec. of 
War under Lincoln. Interests: reading, 
dramatics. Recreation: travel. Presby- 
terian. Republican. Office and home: 
Western College, Oxford, O. Summer 
res.: Reinway 16, Pasadena, Calif. 

STEVENSON, Brenton Wallace, edu- 
cational director; b. Chicago, HI., 23 
Jan. 1900; s. Robert Stevenson, sales- 
man, and Margaret (Winings) S.; ed. 
Lake View high sch., Chicago, 111.; 
Ph.B., Univ. Chicago, 1922, A.M., 1925; 
m. Adalyn Blanche Gahm of Rolfe, la., 
14 Feb. 1925; 1 dau., Barbara Kay. Asst. 
prof., Denison Univ., 1925-27; research 
asst., Univ. Chicago, 1927-30; asst. prof., 
Univ. Toledo, 1930-42; assoc. prof., 
1942—; ed., Bull, of Univ. Toledo, 1934—, 
dir., Opportunity Sch., 1935-41, dir., 
Evening Sessions, 1937—, dir. of pub- 
licity, 1938-44; presiding officer, 1st 
Great Lakes Regional Conf. on Adult 
Edn., Toledo, 1937; v.p., O. Assn. for 
Adult Edn.; chmn. Adult Edn. Section, 
Ohio Coll. Assn., 1940-41; mem. Phi Beta 
Kappa, Phi Delta Kappa, Sigma Rho 
Tau, Univ. Evening College Assn., Am. 
Assn. for Adult Edn., Am. Assn. Univ. 
Profs., Nat. Council of Teachers of 
Eng., P.&A.M. (Center Star No. 11). 
Co-author (with J.R. Spicer and E.C. 
Ames) : English in Business and En- 
gineering, 1936; University Term 
Papers, 1935. Interest: Chaucer. Recrea- 
tions: contract bridge, chess. Independ- 
ent. Office : University of Toledo, Toledo, 
O. Home: 3027 W. Bancroft St., To- 
ledo, O. 

TAFT, Robert Alphonso, lawyer, 
United States senator; b. Cincinnati, O., 
8 Sept. 1889; s. William H. Taft and 
Helen (Herron) T.; ed. 19th district and 
Walnut Hills high sch., Cincinnati, O.; 
public schools, Manila, P.I.; Taft 
School, Watertown, Conn.; A.B., Yale, 
1910; LL.B., Harvard, 1913; A.M., Yale, 
1936; m. Martha W. Bowers of Wash- 
ington, D.C., 17 Oct. 1914; children— 
Wm. H., Robert, Jr., Lloyd B., Horace 
D. Asst. counsel, U.S. Food Adminis- 

tration, 1917-18; counsel Am. Relief Ad- 
ministration, 1918-19; mem. Ohio House 
of Reps., 1921-26; Speaker, 1926; mem. 
Ohio Senate, 1931-32; mem. U.S. Senate, 
1939—; assoc. with firm, Taft, Stettinius 
& Hollister; dir. Central Trust Co., 
Covington & Cincinnati Bridge Co. Re- 
publican. Offices: 603 Dixie Terminal, 
Cincinnati, O., Senate Office Bldg., 
Washington, D.C. Home: Sta. M„ R.R. 
No. 1, Cincinnati, O. Summer res.: 
Pointe-au-pic, Quebec, Can. 

WOODS, Andrew Alfred, civil engi- 
neer; b. New Orleans, La., 2 Mar. 1876; 
s. Andrew Alfred Woods, insurance, and 
Jeannie (Railey) W.; ed. pub. and pvt. 
schs., New Orleans; B.E., Tulane Univ., 
New Orleans, 1895; m. Mrs. Jeannette 
Maynard (nee Craig) of Miss., 11 Sept. 
1920; children — Carolyn Maynard (Mrs. 
H.W. Snell), Harriet Craig, James 
Brison. Rodman, N.O.&W.R.R.; drafts- 
man, asst. engr., N.O.&N.E.RR., A.& 
V.Ry., V.S&PRy.; resident engr. A& 
V.Ry., V.S.& P.Ry.; resident engr., 
supt., N.O.& N.E.RR.; chief engr. main- 
tenance of way and structures, So.Ry. 
Sys., Western Lines; mem. Am. Soc. 
C.E., Am.Ry. Eng. Assn., Eng. Soc. of 
Cincinnati, Louisiana Eng. Soc, Phi 
Delta Theta, Theta Nu Epsilon, Tau 
Beta Pi. Clubs: Boston of New Orleans, 
Louisiana of New Orleans, Queen City 
of Cincinnati, Univ. of Cincinnati, Cin- 
cinnati Country. Presbyterian. Inde- 
pendent. Office: 307 E. 4th St., Cincin- 
nati, O. Home: 2492 Observatory Rd., 
Cincinnati, O. 

LUXON, Norval Neil, educator, jour- 
nalist; b. New London, O., 16 May 1899; 
s. Jesse E. Luxon and Edna (Walker) 
L.; ed. New London (O.) high sch.; 
B.S. in journalism, Ohio State Univ., 
1923, M.A., 1931; Ph.D., Univ. Calif., 
1940; m. Ermina Cornelia Munn of 
Chagrin Falls, O., 22 Sept. 1928; 1 son, 
Norval Neil, Jr. Asst. city ed., Columbus 
Citizen, 1923-25; city ed., Canton Daily 
News, 1925; ed. Oteen (N.C.) Skylight, 
1926-27; asst. news ed. El Paso (Tex.) 
Herald, 1927-28; instr. Sch. Journalism, 
Ohio State Univ., 1928-32; asst. prof., 
1932-39; assoc. prof., 1939-42; prof., 
1942—; visiting prof., Univ. Calif., Los 
Angeles, summer sessions, 1940, 1941, 
1942; co-ordinator, Army Specialized 
Training Program, Ohio State Univ., 
1943-44; dir., Twilight School, Ohio State 
Univ., 1 April 1944 — ; winner Sigma 
Delta Chi res. award for most meritori- 
ous res. in Am. journalism, awarded 
for hist, of Niles' Weekly Register (un- 
pub. Ph.D. dissertation), 1939; served 


as electrician, 3rd class, radio operator, 
U.S.N.R.F., active duty 20 Nov. 1917-23 
Jan. 1919; mem. A.A.U.P., Am. Assn. 
Teachers of Journalism (sec.-treas., 
1941 — ), Am. Legion, Sigma Nu, Sigma 
Delta Chi, Pi Delta Epsilon, Phi Alpha 
Theta, Kappa Tau Alpha. Author: The 
Reporter and the News, 1935; co-author 
(with 10 others); An Outline Survey of 
Journalism, 1937. Conglist. Independent. 
Office: Administration Bldg., Ohio State 
University, Columbus 10, O. Home: 82 
W. Dominion Blvd., Columbus 2, O. 

OLIVE, Frank C, attorney; b. Le- 
banon, Ind., June 1876; s. David H. 
Olive, teacher, and Carrie (Lawrence) 
O.; ed. Lebanon and Indianapolis high 
schs.; A.B., Butler Univ., 1897; LL.B., 
Indiana Law Sch., 1899; m. Gertrude J. 
Lloyd of Indianapolis, 29 June 1927. En- 
gaged in gen. pract. of law, specializing 
in Federal tax law, bankruptcy law, 
corporate reorganizations; mem., Adv. 
Com. of Nat. Bankruptcy Conf., Am., 
Ind. and Indianapolis Bar Assns., chmn. 
Ind. Bar Assn. Sect, on Property and 
Taxation; mem. council of sect, on Cor- 
poration, Banking; mem., Ind. Gen. As- 
sembly, 1907, Loyal Legion. Author: Col- 
lusive Receiverships as Acts of Bank- 
ruptcy. Recreations: golf, bridge. Re- 
publican. Office: 515 Chamber of Com- 
merce Bldg., Indianapolis, Ind. 

O'NEEL, Edwin V., newspaper editor 
and publisher; b. Dupont, Ind., 4 June 
1902; s. Wm. Morton O'Neel, mcht., and 
Hattie (Davis) O.; ed. Dupont high sch.; 
DePauw Univ., 1924; m. Anna C. Gard- 
ner of Indianapolis, Ind., 29 June 1929; 
children— Barbara Anne, William Ed- 
win, Robert Vinton. Ed. staff, Indian- 
apolis Times, Indianapolis Star, 1924- 
31; pub., Hagerstown, Ind., 1931 — ; sec. 
Hoosier State Press Assn.; p. pres. Ind. 
Weekly Press Assn.; pres. Ind. Rep. 
Editorial Assn., 1940 Tenth Rep. Chmn.; 
mem. Nat. Editorial Assn., Sigma Delta 
Chi (Nat. pres.); Delta Upsilon, K.T.; 
Ind. Rep. State Central. Clubs: Colum- 
bia, Hartley Hills Country (Hagers- 
town). Interests: lit., landscaping, news- 
paper prof, activities, local civic move- 
ments. Recreation: horseback riding. 
Methodist. Republican. Office: The 
Hagerstown Exponent, Hagerstown, Ind. 
Home: Hagerstown, Ind. 

GKISWOLD, James Harlen, lawyer; 
b. Hartsgrove, O., 27 Jan. 1873; s. 
Henry Franklin, farmer, and Susannah 
(Laird) G.; ed. New Lyme Inst.; A.B., 
Oberlin Coll., 1898; LL.B., Western Re- 
serve Univ. Law Sch., 1901; m. Hope 
Erwin of Bourbon, Ind., 30 Sept. 1902; 

children— Erwin N., James W., Jane E. 
Holmes, Hope G. Carfman. Admitted to 
practice in Ohio, June, 1901; U.S. Dist. 
Ct. of Ohio, 1905, U.S. Circuit Ct. of 
Appeals, 6th Circuit, 1931, U.S. Supreme 
Ct., 16 Mar. 1931—; dir., Fenway Hotel, 
The Simmons Mfg. Co., The Henkel- 
Clauss Co., The 5012 Euclid Co.; mem. 
of Council of City of E. Cleveland, 1905- 
06; mem. Am. Cleveland and Ohio State 
Bar Assns., Cleveland Citizens' League. 
Clubs: Western Reserve Rep., Canter- 
bury, Cleveland City, Tippecanoe. In- 
terest: touring. Recreation: golf. Pres- 
byterian. Republican. Office: 1805 N.B. 
C. Bldg., Cleveland, O. Home: 2957 
Eaton Rd., Shaker Heights, O. 

GULLUM, Frank Barnhart, professor 
of chemistry; b. Hamden, O., 18 May 
1885; s. George Barnhart Gullum, lo- 
comotive engr., and Mary Elizabeth 
(Essman) G. ; ed. Hamden high sch. ; 
B.S., Ohio Univ., 1907; M.S., Ohio State 
Univ., 1923; m. Eva Louise Mitchell of 
Pt. Pleasant, W. Va., 1912; children- 
Robert Barnhart, Elizabeth Mitchell 
(Mrs. C.G. Kinnison). Chemist, Rock 
Island Ry., 1908-09; instr. chem. and 
coach, Chillicothe High Sch., 1909-10, 
Columbus East High Sch., 1910-18; asst. 
prof. chem. and coach, Ohio Univ., 1918- 
20, assoc. prof, chem., 1924 — ; elected 
pres., Athens City Bd. of Edn., Athens 
City-County Bd. of Health; mem. Am. 
Assn. Univ. Profs., Delta Tau Delta, 
Sigma Xi. Club: Tuesday. Interests: 
edn., arts, practical chemistry. Recrea- 
tions: athletics, auto trips. Presby- 
terian. Republican. Office: Ohio Uni- 
versity, Athens, O. Home: 128 Lancaster 
St., Athens, O. 

HICKOK, Charles Nelson, executive 
and sales; b. Harrisburg, Pa., 1 Aug. 
1879; s. William Orville Hickok, mfr., 
and Louisa Harrison (Anderson) H.; ed. 
Harrisburg Acad., 1890-94; St. Paul's 
Sch., Concord, N.H., 1894-97; Ph.B., 
Yale Univ., 1900; unmarried. Affiliated 
with Latrobe Steel & Coupler Co., 1900- 
03; Dayton Malleable Iron Co., 1903-05; 
iron ore mining and sales, The M.A. 
Hanna Co., 1905 — ; v.p., dir., Hanna 
Iron Ore Co., and various iron mining 
cos.; treas., Lake Superior Iron Ore 
Assn.; elected councilman, Bratenahl 
Village; served as treas., Am. Red 
Cross during World War I; mem. Am. 
Iron & Steel Inst., Am. Inst. Mining & 
Met. Engrs., Eastern States Blast Ice & 
Coke Oven Assn., Soc. Colonial Wars. 
Clubs: Tavern, Union, Kirkland Country 
(Cleveland), Duquesne, (Pittsburgh), 
Yale (New York). Author: Hickok Gene- 


alogy, 1938. Interest: genealogy. Pres- 
byterian. Republican. Office: 1300 
Leader Bldg., Cleveland 14, O. Home: 
12505 Coit Rd., Bratenahl, Cleveland, O. 

JOHNSON, Arthur Charles, editor and 
associate publisher; b. Ira, O., 10 Oct. 
1874; s. Johan Karl Johansson and 
Helen Frances (Cranz) J.; ed. Wads- 
worth high sch.; Ohio Univ.; B.S., M.S., 
Univ. Akron, 1900; m. Grace Reah of 
Athens, O., 31 Dec. 1902; children— 
Derrol Reah, Arthur Charles, Jr. With 
Akron Beacon Journal, Washington 
Post; ed.-in-chief, assoc. pub., tr., dir., 
Columbus Evening & Sunday Dispatch, 
1902—; chmn. Hayes Foundation, Fre- 
mont, O.; tr. (life) Ohio Univ.; served 
as sergt. maj. of infantry, Santiago 
campaign, Sp.-Am. War; pres., O. State 
Archaeol. & Hist. Soc. Clubs: Rocky 
Fork Hunt, Nat. Press, Dispatch Coun- 
try. Author: editorial and historical 
monographs. Travel: Eur. (rural mo- 
toring). Interests: archaeology, ornithol- 
ogy, horticulture, conservation. Method- 
ist. Republican. Office: The Columbus 
Dispatch, Columbus, O. Home: 227 Pres- 
ton Rd., Columbus, O. 

JOSEPH, Jesse M., advertising agent; 
b. Baltimore, Md., 24 Nov. 1884; s. 
Philip Joseph, mcht., and Julia (Cob- 
lens) J.; ed. Baltimore City Coll., 1903; 
1 dau., Dorothy Helen. Advertising agt., 
Cincinnati, O., 1909 — ; chmn. publicity, 
Cincinnati philanthropic drives; mem. 
Adv. League O. (p. pres.), Agencies 
Council of Cincinnati (pres.), Sales 
Exec. Council Cincinnati (p. pres.), 
Plum St. Temple (p. pres.), Syria Tem- 
ple Shriners, Masons (32d deg.) Scottish 
Rite (Blue Lodge 133), I.O. B.B., Mar- 
keters Assn. Clubs: Advertisers (p. 
pres.), Cincinnati, Press, Kiwanis, Cin- 
cinnati Gym Boat. Author: Heritage. In- 
terest: photog. Jewish. Republican. Of- 
fice: 1801-7 Reading Rd., Cincinnati, O. 
Home: 22 Burton Woods Lane, Avon- 
dale, Cincinnati, O. 

KELLOGG, Elizabeth Rockey, retired 
librarian; b. Cincinnati, O., 10 Apr. 
1870; d. Charles H. Kellogg, banker, and 
Mary Guernsey (Clark) K.; ed. Bar- 
tholonew Eng. and Classical Sch.; 
Wellesley Coll. (2 yrs.). Engaged in ch., 
philanthropic and ednl., lit. work, 1892- 
1909; libt. Art Mus., Cincinnati, 1909-29; 
promoter various art projects, 1929 — ; 
mem., Cincinnati Crafters Co. Clubs: 
College, Queen City. Author: Memories 
of Joseph Henry Gest; Joseph Darteville 
and The Western Museum; verses for 
Thirteen Good Animals; 4 arts, on Chas. 
P. Taft Collection for Ladies Home 

Journal. Travel: Eur., Iceland, U.S., 
Can., crossed Atlantic in 90 ft. schooner 
without auxiliary motor, 5 times. Gr. 
niece, Miner K. Kellogg, famous 
painter. Interests: art, lit. Recreations: 
art, nature, swimming (formerly), boat- 
ing, tennis. Episcopalian. Home: 22 
Verona Apts., W.H., Cincinnati, 60, O. 

KITCHEN, Annie Louise, painter, pot- 
ter; b. Springtown, Pa., 31 Oct. 1871; d. 
Francis A. Kitchen, phys., and Anna 
Margaret (Eckel) K. ; ed. Toledo Cen- 
tral high sch.; Columbia Univ.; N.Y. 
Sch. Ceramics at Alfred Univ.; Toledo 
Museum Sch. Design; Chicago Art Inst. 
First woman potter in Toledo; first per- 
son to have potter's kiln studio in To- 
ledo; represented in nat. exhibits, Syra- 
cuse; has had 2 one-man shows in To- 
ledo Mus. Art, reed, many prizes; 
studied ceramics in Dresden, Ger. ; 
painted in Mex., Tex., Ariz., Me., Fla.; 
mem. D.A.R. (Ursula Wolcott Chap., To- 
ledo), O. Water Color Soc, Am. 
Ceramic Soc. Clubs: Toledo Women 
Artists, Toledo Arts & Crafts. Travel: 
Eur., Mex., Ger., U.S. Father, Francis 
A. Kitchen, was surg. during Civil War. 
Interests: painting, pottery, art. Pres- 
byterian. Republican. Studio and home: 
339 Boston PL, Toledo, O. Summer 
home: Cranwood, Minong, Wis. 

MARIONI, John D., physician; b. Lon- 
don, Eng., 8 Jan. 1900; s. Peter Marioni, 
ice-cream maker, and Mary (Podesta) 
M. ; ed. Lyceum of Parma, It.; North 
high sch., Syracuse; Walnut Hill high 
sch. Cincinnati; Univ. Cincinnati (Lib. 
Arts), 1928, B.S. B.M., Coll. of Med., 
1930, M.D., 1931; m. Jennie Geiss of 
Syracuse, N.Y., 1931; children— Donald, 
Thomas, Paul Joseph. Med. practice, 
Cincinnati, 1931 — ; staff, Good Samari- 
tan Hosp., Bethesda Hosp., St. Mary's 
Hosp. ; mem. A.M. A., Ohio State Med. 
Assn., Acad, of Cincinnati, Cath. For- 
esters. Author: med. articles. Travel: 
Eur. Interest: languages. Recreations: 
chess, cards, drawings. Catholic. Re- 
publican. Office: 700 E. McMillan St., 
Cincinnati, O. Home: 1357 Delta Av., 
Cincinnati, O. 

McKLHINEY, Blanche, teacher; b. 
Rokeby Lock, O., 28 Jan. 1881; d. Silas 
McElhiney, farmer, and Sarah (Huff- 
man) McE.; ed. McConnelsville-Malta 
Normal Sch.; Ohio Northern; Ohio 
Univ.; Ohio State Univ. Mem. N.E.A., 
Extension Dept., Nat. Acad, of Music, 
(N.Y.), The Verse Writers' Guild of 
Ohio, Poets' Round Table (Columbus, 
O.), League of Women Shoppers. Au- 
thor: poems in yearbooks and antholo- 


gies, incl. Just for Today, Easter 
Prayer, The Land of Sky. Interest: 
music, art, poetry, biography, nature. 
Recreations: walking, rowing. Conglist. 
Democrat. Office: Heyl Av. School, Co- 
lumbus, O. Home: 954 Studer Av., Co- 
lumbus, O. 

BRUNER, William Evans, physician; 
b. Columbia, Pa., 8 Jan. 1866; s. Abram 
Bruner, lumber mcht., and Sarah Jane 
(Breneman) B. ; ed. Columbia high sch. ; 
A.B., Conn. Wesleyan Univ., 1888, A.M., 
1891, ScD. (hon.); M.D., Univ. of Pa., 
1891; m. Lydia S. Clark of Columbia, 
Pa., 18 Feb. 1897; 1 son, Clark Evans. 
Asst. diseases of eye, Western Res. 
Univ., 1895-97, asst. ophthal., 1897-1900, 
demonstrator ophthal., 1900-07, instr., 
1907-10, lecturer, 1910-12, clin. prof., 
1912-15, prof., 1915-36, prof, emeritus, 
1936—; major, Med. Dept., U.S. Army, 
Aug.-Nov. 1918; Fellow A.C.S.; tr. Cleve- 
land Soc. for Blind; mem. Cleveland 
Med. Lib. Assn. (treas., pres., tr.), Am. 
Ophthal. Soc, Am. Acad, of Ophthal- 
Otolaryngol., Am. Med. Assn., Cleve- 
land Acad. Med. (pres.). Clubs: Union, 
Rowfant, Mayfield Country, Pasteur, 
Cleveland Ophthal, Adwondach League. 
Author: arts, in med. jours. Interests: 
photog., books. Recreation: fishing. 
Presbyterian. Republican. Office: 1214 
Guardian Bldg., Cleveland, O. Home: 
13515 Shaker Blvd., Cleveland, O. 

BLOWER, James Girard, surgeon; b. 
Eng., 21 Mar. 1878; s. John Blower, 
and Emma (Bentley) B.; ed. Glouster 
(O.) high sch., M.D., Coll. Phys. and 
Surgs., 1905; m. Blanche Morgan of 
Glouster, O., 29 Nov. 1905; children- 
Lois B., Edmund R., James N. Prac 
ticed med., Glouster, O., 1905-13. Akron 
O., 1913—; mem. Ohio State Med. Bd. 
1922-36, Akron Health Bd., 1919-41, bd 
dirs., Permanent Savings and Loan 
Bank; coroner, Athens Co., O., 1909-10 
chief of surg. staff, People's Hosp., 1941 
46; capt., Med. Corp., 1917-18; mem 
A.M. A., Summit Co. Med. Soc, Assn 
U.S. Mil Surgs., Masons, Shrine, A.R.C 
(life). Club: Portage Country. Method 
ist. Republican. Office: 1610 Central 
Tower Bldg., Akron, O. Home: 308 Rose 
Blvd., Akron, O. 

TIEBOUT, Charles Ralph, structural 
steel engineer; b. Kalamazoo, Mich., 4 
May 1882; s. Charles A. Tiebout, eng., 
mfr., bus. man, and Margaret (Wag- 
nails) T.; ed. prep, dept., Olivet Coll.; 
A.B., Olivet Coll., sci. honors, 1905; 
B.C.E., engring. dept., Univ. Mich., 
1910; m. Anne H. Campbell of Ypsilanti, 
Mich., 1906; children— Mrs. Margeret 

Rentfrow, Charles, Jr., Mrs. Mary 
Blair. Coll. asst., high sch. teacher of 
physics, 3 yrs.; engaged in application 
to routine matters of drafting and en- 
gring. and supervising men and work 
incident to steel fabricating bus., 35 
yrs.; assoc. with Mt. Vernon Bridge Co., 
now with Internat. Steel Co., Evans- 
ville, Ind.; active sponsor, off. teacher 
of the learn-work-together apprentice 
system of developing high sch. boys into 
tech. men and potential executives; 
checker, squad boss, room engr., chief 
draftsman, chief engineer; mem. Phi 
Alpha Pi, Y.M.C.A., A.S.C.E. (assoc. 
mem.). Author: Elementary Engineer- 
ing Problems for Apprentices; Design- 
ing Details and Drafting Highway 
Bridges and Steel Buildings. Desc Jan 
Tiebout, New Amsterdam, 1656; nephew 
Adam Wagnalls co-publisher, Lit. Digest 
and Std. Diet. Interest: amateur as- 
tronomy. Recreation: swimming. Pres- 
byterian. Republican. Office: Inter- 
national Steel Co., Evansville, Ind. 
Home: 779 Washington Av., Evansville, 

STARKEY, William Carleton, electri- 
cal engineer, inventor; b. Zionsville, 
Ind., 6 May 1881; s. William Dynes 
Starkey, M.D., and Margaret Joanna 
(Moore) S. ; ed. Zionsville high sch. ; 
B.S. (E.E.), Purdue Univ., 1903, E.E., 
1914; m. Anna Miller of Wilkinsburg, 
Pa., 12 Apr. 1906; m. (2nd) Lonelle 
Hunter of Greenwich, O., 14 June 1925; 
children — Carleton M., Sarah Margaret, 
Francis Dynes, Mary Virginia, Martha 
Joanna. Engring. apprentice and de- 
signing engr., Westinghouse Mfg. Co., 
1904-06; research engr., Ohio Brass Co., 
chief engr. and mem. bd. dirs., 1906-22; 
v.p. and gen. mgr., Stevenson Gear Co., 
Indianapolis, Ind., 1922; pioneer inven- 
tor of free-wheeling and indsl. clutches 
of spring type, 1922— ; pres., Lgs Spring 
Clutches, Inc.; cons, engr., patent mat- 
ters; mem. Soc. Automotive Engrs., 
K.T., Scottish Rite, Shrine, Soc Ind. 
Pioneers, Ind. Citizens Hist. Assn., 
Army Ordnance Assn. Club: Rotary G. 
G.s. David McCurdy, reputed to be first 
man to drive a wagon into Marion Co. 
Interests: rose culture, gardening, gene- 
alogical research. Recreations: golf, 
swimming. Christian Scientist. Demo- 
crat. Office: 1413 Naomi St., Indianapo- 
lis, Ind. Home: R.R. 14, Box 632, In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 

STEELE, Otto Scott, minister; b. nr. 
Old Washington, O., 5 July 1896; s. John 
Henry Steele, farmer, and Emma Rose 
(Williams) S.; ed. Old Washington high 


sen., 1912; Cambridge high sch., 1913; 
A.B. (magna cum laude), Mt. Union 
Coll., 1917; S.T.B., Boston Univ. School 
of Theology, 1920; D.D., Mt. Union Coll., 
1937; m. Rachel Josephine Merrill of 
Salisbury, Mass., 1 June 1921; children 
—Otto Scott, Esther Warren. Ordained, 
deacon, Methodist Episcopal Church, 
1919, elder, 1920; pastor, Methodist 
Churches, Winona, O., 1914-17, Salis- 
bury, Mass., 1917-18, Greenland, N.H., 
1918-20,. New Concord, O., (Muskingumx 
Coll.), 1920-23, Granville, O., (Denison 
Univ.), 1923-26, Delaware, O., Asbury 
Church (Ohio Wesleyan Univ.), 1926-29, 
Mansfield, O., Central Church, 1929-33, 
First Methodist Church, West Lafayette, 
Ind.; dir. of Wesley Foundation at Pur- 
due Univ., 1933-45; minister, Endion 
Community Methodist Church, Duluth, 
Minn., 1 June 1945—; dean, Epworth 
League Institutes, Bethesda and Lan- 
caster, O., 1922-28, Bible Conference, 
Battle Ground, Ind., 1934-37; chmn. bd. 
of ministerial training, social security 
commission, and conference entertain- 
ment fund, Northwest Ind. Conference 
of the Methodist Church; mem., Phi 
Kappa Tau. Author: The Place of the 
Holy Spirit in the Book of Acts, 1920. 
Travel: U.S. Interest: study of politics. 
Methodist. Independent. Office: 1830 E. 
First St., Duluth 5, Minn. Home: 1824 
E. First St., Duluth 5, Minn. 

ALEXANDER, Edward Franklin, 

lawyer; b. Cincinnati, O., 15 Nov. 1877; 
s. John Alexander, brewer, and Cath- 
eine (Deprez) A.; ed. Woodward high 
sch., Cincinnati; A.B., Harvard Univ., 
1899, A.M., 1900; LL.B., Univ. of Cin- 
cinnati, 1906; m. Edith Dorothea Min- 
ning of Cincinnati, O., 8 Apr. 1910. 
Teacher at Carrollton (HI.) High Sch. 
1899-1900; inst. in Latin, Univ. of Cin- 
cinnati, 1901-03; active practice of law, 
1906—; active in municipal govt.; asst. 
solicitor (first asst.) City of Cincinnati, 
1926—; mem. Phi Beta Kappa; I.O.O.F.; 
Am., Ohio State and Cincinnati Bar 
Assns. Clubs: Literary, University, 
Civic (all Cincinnati). Author: arts, on 
govt, reform. Travel: U.S., Can., Mex. 
Recreations: automobile trips. Uni- 
tarian. Democrat. Office: 214 City Hall, 
Cincinnati, O. Home: 5734 Lantana Av., 
Cincinnati, O. 

AMES, Edward Carder, educator, 
business executive; b. Riverside, 111., 6 
June 1906; s. Albert F. Ames, school 
superintendent, and Daisy (Carder) A.; 
ed. Riverside-Brookfield high sch.; 
Ph.B., (cum laude), Univ. of Chicago, 
1926; grad. scholar of Harvard Club of 

Chicago, 1926-27; A.M., Harvard Univ., 
1928; m. Mary Helen Cornwall of Salem, 
O., 12 Oct. 1929; children— Daniel Greg- 
ory, Geoffrey Cornwall, Stephanie. 
Instr. hist., Ohio Wesleyan Univ., 1927- 
29; ednl. dir., Epworth M.E. Ch., To- 
ledo, 1929-31; ed. staff, Toledo Times, 
1930-34; on staff, Am. Com., Geneva, 
Switz., 1934; asst. prof. Eng., publicity 
dir., Univ. of Toledo, 1934-38; exec, sec, 
Hosp. Service Assn., Toledo, 1938-40; 
news commentator, station WSPD, 1937- 
40; asst. to pres., Owens-Corning Fiber- 
glas Corp., Toledo, 1940-44, public re- 
lations manager, 1944 — ; tr., Riverside 
Hosp.; pub. rep., Toledo Sub-regional 
Labor Bd., 1934-36; mem. OPA Price 
Panel, 1944—; mem. Toledo Bd. of Edn., 
1945 — ; awarded Toledo Jr. Chamber of 
Commerce Key for civic activity, 1939; 
mem. Phi Beta Kappa. Club: Torch. 
Co-author: University Term Papers; 
English in Business and Engineering; 
arts, for prof, and bus. pubis. Recrea- 
tion: gardening. Protestant. Office: 
Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp., Toledo, 
O. Home: 2904 Goddard Rd., Toledo, O. 

MOORE, Allen, n, president Chilll- 
cothe Business Coll.; b. Stanberry, 19 
Feb. 1886; s. Allen Moore, I, (dec.) 
and Emma Julian (Dryden) M.; ed. 
high sch. dept., Chillicothe Normal Sch.; 
Chillicothe Normal Sch.; B.S., Val- 
paraiso Univ., 1906; m. Helen Margaret 
Huey of Oxford, La., 18 July 1919; chil- 
dren — Mary Ann, Martha Amma, Allen, 
III. Became pres. Chillicothe Normal 
Sch. (later Chillicothe Business Coll.) 
upon death of father, Allen Moore, I, 
Jan. 1907; mem. bd. edn., Chillicothe 
pub. schs.; dir. Chillicothe State Bank, 
Chillicothe Chamber Commerce; co. 
chmn., last Y.M.C.A. drive during 
World War I; mem. Central Commercial 
Teachers Assn., Southwest Pvt. Com- 
mercial Schs. Mgrs. Assn., Nat. Com- 
mercial Teachers Federation. Club: Ro- 
tary (now dist. gov., 134th dist.). 
Travel: Mex., Eur., Cuba. Maternal 
grandparents were 1st couple married 
in Linn Co., Mo.; the Dryden home- 
place, deeded by Pres. John Tyler, has 
continued in Dryden family over 100 
yrs. Methodist. Democrat. Office: 1200- 
1400 Monroe St., Chillicothe, Mo. Home: 
Glenmore 665 Elmdale Rd., Chillicothe, 

STEWART, Edward Lovelle, physi- 
cian; b. 29 Mar. 1876, Platte Co., Mo.; 
s. Thos. J. Stewart and Georgie E. 
(Tincher) S.; m. Katherine Ahling, (Sr. 
Imelda), 25 Sept. 1904; children- 
Thomas Duncan, Edward Ahling, Wil- 


liam Frederick; ed. Washburn Coll., 
Topeka, Kan., Kansas City Medical Coll. 
(now Med. Dept., Univ. Kan.), 1903; 
prof. Bact. & Hist. Univ. Medical Coll., 
(K.C.), 1910, and of K.C.-Western Den- 
tal Coll., 1904-41; consulting Pathologist 
K.C. Gen. Hosp. and Pathologist Fair- 
mount and Willows Maternity Hosps., 
1920-41; chief Lata. Ser., U.S. Gen. Hosp. 
No. 41, Fox Hills, Staten Island, N.Y. 
during World War I; now col. Med. 
Res.; mem. Jackson County Med. Soc. 
(p. sec), Mo. State Med. Assn., A.M.A. 
& Mil. Surg. East Gate Masonic Lodge 
No. 630 and East Gate Chapter No. 136 
(p. High Priest) K.C. Mo., Order High 
Priesthood of Mo. & Quill Club of K.C, 
Mo., Ivanhoe Park Cong. Church, K.C. 
Author: Poems of a Doctor, 1940. Foun- 
der Weekly Bulletin of Jackson County 
Med. Soc, Mo. 1907, now in 35th yr. 
Office: 1115 Grand Av., Kansas City, 
Mo. Home: 2520 Jackson Av., Kansas 
City, Mo. Died, 24 Jan. 1945. 

PEETE, Don Carlos, physician; b. 
Kansas City, Kan., 5 Feb. 1900; s. Sam- 
uel English Peete, contractor, and Mary 
Etta (Cooper) P.; ed. Wyandotte high 
sch., 1918; Kan. City Jr. Coll., 1920; 
B.S., Univ. of Kansas, 1923, M.D., 1925; 
m. Alice Virginia Palmer of Kansas 
City, Oct. 3, 1924; children— Alice Vir- 
ginia, Sammie-Lou, Don Carlos, Jr. In- 
terne, Univ. of Kansas Hospitals (then 
Bell Memorial) asst. in med. dispen- 
sary, 1926-28; instr. in med., Kan. Univ., 
1928-31, assoc. in med., 1931-36, asst. 
prof, of med., 1936-45; assoc. prof., 1945; 
attending physician Univ. of Kansas 
Hosp.; acting dir. of Clinic, 1942; cardi- 
ologist, Richard Cabot Clinic; head of 
the dept. of cardiology, Mercy Hosp.; 
served 1 yr. in radio service, U.S.N. , 
during World War I; Harvard Radio 
Sch.; fellow A.M.A. ; assoc. A.C.P.; 
mem. Kansas City Acad, of Med., K.C. 
S.W. Clinical Soc, Am. Heart Assoc, 
Health Conservation Assn., Phi Beta Pi, 
Alpha Omega Alpha, 1945. Author: nu- 
merous arts, on med. matters in med. 
journals and on radio programs. In- 
terest: clinical research. Recreation: 
sports. Episcopalian. Independent. Of- 
fice: Professional Bldg., Kansas City, 
Mo., Home: 3717 Belleview, Kansas 
City, Mo. 

COX, Erma, librarian; b. Martins- 
ville, Ind., 1 Nov. 1899; d. Nathaniel 
Maxwell Cox, handwood turner, and 
Martha Alice (Rusk) C; ed. high sch.; 
summer sch. for Librarians, Indian- 
apolis, 1922. Began career as asst. libr., 
1 Oct. 1919; libr., 1 Oct. 1922—; mem. 

Am. and Ind. Library Assns. Clubs: 
Literary, Martinsville Dept., Martins- 
ville Woman's, Coterie. Interests: litera- 
ture, cooking. Recreations: stage plays, 
symphonies, walking. Baptist. Independ- 
ent. Office: Martinsville Public Library, 
110 S. Jefferson St., Martinsville, Ind. 
Home: Washington Apts., apt. 3, 195 E. 
Washington St., Martinsville, Ind. 

CUSHMAN, Paul Allerton, engineer; 
b. Haverhill, Mass., 1889; s. Charles 
Horace Cushman and Ada (Colby) C; 
ed. Mechanic Arts high sch., Boston, 
Mass., 1907; S.B., M.I.T., 1911, S.M., 
1927; Sc.D., Univ. Mich., 1932; m. Mary 
Ottile Davis of Benton Harbor, Mich., 
1932. Instr., Trinity Coll., 1911-13; rate 
engr. dept. and comml. engr. dept., 
Am. Tel. & Tel. and Pacific Cos., N.Y. 
and Calif., 1913-16; instr. summer ses- 
sions, Univ. Calif., 1913, Univ. Me., 1918; 
instr. steam and elec power plant prac- 
tice, Wentworth Inst., 1916-18; asst. prof, 
of mech. engring., Pa. State Coll., 1918- 
19; asst. prof. mech. engring., Brooklyn 
Poly. Inst., 1919-24; prof, and head of 
mech. engring. dept., Univ. Ark., 1924- 
25; designer, Gen. Elec Co., 1927; with 
Gen. Elec. Co. summers; assoc. prof, 
mech. engring., Univ. Neb., 1927-28; 
prof, and head of mech. engring., Van- 
derbilt Univ., 1928-32; grad. study and 
research, Univ. Mich., 1931-32; prof, 
mech. engring., Univ. Mich., 1932-33; 
prof, and head mech. engring., Val- 
paraiso Univ., 1933-39; metallurgist and 
testing engr., McGill Mfg. Co., Val- 
paraiso, Ind., 1939—; trained sailors and 
soldiers during World War I; fellow 
A.A.A.S.; mem. Am. Soc. for Metals, 
Am. Soc. Mech. Engrs., Soc for Pro- 
motion Engring. Edn., Assn. of Descs. 
of Issac Allerton of the Mayflower, 
Masons (32d deg.), Knight Templar, 
Shriner. Clubs: Wauhob Golf, Val- 
paraiso Foremen's. Author: Electricity 
in Material Handling and articles in 
Materials Handling Cyclopedia; A Re- 
capitulation of Thermodynamics; Stress 
Determination by Membrane Analogy; 
Laws of Mechanical Comparison Ap- 
plied to Transformer Design; Tabulated 
Recapitulations as a Means of Ed. in 
S.P.E.E. Journal; The Principles of 
Automotive Engring. Republican. Of- 
fice: McGill Manufacturing Co., Val- 
paraiso, Ind. Home: 803 Brown Av., 
Valparaiso, Ind. 

TODD, Joseph Clinton, dean; b. Boone 
Co., Mo., 28 Mar. 1879; s. William 
Chenault Todd, lawyer, and Margaret 
Walton (Hall) T.; ed. Hallsville country 
sch.; pub. schs. (Sturgeon, Centralia 


and Marshall, Mo.); A.B., Mo. Valley 
Coll., Marshall, Mo., 1897-1901; A.M., 
Columbia Univ., N.Y., 1906-08; Union 
Theol. Sem., N.Y., 1905-08; D.D., Mo. 
Valley Coll., 1918; LL.D., Culver Stock- 
ton Coll., 1922; m. Emily Josephine 
Robertson of Marshall, Mo., 2 June 
1903; children— Joseph Robertson, Wil- 
liam Dean, Mary Ellen. Teacher mathe- 
matics, Marshall High Sch. (Mo.), 
1901-04; pastor, Christian Ch., Boonville, 
Mo., 1902-04; Christian Ch., Monroe City, 
Mo., 1904-05; supply pastor, 56th St. 
Christian Ch., New York City, 1905-06; 
pastor Presbyn. Ch., Brentwood, L.I., 
1906-08, First Christian Ch., Blooming- 
ton, Ind., 1908-12; dean Ind. Sch. of 
Religion, Bloomington, Ind., 1910—; lec- 
turer on Church Hist., Butler Univ. Coll. 
of Religion, 1933-37; Univ. sec. Bd. of 
Ed. of Disciples of Christ; mem. Univ. 
Comm. Council of Church Bds. of Ed., 
1919-34; pres. Ind. Convention of Ch. of 
Christ, 1911; chmn., Hist. Com. of Ind. 
Convention of Ch. of Christ, 1935-39; del. 
to World Conf. on Church, Community 
and State, Oxford, Eng., and attended 
World Conf. on Faith and Order, Edin- 
burg, Scot.; mem. Good Will Mission to 
Mexico City, inter-ch. World movement; 
sec. for Ind. ch. related coll., 1926; dir. 
bd. of higher ed. of Disciples of Christ; 
dir. No. Am. Bd. for Study of Religion 
in Higher Edn.; exec. sec. Ind. council 
on religion in higher ed.; mem. Ind. 
Hist. Soc. and Ind. Assn. of Teachers of 
Religion; Kappa Delta Rho, Masons. 
Clubs: Indianapolis Athletic, Columbia 
(Indianapolis, Ind.). Author: prescribed 
biblical and religious courses (16 pgs., 
1935), The Universal Christian Life, Con- 
stancy, reg. contbr. of articles to Ind. 
Christian, occasional contbr. to Chris- 
tian Evangelist, St. Louis, Christian 
Standard, Cincinnati. Recreations: 
swiminmg, automobile riding, moun- 
taineering, farming. Disciples of Christ. 
Republican. Address: 618 E. Third St., 
Bloomington, Ind. Summer res.: Rural 
Route 4, Greencastle, Ind. 

WOOLLEN, Herbert M„ business ex- 
ecutive; b. Indianapolis, Ind., 1 Dec. 
18975; s. Milton A. Woollen, capitalist, 
and Ida (Baird) W. ; ed. Manual Train- 
ing high sch., Indianapolis; Purdue; 
B.S., Univ. Wis., 1901; M.D., Ind. Univ., 
1904; m. Irma Wocher of Indianapolis, 
Ind., 7 Jan. 1907. Practice med., Indian- 
apolis, 10 yrs.; pres., Am. Cent. Life 
Ins. Co., 1911-37; pres., Am. United Life 
Ins. Co., 1937-40; pres., Am. Life Conv.; 
dir., Life Agency Officers Assn.; mem. 
Life Ins. Assn. of Am.; Phi Delta Theta, 
Phi Rho Sigma; dir. Ind. State Sym- 

phony Soc, Indianapolis Dramatic, Con- 
temporary, Woodstock, Traders Point 
Hunt (pres.), Columbia, Indianapolis 
Athletic. Office: Meridian St., Indian- 
apolis, Ind. Home: Golden Hill, Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

WRIGHT, Burrell, lawyer; b. Free- 
port, 111., 9 June 1893; s. William O. 
Wright, banker, mcht., and Mary E. 
(Humphrey) W.; ed. Freeport (HI.) high 
sch.; Dartmouth Coll.; Univ. 111.; LL.B., 
Univ. Mich., 1916; m. Rebecca Swain of 
Shelbyville, 2 June 1917; m. (2d) Sabra 
Small Aiman of Elwood, 13 Nov. 1923; 
children — Mary Catherine, Pierre B. 
Aiman, Eliece Aiman. Entered pract., 
July 1916; admitted to White, Wright & 
Boleman, 1920, engaged in corp., busi- 
ness and ins. pract., 1920 — ; asst. treas., 
Ind. Republican orgn., 1928, treas., 1932- 
37; asst. treas., Republican Nat. Com., 
1934-36; Ind. Representative Robert A. 
Taft for President, 1940; active in civic, 
business and political affairs in Ind., 
1925 — ; dir. numerous business and in- 
dustrial corps.; entered Air Service, 
U.S.A., Dec. 1917, 2d It., 1 yr., Mil. 
Intelligence Officer, Mitchell Field, L.I., 
N.Y., 6 mos., discharged, Jan. 1919; 
mem. Am., Indianapolis and Ind. State 
Bar Assns., Internat. Assn. Ins. Coun- 
sel, Phi Delta Phi, Psi Upsilon, Masons 
(Shrine, Scottish Rite), The Newcomen 
Soc, Indiana Soc. of Chicago. Clubs: 
Columbia, Woodstock, Indianapolis 
Country, Dramatic, Indianapolis Press. 
Interests: contemporary paintings, gar- 
dening. Presbyterian. Republican. Of- 
fice: Merchants Bank Bldg., Indian- 
apolis, Ind. Home: 4919 N. Meridian 
St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

BROWN, Oliver W., professor; b. Ver- 
milion Grove, 111., 1873; s. Thomas C. 
Brown, minister, and Matilda J. Cana- 
day; ed. Kokomo (Ind.) high sch., Earl- 
ham Coll., Ind. Univ., Mo. Sch. of 
Mines, B.S., Univ. of Wis., 1895, A.M., 
1896; Sc.D. (hon.), Huntington Coll., 
Ind., 1941; m. Alice J. Saveland of Mil- 
waukee, Wis., 1908; children — Edward 
T. S., Oliver W., Jr., Alice E. Teacher 
chem., Ind. Univ., 1899 — ; instr. chem. 
engring., Univ. Wis., v.p., gen. mgr., 
Brown-Smith Battery Co., chief storage 
battery engr., The Prest-O-Lite Co., Inc., 
1915-17; mem. Electrochem. Soc, Alpha 
Chi Sigma, Sigma Xi. Author: many 
arts, on electrochem., catalysis, electro- 
organic chem., storage batteries. So- 
ciety of Friends. Republican. Office: 
Ind. Univ., Bloomington, Ind. Home: 
526 N. Washington St., Bloomington, 
Ind. Summer home: Plainfield, Ind. 


SCHLOSSBERG, Victor E., elec. 
engr.; b. N.Y. City, 28 May 1905; s. 
John B. Schlossberg (dec.) and Eva 
(Gruhn) S.; ed. Wiley high sch., Terre 
Haute; B.S. in Elec. Engring., Rose 
Poly. Inst., 1926, E.E., 1933; m. Leba C. 
Kerber of Terre Haute, Ind., 1926; chil- 
dren — Eva Adel, Victor E., Jr. Assoc, 
with Inland Steel Co., 1926—, test engr., 
1927, asst. supt. elec. dept., 1930; asst. 
supt. elec. and power depts., 1931 — ; 
served with U.S. Strategic Bombing Sur- 
vey assimilated rank, col. ETO, 1945; 
mem. Am. Inst. Elec. Engrs., Assn. 
Iron and Steel Engrs., Elec. Mainte- 
nance Engrs., East Chicago Chamber 
Commerce, B'nai B'rith. Travel: U.S. 
Jewish (mem. Temple Beth-El, Ham- 
mond). Office: Inland Steel Co., East 
Chicago, Ind. Home: 4136 Parrish Av., 
East Chicago, Ind. 

WENNER, William Ervin, educator, 
lecturer; b. Salem, Pa., 27 Aug. 1872; 
s. G. J. H. Wenner, farmer, and Martha 
(Finley) W.; ed. Westminster Prep. 
Sch.; Clarion State Normal Sch.; A.B., 
Westminster (Pa.) Coll., 1897, Ped. D. 
(hon.), 1936, Coll. of Wooster; m. Mar- 
gie L. Rugh of Salem, Pa., 8 Jan. 
1902; children — Thomas B., Leland C. 
Teacher, pub. schs.; head Eng. dept., 
Slippery Rock State Coll., Pa., 1905-07; 
asst. prin., Wooster Prep. Sch., 1907-09; 
supt., Ashtabula Harbor schs., 1909 — ; 
lecturer and teacher, Kent State Teach- 
ers Coll., summers, 1926-28; Redpath 
Chautauqua lecturer, summers, 1915-24; 
lecturer to civic, coml., fraternal and 
ednl. groups; pres., Y.M.C.A., 1939-45, 
local Chamber Commerce, 2 terms, dir., 
20 yrs.; mem. Ohio Ho. of Reps., 
1918-22, Senate, 1922-23; mem. N.E.A., 
N.E.O.T.A., O.E.A, Y.M.C.A., (Nat. 
Council, 1924-28), Masons (32d deg.). 
Club: Nat. Exchange. Author: Outlines 
of American and English Literature. 
Travel: U.S., Eur. Interests: Boy Scout 
work, lit., edn. Recreation: golf. Con- 
glist. Republican. Office: 221 Lake Av., 
Ashtabula, O. Home: 335 Lake Av., Ash- 
tabula, O. 

HALL, Ford Poulton, professor; b. St. 
Paul, Minn., 21 Nov. 1898; s. Edward C. 
Hall and Jennie (Howard) H.; ed. Cent, 
high sch., St. Paul, Minn.; A.B., Carle- 
ton Coll., 1921; B.A., Oxford Univ., 1924, 
B.C.L., 1925, M.A., 1930; LL.M., Minn., 
1927; m. Frances Nimerfro of Mankato, 
1929. Instr., Univ. Minn., 1925-27; assoc. 
prof., Ind. Univ., 1927-36, prof., head of 
dept., 1936-40, dean of facilities, 1943-44; 
served Monroe Co. Bd. Pub. Welfare, 
1935-40; spl. rep., U.S. Employment 

Service, 1934-38; mem. Ind. Merit Sys- 
tem Council, 1940-41; act. dir., Ind. Bur. 
of Personnel, 1941; tech. advisor to Ind. 
Merit System Assn., 1940-45; corpl. 
World War I, Oct. 1918-Dec. 1918; mem. 
Am. Polit. Sci. Assn., A.A.U.P., Phi 
Beta Kappa; Rhodes Scholar, 1922-25. 
Author: Government and Business 
McGraw-Hill Co., 1934-40; Concept of a 
Business Affected with a Public Interest, 
Puncipia Press, 1940. Travel: Eur., 
Near East. Democrat. Office: Dept. 
Govt., Ind. Univ., Bloomington, Ind. 
Home: 804 Woodlawn, Bloomington, Ind. 

HENNING, Edwin C, lawyer; b. Can- 
nelton, Ind., 20 Jan. 1875; s. William 
Henning, lawyer, and Sarah Elizabeth 
(Cleveland) H.; ed. Cannelton (Ind.) 
high sch.; Univ. Mich.; m. Maud Sulzer 
of Cannelton, Ind., 20 Nov. 1921. Asst. 
prosecuting atty., 1897; judge Superior 
Ct, Vandeburgh Co., 1928-30; tr. Evans- 
ville Waterworks Dept., 1935-43; mem. 
Ind. State and Am. Bar Assns. (p. com. 
mem.), Evansville Bar Assn. (p. pres.), 
Am. Waterworks Assn., Sigma Chi, Am. 
Soc. Internat. Law, Elks (exalted ruler, 
Evansville branch, 5 yrs.). Clubs: Mich- 
igan Union (Ann Arbor, Mich.), Colum- 
bia (Indianapolis), Optimist (Evans- 
ville). Travel: Can., Mex., U.S. Direct 
desc. of Moses Cleveland, founder of 
city of Cleveland, O. Interest: literature. 
Recreation: walking. Episcopalian. Re- 
publican. Office: 303-305 Citizens Bank 
Bldg., Evansville, Ind. Home: 636 E. 
Gum St., Evansville, Ind. 

MILLER, Sidney S., lawyer; b. Indi- 
anapolis, Ind., 27 Sept. 1893; s. Samuel 
D. Miller, lawyer, and Helen (Karcher) 
M.; ed. Shortridge high sch., Indian- 
apolis; Manlius Sch., Manlius, N.Y.; 
Hamilton Coll.; LL.B., Ind. Law Sch., 
1916; m. Maybelle Sattley of Detroit. 
Mich., 17 May 1919 (div.); children- 
Samuel D., II, Constance, Sidney S., 
Jr.; m. (2d) Thelma Horton of Indian- 
apolis, Ind., 3 Aug. 1940. Practice of 
law, 1916 — ; dir., v.p. and gen. counsel, 
Vernon Gen. Ins. Co.; chief dep. prose- 
cutor, Marion Co., Ind., 1921-22; judge. 
Sup. Court Marion Co., Ind., 1922-27; 
pres., Bd. Pub. Welfare, Marion Co., 
Ind., 1937-40; corp. counsel, Indian- 
apolis, 1943-45; mem. Bd. Corporators, 
Crown Hill Cemetery; capt., maj. 150th 
F.A. 42 (Rainbow) Div. during World 
War I; mem. Am. Legion, Vets, of Fgn. 
Wars, Mil. Order of Loyal Legion, Sons 
Am. Revol., Masons, Rainbow Div. 
Vets., Am., Indianapolis and Ind. State 
Bar Assns., Chi Psi, Delta Theta Phi. 
Club: Service. Recreations: golf, fish- 


ing. Presbyterian. Republican. Office : 
1356 Consolidated Bldg., 115 N. Pennsyl- 
vania St., Indianapolis, Ind. Home: 
Columbia Club, Indianapolis, Ind. 

MORRIS, Donald S„ executive; b. 
Indianapolis, Ind., 27 Sept. 1878; s. 
Thomas O'N. Morris, civil engr., and 
Estelle J. (Goodale) M.; ed. LL.B., Ind. 
Law Sen., 1899; m. Lucie MacDaniel of 
Indianapolis, Ind., 16 June 1906; chil- 
dren—Josephine M. McKee, Morris; m. 
(2d) Mary A. Humes of Indianapolis, 
Ind., 30 June 1934. Practiced law Indian- 
apolis, 1899-1915; assoc. with Fletcher 
Trust Co., 1915-45, v.p., counsel; mem. 
Indianapolis and Ind. Bar Assns., F. & 
A.M. Oriental Lodge. Clubs: Woodstock, 
Columbia, Loyal Legion. Grandfather 
commanded first battle of Civil War. 
Recreation: golf. Presbyterian. Repub- 
lican. Office: Fletcher Trust Bldg., In- 
dianapolis, Ind. Home: Indianapolis, 

NESTER, Henry George, university 
professor and head of department of 
physiology and health, dean of men; b. 
Indianapolis, Ind., 20 Aug. 1903; ed. 
Shortridge high sch.; A.B., Butler Univ., 
1925; A.M., Ind. Univ., 1928, Ph.D., 1930; 
aviation physiologist, Sch. of Aviation 
Medicine, Randolph Field, Tex., 1942, 
Marine. Biol. Lab., Woods Hole, Mass. 
Grad. asst. in zool., embryol., heredity 
and limnol., Ind. Univ., 1925-28, Water- 
man Res. Grant, 1928, grad. fellowship, 
1928-29; full time asst. in Vertebrate 
Zool., Univ. HI., 1929; instr., zool., 
Butler Univ., 1929-30, asst. prof., 1930- 
38, assoc. prof., 1938-40, prof, and head 
dept. of physiol. and health, 1940—, 
chmn., Men's Council (Dean of Men), 
1938_; 1st It., aviation physiologist, Air 
Corps, U.S. Army, 1942-43, promoted 
capt., 1944; fellow, Ind. Acad. Sci. 
(chmn. Zoology Sect., 1938); fellow 
A.A.A.S.; mem. Sigma Xi, Phi Kappa 
Phi, Am. Soc. of Zools., A.A.U.P., Ind. 
Student Health Assn. (p. pres.), Masons 
(Ancient Landmarks Lodge, Scottish 
Rite), Lambda Chi Alpha. Author: Some 
Cytoplasmic Structures in the Male Re- 
productive Cells of a Pseudoscorpion 
(Chelanops corticis), Jour, of Morph. & 
Physiol., vol. 53, No. 1, 5 Mar. 1932; 
Abstracts for Biol. Abstracts, 1927-37; 
The Golgi Material in the Parathyroid 
Gland Cells of Vitamin D. Deficient 
Albino Rats; Proc. Ind. Acad. Sci. 48: 
201, 1939. Christian. Office: Butler Univ., 
Indianapolis, Ind. Home: 2832 N. Capitol 
Av., Indianapolis, Ind. 

REVEAL, Ernest Ira, minister, super- 
intendent of Evansville Rescue Mission; 

b. Charleston, W.Va., 15 Apr. 1880; 8. 
Francis Reveal, brick mfr., and Vic- 
toria (Brown) R.; ed. by practical ex- 
perience; D.D. (hon.), Bob Jones Coll., 
Cleveland, Tenn., 3 June 1941; m. Edna 
W. Wiltrout of Silver Lake, Ind., 17 Aug. 
1910; children — Virginia Reveal Day, 
Ernest, Jr. Licensed to preach, 1908; 
ordained minister, 1919; supt., Evans- 
ville Rescue Mission, 1917 — ; awarded 
bronze tablet, placed in Temple of Fine 
Arts, for outstanding citizen of 1931; 
nationally known for annual Bible Conf. 
with speakers from all parts of the 
United States and abroad. Interest: 
prayer building programs. Recreation: 
all outdoor life. Presbyterian. Non-par- 
tisan. Office: 216 Locust St., Evansville, 
Ind. Home: 2132 Lincoln Av., Evans- 
ville, Ind. Summer home: Camp Reveal, 

BURCH, Alvan Vernon, Sr., execu- 
tive; b. Crawford Co., 111., 27 May 1888; 
s. Jasper Newton Burch, farmer, and 
Sarah Katherine B.; ed. secondary 
schs.; m. Violet H. Hadley of Moores- 
ville, Ind., 1907; children— Harold H., 
Gerald J. and Alvan V., Jr. Farmer; 
pres., owner, Blount Plow Works, Inc.; 
the only male ever elected to life mem- 
bership by War Mothers of Am. ; served 
on Ind. Highway Commn., Comptroller 
City of Evansville, 1943, 44; elected 
auditor of state, State of Ind., 1944, now 
serving in this capacity; mem. Masons 
(York Rite), Shrine. Clubs: Republican, 
Columbia, Indianapolis, Ind. Interests: 
fishing, hunting. Methodist. Republican. 
Office: Blount Plow Works, Inc., Main 
and Illinois Sts., Evansville, Ind. Home: 
900 Ravenswood Dr., Evansville, Ind. 

BURGET, Eugene O., insurance ex- 
ecutive; b. Clinton, Co., Ind., 5 Jan. 
1869; s. Wm. M. Burget, farmer, and 
Permelia (Matt) B.; ed. Ind. State Nor- 
mal Sch., 1890; m. Carrie B. Boyle of 
Frankfort, Ind., 28 June 1899. Teacher, 
Clinton Co., 7 yrs.; prin. schs., Circle- 
ville and Hillisburg, Ind.; dep. co. audi- 
tor, 1894-1902; auditor, Clinton Co., 1902- 
06; asst. cashier, Clinton Co. Bank, 1907; 
sec, gen. mgr., Peoples Life Ins. Co., 
1907, pres., 1926; dir. Frankfort Cham- 
ber Commerce, Country Club, Citizens 
Bldg. and Loan Assn., Farmers Bank; 
mem. Ind. Hist. Soc, B.P.O.E., Masons, 
Shrine, Scottish Rite, K.T., K. of P., 
Red Men. Recreations: golf, fishing, 
horse racng. Methodist. Republican. Of- 
fice: Peoples Life Bldg., Frankfort, Ind. 
Home: 502 S. Main St., Frankfort, Ind. 

CHAMBERLIN, Harry O., lawyer; b. 
Washington, D.C., 6 Jan. 1872; s. Edw. 


H. Chamberlin, commn. mcht., and 
Sarah T. (Richardson) C; ed. Washing- 
ton (D.C.) high sch.; LL.B., Nat. Univ. 
Law, 1895, LL.M., 1896; m. Louise M. 
Craig of Oxford, Mich., 3 Sept. 1895; 
1 dau., Eunice Craig. Clk., Post Office, 
Washington, D.C, 1891-1902; admitted 
to practice law, Indianapolis, 2 Mar. 
1902; partner, Roemler & Chamberlin, 
1905-20, renewed partnership, Roemler, 
Chamberlin & Rust, 1933-41; judge 
Marion Circuit Ct., Indianapolis, 1920, 
1926; State Senator, Ind. Gen. Assembly, 
1940-44; Ind. Compliance Commn. U.S. 
War Prod. Bd., 1944-45; capt., Chem. 
Warfare (gas) Service, Camp Hum- 
phries, Va., Camp Kendrick, N..J, 1918; 
mem. A.F. & A.M., Ind. State and Indi- 
anapolis Bar Assns., S.A.R., Am. 
Legion. Clubs: Service (Indianapolis), 
Sojourners. Presbyterian. Republican. 
Office: 1110 Fletcher Trust Bldg., Indi- 
anapolis, Ind. Home: 3907 N. Pennsyl- 
vania St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

CONDO, Gus S., lawyer; b. Lafayette, 
Ind., 1 July 1874; s. Samuel S. Condo, 
clergyman, and Sarah A. (Pottorf) C; 
m. Nelle Kiley of Marion, Ind., 30 June 
1902. Practiced law, Marion, Ind., 
1896 — , in all state and fed. courts; mem. 
U.S. Supreme Ct. Bar, 1911—; dir., 
Marion Nat. Bank, Marion Nat. Corp., 
Consolidated Finance Co., Indianapolis, 
Ind.; mem. Ind. Legislature, 1905-08; 
mem. Am., Ind. and Grant Co. Bar 
Assns., B.P.O.E., Izaak Walton League. 
Clubs: Kiwanis, Columbia, Indianapolis 
Mecca, Marion. Recreation: fishing. 
Catholic. Republican. Office: Marion 
Nat. Bank Bldg., Marion, Ind. Home: 
110 Wabash Av., Marion, Ind. 

THURSTON, Ernest B., electrical and 
mechanical engineer; b. Orion, Mich., 
26 June 1887; s. Jesse J. Thurston, 
farmer, and Emma J. (Porritt) T.; ed. 
Orion high sch.; E.E., M.E., Ohio 
Northern Univ., 1910; m. Elta G. Roth- 
rock of Ada, O., Aug. 1908; children — 
Glen E., Beulah E., Pauline E., Lulu 
Marie. Electrical engr., General Elec- 
tric Co., Pittsfield, Mass., 1910-12; prof, 
electric and mech. engr., Aad, O., 1912- 
15; development and sales engr., 
Haughton Elevator, Co., 1915; fellow 
A.I.E.E.; mem. Masons. Author: 40 
patents. Travel: U.S. Recreation: hik- 
ing. Methodist. Republican. Office: care 
Haughton Elevator Co., Toledo, O. 
Home: 2058 Glenwood Av., Toledo, O. 
Summer home: Lost Lake Woods Club, 
Lincoln, Mich. 

THOMPSON, Clara Ann, writer, pub- 
lic reader; b. Rossmoyne, O. ; d. John 

Henry Thompson, farmer, and Clara 
Jane (Gray) T.; ed. pub. schs., Ross- 
moyne; pvt. tutors. Teacher, pub. schs., 
1 yr.; wrote poetry, gave pub. readings 
of it for chs., clubs, etc.; mem. Y.W. 
C.A., Nat. Assn. for Advancement of 
Colored People. Author: Songs from the 
Wayside, 1908; A Garland of Poems, 
1926. Travel: U.S. Interests: art, litera- 
ture, needlework, wood carving. Epis- 
copalian. Republican. Home address: 
Box 217, Rossmoyne, O. 

TAFT, Hulbert, journalist; b. Cincin- 
nati, O., 20 Sept. 1877; s. Peter R. Taft, 
lawyer, and Matilda (Hulbert) T.; ed. 
Clifton Pub. high sch.; Franklin Sch.; 
B.A., Yale Univ., 1900; LL.D. (hon.), 
Xavier Univ.; m. Nellie Leaman of Cin- 
cinnati, O., Apr. 1904; children— Hul- 
bert, Jr., Katherine (Mrs. James Bene- 
dict), Margo (Mrs. John Tytus), David 
G.; m. (2d) Virginia Kittredge of Cin- 
cinnati, O., July 1928. Reporter, Cin- 
cinnati, Times-Star, 1901-02, assoc. ed., 
1902-07, ed., 1907—; pres., Times Star 
Co., 1930 — . Clubs: Commercial, Queen 
City, Camargo, University. Office: Cin- 
cinnati Times-Star, Cincinnati, O. 
Home: Indian Hill Rd., Cincinnati, O. 
Summer res.: Biddeford Pool, Me. 

GRIES, John Matthew, economist; b. 
nr. Urbana, 111., 22 June 1877; s. Alex- 
ander Gries and Mary (Scarborough) 
G.; ed. A.B., Miami Univ., 1905, A.M., 
1906; LL.D., 1923; Univ. of Wis. and 
Columbia Univ.; m. Ethel M. Goff of 
Madeira, O., Dec. 1909; children— John 
Paul, Robert Goff, George A. Financial 
sec, Univ. Settlement, N.Y., 1907-08; 
spl. agt., Bur. of Corporations, Washing- 
ton, D.C, 1908-14; mem. faculty, Grad. 
Sch. of Bus. Adminstrn., Harvard Univ., 
1914-21; dir., Harvard Bur. of Business 
Research, 1918; examiner, U.S. Fed. 
Trade Commn., 1917; expert, U.S. Ship- 
ping Bd., 1918; chief, Div. of Bldg. and 
Housing, U.S. Bur. of Standards, U.S. 
Dept. of Commerce, 1921-28; chief, Div. 
Pub. Constr. U.S. Dept. of Commerce, 
1928-30; chmn. Am. delegation to Con- 
gress of Internat. Fedn. of Building and 
Public Works, London, Eng., 1930; exec, 
sec, President's Conf. on Home Bldg. 
and Home Ownership, 1930-32; mem. 
Fed. Home Loan Bank Bd., 1932-33; 
mem. Am. Planning and Civic Assn. 
(dir.), Ohio Soc of N.Y., Delta Upsilon, 
Acacia, Phi Beta Kappa, Masons, 
O.E.S., Ohio Soc. of New York. Co- 
author: How to Own Your Home, 1923; 
Seasonal Operations in Constr. Indus- 
tries. Joint editor: (with Dr. James 
Ford) 11 vols, on housing. Travel: Eng., 


Scotland, Fr., Belg., The Netherlands, 
Ger., U.S. Interests: city planning, and 
local hist. Conglist. Republican. Office: 
Conover, O. Home: Rosewood, O. Winter 
home: Kissimmee, Fla. 

GAMMEL, John Anthony Stephan, 

physician, professor; b. Veitshoechheim, 
Bavaria, 24 July 1894; s. Stephan Gam- 
mel, r.r. official, and Anna (Fischer) 
G.; ed. Volkschule, 1904; Humanis- 
tisches Neues Gymnasium, 1913; M.D., 
Faculty Med., Julius Maxmilians Univ., 
Wuerzburg, Bavaria, 1922; m. Elfriede 
Van Boemmel of Wuerzburg, Bavaria, 
27 Sept. 1923; children — Ensign Leonard 
John (U.S.N.R.), Louis Fidelis, Verena 
Elfriede. Mem. faculty Western Reserve 
Univ. Med. Sch., 1924—; on staff of 
Univ. Hosps. and Outpatient Dept., 
Lakeside Hosp., 1924 — ; pres., Press & 
Plate Co., Cleveland; entered German 
Army as cadet, 1913, fought in World 
War I, resigned as 1st It., 1919, reed. 
Iron Cross, Knight of the Frederic Order 
( Wuerttemberg) , Frederic August Cross, 
German War Mem. Cross, Austrian, 
Bulgarian, Hungarian War Mem. Med- 
als, plaque for injury reed, at a para- 
chute jump; mem. Am. Dermatol. 
Assn., A.M. A., Ohio State Med. Soc, 
Cleveland Acad. Med., Cleveland Med. 
Library Assn., Cleveland Dermatol. Soc. 
(pres., 1938-39), Mycological Soc. Am. 
(charter mem.), Schlaraffia Silvana 
(presiding off., 1932-45), K.C., German 
Sports League (Cleveland, hon. pres.). 
Author: monograph on Madura foot; 24 
arts, in Am., French, Ger. sci. jours.; 
collaborator of Mycopathologia (Den 
Haag). Interests: collection of early 
copper etchings and books of Francony, 
old Ger. stamps. Catholic. Office: 521 
Osborn Bldg., Cleveland, O. Home: 2778 
Derbyshire Rd., Cleveland Heights, O. 

FREEMAN, Benjamin W., executive 
engineer, inventor; b. Cincinnati, O., 25 
Feb. 1890; s. Louis G. Freeman, manu- 
facturer, and Elizabeth (Brodfur) F.; 
ed. grammar sch.; B.S., Dayton Univ., 
1908; M.E., Univ. Cincinnati, 1913; m. 
Renie Mangham of San Antonio, Tex., 
14 June 1919; children — Renie M., Mar- 
jorie A., Benj. W., Jr. Prodn. mgr., 
Hudson Heel Co., St. Louis, 1913-17; with 
Louis G. Freeman Co., Cincinnati, 
1919 — , pres., 1930—; pres., Greenbrier 
Corp., 1938 — ; dir. Greenbrier Corp., 
L. G. Freeman Co.; served as 1st It., 
Ordnance, Apr. 1917-Dec. 1918; mem. 
A.S.M.E. Clubs: Engrs. of Cincinnati, 
Cincinnati Country, University, Queen 
City, Cincinnati. Inventor: machines 
used in shoe mfg. Interest: gardening. 

Recreations, golf, travel. Office: 1819 
Freeman Av., Cincinnati, O. Home: 2613 
Handasyde, Cincinnati, O. Summer res. : 
Birchwood, Mich. 

DEVIN, Henry Curtis, attorney; b. 
Mt. Vernon, O., 27 Mar. 1868; s. Joseph 
C. Devin, atty., and Ella (Curtis) D.; 
ed. Mt. Vernon high sch.; Marsh's 
Acad.; Ph.B., Kenyon Coll., Gambier, 
O., 1888, A.M., 1893; m. Fanny Emma 
Marsh at Wawasee, Ind., 10 July 1895; 
children — Fletcher M., Elizabeth Brain. 
Dir. and chmn. bd. dirs., First Knox 
Nat. Bank; pres. and mem. bd. trs., Mt. 
Vernon (O.) Pub. Lib.; mem. bd. trs., 
Knox Co. Children's Home; elected 
judge, Common Pleas Ct., 1938; mem. 
Selective Service local Draft Bd. (sec), 
Knox Co., O. during World War I.; mem. 
bd. dirs., Mt. Vernon Tel. Corp.; mem. 
Knox Co. and O. State Bar Assns., 
Alpha Delta Phi, Phi Beta Kappa. 
Clubs: Mt. Vernon Country, University 
(Columbus, O.). Episcopalian. Repub- 
lican. Office: First-Knox Nat. Bank 
Bldg., Mt. Vernon, O. Home: 101 N. 
Main St., Mt. Vernon, O. 

ELLIOTT, Floyd Edward, musician; 
b. Laurelville, O., 18 Dec. 1902; s. H. C. 
Elliott, minister, and Margaret (Tou- 
mine) E.; ed. West high sch., Columbus, 
O.; Otterbein Coll.; Mus.D., Capital 
Univ., 1944; Cincinnati Conservatory, 
Chicago Musical Coll.; Arts Coll.; grad. 
student O. State Univ., 1944. Affiliated 
with violin dept., Capital Univ., 1926—; 
asst. prof, violin, 1941; direct string 
ensembles, serves as concert meister 
and assoc. conductor; professional in 
music in fields of teaching, radio, solo 
(violin), opera string quartet and en- 
semble; supervisor music, Hamilton 
Twp. High Sch.; Junior Band and Or- 
chestra Chmn. of the State of Ohio; 
mem. Cent. Ohio Teachers Assn., Ohio 
Ed. Assn. Club: National Fedn. of 
Music. Interest: producing musical 
plays. Recreations: tennis, golf, fishing, 
bridge. Lutheran. Republican. Office: 
Capital University, Columbus, O. Home: 
675 Sheridan Av., Columbus, O. 

DUMLER, Martin George, manufac- 
turer; b. Cincinnati, O., 22 Dec. 1868; 
s. Martin Dumler, grocer, and Magda- 
lena (Diem) D.; ed. St. Joseph's Sch., 
Cincinnati, O.; Mus. Doc. (hon.), Coll. 
Music, 1934; LL.D. (hon.), St. Xavier 
Univ., 1927; m. Pearl Estelle Droste of 
Cincinnati, O., 23 Jan. 1907; 1 son — 
Martin Henry. Pres., Chatfield & Woods 
Sack Co.; v.p., Coll. Music of Cincin- 
nati; mem. Bruckner Soc. Am. (pres.), 
Internat. Bruckner Soc. Vienna (hon.), 


Soc St. Gregory Am. (exec, com.), Cin- 
cinnati Chamber Music Soc, Phi Mu 
Alpha Sifonia. Clubs: Kentucky 
Colonel, Stumps Boat, Cincinnati, Hyde 
Park Golf & Country, McDowell, Musi- 
cians, Cincinnati Art, Salmagundi 
(N.Y.), Orpheus. Composer: many 
sacred music compositions, also secular, 
many large works for symphonic or- 
chestra; music, Opus No. 40 "Stabat 
Mater" premiere, Cincinnati May Festi- 
val, 1935; works played extensively 
throughout Eur. and Can. Interests: 
books, art. Recreations: golf, fishing, 
gardening. Catholic. Office: The Chat- 
field & Woods Sack Co., Arbor PL, 
Hyde Park, Cincinnati, O. Home: 1607 
Dexter Av., Cincinnati 6, O. 

DINSMORE, Ray Putnam, vice presi- 
dent; b. Tewksbury, Mass., 24 Apr. 
1893; s. Hiram P. Dinsmore, accountant, 
and Susan (Toye) D.; ed. Lowell 
(Mass.) high sen.; B.S. (in Ch.E.), 
M.I.T., 1914; Dr. Engr., Case Sch. of 
Applied Science, 1940; m. Violet Cowie 
of Toronto, 24 Sept. 1919; children— Ruth 
H., Ray P. Entire business career with 
the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co., 
1914—, exptl. dept., Akron, O., 1914-16, 
asst. chem., Goodyear, Can., 1916-19, 
chief chem., Calif., 1919-21, chief com- 
pounder, Akron, 1921-23, chief chem., 
1923-32, asst. to factory mgr., 1932-39, 
development mgr., 1939-43, v. pres., 
1943 — ; chmn. Akron sect. A.C.S., 1925- 
26; chmn. Akron sect. Am. Inst. Chem. 
Engr., 1938 — ; chmn. Rubber div., 
A.C.S., 1925-26; asst. dep. rubber dir., 
Washington, D.C., 1942-43; mem. Prof. 
Engrs., Am. Chem. Soc, Am. Inst. 
Chem. Engrs., fellow, A.A.A.S., Inst, of 
Chem., Inst, of Rubber Ind. (British). 
Clubs: Portage Country (Akron), Chem. 
(New York), University (Akron). Au- 
thor: papers and patents on rubber 
technic Co-author: Alexander's Colloid 
Chemistry of Rubber; A.C.S. Mono- 
graphs on Rubber Technology; Hauser's 
Handbuch der Gesamten Kautschuk 
Technologic Travel: Eur., U.S., Can. 
Interests: economics, philosophy, sci., 
ethics. Recreations: hunting, fishing, 
building, reading. Conglist. Republican. 
Office: Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co., 
Akron, O. Home: 795 Merriman Rd., 
Akron, O. Summer home: Hardy Rd., 
Northampton, O. 

MILLER, Thomas William, executive; 
b. Manchester, O., 12 Feb. 1875; s. Free- 
man S. Miller, carriage builder, and 
Rebecca (Fisher) M.; ed. Summit and 
Stark Co. high sens.; m. Helen Adelaide 
Myers of Ashland, O., 31 Mar. 1909; 


children — Thomas William, Jr., Mary 
Miller Johnson, Parker Everard. With 
The Faultless Rubber Co., 1900 — , pres., 
1907, chmn. of bd., 1925, retired, 1941; 
dir., The First Nat. Bank, Faultless 
Rubber Co., F. E. Myers & Bro. Co. 
(all of Ashland), Nat. City Bank of 
Cleveland, Rubber Mfrs. Assn., N.Y.; 
mem. Masons, K.T., Shrine, Cleveland 
Fla. Chamber Commerce. Clubs: Union 
(Cleveland), Mid-Day (Cleveland), Ash- 
land Country, Yacht (St. Petersburg, 
Fla.). Lutheran. Republican. Home: 934 
Center St., Ashland, O. Winter res.: 
1446 Park St., The Jungle, St. Peters 
burg, Fla. 

MOULINBER, Edward P., lawyer; b. 
Cincinnati, O., 30 Apr. 1868; s. Charles 
P. Moulinier and Helen G. (Price) M.; 
ed. St. Xavier high sch.; A.B., Xavier 
Univ., 1887; LL.B., Cincinnati Law Sch., 
Univ. Cincinnati, 1890; LL.D. (hon.), 
Xavier Univ., 1919; m. Margaret Elea- 
nor Black of Cincinnati, O., 20 Jan. 
1920; 1 son, John Rodman. Asst. U.S. 
atty., 1898-1915; pres., Cincinnati Bar 
Assn., 1938-39; gen. pvt. law practice, 
1890 — ; mem. Council Boy Scouts Am. 
(Cincinnati area), Am. Bar Assn., O. 
Bar Assn. Clubs: University, Cincinnati 
Country. Grandfather, Dr. Wm. Price, 
came to Cincinnati in 1826, one of the 
first homeopathic phys. in city. Inter- 
ests: hist, of art, study of prints. Catho- 
lic Republican. Office: 1514 First Nat. 
Bank Bldg., Cincinnati, O. Home: 3647 
Kendall Av., Hyde Park, Cincinnati, O. 
Summer home: Biddeford Pool, Me. 

MUNN, Lottie E., teacher; b. North 
Eaton, O., 15 June 1897; d. Edgar L. 
Munn, farmer, and Ella M. (Fauver) 
M.; ed. high sch., Elyria, O.; A.B., 
Baldwin- Wallace Coll., 1917; M.S., Univ. 
111., 1922, Ph.D., 1924. Instr. chem., 
Baldwin- Wallace Coll., 1917-20; asst. in 
chem., Univ. 111., 1920-23; prof, chem., 
Lake Erie Coll., 1924—; mem. A.C.S. , 
A.A.A.S., O. Acad, of Sci., Sigma Xi, 
Iota Sigma Pi, A.A.U.W., Grange. Au- 
thor: The Value of Some Tellurium Com- 
pounds as Disinfectants. Travel: Eur., 
Can., Mex. Gt. grandfather, Obadiah 
Munn., one of the first settlers of Lake- 
wood, O.; desc. Benjamin Munn, a first 
settler of Springfield, Mass. Interest: 
gardening. Recreations: reading, bicy- 
cling, walking. Protestant. Republican. 
Office: Lake Erie Coll., Painesville, O. 
Home: 205 Mentor Av., Painesville, O. 
Summer res.: Grafton, O. 

NUTT, Joseph Randolph, investments; 
b. Uniontown, Pa., 9 Mar. 1869; s. Adam 
C. Nutt, lawyer, banker, and Charlotte 
Frances (Wells) N.; ed. pub. sens.; m. 


Leora Carter Hay of Somerset, Pa., 
1891; 1 son, Robert H.; m. (2d) Eliza- 
beth Hasbrouck of Cleveland, O., 1907; 
children — Joseph R., Jr., Frances, 
David C. In jewelry bus., Akron, O., 
1893-98; Central Savings Bank, Akron, 
1898-1901; sec, treas., Savings & Trust 
Co., Cleveland, O., 1901, then through 
various consolidations of banks in Cleve- 
land; pres., chmn. bd., The Union Trust 
Co., retired, 1932; treas. Rep. Nat. Com., 
1928-33; dir., New York, Chicago & St. 
Louis R.R. Co., The Goodyear Tire & 
Rubber Co.; mem. Chamber Commerce 
(Cleveland). Club: Union. Recreation: 
fishing. Christian Scientist. Republican. 
Office: 2512 Terminal Tower, Cleveland, 
O. Home: 2285 Coventry Rd., Cleveland 
Heights, O. 

RUPP, Robert, artist; b. Cleveland, 
O., 6 Dec. 1895; s. George L. Rupp, 
exptl. worker, and Matilda (Barth) R.; 
ed. Cent, high sch., Cleveland, O.; 
Cleveland Sch. of Art, Cincinnati Art 
Acad., Univ. Cincinnati; m. Gladys 
DeVorak of Cleveland, 21 Aug. 1917; 
1 dau., Arlie. With Corday & Gross Co. 
(art dept.), Cleveland, O., 1910; opened 
studio in Akron, servicing accts. of 
Goodrich & Goodyear, 1917; opened 
studios in Chicago, N.Y.; dir., Proctor 
& Collier of Cincinnati; est. Rupp 
Studio, handling adv. art, design, fine 
art, 1933; pres., Rupp Studios & Assocs., 
1933—; mem. Masons (32d deg.), 
Shriner, Nat. Indsl. Advertisers Assn. 
Clubs: Cincinnati Art, Cincinnati Adver- 
tisers' Exchange, Cincinnati Arts. 
Father, first Rupp to settle in Cleveland. 
Interests: amateur photog., movies. 
Recreations: outdoor sketching. Protes- 
tant. Independent. Office: American 
Bldg., Cincinnati, O. Home: 6271 Cor- 
telyou St. (Pleasant Ridge), Cincinnati, 
O. Summer home: R.R. 2, Loveland, O. 

SMULL, Cora Kemp; b. Ada, O., 29 
Dec. 1879; d. David G. Kemp, druggist, 
and Laura Jane (Ashbrook) K.; ed. 
Ada (O.) high sch.; O. Northern Univ., 
1899; studied piano, Cleveland, 1901-03; 
m. Thomas J. Smull, 4 Oct. 1906; chil- 
dren—Miriam May, Thos., Leland K. 
Teacher piano, 8 yrs.; mem. Phi Chi 
Sorority, D.A.R., Colonial Dames. 
Clubs: Research, Woman's Republican. 
Ohio Northern University Woman's. 
Travel: U.S., Can., Mex. Interests: gar- 
dening, music, photog. Recreations: 
motoring, walking. Presbyterian. Re- 
publican. Home: 301 South Main St., 
Ada, O. 

STECHER, Joseph Day, lawyer; b. 
Upper Sandusky, O., 22 Feb. 1904; s. 

George J. Stecher, lawyer, and Hattie 
E. (Day) S.; ed. Upper Sandusky high 
sch.; B.A., O. Wesleyan Univ., 1925; 
J.D., O. State Univ., 1928; m. Alice L. 
Heesen of Toledo, O., 23 Jan. 1937; chil- 
dren — Joseph Day, Jr., Sally Ann. Law 
practice, Toledo, O., 1928 — ; mem. firm 
Yager, Bebout & Stecher; tr. Child & 
Family Agency; mem. Am. Bar Assn. 
(asst. sec, 1937 — ), Jr. Bar Section 
(chmn., 1936-37, v. chmn., 1935-36, exec 
council, 1934-38), O. State Bar Assn., 
(exec, com., 1940 — ), Toledo Bar Assn. 
(pres., 1941-42, v.p., 1939-41, exec com., 
1936), Alpha Sigma Phi, Delta Theta 
Phi, Delta Sigma Rho, Order of the 
Coif. Recreation: golf. Protestant. Re- 
publican. Office: 603 Toledo Trust Bldg., 
Toledo, O. Home: 3212 Kenwood Blvd., 
Toledo, O. 

DeWEESE, Arville Ottis, physician, 
teacher; b. Harrison Co., Ind., 25 Aug. 
1888; s. M.D. DeWeese, businessman, 
and Emma (Stevens) DeW.; ed. O. 
Valley Coll.; Ind. State Teachers Coll.; 
Ind. State Univ.; M.D., Univ. Louisville, 
1924; m. Vergie Jenkins of Corydon, 
1911; children — Byrne, Marion Spencer, 
Harriette, James. Teacher, elem. sch.; 
prin., supt., high sch., Harrison Co., 
Ind.; instr., assoc. prof., head of dept. 
physiol. and Pharmacol., Univ. Louis- 
ville Med. Sch.; dir., Student Health 
Service, Kent State Univ.; mem. Am. 
Assn. Sch. Phys. (p. pres.), Am. Sch. 
Health Assn. (pres., exec sec), A.M.A., 
Am. Student Health Assn., Am. Physical 
& Health Assn. Clubs: Kiwanis, Twin 
Lakes Country. Author: arts, in prof, 
and ednl. jours. Methodist. Democrat. 
Office: Kent State Univ., Kent, O. 
Home: 515 E. Main St., Kent, O. 

DAY, Luther, lawyer; b. Canton, O., 
9 May 1879; s. William R. Day, and 
Mary Elizabeth (Schaefer) D.; ed. Can- 
ton high sch.; Williston Sem.; Witten- 
berg Coll.; Univ. Mich. Law Sch.; m. 
Ida McKinley Barber of Canton, O., 24 
June 1903; children — Mrs. George H. 
Rudolph, Mrs. Clemens E. Gunn. Admt. 
to bar, 1904; law pract., Canton, 1904-10, 
Cleveland, 1910 — ; mem. Am., Ohio 
State, and Cleveland Bar Assns. Clubs: 
Union, Nisi Prius, Cleveland, Wawash- 
kamo Golf, Mackinac Island, Mich. Lu- 
theran. Republican. Office: 1759 Union 
Commerce Bldg., Cleveland, O. Home: 
2222 Demington Dr., Cleveland Heights, 
O. Summer res.: Mackinac Island, 

D'ANCHISE, Gennaro Gustavo, cler- 
gyman; b. Italy, 4 Apr. 1883; s. Paolo 
D'Anchise, civil service, and Carlotta 


(Mastrange) D'A.; ed. schs. of It.; 
I.M.A.; grad. work, Columbia Univ., 
1916; Western Reserve Univ., 1931, 
Ph.D., 1933, fellow in Grad. Sen., 1934; 
m. Gemma Bianchi Bologna of It., 29 
Oct. 1906. Minister, Ch. of Holy Trinity, 
153d St. and Morris Av., N.Y.C., 1907- 
14, Palermo, Genoa and Rome, It., 1920- 
29, St. John's Beckwith Mem. Ch., 
Cleveland, 1929 — ; chaplain, Immigrant 
Sta., Ellis Island, N.Y. Harbor, 1914-17; 
dir. Bur. Immigration, Am. Waldensian 
Aid Soc, N.Y.C., 1917-20. Episcopalian. 
Republican. Office and home: 2062 Mur- 
ray Hill Rd., Cleveland, O. 

CAWOOD, Richard Lawrence, manu- 
facturer, banker; b. Belpre, O., 12 Feb. 
1882; s. Alexander Cawood, planter, and 
Frances (Henderson) C. ; ed. East Liver- 
pool (O.) high sch.; m. Mary Virginia 
Stone of Empire, O., 12 July 1922; chil- 
dren — Mary Frances, Sarah L. Appren- 
tice machinist, Patterson Foundry & 
Machine Co., foreman, supt., chf. eng., 
gen. mgr., v.p., 1900-20, pres., 1920—; 
organized and became pres., Richard 
L. Cawood Co., chem. mfrs., 1904 — , 
Kenilworth Tile Co., Newell, W.Va., 
1907—, Am. Paper Products Co., East 
Liverpool, O., 1914—, Nat. Products Co., 
E. Liverpool, 1917 — , Patterson Steel 
Products, E. Liverpool, O., 1929—, Pat- 
terson Refractories Co., E. Liverpool, 
O., 1930 — ; v.p., Community Bank, 
1925 — ; consolidated Potters Nat. Bank 
and Dollar Savings Bank, forming Pot- 
ters Bank & Trust Co., became pres., 
1930—; mem. bd. Sinking Fund trs., E. 
Liverpool; in charge gun carriage and 
lumber production, during World War 
I; mem. A.S.M.E., Am. Ceramic Soc, 
Pittsburgh Athletic Assn. (Pittsburgh), 
B.P.O.E. (E. Liverpool). Clubs: East 
Liverpool Country, Buckeye, Duquesne 
(Pittsburgh, Pa.), Long-vue, Pittsburgh, 
Duquesne Hunting and Fishing (Britt, 
Ont.). Author: chemical arts. Travel: 
No. Am., So. Am., Gt. Brit., Eur., Afr. 
Grandson Capt. Edward Henderson, 
mem. of co. settling Marietta, O. Inter- 
ests: architecture, art. Methodist. Re- 
publican. Office: 1250 St. George St., 
East Liverpool, O. Home: Thompson 
Park Blvd., East Liverpool, O. 

BOYD, James Ellsworth, emeritus 
professor of mechanics, author; b. Mus- 
kingum Co., O., 6 Nov. 1863; s. Joseph 
Boyd, farmer and notary, and Susan L. 
(Riley) B.; ed. Prep. Dept., O. Wes- 
leyan Univ.; B.S., O. State Univ., 1891; 
M.S., Cornell Univ., 1896; m. Emma 
Clark Wells of Muskingum Co., O., 15 
June 1893 (dec, Oct. 1942); children— 
Orton Wells, Dorothy May. Asst. in 

physics, O. State Univ., 1891-95; grad. 
scholarship, Cornell Univ., 1895-96; asst. 
prof, physics, O. State Univ., 1896-1901, 
assoc prof. math, in charge of me- 
chanics, 1901-06, prof, mechanics, 1906- 
36, chmn., 1906-34, emeritus prof, me- 
chanics, 1936—; winner Lamme Medal 
of Ohio State Univ., 1938; civilian asst. 
in Bur. Standards, summer, 1917, tem- 
porary substitute, Academic Bd. Avia- 
tion Sch.; O. State Univ.; Fellow A. A. 
A.S.; mem. Am. Soc. Mech. Engrs., 
Soc. for Promotion of Engring. Ed., 
A.A.U.P.; Tau Beta Pi (hon. mem.), 
Sigma Xi, Alpha Tau Omega. Clubs: 
Faculty, Columbus Engring. (hon. 
mem.). Author: Strength of Materials, 
1911, 2d ed., 1917, 3d ed., 1924, 4th ed., 
1935; Mechanics, 1921, 2d ed., 1930; 
several tech. papers. Interest: lab. ex- 
periments. Republican. Office: Ohio 
State Univ., Columbus, O. Home: 188 E. 
Frambes Av., Columbus, O. 

ANDREWS, Fletcher R., professor of 
law (on leave); b. New York, N.Y., 22 
Jan. 1894; s. Addison F. Andrews, mus. 
bur. propr., and Ella (Reed) A.; ed. 
Hackley Sch., Tarry town, N.Y.; A.B., 
Dartmouth Coll., 1916; LL.B., Western 
Reserve Univ., 1925; J.S.D., Yale Univ., 
1941; m. Marguerite Jeavons of Cleve- 
land, O., 8 Aug. 1917; children— Jeanne, 
Fletcher Reed, Jr. In advertising dept., 
Crowell Pub. Co., 1916-17; with J. H. R. 
Products Co., chemicals, Willoughby, 
1919-22 ; in practice of law with Copeland 
& Quintrell, Cleveland, 1925-27; teacher 
of law, Western Reserve Univ. Law 
Sch., 1927—; gen. chmn., Cleveland 
Community Fund; active in other civic 
and prof, orgns.; regimental sergt. 
maj., Hdqrs. 37th Div., A.E.F., 1917-19; 
major, Judge Advocate General's Dept., 
U.S. Army, 1942-43, It. col., 1943—; mem. 
Am., O. State and Cleveland Bar Assns. 
Clubs: Union, Country, Nisi Prius (all 
of Cleveland), Army and Navy (Wash- 
ington, D.C.). Author: arts, in law jours. 
Unitarian. Republican. Office: Western 
Reserve Univ. Law School, 2145 Adel- 
bert Rd., Cleveland, O. Home: 2542 
Stratford Rd., Cleveland Heights, O. 

BALAS, Clarice F., concert pianist, 
teacher, composer, conductor; b. Cleve- 
land, O.; d. Joseph Balas, violinist and 
conductor, and Fanny (Hacha) B., 
actress; ed. Lincoln high sch., debut, at 
13, with Great Western Band; soloist, 
Cleveland Municipal Orchestra; stud., 
Berlin and Vienna, 4 yrs., with Lhevinne 
and Leschetizky, composition with Frau 
Dr. Muller, Vienna; soloist, St. Louis 
Symphony under Zach, Cleveland Sym- 
phony under Sokoloff; teacher, numer- 


ous prize-winning students, many hold- 
ing important positions in music world; 
orchestral conductor, Cleveland Con- 
certo Club, 8 yrs. Clubs : Cleveland Fort- 
nightly, Lecture Recital, Women Music- 
Teachers. Composer: songs and piano 
pieces. Travel: Eur., U.S. Interests: 
painting, ceramics. Studio and home: 
3057 West 14th St., Cleveland, O. Sum- 
mer home: 7987 Ridge Rd., Parma, O. 

BALDWIN, Arthur Douglas, lawyer; 
b. Hawaii, 8 Apr. 1876; s. Henry P. 
Baldwin, sugar planter, and Emily 
Whitney (Alexander) B.; ed. Oakland 
(Calif.) high sch., 1893; Hotchkiss Sch., 
Litchfield, Conn., 1894; B.A., Yale Coll., 
1898; LL.B., Harvard Univ., 1901; LL.D. 
(hon.), Western Reserve Univ., 1939; m. 
Reba Williams of Cleveland, O., 17 June 
1902; children— Henry P., Louise B. 
King, Fred C, A. Alexander, Sarah B. 
Hanger, Lewis W. Pract. law, Cleve- 
land, O., 1901 — ; mem. law firm, Gar- 
field, McGregor & Baldwin, 1916; p. 
pres., Babies' & Children's Hosp.; pres. 
Univ. Hosps., Cleveland until 1935; first 
pres., Cleveland Hosp. Council, several 
yrs.; tr. Ch. Covenant, Western Reserve 
Univ.; Community Fund Council; pres. 
Cleveland Hosp. Service Assn.; dir. The 
Sherwin-Williams Co., The North Elec. 
Mfg. Co.; mem. firm, Garfield, Baldwin, 
Jamison, Hope & Ulrich, Cleveland, 
commn. to revise O. laws relating to 
children, 1912; reed. Chamber Com- 
merce Medal for pub. service, 1940; 1st 
It, F.A., Dec. 1917, capt., Apr. 1919, 
served with 164th F.A. brigade, 89th 
div., Fr., disch., June 1919; mem. Cleve- 
land Legal Aid Soc. (first sec. serving 
several yrs., pres., 1954), Welfare Fed. 
Cleveland (pres., 1926-30). Clubs: Union, 
Tavern, City, Kirtland Country, Chagrin 
Valley Hunt. Author: Life of Henry P. 
Baldwin (privately printed). Recrea- 
tion: horseback riding. Presbyterian. 
Republican. Office: 1401 Midland Bldg., 
Cleveland, O. Home: 9534 Lake Shore 
Blvd., Cleveland, O. Summer res.: Men- 
tor, O. 

SHEEHAN, Bess May, club leader; 
b. Jackson Co., Mich., 16 Apr. 1882; d. 
William M. Vrooman, merchant, and 
Eliza (McMichael) V.; ed. Dowagiac 
(Mich.) high sch.; B.A., Univ. Mich., 
1904, M.A., 1905; m. Frank J. Sheehan 
of Gary, Ind., 9 Jan. 1912. Instr. hist., 
high sch., Big Rapids, Mich., 1905-07, 
Gary, Ind., 1908-12; sec, Ind. Library 
& Hist. Bd., 1925-30, 1932-33, pres., 1931 
(apptd. by Gov. of Ind.); mem. Ind. 
Library & Hist. Bldg. Commn., 1929-34 
(apptd. by Gov. of Ind.); Gary chmn. 

Red Cross Roll Call, 1918, v. chmn. 
Victory Loan Drive, 1918, pres. Gary 
Soldiers' Comfort League, 1917-18; mem. 
bd., Gary Campbell Friendship House; 
called "Dunes Lady" for successful 
establishment of Ind. Dunes State Park, 
securing legislative appropriation of 
$1,000,000 for 3-mile frontage on Lake 
Mich., 1923 (credit given her by Chicago 
Geog. Soc, Nat. Conf. State Parks, Ind. 
State Dept. Conservation); mem. Gary 
Y.W.C.A. (tr.), Nat. Dunes Park Assn. 
(sec, 1917—), Nat. Conf. State Parks 
(treas., 1924), D. A. R. (Pottawatomie 
chap.), Chicago Geog. Soc (hon. 
mem.), Gary B. & P.W. (hon. mem.), 
Delta Theta Tau (patron, Gary branch), 
Ind. Fed. Clubs (hon. mem., chmn. 
Dunes Park Comm., 1917-23, corr. sec, 
1921-23, pres., 1925-27, parliamentarian, 
1931-37, hon. mem. 10th dist. branch), 
Gen. Fed. Women's (dir., 1928-30, chmn. 
natural scenery comm., 1925-27, library 
service com., 1931-33), Gary Dunes Fed. 
Club (pres., 1933), Lake Co. Fedn. Club 
(parliamentarian, 1936 — ), Gary Jr. 
Fedn. Women's Clubs (sponsor). Clubs: 
Hammond Women's (hon. mem.), Gary 
Coll. (pres., 1916-18). Author: Gary in 
the World War (2 vols.); The Northern 
Boundary Line of Ind. (Ind. Hist. Soc. 
Pubis., Vol. 8, No. 6); History of Ind. 
Fedn. of Clubs (Ind. Club Woman, Hist. 
Ed., 1927). Recreations: hiking, motor- 
ing, travel. Republican. Home: 7530 Oak 
Av., Gary, Ind. 

ZIELONKA, Samuel, surgeon; b. Cin- 
cinnati, O., 21 Jan. 1887; s. David Zie- 
lonka and Bertha (Hecht) Z.; ed. M.D., 
Univ. Cincinnati, 1911; Univ. Berlin, 
Germany, 1913; King's Coll., Univ. Lon- 
don; Univ. Chicago, Practice of med., 
Hosp., 1911-12; interne and house sur- 
geon; post-grad, study, England, Ger- 
many, Austria, Hungary, 1913-14, 1919; 
clinician and attending surgeon, Cin- 
cinnati Hosp., to about 1930; sr. sur- 
geon, Jewish Hosp., Cincinnati; served 
as capt. Med. Corps., U.S.A., 1917-19, 
Base Hosp. 115, Vichy, France; Fellow 
Am. Coll. Surgeons; hon. mem. The 
Fellowship of Medicine (London) ; assoc 
of Mil. Surgeons of U.S.A.; mem. Ohio 
State & Am. Med. Assns., Cincinnati 
Acad. Medicine, Research Soc, Masons, 
B.P.O.E. Author: numerous arts, on 
gen. surgery and neuro-surgery. Travel: 
Eur., No. Am. Interests: outdoor life, 
farming. Recreations: exptl. farming, 
fishing. Jewish. Address: 19 W. 7th St., 
Cincinnati, O. 

TRATTNER, Harry Robert, surgeon 
and urologist; b. Denver, Colo , 4 Nov. 


1895; s. Louis Trattner and Rosa (Levy) 
T.; ed. East Denver high sch.; B.A., 
Univ. Colo., 1916; M.D., Western Re- 
serve Univ., 1919, M.A., 1923. Faculty, 
Western Univ., 1921—; sr. Clinical instr., 
1933—; staff, Cleveland City Hosp., 
1921 — ; urologist (in charge), 1930; 
S.A.T.C, during World War I; mem. 
A.M. A., A.C.S., Soc. Expt. Biology and 
Medicine, Am. Urol. Assn., Am. Bd. 
Urology, Sigma Xi, Masons. Author: 
many sci. med. arts. Inventor: hydro- 
phoragraph, instrument used to record 
functioning of the human ureter and 
spinal fluid recording; partition catheter 
by which X-ray of prostate gland is 
accomplished; surgical stirrups. Jewish. 
Independent. Office: 1422 Euclid Av., 
Cleveland, O. Home: 10017 Lake Av., 
Cleveland, O. 

VITULLO, John Caesar, board of elec- 
tions; b. Youngstown, O., 22 Dec. 1902; 
s. Anthony Vitullo, grocery and liquor 
bus., and Sandrina (Tesone) V.; ed. 
Rayen high sch.; Duquesne Univ. high 
sch., Duquesne Univ., 1919-21; Y.M.C.A. 
Coll., 1923-25; m. Geneva Waggaman of 
Ellwood, Ind., 4 Jan. 1921; children- 
John Caesar, Jr., Uritta May, Geneva, 
Anthony Jack, Georgiann. In real estate 
bus.', until 1934; apptd. dep. elk. Bd. of 
Election, 1934, elk., 1936, mem. of Bd., 
1940, reappointed, 1944; v.p. Youngstown 
Macaroni Co.; mem. K.C. Club: Mahon- 
ing Co. Dem. Catholic. Democrat. Of- 
fice: 210 Realty Bldg., Youngstown, O. 
Home: 935 Himrod Av., Youngstown, O. 

PARRY, Mary Cousins; b. Kansas 
City, Mo., 5 Feb. 1875; d. George 
Cousins, mcht., and Elizabeth Ann 
(Allen) C; m. Hugh David Parry of St. 
Louis, Mo., 29 June 1933; Fellow Inst. 
Am. Genealogy of Chicago; mem. Spirit 
of St. Louis Assn. (founder, 1st chmn., 
hon. chmn.), Order of Three Crusades, 
1096-1192, Inc., Soc. of St. Louis Authors 
(sec. treas., 1933-37), St. Louis Tercen- 
tenary Shakespeare Soc. (dir.), Daugh- 
ters of the Am. Colonists, D.A.R., Pres- 
byn. Missionary Soc, Mo. Hist. Soc, 
State Hist. Soc of Mo., Y.W.C.A., 
W.C.T.U., League of Women Voters, 
Pro Am. Author: Some Early Settlers, 
1921. Travel: U.S., Eur. Interest: 
genealogy. Presbyterian. Republican. 
Home: 5611 Bartmer Av., St. Louis, Mo. 

GREENE, Laurenz, horticulturist; b. 
Lincoln, Kan., 13 May 1883; s. Ogden N. 
Greene, farmer, and Mary (George) G. ; 
ed. Lincoln (Kan.) high sch.; Kan. Chr. 
Coll., Lincoln, Kan.; B.S., Kan. State 
Agr. Coll., 1906; M.S.A., la. State Coll., 

1909; Ph.D., Univ. Calif., 1932; m. Ger- 
trude Mereness of Sac City, la., 27 Dec. 
1911. Asst. hort., Fort Hays Br. Sta. # 
1906, N.M. A. & M. Coll., 1906-07, la. 
State Coll., 1907-09; experimentalist, la. 
Agr. Expt. Sta., 1909-17, head, Hort. 
Dept., chief hort., Purdue Univ. Agr. 
Expt. Sta., 1917—; dir. Purdue State 
Bank, Ind. Hort. Soc; mem. A.A.A.S., 
Am. Soc. Hort. Sci., Am. Soc Plant 
Physiology, Ind. Acad. Sci., Ind. Hist. 
Soc, Acacia, Alpha Zeta. Travel: U.S. 
Presbyterian. Office: Purdue Univ., La- 
fayette, Ind. Home: 1009 Ravinia Rd., 
West Lafayette, Ind. 

WARNER, Addison Wheelock, busi- 
ness executive; b. Geneva, HI., 5 June 
1899; s. Henry Dimock Warner and 
Harrietta King (Young) W.; ed. Geneva 
high sch.; Dartmouth Coll., 1917; B.S., 
Stanford Univ., 1922; m. Helen Chris- 
topher of Benton Harbor, 25 Dec 
1924; children — Addison Wheelock, Ann 
Wheelock. Mgr., investor's aid dept., 
Chicago Jour. Commerce, 1923-26, statis- 
tics dept., Stevenson, Perry & Stacey, 
1926-27; sales mgr., Robert Stevenson 
& Co., Chicago, 1927-28; gen. mgr., 
Kissell Kinnicutt & Co., Chicago, 1929- 
30; sr. partner, Addison Warner & Co., 
investment securities, Chicago, 1930-38, 
pres., 1938 — ; tr., Chicago Area Project, 
1934 — ; tr. Union League Boys' Club, 
1933—, pres., 1938-40; tr., chmn., finance 
com., tr., S. Side Boys' Club, 1938—; 
flying cadet, U.S.A., 1918-19, 2d It., 
A.S.S.R.C., during World War I; mem. 
Chicago Stanford Alumni Assn. (pres., 
1938—), S.A.R., Soc. Mayflower Descs., 
Chi Psi. Clubs: Economic, Union 
League, Bondmen's (Chicago), Wausau- 
kee (Wausaukee, Wis.), Hinsdale Golf 
(Hinsdale). Recreations: hunting, fish- 
ing, handball. Office: 39 S. La Salle St., 
Chicago, 111. Home: 305 E. 1st St., Hins- 
dale, 111. Summer home: Wausaukee, 

TAINTER, Frank Joseph, physician 
and surgeon; b. Gasconade Co., Mo., 18 
June 1873; s. G. W. Tainter, dentist, and 
Mary A. (Weinert) T.; ed. Linn (Mo.) 
high sch.; M.D., Hosp. Coll. of Med., 
1895; m. Louise E. Rixey of Joesburg, 
Mo., 12 Oct. 1903; children— James, 
Frances, Tom, Mary Tainter Hughes, 
Louise Virginia Tainter Chartrand, Dan. 
Assoc, prof, of surg., St. Louis Univ. 
Med. Sch.; chief surg., St. Anthony's 
Hosp., St. Louis, Mo.; prof, oral and 
plastic surg., St. Louis Univ. Dental 
Coll.; major, M.C., A.E.F. during World 
War I, in U.S. Med. Corps, 3 yrs. doing 
plastic surgery, one yr. of which was in 


King George Hosp., London, Eng. Au- 
thor: medical papers on surgical sub- 
jects. Son of colonel on staff of Gov. 
Hadley of Mo. Interest: hunting. Rec- 
reation: golf. Catholic. Independent. Of- 
fice: Humboldt Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. 
Home: 505 Clark St., Charles, Mo. Sum- 
mer home: Sturgeon Bay, Wis. 

DAVIS, W. J. Nixon, physician and 
surgeon; b. Ferogopore, India, 15 May 
1870; s. Surgeon-Gen., James Davis, 
Surgeon-Gen. (British), and Clara Eliza- 
beth (Nixon) D.; ed. Royal Sch., 
Armagh, Ireland; Trinity Coll., Dublin, 
Ireland; Univ. of Edingurgh, Scotland; 
Royal Coll. of Physicians and Surgeons, 
Edinburgh, Scotland, 1896; m. Violet 
Mary Timewell of Chicago, HI., 31 Jan. 
1900; children— Lt. Comdr. W. J. Nixon, 
Jr., U.S.N.R., George McBride Nixon, 
Mrs. Howard Clark, Jr., med. staff, 
Jackson Park Hosp. Rugby football, 
(International) played for Ireland, 1889, 
1890, 1891, 1892, 1894; amateur heavy- 
weight champion (boxing) of Scotland, 
1894; major, HI. Res. Militia (Med. 
Corps), 2 yrs. during World War I; 
mem. Chicago Med. Soc, A.M. A. Inter- 
ests: all sport. Recreation: fishing. Epis- 
copalian. Democrat. Office: 2636 E. 75th 
St., Chicago, 111. Home: 7706 Saginaw 
Av., Chicago, HI. 

HUGHES, Adella Prentiss, musician; 
b. Cleveland, O., 29 Nov. 1869; d. Loren 
Prentiss, lawyer, and Ellen Rebecca 
(Rouse) P.; ed. Miss Fisher's Sch. for 
Girls, Cleveland; A.B., Vassar Coll., 
1890; m. Felix Hughes of Cleveland, O., 
5 Oct. 1904 (div.). Co-founder of Cleve- 
land Orchestra, mgr., 1918-33; Musical 
Arts Assn., operating Cleveland Orches- 
tra; v.p. and sec, 1933-45; hon. v.p., 
1941 — ; piano accompanist; concert 
manager, 1898 — ; one of founders of 
Cleveland Music Sch. Settlement; Wom- 
en's City Club of Cleveland; mem. Vas- 
sar Alumnae Assn., Order of General 
Haller's Swords (Republic of Poland), 
1920; Phi Beta Kappa. Clubs: Woman's 
City (Cleveland), Fortnightly Musical 
(hon. mem.), O. Fedn. of Music (hon.), 
Daus. of O. (N.Y., hon.). Travel: Eur., 
U.S. Maternal grandfather organizer for 
Am. S. S. Union in Western Reserve 
Territory, 1830; granddau. of organizer 
of hospital aid for wounded soldiers in 
Civil War, service taken over by Sol- 
diers' Aid. Soc. of Northern Ohio. In- 
terest: music. Baptist. Republican. 
Home: 2400 Kenilworth Rd., Cleveland 
Heights 6, O. 

ADSIT, Harold Carlyle, lawyer; b. 
Hoopeston, 111.; 13 Jan. 1898; s. Joseph 

Sherman Adsit, phys. and surg., and 
Anna (Scott) A.; ed. Hoopeston high 
sch.; DePauw Univ.; Lewis Inst.; 
LL.B., Northwestern Univ., 1924; m. 
Esther Louise Gillfillan of Milford, 111., 
26 June 1926; 1 son, Andrew Scott. Part- 
ner, Lederer, Livingston, Kahn & Adsit; 
dir. Universal Sanitary Mfg. Co., Courts 
Bldg. Corp., Lloyd A. Fry Roofing Co., 
Volney Felt Mills, Inc., Trumbull As- 
phalt Co.; served in Naval aviation for 
4 mos., during World War I; mem. 
Am. Bar Assn., Chicago Bar Assn., Beta 
Theta Pi, Phi Alpha Delta, Masons, 
Shrine. Club: Michigan Shores Country. 
Methodist. Republican. Office: 160 N. 
La Salle St., Chicago, HI. Home: 522 
Kenilworth Av., Kenilworth, HI. 

HALMHUBER, Paul G., doctor of 
dental surgery; b. Detroit, Mich., 4 June 
1891; s. Adolph Halmhuber, clergyman, 
and Fredericka (Kaechele) H.; ed. Gar- 
denville (N.Y.) high sch.; Cent, high 
sch., Buffalo, N.Y.; D.D.S., Univ. HI., 
1919; m. Ethel F. King of Detroit, Mich., 
9 Dec. 1919; children— Lois Marie, Roy 
Paul. Gen. practice dental surg., 1919 — ; 
del. mem., Uniting Meth. Conf., First 
Gen. Conf. Meth. Ch., No. Cent. Juris- 
dictional Meth. Conf.; tr., Adrian Coll.; 
tr. Bronson Hosp., Kalamazoo; served 
in Med. Res. Corps during World War I; 
mem. Am. Dental Assn., Mich. State 
Dental Soc, Detroit Dist. Dental Soc, 
Univ. HI. Dental Alumni, Nat. Meth. 
Bd. of Ed., Nat. Inter-bd. Com. Meth. 
Lay- Activities Bd. of Ed., Detroit Meth. 
Council Bd. of Ed. (pres.), Detroit and 
Mich. Conf. Bd. Ed. (finance chmn.), 
Detroit Council of Chs. Pub. Affairs 
Com., Masons (p. master, Detroit Con- 
sistory, King Cyrus Chap.). Clubs: 
Northwestern Dental, Detroit Yacht, 
West Detroit Exchange (p. pres., sec). 
Interests: home, amateur motion pic- 
tures (35m Kodachromes), wood-craft, 
mus. Recreations: fishing, golf, base- 
ball. Methodist. Republican. Office: 
Rooms 1-3, Robert Oakman Bldg., 10800 
Grand River, Detroit, Mich. Home: 
12715 Monte Vista, Detroit, Mich. 

GRIMM, George Louis, life insurance 
executive; b. Sharpsburg, la., 1 Mar. 
1902; s. George W. Grimm and Sarah 
(Elliott) G.; ed. Sharpsburg la. high 
sch. and Clarinda la. high sch.; B.Sc, 
State Univ. la., 1924 (grad. with high 
distinction) ; post-grad., Northwestern 
Univ.; m. Annette N. Thompson of 
Clarinda, la., 1 Oct. 1927; children — 
Richard S., John E., Philip J. Statis- 
tician, 1927-35, agency supervisor, 1935- 
37, prodn. mgr., Chicago Agency of the 
Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. Co., 1937- 


40; prodn. mgr. Chicago New England 
Mutual Life Ins. Co. of Boston, 1941-43; 
supervisor of Field Training Home 
Office, 1944, agency asst., Chicago, 
1944 — ; lecturer in finance, 1936-37; instr. 
in life ins., and prin. of risk and ins., 
evening sch., Central Y.M.C.A. Coll., 
1937-40; lecturer in ins. and dir. of 
Chartered Life Underwriters (C.L.U.) 
courses Northwestern Univ. evening 
sch., 1941 — ; former mem. bd. dirs. and 
v.p. Chicago Assn. of Life Underwriters; 
mem. Phi Beta Kappa, Beta Gamma 
Sigma, Order of Artus, Delta Upsilon, 
Delta Sigma Pi, Am. Coll. of Chartered 
Life Underwriters. Club: Chicago 
Alumni (pres., 1932-35, state Univ. of 
la.). Author: Selling the Pension Trust 
Plan. Gt. grandfather, Jacob Grimm, 
fought with Am. forces at Battle of New 
Orleans (War of 1812), migrated from 
Highland Co., Ohio, and settled in Knox 
Co., 111., 1831. Protestant. Republican. 
Office: 105 W. Adams St., Chicago, HI. 
Home: 1539 Elmwood Av., Wilmette, HI. 

HOISINGTON, Louis Benjamin, prof, 
of psychology; b. Caldwell, Kan., 8 July 
1883; s. William A. J. Hoisington, 
farmer, and Mary Alice (Mclntire) H.; 
ed. Northwestern State Teachers Coll., 
Alva, Okla., 1899-1900; Oregon State 
Teachers Coll., Monmouth, Ore., 1902- 
04 (diploma of grad.); A.B., Univ. of 
Oregon, 1914; Ohio State Univ., 1917; 
Ph.D., Cornell Univ., 1921; m. Maude 
M. Morgan of John Day, Ore., 19 Feb. 
1904; children — Pauline Bartle, Samuel 
Morgan, Louis Jackson. Taught school, 
3 yrs.; raised hops, 1 yr.; asst. in 
psychol. dept. at Ohio State Univ. % yr. ; 
asst. in psychol. dept. at Cornell Univ., 
IV2 yrs.; asst. prof, of psychol., 6% yrs.; 
instr. in edn., 2 yrs.; prof, of psychol., 
Univ. of Okla., 17 yrs.; trained testers 
for army service, during World War I; 
mem. Am. Psychol. Assn., Am. Assn. 
Advancement of Sci., Am. Assn. Univ. 
Profs., Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta 
Kappa, Sigma Xi, Pi Gamma Mu, Psi 
Chi, Phi Sigma. Clubs: all local. Au- 
thor: Psychology, An Elementary Text. 
Travel: U.S. Interests: flowers, collect- 
ing match box labels. Recreations: golf. 
Liberal Democrat. Office: Univ. of Okla- 
homa, Norman, Okla. Home: 625 Tulsa 
St., Norman, Okla. 

GREGG, Clifford Cilley, museum 
director and army officer; b. Cincinnati, 
O., 9 July 1895; s. Ellis Bailey Gregg, 
lawyer, and Ann Elizabeth (Bedinger) 
G.; ed. Hughes high sch.; B.S., Univ. 
Cincinnati; Northwestern Univ.; m. 
Helen Slaten Nelson of Chicago, HI., 17 

Aug. 1939; children (by former mar- 
riage) — Frank Van Natta, John Bed- 
inger, Clifford C, Jr. Businessman, Cin- 
cinnati, Boston; employee Marshall 
Field & Co., 1923; asst. dir., Field 
Museum (now Chicago Natural History 
Museum), 1926-37, dir., 1937—; It., 1917- 
18; major Infantry, Reserve Corps; ac- 
tive service, U.S. Army, 1 Sept. 1940- 
1 Sept. 1945, as major, A.G.D., It. col. 
and col., Gen. Staff Corps at Camp 
Hood, Tex. and Hdqrs. A.G.F., Wash- 
ington, D.C.; Fellow A.A.A.S.; mem. 
Am. Assn. Museum, Am. Polar Soc. 
(exec, bd.), Chicago Council of Boy 
Scouts, Chicago Y.M.C.A. (bd. mgrs.), 
111. Soc. S.A.R. (bd. mgrs.), Res. Off. 
Assn., Am. Assn. Adult Edn., N.Y. 
Acad. Sci., Am. Legion, Military Order 
of the World War, A.F. & A.M., Beta 
Theta Pi (v.p. nat. orgn., 1937-40). 
Clubs: University, Tavern, Rotary, (Chi- 
cago), Cosmos, (Washington). Author: 
articles. Travel: U.S., Canadian North- 
west. Interests : philately. Boy Scout 
work. Presbyterian. Office: Chicago 
Natural History Museum, Roosevelt Rd. 
and Field Dr., Chicago 5, HI. Home: 105 
E. Delaware PL, Chicago, HI. 

GRAY, George Herbert, executive; b. 
Rome City, Ind., 27 Feb. 1868; s. George 
Henry Gray and Louisa M. (Caswell) 
G.; ed. Cent. City, Neb.; Neb. Cent. 
Coll.; m. Mary Hettie Rogers Tindall of 
Cent. City, Neb., 1 June 1892; 1 dau., 
Nellie Naomi (Mrs. Otis Martin). Con- 
ducted grocery bus., 15 yrs.; head of 
banking insts., Merrick and Platte Cos., 
30 yrs.; pres., 1st Investment & Securi- 
ties Co., Columbus; pres. bd. trs., Neb. 
Annual Conf.; tr., Neb. Wesleyan Univ., 
Meth. Hosp., Omaha; chmn. all Liberty 
Loan drives, Merrick Co.; mem. Ma- 
sons (32d deg., Shrine, Omaha, Neb.), 
State Hist. Soc, A.R.C. (life mem.), 
Y.M.C.A., Chamber Commerce (tr.), 
B.S.A. (adv. com.). Travel: U.S. In- 
terests: ch., edn., young people's activi- 
ties, welfare. Recreations: baseball, 
hunting. Methodist. Republican. Office: 
Columbus, Neb. Home: 2908 15th St., 
Columbus, Neb. 

GRAHAM, Hugh C, physician; b. 
Fayetteville, N.C., 9 Jan. 1896; s. 
Charles Hugh, farmer, and Catherine 
(McFadyen) G.; ed. Donaldson Mil. 
Sch.; A.B., Univ. Tulsa, 1921; B.S., Chi- 
cago Univ., 1923, M.D., 1926; m. Helen 
Waggoner of Tulsa, Okla., 7 Aug. 1928; 
children— Margaret Anne, Hugh, Jr. 
Some time assoc. prof., physiology (part 
time), Univ. Tulsa, 1927-37; Tulsa Bd. 
Edn., 1933-39 (pres., 1938-39); pvt., It. 
Inf., U.S.A., during World War I; mem. 


Pi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Pi, Pi Gamma 
Mil, Phi Gamma Kappa, Am. Acad. 
Pediatrics, A.M. A., Okla. State Med. 
Assn., Chamber Commerce; diplomate, 
Nat. Bd. Med. Examiners, Am. Bd. 
Pediatrics. Club: Rotary. Author: medi- 
cal arts., rheumatism, heart, thymus 
gland and birth injuries. Travel: U.S. 
Interests: skating, swimming, old med. 
literary books. Recreations: reading, 
driving. Episcopalian. Democrat. Of- 
fice: 1307 S. Main St., Tulsa 5, Okla. 
Home: 1236 E. 27th PI., Tulsa 5, Okla. 

EVA, Sidney Davey, clergyman, dis- 
trict superintendent; b. Carnhell Green, 
Cornwall, Eng., 4 Mar. 1879; s. Thomas 
Davey Eva, grocer, and Elizabeth 
(Stephens) E.; ed. English schs. and 
Univ.; D.D. (hon.), Albion Coll.; m. 
Ethel Mary Luxton of Launceston, Eng., 
26 Nov. 1906 (dec. 1937) ; m. (2d) Beulah 
E. Woodward of Syracuse, N.Y. Began 
career in business; asst. pastor, London, 
Eng.; came to U.S., 1903; served 
several pastorates in Detroit Conf . ; supt. 
Saginaw Dist., 1933-37, area sec, 1937- 
40; supt. Detroit Dist., 1940—; sec. De- 
troit Conf., 1924-28; mem. Gen. Conf., 
1928-36, jour, sec, 1928; mem. Uniting 
Conf., 1940; founder and ed., The Art of 
Living Successfully, monthly mag.; co- 
organizer and p. pres., Meth. Children's 
Home Soc; mem. Lincoln Soc Club: 
Knights of Round Table (v.p.). Author: 
numerous mag. arts, in rel. jours, on 
rel. subjs. and travel. Travel: Eur., 
Eng., Ger., It., Switz., Fr., Belg. Inter- 
ests: amateur motion pictures, travel, 
antiques, books and pictures on Method- 
ism and Am. hist. Recreation: golf. 
Methodist. Independent Republican. Of- 
fice: 1205 Kales Bldg., Detroit, Mich. 
Home: The Florentine, 757 Covington 
Dr., Detroit, Mich. 

ANDERSON, Jacob Nelson, teacher; 
b. Swerborg, Denmark, 27 Jan. 1867; s. 
Niels Anderson, farmer, and Karen (An- 
derson) A.; ed. Milton Coll. Acad.; B.S., 
Milton Coll., 1892, M.S. (hon.); D.B., 
Univ. Chicago, 1901; m. Emma Thomp- 
son of Mauston, Wis., 21 Dec. 1896; chil- 
dren — Stanley B., Elizabeth K., Benja- 
min N. Pioneer missionary of the Sev- 
enth-day Adventist Ch. in China, 1902- 
10; teacher religions, missions, New 
Testament Greek in Washington Mis- 
sionary Coll., Takoma Park, D.C., 1910- 
15; in Union Coll., Lincoln, Neb., teach- 
ing same subjects, 1915-24; teacher in 
Wash. Missionary Coll., 1924-28; teacher, 
world religions and missions, New Tes- 
tament Greek, Union Coll., Lincoln, 
1934-42; teacher emeritus, 1942 — , emeri- 

tus prof.; mem. Nat. Soc Biblical 
Literature and Exegesis. Club: Quest. 
Author: book in preparation. Travel: 
Syria, Egy., Palestine, Turkey, Gr., It., 
Fr., Switz., Ger., Denmark, Eng., 
China, U.S. Interest: writing. Seventh- 
day Adventist. Republican (Independ- 
ent). Office: Union Coll., Box 103, Lin- 
coln, Neb. Home: 4612 Stockwell St., 
Lincoln, Neb. 

FAIRCLOUGH, George Herbert, or- 
ganist, professor of music; b. Hamilton, 
Ont., Can., 30 Jan. 1869; s. James Fair- 
clough and Elizabeth (Erving) F.; ed. 
Collegiate Inst, high sch., Hamilton; 
Univ. Toronto; Toronto Conservatory of 
Music; Konigliche Hochschule fur 
Musik, Berlin, 1893-95; Master of Music, 
Macalester Coll., St. Paul, 1916; m. 
Helen Maude Freeman of Grand 
Rapids, Mich., 22 Sept. 1897; children- 
Gordon, George, Helen, Edith, James. 
Organist, prof, of music, Univ. Minn., 
1917-37, ret. 1937, now emeritus; head 
piano and organ dept., Macalester Coll. 
Conservatory of Music, 1901-17; organ- 
ist, choirmaster, St. John's Episc Ch., 
St. Paul, 1901-43; dean of Minn, chap., 
Am. Guild of Organists; Fellow Am. 
Guild of Organists, Masons (32d deg.); 
retired, 1943. Club: St. Paul Athletic. 
Author: numerous musical composi- 
tions. Episcopalian. Home: 325 Maple 
St., San Francisco, Calif. 

ELGHAMMER, H. William, physi- 
cian, surgeon; b. Stockholm, Sweden, 
13 Mar. 1894; s. William Thure Elg- 
hammer and Emma Sophia (Johnson) 
E.; ed. King's Island high sch.; Royal 
Sci. Coll., 1912; M.D., Loyola Univ. Med. 
Sch., 1920; m. Stena A. Peterson of Chi- 
cago, 111., 16 Feb. 1921; children— Wm. 
Robert, Richard M. Pvt. practice, 
1921—; studies pediatrics, London, Swe- 
den, 1922, 1931-36; prof, pediatrics, 
chmn. div. pediatrics, Loyola Univ. 
Med. Sch.; attending pediatrician to 
Mercy, 111. Central, and Chicago Memo- 
rial Hosps.; phys., La Rabida Jackson 
Park Sanitarium; dir., Klingberg's Chil- 
dren's Home; pvt., U.S.A., 4 mos. dur- 
ing World War I; Fellow A.C.P., A.M. A., 
Am. Acad. Pediatrics. Clubs: South 
Shore Country. Author: numerous med. 
arts. Interests: music, photog. Recrea- 
tion: golf. Protestant. Office: 2376 E. 
71st Av., Chicago, 111. Home: 7644 Cran- 
don Av., Chicago, 111. Summer res.: 
Towerhill, Sawyer, Mich. 

ELLIOTT, William Anderson, minis- 
ter; b. Elliottstown, HI., 7 Apr. 1870; s. 
Augustus Ludlow Elliott, farmer and 
Asenath (Knowles) E.; ed. Ottawa high 


sch.; Ottawa Univ., D.D. (hon.); Divin- 
ity Sch. of Chicago; Louisville Theol. 
Sem.; m. Ida Estella Bacon of Ottawa, 
24 Jan. 1899; children — Lona E. Morlan, 
Anol B. Ordained 1894, Kansas City, 
Kan.; 10 yrs. pastor of Bapt. Ch., New- 
ton, Kan.; 1 yr. dist. sec. Am. Bapt. 
Home Missionary Soc; pastor, Ottawa 
1st Ch., 1907—; mem. bd. Kan. Bapt. 
Conv., Kansas City Bapt. Sem., Am. 
Bapt. Publ. Soc. (Philadelphia); pres. 
Kan. Bapt. Conv.; 1st v.p. Northern 
Bapt. Conv.; pres. Northern Bapt. 
Conv., 1941-42; exec. com. Kan. Council 
of Religious Edn.; bd. Sunset Home and 
Hosp., Chamber Commerce. Club: Ro- 
tary. Author: D.D.'s for Ministers; Per- 
petuating the Pastoral Relation. Travel: 
America (throughout). Interest: writing. 
Independent. Office: First Baptist Ch., 
Ottawa, Kan. Home: 410 South Hickory 
St., Ottawa, Kan. 

BREEZE, George Almond, consultant 
automotive engineer; b. Ware, Eng., 19 
July 1873; s. George B. C. Breeze, 
estate mgr., and Sarah Elizabeth (Al- 
mond) B.; ed. Edward VI grammar 
sch., Eng.; Tech. Sch., Newark, N.J.; 
m. Elsie May Morgan of Newark, N.J., 
1904; children — George Elwood, Richard 
Bennett, William Carl. Worked in law- 
yer's office, 1 yr.; chemist and druggist, 
Eng., 7 yrs. ; chemist, Whitehead & 
Hoag Adv. Novelties, Newark, N.J., 5 
yrs., developed crystaloid process; en- 
gaged in motorcycle and carburetor 
mfg., specialized in carburetion and fuel 
feed systems, 1904 — ; res. engr. with 
G.M.C., Borg Warner, Holley Carbure- 
tor, etc.; during World War I, disch. 
from plant protection work for Am. 
Protective League, It.; mem. Soc. Auto- 
motive Engrs., Cranbrook Inst. Sci., 
Mich. Mineralog. Soc. Author: some 
tech. arts, in trade papers. Travel: U.S., 
Eng., Can. Interests: photog. for 50 yrs., 
collecting minerals. Recreations: swim- 
ming, hiking, baseball, cricket. Church 
of England, Episcopalian. Republican. 
Home: Route 4, Pontiac, Mich. 

CROWE, Marie, educator, historian; 
b. Chicago, 111.; d. Michael J Crowe 
and Margaret (McGuire) C.; ed. Ph.B., 
Univ. of Chicago; post grad. work, 
Univ. of Chicago and Loyola Univ.; did 
original research in Europe and Latin 
America. Teacher of civics and history, 
Chicago high sens., 1924—. Club: Lake 
Shore Athletic. Author: Studies in 
American History (vol. 1, used as sup- 
plementary text in sens.); Who Made 
the Constitution (co-author with Barratt 
O'Hara); numerous contbns. to mags. 

on North and Latin Am. hist, subjects. 
Recreations: swimming, horseback rid- 
ing. Catholic. Democrat. Home: 850 
Lake Shore Dr., Chicago, HI. 

ARLINGTON, Rex, violinist, conduc- 
tor, teacher; b. Malvern, Ark., 8 Feb. 
1892; ed. Malvern high sch.; Sherwood 
Sch. Music; pvt. study, Chicago, N.Y. 
Teacher, Sherwood Sch. Music, 3 yrs.; 
head of violin dept., symphony orch., 
string ensemble, Manchester Coll., 1926- 
36; founder, Huntington Symphony 
Orch., 1922; conductor, string ensemble, 
WOWO, Ft. Wayne and C.B.S. network, 
7 yrs.; concert violinist, with string 
ensemble, Ind. and Tri-State area; 
teacher, studios in Huntington, Hart- 
ford City, Union City, N. Manchester, 
Ind. Composer; Our Secretary— March 
and other music for violin, orch. and 
ensemble. Recreation: reading. Ad- 
dress: 527 Etna Av., Huntington, Ind. 

STRAWN, Estil Young, physician; b. 
Columbia, 25 May 1887; s. Arthur 
Strawn, breeder of horses, and Mary 
(Graves) S.; ed. Douglass, Columbia; 
Lincoln Univ. (Jefferson City); M.D., 
Howard Univ. (Washington, D.C.), 1913; 
m. Ruth Endicott of St. Joseph, Mo., 6 
Feb. 1915; 9 children. Engaged in prac- 
tice of med.; teacher; served on all 4 
battle fronts, during World War I, 
wounded, received Order of Purple 
Heart; now ma;}., Med. Res.; mem. 
local, State and Nat. Med. Assns., Am. 
Legion. Travel: Eur., U.S. Interest: 
study. Recreations: boating, swimming. 
Methodist. Independent. Office: 1908 
Messanie St., St. Joseph, Mo. Home: 
2220 Sylvanie St., St. Joseph, Mo. 

STEINBERG, George Solomon, retail 
grocer; b. Memel, Prussia, 10 Apr. 
1871; s. Louis Steinberg, rabbi, and 
Liebe (Balkand) S.; ed. Rabbincal Coll., 
London, Eng., 1889; m. Sarah Fishman 
of Manchester, Eng., 1893; children- 
Max M., Rose, Sam J., Sophia, Jack, 
Lillian. Capt. M.P. Colonial Army 
(British) Boer War Cape Colony, So. 
Africa, 1899-1902; grocer, Council Bluffs, 
33 yrs.; dir. United Food Stores Inc.; 
alderman, Council Bluffs, 1927-29, alder- 
man at large, 1929-37; mem. B'nai 
B'rith, Masons, Blue Lodge, Star Chap- 
ter and Council, Scottish Rite, Shrine, 
State Hist. Assn. Travel: Eur., Afr. 
Interests: plants, folk lore. Jewish. 
Democrat. Address: 1428 W. Broadway, 
Council Bluffs, la. 

STEINBACH, Leslie Irving, manufac- 
turer; b. Louisville, Ky., 11 Dec. 1908; 
s. John C. Steinbach and Lucy J. (En- 
trican) S.; student Univ. of Louisville, 


1925-28; A.B., Ind. Univ., 1929, A.M., 
1930, Ph.D., 1935; m. Orma F. Weber, 
4 Sept. 1937. Lecturer, Univ. of Louis- 
ville and Ind. Univ.; head of science 
dept. and dean of men, Central Normal 
Coll., Danville, Ind., 1930-33; res. dir., 
Chicago Apparatus Co., 1933-38; chief 
engr., HI. Tool Works, 1938-40; plant 
mgr., The Sparks-Withington Co., Jack- 
son, Mich., 1941 — , including manage- 
ment Automotive Div., Litchfield Mfg. 
Co., Waterloo, la.; mem. A.A.A.S., Am. 
Chem. Soc, Am. Physical Soc, Ind. 
Acad. Sci. (former pres., 1935), Phi 
Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, Theta Nu Epsi- 
lon, Scottish Rite (32d deg.). Club: Co- 
lumbia of Indianapolis. Author: The 
Siren as a Sound-Signalling Device; 
Goodwill in Transportation Methods; 
Physical Testing Controls; Aeronautical 
Testing. Home: 2052 Wildwood Lane, 
Jackson, Mich. Office: Michigan and 
Horton Sts., Jackson, Mich. 

SOUTHARD, Harry G„ physician; b. 
Raymond, O., 1 Jan. 1878; s. John Q. 
Southard, physician, and Lucinda W. 
(Green) S.; ed. Marysville high sch., 
1900; Ohio State Univ., 1900-02; Starling 
Med. Coll., 1906; m. Olive Penorwood of 
Columbus, O., 1917; children— Rose- 
mary, Martha. Interne. St. Francis 
Hosp., Columbus, 1906-07; pvt. practice, 
1907-24; mem. Gov.'s cabinet, dir. of 
health, 4 yrs.; health commr., Union 
Co., 1924-30; dir. of health, 1931-35; 
health commr., State of Ohio, 1936-40; 
health com., Union Co., Hocking- Vinton 
City of Logan, Health Com., 1941; capt., 
Pub. Health Service, 1918; mem. local 
and state med. socs., Masons (32d deg.); 
p. mem. Am. Med. and U.S. Pub. Health 
Assns. Club: Kiwanis. Author: speeches 
and bulls, on pub. health. Presbyterian. 
Democrat. Office: Court House, Logan, 
O. Home: 127 W. 6th St., Marysville, O. 

SNOOK, Ward H., professional engi- 
neer and attorney; b. Anterserp, O., 20 
June 1887; s. Wilson H. Snook, atty., 
and Nancy Jane (Graves) S.; ed. Pauld- 
Pa.; B.S., 1909, M.E., 1919, M.E., C.E., 
and E.E., Ohio Bd. Examiners; LL.B., 
L.E.U., 1927; 1 son, John McClure. Ad- 
mitted to Ohio Bar, 1927; cons. engr. 
and atty., specializing in gas, light, and 
power design and constr., both in the 
utility and in the indsl. field; mem. 
A.I.E.E., Ohio and Nat. Socs. Prof. 
Engrs., Ohio State Bar Assn. Desc. pio- 
neer families of Paulding Co., O. Inter- 
ests: business and problems that arise 
from it. Office: 337 Iswald Rd., Colum- 
bus, O. Home: 337 Iswald Rd., Colum- 
bus, O. 

SMITH, Helen Stark, clubwoman; b. 
Saginaw, Mich., 28 Feb. 1888; d. Gilbert 
M. Stark, lawyer, and Helen (Little) S.; 
ed. Mrs. Dows Sch., Briar Cliff, N.Y.; 
m. Howard Freeman Smith; children — 
Helen Elise (Mrs. F. David Lapham), 
Mary Gene (Mrs. Arthur H. Buhl, Jr.), 
Howard Freeman, Jr. Chmn. A.R.C., 
1917. Clubs: Garden of Mich, (pres., 
1942-44), Colonial Dames of Am., Neigh- 
borhood (pres.). Desc. early settler, 
Gov. Webster of Conn. Interests: old 
china, Eng. furniture. Recreations: 
hunting, fishing. Home: 338 Provencal 
Rd., Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich. Sum- 
mer home: Cottage Grove, Roscommon, 

SCHANFELD, Joseph H., real estate 
and insurance; b. Port Neamte, Rou 
mania, 10 Apr. 1876; s. Moses Schan 
feld, mcht., and Brana (Joseph) S.; ed 
South high sch. (Minneapolis), 1897 
Curtis Bus. Coll. (Minneapolis), 1897 
m. Pauline Bush of Minneapolis, Minn. 
25 Dec. 1900; children — Evelyn, Gladys 
Marcella, Vera, Jane. Engaged in ins 
and real estate bus., 1897 — ; mem. Nat 
Assn. Real Estate Bds., Nat. Assn. Ins 
Underwriters. Clubs: Minneapolis Ath 
letic, Gymal Doled (Minneapolis). Jew 
ish. Democrat. Office: 712 Nat. Bldg. 
Minneapolis, Minn. Home: 4132 Lyndale 
Av., S. Minneapolis, Minn. 

ROSENBERG, Harry O., lawyer; b. 
Chicago, 111., 4 June 1891; s. Solomon 
Rosenberg, mcht., and Bertha (Ofshi) 
R.; ed. Lake high sch., Chicago, 111.; 
Ph.B., Univ. Chicago, 1913, J.D., 1915; 
m. Helena Flexner Baldauf of Hender- 
son, Ky., 24 June 1926; children— Harry 
Baldauf, Gertrude Flexner. Admitted to 
HI. Bar, 1915; mem. firm Harry O. 
Rosenberg & Magnus B. Rosenberg, 
1919-30; mem. firm Felsenthal, Struck- 
mann, Miller & Rosenberg, 1930-32; pvt. 
practice, 1932—; mem. bd. dirs., Univ. 
Chicago Settlement, Chicago Sinai Con- 
gregation; asst. atty. for Sanitary Dist. 
of Chicago, 1924-28; asst. corp. counsel, 
City of Chicago, 1928-30; apptd. U.S. 
Govt. Appeal Agt., Selective Service 
Bd., 1940; served as pvt., sergt., lieut., 
Ordnance Corps, during World War I; 
mem. HI., Chicago and Am. Bar Assns., 
Phi Beta Kappa, Delta Sigma Rho, Am. 
Legion, Vets. Fgn. Wars, Masons (32d 
deg.). Interest: music. Jewish. Office: 
77 W. Washington St., Chicago, HI. 
Home: 2231 E. 67th St., Chicago, HI. 
Summer res.: Michiana Shores, New 
Buffalo, Mich. 

REID, Barney Ford, Jr., clergyman; 
b. Garrad Co., Ky.; s. Barney Ford 


Reid, Sr., farmer, and Mariah (Hendon) 
R.; ed. Richmond, Ky. high sen.; A.B., 
B.D., D.D., Simmons Univ.; A.M. Univ. 
Cincinnati; m. Claudia C. Ballew of 
Richmond, Ky., 20 Feb. 1919. Tailor; 
ins. collector; pastor; teacher, Simmons 
Univ.; organizer, Cooperative Ch. 
Conv., Louisville, Ky.; pres., ch. orgns., 
Cincinnati, O.; pastor, Zion Bapt. Ch., 
Cincinnati, 1928—; pres., Cincinnati 
Theol. Sem.; state v.p., Nat. Bapt. 
Conv., Inc., Nat. Sunday Sch. and 
B.T.U. Cong.; dir. relig. ed., state of 
Ohio; dean, summer sch., Ohio Bapt. 
Gen. Assn.; del., Bapt. World's Alliance, 
3 times; del., World Student Movement; 
served as corp., sergt., prin. Consoli- 
dated Army Sch., during World War I; 
mem. Phi Beta Sigma. Author: relig. 
arts. Travel: Eur., Afr., Palestine. In- 
terests: lit., photog. Recreation: tennis. 
Independent. Address: 432 West 9th St., 
Cincinnati 3, O. Summer res. : Loveland, 

QUINN, James R., lawyer; b. Chi- 
cago, HI., 27 Dec. 1890; s. Jas. M. 
Quinn, bus. salesman, and Mary Eliza- 
beth (Lynch) Q. ; ed. St. Ignatuis Acad.; 
B.A., St. Ignatius Coll., 1909; LL.B., 
Loyola Univ., 1912; m. Helen Langlois 
of Naugatuck, Conn., 10 May 1919; chil- 
dren—Mrs. Ruth Mary Bremer, James 
Leo. Admitted to HI. bar, 1912, pvt. 
practice, asst. states atty., Cook Co., 
HI., 1913-17; prof, law, Loyola Univ., 
1913-17; alderman 50th Ward, Apr. 1931- 
21 June 1945; mem. Chicago Transit Bd. 
(apptd. by Mayor Edward J. Kelly), 21 
June 1945; chmn. com. on local trans- 
portation; in Air Service, 1918; mem. 
Chicago Bar Assn., HI. Bar Assn., Am. 
Bar Assn., Democratic Cook Co. Cent. 
Com. Clubs: Edgewater Golf, Long 
Beach Country. Interest: literature. Rec- 
reations: golf, all forms of exercise. 
Catholic. Democrat. Office: 1 N. La 
Salle St., Chicago, HI. Summer home: 
Long Beach, Ind. 

PETERSON, Arnold Richard, civil 
and mining engineer, farmer; b. Han- 
cock, Mich., 12 Apr. 1896; s. Tobias 
Peterson, miner, farmer, lumberman, 
and Anna Margarette (Savela) P.; ed. 
B.S., E.M., Mich. State Coll., Mich. 
Coll. Mines and Tech., 1925; m. Esther 
Eleanor Heltenen of Redridge, Mich., 
24 Apr. 1924; children — Tobias Richard, 
Sundra Joan, Geraldine Margarette. 
Logging contractor, 1915-18; draftsman, 
designer, highway and bridge engr., 
1925-28; constr. project engr., State 
Highway Dept., 1928-31, locating engr., 
chief of surveys, Upper Peninsula 

Mich., 1931-37, asst. engr. road and 
bridge location and supervision surveys, 
1937—; registered prof. civ. engr.; 
served A.E.F., overseas, Fr., Eng., 1918- 
19; mem. Mich. Eng. Soc., Am. Legion, 
D.A.V., F.A.M. Travel: Eng., Fr., Swit., 
It. Parents pioneered Otter Lake farm- 
ing dist., Houghton Co. Interests: for- 
estry, conservation, farming. Recrea- 
tions: fishing, hunting, reading (life 
stories), poetry. Protestant. Office: 
Upper Peninsula Highway Dept. Hdqrs., 
Escanaba, Lansing, Mich. Home: Red- 
ridge, Mich. 

PERNOT, Dora Mielke, teacher; b. 
Dane Co., Wis., 14 Feb. 1894; d. John 
Mielke, farmer, and Winnie (Smith) M.; 
ed. Belleville (Wis.) high sch.; Monroe 
Normal Sch., Wis. State Teachers Coll., 
Whitewater, Wis.; Summer Sch. Eau 
Claire State Teacher's Coll., 1941, 1944- 
45; m. Fred Pernot of Basco, Wis., 28 
Jan. 1914; children— Edward, Harold, 
Dorothy. Active in rural welfare, youth 
orgns., citizenship work; ed., better 
govt., peace movement; leader, 4-H 
Club of Eau Claire Co.; teacher, rural 
sch.; mem. Wis. Ed. Assn., Eugene 
Field Soc, Am. Literary Assn., Inc. 
Author: poems, songs; work in about 30 
anthologies. Desc. of Wis. pioneers from 
Ger. Interests: poetry, lit., Bible, na- 
ture, flowers, rural youth. Recreations: 
reading, mus. Home: Augusta, Wis. 

NORDLAND, Martin, surgeon; b. 
Austin, Minn., 9 Mar. 1889; s. Hans 
Nordland, bldg. contractor, and Pauline 
(Johnson) N. ; ed. East Minneapolis 
high sch.; B.S., Univ. Minn., 1911, M.D., 
1913; post grad., Univ. Berne, Switz., 
1 yr.; m. Mildred Hench of Minneapolis, 
Minn., 24 Nov. 1914; children— Mary 
Jane, Martin Albert. Interne, Minne- 
apolis Gen. Hosp.; pvt. practice of sur- 
gery, and teacher of surgery, Univ. 
Minn., clin. asst. prof., dept. of surgery; 
F. A.C.S.; mem. A.M.A., Minn. State 
Med. Soc, Western, Minneapolis Surg. 
Socs., Am. Assn. for Study of Goiter, 
A.A.S., Am. Bd. of Surgery, Sigma Xi. 
Clubs: Minikahda and Minneapolis. Au- 
thor: contbr. numerous arts, to med. 
jours.; assoc. ed. Lancet, Minneapolis. 
Travel: Eur., Cuba, Alaska, Mex. Inter- 
est: collecting old coins. Recreations: 
golf, bowling. Baptist. Republican. Of- 
fice: 1737 Medical Arts Bldg., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. Home: 2124 Kenwood 
Parkway, Minneapolis, Minn. Summer 
home: Beaver Bay, Minn. 

MEIGHEN, John Felix Dryden, law- 
yer; b. Spring Valley, Minn., 25 Sept. 
1877; s. Joseph Peter Meighen and Mary 


Elizabeth (Smith) M.; ed. B.Litt., Upper 
la. Univ., 1895, M. Litt., 1899; LL.B., 
Univ. Mich., 1900; LL.D. (hon.), Ham- 
line Univ., 1935; LL.D. (hon.), Upper 
la. Univ., 1945; m. Katherine Trusdell 
of Albert Lea, 27 Dec. 1917. Firm mem., 
Morgan & Meighen, Albert Lea, 1901-13, 
Meighen & Knudson, 1913-20, Meighen, 
Knudson & Sturtz, 1923—; judge, 10th 
Jud. Dist., Minn., 1920-23; neutral arbi- 
trator, G.N. Ry. vs. clerical and sta. 
forces, 1928; mem. Minn. Crime 
Commn., 1927; chmn., Minn. Advisory 
Bd., Fed. Emergency Admin. Pub. 
Works, 1933-34, Minn. State Planning 
Bd., 1934-37; spl. asst. U.S. Atty. Gen. 
as Hearing Officer conscientious obj., 
1942 — ; v.p. of trs., Hamline Univ.; v.p., 
First Nat. Bank of Albert Lea; mem. 
Masons, Shrine, Elks, K.P., Am., Minn., 
State and 10th Jud. Dist. Bar Assns., 
Chamber Commerce (pres., 1931-32). 
Clubs: Rotary, Albert Lea Country. Au- 
thor: Today in the Holy Land, 1913. 
Travel: It., Switz., Jap., Alas., Santo 
Domingo, Nor., China, Fr., Ger., Eng., 
Palestine, Mex., Spain. Recreations: 
travel, amateur movies. Methodist. 
Democrat (del. to Dem. Nat. Conv., 
1912, 1932, 1936). Office: First Nat. Bank 
Bldg., Albert Lea, Minn. Home: Shore- 
land Heights, Albert Lea, Minn. 

FINAN, Mary Blake, social worker; 
b. Chicago, 111., 24 Aug. 1876; d. Patrick 
J. Blake, master plumber, and Ellen 
F. (Meinhard) F.; ed. Mt. St. Joseph 
Acad.; A.B., Clarke Coll., 1919; B.S., 
Loyola Univ., 1921; LL.D. (hon.); m. 
Marin E. Finan of Chicago, HI., 27 June 
1900 (dec). Since leaving high sch. has 
maintained an active interest in ednl. 
work and social service both profes- 
sionally and in the Day Nursery, Settle- 
ment and Hosp. after death of husband; 
entered professional social service field, 
1914; through the college and alumnae 
fed. has supported ed.; worked in vari- 
ous clubs through the same depts.; ex. 
sec. Cath. Soc. Center; Youth chmn. 
Int. Fed. Cath. Alumnae; in a national 
poll was voted one of the ten women 
who had done the greatest amount of 
good in ed. and social service in Am., 
during the past 100 yrs.; prob. officer, 
Cook Co., 111.; worked through Red 
Cross and received spl. medal for work, 
maintained St. Leo Center during World 
War I; p. pres. I.F.C.A., pres. Nat. Fed. 
Alumni, Sisters of Charity, v.p. Cath. 
Total Abstinence Union of Am., chmn. 
of Ed. Dept. Cath. Woman League, pres. 
St. Bernard's Hosp. Auxiliary. Author: 
Edited Bulletin International Fed. of 

Cath. Alumnae. Travel: U.S., Mex., 
Eur. Parents in 111., 1850— suffered 
from the great fire; lived on the near 
west side and in business on State and 
Randolph. Interests: social work among 
the poor and sick, painting, travel, 
china. Recreations: driving, music, 
reading. Catholic. Democrat. Office: 
2600 So. California Av., Chicago, 111. 
Home: 6931 So. Yale Av., Chicago, 111. 

H'DOUBLER, Francis Todd, surgeon; 
b. Beloit, Kan., 22 Apr. 1887; s. Charles 
Wright H'Doubler, inventor, and Sarah 
Emerson (Todd) H'D.; ed. Warren 
Acad., Warren, 111.; Beloit Coll.; B.A., 
Univ. Wis., 1907, M.A., 1908, Ph.D., 1910; 
Chicago Univ.; Univ. Philippines; M.D., 
Harvard Univ., 1915; m. Alice Louise 
Bemis of Chicago, 111., 5 Aug. 1922; chil- 
dren — Alice Margaret, Francis Todd, 
Jr., Louise Emerson, Peter Bemis, 
Charles Edward. Asst. prof, math., 
Miami Univ., Oxford, O., 1910-11; in- 
terne, Peter Bent Brigham Hosp., Bos- 
ton, Mass., 1915, Augustana Hosp., Chi- 
cago, 111., 1917, Insel Spital, Berne, 
Switz., 1920; surg. res., Augustana 
Hosp., Chicago, HI., 1921; spl. res., 
Lakeside Hosp., Cleveland, O., 1921; jr. 
attending surg., Augustana Hosp., 1922- 
23; mem. faculty, Univ. 111. Med. Sch., 
1922-23; mem. Ochsner Clinic, Chicago, 
1922-23; pvt. practice Springfield, Mo., 
1923 — ; mem. staff, St. John's Hosp. and 
Springfield Bapt. Hosp.; surg. chief, 
Burge Hosp.; formerly consultant, Mo. 
State Tuberculosis Hosp., Mt. Vernon, 
Mo.; teacher bacteriology, South West 
Teachers Coll., Springfied, Mo.; dir. 
Springfield (Mo.) Chamber Commerce, 
Travelers' Aid, Community Chest; pres. 
Welfare Bd., Greene Co., Mo., 1935-37; 
entered as 1st It., disch. capt., World 
War I, 1917-19, overseas with Base Hosp. 
No. 11, June 1918- Aug. 1919; F. A.A.S.; 
mem. Greene Co. Med. Soc, (pres., 
1940), Mo. State Med. Soc. (v.p., 1944, 
45), A.M.A., A.C.S., Am. Bd. Surg., 
Southern Med. Soc, Am. Soc. for Study 
of Goitre, Assn. for Study of Internal 
Secretions, Mo. State Arch. Soc, Mo. 
State Hort. Soc, Am. Math. Soc, Math. 
Assn. Am., Mo. Acad. Sci. (v.p., exec, 
com., 1934-35, chmn. med. sect, and 
council), Sigma Nu, Phi Rho Sigma, 
Sigma Xi, Phi Beta Kappa, Gamma 
Alpha, Alpha Omega Alpha, Masons, 
Shrine. Clubs: Hickory Hills Country, 
University, Republican. Author: papers 
on thyroid gland and on spleen in med. 
jours. Travel: around world, 1912-13, 
war fellowship, Brit. Isles, 1919, Moslcy 
traveling fellowship from Harvard, 
Switz., Denmark, and Sweden, 1920. In- 


terests: mathematics, farming. Recrea- 
tion: gardening. Protestant. Republican. 
Office: Med. Arts Bldg., Springfield, Mo. 
Home: Route 7, Haseltine Rd., Spring- 
field, Mo. 

HOVORKA, Frank, professor of chem- 
istry and director of the university 
chemistry laboratories; b. Cernikovice, 
Czechoslovakia, 5 Aug. 1897; s. Frank 
Hovorka, farmer, and Anna (Pavlova) 
H.; bus. sch. in Solnice, Bohemia; high 
sch. dept., la. State Teachers Coll.; 
B.A., la. State Teachers Coll., 1922; 
M.S., Univ. HI., 1923, Ph.D., 1925; m. 
Sophie Paul Nickel of Connersville, Ind., 
12 June 1926. Tr., Masaryk Foundation, 
Nat. Adv. Bd. of the Slav. Comm. for 
Democracy; mem. Sigma Xi, Phi 
Lambda Upsilon, Pi Mu Epsilon, Epsi- 
lon Chi, Am. Chem. Soc, A.A.A.S. 
(Fellow), Electrochem. Soc, Soc. of 
Chem. Ind. (Great Britain), Chem. Soc. 
of London (Fellow), Am. Electroplaters 
Soc, Am. Assn. of Univ. Professors, 
Alpha Chi Sigma. Clubs: University, 
Professional. Author: numerous pubis, 
general physical chemistry. Travel: 
Eur., U.S. Interests: hist, of chem., 
music. Recreation: gardening. Presby- 
terian. Republican. Office: Western Re- 
serve Univ., Cleveland, O. Home: 2593 
Exeter Rd., Cleveland Heights 18, O. 

HITCHCOCK, Floyd Gillis, business 
executive; b. Lawrenceville, N.Y., 18 
Feb. 1887; s. William Gillis Hitchcock, 
teacher, and Alice (LeVanway) H.; ed. 
high sch., Tupper Lake, N.Y.; B.S., St. 
Lawrence Univ., Canton, N.Y., 1908; m. 
Velma K. Stevens of Lynn, Mass (dec), 
Apr. 1 912; children— Virginia Schell, 
Gail, Alison. Associated with S. S. 
Kresge Co., 1909—; tr., St. Lawrence 
Univ.; mem. bd. dirs., Detroit Sym- 
phony Orchestra, Pro Musica, Chamber 
Commerce; mem. Phi Sigma Kappa, 
Masons. Clubs: Detroit Golf, Athletic 
(Detroit, Mich.). Home: 294 E. Boston 
Blvd., Detroit, Mich. Summer home: 
Housatonic, Mass. 

HAMMOND, Hala Jean, author, 
writer, poet, playwright; b. Kosciusko, 
Miss.; d. James Theodore Hammond, 
mcht., farmer, and Charlotte Emily 
(Lewis) H.; ed. mostly in Miss, schs.; 
divorced; 1 dau., Marguerite Hammond 
McAdams. Child verses first pub. in 
N. Y. paper; owner and ed., weekly 
newspaper, files of which were sent to 
Paris Exhbn. for feminist files early in 
the century; in govt, service, 18 yrs., 
retired on account of phys. collapse; 
affiliated with every movement in be- 
half of women, suffrage and kindred 

movements; 1st woman del. sent to the 
Nat. Editorial Assn.; won numerous 
prizes and honors in nat. poetry con- 
tests, accorded recognition in London 
and Paris; now working on classical 
drama; mem. Nat. League Am. Pen 
Women, Nat. Order Bookfellows, Poetry 
Soc. Gt. Brit., Am. Assn. Poetry, Rebel 
Poets (Nat. and Internat.), Mus. Arts 
Soc, Bur. for Aiding Blind Artists, N.Y., 
Okla., and S.D. State Poetry Socs. and 
local orgns., D.A.R., U.D.C. Author: 
Sun-Dial, poetry: I Pray You, Lapidary, 
sonnets; Thie Glorious Discontent, 
poetry; Seven- Years Old (with Fr. 
translations); Historic Fort Gibson, 
poetic drama; Star in the Cup; contbr. 
to more than 100 collections, poetry, 
prose, fiction, history. Ancestors fought 
in Revol. War. Interests: books, music, 
antiques. Democrat. Address: 1404 Ells- 
worth Av., Muskogee, Okla. 

GILLIN, John J., Jr., president and 
general manager; b. Omaha, Neb., 1 
Mar. 1905; s. John J. Gillin and Julia 
R. (Kelly) G.; ed. St. John's Sch., 
Omaha, 1919; Creighton Prep. Sch., 
Omaha, 1923; A.B., Creighton Coll., 1927, 
LL.B., 1931; m. Marjorie Paulsen of 
Omaha, Neb., 7 Aug. 1930; children- 
Joan M., John J., IH. Manager, Nat. 
Radio Adv. Inc., Chicago, 2 yrs.; rep.. 
Kozak, Inc., Batavia, N.Y., in 7 mid- 
western states; announcer to gen. mgr., 
Radio Station WOW, Omaha, Neb.; dir., 
NAB, 1934-45; chmn. conventions and 
visitors com., Omaha Chamber Com- 
merce; 2d It., Inf., 1926, 1st 15., 1929, 
capt., Inf. Res., 1932; mem. Neb. Bar 
Assn., Elks, Alpha Sigma Nu, Delta 
Sigma Rho, Alpha Chi Kappa, Delta 
Kappa Delta, Delta Theta Phi. Clubs: 
Rotary, Omaha Country, Knights of Co- 
lumbus, Variety, Omaha Field, Omaha 
Athletic. Interests: radio law, golf. 
Catholic. Democrat. Office: Radio Sta- 
tion WOW, Insurance Bldg., Omaha, 
Neb. Home: 517 S. 38th Av., Omaha, 

HOWE, Eleanor, editor; b. Denver, 
Colo., 1891; d. Jabez Crosby Howe and 
Alice (Dixon) H.; ed. Thornton Twp. 
high sch.; B.S., Univ. 111., 1922; M.S., 
Columbia Univ. Teachers Coll., 1928. 
Home demonstration agt., Leavenworth 
Co., Kan.; asst. State Club Leader, Kan- 
sas; instr. foods, mgr. sch. cafeteria, 
Detroit Pub. Sch. System, Detroit, 
Mich.; dir. Home Economics Dept., 
McCormick & Co., Baltimore, Md.; 
radio artist, N.B.C. and Columbia 
Homemakers' Exchange Programs; 
v.p., Harvey & Howe, Inc., Chicago, 111., 
and N.Y.C.; editor-in-chief What's New 


in Home Economics; mem. Omicron 
Nil, Nat. Hon. Home Econ. Sorority, 
Am. Home Econ. Assn., Home Econ. 
Women in Bus., Am. Dietetic Assn. 
Clubs: Women's Adv. (Chicago), Chi- 
cago Council on Fgn. Relations, English 
Speaking Union. Authro: Household 
Hints. Interest: people. Recreation: golf. 
Christian Scientist. Republican. Office: 
919 N. Michigan Av., Chicago, HI. 
Home: 900 N. Michigan Av., Chicago, 


ITKIN, David Boris, actor, university 
professor; b. Dwinsk, Russia, 29 July 
1895; s. Boris Itkin, business man; ed. 
Dwinsk Gymnasium and Moscoe Univ.; 
Philharmonica of Moscow; M.D.A., Art 
Inst, of Chicago; m. Lia Israelevna of 
Rega, 21 Nov. 1915; children— Bella, Iza. 
Actor, Moscow Art Theatre, Habima, 
1915-27; assoc. dir., Goodman Theatre, 
Chicago, 1927—; head of drama dept., 
De Paul Univ., 1930—; visiting prof., 
Univ. Mich., summer, 1940; adv. coun- 
sel, Am. Ednl. Theatre Assn., 1938—; 
served as pvt. in Russian army during 
World War I. Travel: Eur., U.S. Recrea- 
tions: fishing, traveling, reading. Jew- 
ish. Office: 64 E. Lake St., Chicago, 111. 
Home: 1712 N. La Salle St., Chicago, 111. 

LANE, Leonora Carrington, professor 
of education; b. Baltimore, Md.; d. 
George A. Carrington, seaman, and Es- 
telle (Johnson) C; ed. Baltimore high 
sch.; Coppin Normal Sen.; B.S., Wilber- 
force Univ., 1924; M.A., Columbia Univ., 
1930; Ohio State Univ.; Univ. Minn.; m. 
Isaac Sappe Lane of Screven, Ga., 23 
Dec. 1920. Demonstration teacher, Cop- 
pin Teachers Coll., Baltimore, Wilber- 
force Univ. Elementary Sch.; now prof, 
edn., Wilberforce Univ., and psycholo- 
gist in reading and speech clinic, Wil- 
berforce Univ. Elementary Sch.; assoc. 
mem. Am. Psychol. Assn.; mem. A.A. 
A.S., Soc. for Res. in Child Develop- 
ment, Soc. for Psychol. Study of Social 
Issues, Ohio Psychol. Assn., Alpha 
Kappa Alpha (nat. sec), Sigma Pi, Sen 
Mer Rekh. Club: Cosmopolitan (Univ. 
Minn. Chap.). Travel: U.S. Interests: 
trees, maintenance of bird feeding sta- 
tions, pub. speaking, music. Recrea- 
tions: hiking, driving. Episcopalian. Of- 
fice: Wilberforce Univ., Wilberforce, O. 
Home: Wilberforce, O. 

LIND, Frederick Albertis, lawyer; b. 
Green Top, Mo., 22 July 1887; s. Augus- 
tus M. Lind and Caroline (Roberts) L.; 
ed. high sens., Queen City and Kirks- 
ville, Mo.; Univ. Mo.; Univ. Chicago; 
LL.B., Valparaiso; m. Minifredi East- 
man of Kingsville, O., 1 July 1909; chil- 

dren — Frederick Augustus, Albert East- 
man, Helen. Admitted HI. Supreme Ct., 
1916, U.S. Supreme Ct., 1930; sec. Com- 
mercial Law League Am., 1922-26, pres., 
1929-30, 1937-38; mem. Eastman, White, 
Hawxhurst & Lind, 1926-30, Vose & Lind, 
1930-37; capt., Inf., 1917, major, Inf., 

1918, capt., Inf., U.S. regular army, 

1919, during World War I; It. col., Inf., 
O.R.C., 1928; volunteered, commissioned 
maj., C.M.P., Aug. 1942, promoted It. 
col., C.M.P., Apr. 1943, detailed I.G.D., 
Jan. 1945, World War II; cited for 
valor and awarded Soldier's Medal, 
Aug. 1943; mem. Alpha Tau Omega, 
Masons, Elks, Am., HI. State and Chi- 
cago Bar Assns., Chicago Law Inst. 
Recreations: sports, esp. football, and 
baseball. Christian. Office: 100 N. La 
Salle St., Chicago, HI. Home: 1336 Wash- 
ington Av., Wilmette, HI. 

LOWE, Edmund Waring, chemist; b. 
Dover, Minn., 28 July 1905; s. John 
Lowe, clergyman, and Mary (Chermak) 
L.; ed. Milaca (Minn.) high sch.; B.S., 
Hamline Univ., 1926; M.S., Univ. of Chi- 
cago, 1929, Ph.D., 1930; m. Elsie Tray- 
nor of Chicago, HI., 17 Nov. 1932; 1 son, 
Henry Allan. Engaged in chemo-med. 
research, Univ. of Chicago, 1930-34; or- 
ganized Edwal Labs., 1934, pres., 
1934 — ; mem. Am. Chem. Soc, Sigma 
Xi. Author: What You Want to Know 
about Developers; numerous arts, on 
photog., chemicals. Interests: pistol 
shooting, photog. Recreation: mountain 
climbing. Office: 732 Federal St., Chi- 
cago, HI- Home: McHenry, HI. 

MARTS, Ralph O., plant anatomist; 
b. Ottawa, Kan., 6 Mar. 1900; s. James 
Robert Marts, farmer, and Effle 
Blanche (Clyde) M.; ed. Ottawa (Kan.) 
high sch.; B.S., Ottawa Univ., 1924; 
M.S., State Univ. la., 1927; unmarried. 
Asst. in botany, State Univ. la., 1924-29; 
asst. physiological plant anatomist and 
assoc. physiological plant anatomist, 
Forest Products Lab., U.S. Forest Serv- 
ice, 1929—; on military leave, A.A.F. 
(overseas duty), 1942—; mem. A.A.A.S., 
la. Acad. Sci., Sigma Xi, Soc. Am. 
Foresters, Am. Forestry Assn., Nat. 
Geog. Soc, Gamma Alpha, Pi Kappa 
Alpha. Club: Maple Bluff Camera. In- 
terests: wood structure and growth con- 
ditions, taxonomy, photomicrography, 
color photog. Office: Forest Products 
Laboratory, Madison, Wis. 

MAGOUN, James Albert Hughes, sur- 
geon; b. Medford, Mass., 27 Sept. 1888; 
a. James Albert Hughes Magoun and 
Cornelia (Bickley) M.; ed. Blair Acad.; 
B.A., Princeton Univ., 1912; M.D., Univ. 


Pa., 1916; M.S., Univ. Minn., 1922; m. 
Lois Cole, 10 June 1927; children — Ann 
V., James Albert Hughes, III. Interne, 
Pa. and Lankenau Hosps., Philadelphia, 
1917-19, assoc. on service with Dr. J. B. 
Deaver; phys., Mayo Clinic, 1919-22; 
practiced surgery, Toledo, 1922 — ; dir., 
surgery, Flower Hosp., dir. urology, 
Lucas Co. Hosp.; urologist, Toledo and 
St. Vincent's Hosps.; It. (jr. grade), 
Med. Res., U.S. Navy, assigned to Lan- 
kenau Hosp., 1918-19; charter mem. 
Sigma Xi, Mayo Foundation; mem. 
A.C.S., Am. Urol. Assn., North Central 
Br. Urol. Soc, Detroit Urol. Soc, 
A.M. A., Lucas Co. Med. Soc, Soc. of 
Mayo Clinic (assoc. mem. of residents 
and ex-residents). Clubs: Rotary, 
Toledo Camera, Inverness, Toledo. Au- 
thor: numerous surgical and urological 
arts. Travel: No. Am. Desc. Joshua 
Magoun who designed and built many 
early clipper ships at Charlestown, 
Mass. Interests: water colors, drawings, 
etching, books (rare edits.), Napoleonia. 
Recreations: fishing, hunting, sailing. 
Episcopalian. Republican. Office: 2001 
Collingwood, Toledo, O. Home: 3440 
Chestnut Hill Rd., Ottawa Hills, Toledo, 
O. Summer res.: Green Island, Lake 
Erie, O. 

McGINNIS, Frederick Alphonso, pro- 
fessor of education; b. West Mansfield, 
13 Feb. 1885; s. Henry C. McGinnis and 
Emily E. McG.; ed. West Mansfield 
high sch.; Ph.B. (in Ed.), Univ. Chi- 
cago, 1922; M.A., Ohio State Univ., 1927; 
Ed.D., Univ. Cincinnati, 1940; m. 
Charlie Aretta Perkins of Wilberforce, 
O., 11 Nov. 1911. Prof. Eng., Wilberforce 
Univ., 1922-27, dean, Coll. Lib. Arts, 
1928-39, prof, ed., Coll. of Ed., 1940—; 
dir., Supreme Liberty Life Ins. Co., Chi- 
cago; mem. Sigma Pi Phi, Alpha Phi 
Alpha, Masons (32d deg.). Author: A 
History and An Interpretation of Wilber- 
force University, 1856-1940. Recreation: 
tennis. African Methodist. Republican. 
Address: Wilberforce Univ., Wilber- 
force, O. 

MEAD, George Wilson, paper manu- 
facturer, banker; b. Chicago, HI., 22 
Feb. 1871; s. Darius R. Mead, lumber 
mcht., and Abigail Crane (Spare) M. ; 
ed. Beloit Coll., 1888-89; A.B., Univ. 
Wis., 1894; m. Ruth Emily Witter (dec.) 
of Wisconsin Rapids, Wis., 18 Oct. 1899; 
children— Stanton Witter, Walter Lang- 
worthy, Emily Phelps (Mrs. Henry Per- 
rine Baldwin). Merchant, Rockford, 111., 
1894-1902; paper bus., developing water 
powers and paper mills, Wisconsin 
Rapids, 1902; completed 1st entirely 

electrically motorized paper mill, 1904; 
developed process for making machine- 
coated paper directly on high speed 
paper machines, 1933-38; pres. Consol. 
Water Power & Paper Co., Ahdawagam 
Paper Products Co., Wis. Valley Im- 
provement Co.; mayor, Wis. Rapids, 6 
yrs.; chmn. bd., 111. Nat. Bank & Trust 
Co.; regent, Univ. Wis., 12 yrs.; tr. 
Beloit Coll., Chicago Theol. Sem.; mem. 
Theta Delta Chi, Masons. Clubs: Chi- 
cago, Union League (Chicago, 111.), In- 
dian Creek Country, Bath, Surf, Com. of 
One Hundred (Miami Beach, Fla.). Con- 
glist. Republican. Office: Wisconsin 
Rapids, Wis. 

MEAD, Sumner Adelbert, business 
executive; b. Somerville, Mass., 30 Oct. 
1892; s. Adelbert F. Mead, commission 
mcht., and Theodosia (Wright) M.; ed. 
Somerville (Mass.) high sch.; Litt.B., 
Princeton Univ., 1914; m. Ruth Appel- 
doorn of Chicago, HI., 7 June 1923; chil- 
dren — Sumner, Peter, John. Served in 
U.S.N.R.F., 3 yrs. Clubs: University 
(Chicago), Barrington Hills County, 
Edgartown Yacht. Office: 68 Fargo St., 
Boston, Mass. Home: Barrington, HI. 
Summer res.: Martha's Vineyard, Ed- 
gartown, Mass. 

WARREN, Theodore Edward, attor- 
ney; b. Ashtabula, O., 15 Oct. 1897; s. 
George B. Warren, ret. hotel operator, 
and Bertha (Terry) W.; ed. Ashtabula 
(O.) high sch.; LL.B., Cornell Univ., 
1921; m. Ada Edsell of Cedarhurst, 
N.Y., 17 Apr. 1926; children— Barbara 
Jane, Edsell Terry. Lawyer, Ashtabula; 
mem. and pres. Ashtabula City Plar? 
ning Commn., Ashtabula City Bd. Ed. 
(pres.); pvt., Co. 28, Camp Lee, Va., 
during World War I; mem. Co. Bar 
Assn. (pres.), O. State and Am. Bar 
Assns. (sect, of ins. law), Internat. 
Assn. Ins. Counsel, Commercial Law 
League, Am. and Ohio Title Assns., 
Fedn. of Ins. Counsel, Am. Legion. 
Club: Rotary. Interest: singing. Recrea- 
tions: golf, gardening. Conglist. Repub- 
lican. Office: 4438 Main Av., Ashtabula, 
O. Home: 1738 E. 46th St., Ashtabula, O. 

HAZLETT, William Henry, surgeon; 
b. Springfield, 111., 16 Jan. 1889; s. M. T. 
Hazlett and Sadie (L.) H.; ed. Sheffield 
(111.) high sch.; M.D., Univ. 111. Coll. of 
Med., 1913; m. Catherine Patrick of 
Chicago, 111., 9 Feb. 1941. Interne, St. 
Luke's Hosp.; chief res. phys., City 
Hosp., Louisville, Ky., 1915-16; instr., 
Louisville Med. Coll., 1915-16; chief res. 
phys., St. Luke's Hosp., Chicago, 1916- 
19; assoc. surgeon, Northwestern Univ. 
Med. Sch., 1920-32; attending surgeon, 


St. Luke's Hosp. ; assoc. attending sur- 
geon, Cook Co. Hosp.; assoc. prof., Sur- 
gery, Coll. of Med., Univ. 111.; F.A.C.S., 
A.M.A. ; mem. Chicago Med. Soc, Inst. 
Med. of Chicago, Chicago Surg. Soc, 
HI. Med. Soc. Clubs: University, Camp- 
fire, Chicago Literary. Recreations: 
hunting, fishing. Office: 122 S. Michigan 
Av., Chicago, 111. Home: 1428 N. State 
Pkwy., Chicago, HI, 

SEARLES, John N., profesor; b. 
Mazeppa, Minn., 27 Dec. 1896; s. George 
W. Searles, law enforcement, and Laura 
(Majerus) S.; ed. Mazeppa high sch.; 
E.M., Univ. Minn., 1923, M.S., 1930; m. 
Elsie Philley of Mazeppa, Minn., 1922. 
Prof., Sch. of Mines & Metallurgy, Univ. 
of Minn.; specialized in treatment of 
low grade iron ores and manganese 
ores, 1928 — ; metallurgist, Continental 
Machines, Inc., 1942 — . Author: arts, on 
mineral dressing research, splty. Minn, 
iron ores. Travel: Western U.S. Grand- 
son, first vol. in Civil War; helped sub- 
due Sioux outbreak at Mankato, 1865. 
Interests: early Am. furniture, photog., 
amateur photography. Recreation: auto- 
ing. Protestant. Republican. Office: care 
Continental Machines, Inc., 1301 Wash- 
ington Av., S., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Home: 6111 Knox Av., S., Minneapolis, 
Minn. Summer res.: Mazeppa, Minn. 

SCHLENZ, Harry Edward, executive 
and sales manager; b. Denver, Colo., 
1 Nov. 1905; s. Edward Schlenz, and 
Viola G. (Harder) S.; ed. Lane Tech. 
Sch., Chicago; B.S., Univ. HI., 1927, 
M.S., 1929, C.E., 1933; m. Norma B. 
Addison of Covington, La., 4 Aug. 1942; 
1 dau., Susan Joanne. Res. grad. asst., 
Univ. 111., 1927-29, instr. san. and civil 
engring., 1929-30; with Pacific Flush- 
Tank Co., Chicago, 1930—, v.p., sales 
mgr., dir., 1935; mem. A.S.C.E., Am. 
Pub. Works Assn., 111. Soc. Engrs., 
Sigma Xi, Tau Beta Pi, Scabbard and 
Blade, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Chi Epsi- 
lon, Sigma Tau. Clubs: Engineers 
(N.Y.), Army and Navy of Chicago. 
Author: bulls, on engring.; numerous 
tech. arts. Presbyterian. Office: 4241 
Ravenswood Av., Chicago 13, 111. Home: 
1092 Bluff Rd., Glencoe, 111. 

BUNKER, Charles Cyrus, executive; 
b. West Chicago, 111., 4 Sept. 1880; s. 
Lewis C. Bunker, ry. exec, and May D. 
(Wheeler) B.; ed. West Chicago pub. 
schs.; m. Fay Bailey of Chicago, 111., 
17 Dec. 1907; children— Charles C, Jr., 
Allen B. Stenographer, salesman, Mar- 
shall Field & Co., fgn. buyer, dept. 
mgr., divisional mdse. mgr., asst. gen. 
mdse. mgr., asst. gen. mgr., gen. mdse. 

mgr., v.p., 1935; pres. Frederick & Nel- 
son, Seattle, Wash., a division of Mar- 
shall Field & Co., 1944. Clubs: Chicago 
Golf, Ranier, Wash. Athletic, Seattle 
Golf. Protestant. Republican. Office: 
Fifth and Pine Sts., Seattle, Wash. 
Home: The Highlands, Seattle, Wash. 

BURTON, Samuel Chatwood, profes- 
sor of fine arts and arch.; b. Man- 
chester, Eng., 18 Feb. 1881; s. Thomas 
Burton, mgr. of mills, and Hannah 
(Chatwood) B.; ed. Royal grammar 
sch. (Clitheroe); Acad. Julien (Paris); 
Royal Coll. Art, S.K., A.M., London; 
studied art, It., Fr., London, Eng.; m. 
Magdalene Chambliss of St. Paul, 23 
July 1925; children— Courtney, Roger. 
Art teacher, Blackburn grammar sch., 
Blackburn Tech. Coll., Univ. HI., Univ. 
Minn., St. Paul Art Sch., Minneapolis 
Inst. Art; silver and bronze medalist for 
painting, etching, 3d prize painting, 
1917, 2d prize, 1918, bronze medal for 
etching, 1920, 2d prize; won 1st prizes 
sculpture, 1924, 1926; exhbn. Architec- 
tural League, N.Y.; sergt., Canadian 
Engrs. Corps, 6 mos., during World War 
I; mem. Art Masters Soc. (Eng.), Chi- 
cago Etchers Soc, Artists League (New 
York, N.Y.). Clubs: 5.55 (Minneapolis), 
Print Makers (Los Angeles, Calif.), 
Beachcombers (Provincetown). Author: 
Spain Poised (an etcher's record). 
Travel: Spain, It., Belgium, Fr., Afr. 
Interests: painting, sculpture, etching, 
writing, lecturing, lithography. Recrea- 
tion: golf. Office: Univ. Minn., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. Home: 1114 8th S. S.E., 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

ROOS, Carles M., engineer, man- 
ager; b. Williamsport, Pa., 10 Mar. 
1883; s. Ernest Roos, carriage-wagon 
builder, and Hannah (Hyde) R.; ed. 
Williamsport high sch.; Williamsport 
Coll., 1902; m. Fay B. Dieffebach of 
Williamsport, 18 May 1910 (dec, 1915); 
m. (2d) Virtus B. Brown of Cairo, 111., 
15 Dec. 1921; children— Lois Fay, 
Charles Wm. Designer, constructor, 
operator, water works, Indus, plants, 
gasoline and carbon black plant; made 
engring. appraisal of utility and indsl. 
property; designed and constructed 
dwellings; mgr., East St. Louis and 
Interurban Water Co.; mem. Nat. Soc. 
Prof. Engrs., Soc Am. Mil. Engrs., HI. 
Soc. Engrs., Am. Water Works Assn., 
Assembly Am. Engring. Council, 111. 
Chamber Commerce, Boy Scouts Coun- 
cil. Clubs: Rotary (p. pres.), St. Clair 
Country, East St. Louis City, East St. 
Louis Imperial. Author: papers in prof, 
pubis., arts, in original edit, of Water 


Works Manual. Travel: U.S., Can. In- 
terests: paleontology, geology, mineral 
specimens. Recreation: geol. field work, 
skeet shooting, sci. Methodist. Repub- 
lican. Office: 513 E. Missouri Av., East 
St. Louis, HI. Home: 18 Granvue Dr., 
Belleville, 111. 

SCHMIDT, Erwin Rudolph, professor 
of surgery; b. Alma, Wis., 19 Dec. 
1890; s. George Schmidt and Lina (Ochs- 
ner) S.; ed. Arcadia high sch., 1909; 
B.A., Univ. Wis., 1913; M.D., Washing- 
ton Univ. Med. Sch., 1916; m. Mary 
Adelaide Newlove of Des Moines, Ia„ 
7 May 1919; cildren— Erwin Rudolph, 
Jr., Mary Allison, Margot Ochsner, 
Courtland Mercer. Interne, Barnes 
Hosp., 1916-17, Augustana Hosp., 1917, 
1919, chief asst.,' 1920-21; exchange asst., 
Maria Hosp., Stockholm, Sweden, 1921- 
22, Stadtische Krankenhaus, Frankfurt- 
am-Main, Ger., 1922-23; asst. attending 
surg., St. Vincent's Hosp., Billings, 
Mont., 1923-25; jr. attending surg., Au- 
gustana Hosp., 1922-25; prof, surg., 
Univ. Wis. Med. Sch., and chief surg., 
State of Wis. Gen. Hosp., 1926 — ; served 
as 1st It., M.R.C., 1917-18, capt., M.C., 
U.S.A., 1918-19, comdg. officer, Base 
Hosp. No. 11, Jan.-May 1919; Fellow 
and governor A.C.S.; licensed by Am. 
Bd. Surg., mem. Ger. Surg. Congress, 
Wis. State Med. Soc, Dane Co. Med. 
Soc, A.M.A., Am. Assn. for Traumatic 
Surg., Am. Surg. Assn., A.A.A.S., A. A. 
U.P., Wis. Acad. Sci., Wis. State Hist. 
Soc, Swiss-Am. Hist. Soc, Chi Phi, Nu 
Sigma Nu, Sigma Sigma, Alpha Omega 
Alpha, Sigma Xi, Terre Haute Acad, of 
Med. (hon. mem.). Author: editorials 
and tech. arts, on med. and surg. subjs. 
for med. jours, and pubis. Travel: U.S., 
Eur. Recreations: hunting, fishing. 
Episcopalian. Republican. Office: 1300 
University Av., Madison, Wis. Home: 
1937 Arlington PL, Madison, Wis. Sum- 
mer res.: Llewelyn Beach, St. Joseph's 
Island, Ontario, Can. 

SVOBODA, John F., oral surgeon; b. 
Chicago, HI., 8 May 1906; s. John C. 
Svoboda and Mary (Kovanda) S.; ed. 
Morton high sch.; Y.M.C.A. Prep.; Chi- 
cago Coll. Dental Surg.; D.D.S., Loyola 
Univ., 1929; B.S., 1934; M.D.S., Loyola 
Univ., 1942; m. Helen Engelbreit, Kirk- 
wood, Mo., 8 May 1941; children — John 
William, Jean Marie. Resident oral 
surg., Cook Co. Hosp., 1930; asst. prof, 
oral surgery, Chicago Coll. Dental 
Surg.; faculty mem., 111. State Dental 
Study Club; mem. HI. Dental Soc, Chi- 
cago Dental Soc, Am. Dental Assn., 
Am. Soc. of Oral Surgeons, Delta Sigma 

Delta, Odontographic Soc Interests: 
photog., cinematography. Recreation: 
outdoor sports. Office: 4013 Milwaukee 
Av., Chicago, HI. Home: 6730 Olympia 
Av., Chicago 31, HI. 

HOUGHTON, Marshall George, elec- 
trical engineer; b. Boyne City, Mich., 
2 Dec 1904; s. George A. Houghton, 
realtor, and Margaret (Blanshan) H.; 
ed. Boyne City pub. schs.; B.S.E.E., 
Mich. State Coll., 1926; E.E. (hon.), 
Mich. State Coll., 1931; m. Doris T. 
Posthumus of East Lansing, Mich., 25 
June 1932; 1 dau., Beverly Doris. Stu- 
dent engr., Westinghouse Electric & 
Mfg. Co., Mansfield, O., 1926, 1927; elec- 
tric design engr., Allied Engrs., Inc., 
Jackson, Mich., 1927-30; head electrical 
dept., Detroit Inst. Tech., 1930-37; elec- 
trical engr., Albert Kahn, Assoc. Archi- 
tects & Engrs., Detroit, 1937—; mem. 
Am. Inst, of E.E., Assoc. Hlum. Eng. 
Soc; registered profl. engineer, N.Y., 
Mich. Interests: photog. of all kinds, 
movies, still, miniature. Protestant. Re- 
publican. Office: 345 New Center Bldg., 
Detroit 2, Mich. Home: 18298 Indiana 
Av., Detroit 21, Mich. 

KRYL, Bohumir, symphony orchestra 
director; b. Bohemia, 2 May 1875; s. 
Jan Kryl, sculptor, and Josef a (Kry- 
lova) K.; ed. Horice (Czechoslovakia) 
high sch.; m. Mary Jerabek of Vienna; 
children — Marie, Josephine. Executed 
bust of Ben Hur, Prince of India, for 
Gen. Lew Wallace of Crawfordsville, 
Ind.; cornet soloist with Sousa and his 
band, 3 seasons; organized own band 
with which traveled in Am., Can., Mex., 
Cuba, 30 yrs.; traveled with own sym- 
phony orchestra, 7 yrs.; mem. Mason. 
Composer: cornet solos. Recreations: 
collections of old masters. Adress: 3300 
Lake Shore Dr., Chicago, HI. 

LANGWORTHY, Mary Lewis, club 
woman, housewife; b. Alfred, N.Y., 31 
Mar. 1872; d. A. H. Lewis, clergyman, 
author, and Augusta Melissa (Johnson) 
L.; ed. Plainfield Young Ladies Sem., 
N.J.; Alfred Univ., 2 yrs.; teachers 
cert., Delsarte Sch. of Expression, N.Y., 
1895; m. Benjamin F. Langworthy of 
Chicago, 111., 25 Oct. 1897; children- 
Frances (Mrs. D. B. Murray), Mari- 
gold Lockhart (Mrs. Dwight Taylor). 
Teacher, Eng. and drama, 2 yrs.; tr. 
Village of Winnetka, 1922-26; served as 
4 min. speaker, chmn. Jolly Tar Club 
for sailors at Gt. Lakes Naval Tr. Sta., 
during World War I; mem. Nat. League 
Women Voters, D.A.R., Nat. Cong. Par- 
ents and Teachers, Nat. Assn. Social 
Hygiene, Am. Soc. Mental Hygiene, 111. 


Soc. for Mental Hygiene, bd. mem., 
Cook Co. Training Sch. of Nursing. 
Clubs: Woman's Athletic, Woman's City, 
Women's Nat. Rep. (N.Y.), Winnetka 
Woman's, River Forest Woman's. Au- 
thor: 6 pageants, editorials. Travel: 
Eur., Hawaii, U.S. Interests: music, old 
glass, pub. speaking, gardening. Rec- 
reations: driving, travel. Conglist. Re- 
publican. Address: 832 Bryant Av., Win- 
netka, HI. 

REEVE, Bryce Byrum, physician and 
surgeon; b. Edwardsport, Ind., 29 Mar. 
1895; s. Samuel Morris Reeve, mcht., 
and Lealie Samanthy (Hulen) R.; ed. 
Edwardsport high sch.; B.S., Ind. Univ., 
1919, M.D., 1921; m. Clara Evelyn Tharp 
of Whiting, Ind., 30 Dec. 1924; children 
—Esther Ruth, Bryce Byrum, Jr., Ros- 
coe Edward. Interne, Passavant Memo- 
rial Hosp., 1921-22; mem. of staff Phil- 
lips Sanitarium, Malvern, Ark., 1922-23; 
chief surgeon, First Aid Hosp., Standard 
Oil Co., Ind., 1923-34; med. dir. Stand- 
ard Oil Co., 1934—; pres. sch. bd., Floss- 
moor, HI. (elective), Commn. of Health, 
Flossmoor, HI.; served in hosp., appren- 
tice Naval Med. Res. Corps 4 yrs. 
during World War I; mem. A.M. A., HI. 
State and Chicago Med. Socs., The Am. 
Assn. of Ind. Physicians and Surgeons, 
fellow Am. Assn. of Ind. Phys. and 
Surg., Phi Chi, Masons. Clubs: Chicago 
Heights Country, Olympia Fields Coun- 
try, Flossmoor Men's. Interests: gar- 
dening, numismatics. Recreations: golf, 
North Division high sch.; State Teach- 
fishing, hunting. Christian Church. Re- 
publican. Office: 910 S. Micigan Av., 
Chicago, HI. Home: Hutchison Rd., 
Flossmoor, HI. 

RASKIN, Max, lawyer; b. Vitebsk, 
White Russia, 8 Nov. 1902; s. Samuel 
Raskin and Dora (Albright) R.; ed. 
North Division high sch.; State Teach- 
ers Coll., Milwaukee; LL.B., Marquette 
Univ., Milwaukee, 1926; m. Elaine 
Rosenblith of Milwaukee, Wis., 17 June 
1928; , children— Nancy Gail, Bonnie 
Fern. Came to U.S. 1912; practiced law, 
1926—; elected city atty., Milwaukee, 
1932; Socialist candidate, running on 
same ticket as Daniel W. Hoan, nation- 
ally known mayor; under his super- 
vision the Baby Bond System of paying 
current expenses was developed and 
Milwaukee was kept free from financial 
difficulty, resulting in debt free city; 
city atty., 1932-36; Wis. State and Mil- 
waukee Co. Bar Assns., Juridical 
Soc, Milwaukee Housing Council, Wis. 
Liberal League, Knights of Pythias, 
Club: Milwaukee Turners. Recreation: 

golf. Jewish. Office: 606 W. Wisconsin 
Av., Milwaukee, Wis. Home: 3311 N. 
Sherman Blvd., Milwaukee, Wis. 

ORLIKOSKI, Walter John, coal mer- 
chant; b. Chicago, HI., 20 June 1886; s. 
Louis Orlikoski, stationary engr., and 
Constance (Muzolf) O.; ed. N.W. Chi- 
cago high sch.; St. Stanislaus Coll.; m. 
Helen Sullivan of Pekin, HI., 11 Nov. 
1929. Traffic mgr.; real estate; coal 
wholesale and retail, spl. agt., U.S. Int. 
Rev. Dept.; chief elk.; recorder of 
deeds, Cook Co., HI.; dir. Avondale 
Bldg. & Loan Assn.; served with rail- 
way engr. in World War I; alderman, 
1931-44. Recreations: sports, golf, read- 
ing late books. Catholic. Democrat. Of- 
fice: 3158 N. Pulaski Rd., Chicago, HI. 
Home: 2600 N. Kimball Av., Chicago, 


NUQUIST, Maud Edgerton, . club 
woman; b. Stromsburg, 10 Sept. 1882; 
d. Joseph Walter Edgerton, attorney, 
and Sarah Jane (Selby) E.; ed. Grand 
Island high sch.; grad., 1900; m. Andrew 
F. Nuquist of Osceola, Neb., 28 Sept. 
1904; children— Andrew Edgerton, Irma 
Nuquist Laase, Joseph Edgerton, Rob- 
ert Edgerton. Candidate for Gov. of 
State, 1934; mem. Child Welfare Bur., 
(dir., 1935-37, bd. control, 1937-43), State 
Conf. Social Work (bd. dirs.), 4th Dist. 
Women's Clubs (pres., 1926-27), Neb. 
Fed. Women's Clubs (v.p., 1927-29, pres., 
1929-31, gen. fedn. dir., 1931-33), Native 
Sons and Daus., (pres., 1934-35), Gen. 
Fed. Women's Clubs (chmn., div. Child 
Welfare), D.A.R., P.E.O. Club: Osceola 
Women's. Father, Joseph Walter Edger- 
ton, 1st atty. in Stromsburg, prosecutor 
in 1st murder trial in Polk Co., one of 
early leaders in Populist movement; 
husband, Andrew F. Nuquist, mem. 1st 
high sch. graduating class in Polk Co., 
Stromsburg, 1887, also pres. First Nat. 
Bank, Osceola. Interests: civic affairs, 
politics, needlepoint, reading, antiques, 
motoring. Methodist. Democrat. Office: 
State House, Lincoln. Neb. Home: Os- 
ceola, Neb. Summer res. : Lake Ericson, 

NELSON, Harry Monroe, obstetrician, 
gynecologist; b. Kane, Pa., 29 Mar. 
1895; s. Samuel Nelson, oil, gas driller, 
and Anna (Michelson) N.; ed. Kane 
(Pa.) high sch.; B.S., Univ. Mich., 1918, 
M.D., 1920; m. Elizabeth J. Jones of 
Greenfield, O., 1927; children— Harry 
Monroe, Jr., Robert Henshaw. Instr., 
surgery, Univ. Mich., 1922; assoc, ob- 
stetrics and gynecology, Henry Ford 
Hosp., 1922-30; chief, gynecologist and 
sr. attending obstetrician, Woman's 


Hosp., 1933—, chief of tumor clinic 
1936 — ; asst. prof., obstetrics, gynecol 
ogy, Wayne Univ., 1936 — ; surg. dir. 
Thomas Mem. Hosp., 1939—; v.p., De 
troit Inst. Cancer Research, 1942— 
Fellow A.C.S.; mem. Detroit Acad. Sur 
gery, Cent. States Assn. Obstetricians 
Gynecologists, A.M. A., Wayne Co. Med 
Soc, Mich. Soc. Obstetricians, Gyne 
cologists (pres., 1939-40), Am. Soc. Con 
trol of Cancer, Tri Co. Division (exec 
chmn., 1938 — ). Author: numerous arts 
in current med. jours. Interests: farm 
ing, breeding of sadle horses. Protes 
tant. Republican. Office: 1067 Fisher 
Bldg., Detroit, Mich. Home: 20811 W. 
Ten Mile Rd., Detroit, Mich. 

NEEDLES, William Bray, optome- 
trist; b. Sedalia, Mo., 17 May 1879; s. 
Simgesmer Needles, mcht., and Elma 
Florence (Bray) N.; ed. Brookfield high 
sen., Mo.; O.D., Southwestern Optom. 
Coll., 1900; M.D., McCormick Med. 
Coll., 1905; m. Elva Crosby of Kansas 
City, Mo., June 1905; children— Eliza- 
beth Needles Whitsell, John W., Richard 
A. Founder, Needles Inst, of Optometry, 
Kansas City, Mo., 1910, consolidated 
with No. HI. Coll., pres., 1924—; lec- 
turer, state and nat. prof, bodies, social 
groups; pres., chmn. bd. of dirs., No. 
HI. Coll.; dir. Drexel Nat. Bank, Chi- 
cago; served as cpl., home guard, dur- 
ing World War I; mem. Am. Optom. 
Assn. (hon. life), Am. Acad, of Optom. 
Author: texts and courses in optom. 
Travel: Eur., Air., Am. Interests: 
music, travel. Recreation: golf. Method- 
ist. Republican. Office: 4170 Drexel 
Blvd., Chicago, 111. Home: 4832 Ellis 
Av., Chicago, HI. Summer res.: Lake 
Shore, Douglas, Mich. 

MUERMAN, John Charles, professor 
of rural and visual education, A. & M. 
College; b. Deerfield, O., 24 Mar. 1865; 
s. Henry William Muerman, merchant, 
and Jennie (Schaeffer) M.; ed. pub. 
sens., O., Mt. Union and Hiram Coll.; 
A.B., Wash. State Coll. (Pullman, 
Wash.), 1910; M.A., George Washington 
Univ. (Washington, D.C.), 1916, Ph.D., 
1922; m. Ethel Ashby of Moscow, Ida., 
1898 (dec); m. (2d) Pearl W. Wilcox, 
12 Aug. 1942. Mem. Kappa Delta Pi, 
A.A.A.S., Masons (p. grand master, 
Ida., 1899), Elks, I.O.O.F., N.E.A., 
O.E.A., Phi Delta Kappa. Club: Demo- 
cratic. Author: bulletins and arts, for 
the press, etc. Travel: Borneo, Philip- 
pines, Java, Bali, Hawaii, Porto Rico, 
Mex., Can., China, Japan. Interests: 
stamps, coins, photog. Recreations: 
hunting, fishing, travel. Presbyterian. 

Democrat. Office: A. & M. Coll., Still- 
water, Okla. Home: Stillwater, Okla. 

MEYER, Walter W. L., lawyer, asso- 
ciate judge; b. Chicago, 23 June 1892; 
s. John J. Meyer, mcht., and Maria 
(Gareiss) M.; ed. Armour Sci. Acad., 
1909; lit. work at Univ. 111.; LL.B., 
Northwestern Univ., 1915; LL.D. (hon.), 
Lincoln Memorial Univ., Harrogate, 
Tenn., 1938; 1 son, John J. Apptd. Asst. 
State Atty. under Maclay Hoyne for 4 
yrs. ; practiced law with Otto C. Rent- 
ner, 25 yrs.; Master of Chancery, Cir- 
cuit Ct., 4 consecutive terms, 1923-30; 
assessor, Cook Co., 1930 — ; prof, law, 
Loyola Univ.; prof, law, faculty of 
Northwestern Univ., 10 yrs.; (exec, 
com. German group, Chicago World's 
Fair Centennial Commn.; capt., Mil. 
Intelligence Res., during World War I; 
mem. Am. and HI. Bar Assns., L.O.O.M. 
(p. v. dictator of Greater Chicago Lodge 
No. 3), Elks, Boy Scouts (p. deputy 
commr.), Alumni Assns. of HI. and 
Northwestern Univs., Delta Theta PI, 
Phi Alpha. Clubs: Kiwanis (founder), 
Forest Park Kiwanis (pres., hon. 
mem.), Moose Country (chmn. House 
Com.), German, Germania, Chicago 
Tower, Chicago Motor (hon. mem.), Pis- 
tagua Heights Country (p. v.p.), Steu- 
ben of Chicago (p. v.p.). Author: paper 
on Lincoln and the Civil War. Travel: 
world, So. Am., Islands. Interests: phi- 
lately, music, painting. Recreations: 
fishing, hunting, swimming, football, 
golf. Lutheran. Democrat. Office: 69 W. 
Washington St., Chicago, HI. Home: Oak 
Park, HI. 

McMARTIN, Charles, physician, sur- 
geon; b. Dunlap, la., 11 May 1880; s. 
A. I. McMartin, farmer, and Harriet A. 
(Smith) McM.; ed. Dunlap (la.) high 
sen.; Grinnell (la.) acad.; Ph.B., Grin- 
nell Coll., 1902; M.D., Univ. Chicago, 
Rush Med. Coll., 1906; m. Mary E. 
O 'Kelly of Omaha, Neb., 5 Aug. 1909; 
1 dau., Harriet Margaret. Practiced 
med., Neb., 1907-10; prof, urology, der- 
matol., Creighton Med. Coll., 1910—, 
mem. administrative bd., 1931 — , head 
dept. surgery, Creighton Med. Coll., St. 
Joseph's Hosp., 1936—; F. A.C.S.; mem. 
Omaha-Douglas Co. Med. Soc. (p. 
pres.), Omaha Mid- West Clin. Soc. 
(pres., 1939-40), Neb. State Med. Assn. 
(pres., 1945-46), A.M. A., Am. Urol. Assn. 
(pres., 1938, South Central Br.), Masons, 
Shrine. Clubs: Rotary, Omaha Athletic. 
Author: numerous prof. arts. Travel: 
U.S., Eur. Interests: med. history, 
travel. Conglist. Republican. Office: 611 
City Nat. Bank Bldg., Omaha, Neb. 
Home: 1714 Douglas St., Omaha. Neb. 


McKEY, Frank Michael, trustee; b. 
Janesville, Wis., 4 July 1880; s. Edward 
B. McKey and Zoe (Gross) McK.; ed. 
Princeton- Yale Sen., Chicago, 111.; A.B., 
Univ. Chicago, 1903; m. Elizabeth T. 
Hull of St. Louis, 25 Feb. 1905; children 
—Frank M., Jr., Henry Hull. Trustee, 
liquidator, trust officer for courts and 
large industries, 1904—; dir. 30 holding 
corps.; sec. Draft Bd. No. 124, Chicago, 
HI.; mem. Delta Tau Delta. Interest: 
growing flowers. Recreations: fishing, 
hunting, golf. Episcopalian. Independ- 
ent. Office: Rm. 1615, First Nat. Bank 
Bldg., Chicago, HI. Home: Graemere 
Hotel, Washington Blvd. at Homan Av., 
Chicago, HI. Summer res.: White Lake, 
Montague, Mich. 

McCALL, Thomas Montgomery, su- 
perintendent, professor; b. McCallsberg, 
la., 25 Dec. 1887; s. John Newton 
McCall, farmer, and Olive (Quick) 
McC; ed. high sch., Ames, la., 1905; 
B.S., la. State Coll., 1910, M.S., 1930; 
m. Blanche Fleetwood of Ames, la., 12 
June 1912; children — Donald Thomas, 
Robert Lowell, Barbara Alice. Asst. and 
instr., depts. of entomology and horticul- 
ture, la. State Coll., Ames, la., 1910-11; 
horticulturist, asst. prof., N.W. Sch. & 
Sta., Univ. Minn., Crookston, 1911-37, 
actg. supt., 1933-34, supt., prof., 1937—; 
pres. Red River Valley Winter Shows; 
mem. Expt. Sta. Reserve for increased 
food prodn. during World War I; mem. 
Red River Valley Livestock Assn. 
(pres.), Red River Develop. Assn. 
(pres.), Am. Soc. Hort. Sci., Minn. 
Acad. Sci., Minn. Hort. Soc. (life mem.), 
Alpha Zeta (hon., agr.), Delta Sigma 
Rho (hon. forensics). Clubs: Rotary (p. 
pres.), Junta. Author: bulletins; Root 
Crops for Red River Valley; Potatoes in 
Red River Valley; Trees & Fruits for 
Red River Valley; co-author: Crops & 
Soils Handbook; editor: Northwest 
School News. Travel: Can., U.S. Great 
uncle laid out townsite of McCallsberg, 
la.; uncle was Civil War vet. Interests: 
farming, open forum discussion groups. 
Recreations: fishing, travel. Church 
of Christ (elder, chmn. bd.). Repub- 
lican. Office and home: N.W. Sch. & 
Sta., Univ. Minn., Crookston, Minn. 

MAYER, Frederick, lawyer; b. Ger- 
many, 16 Aug. 1890; s. Loesermann 
Mayer, merchant, and Caroline (Hirsch) 
M.; LL.B., Chicago Kent Coll., 1912; m. 
Lelia Samish of Beatrice, Neb., Feb. 
1921; children — Richard J., Janet L. 
Came to U.S., 1904; employed in various 
capacities in Greenbaum Sons Bank and 
Trust Co., 1906-12; practice of law, 

1912 — ; dir. of Continental Grain Co.; 
mem. law firm Poppenhusen, Johnston, 
Thompson and Raymond, Chicago; 
served in U.S. Army, 1918-19; sergt., 
mem. of A.E.F., Siberia; mem. Am. 
and Chicago Bar Assns. Club: Standard 
of Chicago. Travel: U.S., Cent. Am., 
Eur., Far East. Recreations: golf, 
travel. Jewish. Republican. Office: 11 
S. La Salle St., Chicago, 111. Home: 1059 
Hyde Park Blvd, Chicago, HI. 

MARCH-MOUNT, Margaret, writer, 
lecturer; b. Illinois; d. John March 
Whisnant, cattle rancher, and Elizabeth 
Jane (Mount) W.; ed. George Washing- 
ton Univ.; Univ. Wis. Extension sum- 
mer sch.; Curry Sch. Expression; un- 
married. Building up human and rec- 
reational phases of conservation in U.S. 
Forest Service; corr., Christian Science 
Monitor; mem. Soc. Am. Foresters, Am. 
Forestry Assn. Clubs: Nat. Fed. of 
Press Women, Bus. and Prof. Women, 
Woman's City, Scribblers' of A.A.U.W. 
Author: mag. arts, and booklets. 
Travel: Eur., Cent. Am., Can., Baha- 
mas, Mex. Recreations: reading, travel. 
Christian Scientist. Office and home: 
College Women's Club, 1330 No. Pros- 
pect, Milwaukee, Wis. 

LONG, LeRoy Downing, surgeon; b. 
Caddo, Okla., 15 Mar. 1897; s. LeRoy 
Long, surgeon, and Martha (Downing) 
L.; ed. McAlester (Okla.) high sch.; 
M.D., Harvard Med. Sch., 1921; Okla. 
Univ.; m. Mary Louise Clymer of Okla- 
homa City, Okla., 15 Sept. 1927; children 
—LeRoy, III, Margaret Ann. Interne 
New York and Brooklyn; post grad. 
Europe; teacher in surgery, Univ. Okla. 
Sch. Med., 1924 — ; surgeon LeRoy Long 
Clinic, 1924 — ; assoc. prof, surgery; 
attending surgeon, Univ. and St. An- 
thony Hosps., Oklahoma City, 1924—; 
R.O.T.C. at Harvard Med. Sch., during 
World War I; mem. Okla. Co., State, 
Am. Med. Assns., Am. Coll. Surg., Am. 
Assn. Study Goiter, Am. Bd. of Surgery, 
Oklahoma City Acad. Med., Southern 
Soc. Clin. Surg., Western Surg. Assn. 
Clubs: Oklahoma City Golf and Coun- 
try, Oklahoma, Beacon. Author: numer- 
ous arts, for current med. pub. Travel: 
Eng. and continent (1923-36). Son of 
LeRoy Long, pioneer surgeon, dean and 
prof. surg. Univ. of Okla. Sch. of Med. 
recognized leader of medical prof, state 
of Okla. Methodist. Democrat. Office: 
117 N. Broadway, Oklahoma City, Okla. 
Home: 837 N.W. 40th St., Oklahoma 
City, Okla. 

LYNESS, Anna Ramspacher, F.R.C., 
writer of poetry and prose; b. Tacony, 


Philadelphia, Pa., 26 Oct. 1877; d. 
Claude Ramspacher and Johanna (Wei- 
gand) R. ; ed. St. Alphonsus Sen., Phila- 
delphia; bus. course and elocution at 
Temple Univ.; m. Albert Lyness of 
Little Grant, Wis., 28 Nov. 1918. Teacher 
St. Mary's in the Pines, Chatawa, Miss.; 
mgr., owner of Lyness Apartments, Du- 
buque, la.; pvt. investigator, compiler; 
charter mem. Cymric Order of Cove- 
nant; hon. mem. Eugene Field Soc; 
honored by Pope Puis XII on 4 different 
occasions with Papal Apostolic Blessing, 
for Catholic Action in the Near East 
Welfare Assn. Author: 5 plays, The Ken- 
tuckey Derby, The Agitator, The Lady 
of the Nile, Goosey Island, Which is the 
Greater Man; in preparation: Voices of 
the Wind, Builders of a Nation, Tipy 
Toe & Hamilcar, Golden Gates Ajar, 
Little Lives of Great Saints. Recreation: 
horse and boat races, paper, fox and 
steeple chases. Catholic. Democrat. Ad- 
dress: P.O. Box 354, Bloomington, Wis. 

MIDDLETON, Wallace Ray, lawyer; 
b. Genesee Co., Mich., 11 Jan. 1884; s. 
Moses Middleton, civil engr., and Susie 
(Cole) M.; ed. Flint high sen.; LL.B., 
Detroit Coll. Law; B.S., Detroit Inst. 
Tech.; m. Maribel Smith of Bay City, 
28 June 1911 (dec. 19 Nov. 1941). Mem. 
law firm, Bodman, Longley, Bogle, Mid- 
dleton & Armstrong; dir., Abstract & 
Title Guarantee Co.; mem. Am. Bar 
Assn. Clubs: Detroit, Detroit Athletic. 
Conglist. Republican. Office: 1400 Buhl 
Bldg., Detroit, Mich. Home: 1019 Bed- 
ford Rd., Grosse Pointe, Mich. Summer 
res.: Otisville, Mich. 

MORRIS, Clyde Calhoun, minister; b. 
Dillon, Miss., 29 Oct. 1885; s. Benjamin 
W. Morris, mcht., and Ophelia Jane 
(Simmons) M.; ed. high sen., Kent- 
wood, La.; A.B., Union Univ. (Jackson, 
Tenn.), 1915, D.D. (hon.), 1925; Southern 
Bapt. Theol. Sem. (Louisville, Ky.); m. 
Stella Katherine Anderson of Paducah, 
Ky., 1915; children— Mrs. D. L. High 
and Mrs. B. T. Hoover (twins), Ander- 
son Brown. Pastor, First Bapt. Ch., 
1919 — ; builder, owner, operator, radio 
station KADA, Ada; mem. bd. dirs., 
Okla. Bapt. Gen. Conv., pres., 1933-35; 
received Carnegie Hero Fund Medal 
and $1,000 for saving Jesse L. Fettis 
from drowning, 1912; served as Y.M. 
C.A. chaplain, U.S., Fr., 1917-18, with 
U.S. 3d div., Fr.; mem. Alpha Tau 
Omega, Masons (K.T., Shrine, 32d deg.). 
Travel: Eng., Fr., It., Mex., Can., Cuba. 
Interest: collecting walking canes from 
many countries. Recreation: fishing. 
Baptist. Democrat. Office: First Baptist 

Church, Ada, Okla. Home: 912 S. Broad- 
way, Ada, Okla. 

LUNDY, Edward H., lawyer; b. 
Union, 3 July 1871; s. Enoch W. Lundy 
and Huldah L. (Morlan) L.; ed. Albion 
Sem.; m. Lula M. Rew, 14 Aug. 1895; 
children — Lyman R., Lee L. ; m. (2d) 
Mae Ballantyne of Eldora, la., 30 June 
1936. Country lawyer; mem. firms Al- 
brook & Lundy, 1894-1908, Lundy & 
Wood, 1908-09, Lundy, Wood & Basker- 
ville, 1909-12, Lundy, Peisen & Soper, 
1913-24; pvt. practice, 1924-38; Lundy, 
Butler & Lundy, Hardin Co., 1938—; 
mem. State and Am. Bar Assns. Office: 
Lundy Bldg., Eldora, la. Home: Eldora, 

LOEB, Hamilton Moritz, insurance 
agent, broker; b. Chicago, 111., 16 Sept. 
1900; s. Jacob M. Loeb, ins., and Rose 
(Stein) L.; ed. Harvard high sen., Chi- 
cago, 111.; Univ. 111.; Univ. Wis.; U.S. 
Mil. Acad. (West Point); m. Ruth A. 
Ehrich of N.Y.C., 3 June 1922; children 
— Jacob M., II, Alice, Hamilton M., Jr. 
Clk., Crum & Foster; with Eliel & Loeb 
Co., N.Y.C., 1919-21, Eliel & Loeb Co., 
Chicago, 1921, v.p., 1922 — ; pres., 1941; 
cadet, U.S.M.A., West Point, N.Y.; pres. 
Jewish Soc. Service Bur., 1938-40 (Chi- 
cago); dir. Jewish Charities of Chicago, 
1944. Clubs: N.Y. Drug & Chem., Stand- 
ard, Ravisloe Country, Lake Shore 
Country. Travel: U.S., Can. Interest: 
music. Recreations: golf, bridge, fish- 
ing. Jewish. Independent. Office: 175 W. 
Jackson Blvd., Chicago, 111. Home: 4812 
Kimbark Av., Chicago, 111. Summer 
res.: Cable, Wis. 

LINDQUIST, Gustavus Elmer Eman- 
uel, missionary; b. Lindsborg, Kan., 26 
Aug. 1886; s. Andrew Lindquist, painter 
and decorator, and Emily (Carlson) L.; 
ed. Bethany Acad.; Lindsborg high sen.; 
A.B., Bethany Coll., 1908, D.D., 1941; 
B.D., Oberlin Grad. Sch. of Theol., 1912 
Boston Univ., Grad. Sch., 1926; m. 
Ethel Geer of Rockford, HI., 22 Mar. 
1915; children— Clara, Helen Gustavus. 
Teacher, Marquette high sch., Kan., 
1908-09; missionary, Am. Indians, 1910- 
12; gen. sec, Y.M.C.A., Haskell Inst., 
1912-15; acting prin. Am. Ind. Inst., 
Wichita, 1915-17; sec. Indian work, In- 
ternal Com., Y.M.C.A., 1918-22; dir. 
Am. Indian Survey, 1919-20, Indian Sur- 
vey Inst, of Social and Rel. Research, 
1920-22; dir. rel., ed. Haskell Inst., 
Lawrence, 1922-27; missionary-at-large, 
Soc. for Propagating Gospel among No. 
Am. Indians, 1927 — ; pres., corr. sec, 
Nat. Fellowship of Indian Workers; adv. 
officer, Nat. Ind. Assn.; apptd. mem. 


U.S. Bd. of Ind. Commrs. by Pres. 
Hoover, 1930; served in Y.M.C.A. war 
work with Indian soldiers and sailors, 
1917-19; mem. Joint Indian Com., Home 
Missions Coun. of No. Am. (field rep.), 
Adv. Coun. of 100 on Indian Affairs. 
Club: Kiwanis. Author: Indians of New 
York State (with A. C. Parker), The 
Red Man in U.S., Bland Nordamerikas 
Indianer (Swedish), The Jesus Road 
and Red Man, Handbook for Missionary 
Workers among N.A. Indians, What 
About Peyer, 1941. The Indian in Ameri- 
can Life, 1944. Desc. of pioneers in 
McPherson Co. (Lindsborg settlement). 
Interests: painting, gardening. Recrea- 
tions: travel, fishing. Conglist. Repub- 
lican. Address: 7 Winona St., Lawrence, 

LEE, Chester Daniel, associate pro- 
fessor of veterinary research, la. State 
Coll.; b. Salt Lick, Ky., 3 Sept. 1903; s. 
William O. Lee, merchant, and Aletha 
(Daniels) L.; ed. Sioux City high sen., 
1 yr.; grad., Merrill high sen.; Morning- 
side Coll.; D.V.M., la. State Coll., 1927, 
M.S., 1932; m. Betty Rhoads of Boone, 
27 June 1931; children— William Charles, 
Ann Elizabeth, Margaret Aletha. House 
surg. veterinary surgery, la. State Coll., 
1927, instr. veterinary pathology, 1928, 
in charge state diagnostic lab., 1929, 
asst. prof, veterinary res., working in 
poultry diseases, 1933, assoc. prof., 
veterinary res., 1940—; mem. adv. bd., 
Govt. Regional Poultry Res. Lab., Lan- 
sing Mich.; pvt., sergt., Machine Gun 
Co., Inf. during World War I; served as 
1st It., capt., in la. N.G., capt., major 
vet. Res. Corps, U.S.A., 1925—; It. col. 
la. State Guard; mem. Assn. Mil. Sur- 
geons, Assn. Pathologists, la. Poultry 
Sanitation Com., Poultry Sci. Assn., la. 
A.S., la. and Am. Veterinary Med. 
Assns., Res. Workers Assn., U.S. Live 
Stock Sanitary Assn., Tech. Adv. Com. 
War Admin., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi 
Zeta, Sigma Xi, Am. Legion (p. post 
comdr., Merrill, Ames, p. 6th Dist. 
comdr.), 40 and 8 Soc. Club: Osborn. 
Author: medical articles. Recreations: 
fishing, golf. Protestant. Republican. Of- 
fice: la. State Coll., Ames, la. Home: 
2030 Cessna Av., Ames, la. 

LARSEN, Mae Sybil, artist; b. Chi- 
cago, HI.; d. Hans H. Larsen and Anna 
(Wennberg) L.; studied Art Inst, of Chi- 
cago (grad.); student of John Sloan, 
Randall Davey, Boris Anisfeld, Karl 
Buehr. Exhibited Art Inst, of Chicago, 
Soc. Independent Artists, N.Y., Whitney 
Studio, N.Y., Santa Fe. New Mexico, 
and Detroit museums; works in pvt. 

collections; rep. in Art of Today, Chi- 
cago, 1933; chmn. Swedish- Am. Art 
Assn.; mem. The Cordon, Renaissance 
Soc. of Univ. of Chicago. Studio and 
home: 4437 N. Francisco Av., Cicago, 

HURLEY, Stephen E(dward), lawyer; 
b. Tenney, Minn., 31 Dec. 1892; s. Ed- 
ward J. Hurley and Susan (Hopkins) 
H.; ed. St. Thomas Coll., St. Paul, 
Minn., 1909-11; Catholic Univ. of Am., 
1911-15; A.B., Georgetown Univ. Law 
Sen., 1913, A.M., 1914, LL.B., 1914. Ad- 
mitted to bar, 111., 1915; in practice, 
Quincy, 111., 1915-16; associated with 
Defrees, Buckingham & Eaton, 1916-23; 
mem. of Defrees, Buckingham, Jones & 
Hoffman or predecessor firms, 1923-40, 
firm Hurley & Simmons, 1940 — ; dir. 
The Oliver Corporation; served as offi- 
cer, U.S. Army, 1917-19; co-ordinator 
Selective Service Advisory Bds., Cook 
Co., HI., 1940—; mem. Chicago Bar 
Assn. (pres., 1944-45), Am. Bar Assn. 
(mem. house delegates, 1944-45), 111. 
State Bar Assn., Am. Judicature Soc, 
Mediaeval Acad, of Am., Mills College 
Council, Am. Classical League, Chicago 
Council on Fgn. Relations, The Acad, of 
Polit. Sci., Order of the Coif (h.). Clubs: 
Legal (pres., 1941-42), Law (sec.-treas., 
1940-42), Chicago Literary (v.p., 1938- 
39), University, Caxton, Attic (dir.), 
Cliff Dwellers. Hobby: book collecting. 
Catholic. Democrat. Office: 135 S. La 
Salle St., Chicago, HI. Home: 222 E. 
Chestnut St., Chicago, HI. 

KIEFER, George H., executive; b. 
Cohocton, N.Y., 18 Dec. 1886; s. Charles 
Kiefer, miller, and Magdalene (Weg- 
mann) K.; ed. Cohocton high sch.; Bus. 
Coll.; m. Lucy Amberg of Chicago, 111., 
9 Oct. 1917; 1 son, George, Jr. Pres. 
treas. and dir., United States Brewing 
Co.. United States Ice Co., Available 
Truck Co., Eddy Paper Co. Clubs: 
Edgewater Golf, Lake Geneva Country. 
Recreations: golf, sailing. Catholic. Of- 
fice: 2519 Elston Av., Chicago, HI. 
Home: 1420 Lake Shore Dr., Chicago, 
HI. Summer res.: Lake Geneva, Wis. 

KENNER, Sumner, lawyer; b. Hunt- 
ington, Ind., 15 Oct. 1881; s. Major J. B. 
Kenner, lawyer, and Katherine (Mor- 
gan) K.; ed. Huntington high sch.; 
LL.B., Ind. Univ.; Ind. Law Sch.; m. 
Anne Glenn of Huntington, Ind., 9 July 
1912; 1 dau., Laura C. Gordon. Began 
practice of law, Huntington, 1904, with 
legal dept., Erie R.R., 5 yrs.; asst. 
atty. gen., State of Ind., 2 yrs.; judge of 
56th Judicial Circuit, 14 yrs.; now in 
gen. practice law in Huntington; dir. 


Orton Crane and Sovel Co., Hunting- 
ton; city atty., Huntington, 4 yrs.; Hunt- 
ington Co. atty., 1 yr.; mem. Ind. Judi- 
cial Council, 4 yrs.; mem. Fifth Dist. 
Appeal Bd., U.S. Selective Service, 
mem. Huntington Co. Advisory Bd., dur- 
ing World War I; mem. Phi Gamma 
Delta, B.P.O.E. Clubs: Kiwanis Inter- 
nal, Columbia, Indianapolis, Cosmopoli- 
tan, Huntington Garden. Author: vari- 
ous legal articles for Ind. and Am. law 
jours., contbg. editor cent, law jour., 
St. Louis, Mo. Recreation: gardening. 
Universalist. Republican. Office: Citi- 
zens Bank Bldg., Huntington, Ind. 
Home: 1047 Guilford St., Huntington, 
Ind. Summer home: Lake Wawasee, 

KENDALL, John Lee, professor of 
chemistry; b. Stithtown, Ky., 29 Apr. 
1869; s. John Kendall, farmer, and Jane 
K.; ed. Northern Ind. Normal Sen.; 
B.S., Purdue Univ., 1894, Ph.G., 1895, 
M.D., 1908; m. Carrie D. Craig of 
Craigsville, Va., 1916; children — Annabel 
Lee, Jon Edward Lynn. Dean, Omaha 
Coll. Pharmacy, 1900-04; practiced 
med., 1908-13; blood chem., Cook Co. 
Hosp., 1920-38; prof, chem., Chicago 
Dental Coll., 1913-42; retired. Author: 
Outline of Organic Chemistry; Outline 
of Physiological Chemistry; Outline of 
Materia Medica. Presbyterian. Repub- 
lican. Home: 231 S. Court St., Crown 
Point, Ind. 

JACKSON, John Luther, lawyer; b. 
Stockwell, Ind., 30 Oct. 1866; s. Henry 
G. Jackson, clergyman, and Alice 
(Clarke) J.; ed. Ph.B., De Pauw Univ., 
1889, A.M., 1892; LL.B., Lake Forest 
Univ., 1893; Chicago Coll. Law; m. 
Laura Elizabeth Bond of Chicago, HI., 
24 June 1891; children— Laura Avis, 
John Spencer, Amy Clarke, Mabel 
Bond, Alice Edith. Admitted to HI. bar, 
1892, to bar Supreme Ct., 1895; mem. 
law firm Bond, Adams, Pickard & Jack- 
son, 1892-1912, Adams & Jackson, 1912- 
24, alone, 1924-27, Brown, Jackson, Boet- 
tcher & Dienner, now sr. mem., Chi- 
cago, 1927 — ; p. pres., Patent Law Assn. 
of Chicago; p. pres., De Pauw Alumni 
Assn., Chicago; pres., Bd. of Ed., River 
Forest, 111., 1901-15; mem. and pres., 
River Forest Library Bd., 1901-05; 
assoc. mem. Leg. Advisory Bd. during 
World War I; mem. Am., Chicago and 
HI. State Bar Assns., Patent Law Assn. 
of Chicago, F.A.M., K.T., (32d deg., 
Oreintal Consistory), Delta Kappa Epsi- 
lon, Phi Beta Kappa. Clubs: Union 
League, Law (Chicago), South Shore 
Country. Travel: So. Am., Australia, 

New Zealand, Hawaii, Gt. Brit., Eur., 
Can., U.S. Recreation: golf. Republican. 
Office: 1550 Monadnock Bldg., Chicago, 
HI. Summer home: Hillcrest Farm, Cen- 
terville, Mich. 

HOVGARD, Christopher L., minister; 
b. Slesvig, Den., 20 Apr. 1873; s. Thomas 
J. Hovgard and Anna (Christenson) H.; 
ed. Acad. Northwestern Univ.; B.D., 
Northwestern Univ., Denver; Illiff Sch. 
Theol.; D.D., Baker Univ., 1928; m. 
Gyda Holm of Copenhagen, Denmark; 
children— Mrs. Ruth Shirk, Paul E., 
John O., Carl T., Mrs. Frances Flan- 
ders, Mrs. Helen Kutschinski, Jean. 
Pastor, Parsons, Kan., 7 yrs., Burling- 
ton, Kan., 6 yrs., Abilene, 7 yrs., Em- 
poria, Kan., 9 yrs.; represented Kan. 
Conf. in 4 Gen. Confs., chmn., Kansas 
City Area at Gen. Conf. at Atlantic 
City, 1932; supt. Methodist Home for the 
Aged, 1936 — ; treas. Kan. Conf. Funds, 
Inc. Club: Optimist. Travel: Eur., Afr., 
near East. Methodist. Republican. Of- 
fice: 1135 College Av., Topeka, Kan. 
Home: 1147 Boswell Av., Topeka, Kan. 

HORLICK, Alexander James, presi- 
dent, Horlick's Malted Milk Corp.; b. 
Racine, Wis., 3 Oct. 1873; s. William 
Horlick, mfr., and Arabella (R.) H.; ed. 
Racine (Wis.) pub. sens.; Racine Coll.; 
m. Bertha D. Hueffner of Racine, Wis., 
16 Feb. 1898; children— Helen Horlick 
Bond, Jeannette Horlick Bowles. With 
Horlick's Malted Milk Corp., 1893—; 
pres., dir. Horlick's Malted Milk Corp.; 
treas. Batten Realty Co., owners of Hor- 
lick-Racine Airport; dir. Racine Journal 
Times, H. W. St. John & Co., for- 
warders, New York, N.Y. ; Mayor of 
Racine, 1907-09, 1909-11; regent, Univ. 
of Wis., 1910-25; tr. St. Luke's Hosp. 
and Alice Horlick Mem. Hosp., Racine; 
served as mem. of Bd. of Appeals, 
Eastern Dist., Wis., during World War 
I; mem. (life) Am. Pharm. Assn., Span- 
ish War Vets (hon.), Mfrs. Assn. of 
Racine, Sons of St. George, Masons, 
(32d deg.), Wis. Mfrs. Assn., Nat. Assn. 
of Mfrs., Chicago Athletic Assn. Clubs: 
Somerset, Elks, Racine Country, Ra- 
cine Yacht, Milwaukee, Chicago, Union 
League (N.Y.), Downtown Athletic 
(N.Y.). Father was originator of Malted 
Milk. Interests: motoring, boating. Rec- 
reation: traveling. Episcopalian. Repub- 
lican. Office and home: Racine, Wis. 

HORAN, Albert James, insurance 
broker; b. Chicago, HI., 12 Dec. 1893; s. 
Jermiah J. Horan, and Mary (Nash) 
H.; ed. St. Philips high sch.; Lewis 
Inst., Chicago, HI.; m. Rose McDermott 
of Chicago, HI. Dir., Merchants Nat. 


Bank; alderman, Chicago, HI. (3 
terms); bailiff, Municipal Ct., Chicago, 
111. (3 terms); aviator, U.S.A., 2 yrs., 
during World War I; mem. Am. Legion, 
V.F.W., 40 & 8, K.C., Hibernians. Club: 
Butter field Country. Recreations: golf, 
fishing. Catholic. Democrat. Office: 134 
N. La Salle St., Chicago, 111. Home: 3547 
W. Adams St., Chicago, 111. Summer 
res.: Lake Tomahawk, Wis. 

THOMAS, John T., minister; b. Bris- 
tol, Tenn., 14 Feb. 1878; s. John T. 
Thomas and Hannah Celestia (Stanley) 
T.; ed. Bristol (Tenn.) high sch.; Sweet- 
water Mil. Acad.; King Coll., Bristol, 
Tenn., 1897; B.S., McCormick Sem., Chi- 
cago, 111., 1897-1901; D.D. (hon.), HI. 
Coll.; Westminster Coll.; m. Ethel Lee 
Scott of Knoxville, Tenn., 10 Oct. 1901; 
children — Scott, Stanley, Robert Lee. 
Minister, Canon City, Colo., 1902-09, 
Grand Rapids, Mich., 1909-14, Louisville, 
Ky., 1914-18, First Ch., Springfield, 111., 
1918-40, pastor emeritus, 1940 — ; modera- 
tor, Synod of Colo.; Vet. Sp.-Am. War; 
sec. Western Sect. Federal Council 
of Churches. Club: Springfield Optimist 
(ex. pres., life mem.). Author: Thomas 
Lincoln — Father of Abraham; many 
short stories. Travel: world. Recrea- 
tion: fishing. Presbyterian. Republican. 
Home: 1323 N. Central, Knoxville, Tenn. 

SULLIVAN, John Joseph, judge; b. 
Chicago, 111., 20 Dec. 1880; s. James P. 
Sullivan and Anne (Doheny) S.; ed. 
South Division high sch.; Chicago Nor- 
mal Sch.; LL.B., Chicago Kent Coll. of 
Law, 1905; m. Katherine Britain of Chi- 
cago, HI., 25 June 1913; children— John 
J., Jr., Mrs. Robert E. Haskins. Master 
in Chancery, 1911-12; judge of Municipal 
Court of Chicago, 1912-16; judge of Su- 
perior Court of Cook Co., 1916-33; judge 
of Appellate Court, 1933 — ; mem. Am., 
HI. State and Chicago Bar Assns. Clubs: 
Iroquois, Long Beach Country. Catholic. 
Democrat. Office: 30 N. Michigan Av., 
Chicago, HI. Home: 1000 W. Garfield 
Blvd., Chicago, HI. 

STROY, Herbert E., surgeon; b. Mur- 
dock, Neb., 29 Mar. 1898; s. J. C. Stroy, 
farmer, and Augusta (Deusing) S.; ed. 
Teachers Coll. high sch., Lincoln, Neb.; 
A.B., Univ. Neb., 1920, B.S., 1921, M.D., 
1923; m. Marvel Trojan of Chicago, 111., 
27 Mar. 1923; children— Donald Trojan, 
Donna Lou. Interne, Univ. Hosp., 
Omaha, 1923-24; post-grad, study, Chi- 
cago, 1925, 1937; med. and surg. pract., 
Osceola, la., 1925 — ; staff surg., Osceola 
Hosp.; sec, State Bd. of Health; Co. 
Coroner; City Health Officer; pres., Bd. 
of Ed.; local examr., selective serv. 

act; served as 2d It., Inf.-pers. adj., 
1918-19; mem. Boy Scout Coun., A.M.A., 
A.C.S., Intcrnat. Coll. of Surg., Am. 
Pub. Health Assn., la. State Med. Soc., 
Delta Upsilon, Phi Rho Sigma, Alpha 
Omega Alpha, A.F. & A.M. Club: Coun- 
try. Author: Rocky Mountain Spotted 
Fever. Travel: U.S. Recreation: read- 
ing. Lutheran. Republican. Office: 107 
S. Main St., Osceola, la. Home: 115 W. 
Grant St., Osceola, la. 

SHERMAN, Bessie Williams, pianist, 
organist, teacher; b. Chicago, HI.; d. 
Charles Day Sherman and Mary (Ar- 
thur) S.; ed. studied piano under Ger- 
trude H. Murdaugh, N. Ledochowski, 
Mary Wood Chase; studied theory under 
Peter Lutkin, Julius Klauser; studied 
organ under Harrison Wild. Mem. colle- 
giate faculty, bd. dirs., Mary Wood 
Chase Sch. of Musical Arts, Chicago, 
1911-27, collegiate faculty, advisory bd., 
Columbia Sch. of Music, Chicago, 1927- 
34; dir. The Bessie Williams Sherman 
Piano Studios, Chicago, 1934—; organist, 
choir dir., St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 
Riverside, HI.; lecturer on musical sub- 
jects. Author: A Primary Course in Ear- 
training; composer of music for chil- 
dren. Clubs: Musicians of Women, The 
Cordon, Soc. of Am. Musicians. Repub- 
lican. Episcopalian. Studio: Fine Arts 
Bldg., Chicago, 111. Home: 84 Gage Rd., 
Riverside, HI. 

SEMPLINER, Abram William, law- 
yer; b. Bay City, Mich., 15 Oct. 1881; s. 
William Sempliner, merchant; ed. Bay 
City high sch.; LL.B., Univ. Mich. Law 
Dept., 1902; m. Ida M. Tipling of De- 
troit, Mich., 26 June 1907; children — 
William M., Arthur W. Engaged in prac- 
tice of law; mem. Am., Detroit and 
Mich. Bar Assns., Masons. Republican. 
Office: 2003 Dime Bank Bldg., Detroit, 
Mich. Home: 2485 Burns Av., Detroit, 

SCULLY, Francis Joseph, physician; 
b. Bottineau, N.D., 28 June 1891; s. John 
J. Scully and Ann J. (Gardner) S.; ed. 
B.A., Univ. of Wis., 1912; M.D., Rush 
Med. Coll., 1915; m. Bea E. Wolfe, 1919. 
Resident physician, Cook Co. Hosp., Chi- 
cago, 1915-16, Psychopathic Hosp., Chi- 
cago, 1917; practicing physician, spl. in 
internal medicine and arthritis, Hot 
Springs, Ark., 1920 — ; attending physi- 
cian, St. Joseph's Hosp. and Ozark Sani- 
torium, Hot Springs; served as 1st It., 
M.C. with Base Hosp. No. 14, France, 
1918-19; mem. Am. Med. Assn., South- 
ern Med. Assn., Ark. Med. Soc, Am. 
Coll. of Physicians, Mason (32d deg., 
Shriner, K.T.), diplomate, Nat. Bd. and 


Am. Bd. of Internal Medicine, mem. 
Chi Phi, Phi Rho Sigma. Club: Rotary. 
Author: Role of Radio Activity of Natu- 
ral Spring Waters as a Therapeutic 
Agent; The Nervous Child; Diagnosis 
and Treatment of Occlusive Vascular 
Disorders; Building Your Child's Char- 
acter; Ferns of Hot Springs, Arkansas. 
Interests: botany, photog. Recreation: 
travel. Conglist. Office: 904 Medical 
Arts Bldg., Hot Springs, Ark. Home: 16 
Conway Blvd., Hot Springs, Ark. 

SCHAD, Clara, educator; b. Concep- 
tion, 16 Jan. 1889; d. Christian Schad, 
farmer, and Cecelia (Ruff) S.; ed. pub. 
high sen., Plainview, 1909; diplomas in 
voice and dramatic art, Conservatory 
of St. Cecilia (Winona), 1913; B.A., Coll. 
St. Teresa (Winona), 1917; summer sen., 
Columbia Univ., 1926; Sorbonne and 
Alliance Francaise (Paris), 1927; Univ. 
Colo., 1931; Univ. Wis., 1929, 1933, 1937, 
1939; Nat. Univ. of Mex. (Mexico City), 
1936. Instr. music, Latin and French, 
Blooming Prairie, 1917-19, proctor, 1919- 
21; instr. fgn. languages, Alexandria, 
1921-22; instr. music and fgn. languages, 
Kellogg, 1923; instr. fgn. languages, 
English and dramatics, Buhl, 1923—; 
mem. A.A.U.W., M.E.A., Classical 
League. Club: Nat. Travel. Travel: 
Eur., Fr., Ger., Mediterranean, Russia. 
Interest: music, travel. Catholic. Office: 
Buhl, Minn. Summer res.: Plainview, 
Minn. ■* i : 4g |g|j 

SAWIN, Ottis James, seedsman; b. 
Coles County, HI., 23 Apr. 1879; s. Isaac 
Wilson Sawin, farmer, and Sarah Mil- 
dred (Durbin) S.; ed. Mattoon (111.) 
high sen.; m. Delphia Collyer of Crab 
Orchard, Ky., 22 Jan. 1903; 1 dau., 
Marian (Mrs. F. B. Hoehl). Accountant, 
Hope Hardware Co., Hope, Ind., 1901- 
06, Blanton Milling Co., Indianapolis, 
Ind., 1906-11, Potts Wolesale Drug Co., 
Wichita, Kan., 1911-12, B. L. James 
Merc. Co., Denver, Colo., 1912-14, Black 
Hawk Fruit Co., Waterloo, la., 1914-15, 
Miller Cahoon Co., Idaho Falls, Ida., 
1915-18, Rogers Bros. Seed Co., Chicago, 
1918 — , now also v.p., treasurer and dir. 
Interest: amateur photog. Recreations: 
horseback riding, golf. Protestant. Re- 
publican. Office: 308 W. Washington St., 
Chicago, 111. Home: 230 E. Pearson St., 
Chicago, 111. Summer ome: Idaho 
Falls, Ida. 

RUST, Lucile Osborn, professor of 
home economic education; b. Rock Port, 
Mo., 15 Feb. 1890; d. James M. Osborn 
and Lina (Palmer) O.; ed. Labette Co. 
high sen.; B.S., Kan. State Teachers 
Coll., 1921; M.S., Kan. State Coll., 1925; 

la. State Coll.; Univ. Chicago; m. Mil- 
bern James Rust of Altamont, Kan., 
1907; children— Lt. Col. John H., Mrs 
Louise Rust Driggs, Mrs. Elizabeth Rust 
Lyness. Teacher, Kan. high sens., Kan. 
State Teachers Coll.; prof, home econ. 
edn., in charge teacher edn. in home 
econ., Kan. State Coll., Manhattan, 
Kan., 1924—; mem. D.A.R., A.A.U.W., 
Am. Home Econ. Assn., Kan. Home 
Econ. Assn., Kan. Congress Parent 
Teachers, Kan. Council Women, Zeta 
Tau Alpha, Delta Sigma Epsilon, Kappa 
Delta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Upsilon 
Omicron, Omicron Nu. Clubs: Kansas 
Authors, Qull. Co-author: Home and 
Family Living; Foods; Our Share in 
the Home: Our Foods; Our Clothing; 
Our Home and Family. Travel: U.S., 
Brit. Isles. Recreations: reading, thea- 
tre, hiking. Methodist. Republican. Of- 
fice: Kan. State Coll., Manhattan, Kan. 
Home: 1611 Laramie St., Manhattan, 
Kan. ti£fi} 

CORKELL, Paul, lawyer; b. Chicago, 
22 Mar.; s. Thomas W. Corkell, marine 
and school engr., and Veronica (McDer- 
mott) C; ed. Hyde Park high sen.; 
Lewis Inst. Jr. Coll.; Northwestern 
Univ. Sch. Commerce, Chicago; grad., 
Chicago Kent Coll. Law, 1912; m. Eliza- 
beth Rose Albert of Chicago, 111., 1917; 
children — Elizabeth R., Alice Muriel. 
Formerly asst. Probate Judge, Cook 
Co., 111.; mem. Phi Delta Phi, Chicago 
Athletic Assn. Travel: U.S., Can. Catho- 
lic. Republican. Office: 805 E. 47th St., 
Chicago, 111. Home: 7125 Euclid Av., 
Chicago, HI. Summer home: Lake Side, 

COGSWELL, Harry J„ president of 
Chicago-Latrobe Twist Drill Works; b. 
Washington, D.C., 11 Oct. 1898; s. Theo- 
dore Cogswell and Margaret (Spellman) 
C; ed. Business high sch., Washington, 
D.C.; LL.B., Georgetown Univ., Wash- 
ington, D.C., 1917; m. Ruth Yancy of 
Champaign, HI., 14 June 1927 (dec); 
1 son, Thomas Jerome; m. (2d) Ruth 
Allanson of Chicago, 111., 4 Dec. 1941. 
Asst. to Sec. War, Washington, D.C., 
1916-17; v.p. Valley Forge Steel & Tool 
Co., Chicago, 1919-29; pres., Latrobe 
Tool Mfg. Co., Latrobe, Pa., 1930-33, 
Chicago Latrobe Twist Drill Works, Chi- 
cago, 111.; Army Officers Training Sch., 
Washington, D.C., during Word War I. 
Clubs: Union League (Chicago), No. 
Shore Country (Glenview). Recreation: 
golf. Catholic. Office: 411 W. Ontario 
St., Chicago, HI. Home: 2440 Lake View 
Av., Chicago, HI. 


CHRISTLIEB, Isaac Clark, consulting 
engineer; b. Newville, Pa., 26 Feb. 1865; 
s. Charles G. Christlieb, teacher, and 
Mary Jane (Lindsay) C; ed. Green 
Spring, Pa.; Oberlin, O.; m. Addie 
Brabec of Hutchinson, 3 Oct. 1894; 1 
son, Frank Brabec. Asst. engr. Minn. 
Eastern R.R.; G.N R.R., 1888; deputy 
co. surveyor, Hennipin Co., 1889; G.N. 
R.R., 1890-92; co. surveyor, McLeod Co., 
Minn., 1902-06; engr. McLeod Co., 1908- 
14; dist. high way engr., 1914-34; cons, 
engr., 1934-44; reg. Pharmacist, prac- 
ticed in Hutchinson, 1891-1922; held of- 
fice of alderman (3 times), dist. state 
highway engr.; mem. Am. Road Build- 
ers Asn., Minn. Engrs. & Surveyors 
Assn. until retirement, 1944. Father 
taught the first school at Long-Lake, 
Minn., 1857, homesteaded land in 
McLeod Co., 1857. Democrat. Office: 
Hutchinson, Minn. Home: 115 Jefferson 
St., Hutchinson, Minn. 

CLARK, Victor R., executive; b. Chi- 
cago, 111., 13 Oct. 1885; s. Charles Fred- 
erick Clark ad Martha Elizabeth (Har- 
ding) C; ed. McKinley high sch., Chi- 
cago; Lewis Inst., Chicago; m. Vera 
Ulrey of Chicago, HI., 17 Jan. 1913. 
Owner of Victor R. Clark Belting Co., 
mfrs. and distbrs. of belting and belting 
specialities which are covered by 
patents of Victor R. Clark. Office: 605 
W. Washington Blvd., Chicago, 111. 
Home: 1544 W. Pratt Blvd., Chicago, 111. 

CHURCH, Ruth Rowlett, writer; b. 
Murray, Ky., 10 Feb. 1886; d. Thomas 
Vi Valdi Rowlett, tobacco expert, and 
Hattie D. (Scarborough) R.; ed. The 
Murray Inst.; m. Dr. R. M. Church of 
Columbia, Tenn., 19 June 1907; children 
—Robert M., Jr., Jack, Sidney D., Vir- 
ginia Dorris. Poems pub. in 21 antholo- 
gies, 1935 — ; poem in largest book in the 
world and hon. mention one of 10 best 
poems from Okla., N.Y. World's Fair; 
mem. Nat. Poetry Center, Eastern Star, 
Univ. Dames; hon. mem. Eugene Field 
Soc; awarded hon. membership of The 
Intemat. Mark Twain Soc; certificate of 
merit Nat. Poetry Center. Travel: U.S. 
Interests: cinemic story writing, short 
stories, wild life, nature, gardening. 
Recreation: touring. Methodist. Demo- 
crat. Address: Stilwell, Okla. 

BURKE, Richard Michael, physician; 
b. Langdon, N.D., 9 July 1903; s. R. T. 
Burke and Mary Maude (O'Brien) B.; 
ed. St. Johns Univ.; B.S., Univ. Minn., 
1926, B.M., 1928, M.D., 1930. Med. staff, 
Glen Lake San., Oak Terrace, Minn., 
1929-30, 1933; med. dir., State Vet. Hosp., 
Sulphur, Okla., 1935-39; supt. Western 

Okla. T.B. San., 1939-42; dir. of Tuber- 
culosis Control, Okla. State Health 
Dept., 1942—; Am. Coll. of Phys., Am. 
Coll. of Chest Phys.; Am. Trudeau Soc; 
Am. Assn. Hist, of Med. Author: A His- 
torical Chronology of Tuberculosis; 
medical papers, chiefly on TB. Office: 
1211 Med. Arts Bldg., Oklahoma City, 
Okla. Res.: 2012 N. Indiana, Oklahoma 
City, Okla. 

BROWN, Merliss, secretary; b. Minsk, 
Rus., 5 Oct. 1885; s. Jerachmial Merliss 
and Malka (Ganelin) B.; ed. Trade 
Sch., Minsk, Rus., 1904. Came to U.S., 
1906; with Buick Motor Co., Flint, 1908, 
tool dept., Chevrolet Motor Co., 1932 — ; 
mem. bd. mgrs., Hurley Hosp., 1920 — , 
Merliss Brown auditorium named in 
honor of services as pres., 1927-28, sec 
bd., 1929 — ; mem. Community Fund Bd., 
1924 — ; mem. Flint and Genesee Co. 
div. of Pres. Herbert C. Hoover's Relief 
& Unemployment Commn., 1931; 2d 
ward Republican, chmn., 1924-30; mem. 
Genesee Co. Republican exec com., 
1936; v. chmn., Chevrolet Works Coun- 
cil, 1935-36; mem. Y.M.C.A. (dir., 1923- 
40), Flint Community Assn. (elected 
dir., 1936), Flint Vehicle Factories 
Mutual Benefit Assn. (mem. bd., 1916- 
23), Indsl. Fellowship League (dir., 1917- 
23), Indsl. Mutual Assn. (mem. bd., 
1923—, pres., 1931), Chamber Com- 
merce, F. & A.M. Office and home: 
Flint Tavern Hotel, Flint, Mich. 

BROUSE, Don, engineer; b. Kendall- 
ville, Ind., 19 Aug. 1895; s. U. C. Brouse, 
pub. off., and Jenny Lind (Tyler) B.; 
ed. Kendallville high sch.; B.S., Purdue 
Univ., 1921, Ch.E., 1927; M.S., Univ. 
Wis., 1925, Ph.D., 1931. Instr. math., 
Baker Univ., 1922-23; chem. engr., U.S. 
Forest Prod. Lab. (res. work), 1923—; 
first O.T.C., 1917, 2d It., Inf., 1917-19; 
major, A.C., 1942-43; It. col. A.C., 
1944—; mem. Sigma Xi, Tau Beta Pi, 
Phi Lambda Upsilon, A.C.S., A.A.A.S., 
Reserve Off. Assn., Am. Legion, Sigma 
Phi Epsilon. Club: University. Author: 
many tech. papers. Interest: military 
work with the organized reserves. Rec- 
reations: golf, tennis, skating, skiing. 
Methodist. Office: Forest Products Lab., 
Madison, Wis. Home: University Club, 
Madison, Wis. 

BOYER, Frederick G. L., mechanical 
engineer; b. Dayton, O., 27 Mar. 1888; s. 
I. Donald Boyer, mech. engr., and Edith 
E. (Longstreth) B.; ed. Steele high sch., 
Dayton, O.; B.A., O. State Univ., 1912, 
B.S., 1912, M.E., 1929; m. Ruth C. Davis 
of Mercer Co., O., 1923; children— Wil- 
liam D., Donald C. Res., design com- 


puting, weighing, packaging, machin- 
ery, 8 yrs.; pvt. practice, designing, 
cons, engr., weighing computing ma- 
chines, 8 yrs.; res., patent practice, 
The Champion Paper and Fibre Co., 
Hamilton, O., 1929—; with Relief Ad- 
minstrn. and Child Feeding, Soc. of 
Friends, Relief Mission, 1920-21; mem. 
Am. Acad, of Polit. and Social Sci., 
Dayton Patent Law Assn., A.S.M.E., 
Engring. Soc. of Cincinnati, Society of 
Friends. Office: The Champion Paper 
and Fibre Co., Hamilton, O. Home: 85 
Orchard Dr., Hamilton, O. 

BOOS, Everal Adam; b. Joliet, 111., 
12 Mar. 1894; s. Martin Boos and Bar- 
bara (Oetter) B. (dec); ed. Evanston 
high sch. ; grad. as teacher of music 
Joliet Conservatory of Music, 1910; 
Northwestern Univ. Music; m. Alma 
Winter, 16 Aug. 1931. Entire time de- 
voted to developing and training men- 
tally and physically handicapped; mem. 
Am. Assn. of Mental Deficiency. Evan- 
gelical Lutheran. Author: The Sandbox 
Course of Study (both music and aca- 
demic subjects). Office and home: Plan- 
oaks, 128 East St., North Piano, 111. 

BEACH, Paul Mell, lawyer; b. Bril- 
lion, Wis., 17 Apr. 1889; s. Mell Beach, 
lumberman, and Clelia Ann (Werner) 
B.; ed. Kaukauna (Wis.) high sch.; 
Univ. Chicago; LL.B., Univ. Wis., 1914; 
m. Nell R. Bundy of Eau Claire, Wis., 
18 May 1917; children — Katherine May, 
Mary Bundy. Practiced law in Wis., 
1914 — ; pres. Badger Lumber Co., Kan- 
sas City, Pedee Invest. Co., Drummond 
Invest. Co., Rust Invest. Co., Yell Lum- 
ber Co., F. H. Drummond Co.; enlisted